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    1. Mick Fooley
    2. DX (Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac, HBK, and HHH)
    3. Macho Man Randy Savage
    4. Lou Thez
    5. Trish Stratus
    6. Jake the Snake Roberts
    7. Vader
    8. The Bushwhackers
    CMRyder's Fav 5
    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Cesaro
    3. Dolph Ziggler
    4. Seth Rollins
    5. AJ Lee

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    You know, I didn't think about DX. they should definitely be in the HOF. Maybe even with Chyna but that's a long shot. I think ivory should be in there. She did so much for the company on and off the screen.

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    1 Randy Savage
    2 Mick Foley
    3 Owen Hart
    4 Demolition
    5 Jake Roberts
    6 Vader
    7 Sable
    8 Andy Kaufmann (Celebrity Wing)

    No Chris Benoit, great wrestler, great memories of him inside the ring. Just what he did was a disgrace and he will never be rewarded!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan View Post
    Lou Thesz

    When all was said and done, Lou Thesz had six NWA World Title runs during a time when the belt wasn't passed around like a hot potato, in fact he held the Championship a combined ten years, three months, and nine days.

    Thesz was the glue that held the NWA together and was the original reason it was as successful as it was.

    He is also credited with being the innovator of a number of wrestling maneuvers such as the original powerbomb, STF, belly to back waistlock suplex (known today as the German suplex due to its association with Karl Gotch), and the Lou Thesz press all of which are still used today.

    Pat O'Connor

    He is regarded as one of the premier workers of his era.

    He also held the
    AWA World Heavyweight Championship and NWA World Heavyweight Championship simultaneously, the latter of which he held for two years.

    Edouard Carpentier

    Carpentier was one of the first wrestlers to regularly use acrobatic maneuvers such as the Rope-aided twisting hurricanrana and because of this was always a fan favorite.

    He also headlined Madison Square Garden three during his career and was matched against numerous heels, the most well known of whom was the legendary Killer Kowalski

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage

    Savage was arguably as big of a star as Hulk Hogan during the "Rock N' Wrestling" era of the eighties in the WWE.

    He was one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the history of the business and easily stood out from the rest of the pack.

    Savage was also one of the best inside the ring and had one of the greatest matches of all time against Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania III.

    Ed "Strangler" Lewis

    Lewis led a wrestling renaissance after the attendance doldrums of World War 1.

    Along with Billy Sandow and Toots Mondt, Lewis held a virtual hammerlock on wrestling during the decade, with practically every name wrestler under contract.

    After retirement, he worked with Leroy McGuirk and trained Danny Hodge and Dick Hutton for the ring. Lou Thesz credits Lewis with polishing his style in the ring.

    Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog)

    He is one of the most physically impressive wrestlers in history and held every major title in the WWE except the WWE Championship, while also main eventing many PPV events in both WCW and WWE.

    Smith also possessed uncanny athleticism for a man as muscular as he was.

    Karl Gotch

    In Japan, Gotch was known as the "God of Pro Wrestling" due to his influence in Japanese wrestling.

    He also invented the Cradle Piledriver.

    Toots Mondt

    He revolutionized wrestling in the 1920s by moving away from the slow-moving mat wrestling that was losing the interest of fans and instead combined features of a boxing ring, Greco-Roman, freestyle wrestling, and the old-time lumber-camp style of fighting.

    He is one of the founders of the WWWF and was the one who wanted to build the company around Bruno Sammartino, while Vince McMahon Sr on the other hand thought Sammartino would be a mid-carder at best.

    Some of the stars Mondt helped create from the 1920s through the 1960s include Jim Londos, Antonio Rocca, and Bruno Sammartino.
    This takes me back memory lane for sure, and I agree with this list as these were the guys to pave the road for the superstars of pro wrestling everywhere. On a side note even though more than likely it will never happen, I'd like to see Chris Benoit entered also. According to PWInsider Mick Foley; Kevin Nash; and Randy Savage are the front runners being tossed around for the 2013 WWE HOF Inductions. Triple H personally offered Bruno Sammartino the spot of headlining the ceremony, but Bruno declined - again *shocker*, but stated that he may eventually accept.

    UFC Womens Bantamweight Champion
    Ronda Rousey

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    scott hall hof?

    i think it would be great to see scott hall in this year's hall of fame before its too late like with cases like the macho man etc deffo deserves to be in there

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    I think Hall himself is keeping clear of high profile scenarios because he's afraid of being tempted into drinking again. That's why he wasn't at HBK's HOF ceremony while the rest of 'The Klique' were there.
    If Hall can overcome his problems, then I would like to see him attend in person. But until he can get himself better, then it's a no.

    IF, God forbid, the worse were to happen and he did die before he's inducted, then of course, an induction should follow.

    But hopefully Hall can get himself better and attend a ceremony in person to receive his deserved induction.

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    yes Scott deserves it. However, I would not put him in until you know his health is ok. Cant afford to have a drunk Hall on your HOF ceremony.

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    Not until he's visibly better and sober so they can make a success story out of him. Scott Hall's story is not great until he overcomes. Same sort of thing with Jake Roberts, though it seems like Jake's been clean for awhile.

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    It's sad, but I don't see him being put in the HOF until he passes away.

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    Scott Hall has definitely made enough of an impact, but honestly if he is inducted I see it being more of a group thing, like an induction of the original NWO or something. And also, he has to be able to stay on top of his shit, and prove it, long enough for WWE to give him that recognition at all.

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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