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    WWE: Get behind change or get left behind

    "The WWE is looking to be heading to a new path of creating a new journey for the WWE Superstars. The Superstars of today have been waiting to grab the brass ring and that's what the wrestling bsuiness is about. No more will it be about relying on past Superstars to put interest back into the WWE product just for nostalgia. The past will stay in the past and now, it's time for a revolution." -CM Punk

    "Being the top guy in the WWE, I love to see things progress here. I love seeing other WWE Superstars reach a higher level here in this business because it gives the WWE more larger than life stars which is simply going to make us more money. The more stars we can create, the more big money matches that the WWE can produce and also gives me a lot of the main stars to work with." - John Cena
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    May I have your attention please?

    WWE programming: Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown

    WWE COO: Triple H

    Raw and Smackdown GM: Paul Heyman with John Laurinaitis as his assiantant

    Commentators: Michael Cole and JBL for Raw and William Regal and Josh Matthews along with Booker T for Smackdown


    WWE Undistputed champion: TBD

    Intercontinental champion: Drew McIntyre

    United States champion: Hunico

    Tag team champions: International Air-Strike

    Divas champion: Kaitlyn

    Money in the Bank winner: Dolph Ziggler

    WWE offical roster:
    John Cena (Face)
    CM Punk (Tweener)
    Randy Orton (Heel)
    Brock Lasner (Heel and part-time)
    Dolph Ziggler (Heel)
    Sheamus (Face)
    Daniel Bryan (Face)
    The Miz (Face)
    Alberto Del Rio (Heel)
    Ryback (Face)
    Kane (Heel)
    Brodus Clay (Face)
    Christian (Face)
    Seth Rollins (Face)
    Dean Ambrose (Heel)
    Antonio Cesaro (Heel)
    Kofi Kingston (Heel)
    R-Truth (Tweener)
    Jack Swagger (Face)
    Zack Ryder (Face)
    Wade Barrett (Tweener)
    The Big Show (Heel)
    Alex Riley (Face)
    Hunico (Heel)
    Camacho (Heel)
    Darren Youn (Heel)
    Sin Cara (Face)
    Titus O'Neil (Heel)
    Tensai (Heel)
    Heath Slater (Heel)
    Santino Marella (Face)
    Drew McIntyre (Heel)
    Cody Rhodes (Heel)
    Ted Dibiase Jr. (Face)
    Damien Sandow (Heel)
    Curt Hawkins (Face)
    David Otunga (Heel)
    Mason Ryan (Heel)
    Mark Henry (Heel)
    Tyson Kidd (Face)
    Justin Gabriel (Face)
    Yoshi Tatsu (Heel)
    Primo (Face)
    Epico (Face)
    Michael McGillicutty (Heel)
    JTG (Heel)
    Big Zeke (Face)

    AJ Lee (Face)
    Layla (Heel)
    Kaitlyn (Face)
    Sara Del Ray (Heel)
    Eve Torres (Heel)
    Alicia Fox (Face)
    Aksana (Heel)
    Tamina (Heel)
    Natalya (Face)
    Rosa Mendes (Face)
    Shaul Guerrero (Heel)
    Vickie Guerrero (Heel)

    Tag teams/ stables:
    Heyman Hustle (Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Kane, and The Big Show + Heel stable)
    Curt Hawkins and Trent Barretta (Face)
    International Air-Strike (Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd + Face tag team)
    the Ascension (Heel)
    The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil w/ JTG as their managers + Heel stable)
    Hunico and Camacho (Heel)
    Primo and Epico w/ Rosa Mendes (Face)
    Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara (Face)
    Team Rhodes Scholars (Heel)
    Yoshi Tasu and Tensai (Heel)
    The Usos (Face)

    Royal Rumble
    Elimination Chamber
    Extreme Rules
    Over The Limit
    No Way Out
    Money in the Bank
    Night of Champions
    Hell in a Cell
    Survivor Series
    Quote Originally Posted by John Cena rapping on Paul Heyman
    You see I don't need your approval Paul. I'm gonna take my respect. I'll bounce you quicker than an ECW check.


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