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    Thirst For Blood

    Carry On My Wayward Son blares over the PA system, as the camera's zoom in and out of the fans and signs, before turning to the entrance ramp as pyro's go off. The camera's turn to Michael and Rocky, as they sit behind the announce booth.

    MJ: Welcome to Thirst For Blood, IWA's first PPV!

    RR: It may be our first, but it will definitely not be the only one!

    MJ: That's right! Tonight will mark the start of a new era in wrestling, an Insane era!

    RR: Damn straight! Tonight, we crown the first ever IWA World Heavyweight Champion

    MJ: The first Endurance Champion

    RR: And the first IWA World Tag Team Champions! Tonight is going to be off the hook!

    MJ: And we are kicking it off with some money on the line!

    Jackson Smith walks out from the back with his Endurance Money In the Bank briefcase in hand. He poses at the top for the fans, before heading down the ramp and into the ring. He turns, looking at the ref and then at the ramp.

    Killa walks out from the back, to a decent amount of boos, before heading down the ramp and into the ring. The ref grabs the briefcase from Smith, raising it high, and then hands it out to the time keeper. The ref signals for the bell.

    Jackson Smith/Benjamin vs. Killa/Haas
    (Start 1:10 End 7:40)

    Smith rests against the turnbuckle catching his breath, and doesn't notice Killa rolling out of the ring. Killa searches under the ring and slides a table out from under it, and then slides a ladder out as well!

    MJ: What is he doing?! This is a street fight, not a TLC!

    RR: No rules!

    Smith turns around when he hears Killa getting the weapons and he slides out and charges at him, but Killa drops him hard with a ladder shot! Killa slides the ladder in the ring and then stands it up in the middle of the ring. Smith is back to his feet with blood flowing down his forehead!

    MJ: And Smith is busted wide open!

    RR: Thats what I like to see!

    Killa rolls to the outside and Smith hits a hard right hand! Killa falls to his back and then Smith sets the table up on the outside and then he picks up Killa and tries laying him on the table, but Killa fights him off! Killa slides into the ring and Smith slides the table in, then slides in after Killa! Killa grabs Smith and throws him into the ladder hard, and then he pulls him back and throws him into the turnbuckle! Killa runs over and sets Smith up on the top, and then Killa hits a nasty neck breaker from the top rope!!

    Killa covers Smith! One! Two! NO!

    Smith gets the shoulder up and Killa is pissed! Killa grabs the table and sets it up next to the ladder, and then Killa looks to the top of the ladder and grins widely. Killa picks Smith up and lays him on the table, and then Killa makes his way to the ladder and then climbs to the top.

    MJ: What the hell is he doing?!

    RR: I have no idea ... Wait, Smith is up!

    Smith jumps to his feet and quickly climbs up the ladder, and starts to trade blows with Killa!

    Smith! Killa! Smith! Killa! Smith! Killa! Smith! Smith!

    Killa is dazed! He is holding on by his finger tips, dangling off the side! Smith grabs Killa and lifts him up ... for the Killer Instinct!!

    MJ: NO! NO! NO!



    Killa goes head first through the table and Smith lands right ontop of him! The ref moves some of the table ruble to see if anyone is covered ... Smith is covering Killa!!

    One! Two! Three!!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Jackson Smith!

    The camera's cut from Jackson Smith celebrating his big win, to a video promo for next months PPV, Lost Cause. The video ends, as we see Smith backstage now, speaking with Jake Johnson.

    JJ: Jackson, you just won your match, and in doing so, you held onto your money in the bank briefcase. How are you feeling?

    Smith: I feel....

    Smith is dropped from behind by Killa, with a massive chair shot to the back! Killa looks down, grabbing Smith's briefcase. Jackson is slowly getting to his feet, as Killa bashes Smith over the skull. Jackson drops hard, as Killa kneels down near Smiths head.

    Killa: This is mine.......THIS IS MINE!

    Killa walks off, still holding the briefcase, as the camera's cut to Michael and Rocky.

    MJ: Wow...he should be arrested! He just stole Jackson Smith's briefcase!

    RR: Now hold on...I don't think he stole it. Didn't you hear him, he said it was his.

    MJ: Really Rocky? Anyways folks, up next is...wait...wait a moment, I'm being told we have something going down backstage.

    The tron comes to life, as we see Oscar Layman, busted open wide laying in a puddle of his own blood. There are other wrestlers, along with some officials, around him checking on him. The camera's cut back to Michael and Rocky.

    RR: I wonder who could have done that...

    MJ: Really? You wonder? I have a great idea who...

    *Out comes the man known as Brock Edwards. He seems to be trying to keep a straight face. However, he is smiles down the ramp. While walking down the ramp he starts to talk trash some fans. After, an exchange of words Brock decides to ignore the fan and heads towards the ring once more. Once in the ring he asks for a mic. Just like this past week's Chaos, Brock gets thrown a microphone.*

    Brock: Man, I can feel the love in this place. You know what? I'm actually going to enjoy working here once I beat Oscar Layman. Oh wait, that's right he is not medically cleared to compete tonight. I wonder what happened to him?

