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    Who is really the best in the world???

    This is something I've been thinking about for little while and I thought it be interesting to get the nations veiwpoints on the subject. First off what is it that makes a wrestler the best in the world? Is it because you hold the most prestigious title in your company? Or is it because you have great mic work? Or maybe it's because you have the ability to draw money? Me personally I think what makes a wrestler the best in the world has a little bit to do with each one of these categories but I put wrestling ability above EVERYTHING else. Which is why I like talents like Davey Richards, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Punk, & Aries. But if I had to pick one I guess it would be Punk. Anyways enough of me rambling. Let me know from your perspective what you think makes a wrestler the best in the world and who would you pick right now.

    Thanks for reading, I'm out!


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