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    Final filler before the start of the show

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    The theme for Chaos blares over the PA system, as fans are piling in, but the music is cut off by something else.


    Darius makes his way onto the stage to a chorus of boos with a microphone in his right hand and his TWE Championship around his waist. He looks around at the crowd slowly and brings the microphone to his mouth and the crowd boos even louder.

    Darius: Would you all just listen to yourselves for just three seconds? You all sound like a pack of mentally challenged baboons. You dare boo the TWE World Champion? You dare boo the future IWA World Champion? Well, that doesn't surprise me, honestly. You all enjoy watching cheating pricks using weapons or listening to hicks try to talk like a ... "Gangsta", but I guess that is your language, isn't it you inbred hillbillies?

    The crowd explodes with boos and chants "You suck!"

    Darius: I suck? I suck!? Where is your world championship!? Huh?! Where is it?! That's right, none of you have one because you are all FAILURES! Yeah, that's right! FAILURES! Just like that failure known as "Primetime" AJ Dixon! Last week, I pinned his ass! That is right, folks! Shoulders to the mat! One, two, three! Dixon claims he deserves a one on one world championship match against KJ Punk, but what the fuck has he done to deserve that championship match at all!? NOTHING! I beat his ass last week, so he should be pulled from the match! He is nothing but a stain!

    The crowd has a mixed reaction because the heel Darius is trashing the heel Dixon.

    Darius: Speaking of stains ... The main event for tonight is a 12 man tag team match. I like to call it "Team Failure", which consists of KJ Punk, Kyojin, Sagittarius Blue, Malcolm Adonis, Jackson Smith and Shaz.

    The crowd explodes with cheers, cutting Darius off and rooting on the team of faces!

    Darius: Shut the fuck up! Those failures will be facing the team I call, "Team Darius", which consists of Mr. Smyth, AJ Dixon, Shining Light, Killa, Mike Hawk, and the worlds greatest champion ... Darius!

    The crowd erupts with a chorus of boos and "You suck!" chants!

    Darius: You are all so fucking annoying, do you know that? The five men on my team ... They have talent, well ... Some of them do at least, but that doesn't matter, because I am their captain, whether Daniel May says there are captains of the teams or not! I will lead my men to certain victory! Team Failure ... Hell, we are just going to squash them like the little bugs they are! Everyone knows they are going to cheat to win!

    The crowd boos and starts to chant KJ PUNK!

    Darius: Yes! Him! He used the steel chair on me to make me bleed at Thirst for Blood! That coward had to use a weapon to ...

    KJ Punk

    KJ Punk walks out with the IWA World Championship around his waist as the crowd erupts at him interrupting Darius. He gets in the ring and raises the championship into the air, right in Darius’ face. He takes a microphone as he smiles.

    Punk: Darius, Darius, Darius. You sound like a broken record. Waaaah, waaah, I got hit with a chair and it made me bleed. Did you forget that you’re the one that was holding the chair? Did you forget that you had already used that chair as a weapon? Did you forget that it was a first blood match and there ain’t any rules in a first blood match homeboy. What’s gonna be your excuse for when I put you through a table at Lost Cause? You tripped? It wasn’t an IWA regulation sized table?

    The crowd pops at KJ’s mocking of Darius.

    You come out here with championships with different feds like they mean something. They don’t count for shit here, jack! You see this?

    KJ raises the IWA World Championship into the air

    This means I am the best in IWA. I don’t care if you’re the world champ in TWE, JBW, EWNCW, HWA, WWE, TNA, FTW, OMG, LOL or any other fed! This means I am the cream of the crop here and that every other competitor here is coming for me.

    The crowd pops as they start another “KJ Punk” chant

    Now let’s talk about tonight. On “Team Failure” as you put it, you have the Money in the Bank Briefcase winner, Shaz. Malcom Adonis. Jackson Smith. Sagittarius Blue. The IWA Endurance Champion, Kyojin. Oh and the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, K! J! Punk!!!

    The crowd pops after each name.

    On Team Douche, I mean Team Darius, you have Mr. Smyth, who Kyojin’s beaten twice before and will again at Lost Cause. Killa, who’s gonna lose to Jackson Smith at Lost Cause and never win the Endurance Championship briefcase. Shining Light, who I’m not even sure if he’s won a match here in IWA. Mike Hawk, who I beat last week and who Shaz will beat at Lost Cause. That sounds dirty.

    The crowd laughs

    And that brings me to you and AJ Dixon. The two men that I defeated for the World Championship and the two men that I will defeat again at Lost Cause. Sheesh, with this track record it’s really YOUR team that should be called Team Failure. Especially after I put both you AND AJ through tables this Sunday and …

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    ???: Hold on now playas!

    AJ Dixon

    Dixon’s music plays as the Primetime superstar walks out onto the ramp. The crowd boos as Dixon appears to be in a good mood despite losing last week.

    Seems you guys tried to start da party wifout Primetime, dats fine, cause now dat I’m here, da party can truly start. Everyone trying to keep Primetime down. Darius, homie, you startin’ to sound like a broken record. You think you da true champion because you got some cardboard belt around your waist. I’ve said it before, and KJ said it tonight, but dat thing don’t mean shit dawg.

    It’s like you think we give a shit about your championship! We don’t, no one does! Man dang, you a trip dude! You talk about how your were screwed at Thirst for Blood? I have been screwed ever since I stepped in da IWA ring. I was never defeat at Thirst for Blood and I was screwed last week. Your win was a joke Darius, almost as much of a joke as dat title you gallop around wif.

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Primetime makes his way to the ring.

    At Lost Cause, it won’t matta who is in da ring wif me. I will not be screwed anymo’, not by you two jackass. I will put you both in your places. I refuse to be cheated out of another title, not by a psycho path and not by a guy who’s catch phrase makes me want to punch a baby. KJ, you and me have had our “fun”, but no more. I will not allow you to rob me of another title. I will be victorious, not just at Lost Cause, but tonight as well.

    Crowd boos Dixon as he rips on the fan favorite.

    Everyone knows by now dat we have a giant tag team match tonight as da main event. And you have heard all da names in da match, but i want to talk about da only person dat matters in da match tonight, and dat is none other dan Primetime, Me, AJ Dixon. You see, tonight, dere may be 11 otha guys in dat ring tonight, but da spotlight will be on only one man, ME!

    Dixon yells and the crowd as they boo the conceited superstar. Dixon starts pointing at people in the crowd as he speaks at them. With each word he points to another person in the crowd.

    Hater. Hater. Hater. Hater.

    All y’all hating and don’t even know wat is goin’ on. Da Primetime spot light is only big enough for one superstar, and dere ain’t no room for Darius or Punk. The shine will be on me, and it don’t matta who wins da match tonight, cause da only one dat will be standin’ at da end of da match will be Primetime AJ Dixon. I hope you two imbeciles are ready, cause by da time we get ta Lost Cause, neither of y’all will be able to stand wif me. Hate on dat. Hashtag-last-word.