    *The crowd boos at the fact of Brock making fun of Oscar Layman. While everyone does that Brock is just seen smiling.*

    I love the fact all you, people, can do is boo me. Is that really all you can do? I beat a fucking cow can say more than "moo!". So, how about all of you get back to me with something more original.

    *The crowd now begins to chant "Lesnar wannabe".

    WOW! That's what you can come up with? I've heard that before and when they told me that I thought to myself that they were idiots. However, now that I hear from all of you, you all make those idiots from the back sound smart. Hell, even Smyth sounds smarter than all of you.

    So, you know what I'm going to do you all a favor and I'm going to show you how retarded you all sound. You Suck! You Suck! You Suck! See, how stupid you all sound when you chant something. It doesn't matter what you chant, it just sounds like you all have nothing better to do. If, I were in all in your shoes I would probably kill myself for chanting those idiotic things in National Television.

    *The fans begin to scream to Brock "Fuck You" and as well flick him off.*

    You know what to save some brain cells? I'm going to do what everybody home wants to do and mute you out. Cause, no one cares for your irrelevant opinions.

    Now, back to business. Tonight I had a match against Oscar Layman the Ultimate Wannabe. However, I showed him that no matter what he tried he was not going to win. So, I put him out of his miscarry, before he got humiliated on IWA's first PPV. Oscar, next time I see you I want a "Thank You". As far as my match goes I see I have my opponent in a hospital bed. Therefore, ref I want you to declare me as the winner by forfeit. If, you don't to it then this will be your last time being in a wrestling ring.

    ???: Wait one second there Mr Edwards....

    Daniel May walks out from the back to no music, but with a mic in hand.

    Daniel: Well, interesting development we have here huh? I had a feeling you might try to cheat your way to win, so I had a plan B incase that occurred. Mr Edwards, meet your new opponent for tonight, and plan B...

    May turns to the entrance stage.

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    Matt Ryder comes out from the back to a nice little pop from some fans, but boos from others. He heads down the ramp, and into the ring, looking at Edwards. The ref is in the ring now, as he signals for the bell.

    Brock Edwards vs Matt Ryder

    Ryder and Brock look at each other, and then get into each others faces. They each take a step back, as Edwards pulls a fist back, and then pushes Ryder over with 1 finger! Ryder falls on his back, as Edwards covers.


    Emily Davis: The winner..i Brock Edwards?

    MJ: What!? This is horse crap! Edwards conspired with Ryder, and now Edwards is an official IWA star!

    RR: YES! You've got to love this guy for his smarts! He fooled everyone!

    Ryder gets to his feet, looking at Edwards, as he shakes his hand. The camera's cut to the back, as we see Chris Divine standing by himself, looking into the camera.

    Divine: It's been all the buzz, Divine joins IWA, Divine attacks Sagittarius Blue, Divine set for Thirst for Blood. The headlines have been buzzing and it's all been about Chris Divine. Now, Divine has twitter, and Divine has been getting blown up by people asking why did Divine attack Blue. Why did Divine decide to come to IWA? It's dominate. Now, Divine has heard people say "Blue, that guy is a future World Champ". "Blue, that guy is the highlight of every night". So Divine has targeted Blue, because there will be no one....let Divine repeat this...NO ONE, that will stop Divine from becoming the IWA World Champion. Blue is merely an obstacle in Divine's way of becoming the champion. Now....this won't be the same Divine that everyone else saw and loved or hated. This will be a Divine that will tear Sagittarius Blue and anyone else in my way, in a physical, mental, and even spiritual manner. When Divine is done....the world will be begging for Divine to become the World Champion....the world will be wanting Divine as the champ to have a new idol to worship. your back...because when you least expect it....the Divine One will strike.

    Divine punches the camera, breaking the lens, as the video is scrambled from the broken glass. The camera's cut back to the ring.

    MJ: Strong words from Chris Divine. I wonder if we have seen the last of him tonight.

    RR: I hope not. I love that guy!.....but in a non gay way


    Victor Elric comes out from the back, to a good size pop from the fans, before heading down the ramp and into the ring.

    Israel Pamich comes out next to a good amount of boos, as he walks down the ramp. He stops at a sign that says "Pamich=Jobber4Life" Israel starts laughing at the sign, before grabbing it and ripping it. He turns, pleased with himself, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring.

    Malcolm Cage comes out, to a really big pop. He walks down the ramp, and stops at the young fan whose sign was ripped. He takes the new MC hat he is wearing off, and puts it on the fan, before heading into the ring.

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    Damian Eddings walks out from the back, heading down the ramp and into the ring.

    Malcolm Adonis comes out from the back, to a big pop, just as big as Cage, as he heads down the ramp. Adonis climbs into the ring, eyeing up Damian Eddings

    Chris Diamond comes out from the back now, heading down the ramp to a decent amount of boos. He walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Over The Top Battle Royal
    Chris Diamond(Rob Van Dam) vs Damien Eddings(Goldberg) vs Malcolm Adonis(Mark Henry) vs Malcolm Cage(Booker T) vs Israel Pamich(Chris Jericho) vs Victor Elric(Randy Orton)

    (Start at 0:22, End at 4:44)

    Adonis looks down at Pamich, before turning to Elric. They grab Pamich, going to throw him over the top rope, but Pamich holds on, and pulls himself back up. Pamichs feet land on the shoulders of Elric, as he uses them to pull Elric over to the top rope as Victor lands on the arena floor. Israel lands on the ring apron, as he gets to his feet. He turns, as Eddings, having just dropped Adonis with a huge clothesline, charges at Pamich. He goes for a spear, but Pamich moves, and kicks up, nailing Damian who is between the ropes, in the face. He is laying on the ropes, as Pamich jumps onto the second rope, and then comes down, stomping onto the head Eddings! Damian is sent from the ring ropes, landing to the outside! Pamich climbs into the ring, as Adonis is getting to his feet!

