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    2 Exclusive Video

    The camera fades in and we see Seth Gabel sitting on a stool in casual clothing, right next to a large flat screen TV.

    Seth: Hey guys, Seth Gabel here for We've had a video sent to us via special delivery after Chaos went off the air. We're not entirely sure of the source of the tape, or indeed why it was sent to us, but Smokey has given us permission to air it online.

    The screen now changes to what is being shown on the TV next to Seth.

    Seth looks at the final image of the footage for a moment before looking back to the camera.

    Seth: We're pretty certain that whoever this is, this won't be the last we hear from them. As soon as we know more, we'll let you know exclusively here on

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    Mike James: Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday Night Chaos! I'm joined by my broadcast partner Rocky Reynolds and we have an excellent show for you tonight!

    Rocky Reynolds: You've got that right! Tonight we see ...


    Shaz's music hits, as the crowd's cheers suddenly turn into deafening boos. Shaz comes out with his title wrapped around his chain as he slides into the ring with a mic.

    Shaz: First of all, I'd like to say that this is a warm crowd. Especially with the pointless jeers. However, I'm just going to cut to the chase- and explain why I brought out that midget out here in this ring last week. But there is one requirement that will be needed, in order to make me spill the beans.

    I'll need you all to shut the fuck up.

    The crowd go nuts with boos, but all Shaz does is grin. The crowd's boos eventually fade, as we get silence for Shaz to speak.

    Shaz: Ever since Divine vs. Shaz was announced for Night of Legends, there is one phrase that has been doing my head in lately. I've walked about in the hood, and people have been telling me...that Divine's gonna beat you. I've walked into pubs, and they all said- Divine's gonna beat you.

    So that led me, to knowing that I had to do something- that would catch Divine's eye. Something that would get on his skin, because ever since we agreed to having a match at Night of Legends, which he still doesn't deserve by the way- he's been underestimating me too much.

    Yeah, I know this is Vintage Divine- but how the fuck could he dismiss the IWA Champion as a threat? There is a bloody reason as to why I'm the top dog around here, and this belt proves it. Every superstar that Smokey has put against me, I've beaten them down- and I've left a frickin' winner. Which is why...

    I played mind games with you.

    Crowd boo and chant YOU SUCK as Shaz looks pissed off.

    Shaz: But it looks to me, as if that didn't work. So I guess it's back to the drawing board- but trust me Divine, I will get into that head of yours- and I will make you regret challenging me to a match. You think you're the best around here, you think you're the real deal- when in reality, you're just another tally that is going to be added to my list of wrestlers that I've defeated to retain this belt.

    Now look, I've explained my actions for what I did- so now it's best for you Divine, to explain yours. What exactly did you mean, when you said: "My turn next week." Because in a nutshell, it looks like you're trying to play my game. And I definitely am NOT, cool with that- so get your ass out here and be a man for once!

    Chris Divine

    The fans go insane when Divine's music hits but he doesn't come out. Instead the lights go black, making the fans pop even louder. Divine's voice can be heard on the speakers.

    Divine: Last week Chris Divine was mocked by some gangster wannabe who goes by the name of Shaz. Divine doesn't take being mocked very lightly. Divine knows that he is not a small person, and the billions ...

    Crowd: AND BILLIONS!

    Divine: Know damn well that Divine was not that small person that was sitting in this very ring last week. Divine wants to say something to you, Shaz and Divine wants you to listen very closely.

    The lights start to flicker.

    Divine: Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?

    The lights flash on and Divine is standing behind Shaz in the ring! Shaz turns around and quickly backs up as Divine smiles widely. Shaz rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp but then Divine rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp after him!

    Mike: What the hell just happened?

    Rocky: I'm not quite sure ...

    Mike: Anyway ... Up next we will see the former IWA champion AJ Dixon take on the one and the only JMan!

    Rocky: And that is up next!

    Mike: I just said that ...

    Rocky: I said it better!

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    Emily Davis: Your following contest is set for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 255lbs and hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, “Primetime” AJ Dixon!

    AJ Dixon

    Rocky: This is one talented young man, part of the best stable in IWA and he will be a stand-out in this business.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, weighing in at 205lbs, Jman!


    Mike: This is a man I like; he has got something that will make him a champ one day.

    CM Punk (Jman) Vs. Elijah Burke (AJ Dixon)
    Start at 3:02 and End at 12:09

    Making a run at Dixon, Jman lands a spinning heel kick to the jaw Dixon and knocking him to the mat, he falls against the ropes trying to regroup while Dixon is laid flat on the ring apron…

    Mike: Non-Stop action here tonight…

    Jman pulls himself up by the ropes and he is met by a blow to the jaw from Dixon, they begin to trade blows in the centre of the ring…
    This assault is now a combination of knee shots to the gut and kicks to his legs…Continuous knees and kicks, Dixon is finally weakening…

    Jman locks the right arm of Dixon… TAZPLEX, slamming him to the mat…

    Mike: Oh my… did you hear the sound of that impact; Jman is definitely a man on a mission here tonight…

    Jman heads to the top rope, looking at the still AJ Dixon, he sets himself up and he caught in mid-air, scoop slam from Dixon…

    Rocky: Yes that is what I am taking about!!

    Dixon smiles as he watches Jman in the center of the ring, he heads to the top rope and setting himself up, unsuspecting he is met by the kick to the temple from Jman…

    Mike: What a kick that will daze him…

    Another kick to the temple from man and he lands onto the apron face first, Jman acting fast climbs to the top rope and waiting for him to turn to his back, he leaps and lands a Macho Man elbow drop to his chest….
    Backing into the corner, Jman waits, watching and in some way his eyes stalking Dixon…

    Mike: Jman is determined to win this contest; he is determined to beat AJ Dixon…

    As Dixon rises, turns to face Jman and LETS GO EAT!! Landing his finisher, he goes for the pin

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, Jman!

