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    Emily Davis: The following contest is a Chairs Match and it is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Hiroshima, Japan but fighting out of Chicago, Illinois! Weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the Superstar of the Year...KYOJIN!

    The fans boo loudly as Kyojin walks out to the stage. He has a steel chair in hand as he makes his way down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle, throwing his arms in the air as the fans continue to boo.

    Mike: Tonight is really make or break for Kyojin. He hasn't won on PPV since way back at Lost Cause in October and even lost his match against Jman last month at Last Resort.

    Rocky: You can never count Kyojin out Mike. This guy has proven time and time again that he is one of the best in the business.

    Mike: But with Jman’s ECW background, could this match play into Jman’s hands?

    Rocky: You’re forgetting that Kyojin loves to fight with weapons, and steel chairs have always been something he enjoys using- don’t forget way back in ICW when he drove our current IWA World Heavyweight Champion Shaz through a steel chair with a piledriver in a Last Man Standing match!

    Emily Davis: And his opponent! From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 205 pounds, JMAN!

    The fans explode with cheers as Jman walks through the curtain. He looks down at Kyojin in the ring before looking out at the fans. He smiles as he makes his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on his way. He slides into the ring and stands across from Kyojin.

    Mike: This man right here is a legend in the eFedding community. He’s seen everything and done it all twice. He’s been involved in every kind of gimmick match under the sun.

    Rocky: But he’s never had a gimmick match with the man standing across the ring from him. Kyojin is a whole different ball game to anything Jman has ever faced before.

    Mike: But Jman always finds a way Rock, he always finds a way.

    Rocky: But the real question here Mike is simply: is there a way? Is there a way he can leave tonight victorious against a man so possessed in Kyojin.

    (Kyojin= Wade)(Jman= Cena)
    (3:38 to 16:39)

    Mike: Kyojin with another huge chair shot! This time to Jman’s back!

    Rocky: Where’s Jman gonna go? He’s wrapped up in those ropes and there’s no escape from this endless tirade of chair shots!

    Kyojin cockily smiles as Jman continues to scream in agony. He stands behind Jman and delivers another brutal chair shot to Jman’s back. Kyojin slides into the ring and slams the chair against the side of Jman’s head, causing Jman to fall out of the ropes and to the canvas. Kyojin drops down and covers Jman.




    Jman kicks out! Kyojin is immediately to his feet and complains to the referee, telling him that was a three. The referee stands his ground as he tells Kyojin firmly it was a two. Kyo turns back to Jman who is trying to use the ropes to stand up. Kyo backs up as Jman turns around. Kyo runs forwards but Jman ducks and uses Kyo’s momentum against him, sending him over the top rope, causing Kyo to land onto two chairs!

    Mike: What a move from Jman! The veteran taking advantage of everything around him to buy himself some recuperating time!

    Rocky: I don’t see how Kyojin hasn’t already won this! We all know that was a three count!

    Jman is still leaning against the ropes as Kyojin begins to move on the outside. He uses the fan’s barricade to stand up as Jman runs across the ring, bouncing off the opposite ropes and going for a suicide dive but mid-dive, Kyo grabs a steel chair and slams it against the face of Jman with a sickening thud! Jman falls to the ground lifeless! Kyo leans against the barricade as he drops the chair. He grabs Jman and rolls him into the ring. He grabs hold of the chair he just used and slides into the ring with it. Jman hasn’t moved at all and Kyo turns him onto his back, covering him.




    Jman kicks out, barely as Kyojin can’t believe it. He is once again back to his feet, complaining to the referee, but before the referee can respond, Jman rolls Kyo up from behind!




    Kyojin manages to kick out and is immediately back on the offensive, landing kicks to the kneeling Jman. He backs up and goes for an Enziguiri but Jman ducks and pushes Kyojin away. He runs at Kyo and lands a running knee! He falls back against the ropes and looks at Kyo, who is beginning to move again. Jman picks up a steel chair to a massive roar from the fans.

    Mike: And HERE comes Jman!

    Rocky: Kyo! Look out!

    Jman slams the chair down onto Kyo’s back to another huge cheer. He delivers chairshot after chairshot with each shot getting a massive cheer from the fans. Finally, he stops and drops down for a cover.




    Kyo kicks out and immediately grabs Jman, locking in a crossface! The fans boo loudly as Jman screams, matched scream for scream by Kyo.

    Mike: What a reversal from Kyojin, terrific way to turn a pinfall attempt into a submission!

    Rocky: TAP JMAN! TAP OUT!

    Kyojin pulls back on the submission move as Jman’s hand lingers above the canvas. He begins to claw at the canvas and manages to grab hold of a chair. Kyo immediately breaks the hold and rolls away from the danger. Jman rolls onto his back and lets go of the chair, beginning to get up. Kyojin grabs hold of the other chair in the ring and begins to line up Jman.

    Finally, Jman reaches his feet and Kyojin lifts the chair, running forwards, but Jman sees it coming.


    Rocky: NO!

    Jman follows the Superkick up with a cover.


    Rocky: NO!


    Rocky: NO!



    Kyojin kicks out! Jman can’t believe it, running his hand down his face. He grabs the steel chair and begins to line Kyojin up, who is rising once again. Kyo turns and Jman goes for a chairshot but Kyo ducks and bounces off the ropes, connecting with Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster)! He doesn’t cover though, instead falling against the ropes. He looks at Jman and the two steel chairs in the ring. He grabs one steel chair and places it by the corner, before turning back to his opponent.

    Kyojin grabs Jman and lifts him up, connecting with a brain buster onto the steel chair, but instead of covering, he grabs the other chair, leaving Jman laying on the chair by the corner. Kyo climbs through the ropes still holding the chair and climbs to the top rope.

    Mike: He isn't, is he?

    Rocky: I think he is!

    Kyojin keeps hold of the chair and turns around, before jumping.

    Mike: RISING SUN!

    Rocky: He just sandwiched Jman between both chairs!

    Kyojin rolls off Jman and pushes the chair away. He covers Jman.




    Emily Davis: Here is your winner...KYOJIN!

    Mike: These men just showed why they are two of the best in the business!

    Rocky: The hell do you mean?! Kyojin is the Superstar of the Year! He is the best in the fucking world!!

    Mike: Anywaaay ... We're only about half way through the show folks!

    Rocky: SHUT UP!! Kyojin is about to speak, twat!!


