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    Switching the Bound for Glory 2012 Matches

    1.The first match I would of liked to see was the James Storm vs Robert Rhoode. I believe you should start strong in a ppv. Never have your weakest match first.
    2 Al Snow vs Joey Ryan would be the 2nd match I would of liked to seen. This is their weakest match. Solid though
    3. Billy and Sting vs aces & 8s No dq match would be the 3rd. yes Yes I know. way too early all of you are going to say. But i believe since its not the main event. And we know who would win this is the most appropriate.
    4 The first championship they should of started with was Samoa Joe vs Magnus.
    5 The next championship match would of been Tara vs Brooke
    6 The Tag team championship would go next.
    7 Xdivision belt would be next. Come on guys its RVD on a xdivision belt. ECW ECW
    8 Jeff vs Aries. Since TNA made it the main event I wont touch it.

    Well thats the exact order I would of switched the matches

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