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    I like Ryder I think he's a good wrestler, I think he needs a new finisher but yeah I like him but he's also not the only one being misused in WWE. I agree he needs a push but I'd like to see Tyson Kidd and Alex Riley get pushed too

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    zack ryder is a quality in ring performer. he sells well and his finisher is unique. he should be a mid card champion IMO. maybe getting a couple pushes to the main event level, never actually winning a major championship though.


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    Zack Ryder would be best suited in the tag team division. Pair him back with Curt Hawkins. I've no idea how many times I've said this in how many threads, but that's what I'd like to see them do with him.
    They were a great tag team with great chemistry. Both have great mic skills and both are good in the ring (Hawkins is particularly underrated in both departments). They'd be a good addition to the division that is very much on the incline.

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    I agree that he should be teamed up with Hawkins. While Kane & Daniel Bryan are doing a good job as tag team champions and Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara are a good team, these upper card guys can't carry the tag division forever. Ryder & Hawkins would be a great pairing to center the tag division around once all the main eventers go back to singles competition. They could be like two pretty boy heart throb faces like Edge & Christian or the Hardy Boyz back in the Attitude Era. Both of them are young, they're only 27. Let them be a team, and maybe get the occasional singles push (while staying together and in each other's orbit), but don't have them drift apart completely until one or both of them are actually READY to be in the main event.

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    WWE is misusing a lot of guys. Santino sells merch, but I don't find him entertaining like I used to. Rather see others holding the US or IC title. Liked to have seen a decent reign for Zack Ryder w/US title, but it didn't happen. That buzz he had is gone.

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    I don't think Zack Ryder's gimmick is the problem. His cheesy gimmick is something that got him over in the first place. I wouldn't mind him turning heel just to spark some new interest into his character again but I really don't think WWE is interested in giving Ryder another push.

    It's a shame too, because he was one of the most over performers in the WWE mid-last year. The MSG fans even chanted "We Want Ryder!" during a Rock promo. Hopefully he'll get a push but I'm not counting on it.
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