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    Kyojin stands up as Jman’s lifeless body remains on the canvas. Kyojin climbs to the top rope and throws his arms in the air as the fans boo loudly. He smiles as he gets onto the canvas once more. He asks for a microphone and is handed one.

    Kyojin: And now it’s time for a little bit of truth.

    The fans boo loudly as Kyo walks across to Jman, squatting down.

    Kyojin: I told you this Jman, I told you this would happen. I told you this would be your end and look at you, lying there on the floor, deflated and defeated. A shell of the man all of these people love you for being.

    The fans’ booing reaches a whole new intensity as Kyojin smiles vindictively.

    Kyojin: At Destined For Immortality, I began my road to redemption. After what happened with Smyth, after what happened with all of these people, I had to win tonight Jman. I had to beat you at your own game and put you on the canvas. Look at you!

    The fans are booing so loudly that Kyojin is forced to wait for them to calm down.

    Kyojin: You’re nothing anymore Jman. Your best years have come and your best years have passed you by. For years and years Jman, you’ve been The Man. You’ve been the guy to beat and even though I failed to do so last month at Last Resort, I had one more chance to do what the Dirtiest Player in the Game says you’ve got to do.

    To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.

    The fans pop loudly for the Flair mention and wooing breaks out throughout the arena.

    Kyojin: Now finally, I’m the man. I’m the man all of you people SHOULD be cheering, I’m the man all of you people SHOULD be buying the merchandise of but all you’re interested in is your fake smiles. You think anybody in the back gives a damn about any of you people out here? I’ll tell you who gives a damn about you people.

    The Board of Directors. Mandy Moore, that’s who gives a damn about you people.

    The fans boo loudly once more as Kyojin laughs.

    Kyojin: You can boo all you like but all of you know it’s the truth. I got sick of the fake smile, I got sick of making this company money. I’m only interested in one thing and that’s making my way to the top. Tonight, I got that number one spot. All of you people should be throwing me a celebration but instead you decide to continue to boo me like the selfish fools you are.

    You need to realise when there is greatness standing in this ring.

    Kyojin puts his arms out as the fans continue booing and some trash is even thrown in the ring. Kyojin kicks it out with a smile on his face.

    Kyojin: I am the Superstar of the Year. I will always be the man who beats anybody placed in front of me and I will always be one to overcome all of you doubters. You all thought I was done for after my loss to Smyth at Destined For Immortality. Instead I was revitalized. I found a new passion within myself. Success is all I need and success is all I crave.

    Jman is finished with, who’s next?

    Kyojin throws the microphone back down to the floor and puts his arms out again. He walks across to a steel chair and sets it up. He turns back to Jman and places him head first in the chair. He turns back to the turnbuckle and climbs it. He turns around and jumps.

    Mike: RISING SUN! HE BROKE THE CHAIR! OH MY GOD! He could have broken Jman’s neck!

    Rocky: YES! Jman is done for!

    Mike: Somebody get some damn EMTs out here!

    Kyojin stands up as EMTs come flooding down the ramp. He climbs out of the ring and backs up the ramp with a smile on his face as EMTs begin to work on Jman.

    The cameras cut to the backstage area where Seth Gabel is looking for someone to interview

    Seth: Hello once again folks, right now I'm trying to find our guest but I'm not su ...

    Seth is cut off when the IWA Endurance Championship is held in front of the camera, and then is pulled away, revealing Darius to a massive pop from the crowd.

    Darius: DADDY'S HOME! But Seth, I'm sorry man. I've gotta roll. I'll let you know what the win means to me, why I helped Smyth and all that jazz on Chaos because I've gotta go meet up with someone real quick. I'll catch you soon, man!

    Darius quickly runs off camera as Seth stands confused.

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Chelsea, Massachusetts, weighing in at 247lbs, The Shadow Orion Slayde!

    Mike: Slayde managed to get a modicum of retribution last week on Chaos but I’ll tell you something for nothing right now, Pamich is gonna get hurt tonight!

    Rocky: What? By hop along over here? Don’t be so pathetic, Mike.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, The One Man Dynasty Israel Pamich!

    Rocky: And there he is; the smartest man in IWA.

    Mike: Sure, let’s call him smart.

    Rocky: What would you call him?

    Mike: Deceitful, conniving, untrustworthy, liar. Throw a dart anywhere between those words and you’d hit an adjective that describes Pamich.

    Orion Slayde/Randy Orton vs. Israel Pamich/CM Punk
    Start at 03:30, finish at 15:41

    Mike: C’mon, Slayde! Get back in this!

    Both men groggily get to their feet, as Pamich grabs Slayde, whipping him into the corner. Pamich charges in, and nails Slayde in the corner with a running knee. Pamich grabs Slayde by the head, and brings him out of the corner with a tornado ddt! Pamich plants Slayde hard in the ring, as he gets up, posing, as the fans are just booing him. He looks at Slayde who is still laying on his back, as Pamich climbs the turnbuckle. Pamich launches into the air and goes to land an elbow drop, but wait!

    Mike: Slayde moved!

    Slayde rolls out of the way and Pamich lands hard! Pamich rolls over, on his knees, holding his elbow, as Slayde is to his feet. Slayde grabs the back of Pamich’s head, and nails a ddt, planting Pamich hard. Slayde grabs the leg of Pamich and covers him.


    Pamich kicks out before 3! Slayde gets to his feet, as he lifts Pamich up. He points to a turnbuckle, as the fans cheer. Slayde takes Pamich to the turnbuckle, and bashes him face first off of it. Slayde points to another turnbuckle, as the fans cheer louder. Slayde goes over and smashes Pamich face first into the turnbuckle. Slayde points to another turnbuckle, and the fans just roar, as Slayde takes Pamich over to it. As he goes to smash Pamich face first, Pamich grabs the top rope and plants his foot on the middle turnbuckle, stopping Slayde’s attempt. Pamich nails Slayde with two stiff elbows, as Slayde stumbles back. Pamich charges, and takes Slayde down with a running legsweep.

    Mike: I must admit, he seems to know his stuff in the ring.

    Rocky: Of course he does! He is Mr. Integrity!

    Pamich grabs Slayde’s legs, and smirks. He goes for the sharpshooter, but as he steps over, Slayde reaches up and rolls Pamich up!


    Pamich reverses the roll up, turning it in his favour.