    MJ: Adonis and Pamich are the only men left! Flashes of this past Chaos when they went at it!

    RR: Except now Pamich can be aggressive and not get DQed.

    Adonis and Pamich begin to exchange blows, but Adonis gets the upperhand. Adonis whips Pamich into the ropes. Israel bounces back, and is dropped by a huge spinebuster! Adonis is to his feet, as he stands at the head of Pamich. Adonis kisses his bicep, as he bounces on his ropes, back and forth, as he nails the Adonis Elbow. Adonis is back to his feet, as he lifts Pamich to his feet and onto his shoulders with a firemans carry. Adonis is walking to the rope, as a hooded figure hops the barrier sliding into the ring. He charges, and pulls Pamich off of the shoulders of Adonis. Adonis turns, and is clotheslined over the top to the outside by this hooded figure!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Israel Pamich!

    The hooded figure turns, hopping the barrier and running through the crowd before Adonis can get ahold of him. The hooded figure stops halfway up, as he turns. He pulls the hood off as the camera zooms in and it's...


    RR: WOW! I was not expecting that!

    Adonis looks on in disbelief, as the camera's cut to the back.

    *Shaz is backstage in his locker room punching his boxing bag as he turns to the camera*

    Shaz: It is so unfortunate and pathetic knowing that you aren't in the main event for Thirst for Blood. I am the greatest in IWA, and I've been treated like a piece of shit by this mystery person, and I certainly don't approve. This person who has been attacking me for weeks, needs an ass whooping to stop him. And I am gonna be the guy who stops him from disrespecting me, hurting me, and and I am the guy who is gonna stop his attitude, because this guy has got an attitude problem, and a problem with me

    This seriously isn't a time for any mind games, or any foolishness. All of this is serious. Whoever this guy is, obviously attacked me for a reason. And that reason is, is because I am the best in the world at what I do. This guy knows that I am the hottest prospect in the IWA. This guy knows that I am going to be the IWA World Heavyweight Champion! This guy knows that I'm going to make the biggest impact in the IWA, and this guy wants to stop me! Because I have the ability that makes me better than everyone else!

    *Crowd boo as they obviously disagree*

    Shaz: Any idea on who this mystery person is? I honestly don't have a clue. Hell , it could even be Kyojin! This guy has always had problems with me, ever since the start. And then when I proved to the world that I am capable of winning A world title, in the Road to Glory match in ICW, this guy respected me, but I didn't accept it, and I still don't. He must want to injure me because he doesn't want to see me as IWA Champion! Hell, I even distracted him in his match on War Games, which caused him to lose!

    *Crowd boo at this accusation*

    Shaz: Me and him have the most heated beef right now, it is absolutely bound to be him! But hell - it could even be Jackson Smith! The guy who kept talking, and talking, and talking, and then said that I wouldn't win the briefcase which would contain a world title shot! This guy defines the word "bullshit". Smith must be jealous about the fact that I am currently holding the briefcase which contains the IWA World Heavyweight Champion! And that he is holding the poxy mid card briefcase containing the Endurance title shot!

    You wanna know something Jackson Smith? Jealousy doesn't get you anywhere! Just because I am in the midst of becoming the new world champion, that is not a valid reason on why you should attack me, if it is you! But anyway, I hope that Noriega Reyes Killa dude or whatever this guys name is defeats you tonight, because at least he would knock some sense into you on why you will never become a world champion!

    *Crowd explode with jeers as they obviously disagree with Shaz's accusations thrown at Jackson Smith as well as Kyojin*

    Shaz: But do you know which people have the most valid reason on why they should me? This is a huge possibility! It could be either of the 3 guys in the main event! It could be AJ Dixon! It could be Darius! It could be KJ Punk! Do you wanna know why? Because I've got the key to that lock! The key is my briefcase! And the lock is the world title! I couldn't give two fucks about which prick won the world title tonight, because either way, I could cash in this briefcase!

    KJ Punk, it could be you! You had a problem with me on ICW! Before you even debuted! Just because I hated these parasites more then you loved them, you hated me! You know, you haven't got any ability to win a mid card title let alone a world title! No one cares about your winner winner chicken dinner slogan! You are just a joke! You aren't serious enough to win a damn belt, and I swear that if you do, I'm gonna do more than cash my briefcase on you to win that title! You get me?!