    Mike: And JMan picks up the victory over the former world champ!

    Rocky: Oh please! He got lucky!

    Mike: That was hardly luck Rocky, just accept it!


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    The Insane-O-Tron flickers to life and Ano Doom is seen.

    Ano Doom: Jackson Smith. Jackson Smith. What is wrong with you? Seriously, really...What is it? Since arriving in this land of Insane Wrestling, I have damn near left you laid out every...single...time I see you.

    I make it known that the Robotic Villain has arrived, Drop you flat on your brain with a piledriver- Oh wait, we may have just found our answer right there...Did I tear up your mind when I spiked you headfirst into the canvas during your title match? Are you less mentally fit now than before you met me? Maybe so, because your mindstate sure has been nothing short of pure rage and turmoil ever since then. If I gave a damn fuck about you I'd almost feel bad...if I was CAPABLE of that, that is. Anyways, I am getting away from the point.

    I hit the ring during your Endurance title shot, scramble your brain with a Tombstone Piledriver, then damn near break every bone in your body with the most sickening and devestating maneuver known to man...Cold. Blooded. Murder... And you're completely done as far as that belt goes. Fast forward to when that foolish, unfortunate soul, was about to be utterly obliterated...Much like your title shot, I might add, and then you come out, do the exact same thing you accuse me of, and hit me from out of nowhere. You're a hypocrite as well now. You blindside me, then, put this into perspective, you hit me and hit me, get hit back, then I grab your throat and just toss you sideways like a giant with a midget. I threw you away from me...By the neck.

    By the neck Jackson, there's a real pattern here coming into play you just fail to see. You're not on my level, physically, in any way shape of form. You're "The Boss", but I kick the living shit out of you every time we are near each other. Again, I digress from the point. Funny how an egomaniac like you has a way of making me do that.

    So then we get to Last resort, you open your mouth again and then get sent, tumbling through the air by the neck- which by the way, When I launched you in the other direction on Chaos weeks back, it was a preview of that, you just didn't know it. You got SLAMMED through a blazing table from ten feet above, hit concrete and then people thought you were out for good maybe. You go to the hospital, I come to see your young woman, ONLY to tell her just what you've gotten yourself into, to maybe help you see things differentlly; If you won't listen to me, maybe she could reach you. No, nope, nope. Didn't happen like I intended at all, only fueled your bravado and pigheadedness.

    Now we are here, you just returned last week and come in, to NOONE'S surprise I'm sure, and shit talk all over the place as usual, once again. What's going on...with your brain? You don't damn near get your career as you know it ended then walk right in here and say "That didn't hurt! Yo ho ho!" You just clearly aren't a well man and since you want to fight me in a ring finally, you've got it. You're on, Jackson.

    I'm going to do what Smokey, what kind of name is that anyways- Should have done long ago, with your unfit mentallity and all, and take you out once and for all, and finish what I started at Last Resort. You wanna get in a ring with me and just have me get flat out nasty and unmerciless? Fine, so be it, you really didn't even have to challenge me for that, it was a foregone conclusion for the future as it is. Try to keep your eyes open too as I'm giving you the utmost pain and punishment without remorse. That way you will see the same thing that shocks the rest of the world.

    The cameras cut to the backstage where Slayde is seen just as he's about to burst into Smokey's office, the door slams against the wall as Slayde enters with great force. He sees Smokey sitting in his desk and makes his towards him and lams his fists against the desk and speaks....

    Slayde: Smokey, I come knowing you are a man who knows what's good for business and since Pamich has yet to give me an answer, I demand that you book the match between he and I at Night of Legends.

    You know that has to happen. IWA needs to see the end of Pamich at my hands. Just because he's is too much of a coward to accept himself is no reason to not have this happen and you damn well know it.

    So come on, use your power to make this happen.

    Just as Smokey is about to reply we see Mr. Smyth enter the office. The fans boo at the sight of the IWA Endurance champion as he walks into shot with his title belt on his shoulder. He stands next to Slayde and offers his hand for a handshake.

    Mr. Smyth: Orion. Good to see you.

    Slayde looks down at the hand, then back up to Smyth.

    Mr. Smyth: ...still sore about me kicking you from post to post a few months back, eh? Never mind. Since you’re not in a hospitable mood towards your Endurance champion, step to one side. I’ve got some business to discuss with stumpy over here.

    Smyth turns away from Slayde and focuses his attention on Smokey.

    Mr. Smyth: Allow me to do a run down for you. Kyojin, Jackson Smith, Sagittarius Blue, Oscar Layman, Malcolm Adonis; what do each and every one of these men have in common, Smokey?

    The fans boo as Mr. Smyth awaits an answer from Smokey. The answer, however, never comes as Smokey just stares at Smyth.

    Mr. Smyth: Have I just walked into an office of mutes? Well I’ll tell you what they have in common: they have all fallen down when they are pitted against me. So here’s the deal: I’m bored now. Week after week you have someone new go up against me and week after week, I beat them. This beautiful title here, it’s staying on my shoulder and I know you’re planning something in your head that you think will remove me as your Endurance champion, but I have to tell you that your plan will fail yet again.

    The fans boo.

    Mr. Smyth: Instead, I will help you save face and take the night off. There are better things for me to do anyway. Have a good evening Smokey, and don’t be so down. Soon enough, you will embrace me as your champion and the world will be a better place for it.

    Smyth turns to leave as Smokey shouts at him.

    Smokey: Are you taking the piss? You’re going nowhere. I have no idea where you get off thinking that you can pick and choose where and when you work.

    Smokey turns to Slayde.