    Slayde kicks out, as both men get to their feet. Slayde goes for a clothesline, but Pamich ducks it. Pamich follows up with a heel kick, but Slayde leaps over the kick, as Pamich spins. When Pamich has finished his revolution, Slayde nails him with a strong clothesline, dropping Pamich like a sack of potatoes. Slayde picks up Pamich, hooks a front face lock and picks up Pamich to suplex him but wait! Pamich lands behind Slayde and nails a backstabber!

    Mike: Pamich was playing possum!

    Rocky: He just saved his ass! That was insane!

    Both men are down, as the ref starts the count.

    Pamich has flipped over, crawling to Slayde
    Pamich drapes an arm over Slayde, as the ref goes to count.


    Slayde gets a foot on the bottom rope. Pamich rolls back up, holding his head in frustration. Pamich sits up, as Slayde uses the ropes to get up. Pamich charges at Slayde, as Slayde backdrops Pamich onto the ring apron. Slayde nails Pamich with a huge punch to the head, but Pamich holds onto the top rope, swaying on the apron. Slayde grabs Pamich, setting him up with a suplex, but Slayde lifts him up, taking a few steps back, and then drops his feet onto the top rope.

    Mike: What is Slayde doing?

    Slayde nails a huge corkscrew neckbreaker! The fans go crazy for it, as Slayde lifts Pamich to a standing position. He irish whips Pamich hard into the corner. Slayde charges, and nails Pamich in the corner with a clothesline. Pamich is slumped in the corner, as Slayde lifts Pamich to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Slayde climbs to the top rope but Pamich catches Slayde and pushes him off. Pamich stands up on the top rope and nails the elbow drop!


    Mike: Wow! Slayde cannot be put down!

    Rocky: Damn it, I thought Pamich had him!

    Pamich is pissed, as he lifts Slayde to a standing position. He whips Slayde into the ropes, but Slayde counters, whipping Pamich instead. Pamich hit’s the ropes, and bounces back, as he goes for a flying forearm, but Slayde ducks.

    Mike: The ref! The ref is out!

    Pamich nails the ref by mistake, as Slayde approaches Pamich from behind.


    Rocky: No ref!

    Slayde spends what seems an age to try and revive the ref, but eventually drags him over to where Pamich is lying down. Slayde hooks the leg...

    ...Thr-Pamich kicks out before 3!

    The fans boo and a “Shadow” chant starts to echo around the arena. Slayde picks up Pamich, and Irish whips him into the ropes but Pamich reverses. Slayde bounces off the ropes, comes back...


    Mike: Out of nowhere!

    Slayde falls to the ground and Pamich simply falls on top of him. It almost seems as though that Pamich is unaware of the fact that he is covering Slayde...


    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Israel Pamich!!

    Mike: I don't even think that Pamich knows that he pinned Slayde! Both men are totally out of it!

    Rocky: It doesn't matter! Slayde lost! Hahaha! That's my boy, Pamich!

    Mike: You're such a smark.

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    The cameras go backstage to Jackson’s locker room as the crowd cheers but quickly die down as they see the back of Jackson’s head. He is sitting in a chair with a sledgehammer in his lap while looking at the TV that is showing a still picture of the crate that had Alex in it on fire.

    Jackson: And to think…….And to fucking think I was going to tell the world that I bit off more than I can chew. That I made a mistake of thinking Doom was nothing but a robot but, after I got thrown through a flaming table, all that changed. At first I thought it was nothing since I have been through worst but as days went by, my mind was going crazy. I started lashing at anyone who told me I couldn’t beat him and how I was crazy to even be thinking that way. Then I had my breaking point and you know what exactly brought me to my breaking point, seeing myself in every mirror, every reflection of that night at Lost Cause, struggling to get free from Doom’s grasp.

    It showed how weak I was, I couldn’t do anything, I was helpless. It brought me back to my childhood when I saw my mom that way, my dead beat of a father would do that to her almost every night, it sicken me. The fear I saw in her eyes was the same fear I saw in mine that night. I felt pain and anguish all over again, felt like shit. Which is why I had to tell myself over and over again that the fall and Doom wasn’t shit, I had to prove to myself that those feelings wasn’t going to cause me to lose my sanity again. As you could see that over the past couple of weeks, I was losing the battle but, now that’s all changed.

    Doom, you say I brought this all on myself, well you’re only half right. You see Doom, you started this and caused Smyth to hold on to that title longer than he should have. I had to retaliate, I had to send a message that I wasn’t to be taken lightly, that you should have never fucked with me. So I attacked you, attacked you with a chair to prevent you from burning a man alive and what do you do, you call me a coward because I attacked you from behind, haha. You just don’t get it do you robot, your sick and twisted mind took it too far. I didn’t deserve thinking Alex was getting burned alive but, since you were reading “How to be a villain 101”, using your enemies loved ones to get in their head had to be the number one strategy, it has been done a million times but, yours was unique.

    Instead of just the regular tie up in a room situation…*Jackson’s voice suddenly changes from calm to anger* You used a Crate AND FIRE!

    Then all of a sudden Jackson get’s up and swigs the sledgehammer at the TV, shattering the screen to a million pieces. He turns around and looks at the camera with fury in his eyes, he steps on the glass that is all over the ground while walking toward the camera


    Jackson steps forward and snatches the camera away which causes the cameraman to run out the room, Jackson then lays the camera upright, so he is looking down on it

    Jackson: I don’t fucking care about this new show, I just care about tonight. After Night of Legends is over, I am going to be known as a legend, the legend that ended Ano Doom’s career! ONCE THAT BELL RINGS, I’M KICKING YOUR ASS! SEE YOU IN HELL BITCH!!

    Jackson then brings up the sledgehammer and brings it down on the camera with force, breaking it and causing the camera to go to static.

    Rocky: Is that little shit going to pay for that camera?

    Mike: You're the one to talk about paying for something.


    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the IWA Blackout Championship. Introducing first the challenger, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 254lbs, The Sexual Sensation, Malcolm Adonis!

    Mike: Malcolm has been one step ahead of the Blackout Champion for a few weeks now and it has to be said, Rocky, that I do believe that Malcolm will walk out king of the mountain tonight.

    Rocky: The only thing that Malcolm Adonis is king of is Jack and crap.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at 225lbs, he is the IWA Blackout Champion, Mr. Mayhem Mike Hawk!

    Rocky: That there is what a champion should be and it was a damn crime that it didn’t happen sooner.

    Mike: Hawk is very impressive, but I think he has met his match in Adonis.

