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    WWE Thread

    Hey Guys I havent been posting on here for a while and I have started to miss it and I know I have done WWE before but I am going to start again the timeline will be 2013.

    Anyone interested in reviewing just say so thanks and I will review there's in exchange details to follow soon

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    Champions of the WWE

    WWE Champion Cm Punk
    U.S Champion Antonio Cesaro
    Unified Tag Champions Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan)
    Diva's Champion Eve Torres

    World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus
    Intercontinental Champion The Miz
    Unified Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan)

    Alberto Del Rio
    Alex Riley
    Antonio Cesaro
    Big Show
    Brock Lesnar
    Brodus Clay
    Cm Punk
    Cody Rhodes
    Curt Hawkins
    Damian Sandow
    Daniel Bryan
    Darren Young
    David Otunga
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre
    Evan Bourne
    Ezekiel Jackson
    The Great Khali
    Heath Slater
    Jack Swagger
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso
    Jinder Mahal
    John Cena
    Johnny Curtis
    Justin Gabriel
    Kofi Kingston
    Mark Henry
    Mason Ryan
    Michael McGillicutty
    The Miz
    R Truth
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Santino Marella
    Sin Cara
    Ted DiBiase
    Titus O'Neil
    The Rock
    Trent Barretta
    Tyson Kidd
    Wade Barrett
    William Regal
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Zack Ryder

    Alicia Fox
    Beth Phoenix
    Tamina Snuka
    Rosa Mendez

    Tag Teams

    Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane)
    The USO's (Jimmy & Jey)
    The Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil & Darren Young)
    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara
    Rhode Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damian Sandow)
    Ryder & The Cobra (Zack Ryder & Santino Marella)
    Epico & Primo with Rosa Mendez
    International Airstrike (Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd)
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    Next PPV

    Royal Rumble 2013 Current Card

    WWE Championship Cm Punk VS The Rock

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    The Great One The Rock makes his first appearance of 2013 and goes head to head with the Straight Edge Savior and self proclaimed best in the world WWE Champion Cm Punk

    This and much much more so tune in

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    Burn it all down by Nickelback plays as the RAW video is shown

    Jim Ross & John Bradshaw Layfield welcome the fans to the show

    They talk about how this is the first episode of RAW of 2013 and that the Rock will meet his Royal Rumble opponent the WWE Champion Cm Punk in the ring tonight for the contract signing for their match.

    RAW General Manager AJ Lee makes her way out to the ring with microphone in hand

    In the ring

    AJ: Tonight is a very special night because not only is this the first episode of RAW for 2013 but also it will be headlined by Royal Rumble opponents The Rock and The WWE Champion Cm Punk for the WWE Championship match at RR contract signing .

    And in tonight’s main event we will have a champions VS champions match because the U.S Champion Antonio Cesaro & Intercontinental Champion The Miz will team up to face The Unified Tag Team Champions Team Hell No Daniel Bryan and The Devils Favourite Demon Kane.
    AJ gets out of the ring and skips to the back.

    Commercial Break

    JR & JBL talk about the main event and the contract signing for the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble later on tonight.

    Hunico & Camacho make their way out to the ring

    Ryback makes his way out to the ring

    Match 1 Ryback beat Hunico & Camacho

    Finish: Hunico & Camacho plan in one corner and then Camacho runs at Ryback who nails him with a back body drop and then decks Hunico with a running lariat. He then picks Camacho up and throws him into one of the corners and then grabs Hunico and puts him in a Powerbomb position and then runs and Powerbombs him into Camacho.

    Ryback then goes to the opposite corner and then runs at them and hits a running body splash in the corner. Ryback picks up Camacho and puts him on his shoulders and waits for Hunico to get up and then puts him on top of Camacho and then stomps around the ring and runs then nails Shellshocked and covers them both for the pin.

    Ryback poses in the ring


    Zack Ryder is talking with Santino Marella about they need to get serious to be taken seriously when Curt Hawkins walks past and laughs at them.

    Ryder stops Hawkins and asks him what is funny?

    Hawkins says that the whole idea that Ryder thinks that he and Santino will ever be taken serious is laughable.

