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    Hi everyone. I've been following this site for quite a while now. It's really the only place that I get my wrestling info. I never really participated in anything until recently. At my old job I had a few people to talk to about WWE, but not so much now. Also, I think my wife gets tired of hearing about it. lol.

    So I've started responding to articles and I wrote my very first wrestling blog today. I believe it is still waiting for approval. I guess I shouldn't have threatened all those people in it. Kidding.

    Alright, have a good one.
    By His scars, we are healed.

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    Welcome aboard, enjoy your time!

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    Thanks! Great name btw!
    By His scars, we are healed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King MC View Post
    Thanks! Great name btw!
    No problem and thank you!

    E-fed: Jackson "The Boss" Smith- IWA & former ICW superstar
    DJ "The Ladies Man" Williams w/ Rosita-EWNCW
    Devon "Just Damn Good" Jones

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    Enjoy it here mate,

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    welcome to the boards...
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    Quote Originally Posted by NiallF96 View Post
    #temamodest are the nicest people aboit. get outa here team ego! its not that my spelling gets shit when ikm drunk, just that i canr be bothered correctin the many mistakes i make while typing !

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    Welcome pal, have fun!

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    Welcome to EWN!
    Have fun posting!
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    Thanks everybody for welcoming me. I have a question. Does anyone have an idea on how long it usually takes for blogs to post online? It's a little less than 4 hours away from being a full day for me. It shows in my personal stuff that I wrote it, but that's the only place. If it's jut that I'm new, that's cool, but if it's something that I'm not doing right I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
    By His scars, we are healed.

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    Welcome brother! Have fun posting!

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