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    Adonis(Punk) vs. Hawk(Jericho)
    (Start 1:15, End 19:22)

    Mike: Jesus! What a move!

    Rocky: C’mon Hawk. Pin Him!

    Hawk is back up, as he stands on the back of Adonis’ knees, and reaches down, grabbing the hands of Adonis. Hawk pulls back, then takes one foot, putting it behind the head of Adonis, and drives his opponent face first into the mat. Hawk goes for the cover.


    Adonis kicks out. Hawk is to his feet and picks up Adonis. He Irish whips him into the corner. Hawk is now in the other corner, and the fans start to boo hard.

    Mike: Not a loved individual, is Mike Hawk.

    Hawk charges and buries two knees right into the face of Adonis in the corner. Hawk grabs Adonis by the back of the head, and leans back, monkey flipping Adonis out of the corner. Hawk is back up, as he sees Adonis laying in the middle of the ring. Hawk runs into the ropes, and springboards off with a moonsault.

    Mike: Adonis got the knees up!

    Hawk rolls over onto his back, holding his stomach, as Adonis gets to his feet. He grabs the legs of Hawk, and positions him near the corner. Adonis falls backwards, launching Hawk into the air, as Hawk collides face first into the ring post! Hawk stumbles back, as Adonis lifts Hawk into the air and drops a heavy spinebuster. Adonis rolls Hawk over, going for the cover.


    Adonis doesn’t seem upset though, as he just smiles. He gets to his feet, as he reaches down, lifting Hawk to a standing position. Adonis reaches back and goes for a stiff left, but Hawk blocks it, and instead catches Adonis in the face with an elbow. Hawk and Adonis begin to trade punches for elbows!


    Hawk has Adonis back against the ropes, Hawk charges, clothes lining himself and Adonis over the top to the outside. Both men are down, as the ref begins to count.

    1, 2
    Hawk is back to his feet, as Adonis is starting to get back up
    3, 4
    Hawk charges, connecting with a shining wizard, dropping Adonis hard
    5, 6, 7
    Hawk hears the refs count, as he rolls into the ring.
    Adonis is up
    Te-Adonis is up!

    Mike: That was close.

    Hawk is to his feet in the corner as Adonis is starting to get to his feet. Adonis turns, as Hawk charges. FLYING SUPER KICK! Adonis ducks it though, as Hawk hits the turnbuckle instead. Adonis is immediately on top of Hawk, driving knee after knee into the back of Hawk’s head. Adonis places a knee into the back of Hawk’s neck, and reaches around, synching in a modified crossface. Adonis pulls back, as Hawk yells out in pain. Adonis yells at the ref to ask Hawk, and the ref does, but Hawk says never. Adonis yells to ask him again, and the ref does, only for Hawk to yell out no once more. Adonis moves his hands around the neck of Hawk, taking his knee off, as he lifts him up and drops a neckbreaker! Adonis goes for the cover.


    Adonis lifts Hawk to a standing position. Adonis hooks Hawk up for a suplex, but then lifts Hawk into the air and drops Hawk feet first on the top rope. Hawk bounces off, as Adonis uses the momentum to slam Hawk down hard onto the mat. Adonis sits Hawk up, as Adonis runs into the ropes, and bounces back, driving a knee right into the face of Hawk! Adonis reaches down, lifting Hawk to a standing position. Adonis picks up Hawk onto his shoulder!

    Mike: Malcolm XXX!

    Rocky: No it isn’t!

    Hawk drops down behind Adonis. Adonis turns, Hawk kicks him in the stomach...

    Rocky: Mayhem driver!

    Hawk goes for the cover...

    Thr-NO! Adonis pops a shoulder up and the fans explode with cheers!

    Mike: Wow! Adonis kicked out!

    Rocky: Slow count!

    Hawk gets to his feet, showing a little frustration now, as he reaches down, lifting Adonis up. Hawk sprints to the ropes, ricochets back off them...but then Adonis lifts Hawk up and lands another spinebuster right in the center of the ring!

    Mike: You can see what Adonis is thinking!

    Adonis stands at the head of Hawk and takes off an armband, throwing it into the crowd. He flexes both biceps before kissing each one individually. He sprints to the left, bounces off the ropes, sprints back, jumps over Hawk, bounces off the ropes, comes back...

    Mike: Hawk is Up!

    Hawk gets up and bends down, getting ready to toss Adonis over his shoulder...BUT WAIT! Adonis stops in front of Hawk, grabs a waist lock, lifts him up...

    Mike: Malcolm XXX!

    Rocky: No!

    The fans cheer as Adonis goes for the cover...

    Thr-No! Hawk kicks out!

    Mike: My God! What a match!

    Rocky: C’mon Hawk!

    Adonis is back up as Hawk begins to use Adonis to pull himself up. The two men are now up, and leaning on each other. They begin to trade blow for blow.


    Adonis has the upperhand, as he sends Hawk into the ropes. Adonis charges at Hawk, going for a clothesline, but Hawk ducks and springboards off the other sets of ropes. Moonsault into a reverse DDT!

    Mike: Wow!

    Rocky: Boo yeah! That’s how it’s done, baby!

    Hawk drapes an arm over


    Adonis kicks out right at 3. Hawk looks at the ref holding 3 fingers up, but the ref says 2. Hawk gets to his feet, as he lifts Adonis to a standing position. Hawk Irish whips Adonis into a corner, but Adonis reverses. Adonis follows Hawk into the corner and hits a clothesline. Adonis starts to throw kicks and punches and the ref has to drag him away!

    Mike: It’s like Adonis has got a second wind!

    Adonis comes back and lifts Hawk onto the top turnbuckle. Adonis climbs onto the second rope.

    Mike: Not a superplex!?

    Adonis climbs to the top rope. The fans cheer, but then those cheers turn to boos when Hawk starts to throw some punches. Even with the punches, Adonis never lets go, so Hawk modifies the hold. Hawk sets up Adonis...

    Rocky: Mayhem Driver from the top rope! Cover him!

    Both Hawk and Adonis are out, but after a few moments Hawk crawls over and hooks the leg. The ref drops for the count...


    Emily Davis: Here is your winner and still the IWA Blackout Champion, Mike Hawk!

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    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the IWA Draft lottery!

    The fans cheer, with an IWA chant echoing around the arena.

    Emily Davis: Please allow me to introduce at this time, the Chairman and CEO of Insane Championship Wrestling, Mandy Moore!