    The three men look at each other, as Darius raises his TWE World title in the air to boos. Punk raises his IWA World title to a chorus of cheers. Dixon looks at both Darius and Punk's titles, and then leaps at Darius and takes him down with a Mug Shot! Dixon is right back up, as Dixon and Punk begin to trade blows. Punk gains the upperhand, and whips Dixon into the ropes. AJ bounces back, and ducks a clothesline. He hits the ropes and bounces back, taking Punk out with a clothesline! Dixon rolls out of the ring, and pulls a table out from underneath, sliding it into the ring.

    Mike: Look at Dixon, trying to send a message to his opponents at Lost Cause

    Rocky: Hell ya! We are going to get some wood to start the night!

    Dixon is in the ring, as he sets the table up. He turns, as Punk is to his feet. Punk goes for a stiff kick, but Dixon catches it. Darius has come to in the corner, unbeknownst to his foes, as Dixon hooks Punk up for a belly to belly suplex, but Darius spears both men! Darius is to his feet, as he grabs the table, and leans it in the corner, as he grabs both Dixon and Punk, laying them against the table. Darius is pulling his hair, as he goes to the corner and poses.

    Darius darts from the corner, but immediately, both men move from the table, rolling out of the ring. Darius stops before hitting the table, screaming at them to bring it. Punk is handed his championship as he hops over the barrier, heading out through the sea of fans, and Dixon makes his way up the ramp and into the back, as Darius just glares at the entrance ramp. A woman comes out from the back with a mic in hand, as she heads down the ramp and into the ring.

    Mike: Hey! It's one of IWA's newest interviewers, April Hale!

    April stands across from Darius.

    April: Darius, I...

    Darius immediately clotheslines April! We can hear Darius yelling at her, shut up Punk, as Darius rolls out of the ring, grabbing something from under the ring. He comes back out, rolling into the ring. Darius does something to her, and then sits her in the corner.

    Rocky: Hey, that wig looks alot like KJ Punk's hair doe!

    Mike: And he has put an IWA World Championship replica belt around her..oh no.

    Darius looks at April, yelling die Punk, just die, as he goes to the corner, posing once more. He charges, spearing April through the table!

    Mike: NO! NO! She is just a lady! Damn it! Someone stop him!

    Rocky: Darius definitely crossed the line here.

    Darius can be heard yelling at April, Punks no more, Punks no more, as he grabs the replica belt, holding it tight and says, this is mine, as the camera's cut to a commercial


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    Victor Elric/Ivan Draymen

    Elric and Draymen make their way to the ring to a pretty decent pop from the crowd. Elric looks focused as Draymen looks on

    Elric: Tonight, a preview of the future, tonight I step into the ring with Mr. Blood and Gommenta and prove to be the superior man. Tonight a Seal will be cast and blood will be spilled. This will be a preview of what is to be expected at the PPV in the Triple Threat Match.

    Elric removes his tunic and continues speaking

    Elric: Black Blooded, you use brute force to try as well the members of your gang to try and intimidate your opponents, I can tell you now, that will no work. Damaged Goods, your size and strength will not be enough to defeat myself and Draymen, as you will see tonight.

    Draymen takes the microphone from Elric as he offers it to him

    Draymen: Black Blooded ... You all think you're tough, well let me tell you something. You're just a bunch of bullies that can't fight like real men. You need to hide behind one another to fight, and if you think that makes a good champion, you're dead wrong. At Lost Cause, you won't have the help of your group of fuck buddies, because you'll be locked in a steel cage with Elric and myself. Forget the two other tools, they are just big.

    The crowd pops for Draymen

    Draymen: Gaileo and Gommenta, you two men are pretty big guys, we all know that, but that won't stop Elric and I from taking those championships away from you. A big champion doesn't make a good champion, we have all seen this first hand. True champions have speed, agility ... And skill, something that Damaged Goods lacks. You see, those two ...

    Damaged Goods

    The crowd jeers as Sebastian Schweizner along with the IWA Tag Team Champions, Gaileo and Gommenta comes down the ramp. The three keeps their eyes on Draymen and Elric, before sliding into the ring

    Schweizner: You think we don't have speed? You think we don't have agility? You think we don't have skill? Well let me tell you something lads, if we didn't have these things, would the two men by my side have these titles around their waist? You two are two wrestlers thrown together because "creative has nothing for you". You're lucky you still have a job! But come Lost Cause, you won't be as optimistic. You won't be dominant. You won't be the IWA Tag Team Champions. Thirst for Blood - Hollywood Homeboys and the NCII had nothing in their arsenal that could stop Damaged Goods.

    And lets talk about Black Blooded! You may be strong, but you're not as strong as us. You've been successful in the past, but you don't have your bitch at ringside! Because the steel cage is our friend. Gaileo will slam you in it! Gommenta will throw you off it! Wherever you've been champion the fed has since been extinct! But we're not going to let that happen to IWA! Because that's our job! IWA will be driven to the ground, because annihilation can only be entertaining for a certain amount of time.

    But within a steel cage, I may not be able to get involved, but Damaged Goods don't need me. The only thing they need is the motivation to win. And that's what they have, in the tag championships. We will retain, and Elric! Draymen! Last week we destroyed Black Blooded and I know you're listening! We don't have one ounce of regret!

    Black Blooded

    *Mr. Black and Mr. Blood walk out, microphones in hand, as vivica is skipping behind them, twirling one of her pigtails. They stop at the foot of the ramp, the crowd erupting in a chorus of boos.*

    Mr. Blood: Steel? Steel? God damn, is that the secret fucking word of the night? Steel? Ooh, watch out, we're gonna be in a steel cage, oh no! We've never been in cages before! Well, I know that the retard twins over there have a hard time understanding the concept, so let me explain it real slow.

    See boys, when y'all step in there with us, when that cage, yes, that steel cage comes down around you and locks you in. When you big, dumb sons of bitches finally come face to face with us, without doctor strangelove over there whispering in your ear while you stick a hand in his pocket, that is when we will see just how bad ass you really are.

    See we do not give a good god damn who the fuck in this shithole of a company you have beaten, because quite frankly there is not a team here that is good enough to carry our bags, and compared to us? you're just another couple of jobbers, keeping our belts warm for us.

    Mr. Black: You assholes don't have a chance.

    Mr. Blood: And that brings us to you two shitheads *Pointing at Elric and Draymen* Yeah, you won some random as tag contest, big fucking deal. You want to be impressive? Try actually beating a real team at least you nameless dirtbags. Do you two penniless fucks actually think you have any chance of walking out of that cage at all? Much less as the tag champions. Piece of advice for you, Just stay the fuck out of our way and be fucking grateful that someone in this company is apparantly stupid enough to keep talentless pussies like you on the payroll. If you fuck with us, we will fucking steamroll you. Those titles are ours, there is not a damn thing that any of you five fucks can do to stop us from getting them.

    Vivica: Nobody is tougher than my Big Daddy! He's the strongest and bravest and bestest man in the whole wide world!

    Mr. Black: That's right princess

    Mr. Blood: As far as tonight goes, well that's just a little bit of fun, and an opportunity waiting to happen. See, the way we figure it, once I break down Gonorrhea over there, that leaves grotesque and nurse Cratchet to deal with at the pay per view. All I care about, all Black Blooded care about, is doing whatever the fuck it takes to get and keep those belts, and making as much money as possible along the way. If that means breaking some legs tonight, or cracking open some skulls, then all the better. Either way, come Lost Cause we will be the ones walking out of that cage the new Tag Team Champions, the rest of you morons will be lucky to walk out at all.