    Smokey: I haven’t decided whether I want you and Pamich in a match at Night of Legends, so I’ll need to have a think about that. Before then though, there is something I can give you. A shot at the IWA Endurance Championship.

    The fans cheer as Slayde nods with a smile on his face. Smyth, on the other hand, has a look of concern on his.

    Smokey: Tonight, Slayde will fight Mr. Smyth one on one for that title right there. Kick his ass for me Slayde and if you beat Smyth tonight, I may be even more persuaded to book a match between you and Pamich at the pay-per-view.

    Mr. Smyth goes to speak, bit Smokey cuts him off.

    Smokey: I’m not fucking interested. Now both of you, get the hell out of my office!

    Smyth storms out followed by a smiling Slayde. The camera looks back at Smokey who has started to lean against his desk. After a moment, Smokey looks towards the door and immediately jumps back up into a standing position. The camera pans to the right where we see a middle aged woman. She has blonde hair, is smartly dressed in a business suit and is wearing a pass around her neck. She walks towards Smokey before starting to speak.

    Woman: Hello, Daniel.

    Smokey: It’s Smokey.

    The woman smiles, and decides to humor him.

    Woman: Of course. You got my memo, didn’t you?

    Smokey: Yeah, about that, I was-

    Woman: I think it’s about time we had a conversation, don’t you?

    Smokey looks at her for a moment before nodding, clearly looking defeated. The woman walks around the desk and takes a seat in Smokey’s chair before the camera fades away.
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    Emily Davis: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first ... Ryan "The Freak" Wells!

    The crowds boos loudly for the beast known as Ryan Wells! Wells makes his way down the ramp and then slides into the ring.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent ... "The Noble Warrior" Kyojin!

    The cheers for Wells turns to boos for Kyojin as he makes his way onto the stage with a smug grin. Kyojin makes his way down the ramp and then slides into the ring.

    Ryan Wells (Batista) vs. Kyojin (Shawn Michaels)
    (Start 3:05 End 12:25)

    Mike: Wow! What a maneuver by Kyojin!

    Rocky: And that is why that man was the final ICW champion! That was just awesome!

    Despite the innovative maneuver to escape the two handed chokeslam, the crowd still boos Kyojin as he gets to his feet. Kyojin runs to the ropes then springboards from the second rope and lands onto Wells with a stiff elbow to his chest. Kyojin gets back to his feet again, and goes for the same springboard then connects again! Wells clutches his chest and starts to cough. Kyojin then grabs Wells by the legs and drags him to the turnbuckle. Kyojin climbs to the top turnbuckle and signals for the Rising Sun! Kyojin then dives from the top but Wells rolls out of the way! Kyojin manages to catch himself when he lands and does not take as much damage because of it.

    Wells pulls himself to his feet with the ropes and then Kyojin goes for another chop to Wells chest!

    Chop, chop, and chop.

    Kyojin hits three hard chops to Wells chest and then he Irish whips Wells to the turnbuckle. Kyojin moves down the ropes a bit and then launches himself from the middle rope and attempts to connect with the Truth Hurts, but Wells grabs Kyojin's leg midair and slams him down to the mat hard!

    Mike: We were talking about Kyojin being innovative early, but that move was just as innovative! It looked like a makeshift spinebuster but using the opponent's leg to slam him to the mat!

    Rocky: Eh. I still think Kyojin's DDT was better!

    Wells sits against the turnbuckle and then Wells hits the mat a few times as if he is trying to regain strength and then he jumps to his feet! Kyojin slowly gets to his feet and then Wells charges at Kyojin and drops him with a meat hook clothesline, sending Kyojin head over ass backwards! Wells wastes no time and grabs Kyojin by the throat and lifts him back to his feet with one hand! Wells then smacks Kyojin hard in the chest with a chop!

    Chop, chop, chop, chop!
    Chop, chop, chop, chop!

    Mike: Haha! Kyojin is getting a taste of his own medicine now!!

    Wells finishes the chops and then tosses Kyojin into the ropes. Kyojin bounces off the middle rope and goes for the Truth Hurts ...

    Kyojin flies through the air and is about to connect with the Truth Hurts!

    Rocky: How the hell!?

    Mike: WOW!! Wells just CAUGHT Kyojin mid air!!

    Rocky: And now he is setting up for ...

    Mike: Wait, no! Kyojin got down and is going for the ropes!

    Rocky: And now the Truth Hurts!

    Kyojin kicks Wells right in the jaw with the Truth Hurts and goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Kyojin!
    Kyojin gets to his feet and the referee raises his arm in victory! While Wells lays on his gut in the ring, Oscar Layman slides into the ring behind Wells and dives down onto Wells and continues to drop elbows into Wells's skull, and then Layman stands to his feet and starts to stomp away at Wells until the referee pulls him away and holds him against the turnbuckle.

    Mike: What a coward!

    Rocky: Oh shut up! This is wrestling! Not ball room dancing!
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    The camera cuts to the backstage area where Chris Divine is seen roaming the halls, looking inside of trash cans and boxes. Divine sees a crew member walking down the hall and Divine stops him.

    Divine: You there!

    Man: Yes, Mr. Divine?

    Divine: Divine is looking for Shaz ... Has the hard working crew man seen Shaz around? Divine wants to put his boot right up Shaz's candy ass!

    Man: No sir ... I'm afraid I haven't.

    Divine just walks away from the man with a look of disgust and makes his way further down the hall until he sees a group of women standing around each other talking.

    Divine: Hello ladies.

    Woman #1: Hello Chris.

    Woman #2: Hey Mr. Divine.

    Woman #3: Is there something you need?

