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    booking from now to wrestlemania.

    Hello all, based on some recent reports within the past week, i have formulated what I think could end up happening in the main event scene from now to Wrestlemania. now, whether Punk faces Ryback or Cena at HIAC, I'm guessing he will retain, and even if he doesn't, I expect him to at least win it back by TLC, I expect him to have the championship going into Royal Rumble to face the Rock. It's pretty obvious that the Rock will win that match. later in the night during the RR match, Undertaker returns and wins the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker disappears again for a while, not appearing on Raw or Smackdown for several weeks. At Elimination Chamber, Punk manages to enter the WHC EC match, winning and moving on to WM as the World Champion. In the WWE title EC match, Rock narrowly beats Cena as the final 2 people in the match. The next night on Raw, Undertaker returns to choose who he will face at WM. He chooses to face Punk for the WHC, while a Rock vs. Cena WM rematch is also set up.
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    Undertaker in a world title match at Mania I'm not a big fan of....


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