    Mr. Black: Nothing Personal

    Mr. Blood: Just Business.

    Black Blooded drop their mics, as Mr Black, Gaileo, and Ivan Draymen all step out of the ring. A ref is now in the ring, as he signals for the bell.

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    Victor Elric (Angle) vs. Mr. Blood (Undetaker) vs. Gommenta (Rock)
    (Start 3:20, End 21:31)

    Mr. Blood drops Victor Elric with a massive chokeslam! Blood turns around and is lifted into the air and dropped with a hard Black Hole Slam from Gommenta!! Gommenta goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Thr - NO!

    Blood gets the shoulder up and Gommenta goes right to work on Blood again, weakening his legs so his ability to kick out is weakened. Gommenta reaches down and lifts Blood up by his hair, and then whips him into the turnbuckle hard, making him hit so hard he falls down to the mat.

    Mike: This is just brutal, Gommenta has been dominating this match for a while now.

    Rocky: Well of course, a guy his size can easily dominate any match! Just look at Elric, he is puny!

    Gommenta goes to pick Blood back up, but Blood fights back, nailing Gommenta in the gut hard, and then tackles him to the mat and lays into him with hard right hands! Blood gets to his feet and rests against the turnbuckle, watching Elric on the outside as he struggles to his feet, but Elric stays on the outside.

    Rocky: Look at that coward! He won't even get back in the ring!

    Mike: No he is playing it smart!!

    Blood taunts Elric on the outside, but then Gommenta gets back to his feet and nails the Austrian Crack on Blood!! Gommenta goes to cover Blood, but Elric slides into the ring and drops Gommenta with the Seal of the Unjust! Elric covers Gommenta!!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Victor Elric!

    The ref raises Elric's arm, but Gaileo is in the ring now, and Elric turns around into a huge roundhouse kick from Gaileo! Draymen is in the ring, as he runs at Gaileo, but is cut off by Mr Black who is in the ring, as Black nails a huge blackhole slam! Black is back up, as Gaileo and Black are exchanging blows, but Blood comes to the aid of Black. Both men whip Gaileo into the ropes, as he bounces back and is hit by a double big boot! Gaileo rolls out of the ring, as all thats left in the ring is Gommenta. The camera's turn to see Draymen and Elric on the outside, Schweizner checking on Gaileo, and Vivica cheering on the outside. Black Blooded lift Gommenta to a standing position, and proceed to nail Gommenta with a double chokeslam! This actually gets a mild pop from the fans, as Vivica hands the tag titles to Black Blooded. They raises them high, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


    Jackson Smith

    *Jackson’s music hits and the crowd pops big at his appearance. Jackson walks out with a purpose with a determined look at his face but still has time to slap some fans hands on the way to the ring. He hops on the apron, goes between the top and middle rope, and asks for a mic*

    Jackson: Cut my damn music! Lately, I have been attacked from behind by this pussy every week since it has been here! And I am sick and tired of these bitch ass moves that this pussy has been pulling lately! *Crowd pops* Look here, I know you are here and listening in the back that briefcase that you stole from me will be mine once I get my damn hands on you. Oh and by the way if you somehow was not paying attention at all during these attacks, the pussy I was referring to goes by the name of “Killa”. *crowd boos* Yea, I beat, no I whooped his ass at Thirst for Blood for the right to keep my briefcase with the Evolution title shot inside but nooo, this piece of shit wants to attack me from behind right after the match and steal my briefcase!

    I worked my ass off day in and day out and went through 8 other wrestlers to win that briefcase and I will be damn if this bitch keeps holding on to it!! *Crowd Pops* You see, I had a plan when I was going to cash in that contract. I was going to pull an RVD instead of an Edge because I want to earn my win, I want people to say “Jackson deserves the right to hold the title because he won it fair and square and didn’t cheat.” I want to tell the person holding the Evolution title when and where I will cash in my briefcase so he can be prepared. I want him to be at his very best so when I defeat him and pin him down to the mat 1…2…3 it will be a well deserved victory! *huge crowd pop* With that said, Kyojin I hope you beat Israel and keep that title because when I cash in my briefcase, I want to face you.

    Why you ask because to me he would be one of the hardest wrestlers that I would face in my career. It would be an easy 5 star match, hell, it probably be match of the year if not night. What do you fans think about that, huh!? Jackson Smith vs. Kyojin for the Evolution title, two rising stars in this industry going one on one for the first time! *Huge cheers from the crowd as some start chanting Kyojin! Kyojin! Kyojin! And others start chanting Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!* You hear that May!? The crowd what’s this match to happen but unfortunately until I whoop Killa’s ass to a bloody pulp and he stops acting like a little bitch, you fans will have to wait. Killa! Get your ass out here right now!! I don’t have all day! *Jackson waits while pacing and back in forth in the ring. A few seconds past and still no sign of Killa as the crowd becomes anxious* Alright, since you won’t come out here, I guess I have to go find your pussy ass backstage!! *Jackson drops his mic but as he is about to leave…..

    Mike Hawk

    *Hawk's music hits to a flurry of boos and Hawk makes his way out ignoring the fans completely as he gets in the ring.

    Hawk: Calm down there buddy, it's quite obvious Killa is succeeding since your such a mess right now. But what did you expect, the only reason you are interesting enough to have someone target you is because of that case. Before that case everyone could care less about working with you because they get nothing out of beating you. Don't get me wrong, Killa is a joke as well it's just that between you and Shaz, I don't know who the bigger joke is. You come here spouting lies about cashing in honestly, when everyone knows once you see a chance, you are using that case no matter who has the title.

    I am a man of class, you see I don't go around stealing cases like a crook, I don't go around attacking people at every corner and I do not go around complaining like a child when someone takes my toy
    s. Everyone out here may hate me, but when they see us in the ring together they know who the bigger star is. This is no place for little boys Jackson and if Killa can't get the job done, I might as well take that case to make sure it doesn't go to waste.

    *Hawk turns away from Jackson and stares out to the crowd

    Hawk: But enough with the minor leagues, Shaz I know your lurking in the back with a dictionary in your hand trying to find ways to counter me, so go ahead and come one out. You may not be the quality opponent I want but you want more punishment so come out and give your rant about how I'm a liar and how your going to beat me. You said you I made a mistake choosing a ladder match, well you made the mistake putting your case on the line. The skies are my territory and the Hawk is the ultimate predator up there and down here.


    *Shaz's music hits, as the crowd go absolutely mental. He swaggers his way into the ring, giving Mike Hawk a cold stare*

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    Shaz: Sorry Hawk, I didn't quite catch that - Me? Lurking in the back with a dictionary in my hand trying to find ways to counter you? That makes me laugh, because last week, on this mic. I owned you. I left you speechless, and no one expected that. Because what came out of my mouth, was the truth, and that is all it was. I don't need a dictionary, because my mind is a dictionary itself! Hell, I owned you that much, we even got promo of the week for it!