    Divine: Yes. The Divine one is looking for someone ... Divine is looking for a man who hides behind little people and trash talks Divine while Divine is not there to whoop his ass all over China! Divine is looking for Shaz! Have any of you beautiful women seen him?

    Women: No.

    Divine: Well damn. Sorry ladies but the Divine one has to go. Since you ladies don't seem busy, why don't you go meet some of the men in the crowd? I'm sure some of them would enjoy the company.

    Divine winks and the men of the crowd can be heard exploding with cheers and chanting Yes! Divine then continues his way down the hall way and starts to call out Shaz's name.

    Divine: Shaz! Divine needs to speak with you!

    Divine starts to carry a tune.

    Divine: Where oh where has my little Shaz gone! Where oh where can he be!

    Divine continues down the hall as we go back to Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: This night just keep getting stranger! It seems like Divine really wants to get his hands on Shaz!

    Rocky: Well thank you Captain Obvious! Shaz is probably out on official business right now!

    Mike: Or hiding!

    Rocky: Shut it! Shaz is a man!

    Outcomes Jonathan Seahawk to some heavy boos, but he doesn't seem to be interested in the boos at all. He completely ignores the fans and gets in the ring. He then demands for a mic.

    Seahawk: Cut my music! Cut it! I'm not in the mood today. I have finally have had enough of this bullshit. You see let me take you to last week.

    Seahawk points to the Insane-O-Tron, but nothing happens.

    Seahawk: Exactly nothing. I'm pissed off cause last week I was not in the show. I just don't get it. I'm the biggest star in this business and yet I can even get 5 seconds of camera time. I say bullshit! I mean IWA management found time for the most shitty group of people to show up in the show. And cause of that, IWA Chaos scored the lowest rating in it's history. Actually, in the history of all television programming. And no, it's not because Ace Note wasn't here last week as well. But, it's because I wasn't used.

    The crowd starts to chant "Fuck Off!".

    Seahawk: Oh shut up! I bet if any of you were in my position then you would be complaining as well. You all know that I deserve better than this. I mean a couple of weeks Ace Note tried to pick a fight with your's truly and IWA couldn't even show a replay. Just Fuck You IWA Management! You know, I give up. Ace Note get out here cause I have even given up hope in humanity.

    *Fans starts to cheer as Ace Note comes out to address Seahawk. Instead of getting in the ring with Seahawk, he simply stands on the top of the ramp and begins to talk trash.*

    Ace Note: Well maybe management didn't want either of us on the show last week because they knew that people would get bored with seeing your sorry ass avoiding me when I call you out to settle things once and for all!

    The cheering gets even louder.

    Ace Note: I gave you the perfect opportunity last week to prove a point. You say how you’re the ass-kicker and how you’re the man yet a guy who’s half your size with a banged up arm frightens you? And you have the gall to say that you deserve to be featured on Chaos like you’re some sort of commodity when you’re nothing but a punk! It’s like I've been saying all along, Seahawk. You ain't nothing but trash. Worthless, uninspiring, horrible, pathetic trash. But you know what, it’s like you don’t realize that at all. I can forgive cockiness but the way you assert dominance over other people, like you deserve it, it just doesn't sir right with me at all. So you know what, if you’re not going to be a man and take up my offer to finish things, I’m going to do it myself!

    Ace runs down the ramp and slides into the ring but Seahawk cuts him off by elbow dropping Note when he tries to enter. He quickly gets a few stomps in across his back before he steps back a bit. As Note uses the ring ropes to pick himself up, Seahawk goes in for the kill with a running boot to the head but Note chop blocks him in his knee, sending Seahawk to the mat and clutching his knee in pain. Ace quickly takes the bad leg and begins hammering away at it and getting in a few stomps for good measure. As Seahawk struggles to get to his feet, Ace Note quickly charges at him and clocks him in the head with a Shining Wizard to the jaw. Looking like he’s had enough, Note turns around to leave the ring but as his body his hald between the ropes and half in the ring, he gets a look of contemplation and decides that he’s not even close to done. Note goes back in the ring and holds Seahawk in a front headlock before he transitions him into a perfect position for a Carny Driver. Looking around at the cheering fans, Note drops him on his head to a nearly standing ovation. Note gets up, looks out at the crowd and smirks, satisfied with his handiwork and leaves the ring.

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    Emily Davis: Your following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Juno Mercury!

    Rocky: Here she is, Miss I can’t win the big one

    Mike: Juno Mercury is one of the most determined and hardworking bombshells on the roster and I have no doubt in my mind that she will one day be a champion

    Emily Davis: And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Spice, from New York City, Sugar!

    Mike: These two ladies have been on young Juno’s case since her debut, whether its envy or down to pure dislike, I am sure Juno is happy to finally get into the ring with one of these two… She doesn't take crap laying down does the Belfast Bombshell

    Lita (Juno) Vs. Trish Stratus (Sugar)
    Start at 1:52 and End at 7:42

    Mike: Both our bombshells are down here, this is such a part and forth contest and I think that these too still have a lot of fight left in them.

    Staggering to the feet, the bombshells square off in the centre of the ring, having a stare down and Sugar lands a slap to the right cheek of Juno Smiling sadistically she doesn’t see the uppercut landed to her jaw from Juno, following this up with a series of blows from Juno, Sugar is weakening and backing her into the ropes, Juno smiles the same sadistic smile, smiled at her, she lands and spinning heel kick to the right temple of Sugar, making her fall face first to the mat

    Mike: That sign of disrespect to Juno, really got her fired up, we see her not even attempting a pin, she wants to continue this match and show Sugar a real lesson

    Rocky: Do you hear yourself?! I mean you are completely ignoring the beautiful, talented Sugar and her wonderful partner who we have at ringside with us and she is better that silly little Juno, standing doing nothing!

