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    Chaos's theme plays, as the camera's go in and out on the fans signs and fans themselves, before turning to Michael James and Rocky Reynolds.

    MJ: Folks, thanks for joining us! We are coming to you live from Roanoke Virginia, and what a night it is going to be!

    RR: That's putting it lightly. We've got a huge triple threat tag team match, which by the way, Darius and his partner are going to win.

    MJ: We shall see. We also have each of the 6 men involved in the battle royal, in 1 on 1 matches with one of their opponents. It should give us some insight as to what we will see in that battle royal!

    RR: No i won't! Tonight is about pinfalls and submissions, at Thirst for Blood, it'll be about going over the top rope.

    MJ: True....true. Tonight, we will also finally hear from Smokey, after the last two weeks of rather odd and disturbing videos we have seen.

    Smokey comes walking out from the back, but everyone is surprised in the change of music, as he walks down the ramp and into the ring. He takes no time in grabbing a mic and standing at the center, as a small welcome back chant starts. The chants immediately die down though as Smokey raises the mic.

    Smokey: Two weeks ago, I was admitted into the hospital. Since that point, people have been wondered what caused me to be admitted. Even more so, after what everyone saw last week, my twitter and facebook were flooded with questions from fans asking what has happened to me. I would like to show everyone some video footage from two weeks ago, right before I was admitted to the hospital.

    The titantron comes to life.

    We see Smokey inside of his office, on his phone.

    Smokey: Yes, yes, issue those immediately. I can't have those people on my staff. Half of the fans walked out due to the crappy announcing skills of House and Cruz. I have to change things up. Yes, do it right away.

    Smokey hangs the phone up, and starts clicking on his computer. After a few moments, he stops, as one side of his face twitches. After a few moments, his hand reaches over, turning the speaker portion of his phone on, as he dials a number.

    ???: Aurora Behavioral Healthcare. How can we help you?

    Smokey: Yes....I....suffer from a mental disease....and I...I'm off my medication....I need to be committed.....please help.....

    ???: Sir....sir....are you ok? Are you in any physical harm?

    Smokey: NO!.....Don't send anyone! I'm i'm not...please...he won't stop screaming....

    ???: Sir I have your location from the number you called. I'm sending an ambulance there right now, please hold on.

    Smokey's other hand grabs the phone, ripping it off the desk and throwing it into the wall, as the titantron goes black.
    The fans are all in silence, unsure of how to react, as Smokey raises the microphone.

    Smokey: I was not in a hospital, I was in a psych ward being treated for multiple personality disorder. Five years ago, I thought I was doing fine, so I stopped taking my medication. At first I could handle the voice inside of my head fine, but over time, he grew stronger and louder, until, he came out. That was when Smokey was unleashed upon the world. For the next four and a half years, I sat inside of my own head, unable to speak, unable to talk. I was a whole different person. Over time I learned ways to regain control of my body, and what you saw on that screen was my one attempt to take over, and it worked.

    Last week, you all saw a video of me running from the hospital. Sadly, that was Smokey trying to escape. Before I got out of the building, their personnel caught me, sedated me, and restrapped me to a bed. Over the next few days, my medication was upped, until I came back. The doctors have prescribed me a much heavier medication, and as long as I take it, I will stay myself. Now, going forward, Smokey is dead and gone. I don't want to talk about him, I don't want to think about him, none of that. Going forward, I want everyone to refer to me by my real name, Daniel May.

    Daniel: Now last week a man by the name of Brock Edwards claimed he would be here tonight. With that said, I want him to get out here, right now.

