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    Kyojin (Rhodes) & Shaz (DiBiase) vs. Sagittarius Blue (Kingston) & Malcolm Adonis (Cena)
    (Start 3:25 End 8:46)

    Kyojin and Shaz stomp Blue's midsection over and over while the referee tries to keep Adonis out of the ring. Shaz then exits the ring right before the referee turns around, then Kyojin drops his right knee into the chest of Blue! Kyojin keeps his knee on Blue's chest, then starts to pull back on Blue's arm hard, applying more pressure to the chest! Blue reaches for the bottom rope with his free hand but Kyojin elbows him in the face for his efforts.

    Kyojin then gets off of Blue, picks Blue up and shoves him into the turnbuckle. Kyojin tags Shaz in, and then holds Blue against the turnbuckle while Shaz climbs up behind Blue. Shaz then grabs the back of Blue's head and brings him down with a bulldog! Shaz then puts Blue in a headlock and slips his arm under Blue's chin without the referee seeing for about five seconds before the referee finally notices and makes Shaz move his arm from Blue's throat. Shaz then acts like it was a total accident, then grins widely.

    Mike: How sickening! Shaz intentionally choked Blue! He should be disqualified!

    Rocky: It was a mistake!

    Mike: Bull! He sat there and choked Blue for as long as he could!!

    Shaz gets up to his feet once more and picks Blue up. Shaz whips Blue into the turnbuckle, then runs at him with a jumping knee strike ... But Blue catches Shaz and tosses him over the top rope and down to the floor below!! Blue leans against the turnbuckle to catch his breath as Shaz slowly gets back to his feet on the outside. Once Shaz gets back to his feet, Blue springboards from the turnbuckle and dives down onto Shaz with a senton on the outside!

    Blue gets up to his feet and smiles as the crowd pops loudly for him. Blue grabs Shaz by the head and throws him back into the ring. Blue slides into the ring after Shaz and stalks him as Shaz slowly pulls himself back together. Shaz gets to his feet once more, but then Blue kicks him in the gut then powerslams him down to the mat hard! Blue hooks Shaz's leg!



    Shaz kicks out before three! Shaz rolls back to his feet, then Blue goes for a kick to the chest but Shaz catches Blue's foot and shoves him down! Blue jumps back to his feet, but then Shaz whips him into the ropes! Blue springboards off of the ropes with a moonsault, but Shaz moves out of the way! Blue manages to land on is feet, but then Shaz tags Kyojin while Blue has his back turned! Kyojin stalks Blue, then launches himself over the top rope and goes for a kick to Blue ... But Blue moves and Kyojin takes out the referee!

    Mike: Oh my god! He damn near took the referee's head off!

    Rocky: They are given basic training to defend themselves ... Not to take a kick like that! Jesus!

    The impact from the kick knocks the referee out cold and Blue stands staring in shock. Blue then turns around to see both Kyojin and Shaz standing there with grins on their faces ... And the beat down begins! Shaz and Kyojin both start to attack Blue, but then Adonis charges into the ring and takes Shaz down with a massive clothesline that sends Shaz flying to the outside! Kyojin then attacks Adonis from behind and lands hard kicks to the back of Adonis's knees multiple times before jumping up and kicking him on the back of the head!

    Blue then grabs Kyojin, spins him around and sucker punches him on the jaw! Kyojin stumbles back as Blue continues to rain hard rights and lefts into Kyojin, then Blue whips Kyojin into the opposite corner! Blue runs at Kyojin and slams him in the corner with a shoulder block and then goes for another, but he hears a loud SMACK on the outside of the ring!

    Mike: SHAZ JUST HIT ADONIS WITH A CHAIR! Ring the damn bell!

    Rocky: There is no referee!!

    Shaz stands on the outside with a massive grin on his face as Adonis holds his back. Shaz slides into the ring as Blue looks on, but then Kyojin hits a double axe handle to the back of Blue's head! Blue stumbles forward towards Shaz, and then Shaz swings the chair at Blue's skull, but Blue dodges the blow, making the chair hit the ropes! Kyojin runs at Blue with a clothesline, but Blue ducks and hoists Kyojin up and plants him with a flapjack! Blue turns to go for Shaz ...