    Pulling her up to her feet still unsteady from the kick, Sugar begins to fight back against Juno; they begin to trade blows…


    Sugar lands the hair toss to Juno… making her head smack off the apron. Getting down to the mat she starts smacking the head of Juno off the ring apron, repeatedly and more viciously with each slam!

    We see Spice encouraging Sugar from ringside, cheering and trying to get Sugar to attack Juno more. Sugar smiles at her partner and tries to rally the audience but, the crowd boo her and chants for Juno go through the arena…

    Rocky: What terrible taste in bombshells.

    Juno is getting to her feet, only to be met with another slap by Sugar, running to the rope behind her, running towards Juno, as if going for a kick to the gut, her leg is caught by Juno, who smiles as she struggles and shakes her head and takes her down with a clothesline, flattening her to the mat

    Anger is raging through Juno, running her fingers through her hair and she heads to the top rope, smiling as she waits for Sugar to get to her feet, jumping and landing a diving clothesline on Sugar and going for a fast cover…

    Reversal by Sugar into the small package

    2… Juno breaks out of the small package, shocked and bemused by the reversal….

    Mike: Oh my…this is quite the contest tonight!

    Juno and Sugar begin trading kicks to the legs and the midsection, Sugar ups the kicks and tries to back Juno to the corner, landing a vicious knee shot to Juno, corner head smash off the turnbuckle

    Rocky: Oh she is so Sugar sweet Mike

    Bowing to the crowd and smiling at Spice she heads back to Juno, pulling her hair to get her out of the corner…The ref warns her to watch her actions and she brushes this off… Headed back to Juno, she lands another knee, turning her back to Juno, as though setting her up for another hair toss; she is met by a standing drop kick from Juno! Juno grabs her before she can fall to the mat; she throws her onto her shoulders… GUTBUSTER!

    Mike: Go for the pin JUNO!!

    Juno heads to the ropes, climbing out on to the ring apron, Spice has sprinted to the side of Juno... Juno is unaware until she begins to descend to the top rope and her foot is grabbed by Spice, trying to prevent her climbing further, Juno struggles but, she breaks free and lands a foot to the jaw of Spice sending her off the ring apron and smacking off the floor on the outside…

    Mike: That a girl Juno, no one should be getting involved in this match!!

    Juno sets herself up and smiles at the crowd… she jumps of the top rope and lands…SWANTON BOMB!!!

    Going for the cover

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner Juno Mercury!!

    Holding her midsection she smiles as her hand is raised and she watches Spice holding her jaw, while pulling Sugar out of the ring…

    Mike: Is this in some way a moral victory for Juno, is her score settled with them or is this the start of something amazing?

    The cameras cut to the backstage where Seth is standing by.

    Seth: Hello IWA. I am currently joined by 50% of the current tag team champions and The Infection. Van Hooligan X. *Lively crowd it seems, the boos he is receiving clearly show he isn't a fan favourite.*

    Van: The pleasure is all yours, I assure you.

    Seth: Er..Yes well. I was wondering if we could get a few words on The Infection taking on Damaged Goods but also in a steel cage.

    Van: I think it's plainly fucking obvious what my feelings for this match-up is because like everyone else but the man in charge, Smokey, can figure out...This just isn't needed for this division.

    Here we are putting this division back on track and it is people like Smokey who continue to drag it down! A steel cage match is too barbaric for The Infection to be fighting in. To make matters worse, it's against DG again? How could 1 GM fuck up so badly in just 1 match up!

    This truly is a pointless match. You all know, even you Steve.

    Seth: It's um...Seth

    Van: No, I like Steve, it suits you more...I've rechristen you. You're welcome. But even you Steve, know how pointless this match is. We will wipe the floor with DG again and find a way to win like we always do and I can tell you now that Smokey will fuck up yet again with our next opponents. He did this sort of shit when I was whiping the floor with Artemis and he's doing it again..

    Something needs to be done sooner rather than la--

    ???: Wow, you're still here!?

    A mixed reaction's heard from the crowd, as Sebastian Schweizner, in his mobility scooter, appears, with Gaileo and Gommenta at his side.

    Schweizner: It's no surprise Ramon is still recovering from his wee little Infection so he isn't here with you, but... you! Didn't last week send a message to you? You'll be nothing but a doll to Damaged Goods. Inside the cage, they'll throw you around, into the steel. And they'll keep going, damaging you, before eventually, you'll just be left, a broken toy.

    Everybody knows Damaged Goods are going to regain their titles come Night of Legends, because we'll prove that we are the Legends of IWA. We're the longest reigning champions in IWA History. I know Damaged Goods will win, Damaged Goods know they will win, the fans know they will win, even Steve-

    Seth: Seth

    Schweizner: Sam-

    Seth: Seth

    Schweizner: Sarah-

    Seth: Seth

    Schweizner: Sweet mother of Jesus, nobody gives a crap what you're called! But what you do know, is who will win at Night of Legends, and that is Gaileo and Gommenta. I think Smokey was only fair, making the match a Steel Cage match - a match where Damaged Goods have already beaten two top IWA Tag Teams - the 2nd and 3rd best at the time. Today is Day 172 of Damaged Goods' title reign. It was stolen at Last Resort though, through AthenMan's cheating, and your cheating.

    In fact, maybe, instead of just pushing you around, maybe we should finish you tonight.

    Just then, Gaileo and Gommenta steps in to Van, who doesn't move. Gaileo throws a right hand, but Van blocks, and throws back one of his own, as suddenly the Infection swarm in and attacks Damaged Goods! Schweizner screams at his plans being foiled, as AJ Dixon and Van are kicking Gaileo, while Athena and Ramon are keeping Gommenta down with punches.