    *Out comes the man known as Brock Edwards. He seems to be in a good mood. He is also accompanied by some very boos. He proceed into the ring where he has a big smile on his face. He then yells for a microphone and gets one thrown to him. Even the fact of the thrown mic, Brock still has a huge smile on his face.*

    Brock: I'll remember that. So, here we are Smokey. Oh wait that ain't your name is it? What was it again? I remembered being probably the stupidest name I've ever heard. Oh yeah, Daniel May. What kind of retard ass name is that. Where your parents high as hell when they named you? You know what? Forget your name cause honestly no one cared where you were. All this people wanted to see was me, Brock Edwards. They have been waiting awhile for me to step foot here in IWA. They have been wanting to see some real legitimacy. Well they don't have to wait any longer because I'm here. However, I've thought about it and I know you are a business man, so I have brought with me a business man as well. This man will help me with this contract negotiation. So, all you half witted people please give it up for my legal team, Jonathan King.

    *Out comes Jonathan King to Brock Edwards theme song. Jonathan is dressed like your typical lawyer. He gets a bit of heat by just being associated with Brock. Once in the ring, King asks for a microphone.*

    King: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here as Mr. Edwards representation or as he would like to put it, his legal team. I would like to share with all of you that I am a graduated man from Harvard University. Now, with that out of the way I like to get into business. Mr. Edwards would like nothing more than to compete here in IWA. He feels that his skills and abilities would be of a purpose here in IWA. As I would like to inform you all that Mr. Edwards did in fact had a conversation with Mr. Somkey here.

    Actually, his new idiotic name is Daniel May.

    Thank you. The conversation between the two was between the two of my client getting a contract here in IWA. Where in said conversation Mr. May denied Mr. Edwards the opportunity to wrestle here. So, this time around instead of having this contract negotiation behind close doors and have in front of the whole viewing world. Now, I here have a contract of Mr. Edwards demands. He would like to get his own personal tour bus. First class to be exact. He would also like to be treated as the top star of this company as he rightfully deserves to be. Next, he would want to be the number one contender for the IWA World Title. The final thing he wants is to be paid the most amount here in IWA. Now, to meet this needs Mr. Edwards has agreed to compete against anyone in the IWA locker room. That would include any staff member, including yourself. So, what do you say?

    *Just before May can speak, Brock interrupts.*

    Now before you answer his question. I want to remind you and everyone who are idiots that didn't pay to see me. That I am a recking machine. I proved that before, so I advice you to carefully watch your next words.

    Daniel looks at Brock and Jonathan King. He raises his mic.

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    May: Let's see if I have this correct, you want your own tour bus, you want to be named #1 contender for the IWA World Championship, and you want the most expensive contract in IWA. Let me think that over....NO!

    The fans actually cheer May at this point, as Edwards just glares at May.

    May: See as I see it Mr Edwards, you haven't done a damn thing to earn any of those perks. Go ahead and name other companies where you have been dominant, and I will look you right in the eyes and tell you that it doesn't matter! See Mr Edwards, I'd love to have you step into this ring, and earn your way to the top. Earn that luxury bus, earn the biggest contract, earn the right to be the #1 contender...but the key word is earn. So Mr Edwards, with that in mind, I have someone in the back who has said they want to kick your ass. It's your choice. You can walk out and never step back into an IWA can face this man...and if you win, I will give you an iron clad contract that no one will be able to terminate. So what do you say Mr Edwards?

    Just before Brock can say a word he hit King with his mic. He also stomps on him, before getting him up and deliver The Next.

    Now, that this giant piece of crap is gone I can answer your challenge. So, I see that you won't give me my demands. I actually respect that. You had the guts to tell me that to my means that your new personality. The only problem is that you're showing your guts to the wrong person. As far as your challenge goes I accept under one condition. I get signed to a one day contrac, but still have access to the backstage area until my match. Where if I lose I leave IWA for good. And when I win I get that iron clad contract. Do we have a deal?

    The crowd starts chanting No!

    I didn't ask for any of you worthless people's opinion.

    May raises the mic once more, looking at Edwards.

    May: You know Mr Edwards, I find it funny you come out here with representation, only to beat him down. Is that your way of showing you don't need anyone to represent you? Are you trying to be the big man? Well Mr Edwards, you will need to be the big man at Thirst for Blood. Your opponent at this Thursdays ppv is....

