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    How would YOU run RAW?

    It is painfully obvious that Cena will fight Punk inside Hell in a Cell. But if there is an off chance Cena wouldn't be able to be medically cleared to make the PPV, who would you appoint has his replacement to still get an effect of being the main event? still? And no, the question isn't "What if I was AJ?"

    RyBack is obvious to be "a" opponent for Punk because of the indication from last week, but that's WWE's thing. Tonight I would have Cena appoint his own replacement. Have Cena's replacement face Dolph Ziggler in a no.1 contender's match to see if they are worthy.

    2nd week: Allow Paul Heyman to choose the fate of the No.1 Contonder's opponent and match type of the night(Hopeully someting devilishly as them facing number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Big Show). Have Punk (Depending on if Heyman puts him in the mainevent also) have a one on one with Rey Mysterio.

    3rd Week: Open the show with Punk & Heyman give their thoughts on the number one contender, and see what happens from there, then announce John Cena as being the man in his replacement's corner. Announce main event as CM Punk & Number One Contender w/ Paul Heyman & John Cena vs Kane & Daniel Bryan.

    And comes the Hell In A Cell: WWE Champion CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman vs Number One Contender w/ John Cena in a Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship.
    (A pretty big gamble to risk a main event especially a Cell match, but Punk being the devil is the big hook for the PPV, and to put so much faith in John Cena's judgment, but being a GM isn't about controlling everything, it is only about "Making lemonade with the lemons you got.")

    Hmm...I think I just made a pretty cool Video game story mode scenario. oh well, but tell me what you think. and what you would do.


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