    Eventually, AJ Dixon pulls Gaileo to his feet, and lands a Superkick, before Van picks Gaileo up, and lands the VanHammer (Gutwrench Neckbreaker!)! Schweizner shouts that the Infection can't do this, but Van just smiles. Athena then pulls Gommenta up, before lifting him up in a Gorrila Press Position. Schweizner tries to run Athena down, but Athena manages to use her foot to keep Schweizner back, before dropping Gommenta into a Money Maker (Codebreaker) from Carlos!

    CAR: Now... THAT'S! How you push people around and finish it bichano's!

    *The Infection then stand over the hurting Damaged Goods as Athena has Schweiner pressed up against the wall. Ramon then turns his attention to Seth Gabel who is now cowering down in fear off the Infection turning against him.*
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    CAR: Shane.. *Starts to smirk* You should have run while you had the chance chico.

    *Ramon then closes in on Seth who is shaking in fear, his lips trembling while his body can be seen visibly pulsating. As Ramon gets closer, Gabel attempts to speak.*

    Seth: No.. No, please.. I'm doing my job.. I'm just doing my... IT'S SETH! SETH!....GABLE! Not Shane, Not Steve, not Sam.. But Seth!, Seth Gable!

    *The whole of the infection are taking back by the outburst of Seth.. he though looks more scared then ever and now begins to say "Sorry". Ramon clearly see's the funny side and just begins to laugh before grabbing Gable by the shirt and color and pressing him up face to face.. Ramon then starts into the eyes of Seth and raises a closed fist to his face.. Gable at this point has his eyes closed and is whispering "I'm sorry". Carlos Alberto Ramon then gently slaps Seth on the cheek twice before pushing him away and saying..*

    CAR: Get out of here... Seth! *Ramon winks and begins to laugh at Gable as he can be seen running down the corridor* Now what to do with you! *Ramon points at Schweizner*

    *Athena then releases and pushes Schweizner into Van, Van then grabs him by the shirt and throws him into Dixon who smiles before throwing him in to Ramon.. Ramon catches him before throwing him back against the wall as the Infection all close in and surround him before Ramon speaks again.*

    CAR: Night of legends.. the perfect title, for the perfect champions. Me and my amigo Van.. We are legends, we will go down in history as two of the best this business has ever seen. The titles, the awards.. the looks and charisma we have, the groups we have built.. Our success is unmatched by anyone else.

    Your boys, they don't come close.. There title reign is not legendary but it will go down in history.. it will go down as one of the darkest days of tag team wrestling, it will go down as a time where they held the titles because there was no one else to challenge them.. Then, then the Infection turned up. We told everyone.. we told them all we would win the tag team titles and beat you guys and we did.. with ease.

    Now.. Now we are telling you all once again, that come Night of Legends we will beat your boys once more and this time.. we will do it in a steel cage.. There will be no escape.. there is no cure.. The Infection has started and there is no stopping us. *Ramon smiles in the face of Schweizner before slapping him across the face.* Lucky for you.. we are not that evil are we guys. *The Infection all look around at each other before smiling* What do you think? Shall we let him go? *The Infection again smile as Schweizner begins to say "Please.. You have proving your point".

    Okay.. let's let him go, WAIT! My mistake guys.. I'm so sorry. *Ramon flashes an evil grin* We are that evil.. I totally forget. Sorry chico.. It's not personal.. Just business.

    *The Infection then begin beating down on Schweizner who is trying to cover himself. He's being stopped all over though and the Infection are clearly enjoying the damage they have caused. Ramon then turns to the camera and shouts.. "Vamos.. go on, get out of here!" As the camera fades away as the cameraman leaves.*

    Malcolm Adonis

    Mike: Here comes Malcolm Adonis! The number one contender to the Blackout Championship!

    Rocky: How does this chump deserve a shot at Mike Hawk? He got beat by Mr Smyth last week for the Endurance Title, he's clearly not got what it takes to be a champion!

    Mike: But you forget, or ignore the fact that Mike Hawks distraction led to Mr Smyth winning, many people have commented online how Adonis was on the cusp of victory!

    Rocky: Well he's on the cusp of getting his ass kicked by Mike Hawk at Night of Legends..

    Adonis bursts from the backstage area with a big grin on his face as the fans cheer and chant for him. With a cheeky smile he winks at the crowd as wolf whistles emanate from some of the ladies, encouraging him to gyrate for their enjoyment. When finished Adonis begins to walk down the ramp, he circles the ring looking for a little inspiration before finally stopping in front of a particularly buxom lady dressed in as little as she can legally get away with. Adonis pretends to wipe the sweat away from his face with his signature towel, indicating to the girl that she's just too hot to handle before handing her the towel and flashing her a smile and a wink.

    Adonis walks back around the ring to the announcers table and grabs a mic before pointing at the woman again, the cameras focus on her and the men in attendance rain wolf whistles down upon her.. much to the annoyance of many of their girlfriends and wives. Adonis laughs at one woman who stands, arms folded and ticked off before commenting about her boyfriend "Don't worry hunny, if he goes home with her, you can come home with me!" much to her amusement. Adonis jumps up into the ring and continues to grin as he begins to speak.

    Adonis: I dunno about you guys, but after seein' the talent on show tonight Mike Hawk is gettin' pretty damn excited. Did I say Mike Hawk? 'Cause Malcolm meant to say " My Co.." Ahaa! You know i'm jus' playin'! But speakin' of Mike Hawk, lets get straight down to business shall we? Last week Smokey, my boy, the boss himself made Malcolm the number one contender to the Blackout Championship! And Malcolm couldn't be more happy, ya see because Malcolm now gets a chance to go one on one with the very guy that has punked him outta not one, but TWO titles. So how's about we have a little celebration? How's about we get a few hunnies up in this ring to show Malcolm just how excited they are that soon enough he's gonna have a second piece of gold hangin' from his waist!?