    The fans cheers to a mixed reaction as Mandy appears on the staging area with a iPad and a mic. Also on the staging area and four podiums. The two middle podiums have a large bowl whilst the outer two podiums have a tray on each.

    Mike: And here she is, and I don’t think anyone in IWA history has ever made such a huge impact on her debut as Many Moore.

    Rocky: She revealed herself to be the real boos around here, put Smokey on probation and announced a second show for IWA. Bectcha she’ll disappear, never to be seen again until another big announcement needs to be made. They’re all the same!

    Mike: You’re missing Smyth already, aren’t you?

    Rocky: It’s just not fair, Mike. He was an asset to this industry. I hate Smokey.

    Mandy brings the mic up to her lips.

    Mandy: Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce the General Manager of Chaos, Smokey.

    The fans chant Smokey’s name as he walks onto the stage. Smokey seems happy for the first time in a long time.

    Rocky: Smug son of a bitch!

    Mike: And he has earned it.

    Mandy: And introducing the new General Manager of Revolution...David Ryan!

    David appears on the staging area to a polite applause from the IWA fans.

    Rocky: Who?

    Mike: Erm...not a clue!

    Mandy: Ok gentlemen, this is how it’ll work. In this bowl we have two balls. One ball is labelled “Bombshells” whilst the other is labelled “Tag.” As I stated on Chaos last week, each show will have its own USP so without further ado, Daniel...Smokey, please select a ball.

    Smokey places his hand in the bowl and pulls out a ball, and he shows it to the camera. The fans cheer in response and Smokey seems pretty happy with his pick. Mandy nods to David to pick up the remaining ball, which he does for the sake of ceremony, and shows that to the camera which is again met by cheers.

    Mandy: So it’s official – IWA Chaos will have the Bombshell Division whilst Revolution will have the Tag Team division!

    Rocky: Aw, man!

    Mike: What? I thought you loved Sugar, Spice and Vivica?

    Rocky: I do, but I’m going to miss out seeing my favourite tag teams.

    Mandy: Ok, gentlemen, here is how the rest of the draw will work. In this bowl, there are many balls each containing a number. The number on each ball represents an IWA superstar and will coincide with the list I have here on this iPad. What we will do tonight is announce five names per show and after Night of Legends, we will do a supplement draft pick which will be announced on Smokey, you went first last time for David, after you.

    David sticks his hand into the bowl and has a good rummage around before bringing up a ball. He points the ball to the camera.

    Mandy: Number 26. Congratulations, David.

    Rocky: Well who is ...


    Mike: What the hell?!?

    The fans roar with cheers as Darius appears onto the staging area, holding his newly acquired IWA Endurance Championship into the air. He walks over to David and shakes hands with him and remaining by his side.

    Rocky: Good riddance to him!

    Mandy: Smokey, if you’d be so kind.

    Smokey delves into the bowl and pulls out a ball. The camera focuses on the ball.

    Mandy: Number 19. Smokey, you have gotten a former IWA World Champion on your roster.

    AJ Dixon
    Rocky: No, no, no, no! This can’t be right!

    AJ Dixon appears on the staging area, not looking happy at all. He walks over to Smokey, who has a hand held out for him, and starts to voice his displeasure at this pick.

    Mike: The Tag Team Champions, Van Hooligan X and Carlos Alberto Ramon are indeed on Revolution as part of the tag team draft but AJ Dixon, a fully fledged member of The Infection, has been drafted to Chaos! What the hell does this mean for The Infection?

    David puts his hand in the bowl for his next pick.

    Mandy: 34. To say the least, David, you have a very unique individual right there.

    Ano Doom

    Ano Doom comes out to a rapture of boos. He takes his place near David Ryan, but not too close.

    Mike: That dude is messed up.

    Rocky: No doubt. Good riddance to him, too!

    Mandy: Smokey...

    Smokey, clearly getting bored of this, shoves his hand in and pulls out a ball.

    Mandy: 4. The stars have aligned for you, Smokey!

    Sagittarius BlueThe fans explode with cheers as The Royal Rockstar bursts through the curtains and starts to work the crowd. He has a huge smile on his face and look ready to rumble!

    Mike: Oh, yes! A future world champion right there! Great draft pick!

    Rocky: World champ of what? Burger king?

    David pulls out the next ball:

    Mandy: 2. This could get quite interesting...

    Jackson Smith

    The fans cheer hard as Ano Doom get’s himself prepared!

    Mike: My God! Jackson Smith and Ano Doom on the same brand!

    After a few moments, nobody comes out and the fans start to give a mixed reaction.

    Mike: After what he has been through, it is of no surprise that Jackson Smith does not want to come out here. He has bigger things to worry about, like getting ready for his match and kicking Doom’s ass!

    Smokey pulls out the next ball.

    Mandy: 22. A champion for you, Smokey.

    Mike Hawk

    The fans boo hard again as Mike Hawk walks out onto the staging area and positions himself behind Smokey.

    Mike: Big win for Hawk earlier and I’ll tell you what, it’s good to have a champion drafted to us.

    Rocky: And one of the greatest champs we’ll ever see.

    David pulls out the next ball.

    Mandy: 9. You will certainly have your hands full with this one.

    Oscar Laymen

    The fans explode with cheers as Lay-Cena appears on the staging area and gives a salute to David Ryan before situating himself on the Revolution side of the staging area. Smokey dips his hand in and shows the ball to the camera.

    Mandy: 38. Smokey, on your brand, you have the superstar of the year.


    Rocky: Oh hell yeah! This is how it is done, baby!

    Even before the music starts, the fans explode with boos. After a few moments, Kyojin walks through the curtains with a big smile on his face and walks over to Smokey. The two exchange a nod before David dives into the bowl again.

    Mandy: Number 1. Another former world heavyweight champion.

    KJ Punk

    KJ Punk arrives on stage to an eruption of cheers. He walks over to David Ryan and the two exchange a handshake. Ryan raises Punk’s hand into the air, clearly delighted with this draft pick.

    Mike: This is a huge move for Punk. He could literally be the face of Revolution.

    Rocky: Good riddance to him, too!

    Smokey goes in for one last time.

    Mandy: 7. Well, this man-

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    Rocky: WOW!!!!! We’ve got the World Heavyweight Champion on Chaos! Ha! Screw you, revolution.

    Mike: As much of a bully as I find Shaz, we have had five HUGE draft picks for Chaos!