    But you wanna know something else Hawk? I really, really find it funny how you say that Jackson Smith is in the minor leagues. Me and him never really got on, but I'm not scared to say I respect him. He's a lethal competitor, just like me. He's only been here for a short period of time, and he's been making a massive impact ever since. And that briefcase over there proves it!

    And do you wanna know what you are Hawk? Jealous. Jealous of the fact, that me especially and Jackson are making massive movements. You're jealous of the fact, that me and Jackson have a briefcase we can cash in anytime we want. But like Jackson said, he's going to do an RVD, not an Edge. And I'm also gonna do an RVD, because I've worked so hard for this briefcase, I don't wanna win my world gold by cashing it in on a weak little chump.

    *Crowd explode with Jackson Smith chants, along with Shaz chants*

    Shaz: I am the best in the world, and I used to have one step to justify that fact. But now, I've gone back a level. By putting this briefcase on the line. I've now got two steps to justify the fact that I am the best in the world. But that certainly isn't stopping me, because I KNOW, that I will overcome the challenge. I'll hurt you Hawk, no - I'll destroy you. Nope, even worse - I'll annihilate you.

    But it's not for the fun of it, it's because there is a reason behind everything I do. And the reason I wanna annihilate you Hawk, is because you've been making a fool out of me for weeks. And no one, and I mean no one has ever gone to that level, to make a fool out of me, just because they want to clear dirt! I pinned you last Hawk, and I proved that I can defeat you! I've got the momentum, leading to this match at Lost Cause!

    But I was watching the show again last week, and I realized something. When me and KJ Punk were celebrating, something just got in my head. I was ending the show, me and KJ were ending the show holding out respective honors up high. But I didn't feel as big. Because KJ had the world title, while I only had a briefcase. I could have cashed it in, but nope. I'm too much of a man for that.

    *Crowd chant SHAZ IS THE MAN as Hawk gets pissed*

    Shaz: So that only makes me more hungry. That makes me more thirsty to win the match at Lost Cause. Because I could end every show, holding that IWA Championship up high! Hawk, we could put on a 5 star match at Lost Cause. So you better be on your best, because just because I wanna retain this doesn't mean I don't wanna give these people what they want - a match they can remember for decades!

    *Crowd cheer the hell out of Shaz as he raises his briefcase, much to Hawk's displeasure. Hawk waits for crowd to finish then starts to speak

    Hawk: Well look who had to come out and steal the thunder. Shaz the little respect I had for you is gone now. You come out here blaming your losses on me during the beginning of the show yet when you finally get a pin on me last week you take all the credit for beating me. Shaz that was a tag match, not a singles match and that is far from a ladder match. I'm not here to win Shaz, I am here to cause Mayhem and the ladder match is perfect way to make sure I get all the blood I can out of you, all the screams from your lungs, and extract every essence of hope from your soul.

    But excuse me for getting off topic, Shaz you are one of the most hypocritical people I have seen, you are working with the likes of Blue and Jackson now when you hated their guts last week. Well Shaz here is a big news flash that will rock your world, there is only one man in the IWA and at the moment that man is Punk. You Shaz, you hold what may be your one advantage over Punk and you choose to face him at his strongest. Each moment he has the title, he is building momentum, getting stronger and more attached to it. Shaz, that briefcase only makes him paranoid, he will never trust you and have eyes out on you until that threat is eliminated.

    I plan on taking that case not because it is the key to the world title but because it is the key to absolute destruction. He who posses the case holds the power to change the very landscape of this organization in whatever way they want. And when I take that case, Punk or any world champion will never rest easy. I am the ultimate predator and not because of my mind games but because I can strike from anywhere. I could assault Punk one minute and the next minute walk backstage because I don't feel like getting a pin.

    Where are my matters today, Jackson I wish you luck against Killa, I really do because after you are done with him, I will come for your case as well and send you back to mediocrity.

    Jackson: Hold up! Hold…Up! *Jackson get’s a confused look on his face* Is this really happening right now!? I must be dreaming or hearing things wrong but….Really!? *Pauses* I am sorry everyone but I am still in shock right now by the fact that Shaz…this Shaz is amazingly a good guy now. *Scratches his head* How in the hell….. you know what that is not important right now, what is important right now is the fact this bird thought it will be great to interrupt me when I clearly was in the mist of going backstage and probably starting a backstage brawl with Killa, which the fans here would have really enjoyed. With that said you fans can blame bird over here from the loss of that entertainment.

    *Crowd boos and a “Bird Sucks!” chant starts around the arena*

    Hey now, cut him some slack, he didn’t know what he was doing. He probably figured, “You know what, this will be a perfect time to come out here, ruin a good segment and drop the ratings. Yea that will be great for the fans!” Obviously based on the reaction you got coming out here, you made a terrible decision. *Shaz laughs while the crowd cheers and Jackson smirks* You are right Shaz, you and I have never seen eye to eye but we and the fans can both agree on two things; 1. That cashing in our briefcases the right way will make our matches that much better and 2. That Mike and Killa must be rocking panties since they are both acting like *Holds the mic up and the crowd yells “BITCHES!”, Jackson smiles while Hawk looks pissed off*

    I am not surprised that you want my briefcase too because you clearly need something to help you stay relevant. I mean look at you, ever since you arrived here you have been doing the same shit Killa has been doing, attacking people from behind. *crowd boos* You know it gets fucking annoying don’t you!? Don’t you get tired of being a bitch boy or are you comfortable with it? Same question goes to you too Killa and I know you hear me! Well to me, it seems you guys are since you pussys keep doing it! *Crowd cheers as Hawk looks ready to explode* Oh, it looks like this tweetie bird looks mad here Shaz, let’s turn our backs on him since that is the only way he likes to fight. *Laughs*

    Seriously I am worried about your guys fascination of attacking from behind, are you guys secretly gay or something? It seems like it since you guys like taking guys from behind and shit, hahaha. *Shakes his head* In all seriousness tweetie bird, if you really think you even have a shot at taking this briefcase, you are about as delusional as Mitt Romney thinking he had a chance of getting elected President! *Crowd cheers and a 4 more years chant starts* Yeah, Obama is getting two terms ya’ll! Anyway tweetie, it is not going to happen so with that in mind get your pussy ass out this ring before I physically do it for you! *Crowd pops huge* Also Kyojin, when you get done beating that annoying “wrestler’s” ass who still can’t decide between being a business man or a wrestler, I will be waiting, to cash my briefcase in so it can be just you and me one on one! No interferences, no distractions, just us putting on one of the greatest matches these fans have ever seen! So Killa, at Lost Cause after you wake up from your coma and find yourself in a hospital bed, I will be sitting there right by your side, ready to put your bitch ass right back in it!!

    *Crowd goes crazy as they chant Jackson and “The Boss”*

    Shaz: Jackson, it's nice to see you're shocked. But trust me brudda, Shaz hasn't turned into a good guy! I'm still the same old badass I always was! I am still that psychotic wrestler in the ring! But the only change is, is that these people are cheering the hell out of me, and it feels damn good! Never did I think the day will come where Shaz has become a fan frickin' favorite!

