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    Back in the day...

    I just got finished rewatching that old movie "Ready to Rumble." Yes, with David Arquette. And it reminded me of why I loved wrestling shows back in the day. (And no, it wasn't because of David Arquette, perish the thought.)

    Not that I don't love them now, don't get me wrong. I'm a wrestling fan, I watch what I can when I can, doesn't matter which promotion as long as it's good. I loved the spectacle. I loved the glitz, the pageantry. Neither WWE or TNA has that any longer.

    I want the Nitro Girls back; let women who can wrestle do the wrestling and the pinups be the dancers. (Yes, K2, I'm talking to you.) TNA could do this, I don't know if WWE could with the damned PG crap. I want the announcers back who can introduce a main event match with style. Who could ever forget "for the thousands in attendance ... and the millions watching around the world ..." That guy had an awesome voice and it just added something to the experience. Mike Tenay ... no, sorry, I know he's a great guy and all but hell I bet that *I* could do a more awesome job introducing a match than he.

    I want commentators back who actually talk about the matches. (TNA is better than WWE in this department.) Not who get involved in matches. I want theme songs that really catch you, that are memorable. Maybe I'm getting old, but when I hear the music now I have to actually think to figure out whose music it is. Ric Flair? Oh hell, I heard the first note of his music and I knew who it was. There are a few nowadays, I have to admit. Daniel Bryan, same thing. Bobby Roode, close. I'd love to see Bully Ray coming out to "Bad to the Bone."

    Yes, I know, wish in one hand, piss in the other, see which one fills up first. But I can still dream, can't I?


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