    Shaz arrives on the staging area and instead of making his way towards Smokey, he walks towards Ryan. Once he gets in the face of the new GM of Revolution, Shaz raises the IWA Heavyweight Championship into the air. This is met by an eruption of boos, but those boos get even louder as Shaz gives Ryan the middle finger.

    Rocky: Haha! You tell ‘em, Shaz!

    KJ Punk walks over and slaps Shaz’s hand down and starts to mouth off at him. Shaz shoves him in response. AJ Dixon runs over and clotheslines Shaz on the back of the head, knocking the champion down. Dixon starts stomping on Shaz as Punk throws a right hand, instantly stunning Dixon in the process. Punk knocks down Dixon with another right, but in turn gets knocked down by Mike Hawk. Hawk stands cockily over Punk, but he doesn’t see what’s coming...

    Mike: SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! Darius just took out Mike Hawk!

    Rocky: Damn cheap shot.

    The other wrestlers watch on in amusement. Darius stands up, looks at Ryan and starts to laugh but when he turns around...


    Kyojin stands over the fallen men and reaches down. He picks up the IWA Heavyweight Championship and looks at it for a while. Then he takes a couple of steps closer to Shaz before nonchalantly dropping it from a height onto Shaz’s chest. Kyojin then walks through the curtain, exiting the arena. The cameras then focus on Rocky & Mike.
    Mike: What an amazing night so far!!

    Rocky: It just gets better ... Up next is Jackson Smith vs. Ano Doom!!!

    Mike: That's right! It’s time for another massive personal rivalry and perhaps one of the most anticipated matches all night!

    Rocky: That’s right, Jackson Smith against Ano Doom! These two have had an issue with each other since the second Chaos after Destined For Immortality and we’ve taken all kinds of twists and turns since!

    Mike: That’s right! Doom attacked Smith when he cashed in his Money in the Bank Briefcase for a shot at the former Endurance Champion Mr. Smyth!

    Rocky: Before a massive brawl occurred the last time we were on PPV way back at Last Resort!

    Mike: It’s taken a sinister turn recently with Doom stealing Smith’s girlfriend Alex. This will be an all out war!

    Rocky: But let’s face it, Doom is a cyborg. Smith doesn’t stand a chance.

    Emily Davis: This contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at 255 pounds, Jackson ‘The Boss’ Smith!

    The fans cheer loudly as Smith explodes out of the curtain. He looks around at the fans with a smile on his face before walking with purpose towards the ring. He slides in and jumps to the top rope and roars, throwing his arms out to another huge roar.

    Mike: I don’t know about that Rock! Smith looks set for a hell of a match right now, this is the most intense I think I’ve ever seen him.

    Rocky: When do you ever see Ano Doom not full of intensity?

    Emily Davis: And his opponent! From The Netherworld, weighing in at 350 pounds! He is The Demon Cyborg, Ano Doooooooooooom!

    Doom walks out to the stage as the fans boo loudly. Doom begins to make his way down the ramp as Smith is shown watching on from the ring. Doom climbs up the steel steps and gets over the top rope, staring down at Smith.

    Mike: Doom loves these type of occasions. He’s always on top of his game.

    Rocky: Big match winner Mike. Simple as that.

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    (From 11:35 to 17:16)

    Mike: Big kickout from Smith!

    Rocky: This has been a hell of a brawl so far!

    Smith powers out as Doom immediately grabs Smith and goes for a crossface, but Smith rolls through and locks in a sleeper hold! Doom begins to power out by using the ropes to reach his feet, with Smith still hanging on, onto his back. Doom swings Smith around and gets a good grip, landing a side walk slam. He stands up, runs at the ropes and lands a huge elbow drop to Smith’ heart!

    Doom grabs Smith by the hair and drags him up to a standing position. He holds Smith in front of his face and roars but Smith roars back and hits a huge right hand that has Doom backing up to the ropes. He bounces off the ropes and falls forwards where Smith is ready to catch him in a running powerslam position. He runs at the corner and drives Doom’s head into the top turnbuckle.

    He turns and slams Doom to the ground angrily. He covers.




    Doom kicks out! Smith knows it’s the closest either competitor has come to winning yet as he pounds the canvas with frustration. He picks Doom up and looks to set him up with the Killer Instinct.

    Mike: Wow! Smith got Doom up!

    Rocky: But can he get him down?

    No he can’t is the answer to that as just as Smith manages to get Doom up, Doom manages to struggle his way out and to a knee. He punches Smith in the gut that sends him backwards. Doom flies forwards and connects with Demon’s Trick (Discus Elbow Strike)! He drops down and covers Smith.




    Somehow, Smith throws the shoulder up. Doom can’t believe it as he screams in anger. He grabs a hold of Smith’ head and slams it backwards into the canvas. He once again goes for a cover but Smith rolls through with a crucifix pin!




    Doom powers out as he immediately uses the ropes to reach his feet, kicking a rising Smith in the side as he tries to climb up to his feet too. Smith rolls through to all fours again as Doom stays hanging on the ropes. He notices his chance and runs forwards, going to connect with the Kick of the Ancient Curse (Orton Punk Kick) but Smith moves at the last second, climbing to his feet as Doom turns around, and hitting a huge clothesline.

    Doom doesn’t go down though, merely backwards into the corner. Smith runs forwards and connects with another clothesline, trapping Doom in the corner. Smith ducks down and drives his shoulder into Doom’s ribs. He does it a second time before standing up straight once more and hitting a huge right hand to Doom’s jaw that has him shaking. Doom stumbles forwards as Smith backs up, bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a Spear that takes Doom down. Smith covers.




    Mike: Wow! I thought that was it!

    Rocky: That Spear shook the entire ring!

    Doom kicks out as Smith drags him to a standing position. He hits a massive left hand that has Doom stumbling back once more. Smith follows up with a right hand that has Doom sprawling. Doom backs up to the corner as a bloodied Smith backs up and runs at Doom, going for a splash but Doom moves at the last second and Smith hits the corner. He backs up and turns right into Doom’s grip, who lifts Smith above his head with amazing strength before transitioning into the World’s Strongest Slam to complete the Annihiliater! Doom drops down and goes for a cover on Smith.




    Smith powers out and immediately gets a second wind, driving an elbow into Doom’s temple before Doom can get up entirely. Smith grabs Doom around the neck and drags him up to a standing position from behind. He immediately twists Doom around and kicks him in the gut. He grabs both of Doom’s arms and connects with a double arm DDT, driving Doom’s face into the ground.

