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    Hornswoggle. No doubt

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    It had to be Punk i just can't see it being Cena.

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    well i think there is more top guys than cena and punk, maybe those two are the top dogs right now, but perhaps what they meant with top guy is someone in the main event, and it could have been anybody, from daniel bryan to sheamus or punk or orton or kane, or mysterio or any other top guy

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    Its Alberto Del Rio for not getting his 1001th title shot at HIAC -_- ..

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    After watching the recent CM Punk documentary, I'd say that its Punk. While earlier he would have spoken his mind to Vince about his own personal storylines and character, if he's really acting like a locker room leader as they claim he is, then he would be in the best position to do so.

    Just an aside, but wouldn't the Undertaker qualify to say such things to Vince too?

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    What about JBL?

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    It was Ryback... He was complaining that they weren't feeding him more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    Hornswoggle. No doubt
    had to smile at this

    Quote Originally Posted by jbqsauce View Post
    What about JBL?
    you know, I could see it. it really sounds like JBL and I could see JBL having the guts to say all that to Vince I really could. I mean it's not like he's concerned over his job. he was there on Monday.

    anyway I'm leaning towards Punk too but I just can't see him saying "hell in a handbasket" really so I think it could be Cena. but I also see the case for JBL.
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    Top stars doesn't mean just performers, it could of been Triple H too. He is still a top star.


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