    Ryder challenges Hawkins to meet him in the ring tonight Hawkins says fine.

    Back to the ring

    Yoshi Tatsu makes his way out to the ring

    Tensai makes his way out of the ring

    Match 2 Yoshi Tatsu beat Tensai with Sakamoto

    Finish: Tensai knocks Tatsu down with a barrage of clotheslines and then goes to run at the ropes but Sakamoto gets up onto the apron and so he goes over to him and asks him what he wants as the ref checks on Tatsu who is still down after the clotheslines.

    Tensai asks Sakamoto what he wants but he just spits green mist into Tensai’s eyes and gets off the apron. Tatsu gets up and waits for Tensai to turn around then nails him with a kick combo ending with one right to the side of the head and covers him for the pin.

    Tatsu shouts at Tensai you need to learn respect

    After the match Sakamoto gets in the ring and Tatsu kicks Tensai in the gut a few times before locking in a Dragon Sleep until Tensai passes out.

    Tatsu & Sakamoto leave together

    Commercial Break

    Backstage Team Hell No are talking about their match tonight but end up just screaming at each other that they are the tag team champions.

    Back to the ring

    Zack Ryder makes his way out to the ring

    Curt Hawkins makes his way out to the ring

    Match 3 Curt Hawkins VS Zack Ryder with Santino Marella doesn’t get started

    Before the match: Hawkins and Ryder are just about to lock up when Hawkins asks for a microphone.

    Hawkins: You know what I could beat you and Marella in handicap match 2 against 1 in your favor.

    Ryder gets the microphone

    Ryder: Fine you want twice the beating that is ok with us

    Santino gets up on the apron.

    Hawkins gets the microphone as Ryder goes to lock up.

    Hawkins: I want Santino

    Ryder shrugs and tags in Santino as Hawkins drops the microphone

    Santino gets in and goes over to lock up with Hawkins but Ryder grabs him and nails a Zack Attack and Hawkins covers Santino for the pin.
    Hawkins & Ryder leave together as the ref checks on Marella

    Backstage The Show Off Dolph Ziggler is with his manager Vicky Guerrero

    Ziggler: Vicki I am sick of this treatment I should be the WWE Champion I should be in the main event.

    Guerrero: I know Dolph but maybe you just need a bit more motivation I have a surprise for you but you only get it if you win your unfortunately non-title match against the World Heavyweight Champion which is next.

    Vikki walks off with a smile on her face as Ziggler is left with a confused look on his.

    Todd Grisham comes up and tries to interview The Show Off

    Grisham: Dolph how do you feel knowing that your manager Vikki has a surprise for you but only if you win your match against the World Heavyweight Champion The Hardcore Hooligan Sheamus?

    Ziggler grabs Grisham and tells him to get lost because its none of his business what he Ziggler thinks and that Sheamus better ready to loose.

    Ziggler walks off heading to the ring

    Grisham sees Hawkins & Ryder and goes up to them and asks Ryder to explain his actions

    Ryder says that at first when Hawkins said about be taken serious he was insulted but then it got him thinking and Hawkins had it right he was never going to be taken serious tag teaming with Marella so he made a split decision and turned his back on the fans and Marella and how he is sick of doing what the fans want.

    Marella comes up holding his head and challenges Hawkins & Ryder to a tag team match at Royal Rumble.

    Ryder says fine

    Marella goes to walk off but Hawkins & Ryder grab him and lay him out with double DDT on the floor.

    They walk off as refs check on Marella

    Commercial Break

    The Show Off Dolph Ziggler makes his way out to the ring

    The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus makes his way out to the ring

    Match 4 The Show Off Dolph Ziggler beat the World Heavyweight champion Sheamus non-title

    Finish: Ziggler kicks Sheamus in the gut and climbs up to one of the top turnbuckles and waits for Sheamus to get up. Ziggler jumps off the ropes but Sheamus catches him and goes for the Irish Curse Backbreaker but Ziggler reverses it into a crucifix pin attempt but he only gets a 2.

    Sheamus gets up and goes for a Brogue Kick but Ziggler ducks out of the way and then jumps on Sheamus’s back and tries to lock in the Sleeper hold but Sheamus transitions it into White Noise Sheamus goes for a pin but only gets a 2.

