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    that's because triple H has a beard and looks badass when he is pissed off holding a sledgehammer xD that's why he rocks as a heel xD
    LOL Yeah that's pretty much it! I'd rather a heel champion triple H talking for half hour every raw about himself than 10 minutes of cena..

    IPEE, the fact the miz cashed in on raw says it all. You just know the Miz is only going to keep the title through Riley interferring. I like the miz, but i can't see him beating Orton clean.

    Is it only me that picked up on the references towards Alberto Del Rio in recent weeks, "He decended from Royalty".
    King Alberto Del Rio! I can take that seriously plus it fits right in with his character.
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    Two things:

    John Morrison is winning KOTR so stfu


    We have a stable that needs dealing with: The Nexus. Who likes to take on unstoppable stables? Haitch!

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    We all know supercena is going to kill off Nexus... All he needs is a cape and a mask... Oh Wait..

    Oh and JoMo was never going to win. It was either Del Rio or Sheamus.
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    The only thing that's left for him is beating Rick Flair's title run

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