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    I am just hoping its a decent end/continual of the storyline and its a good payoff example of a bad one see claire lynch storyline that gets my vote for EWN Stinker of the Year award.

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    i hope ray turns heel, just started watching TNA but he was by far my favourite
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    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    Im expecting a Heel turn, cause I love Heels!

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!

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    here is my idea. I will mark out if it happens. In the middle of the match Abyss returns makes his way to the ring lay's out the aces and eights guys. Abyss leaves bully goes for the cover but sting stops him and says first they need to "go old school on them" they attempt to put one through the table but the other stops them. they brawl and then the leader appears on the ramp (whoever tna have as the leader ) this distracts sting who turns to be put through the table and get pinned.

    A mass brawl takes place ending with the mask being ripped off both member's who wrestle the match. Sting say's it aint over
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    Garrett is going to be following daddy's footsteps. His expression after Hulk denying him an opportunity spoke volumes. I'm sure he is going to be involve with A&8s in some form. This storyline is just beginning..I don't expect them to give us everything their is to be knows about Aces, but I only hope that they leave us with a "Oh... So HE's behind it..?!!??". I'm not saying this should happen, but for example, have someone come out with a guitar, or tease us with one of the orchestrators behind all this.

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    i think dixie might be behind aces n 8s

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    The A&8s storyline has bored the hell out of me in the last few weeks. I know I'm in the minority but pretty much any storyline that involves Hogan as heavily as this just gets used as a toilet break or has me reaching for fast forward. I'm hoping the match goes something like this:

    Sting and Bully get on like a proper team throughout and win having put both A&8s through a table. They remove their masks to reveal, for example, Matt Morgan and Luke Gallows, before the leader comes out to the ramp and takes of his mask too revealing...anyone I don't care. In the ensuing shock in the ring Ray drops a Bubba Cutter on Sting and storms off up the ramp to be welcomed by the leader only to start beating hell out of him too as the locker room empties and Ray storms off.

    Really I want some closure, not more clues and Hogan brutha, and I want to see the faces win but for there to be no doubt Ray is a heel no later than the end of impact on Thursday. I'm doubtful about BFG but TNA always pull it out the bag for this PPV so I've got my fingers crossed for a good pay off.

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    As an long-time TNA follower, take my advice:

    Expect the worst, when it's not, celebrate!

    So think it's Dixie, when it's not, celebrate!

    If it is, then get depressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomsta666 View Post
    Yeah there's got be some kind of swerve. I mean most people are expecting turns from Sting or Bully. Surely they won't go with the obvious?
    The obvious would be Bully.

    And that isn't a bad thing.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Pleasantly surprised (no spoilers).

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