    Shaz smashes Blue over the head with the steel chair hard, busting him wide open! Shaz throws the chair to the outside and starts to scream "I'M THE BADDEST MOTHER FUCKER! I'M THE BEST IN THE WORLD!" then dives down onto Blue and starts to nail Blue on the open wound with multiple right hands! Shaz continues the shots until Adonis slides back into the ring, charges him and nails Shaz on the back of the head with a stiff kick!

    Mike: Look at the welt on Adonis's back!

    Rocky: Shaz really planted that chair shot, didn't he?! Its bleeding!

    Adonis picks Shaz up from the mat then tosses him over the top rope with authority! Kyojin gets back to his feet and grabs Adonis by the back of the head and smashes his face off from the turnbuckle! Blue slowly starts to rise to his feet, blood trickling down his face. Blue sees Kyojin beating Adonis's head into the turnbuckle, so Blue wraps his arms around Kyojin's waste and german suplexes him to the center of the ring!

    Adonis leans against the turnbuckle as Kyojin and Blue lay on the mat, then Adonis sees the referee starting to get back to his feet. Adonis gets onto the apron and extends his hand out to Blue. Blue crawls over to Adonis, reaches out and manages to get the tag right as the referee gets to his feet! Adonis gets into the ring and spears Kyojin back down to the mat and covers him!




    Mike: Kyojin won't go down without a fight!

    Rocky: Of course not, he is one of the best in the business! It'll take more than that to beat him!

    Adonis gets up from the mat and picks Kyojin up. Adonis hits Kyojin on the kidney, then whips him into the ropes. Kyojin rebounds off from the ropes then Adonis lifts him into the air and plants him with a spinebuster! Adonis stands tall over Kyojin, flexes his muscles and kisses his biceps. Adonis the runs for the ropes, but Shaz jumps up onto the apron and elbows Adonis on the back of the head! Blue sees this, so he runs around the ring, gets to Shaz and pulls him down from the apron and connects with the superman punch!

    Adonis stumbles forward towards Kyojin due to the shot from Shaz, then Kyojin connects with a stiff right hand to Adonis's jaw! Adonis returns the favor with a shot of his own, and then the two men begin to trade blows!

    Adonis! Kyojin!
    Adonis! Kyojin!
    Kyojin! Kyojin!

    Kyojin gets the upper hand then knees Adonis in the gut hard. Kyojin spins Adonis around and then kicks him on the back where Shaz had hit him with the chair! Adonis hollers out in pain, and then Kyojin hits multiple knife edge chops to the welt on Adonis's back! Adonis falls into the turnbuckle, then Kyojin runs, jumps up and brings Adonis down with a backstabber! Kyojin rolls back up to his feet and stomps onto Adonis's back, then he leans against the ropes and stalks Adonis as he slowly rises to his feet.

    Mike: This does not look good for Adonis at all.

    Rocky: It looks extremely good for Kyojin and Shaz!

    Kyojin bounces in place, getting himself ready for the Truth Hurts! Adonis stands on both feet, then Kyojin launches himself at Adonis ... But Adonis catches Kyojin! Adonis throws Kyojin onto the top turnbuckle, then climbs to the top with Kyojin. Adonis tries to get Kyojin into a suplex, but Kyojin hits Adonis's back multiple times until he falls back down to the mat! Kyojin perches himself on the top rope as Adonis gets back to his feet, and then Kyojin kicks out, landing a kick to the side of Adonis' head!Adonis drops down to the mat and Kyojin stands up, turning around.

    Rocky: I think we all know what's coming!

    Mike: RISING SUN!

    Kyojin lands perfectly and covers Adonis.


    Blue tries to get into the ring, but Shaz grabs Blue and powerbombs him down to the floor!



    Emily Davis: Here are your winners ... Shaz and Kyojin!!!

    Mike: He did it! Kyojin pinned Adonis! Kyojin pinned the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Rocky: I told you they would win! They are the best in the world today and nobody will be able to stop either of them!

    Mike: This just proves why Kyojin is the number one contender! That is all we have for you today, folks!! We hope you enjoyed the show! Thank you and goodnight!!