    And Jackson, I agree. Mike Hawk and Killa must have serious sexual attractions to attacking people from behind! But we can definitely agree on something else, and that is, that Mike Hawk and Killa are both part of the SWAG club! I mean, look at them! They've got swag all over them! There personality, the way they talk, the way they walk, oh, and for those who don't know what kind of SWAG I'm on about, yep, it is indeed the Secretly We Are Gay club!

    *Crowd explode with cheers as Hawk flips*

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    Shaz: Hawk, Hawk, please don't cry. But there is one thing you said that really, really does bother me. You talk about the "little respect" you had for me, which is now gone. But Hawk, let me tell you something. If you had little respect for me, then why did you have a funny way of showing it? I'll never respect you Hawk, and all that little respect you had for me, doesn't mean anything.

    And no, it wasn't a tag team match actually Hawk. It was a Handicap match. Where YOU had the advantage as YOU were teaming up with Damaged Goods, the current Tag Team Champions! You were the favorites to win, purely based on the extra member. But me and KJ Punk still came out on top, and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about that ya son of a bitch!

    You see, you say that I'm hypocritical, but I've got a reason on why I'm cool with Blue and Jackson. And that is because, I finally saw sense. You see, Smith and Blue are both the futures of efedding, they are going to have a massive future, and I can guarantee that! I have a tremendous amount of respect for the two, and they are going to go far. I thought that I was the only one who could wrestle, but I am man enough to admit that I was wrong.

    *Crowd chant SHAZ! SHAZ! SHAZ! as Hawk gets pissed off*

    Shaz: Hawk, what you said about Punk, I agree. And I'm pretty surprised seeing as how you finally said something that was true. That is Punk's only weakness, and that is my briefcase. The rest of his abilities, are massive strengths. But I KNOW for a fact, that they are strengths that I can overcome. But what you don't realize Hawk, what you can't see, is my strengths. My strengths are something that you can't stand to see, and that is the main reason on why you attacked me in the first place.

    And tonight Hawk, I'll be able to get my hands on you in another match. In fact, tonights biggest match. No - IWA's most blockbuster match ever so far! The 6 on 6 match! Where I will team up with the IWA Endurance Champion Kyojin..

    *Crowd chant YES!*

    Shaz: The future of IWA over there, Jackson Smith!


    Shaz: Malcolm Adonis!


    Shaz: The IWA World Heavyweight Champion..KJ Punk!


    Shaz: And Sagittarius Blue!


    Shaz: To take on the team of..Darius!


    Shaz: AJ Dixon!


    Shaz: Mr.Smyth!


    Shaz: Shining Light!


    Shaz: Killa!


    Shaz: And IWA's biggest bitch, Mike Hawk!


    Shaz: So that will be a great match, a nice match that I will enjoy as well as you people. Because I'll be able to kick the asses of 6 other assholes in IWA! Including IWA's bitch of the evening, Mike Hawk! And I'll try my best to bust my ass in that ring once again as I'll be the one who tries to give this match the 5 star recognition it deserves, and not just make it a 5 star match on paper!

    So Mike Hawk, if I were you, I'd watch out. Because you've got a tough son of a bitch on your hands, and that tough son of a bitch A.K.A the Shaz-Ma-Taz, is going to give you half of what you'll experience at Lost Cause! That little respect that you had for me, I'm going to grab it and make sure you keep that little respect you had for me, because it may not mean nothing to me, but once you hit reality, like I did, maybe that little respect will mean something!

    Cause I am the best in the world at what I do! And there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me!

    *Crowd roar with cheers for Shaz as he holds his briefcase up high. Hawk looks at Shaz, and then at the briefcase smiling, as Shaz turns, staring at Hawk. The camera's cut to a commercial break with Smith and Shaz staring down Hawk, and Hawk staring down the briefcase.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Israel Pamich standing beside Jake Johnson

    Jake: I am here with Israel Pamich, and Israel I would like to ask you about...

    Israel: I am sure there is a lot of things you would like to ask me though I am going to tell you a few things, first of a congratulations to Kyojin on escaping with his endurance title in tact. You were very lucky with all the distractions that were presented during the match and speaking of distractions... Mr Smyth, if you interrupted my championship match because I said i would not tag with you in the media during the week then you are a man with a lot less integrity then I thought you had which wasnt much to start with.

    Jake: Ok thanks Israel, if i may ask you whats next for *in a semi sarcastic voice* the One Man Dynasty

    Israel: Ignoring your mocking undertone there, my plan is simple.... Lost Cause is a very ironic name for this PPV because it seems like I am at a lost cause pardon the pun having just been ripped off winning the Endurance title and Daniel May fo some unbeknown reasoning deciding not to give me a match except for the Insane Asylum match.

    Daniel May or Smokie or whoever you are this week there is something that someone with the integrity that I possess needs to relay to you.
    This company and brand has the capability to become a world class money making franchise that would attract the best and only the absolute best that the wrestling world has to offer, though I am suprised that the Tommy Thunders of this business refuse to come to this brand... its very simple.
    How is it that the man on your TV screens now, The One Man Dynasty and future and should have been current champion of this company not rewarded with a match at Lost Cause after successfully beating Five other Men at the last PPV before beating the supposed clean livin' Carter Krysys? Now not even I, a man with the stature that few possess and millions dream of can answer that little riddle although I can offer a little spoiler for Lost Cause so people that freak over knowing the results early turn your TV sets of NOW.

    Israel Pamich is not heading into Lost Cause to merely compete in a match that everyone is entitled to and a luck of the draw to decide whos favourite to win, and I am not going to sit backstage and watch guys that are levels below me celebrate like they have just won the world title by beating other wrestlers that are even lower then what they are, at Lost Cause I am going to make a statement, at Lost Cause I am going to do something so great that the people in the arena, people watching at home and the people that run this company are going to have no choice in realising my potential and acknowledging the fact that I am not just brutal strength in poetic motion, I am not just a man with the utmost integrity and I am not even just a One Man Dynasty
    At Lost Cause I become a Headliner, The Big Dog and I become the name that is always booked first at future PPV's I am the man that everyone will want to wrestle and I will become the Future World champion

    *Israel Looks back at the interviewer then smirks as only he can*

    Israel: Any other questions

    *Israel drops the mic and walks of as the crowd are stunned in silence witnessing this passionate and hungry side of Israel we are yet to see* The camera's cut from the back, to the entrance stage.

    New music plays through the arena, as the fans are unsure of who is coming out.

    Mike: This is new, I wonder who it is?

    Rocky: I don't know, but hopefully it's someone with something worthwhile to say.

    Chris Divine walks out from the back to a good amount of boos, as he stands at the top of the ramp smirking.

    Rocky: Hey! IT is someone worthwhile!

    Mike: Yeah, a woman beater...

    Rocky: Shut up Mike, this guy is amazing!

    Divine heads down the ramp and into the ring, where he climbs a corner, and poses.

    Chris climbs down, as he reaches through the ropes, grabbing a mic. He turns back to the center of the ring, as his new music fades.