    Sheamus picks Ziggler up but Ziggler knees him in the gut and then nails a Superkick and covers Sheamus for the pin.

    After the match The Chosen One Drew McIntyre comes out of the crowd and pulls Sheamus out of the ring and lays him out with a Future Shock DDT on the outside and takes the World Heavyweight Championship and leaves through the crowd.

    As refs check on Sheamus on the outside the ring Ziggler gets a microphone

    In the ring

    Ziggler: Ok Vikki I won my match what is the surprise?

    Vikki Guerrero comes out with microphone and makes her way to the ring with microphone in hand

    In the ring

    Guerrero: Congratulations Dolph on you win but I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is I have decided to step away from the wrestling business for a while. The good news is that I have a replacement that will do a better job being your manager and without further ado here she is my daughter

    Raquel Diaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diaz makes her way out to the ring

    Back in the ring

    Diaz hugs her mother and her mother than gives Diaz the microphone and leaves.

    Diaz: Hey Dolph don’t worry my mother will return but I am going to manager to becoming WWE Champion you can count on it.

    Ziggle: Ok

    They hug and leave together

    Commercial Break

    Main Event Intercontinental Champion The Miz & U.S Champion Antonio Cesaro beat The Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane)

    Finish: Cesaro and Bryan are the legal men in the ring and they trade European Uppercuts with Cesaro coming out on top he goes to tag Miz in but Miz just drops off the apron grabs his championship and heads to the back.

    Cesaro turns around to Bryan hitting him with a running dropkick which sends him into the corner. Bryan goes to pick him up but Cesaro rakes his eyes and Bryan backs up. Bryan recovers and runs at Cesaro who grabs him and throws him shoulder first into the ring post.

    Cesaro runs and knocks Kane off the apron and that distracts the ref and a masked man runs in from the crowd and hits Bryan in the head with a metal bar and then leaves through the crowd.

    Cesaro drags Bryan to the centre of the ring and covers him for the pin.

    Cesaro grabs his belt and heads to the back

    Kane checks on Bryan
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    Commercial Break

    In the ring there is a table with a contract for the Punk V Rock match

    WWE Champion Cm Punk makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar.

    They all have microphones

    In the ring

    Punk: At the Royal Rumble in three weeks’ time I will defend my championship against one of the greatest of this spot Dwayne the Rock Johnson. And don’t get me wrong Dwayne is one of the greatest but they call him the people’s champ I am sorry but if anyone’s is the Peoples Champ it’s me not him you should be chanting for me not him he left you high in dry since 2003

    and only just recently made his return last year and he isn’t even a full time superstar and yet I have to face him and even though this wouldn’t happen if he by some slim very slim chance he beats me he will take the championship with him and take it to Hollywood.

    If you smell what the Rock is cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Great One the Rock makes his way out to the ring with microphone in hand

    Back in the ring

    Rock: Is that what you think Punk?

    Punk: Well

    Rock: It doesn’t matter what you think Punk your nothing but a loser who doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. I have a surprise for you Punk I just signed a new extended contract which means you will be seeing a lot more of me and more importantly the millions and millions and millions of the Rock’s fans will be seeing a lot more of me and come the Royal Rumble I will be the new WWE Champion after I boots to your candy ass and if your cronies Heyman & Lesnar interfere I will do the same to them.

    Punk signs the contract and then all three (Punk, Heyman & Lesnar) surround Rock and start to beat on him.

    John Cena runs down to the ring and gets inside

    Cena grabs Lesnar and they start to brawl with Cena getting the best of Lesnar and throwing him out of the ring.

    Rock goes to get Punk but Punk low blows him and escapes out of the ring.

    Cena helps Rock up and then they both grab hold of Heyman who is still in the ring and Cena throws him to Rock who hits him with a Rock Bottom through the table.

    Rock grabs the contract and signs it as Punk & Lesnar help Heyman out of the ring.

    Rock holds Punk’s WWE Championship high before he has a stare down with Cena

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    WWE Championship Cm Punk with Paul Heyman VS The Rock

    30 Man Royal Rumble match

    Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder VS Santino Marella & ???


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