    May turns to the entrance, but then pauses, looking back at Brock.

    May: Actually Mr Edwards...tonight, I plan on showing everyone who is in charge'll learn of your opponent later in the evening, so keep an eye out. In the mean time, if you try any funny business backstage, security will escort you out of the arena, the match for Thirst For Blood will be off, and you will never step in an IWA ring again. Just keep that in mind.

    May drops his mic, as fans boo. He climbs out of the ring smiling, before walking up the ramp and into the back.

    MJ: What huge news! Brock Edwards has a chance at getting an IWA contract this Thurs!

    RR: Yeah but who is his opponent?

    MJ: Like Daniel said, we will find out later I guess.

    The camera's cut from Edwards being left in the ring, to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back, as we see Damaged Goods making their way to the ring, as their music blares in the background. The Hollywood Homeboys and NCII are already in the ring. Gommenta and Gaileo climb into the ring as the three teams stare each other down. Shawn Jones, Iceman, and Gommenta all step out of the ring, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Gardener/HBK vs. Whiz/Cena vs. Gaileo/Angle
    (Start 3:55 End 11:05)

    RR: Oh my lord! They sent Whiz right through our table!!

    MJ: You don't say?

    Gardener and Gaileo start trading blows on the outside, and then Gaileo throws Gardener into the ring. Gaileo slides in and picks Gardner up in a powerbomb posistion, and then lifts him high into the air for a powerbomb, but Gardner brings fists down onto Gaileos face hard! Gaileo backs into the turnbuckle, and Gardener climbs to the top and jumps from the top, but Gaileo nails a huge round house kick to Gardener mid air!!

    MJ: Holy hell!! Did you hear that pop?!

    RR: Gardener's jaw may be broken, Mike!

    Whiz slides back into the ring, but Gaileo grabs him and positions him for the G-Drop, and then plants him with the G-Drop hard!! Gaileo rolls Whiz out of the ring and then Gardener charges Gaileo, but Gaileo catches him with a huge shoulder tackle! Gaileo picks him up, and hits him with a G-Drop as well!

    Gaileo covers!! ONE! TWO! THREE!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Gaileo!!

    Gaileo stands tall, as the team mates on the outside rush the ring. All three teams are brawling now, but before long, Damaged Goods are the only team left in the ring, having beaten down on the two other teams and throwing them out of the ring. Schweizner gets handed a microphone, as Gommenta leaves the ring, and grabs a steel chair. He gives it to Schweizner, who promptly sits in it, before Gommenta and Gaileo stand behind him.

    Schweizner: Before I get onto this carnage in the ring, I need to get something off my chest. Crowd Heat. It concerns the events of last week, regarding Eddings, Pamich, and Darius. Mixed Crowd Reaction. Let me start with Damian. The stylist. The man who faced Gaileo and lost! Not officially, but he LOST! You got annihilated last week Ed, and because Gaileo couldn't get in the ring last week. However Damian, we are not done with you. Give it time, your beating is coming. The hospital bed beckons. We will get you.

    Now Israel. This doesn't concern you as much. You took the fall last week, and hell is a fiery pit. A pit you'll find yourself in before long. Last week Gommenta lost his chance at becoming world champion, because you couldn't lift your shoulder up. But Darius! Van Darius! The tights? Isn't that a little cliché? I applaud you for this new tactic, but against Gommenta is not acceptable. You won your match on your own accord. You made you win. Without saying a word. You made yourself win, without saying a word? I know actions speak louder, and you proved that last week. However, that doesn't mean I have to like it, and certainly doesn't mean nothing will be done about it. Your tombstone has been made, your mind is already burning in hell. But your soul will be sent there soon. Vengeance is nigh Darius, but we are buying our time.