    We get a shot of Kyojin standing tall above Malcolm Adonis' body before the Uprising logo comes up in the corner. Kyojin shouts ‘SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR!’ as the camera fades to black and the IWA logo flashes across.

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    @IWACreative_Parody: These opening sequences really depress me. I wish we could afford to hire Morgan Freeman to voice them but instead, we have to stick with the guy who does the voice for Scooby Doo. #BudgetCuts #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Big up to Dave the soundguy. We were only yanking his chain about what the theme song is for #Uprising.

    @IWACreative_Parody: Ah, yes. The best structure our money can buy. Thanks, Meccano! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Why do we keep telling our announcers to hype stuff up? All that does is raise expectations. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: A definite finish? Is @IWAMike worried that we’ll go all #Soprano and cut to black mid-match? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Actually, @AmazonAthena will happily lay down for anyone who can wrestle her down to the ground. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Not that out of it, @IWAMIke – she’s just kicked out. Idiot. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: So the greatest fighter in the world got beaten up by a woman? Boy do we know how to book! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Great. Now we have to pay royalties to Living Colour. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: OK...I’ll admit it. I, yet again, let my personal feelings about Mr. Boring spill out into a promo script. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: It’s actually weird that anything derogatory I could say is already being said by these two. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: I guess that’s just bad foresight on my part. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Wait...haven’t we done this before? This segment seems so familiar... #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: If @Smokey and @SallyShitsHerPants stay in the same room for too long, a pig gets killed by @Odium. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Oh, right...the lower mid-card throw together match. I almost forgot about this. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: With the ref down, all four men will now do the #HarlemShake. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Or that. That’s good too. Not what was scripted, but I guess that makes more sense. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Juno is stating her actions. Is she drinking what @IWAGatling drinks? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Pinky Lee is @IWAPink’s next character development. Kinda like a Jumanji/Bruce Lee kinda vibe. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Absolutely nothing left. Except @IWABlue. And full access to the catering table. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Speaking of the catering table, I hope nobody expects good customer service this evening. @IWAWells seems kinda stroppy tonight. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Not easy to claim to have the best show in IWA right before introducing a match that involves @PardyBoyz! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: You know you’re bottom of the heap when you get outwitted by @Rymac. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Anyone would think we were pushing D-boy to go solo here... #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: There is a shorter length of chains for the Elimination Chamber then the bandages in @IWAPink. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Then mummy returns... #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Who knew that a @BelfastBombshell heel turn would work so well. We just rolled the dice, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: @BelfastBombshell playing smell my fingers with the fans. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Meh...I reckon we can drag this out for another month. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: @IWAShaz and @KyoSOTY a dream team? Sure, why not? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: weren’t teamed up with Shaz when he clocked you. Another victim of concussion? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Gee, I hope the winner of this match isn’t too predictable. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Wow. Who’d have thought that building a team to look a threat against @TheInfection would make a match interesting? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Don’t break your back, @IWACAR – you’ve only just come back from injury! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: I know exactly who can beat @IWAInfection - @IWABTB is our saviour in this situation! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: If an infection has no cure, then we need to cut off the infected parts. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: I don’t think anyone has ever beaten @IntegrityIsrael as a fluke, but we just added it to the script for shits and giggles. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Damn! I vote we fire @BossSmith. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: That awkward moment @IWAALex, the girlfriend of @BossSmith, told @IntegrityIsrael he is stuck in the midcard. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Ass kicking. Not ass kissing. Stupid fucking woman. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: @S&S winning two PPV’s in a row? Here’s hoping we don’t drop the ball... #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: No, @IWAMike. There are not children watching. Our programming is far too smart for kids. They’ll be watching something dumbed down and rather silly, like #JBWoeful. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Why did we get @AssholeKaige to dress up like @NotACrookFrewin? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: What the fuck is RTE? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Could be worse @AssholeKaige. You could be wearing a hat and apron and serving food with @IWAWells. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Hoof! Taking a shot at @TWE creative there. I hope that doesn’t affect his push over there... #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry. Couldn’t help myself after that last Tweet. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Is that an unauthorised Twitter account? Somebody’s getting a damn fine! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: There are many things in @ProdigyDiamond’s future. I hear that Subway have a great progression scheme. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: @NightmareMadness move around like a couple of old farts who have been injured repeatedly throughout their careers...oh... #Uprising

