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    The Encore Repackaged

    Okay, so here is what I would do if I got to be in charge of the direction of the Encore. The Encore consisting of Drew, Slater and Jinder Mahal is nothing but sad for me. Sure, it has me excited to see these guys used, but that is it! So, this is what I would do. This little trio continue along til hell in a cell where encore faces santino, ryder and.....someone else. Anyways, the Encore wins and continue to beat down on Santino. Christian's music hits and he runs down to make the save......not. He joins in the attack and while slater celebrates, Christian instructs drew and mahal to turn on slater and they do a group beatdown. On the next show, Christian talks about how he has seen that the WWE has gone so comical that they need real talent to do it and the real talent is from different nations. They go on to recruit Hunico (back from the dead) and Cesaro to their team to make....

    INTERNATIONAL.....something, I can't really thinking of a name. International Law, International Pain, International Strikeforce, who knows? And if people bring up the point of kidd and gabriel using that name, they don't. They are known as kidd and gabriel in the wwe right now and they are being jobbed out anyways so whatever.

    That is my idea, don't drink the hatorade but instead, post your comments in a loving fashion....yeah, never mind that won't happen. So, one thing left to do (Flame shield up) C'mon, hit me with your negativity!....or positivity!


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