    Adonis scans the audience and begins pointing at women, including the two he's already interacted with to come up into the ring. After a minute or so Malcolm is standing in the ring with five smokin' hot women.

    Adonis: Now this is what Malcolm's talkin about! Play my music! We gonna have ourselves a little dance, and we gonna make a little love. You about to see a real life live sex celebration! Ahaaa! Now I know these girls are about to feel me!

    Malcolms music begins playing and the girls begin to dance around Malcolm as he gyrates playfully before indicating for the music to be cut.

    Adonis: Haha naah girls i'm just playin', y'all can go back to your boyfriends before Malcolm gets his ass beat on for bein' a little too familiar, y'all know what am sayin'?

    The women look disappointed but leave the ring as Malcolm watches them leave, admiring the view as the fans boo in jest that the women are leaving.

    Adonis: Now now fellas, Malcolm ain't one to reveal his trade secrets, y'all are just gonna have to wait 'til you get home to get a real show! Now lets get back to Mike Hawk.. and this time Malcolm means.. Mike Hawk. See Bruce Lee, Malcolm wants you to take a good hard look at him and realise one thing, Malcolm knows. See Malcolm knows that you're runnin' scared right now, he knows that the only reason you don't wanna give Malcolm another shot is because you know that you on borrowed time son. That title that you carryin' around at the moment, see Malcolm's comin' for it and he's gonna take it whether you like it or not.

    But that's not all Malcolm knows, see Malcolm knows that you're not only afraid of Malcolm, you afraid of every damn person you ever faced before. See Malcolm and everyone else has you figured chop sticks, you a one trick pony, you fly about the ring but when people know what's comin', what else you got? See the ironic thing about your 'One Chance' policy is that you know that you only ever get one chance to beat a guy, because at the second time of askin', they know every damn thing about you, and that right there is the truth. Malcolm knows you, he knows how you think and he knows what you gonna throw at him, come Night of Legends i'ma bury you deeper than Shinin' Light.

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    The fans cheer at the reference, Adonis goes to speak again but before he can manage another word, Mike Hawk comes through the crowd from behind him. Hawk climbs into the ring, the fans try to warn Adonis but it's too late and Hawk clatters into him from behind sending Adonis down to the canvas.

    Hawk wails on Adonis, fist after fist, he stands and buries boot after boot into Adonis before reaching down and slapping him across the face. Adonis is shell shocked and doesn't know where he is, Hawk gloats at him before taunting him and sizing him up for another attack. Adonis staggers to his feet and looks groggy, he turns around slowly and Hawk aims a vicious kick at the side of Adonis ribs.. but Adonis catches his leg and stares right into the eyes of Hawk!

    Mike: Adonis was playing possum! He's got Hawk right where he wants him!

    Adonis grins at Hawk who tries to wriggle free but Adonis spins him around by the leg, flattening him with a clothesline when he completes the rotation! Adonis poses for the crowd and signals for the Adonis Elbow as Hawk lies prone on the ground! He stands above Hawk and gyrates for the crowd before running towards the first set of ropes, he rebounds and leaps over Hawk towards the other ropes! However as Adonis rebounds for the second time to face Hawk he notices that Hawk has managed to roll out of the way and out of the ring in retreat!

    Adonis walks over to the ropes to chase Hawk but it's already too late, Hawk is half way up the ring and holding onto his jaw where the clothesline hit. Adonis motions to his waist and indicates that come Night of Legends he'll be leaving as the Blackout Champion as Hawk stares him down. The crowd boo as Hawk disappears to the back, Malcolm continues to stare up the ramp with a smirk on his face.

    *Kayfabulous’ theme songs plays and the crowd instantly begins cheering. When Kayfabulous actually does appear, they appear to be very distraught. Not even acknowledging the fans, they head down the ring, microphones in hand. They converse with themselves in conversation as they walk down the ramp, both appearing to be frightened and shocked. Nearly quivering in their boots, they enter the ring, not even bothering to wave to their adoring fans at all as they begin to pace the ring in a circle until Ron stops, turns around to face Drek, grasps on of his shoulders and shakes him back and forth violently.*

    Macoonie: What’re we gonna do, what’re we gonna do, what’re we gonna dooooooo?!

    Drek: Your guess is as good as mine! We can’t do this! We’ll get buried worse than the Bodydonnas if we go against them again! You know how it goes: “plucky tag team gets win by shady means, heels get the big win the next time around before the big rubber match! It always goes down like that, man! ALWAYS!

    Macoonie: And I don’t think they’re fans of tradition, either! They’ll probably jump us from behind and injure us or hack our site or..or…worse.

    *Ron whispers something in Drek’s ear and he immediately sinks to the floor in a fetal position, rocking back and forth.*

    Drek: Oh God! *starts sobbing* Oh God! Anything but that! I couldn’t bear watching Wrestlemania 29 the first time but to make us watch it again?! Nooooooooo!

    *As Drek continues sobbing, Ron takes a good look at the crowd for the first time since coming out and determination begins to fester by the looks of it. He looks down at Drek and tugs at his arm.*

    Macoonie: I know it looks bad…but…we have to be brave! For all of our fans out there! We have to stand strong and accept their challenge! We’ve gotta do it. Our Kayfans are counting on us! C’mon, Drek, we gotta go find Smokey and get our match with Billy and Betty scheduled! We have to!

    *Ron tries to get Drek on his feet but he won’t budge.*

    Drek: I can’t do that! I caaaaaaan’t!

    Macoonie: And why not?

    Drek: Because I already diiiiiiiid!