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    Divine: Now, for the last few weeks, Divine's actions have been...well...questionable. People keep asking me, "Why would you lay your hands on a woman?" "What's wrong with you that you would attack a woman?" and some go as far as to say "you are a piece of trash for doing that" "I hope you burn in hell" Now...Divine was shocked by that last one, because frankly, Divine didn't think he was doing anything wrong. Now, wo, wo, don't get me wrong...I know realize that it was a woman I attacked, but at the time, Divine honestly thought it was a man. Hell, look at the lady.

    Divine points to the tron.

    The tron dies after the image is shown.

    Divine: See, butt ass ugly. Divine could have swore it was a guy. Hell, Divine even saw the "girl" leave the men's restroom. Take a look!

    Divine points to the tron again, as a video is shown of someone with long hair leaving the mens restroom, but the person is unidentifiable.

    Divine: Now that Divine knows that ape looking chumpette Pisces Pink is a woman, Divine will do the solid thing and keep his hands off her. Hell, she probably got enough beatings from her poppa and her pimp growing up, that Divine doesn't want to add to the abuse. No...Divine only did he what he did, to catch the eye of one Sagittarius Blue. Saggy, oh Saggy Balls, does Divine have your attention now? Does Divine have your focus now? Because frankly Saggy, Divine hopes so. See Blue Balls, Divine doesn't like you. It's that simple. When Divine looks at you, he sees mediocrity, he sees the slums, he sees the ghetto, he sees gang warfare, Divine sees everything that is wrong with this country in you Blue. Hell, you almost nearly as bad as the gangster-street thug wanna be, Shaz, but thats for another day.

    A mix of Shaz and Blue chants start.

    Divine: Oh will you all just shut up. No one cares what you chant. Do you know why Daniel cares about you? Do you know why someone like Punk or Kyojin care about you? It's because you inflate their egos. It's because you fill their wallets. Without you, they'd be at McDonalds flipping burgers and asking if you want that supersized. Divine on the other hand, could give to flying blue bird shirts about you fans. That's another problem Divine has with you Saggy Balls. You pander to these pathetic fans. Divine sees how you pipe up when they start chanting your name during a match. It makes Divine sick. It eats Divine up on the inside thinking someone like you is in this company.

    Divine goes to the ropes.

    Divine: You know what, I'm tired of talking to air...Saggy Blue Balls, if your man enough, why don't you get your rooty pooty fruity tooty ass down here!?

    As soon as Divine finishes speaking... Linkin Park's "Faint" hits, and the crowd comes alive for Sagittarius Blue...

    But no Sagittarius coming down the ramp.

    Divine points at the entrance and laughs scoffing, yelling the word "coward." He doesn't notice the crowd pop wildly again... as Sagittarius jumps into the ring from behind, after coming in through the crowd. Divine turns and is vividly shocked when he sees the Royal Rockstar appear behind him with a mic in hand.

    Sagittarius Blue: SURPRISE! It's not so fun when you're on the other end of an ambush, is it Chrissie Pooh? Just think how this could have went down, just now... I could have jumped in here with a kendo stick instead of a mic... or it could have been a chair. You remember the chair, don't you Divine? But I figured "You know what? just because Divine is testicularly impaired, that doesn't mean I have to be too." So yeah, I came out here with a mic in hand, so we could actually have words. Speaking of impairments, apparently you can't see very well Christina. It's no secret that Pisces Pink is not merely a lady, but one of the most dominant rising female stars in IWA! Ask the IWA faithful!"

    As Sagittarius says the last part, he gestures to the crowd - and everyone cheers their agreement, even breaking into a "Pisces Pink" chant.

    Sagittarius Blue: And as far as the person walking out of the men's room? That would be me, you big dummy. See? Those long black locks look familiar? Matter of fact: what the hell were you doing scoping out the men's restroom? I mean Divine, is there something you're not telling us? *looks at Divine with mock apprehension as the crowd chants "Chris watches men."*

    Sagittarius Blue: And you wanna talk "mediocrity?" You think me, Yours Truly, the Classic City Saint, mediocre? That's because you know little about me, Divine. All you know is that I'm new to pro wrestling. But you don't know what I did before I came here. *gestures to the tron* Allow me to show you what I did before I came to IWA...

    A clip montage plays, highlighting Sagittarius Blue's MMA history and skills

    <span style="color:#0000ff;">

    (Melvin Guillard = Sagittarius Blue)

    Sagittarius Blue: See, Divine, this is what I do. I kick asses for a living. Yes, I'm also a music artist, but when I'm not in the studio, I'm in the ring, in the cage. I've bled with the best, homeboy. I've been out there under the mainstream radar cracking heads and breaking legs - while you've been running around fooling people into thinking that you're actually somebody. Slums? Ghetto? Of course you hate things like those, because if you stepped into the hood you'd get eaten for breakfast - it ain't no secret! Hell, you step into anybody's neighborhood - you could even go into an upper-class subdivision and even the soccer moms would fucking come stomp you out! Like that show says on TV: everybody hates Chris!

    *the crowd chants along "Everybody Hates Chris."*

    Sagittarius Blue: But I forgot - Chris Divine doesn't care what you chant! *addresses crowd with an obviously mocking face of stern reprimand... the crowd responds with a "WHAT?"* He doesn't care at all! *crowd with a "WHAT?"* Do you know why? *crowd comes back with another "WHAT?"* (Sag responds a little off script: "I love this We took your fans, WWE, and we're not giving them back!") Because he can't get you behind him. You call him on all the bullshit and fuckery he perpetrates, and it eats him up inside - like a malignant cancer. Boiling in his gut every day. Next best thing he can do is "not care" - but for someone who doesn't care about you, he sure likes to talk about you - funny that, huh?"

    *crowd responds with an overwhelming ovation - and the more vocal fans chant "Fuck You Chris!"*

    Sagittarius Blue: These people, they can get behind me. They are the energy that keeps us going. They are why we're here. Even you. So it makes you sick that I'm here in IWA... just like it makes them sick that you're in here too. I'm glad you don't want me here, though. I like guys like you, guys who look down on me because 'I'm not on their level' and try to get rid of me... I love breaking men like that. Because as one future wrestling great said: sometimes, the only way to get respect out of some people is to beat it out of them."

    *stands inches away from Divine and looks dead into his eyes*

    Sagittarius Blue: And I intend to get plenty of respect out of you."
    Divine looks at Blue for a second there, and then steps back.

    Divine: Hold on there now bessy, Divine wants to keep some space. You are in Divine's bubble, and while you may like kissing the butch dude of a girlfriend you have in Pink, Divine doesn't swing that way. Now, Divine heard your little yapping, and quite frankly, Divine zoned out halfway through, because listening to you is like watching paint dry. You can do it, but you'll think to yourself afterwards "well there's 30 minutes of my life I'm not getting back" See Blue, you can go on and on about your time in MMA, but guess what, this isn't some street fight bullshit. This is professional wrestling. Do you know who you remind Divine of? LL Cool J. Rapper, producer, actor. All these things rolled into one, but at the end of the day, you still suck.

    The fans are chanting bullshit, as Divine ignores them.