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    @IWACreative_Parody: @IWAJosh can only predict the future if he reads the script. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Damnit. Looks like Smokey didn’t leave quick enough. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Whatever happened to that guy on #Revolution who did weekly vignettes? His career went pretty well, right? I mean, he wasn’t killed off on his first night here, was he? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Doesn’t matter. I’m sure @Odium will be fine. #FingersCrossed #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: We had to close down Mr. Torture’s Twitter account. Apparently if it doesn’t have a ‘Like’ button, he doesn’t care for it. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Poor @IWAShadow. He tries to do one hurricarana, and look what happens... #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: We’re not using @IWAShadow’s knee injury too much, are we? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Surely by now @IWAShadow’s knee is just dust. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: So has nobody figured out that if you tie Mr. Torture down with handcuffs and burn him with a cigarette, he’ll just submit eventually? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: @IWAShadow has done so many World Of Shadows from the top rope, it is starting to become the norm... #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Has it really been two weeks? Boy, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: @AnoDoom is also stating what he is doing. What the fuck is up with these guys? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: That’s right kids – a feud based on masks. Can we do original shit or what? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Erm, are aware that @OscarWho is only pretending to be Y2J, right? He hasn’t possessed him. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: I mean seriously, all he did was put his fancy coat on. Doesn’t help him win matches, does it? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Fucking idiots. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: I not the only one who thinks @IWADarius is boring? Victory is mine! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: What is the point of the Codebreaker? I mean really. Surely that hurts @OscarWho more than @IWADarius? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: We will do anything to remove @IWADarius as champ, and that includes throw in @ArcherBlack. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: New champ. I’ll let him enjoy this for a few days before ripping shit out of him. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: A post match brawl. These are always good. But I’m betting that you hoping there is a reason for all this, yes? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: I’m pretty sure @IWACole said those exact words when @HeelZiggler cashed in. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Look at that. @IWADarius is selling this moment so well that you actually believe he never knew this was happening. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Hmmm...looks like the Smarks are in town tonight. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: No, @BestForBusiness, it has not sucked. I’m pretty sure we’ve been doing a lot better since you fucked off. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Oh, look. It’s story time. Let me get my baa baa. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Didn’t Y2J come back to save us? And with @OscarWho pretending to be Y2J...this seems a bit incestuous. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Can you believe @AceNote wanted an extra $20 because this match is ‘dangerous’? Fucking cheek of it! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: If one of these guys gets pinned, it means a lot less paperwork. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: If @IWAMike’s voice keeps breaking, he’ll get the job as a @HeymanHustle impersonator. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: And that, ladies and gents, is exactly what happens when you ask for a fucking pay rise. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: I hope that there is at least one medic in that team of actors. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Apparently nothing gets a lady hotter in the boudoir than a sandwich and some coffee. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: The last threeway @SexualAdonis had, he was the one in the middle. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Remember when @IWABlue was a happy chap? Yeah, we got rid of that quickly, didn’t we? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Does anybody remember what I Tweeted for Death By Glory? I may as well copy and paste those here for this match. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Did you honestly think we could go an entire PPV without a single heel turn? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Ah, yes. The customary “No, I will not die” popping up of the shoulder, giving one last ditch hope to @KJPunk fans everywhere. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Well, I guess we had better set up a meeting to explain this one. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Smarks are vocal again. Luckily, if any of them get too vocal, then we have @Erebus to solve that problem. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: @JarvisCole has some weird chat up lines. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Did we really just pay for @Erebus to just stand there? What’s the fucking point? Couldn’t we do like a Heyman/Lesnar thing? We’re not made of fucking money! #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Shaz is on a new level because nothing prepares you to stardom like jobbing out to @IWABTB. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Twice. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Black guys wear fake tan? Who knew? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Is it me, or are our referees really fragile tonight? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: Shaz with a chair. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this before. #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: World Champ - who is still without his title - get’s pinned. That doesn’t hurt his credibility, right? #Uprising

    @IWACreative_Parody: That’s a wrap, folks. G’night! #Uprising

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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