    *Drek flashes the cheering audience a shit eating grin as he gets to his feet and high fives the now laughing Ron. He joins in, holding up a finger to let the fans know that he’ll regain his composure in just a few seconds. When he finally does, he looks over at Ron and wipes an invisible tear form his eye.*

    Drek: You think we got ‘em? I thought my performance was the most convincing?

    Macoonie: Oh yeah. That stuff puts Brad Pitt to shame. But anyways, more to the point, now I know some of you are thinking that it’s great you guys get to see us go at it with Black Blooded again but what’s the point when his Queers..*clears throat*…sorry, Gears try to come out and attack us from behind again and end the match? Welp, that ain’t happening twice because by orders of Smokey the Bear, them bikers better have something better to do on Sunday cause they is banned from ringside, baby!

    *Crowd cheers loudly.*

    Drek: And if you’re not down with that, we got two woooords for ya!

    *The crowd goes to chant “suck it” but Ron cuts ‘em off.*

    Macoonie: They were actually “Kayfabulous rules” but hey, that works, too! See ya guys later oh and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more exclusive updates on blogs, vlogs and everything else you want to know about us.

    *Kayfabulous leave the ring with their music sending them off.*
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    Back from commerical where Extremely Lethal and The Pardy Boyz are in the ring.

    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen this match is a Hardcore Tornado Tag Match! The rules are simple ... All four men are allowed to be in the ring at the same time. There are no count outs, no disqualifications, and falls count anywhere!

    Mike: Time to continue the best of seven series!

    Rocky: We want blood! *clap clap clap clap clap*

    The crowd follows Rocky and starts to chant the same!

    Extremely Lethal (Riley/Carbon Rey/Venomous) vs. The Pardy Boyz (Swagger/Rymac Miz/D-Boy)
    (Start 3:58 End 10:14)

    D-boy lays on the middle rope dazed from the rope striking him in the throat, and then Carbon comes from out of no where with a steel chair and smashes D-boy square in the face busting him wide open!

    Rocky: Yay! Blood!

    Mike: Oh for the love of God man! He could be seriously hurt!

    D-boy rolls into the ring holding his face as blood starts to pour down his forehead. Venomous wastes no time and covers D-boy!

    One! Two! Rymac breaks up the count with a Singapore cane to Venomous' back!! Rymac keeps slamming the cane down onto Venomous over and over again until Carbon slides into the ring and chases Rymac away with the chair! Rymac swings at Carbon with the cane but Carbon uses the chair as a shield blocking the attack and nearly snapping the cane into two!

    Rymac backs off a bit and then Carbon swings the chair at Rymac, but Rymac drops to one knee and holds the cane horizontally in the air, blocking the chair shot but snapping the cane in the process! Rymac then tackles Carbon to the mat, making him drop the chair, and starts to lay hard right hands into Carbon's forehead repeatedly until Carbon is busted wide open!

    Rocky: Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Mike: Oh grow up!! Ref, stop this match before someone gets hurt!

    Rocky: He can't! Haha this is amazing!

    Mike: Oh my god, Venomous is back to his feet ... Look at his back!!

    Venomous pulls himself to his feet with the ropes and blood can be seen flowing down his back from the nine welted lacerations caused by the Singapore cane!! Venomous reaches around and holds his back for a bit then brings his hand back and sees all of the blood. While Venomous is distracted, Rymac charges him and rams Venomous into the turnbuckle hard! Rymac reigns fists of fury into Venomous' back, hitting each welt with brutal force, causing Venomous to yell out in pain. Venomous then kicks his heel back, nailing Rymac in between the legs!

    Mike: Oh!! Right where the sun don't shine!

    Rocky: Looks like we won't be seeing any Rymac Jr's. running around!

    Rymac drops to the mat holding what is left of his manlyhood, coughing hard and laying on his side. Venomous leans against the turnbuckle and recuperates for a bit, but then D-boy climbs the stairs on the outside and goes for a hard right hand, but Venomous catches D-boy hand and pushes him down the stairs! Venomous climbs onto the top of the turnbuckle and then dives from the top and down onto D-boy below with a frog splash ... But D-boy rolls out of the way! Venomous crashes down to the floor hard and D-boy goes for the cover, but the referee is distracted by Rymac's violent coughs!

    D-boy lifts Venomous to his feet and then leans him up against the announcers table ...

    Mike: What are you doing!

    D-boy rolls Venomous onto the table and then D-boy climbs onto it with Venomous and lifts him to his feet ... D-boy lifts Venomous onto his shoulders..

    Rocky: The D-Boy Destroyer ... Wait! Did Venomous counter it?!

    Both men crash through the table but it is unknown if Venomous actually managed to counter the move or not! Either way both men lay in the rubble motionless!

    Back in the ring Carbon is back to his feet, and he makes his way to Rymac and kicks him in the gut hard. Carbon then lifts Rymac to his feet and tosses him into the corner. Carbon picks up the steel chair and sets it up in front of Carbon but back away from him a bit. Carbon then backs into the opposite corner, and then charges at the chair, using it as a stepping stool and launches himself at Rymac with the Carbon Footprint ...

    But Rymac moves out of the way!! Carbon's leg slams into the rope and turnbuckle! Carbon sits facing away from the ring on the turnbuckle, and then Rymac lifts him onto his shoulders from behind and marches to the chair ...

    Mike: The Champagne Stopper!

    Rocky: ONTO THE CHAIR!!!

    Rymac slams Carbon down onto the chair, snapping it clean into two!! Rymac goes for the cover!

    One! Two!

    Venomous tries to grab Rymac's foot to pull him off of Carbon, but D-boy is back to his feet and nails Venomous in the back of the head with a steel chair!!


    Emily Davis: Here are your winners ... Rymac and D-Boy ... The Pardy Boyz!!

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