    But onto the near future, and the damage caused in this ring. The Hollywood Homeboys and the NCII may not be good, but now they have been damaged! We are going into Thirst for Blood with the momentum, and we will come out with the Tag Team Championships. Your Haas-like is nothing like the original NCII. Charlie Haas impersonated others, but he could actually wrestle. He could win matches, not have a Steiner win it for them! And Homeboys. Remember these two men beat you three weeks ago on Chaos. That win will be easily duplicated by the time of the PPV, and Damaged Goods will have their titles, the ones they deserve!

    Schweizner gets to his feet as the crowd jeers. They make a move to leave the ring, as the lights suddenly go out. The tron comes to life, and we see 10 men standing, all of their faces covered. The one holds a sign up, and it reads....

    Watch your back boys.....we are coming...and no one is safe.

    They take the sign away, as the 10 men just stare, their lifeless eyes catching the attention of all the audience. The tron dies, as the lights come back on, as Damaged Goods stands in the ring, unsure of what to think, as the camera's cut to a commercial.


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    The fans wait in anticipation for the next match of the evening and aren't disappointed when the sweet chimes of Marvin Gaye sound out all around the arena. The crowd get to their feet as Malcolm Adonis, The Sexual Sensation, walks out from the back flanked by two lovely ladies dressed to impress. Malcolm leads the girls to the top of the ramp and looks at both in turn, laughing and joking as he struts his stuff for them and retrieves his signature baby oil bottle. He pours the oil down himself and the ladies oblige by rubbing it into his skin for him as he gyrates in his obscenely sexual way, one of the ladies spanks him playfully on his golden trunks.

    The trio head down the ramp with wide smiles as Adonis trades high fives with a few fans before climbing the steel ring steps. The ladies lower the ropes for Malcolm who steps through and kisses both on the cheek before they step down and wait outside the ring. He passes the towel to them and they begin to fight over it before they decide to share. Adonis just looks on in amusement as the men in the crowd wolf whistle at the ladies as the self proclaimed sexiest man alive takes a microphone from the announcer.

    Adonis: Ahaaaa! Ladies and Gentlemen, Malcolm Adonis is here! Tha' Sensual Saviour of tha' millions.. and millions of professional wrestling ladies all around tha' world! And tonight, I decided to mix things up a little, I thought that for once in my life i'd do my best to make all you fellas out there happy. That's right fellas, these fine ass ladies aren't here for my benefit, they here for each and every one of you, show 'em your stuff ladies!

    The girls break down into a slow and somewhat erotic dance on the outside as the men in the audience cheer and holler at the ladies. The women in the crowd shake their heads at their men and look a little disappointed.

    Adonis: Now hold on ladies, y'all need to look on tha' bright side. With yo' boys checkin' out Malcolms new friends, y'all get tha' opportunity to check out tha' XXX-Rated Superstar without feelin' guilty, now I know you feelin' me!

    The women break out into a cheer as Malcolm does a few more gyrations of his own for them.

    Adonis: That's right! Malcolm Adonis ladies and gentlemen, providing.. inspiration for tha' masses, if you know what I mean!? But lets get right to it, tonight I stand in the ring as a wronged man, boys and girls Malcolm Adonis was cheated last week!

    The crowd begin to boo as Adonis pretends to cry by rubbing his hands against his eyes before shaking his head and shrugging.

    Adonis: Malcolm Adonis should be standing before you as one of tha' three contenders for tha' IWA World Championship! Hell after Thirst For Blood he should have been standing before you, as tha' sexiest World Champion in professional wrestling history. But last week, last week things got ugly, and trust me tha' ugliest thing about last week was Primetime AJ Dixon and his dirty ass tactics. You wanna bring a chair into this ring and cheat your way into a match you got no hope of winnin' Dixon? Aight, that's cool, but I want you to know somethin', Malcolm never forgets. That's right son, Malcolm's trunks ain't the only thing that hides something of elephant proportions, his memory's pretty damn good too.

    The fans laugh and cheer as Malcolm looks down before tapping his head with his forefinger.