    *Crowd immediately chant the winner winner, chicken dinner catchphrase as Shaz looks pissed*

    Shaz: And AJ Dixon! Ha! This guy is even more of a joke! Every single week, he enters the IWA arena, trying to look all fly, trying to look all gangsta, but this guy is not fly, or gangsta enough than me! Truth is, this guy seriously needs to learn how to bloody speak, because I never even attended school, and I can still speak better than this homo! I highly doubt this guy is gonna win the belt tonight, because the next guy is the most favourite to win! And most likely the favourite to attack me!

    That's right, Darius. He is the guy who must be attacking me! Because unlike Kyojin, this guy has had a problem with me since the very, very beginning! He goes around gloating about the fact that he is the TWE Champion, and he thinks he's better than me! But yet I am the one who is on the main roster in EWNCW! I am the best in the world, and this little freak can't get that into his thick skull! I know for a fact that it is you! So why don't you grow some balls, and come out to the ring face to face with me later tonight, and fight me like a man?!

    *Mixed reactions from the crowd as they cheer Shaz for dissing Darius, but some boo Shaz anyway*

    Shaz: I know why you can't come face to face with me, because you are just a motherfucking psycho! You're a psychotic bastard who likes to hurt people from behind! But lemme assure you one thing, if it isn't you, then you are still a target that I've yet to unleash my powers on! But of is you..oh my oh my! You seriously don't know what you have gotten yourself into! I'm going to chuck your psychotic ass back to the gutter!

    And tonight, I will beat this mystery person, if it's Kyojin, Darius, KJ Punk, Jackson Smith, or AJ Dixon..I don't care! I will beat the living crap out of this person, and I might even cash in my IWA Champion Money in the Bank briefcase tonight, and become the new..I..W..A World Champion!

    *Shaz punches the boxing bag and it falls on the ground as he storms off

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    The camera's cut back to the ring, as we get a quick shot of the IWA World Tag Team titles over by the time keeper. The camera's cut back to the entrance stage.

    Damaged Goods walks out from the back, heading down the ramp, as Schweizner stays on the outside of the ring while Gaileo and Gommenta climb into the ring.

    Whiz and Iceman walk out from the back, getting a good amount of boos from the fans, as they head down the ramp and into the ring. Both teams turn, looking, waiting for the final team.

    NCII walk out last, as they get a nice pop from the fans, with a few boos, as they head down the ramp and into the ring. The ref turns, signaling for the bell, as the match is underway!

    Damaged Goods/ZigSwag vs. NCII/Primo&Epico vs. Hollywood Homeboys/Kingston&Truth
    (Start 3:16 End 7:21)

    Gardener drops Gommenta down onto Whiz hard! Gardener stomps down onto Whiz a few times, and then picks him back up and lifts him into a suplex like hold! Gardener drops Whiz down onto his head and then goes for the pin!

    One! Two! No!

    MJ: How did he kick out?! That must of hurt wicked!

    RR: He is clearly a tough bastard, that is how!

    Whiz kicks out! Gommenta is back up and he clotheslines Gardener hard! Whiz is up, then Gommenta grabs him and hits the Austrian Crack! Whiz falls to the ground holding his back, but then Gardener dives down on top of him and steals the pin!

    One! Two! Three!


    Gommenta is pissed! Gommenta charges at Gardener but Gardener tags Jones in and Jones doesn't look thrilled! Jones gets into the ring as Gommenta tags in Gaileo! Gaileo charges Jones and drops him with a big boot! Gaileo brings hard rights down onto Jones skull, and then drags his body over to Gommenta and tags Gommenta in.

    Gaileo lifts Jones up in the air, and Gommenta flies from the top rope and nails the Good Practice!! Gommenta goes for the pin!

    One! Two! Three!!

    Emily Davis: Here are your winners and the NEW IWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!! Damaged Goods!!

    Damaged Goods are handed the tag titles, as they climb out of the ring, heading up the ramp with Schweizner celebrating. They head off into the back, as Jones and Gardener are left in the ring. Suddenly, the tron comes to life.

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    (Start at :04 end at 0:37)

    The bikers ride off quickly, as the tron dies. After a few moments, we see bike after bike after bike coming out from the back and the sides. They go down the ramp, down the sides of the ramp, and surround the ring. Before long, we have ten different bikes surrounding the ring.

    MJ: It's the men from Chaos! I wonder who they are!

    The ten men climb off their bikes, as they each step onto the apron, looking at Jones and Gardener. Each has a biker chain in hand, as they all climb in. Jones and Gardener haven't moved yet, as each biker takes a step forward, and Gardener attacks! It doesn't last long though as the numbers are on the bikers side, as they put Jones and Gardner down. One biker wraps a chain around the neck of Jones, and the other is whipping Gardener across the back. After a few more moments of the assault, Jones and Gardener are lifeless in the ring, as the bikers climb out of the ring, climbing onto their bikes. They drive off, 4 going up one side of the ramp, 4 the other side, and 2 up the ramp. The two men stop at the top, as they turn towards the camera's and fans. They each pull their masks off, and we see...


    The fans are shocked, as Blood grins, and both men turning, riding off into the back, as the camera's cut to the back.

    KJ Punk is shown in the locker room, wearing his gear with a towel on his head. He looks up and stares into the camera. The look on his face is of pure concentration.