    Doom immediately rolls to the outside as Smith is furious at himself once again, hitting himself in the shoulder, before climbing out of the ring and dragging Doom to a standing position, but Doom pushes Smith backwards into the fan’s barricade. He runs forward and connects with a big boot that sends Smith to the floor. He picks Smith up and rolls him into the ring.

    Doom climbs to the apron as Smith begins to get up. Doom begins to climb through the ropes but Smith kicks him in the face, he grabs Doom by the head and drags him through going for another DDT but Doom powers out and sends Smith over his head, to the canvas!

    Mike: Doom showing his power once more!

    Rocky: I hope Smith gets what’s happening here- he’s gonna lose!

    Doom turns around and grabs Smith by the head, dragging him up to a standing position. He traps Smith underneath his arm, before lifting him up into a Shell Shocked position, he walks around in the ring with Smith on his shoulders, but just as he goes to complete the Cold Blooded Murder, Smith manages to drop down.

    Doom turns around but Smith kicks him in the gut. He picks Doom up looking for the Killer Instinct once more and manages to get the cyborg on his shoulders! He twists around, showing the entire arena his feat of strength, but as he faces the titantron, a single spotlight is shown as a rope lowers from the ceiling.

    Mike: It’s Alex! She’s tied up!

    Rocky: Oh my god.

    Smith angrily drops Doom and stares at Alex, who is screaming. He climbs out of the ring and walks up the ramp. He turns back around to look at Doom, who is rising in the ring. He reaches his feet as Smith is furious on the ramp, looking from Doom to Alex high above him. He looks back at Doom who points at Alex.

    Mike: Doom just set the rope on fire!

    Rocky: Oh my god!

    Smith is furious as he stands below Alex. Doom is shown to be shaking as if he were laughing. Smith looks up at Alex who is screaming more than ever. Suddenly the rope snaps!

    Mike & Rocky: Oh my god!

    Smith catches Alex.

    Mike: Smith did it! He caught Alex!


    Emily Davis: Here is your winner as a result of countout, The Demon Cyborg, Ano Doom!

    Rocky: Doom did it! He beat Smith!

    Mike: What?!

    Rocky: The referee was counting Smith out all that time!

    Smith is seen hugging Alex on the stage as he keeps her in his arms, the match has been forgotten about as Smith walks through the curtain. Doom in the ring puts his arms in the air in celebration.

    Mike: Well Smith just saved Alex, and IWA, from a difficult situation.

    Rocky: How impressive is Doom?

    Mike: Impressive? He’s a bloody psychopath!

    Rocky: Exactly!

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    In an empty hallway backstage, Sagittarius Blue is standing posted against the wall, wearing casual clothes instead of his ring gear. He has his head up looking at the lights in the ceiling as he muses to himself...

    Sagittarius Blue: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Yeah... that's cliche as hell. But that's what I'm looking for. A light. A sign that the worst of all this cockamanie bullshit is behind me. Heh... and people say "jail ain't shit!" Now THAT'S a fucking crock if I've heard it!

    But the great news is: I've seen the sign. Or heard it, at least. That sign... is one word. One word that defines a whole lot... REVOLUTION. That word is a name... the name of IWA's new second show. It makes perfect sense. Think: first, there is Chaos. There is anarchy as the old order is sent into upheaval and the streets are razed clean. And then... there is Revolution. When those who feel that the change must happen - that the change is now - stand up, take arms, and fight to make that change real. And I'm telling you: that change is NOW. IWA is bigger, stronger than ever before - beyond everything we've ever dreamed... and with so much chaos, a revolution is all but inevitable.

    Change... another word I can't stop thinking about. I mean, I was on a tear here in IWA... and then things changed. I got screwed over a few times, I reacted... and I wound up in jail. Going to court in a couple more days... and looking forward to another change: namely, the charges being dropped. Which will allow me to come back to the ring... to come back home... and to come kick in Domino's face once I get the chance. Oh, Domino, Domino, Domino... do you really know what you've done? Yeah, that little stunt put me in a nasty slice of hell. It also took me back to what made me great before I came here - it took me to a world where there were no rules and no help... where you literally fought for your life. Because no one else would.

    Just imagine what that means for when I see you next.

    But my road won't end there. No, that's just step one - nah, that's just the prologue - in my story of redemption. There's so much more - so much that I have been aching to accomplish here in IWA! Heh... the one good thing about coming from the bottom...

    Looks up at the lights again

    ... is that the only way to go is up. And I plan to reach for the stars.
    The cameras cut back to Mike and Rocky

    Rocky: What the hell was that about?

    Mike: I'm not sure, but I think Blue is on a mission.

    Rocky: Who cares! We get to see Jonathan Seahawk whoop Ace Note's ass now!!

    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 266 lbs ... Jonathan Seahawk!!

    Seahawk makes his way onto the stage to jeers and boos from the sold out crowd. Seahawk makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, trash talking some fans outside of the ring while he waits for his opponent.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent weighing in at 223 lbs ... Ace Note!

    The crowd explodes with cheers as Ace Note runs onto the stage and poses for the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs onto the apron, staring down Seahawk as he slowly crawls into the ring.

    Ace Note (Cena) vs. Jonathan Seahawk (Batista)
    (Start 11:03 End 23:58)

    Mike: My god! Seahawk already planted Note with one massive powerbomb and now he is going for another?!

    Rocky: Right to the outside of the ring it looks like!

    Seahawk powerbombs Note down onto the mat a second time, and then hoists him up a third time but this time he charges at the ropes and tosses Note over the top rope and out of the ring! Note crashes against the barricade and goes right through it and into the crowd!

    Seahawk rolls under the rope and makes his way to Note who is laying flat on his back in the crowd. Seahawk grabs Note by the ankle and drags him out of the crowd and then lifts him to his feet and throws him into the steel steps, crashing over top of them.

    Seahawk rolls into the ring then back out, breaking the referee's count. Seahawk picks Note back up to his feet and bashes his head off of the apron and then rolls him into the ring. Seahawk climbs into the ring and then pulls Note to the middle of the ring and hooks his leg with a smirk.

    One! Two! Thr - No!

    Mike: Ace Note will not die!

    Rocky: How stupid is this kid?! His misery could end now if he just let him get the pin!!

    Mike: Note has a lot of will power, he will not go down without a fight!

