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    I can't pick a list myself but for the people choosing Randy Savage he won't be in unless all the Poffos are and WWE have turned that idea down before. As for Benoit: It. Will. NEVER. Happen. All personal opinions aside (and I fall into the crime overwrites all wrestling achievements) WWE have all but erased the guy from their history, they won't ever induct him into the HOF.

    Mick Foley - Absolutely, I can't believe he isn't already.
    The Undertaker - Wrestling one match a year is in-active enough in my opinion so induct him.
    Sting - because no-one says he can't be in both
    Andy Kaufman - with Jerry Lawler inducting him (as a wrestler)
    Mr T - celebrity pick

    My wrestling knowledge stops around the same time as the first Wrestlemania so my choices will never be the best. There's not really been anyone mentioned that I would argue hasn't earned a place, beside the obvious.

    Divas to believe in.

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