    Punk: Tonight, I get an opportunity that I’ve never been afforded in my career. I get a shot at a World Championship. I get the opportunity to carve my name into the history books as the first ever IWA World Champion. Out of us three, I’m the only one that the fans deserve to have as their champion. I’m the only fair one. The only one who actually cares about them. Tonight, I’m going to show them. I’m going to prove that I deserve to be their champion. They will look at me, with the championship raised high in my arms, and they will be proud to say that I am their champion.

    This road hasn’t been an easy one. I had to defeat one of the best up-and-comers in Chris Diamond and he isn’t a slouch. He’ll be one to keep your eyes on for sure, if he ever gets his head on straight. Then I had to take on one of the best competitors in this business, Kyojin. Unfortunately, our five-star classic was cut short, but we will meet again down the road, you can guarantee that. So if I can survive these two great wrestlers, why can’t I defeat these other two goons?

    As I’ve said time and time again. Me and AJ have a long and storied history, but none of that matters now. He is a helluva fighter and I know not to overlook him. I know what he can do and he knows what I can do. Darius and I hardly know anything about each other. The few things I know about him is that he brags about his accomplishments in other federations like they mean shit here in IWA. You don’t see me running around bragging about being a former Extreme Champion in HWA or Resistance Champion in TCW. You know why? Because it doesn’t mean shit. Not here in IWA.

    Now, this match is a First Blood triple threat match. Smokey might as well have handed me the championship when he announced the stipulation. This match is right in my wheelhouse. And I’m going to knock this out of the park. Thirst for Blood is an appropriate name for this pay per view. But I don’t just thirst for blood, I crave it. The blood of both Dixon and Darius will run like the Mighty Mississippi, flowing through the ring. My elbow will be drenched in both of their plasma at the end of this match and I get handed MY IWA World Championship. And all of my fans, all of the IWA faithful will say

    Punk stands up and whips the towel off his head

    WINNER WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KJ lets out a whisper

    chicken dinner

    The camera's cut from KJ in the back, to the ring once more.

    Shaz comes out from the back to a mixed reaction, as he has his money in the bank briefcase in hand. He heads down the ramp and into the ring, where he awaits his opponent. As he stands in the ring, the lights go out. Mist beings to fill the arena, and before long, the whole arena is filled. A light shines into the rafters, where we see the mystery man from last week standing in the same spot. The light focuses on his hood, as he jumps off the rafter, slowly floating down from the ceiling. He lands in the middle of the ring, as he is down on one knee with both hands touching the ring floor. He stands up tossing the hood back and we see...

    MJ: Mike Hawk! It's Mike Hawk!

    Shaz is in disbelief, as the mist clears, and Hawk tosses the cloak and hood out of the ring. The ref signals for the bell, and this match is underway!

    Shaz vs Mike Hawk

    (end at 12:20)

    Shaz sits, unsure of how to put Hawk down. Shaz gets up, turning around, as Hawk is now on his hands and knees. Shaz charges at Hawk, and punts Mike hard in the stomach, as Hawk spins over holding his gut. Shaz looks at Hawk, and then at a turnbuckle, as he charges and runs up the turnbuckle. He reaches the top and flies off with a huge moonsault! KNEES! Hawk is able to get his knees up, as Shaz crashes and burns! Hawk is getting to his feet, as he grabs Shaz, lifting Shaz to a standing position. Hawk whips Shaz into the ropes, as Shaz bounces back. Hawk sends Shaz flying with a backdrop, but Shaz lands on his ass, sitting up right. Hawk spins around, roundhousing Shaz in the face!

    MJ: WOW! That was sick!

    RR: Shaz could have a broken nose!

    Hawk covers Shaz.


    Shaz kicks out before 3! Hawk grabs Shaz, lifting him up once more, as Hawk whips Shaz into the corner. Hawk charges in, going for a body splash, but Shaz moves and Hawk crashes into the corner. Shaz springboards off the ropes, going for a tornado DDT on Hawk, but Hawk catches Shaz, counter the tornado DDT attempt into a modified fishermans suplex. Hawk holds the bridge, as he goes for another pin attempt.


    Shaz kicks out once more! Shaz gets to his feet as does Hawk, as both men begin to trade blows.


    Shaz has the upperhand, as he whips Hawk into the ropes. Hawk bounces back, only to be met by a kick to the gut! Shaz sets Mike Hawk up for the B.I.T.W(flipping piledriver), but Hawk counters, pulling his head out and lifting Shaz into the air with a fireman's carry. Shaz nails two stiff elbows to the temple of Hawk, as Hawk drops Shaz. Both men run into the ropes, as they bounce back at each other and take each other out with a double clothesline! Neither man is moving, as the ref starts the count.


    Both men kip up, as the fans explode. Shaz goes for a huge clothesline on Hawk, but Hawk ducks, as Shaz spins around. Hawk grabs Shaz and nails the Mayhem Driver! Hawk covers Shaz.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Mike Hawk!

    Hawk rolls out of the ring before the ref can shake his hand, as he heads up the ramp, smirking along the way. The camera's cut to a video promo for the big triple threat match later tonight.

    The camera's come back as we see the ring is cleared, and we get a shot of the Endurance Championship. The camera's cut back to the entrance.

    Kyojin comes out from the back to a HUGE ovation, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring.