    Adonis: Fun and games aside, i'm not out here to make an ass of myself as usual, ahh hell no, Malcolm's got bigger fish to fry. Last week, shortly after I was cheated out of a win on Chaos, announced to tha' whole world that at Thirst For Blood, there will be a Battle Royal to decide who will be the number one contender to the Endurance Championship. And yours truly, Malcolm Adonis is gonna be gettin' his hands dirty, as he proves to all these punk ass fools who would dare get in his way, that he ain't just a pretty face. That's right, Malcolm's gonna get one more chance at acquiring a little more gold to go with his ring attire.

    The crowd cheer as Malcolm flexes and points to his golden trunks with a large grin on his face.

    Adonis: However, before I go about throwin' five of the ugliest, nastiest and the down right heinous lookin' wrestlers you ever did see out of this ring, I get to give y'all a preview of what's gonna happen right here, right now. So you know what I think? I think...

    ????: And then I think you need to stop galavanting around and listen to the man who has more integrity in his little finger then this whole crowd combined

    Israel Pamich stands at the top of the ramp in his sharp double breasted suit complete with monogram and custom gold plated trims, he looks very angry at Adonis for his little performance but just stands there as the crowd boo him and jeer at him

    Israel stands there for about a minute longer and then very slowly lifts the microphone up to within verbal range only to stop and smile hideously as the crowd start booing him again.

    Pamich: This crowd right here in the IWA is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with general society and is epitimised by the wrestling version of the macarena, Adonis

    Israel stops again as the crowd are really ripping into him, although Israel seems to be pleased by this as he is getting a huge reaction.

    Against my better judgment I am going to give you a chance Adonis to listen to my wisdom in the hope that you will accept a little feedback... constructive criticism if you will to improve your overall demeanor and wrestling ability.

    Now as I stand at the top of this ramp looking at the man who thinks its his god given right to demand title matches I am actually in awe of you Adonis.

    The crowd is silenced with anticipation of what Israel is about to say next.

    Adonis your physique is second to none in this company and I am with envy and jealousy when I look at the embodiment of what a perfect body would look like, in saying this though this is where the envy ends and where integrity is going to be examined because while you have the head start of being a far superior male... what have you achieved?

    While you stand up there getting massaged by two women who obviously have no self respect and no perceived knowledge of the dirty filthy men that are ogling them, you don't think about the big picture whereas I have trained my arose of to get to where I am and sure after I beat you tonight you will probably go back to your Spa to start your recovery while being pleased by the woman who hang of you, I will be preparing for my eventual title shot and when I am crowned endurance champion it while be you Adonis who will be the envy of me because while I'm........

    Adonis: Woah, woah woah! Hold up now, is this guy for real? Dude, is you for real? I can't tell if you just out here talk crap or if you actually out here to make a point?

    Adonis looks up the ramp at Pamich and points at him with a big grin on his face.

    Adonis: Nah man, you know what? Malcolm's being pretty rude right there, a lot of what you had to say is pretty damn accurate. Malcolm's physique is exactly as you say son, second to none, I am THE sexiest man alive and don't y'all forget it. All this right here? All this right here is a testament to why God gave us eyes. So thank you for that.. but let me pick you up on a little somethin' you said.. head start? Hell boy, Malcolm never had no head start, Malcolm worked himself to tha' bone to turn himself into this fine lookin' animal. Malcolm wasn't given by God to tha' people, hell no, he gave himself to God so that God could give him to tha' people!! Man, tha' big guy upstairs wishes he coulda created somethin' as perfect as me, ahaa!!

    Adonis flexes his muscles and kisses his biceps as he looks up at Pamich, the two ladies outside the ring fans their faces with their hands as if all hot and flustered all of a sudden.

    Adonis: But that's where tha' accuracy ends and tha' pure grade A horse crap begins. You wanna come out here and compare Malcolm to a dance? Macarena? Hell no.. If Malcolm was a dance.. he'd be something hot.. something spicy.. Malcolm would be tha' Salsa! Mmhmm that's right fella, Malcolm brings tha' heat! And e's gonna be dancing over that ugly ass face of yours all night long!

