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    CM Punk: What moments/matches would you like to see him be apart of? has an article where they count down CM Punk's top 15 greatest accomplishments in the WWE. CM Punk has achieved a lot in the WWE for somebody who the WWE didn't have any faith in from the beginning. Hes the top guy along with John Cena and Randy Orton and has proven to be a top merchandise seller.

    CM Punk has had his fair share of amazing matches in his run in the WWE. Hes had incredible matches with John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy. Hes one of the best technical wrestlers in the wrestling business and will put on more amazing matches like his upcoming Hell in a Cell match with John Cena.

    The question I have for you all is, what are some moments and feuds you would like to see CM Punk involved in? It can be anybody from the WWE current roster to the NXT roster.

    I would love to see CM Punk have his moment by closing the show at Wrestlemania. He has never closed a Wrestlemania show before and it would be cool for him to do so as the WWE champion of course.

    The feuds I would love to see CM Punk involved in would have to be Christian for the WWE championship. From NXT, I would like to see CM Punk vs Bray Wyatt. That match would be awesome to watch.
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