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    James Storm Vs Austin Aries

    Random thread but I was really enjoying the match between Aries and Storm those two have amazing chemistry and I would love to see them work a future PPV as the main event. Even better Aries won. Did anyone else enjoy the match as much as I did?

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    yep, i think it was a good match, ive always been a fan of the tennesse cowboy, but i rather see aries with the title longer, i have enjoyed his run

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    I have not yet seen the match..but I want to see this match..I love the Cowboy James Storm...

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    Ah yeah is a good setup i think future main event match without a doubt.

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    Great match. Sucked it ended the way it did, but it served its purpose..

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    I can't wait to see a James Storm/Austin Aries feud. Mostly because I'm a mark for both of them.
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