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    Well, I can only see this top star either been Cena or Punk, Cena as he is bulletproof, Punk as I think he genuinely cares about the business and isn't just a yes man.

    To me that seems to be the main problem with WWE, the fact Vince has surrounded himself with yes men.
    Thankfully, you know Punk on a personal level and know he's not a "yes man".

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    i would put money on kane.

    glenn jacobs is the longest tenured regular performer, a backstage leader, one of the most respected guys in the locker room, has job security, and based on reports very intelligent.

    vkm probs has a great deal of respect and vice versa, so he would be able to get away with speaking up.

    either that or trips if he was pissed off about something and went off, which is also very likely.


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