    Divine: Do you even listen to yourself Blue? Bring up old ass shows that are cancelled. Hey, atleast you and that show will have something in common soon, you both will be long forgotten in on time. See Blue, you want to go on and on about these fans. You think Divine doesn't care about the fans? You think Divine can't get the fans behind him? Take a look at this junior.

    Divine turns to the tron, as a video airs, we see footage from Divine's time in HWA, where he turned face in the company, where he won the Universal Championship in the hell in a cell, and the video ends, showing the promo between himself and Johnny Hot where they blew everyone away. The tron fades, as Divine turns back to Blue.

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    Divine: Did you hear what those fans were chanting there? Let Divine tell you what they were chanting incase you've got cum in your ears. Those fans were chanting Divine's name. Now, Divine is sure a smark like you will point out "Well those were HWA fans", but the simple fact of the matter is, fans are fans. Divine has had the fans behind him before. Divine has had the fans pushing him before, but when it comes down to it, when the day is over, the fans don't care about you. They don't care about Divine. They don't even care about the World Champ KJ Punk. They only care about themselves.

    Blue raises his mic to say something.

    Divine: No, you shut the hell up! Divine had to listen to your mindless dribble, so you are going to stand there like the little bitch you are and listen to what Divine has to say. These fans will turn on you in a heartbeat Blue. You could get injured, you could get fired, hell, you could die, and here is what would happen. For the first week or two, it would be "We miss Blue, Blue rocks, blah blah blah", but as time goes on, these fans forget you. They don't care about you or anyone else for that matter. When ICW closed, and Divine was sitting at home, he watched EWNCW, and do you know what Divine realized? These fans don't matter. These fans are leeches upon our lives. They will pay 60 a ticket,, to come and watch as one of us breaks a leg, not to be seen for 9 months, and in the time we are gone...they don't care. As far as Divine is concerned, these fans can all go die....

    The fans are chanting asshole, as Divine glares at Blue.

    Divine: Blue, you've got to get this into your heads. These fans, these leeches, these parasites, they don't make or break you. Look at some of the greats. Van Hooligan X, Carlos Alberto Ramon, Tommy Thunder, even Johnny Hot. They all had memorable title reigns, not because the fans loved them, but because they were the best. They proved it night in, and night out, just like Divine does. The simple fact of the matter is Blue...Divine and you...we are in two different leagues...

    Divine turns, walking to the ropes. As he reaches them, he turns back to Blue.

    Divine: You talk about loving to break mine like Divine. When are you going to realize, that since the start, Divine has been a step ahead of you at every turn. How can you break a man, when you can't even reach him? Blue, Divine is going to do the right thing. Divine is going to let you leave. Go to the back, pack your shit up, go cry in the chest of your boyfriend Pisces Pink, and never....and DIVINE MEANS EVER...step into Divine's ring again. One shot Blue...take it...or face the consequences.

    Divine sits on the middle rope, and pushes the top rope open, as he waits for Blue.
    *Sagittarius Blue stands and looks at Divine with some thought and a very dry look. A few seconds pass, as the crowd murmur in anticipation. Then...*

    Sagittarius Blue: Christopher, you can sit there as long as you want. I'm not getting out of this - not your, this ring - until I feel good and ready. Of course, you don't care that I'm a professional MMA fighter. Of course, you don't care that the fans cheer for me. Point taken. So let's move on to business: you against me. That's the root of this whole thing. You don't like me. I don't like you. Very simple concept. Simple enough even for you to understand - well, that's a bit of a stretch... you look like you'd still be confused by one plus one. What the hell is so hard about manning up and dealing with me like you say you are? For someone so high and mighty, for someone who once was a superstar among superstars, you really have to beat on a woman - my friend - to get to me? No matter how many ways you try to spin it, Divine, I believe in my heart of hearts that you're scared of me. You're even trying to convince me to walk away without a fight. If you were as bad as you think you are, this wouldn't have been a conversation - you would make me leave this ring. Hell, we wouldn't even be here in the first place doing this dilly-dally do-di-doh. See, Divine, here's what it is. You went from being great to being sad. You had the wrestling world, the fans, the glory, all of it - and you let it slip. And you're bitterly jealous that some new blood is about to become what you once were. You're a fallen angel, descended to the mundane with nothing to show for it.

    You're a lost cause.

    And I intend to prove it. I've fought tooth and nail for life and limb, I have the accolades and scars to prove it - and I intend to show you the fruits of my labor. Fight me, Divine. Let's quit with the stall tactics, the pop-up surprises, the excuses. I am a man. You claim to be one. So man up and show me what Chris Divine is all about. Matter of fact, let's make it something to remember. You screwed me over at a Pay Per View event... it's only fitting that we get this done at another one. Lost Cause. We will settle this little debacle once and for all in front of the millions and millions of fans watching us around the world. The "parasites" you speak of - who, ironically, are the ones keeping this company alive, just a minor detail - will get to see you, Christopher Divine, for what you really are. They will get to see me, The Classic City Saint, prove myself and put you in your place. And they will see history being made in one of the greatest matches they have ever seen. The games end here, Divine. It's now...

    *Sagittarius pauses intently as the crowd chants the other half of his favorite phrase...*

    Sagittarius Blue: ... OR NEVER.

    Divine looks at Blue, as he stands up. He looks at Blue, as he raises the mic.

    Divine: Afraid of you? Afraid of you!? YOU THINK I'M AFRAID OF YOU!?

    Divine seems enraged, as he gets into Blue's face.

    Divine: I am afraid of no one. I fear no man, no supernatural power, no psycho, no mma fighter, no punk, no street thug. I fear no one! Do you got that! You want The Classic City Saint vs the Divine One, The Royal Rockstar vs the Chumpette Beating, Subway Eating, Fistful of Dollars because I'm the man they be payin to see...Chris Divine vs Sagittarius Blue, 1 on 1, at Lost Cause. You want that Blue!? You really want that!? Because once it's official, there is no turning back. There is no getting out. When that fear sets in that you are going against me, when you step into the ring and realize that, it can't change. So are you sure you want this!?

    Blue says yeah, as Divine gets his devilish smirk.

    Divine:'ve got it!!

    The fans explode with excitement.

    Divine takes a step back, looking at Blue, as he puts his hand out for Sagittarius Blue to shake. Blue looks at Divine's hand, and then Divine, and goes to walk away. Divine grabs Blue, spinning him around.

    Divine: Hey!!

    Blue looks at Divine and at Divine's hand again, as Blue turns to leave. Divine spins Blue around once more, going for the Divine Intervention, but Blue pushes Divine off and into the ropes. Divine bounces back, as Blue catches Divine, and nails the Sign of the Archer! Divine is planted, as he rolls out of the ring. Blue climbs the corner, taunting Divine, as the fans are exploding. Divine is on the ramp now, looking at Blue, as both men stare down as the camera's cut to a commercial.


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    The fans immediately begin to cheer loudly as Kyojin walks out onto the stage. The fans cheer even louder as he raises his Endurance Championship in the air. He walks down the ramp, high fiving some fans as he makes his way towards the ring. He climbs up the steps and grabs a microphone from the top, climbing into the ring and begins to talk.

