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    Main Event Traditional SS Match

    SO I am looking past HIAC and towards Survivor Series. With word that they are bringing a lot of "Attitude Era" stars, there is a chance for this to be big.

    You could have AE vs Next Gen. but that would be too simple. I would like to see the following (more than likely never going to happen but a guy can think):

    Team Rock vs Team Punk (This would be the beginning of the feud to the RR between the 2)

    Team Rock: Rock, Cena, Ryback, HHH and they need to bring in one more guy and as a surprise..... The Undertaker
    Team Punk: Punk, Brock, Orton(if he is back by then and turned heel), Ziggler, Barrett (hard to choose since there aren't many top Heels).

    Guest Ref: Austin

    What do you all think?

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