    Seahawk sits up and cusses at the referee, telling him to "Raise my damn hand" but the referee says it was only two. Seahawk gets into the referees face and continues to argue but then he notices that Note is starting to stir. Seahawk lifts Note up and drags him over to the turnbuckle and leans him up against it.

    Seahawk backs away from the turnbuckle and winds up his right arm for a moment and then charges Note and goes for a meathook clothesline, but Note pulls himself away with the rope, making Seahawk crash into the turnbuckle hard! Note starts to recuperate as Seahawk pulls himself from the turnbuckle, and then when Seahawk turns around Note lands a hard kick to his sternum!

    Note then shoves Seahawk into the turnbuckle and starts to lay hard shots into Seahawk's gut and kidneys, then he drives his shoulder into Seahawk's stomach three times. Note then backs off as the crowd chants his name and he feeds off of the energy as he stalks Seahawk.

    Mike: Ace Note just got his second wind but can he pull this off?

    Rocky: A few shots to the gut won't take Seahawk down!

    Note then charges Seahawk and goes for a high knee in the corner but Seahawk catches him and throws him onto his shoulders for the shell shock, but Note manages to slide down onto the top rope and then launches himself from the top with the Grandstand (Moonsault) and lands onto Seahawk, dropping him to the mat! Note covers Seahawk!

    One! Two! No!

    Seahawk throws Note off of him and both men get back to their feet. Note kicks Seahawk in the gut and tosses him over the rope and onto the apron. Seahawk kicks Note in the gut and then lifts him onto his shoulder ...

    (Start 00:05, End 00:10. Batista/Seahawk Undertaker/Seahawk)

    Mike: Oh my god! Oh my god!!

    Rocky: No fucking way!! Note managed to flip Seahawk over the fucking rope from the apron!!

    Note sets Seahawk up for the Carny Driver ..

    He plants him in the middle of the ring and covers him!!

    One! Two! Three!!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Ace Note!!!

    Mike: Wow!! What an amazing come back!

    Rocky: I'll admit, that was fucking awesome!!

    Mike: That goes to show that even the under dogs can win! Congratulations Ace Note!

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    Sugar & Spice's music hits and the arena's filled with a mixture of cheers and boos as they make their way to the ring to their usual sensual posing carrying their custom mics with them.

    Spice: Sugar and I are very... *in a sensual voice* EXCITED! Aren't we Sugar?

    Sugar licks her lips.

    Sugar: Yes we're very... *she caresses her chest and speaks in a sensual voice* EXCITED! And do you want to know why we're so... EXCITED?

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Spice: It's because at Night of Destiny Sugar and Spice will finally get their chance to get it on in front of all of you.

    The fans cheer even louder.

    Sugar: But we're not talking about one on one action, we're talking about a 3 way.

    The fans continue cheering.

    Spice: Or rather 2 against one because at Night of Destiny Sugar and Spice will finally face Juno Mercury in a handicap match.

    The fans start booing.

    Sugar: What? Did you actually think we were gonna engage in some hot lesbian action in this ring for your viewing pleasure?

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Spice: Oh so that's what you want to see? You want to see me get right in Sugar's face *moves right in front of Sugar*, grab her by the neck *she grabs Sugar's neck with one hand*, slowly press my lips to hers *she positions herself just inches from Sugar's lips*...

    The fans are cheering loudly once more, but Spice moves away without kissing Sugar.

    Spice: Well I hate to disappoint you, but that's just not gonna happen.

    The fans boo once more and Sugar and Spice laugh.

    Sugar: It's about damn time that we start getting some respect around here and when we get our hands on Juno we'll teach her to respect and fear us!

    Spice: That's right Sugar we are the best this women's division has to offer and we've been held back for far too long. It's like the people who run this show are intimidated by us, worried that we'll put the rest of the division to shame. It's not our fault that we're so beautiful and everyone loves us.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Sugar: Oh shut up, you know it's true!

    Spice: Anyway that's not the only reason we're excited, is it Sugar?

    Sugar: No Spice, I don't believe it is. We're also excited because with the new show starting soon there will be even more time for Sugar and Spice. Yay!

    Sugar and Spice act happy and the fans are divided between cheers and boos.

    Spice: So the whole women's division here better get ready cause once we're done with Juno Mercury Sugar and Spice are coming for the gold.

    Sugar and Spice's music plays and they make their way to the back once again with a mixture of cheers and boos.

    Rocky: Goddamn, they are so sexy ...

    Mike: Keep it in your pants, Rocky.

    Emily Davis: The following contest is a handicap match! Already in the ring, Sugar & Spice!

    The crowd has a mixed reaction.

    Emily Davis: And their opponent ... from Belfast, Northern Ireland ... Juno Mercury!

    The crowd pops loud for Juno as she makes her way down the ramp.

    Sugar & Spice (LayCool) vs. Juno Mercury (Natalya)
    (Start 1:10 End 4:40)

    Juno has the sharpshooter locked in right and Spice is screaming with pain! Spice reaches for the bottom rope but Juno just drags her away and applies more pressure! Spice is about to tap out but then Sugar dives into the ring and kicks Juno in the head hard, breaking the hold!

    Sugar helps Spice to her feet, ignoring the referee's count until four and then makes her way back out of the ring. Spice starts to stomp away at the downed Juno, and then kicks her hard in the chest. Spice grabs Juno's legs and drags her to the corner and then climbs to the middle rope and bounces a bit before jumping down and attempting to drive her knees into Juno's chest ..

    But Juno rolls out of the way! Spice lands on her knees and then Juno springboards from the middle rope and connects with a flying DDT to Spice! Juno covers Spice!

    One! Two! No!

    Spice kicks out! Juno punches the mat a bit in a rage. While Juno rages, Spice rolls over to Sugar and tags her in without Juno knowing. Juno gets to get feet and attacks Spice, dragging her to the center of the ring and laying hard elbows into Spice's head and neck! The referee pulls Juno off and Juno flips out on him, asking why he is interfering! Before the referee can explain, Sugar hits Juno in the back of the head hard!

    Sugar then throws Juno into the corner and starts to kick her in the abdomen many times, then clotheslines her in the corner. Sugar pulls Juno back into her and then tosses her with a belly to belly suplex! Sugar quickly gets back up and then picks Juno up, turns her around and then plants her with the Sugar Rush in the center of the ring! Sugar covers Juno!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: Here are your winners ... Sugar and Spice!!

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