    Kyojin: So last week, I was defending my Endurance Championship- just doing what I do best, and I was kicking Israel Pamich’s ass all over this ring. But then, from nowhere, Mr. Smyth’s music decides it’s going to hit the airwaves and I very nearly lost this title.

    Who’s to blame for this? Smyth. That’s who to blame for this. The fact is, Smyth doesn’t know when to stop. I told him two weeks ago that if he wants this title, he needs to earn a shot. He needs to get off his ass, show his face and earn his spot against me.

    But instead, he decides he’s going to ‘take a holiday’. Despite that fact, he still managed to find a way to hit his music backstage and nearly cost me the title.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: But what Mr. Smyth did, was fail. Because as everybody can see, I am STILL the Endurance Champion!

    The fans pop loudly.

    Kyojin: And tonight, finally, Smyth and I will be in the same ring together. A huge six-on-six tag team match will main event tonight’s show where Smyth will be joined by five guys who nobody gives a damn about but on my team, I’ve got the very best IWA has to offer.

    Firstly, I’m joined by a man who, at some point, will walk out to this ring and tell me he’s going to cash in soon- because that’s the kind of guy he is. He holds the briefcase that allows him a match for this Endurance Championship at any point- I’m talking, of course, about Jackson Smith.

    The fans pop loudly for Smith’s name.

    Kyojin: Another of my partners is a newcomer making a very big name for himself. A man who I actually pinned to become the Endurance Championship, but despite that, this guy can really go in the ring. My next Sagittarius Blue!

    Another big pop for another of Kyo’s partners.

    Kyojin: My next partner, well there’s no hiding away from the fact that we’ve never seen eye-to-eye, but I’d like to think somewhere along the line, we earnt each other’s respect. I’m talking about Shaz!

    A more of a mixed reaction for Shaz, but there’s definitely more cheers than boos.

    Kyojin: The next man is a man that nobody can deny has talent. This guy may not entirely look like somebody I have a lot in common with, but he’s somebody who I can always rely on to have my back. I’m talking about my tag team partner, Malcolm Adonis!

    A massive pop ensues for Adonis.

    Kyojin: And finally, the man who will lead this company into the golden generation- a man who one day will main event a PPV against me and we will put on one of the greatest matches of all time. The man who beat Darius and AJ Dixon at Thirst for Blood, and a man who will do so once again at Lost Cause.

    Ladies & gentlemen, my final tag team partner...the IWA World Heavyweight Champion...KJ PUNK!

    The fans go wild for Punk’s name as Kyojin smiles. He goes to speak again but the fans are too busy chanting KJ Punk. He hangs on for a second as the fans continue. They finally stop as Kyojin continues to talk.

    Kyojin: Tonight, Smyth finally gets what’s coming to him, and I will beat him...again. No doubt that next week, he’ll come out here complaining that he wasn’t ready or still had sunstroke or some bullshit like that but the fact will remain that Smyth will lose tonight- at the hands of me and five of IWA’s very best.

    The fans begin to cheer but immediately begin to boo as they recognise the voice.

    ???: Here we go again.

    The boos get much louder as Mr. Smyth walks out into the arena, briefcase in one hand and a mic in the other, looking rather amused. He stands on the staging area and begins to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: I decided to come out here without my music, because I have heard that you find it distracting listening to 30 Seconds To Mars. So distracting in fact, that you very nearly got beat.

    Mr. Smyth laughs as the crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: You can have as many theories as you like as to why my music started when your match was going on, but the fact of the matter is that I was on annual leave. I was enjoying the sunshine. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a very powerful man, but even I may struggle to start some music at just the right time. I would to have liked to have seen it live though, instead of the re-runs. I think I would have very much enjoyed that.

    Mr. Smyth smiles at Kyojin.

    I did enjoy that interview you did straight after though. I actually laughed at how you claim that I am so irrelevant to you, and yet I managed to – by your own admission - get under your skin. If I didn’t matter, I would not have been able to do that, would I? But then, if you weren’t so easily distracted, then there wouldn’t be an issue, would there? But as we have seen over the last two weeks, it doesn’t take a lot to pull you away from your game plan. In fact, I’ve learnt that it’s a bit too easy.

    The crowd begin to chant “Arsehole! Arsehole! Arsehole!” as Mr. Smyth looks to the crowd.

    Mr. Smyth: I am getting sick and tired of you troglodytes chiming in every time you see fit. It’s time you just shut up and listened. It’s about time you showed some damn respect.

    The crowd explodes with boos.

    Mr. Smyth: But that was last week. Let’s discuss this week, and as you seem to be on a mission to get some cheap pops by mentioning the names of your team tonight, I figured that I might play along. Let’s start with the man who has been very successful in getting Shaz angry. Admittedly, this is not the hardest of things to do, however he does own a victory over Shaz: Mike Hawk.

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: Then we have a man who put Jackson Smith into hospital: Killa.

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: Pretty good team so far, but it keeps on going. You see this team needs someone who has a path. Someone who knows how to make an impact. Someone who knows that spreading oil on yourself and dancing around to attract the attention of the female of the species is just another way of overcompensating for one’s own homosexuality, and he intends on putting an end to Malcolm Adonis. Ladies and gentleman: Shining Light.

    Crowd boos loudly.

    Mr. Smyth: And the good news keeps on coming. We have a man on our team who is money. He is ratings. Simply put, he is primetime. That man is AJ Dixon.

    Crowd boos again.

    Mr. Smyth: And last, but by no means least, is a man who I never used to like in ICW, but I tell you what, since he arrived here in IWA, he is definitely someone I have grown to like. This man knows how to win. This man knows how to destroy. This man is the current TWE Heavyweight Champion, Darius.

    Crowd explodes with boos.

    Mr. Smyth: Gee whiz, that was fun. Listing off some names just to get a predictable reaction. Regardless of what these dullards think...

    The crowd violently explode with boos.

    Mr. Smyth...the team I am in is an amazing team. A team that will take each and every one of you and your team, and leave a devastation so bad that you’d wish that you’d been hit by Sandy.

    Mr. Smyth awaits Kyojin’s retort as the crowd boos and chants "You Suck!" Smyth smirks and Kyojin begins to speak once more.

    Kyojin: Oh a hurricane joke? Very witty Smyth, joke of the day- well it would have been had you not come out here bragging about your so called amazing team. Cheap pops? Well, let’s just have a quick look at your team. Mike Hawk.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Kyojin: A man who does own a victory over Shaz, but what you’re leaving out is for weeks Hawk hit behind a vignette, hiding his true identity in order to make certain Shaz was never fully prepared for him. Sure you’re about to say it’s a genius move, the unpredictability and everything about it- but let’s face it.

    It was a coward move.

    The fans pop loudly as Smyth shakes his head with a wry smile on his face.

    Kyojin: Secondly, a man who stole Jackson Smith’s briefcase: Killa.

    Another loud boo around the arena.

    Kyojin: The only thing I’ve got to say on this guy is: where the hell did he come from? Each and every week, Killa comes out here with Jackson Smith’s briefcase, and says a lot of...well, things. Because I’m sure he isn’t saying words. And the fact he put Smith is hospital is very impressive but you have to remember Smyth, I’ve already beaten this guy.

    The fans pop loudly again around the arena.

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