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    WWE is misusing Zack Ryder

    Now I know that Ryder isn't exactly the greatest in the ring, but the guy SELLS. Seriously this man is a perenial jobber and he is still in the top five of merchandising sales, almost has a million twitter followers, started the WWE social media trend, and has a cult like following. Is his gimmick cheesy? Of course, but lets not forget John Cena was once the Doctor of Thuganomics, Stone Cold was once the ring master, HHH was once Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and the Rock was Rocky Mavia. All of these guys started with cheesy gimmicks, but then evolved into the main eventers that we see today. Hell Ziggler was in the Spirit Squad for christ's sake. I think the WWE should start pushing Ryder because he could definitely be a number two face if not the face of the company.


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