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    Frankie Fletcher comes out from the back, heading down the ramp and into the ring, looking at Kyojin.

    Mr Smyth comes out from the back now, with a smug smirk on his face, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring.

    Sagittarius Blue comes out now, with Pisces Pink by his side. They head down the ramp, as Blue climbs into the ring, and Pink stands, looking on from the ring side. The ref turns, signalling the bell, and this match is underway!

    Endurance Championship
    Sagittarius Blue vs Mr Smyth vs Kyojin vs Frankie Fletcher

    Blue immediately starts going at Fletcher, as Kyojin and Smyth start brawling it out. Blue sends Fletcher into the corner, as Kyojin sends Smyth into the other corner. Kyojin and Blue look at each other, and then whip Fletcher and Smyth into each other, as both men crack their skulls off of each other. Blue motions to Kyojin, as both men grab Frankie, whipping him into the ropes. He bounces back, and is knocked hard by a double dropkick! He is sent down to the ring floor, rolling out of the ring. Both men turn to Smyth, as they lift Smyth to a standing position, and then into the air with a double guerrilla press. Fletcher is getting to his feet, as Kyojin and Blue throw Smyth over the top, crashing into Fletcher! Blue turns, and is met be a huge kick to the gut from Kyojin.

    RR: Rookie mistake. You can never trust anyone in a match like this!

    MJ: For once you are right.

    Kyojin throws Blue into the corner, and starts chopping away. After each chop, the fans are wooing, until finally Blue turns the tables, flipping Kyojin around and throwing him into the corner. Blue chops Kyojin once, and then lifts him to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Blue punches Kyojin, as Kyojin sways on the top. Blue grabs the top rope, and springboards, landing on the shoulders of Kyojin, and sends Kyojin flying off the top with a huge hurricarana. Blue immediately covers Kyojin.!


    Kyojin kicks out before 2. Smyth has whipped Frankie into the steel steps, as Fletcher hits, flipping over the steps and landing on his back. Smyth looks under the ring apron, and pulls out a kendo stick, as he rolls into the ring. Blue and Kyojin don't realize it though, as Smyth lets out a loud whistle. Both men turn, as Smyth charges, dropping both men with the kendo stick, using it to clothesline both men. Smyth looks down at Blue, and sits on his back, as he puts the stick across the throat of Blue and pulls back.

    RR: Wow, what a unique way of doing that move.

    MJ: A camel clutch using a kendo stick. Interesting.

    Blue won't tap though, as Smyth sees Fletcher is now on the apron, climbing to the top out of the corner of his eye. Fletcher dives off the top, as Smyth lets go of Blue and catches Fletcher in the gut with the kendo stick! All of the fans can be heard going ooh, as Smyth raises his stick into the air. The fans just boo him, as he turns and is blasted in the face by blue mist from Kyojin! The fans all cheer, as Kyojin grabs the stick Smyth dropped, and smashes Smyth between the eyes! Kyojin drops the stick, as Smyth is down. Kyojin turns to, as he is hit by a huge enziguiri from Sagittarius Blue! Blue is back up, as he bounces into the ropes, and comes back, taking Fletcher who is getting to his feet, out with a huge flying heel kick.

    MJ: Blue is on fire!

    Blue looks at Smyth is in the corner now, as Blue charges into the corner and pancakes Smyth in the corner with a body splash. Smyth stumbles out, as Blue grabs Smyth, going for the Sign of the Archer, but Smyth counters, elbowing Blue in the head. Blue stumbles back, as Smyth wipes the mist out of his eyes, and charges at Blue and takes him down with a running shoulder tackle. Fletcher is back to his feet, as Smyth grabs Fletcher, going for a backdrop, but Fletcher spins as he is dropped, and lands on his feet. He nails Smyth behind with a huge elbow to the back of Smyth's knee. Smyth drops to one knee, as Fletcher charges into the ropes, and comes back, nailing Smyth with a running ddt! Fletcher covers Smyth!


    Smyth kicks out! Fletcher gets to his feet, as Kyojin grabs Fletcher from behind, rolling him up.


    Smyth breaks up the pinfall attempt. All four men are to their feet, exchanging blows.


    Kyojin drops Fletcher hard with a dropsault, as Smyth drops Blue with a big uppercut. Each man lift the person they just put down, as Kyojin plants Fletcher with a hard DDT, and Smyth drops Blue with a reverse ddt, as both men cover the person they attacked. The ref looks, and goes down, counting.


    Both men kick out!

    MJ: WOW! What would have happened there had both been pinned?

    RR: I...I don't know Mike. That was a first.

    Smyth and Kyojin start going at each other, as Smyth whips Kyojin into the ropes. Smyth charges in, but Kyojin counters,, moving between the ropes to the apron as Smyth bounces off the turnbuckle. Smyth bounces back, as Kyojin springboards to the top, and launches, catching Smyth with a flying dropkick. Blue and Fletcher are to their feet now, as Blue grabs Fletcher and nails the Sign of the Archer! Someone comes running down the ramp, as Blue turns, and the camera's turn.

    MJ: Chris Divine! What is he doing out here!

