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    I think it's awesome that we are even talking about who will be the next tag team champs.

    For the first time in a long time there are about 5 solid tag teams that actually could be champs. It's pretty sweet.

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    I agree with all the posts of Tommy hear...Cara/Rey are a fun team to watch and will help Cara to change his style the WWE way...

    I love both Sandow/Rhodes individually (personally Love Sandow More)...but I do not want them to be in a tag team together....I want them to prosper in singles action....

    If car/Rey wins, I want colons to turn heel n they can give great exciting matches...

    I want WWE to show some interest on USOs (my fav tag team in WWE)...they need to be treated better than this...

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    I don't think "Team Hell No" will stay together for much longer. I am expecting team Daniel Bryan vs team Kane at Survivor Series and I think Kane and DB will retain the titles at HIAC than at some Raw they will drop the titles to PTP or the rhode scholars.

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    Can see it happening eventually but i don't think it will at HitC.


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