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    I think Morgan should go ahead and break from Ryan. Send Ryan back to the X-Division and put Morgan back in line for the belt. Give the guy the ball and see if he can play. Let him be champ for awhile, he'll show if he's going to sink or swim
    So would you have him take the belt off of Hardy? As is, Bully is set to turn as the WHC of the A&8s (or so I speculate) so are you saying to put Morgan in that role instead? Or would you have Morgan take the belt off of Bully after a heel turn (again, assuming this is the direction)?

    I could see Morgan in line for being the man to upset AJ in the BFG series, but it depends upon who is the champion at the time. But what would you have Morgan do in the meantime because I don't think sticking him into the WHC picture just to lose to whoever is the champ until a suitable opponent and angle is made ready; it would really kill the whole "dominant athlete set on pissing off the boss" aspect he has going right now.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone


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