    Chris Divine runs down, as Pisces turns...DIVINE INTERVENTION! Divine drops Pisces hard with the diamond cutter, as he turns, smiling at Blue who is looking on in anger. Kyojin runs, bouncing into the ropes, and comes back with the Truth Hurts(disaster kick), and nails Blue! Kyojin covers Blue.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match and new Endurance Champion, Kyojin!

    The ref gets up, turning as he sees Smyth had Fletcher covered. The ref walks over, saying something, as he turns. The tron comes to life, and a repeat is shown from a different angle, where we see Smyth covering Fletcher the same time Kyojin covered Blue. The ref watches it, and then looks at Kyojin, and raises his hand, as Kyojin's music blares once more. Smyth stares on in distraught, shocked by the refs decision, as the camera's cut another video promo for the next Chaos, hyping a huge surprise from Daniel May.

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    The camera's come back, as we see the ring cleared, and we get a shot of the IWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    MJ: Well, that was surprising.

    RR: Mr Smyth should be the champion. He had Fletcher pinned.

    MJ: No, Kyojin had Blue pinned. He is the champion.

    RR: No...Smyth is the champion.



    Both men at the announce table stare down, before sitting back down.

    MJ: Sorry for that moment of unprofessionalism. Well folks, it's time for the main event!

    AJ Dixon comes out from the back, to a massive amount of boos, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring.

    KJ Punk comes out from the back next, to a HUGE pop from the fans, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring. He looks at Dixon, and then, both men look to the entrance stage.

    Darius walks out next, holding the TWE World Championship, as he raises it high. The fans are just booing, as he walks down the ramp and into the ring. He hands his championship to the ref, as Emily stands between the three men.

    Emily Davis: It's time for the Main Event! Standing in one corner, weighing in at 235 lbs, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, he is the AJ Primetime DIXON!

    Next, weighing in at 245 lbs, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, he is the TWE World Champion, DARIUS!

    And finally, weighing in at 240 lbs, hailing from Jackson Mississippi, K-J...PUNK!

    Davis steps out of the ring, as the ref signals for the bell.

    IWA World Heavyweight Championship
    First Blood Match
    KJ Punk vs Darius vs AJ Dixon

    Punk, Darius and Dixon pace in a circle around the center of the ring, watching each other waiting for the first man to strike. Darius and Dixon both charge at Punk at the same time, generating massive heat due to the heels beating down on the face.

    Darius kicks Punk in the gut, and then Dixon starts kneeing Punk in the forehead, trying to draw blood, but Darius takes notice and pushes Dixon away and starts throwing punches at Dixon's forehead. Dixon bounces off of the ropes and drops Darius with a flying forearm! Darius rolls to the outside while Punk and Dixon trade blows!

    Punk! Dixon! Punk! Dixon! Punk! Punk!

    Punk gets the upper hand and drops Dixon with a dropkick to the chest, and then Punk brings his elbow down onto Dixon's head!

    MJ: Oh my god! What a nasty elbow!

    RR: Yeah but still no blood! C'mon, hit him ... wait, Darius is up top!! He is never up top!!

    Punk is back to his feet and turns around to find Darius on the top turnbuckle! Punk charges at Darius and climbs to the top with him, but Darius head butts him three times, knocking him to the mat! Dixon charges Darius as well, but Darius kicks him away! Punk is back up and he helps Dixon while he punches at Darius, but Darius leaps off the top and nails a frog splash on top of both men!

    MJ: Wow what a move!

    RR: Thats something you don't see everyday!

    Darius mounts over both men, and begins bringing elbow shots down onto the foreheads multiple times! He can be heard screaming "Just bleed before things get worse!!" Darius focuses on Dixon's forehead down, bringing harder elbow shots down onto him, but no blood has been drawn yet!

    MJ: Is Dixon even conscious anymore?!

    RR: I have no idea.

    Darius picks Dixon up, and then throws him to the outside of the ring, then spits on him over the top rope.Darius turns around and picks Punk up by his hair, only to be punched in the gut three times! Darius is bent over now, and Punk runs to the ropes, and uses the momentum to nail Darius with a hard knee shot to the skull!

    Darius stumbles over to the rope, checking his forehead for any blood. Punk grabs Darius in an inverted DDT hold, and goes for a neckbreaker, but Darius reverses and nails Punk between the eyes with a nasty big boot!

    MJ: Oh lord, that may have busted Punk open! But did it?!

    RR: Nope, I don't see any blood! This match continues!

    Darius mounts over Punk and starts punching him in the forehead as hard as he can, working on the same area trying to soften it up so he can draw blood. Dixon is back in the ring and super kicks Darius right in the mouth! Dropping him back so hard he rolls out of the ring! Dixon picks Punk up to one knee, and then Dixon goes for the Drive By, but Punk moves and Dixon's leg gets caught in the middle rope! Darius jumps up onto the apron from the outside and pulls Dixon through the middle rope and hangs him over the outside ...

    MJ: No! He can't do this!

    RR: Oh yes he can!

    Spike DDT! Darius drops Dixon from the middle rope all the way down to the concrete floor with a sick DDT!

    MJ: Hey!! He took the padding off the floor!

    RR: Yes he did, that is smart but dumb at the same time!! He could have fucked himself up!

