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    Kelly Kelly tweeted a photo of herself with newly dyed hair. She knows Vince only hired her because he likes blonde bimbos, obviously she did this to show she will never come back to WWE. This is just rubbing it into his face and absolutely unnecessary. Shame on you Kelly, shame on you.

    Dude, she just dyed her hair... She's probably just trying new looks now that she can. Most people have to keep a certain look to go with their gimmicks; Edge and Undertaker are examples. Years of having the same hairstyle just gets boring and that's why Edge cut his hair after his retirement, and Undertaker has started shaving his head since he has gone to a part time role, then grows it back in time for mania. It gets harder to grow your hair longer as you get older, so it was either mohawk or bald for him.

    Vince hires many different types of women, and her blonde look was one reason, yes. I doubt she sat there and thought "Oh, this will stick it to Vince!"

    Back to the topic on whether or not she is coming back; Who gives a shit?

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