    Darius rolls Dixon over checking for blood but finds none, and then Punk comes flying over the top rope and lands on the two men hard! All three men are down but Punk is the first man back to his feet, then Darius. Punk and Darius start trading blows!

    Punk! Darius! Punk! Darius! Punk! Darius!

    Dixon is up! Punk! Darius! Dixon! Dixon! Darius! Punk! Darius! Darius! Dixon! Dixon!

    Dixon gets the upper hand, and then clotheslines Darius hard, then super kicks Punk! Neither of the men are bleeding, then Dixon reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair!

    MJ: Oh come on! Don't do this!!

    RR: That will draw blood quick!

    Dixon swings the chair down at Punk's head, but Punk rolls out of the way! Dixon turns to hit Darius ...

    SPEAR! Darius spears Dixon hard out of no where! Dixon is on the ground, and Darius backs up a bit ... Setting up the punt kick! Dixon gets to his knees and then bam! Darius nails Dixon hard in the skull with a nasty punt!

    MJ: It has to be over! Is he bleeding?!

    RR: No ... Wow. What resilience!

    Darius is pissed! He grabs the chair and turns around to swing it at Punk ...

    Rolling Elbow!! Punk nails the Rolling Elbow right to the chair, smashing it into Darius's face! Darius drops the chair and holds his forehead, but Punk kicks him in the guy and nails him with another Rolling Elbow!! Darius falls to the ground and Punk reaches down ...

    MJ: What is he doing?!

    RR: Look! Darius is bleeding!!

    Punk picks Darius up by the hair, showing the blood pouring down above Darius's left eye! The ref calls for the bell!

    MJ: He did it!! KJ Punk is the first ever IWA World Champion!!

    RR: Oh my god, he did it!!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, and the NEW!!! INSANE WRESTLING ASSOCIATION CHAMPION! K! J! PUNK!

    Punk is handed the championship, as he is on his knees, holding the belt like he is trying to make it a part of him. After a moment, he stands up, and climbs the corner, raising it high, as streamers fall in the ring. The final shot is of Punk holding the belt next to his face smiling, as the camera's fade to an IWA logo, and then black.

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    IWA House Show

    IWA House Show


    El Paso, Texas

    Match 1
    Wild Card Tag Team Tournament
    Mr Smyth & Oscar Layman vs Brock Edwards & Malcolm Cage

    Ending: Edwards pinned Oscar Layman after outside interference from Matt Ryder and holding tights. After the match, Ryder and Edwards went to double team Layman, but Cage stopped Ryder, throwing him out of the ring. Layman went for an Attitude Adjustment on Edwards, only for Edwards to hop off of Oscar's shoulders and high tail it out of the ring.

    Winners: Brock Edwards & Malcolm Cage

    Match 2
    Malcolm Adonis vs Shaz

    Ending: Shaz gained the pinfall, after Shining Light came through the fans, distracting Adonis. Adonis ran after Light, leaving Shaz in the ring. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Mike Hawk was behind Shaz. Hawk nailed the Mayhem Driver, and then walking off, but not before eyeing Shaz's money in the bank briefcase.

    Winner: Mike Hawk

    Match 3
    Jackson Smith & Victor Elric vs Killa & Frankie Fletcher

    Ending: Smith had the upper hand, going to finish Killa when Killa bailed, taking the briefcase he stole from Smith at Thirst for Blood, and heading up the ramp. The ref's count was nearly to ten, when Frankie Fletcher ran after his own partner, throwing him back to Smith and Elric and walking off. Smith nailed the Killer Instinct and pinned Killa.

    Winners: Jackson Smith & Victor Elric

    Match 4
    Damaged Goods vs Hollywood Homeboys

    Ending: Gaileo and Gommenta made quick work of both men, isolating Whiz from his tag team partner. They nailed a double suplex and Gaileo went for a pin when Iceman tried to break it up. Gommenta powerbombed Iceman to the outside, and then Damaged Goods nailed double powerbomb on Whiz for the win.

    Winners: Damaged Goods

    Match 5
    Wild Card Tag Team Tournament
    Jackson Smith & Mike Hawk vs Damian Eddings/Matt Ryder

    Ending: Hawk got the win, after pinning Eddings with the Mayhem Driver. After the match, Killa came out, attacking Smith once more, and running off with Jackson's briefcase again after having lost it earlier in the night. Shaz came out going to attack Hawk but as he swung, the lights went off and when they came back on, no one but Shaz was in the ring.

    Main Event
    KJ Punk/Kyojin/Sagittarius Blue vs Darius/AJ Dixon/Chris Divine

    Ending: Punk nailed a rolling elbow on Dixon, Darius spear Blue, and Divine nailed a Divine Intervention on Kyojin. Darius and Divine went to double team KJ, but Punk countered sending Darius to the outside. Divine dropped Punk with a Divine Intervention, but got cocky, going for a top rope move. Punk countered mid air, getting to his feet and nailing a rolling elbow. He pinned Divine for the win.

    Winners: KJ Punk & Kyojin & Sagittarius Blue.

    The three men signed stuff for fans in the front row and sent everyone home happy

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    After a small delay ... Chaos is NEXT!

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    Filler filler

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