    The fans cheer as Malcolm breaks out into a short dance routine in the ring before turning his attention back to Pamich.

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    Adonis: Now you can talk down to me all you like bro', that's cool, I had it all my life by jealous fellas like you who just can't catch a break. But callin' all these guys out here filthy just because they like a little eye candy? With an attitude like that you're gonna up up having a movie made about you, I think I might call it, The 67 year old virgin, now I know you feelin' me!

    But in all seriousness Israel, I watched you a couple times, i've seen what you can do. I know you a competitor and that's what Malcolm likes. Malcolm likes a challenge, it brings out tha' best in him, but listen to me when I tell you that all tha' training in the world ain't gonna save you from tha' biggest whoopin' you have ever received. So how about you bring that punk ass down this ramp, climb in this ring and get this dance started?

    Israel takes off his double breasted suit and walks up slowly towards the top of the ring with his trademark evil grin... noticing that Adonis would like for nothing better then for Israel to enter the ring he stops then chuckles a bit

    Israel: Adonis you are as predictable as you are boring and although I do not claim to be the most entertaining superstar here I do hold claim to being a man with the utmost Integrity, Now I now that integrity is a huge word for someone who lets just politely say has more brawn then brain allow me the opportunity to once again instigate integrity and explain to you the difference between thinking you are gods gift and actually being a One Man Dynasty

    Israel then proceeds to climb the steps and enter the ring, being mindful not to get to close to Adonis who is getting rather annoyed now.

    Israel: At the risk of allowing you to cheap shot me which we all know is the only way you could possibly beat me

    Israel pauses for the crowd to start booing

    Israel: Once again, At the risk of you cheap shotting me as we all know thats the only way you could beat me

    The crowd is livid now and start chanting "we heard you the first time", Israel waits as the crowd pick up on these chants and the whole arena starts chanting "We heard you the first time" before the chant turns into a "you are an arsehole"

    Israel: Its the only way he could beat me, regardless I am not here to please you people and I am certainly not here to strut my stuff and make a full out of myself and dance for these ingrates.
    Of course Adonis you misunderstood what I meant before and although that seems to be a common occurrence allow me to understand what I meant when I said you were "the wrestling version of the macarena"

    I was not inviting you to a dance off and I certainly was not calling you a dancer because come on, we just saw you do something remotely similar to dancing and well... you can't.

    Going back to the subject though Adonis I was using a Metaphor and I am probably right in assuming that the crowd in attendance would not now what a Metaphor is and I am not planning on explaining it to you, what I was reffering to Adonis was that you are just like the macarena, a silly overhyped one hit wonder that in two years time no one will remember because there will be other versions of stupidity like The Ketchup song, Barbie girl and even current ridiculousness such as Gangnam style which funny enough is still better dancing then what you offered us earlier, Adonis you will never reach the heights here or in any other company that is stupid enough to sign you and your 15 minutes of fame is over.

    Adonis has lost interest and is twirling his microphone indicating that he isnt in th slightest interested in Israel at this point.

    Israel: Hey Adonis... ADONIS, you really need to listen to the next line I am about to say because when you wake up tomorrow mourning and start your recovery after a brutal beat down at the hands of The One Man Dynasty what I am about to say will be the last thing you remember,

    I am Brutal Strength in poetic motion and tonight, I am the man that will show you some moves that you will never ever forget

    Adonis rubs the stubble on his chin before grinning widely at Pamich before raising his microphone again.

    Adonis: You sure do talk a big game son, unfortunately Malcolm knows yo' dirty lil secret, that being your actual game is nowhere near as big as yo' mouth. And you wanna talk Metaphors? Well, Malcolm just met a four.. out of ten boy, look at you.. now i'ma do all these ladies here a favour and and beat a little pretty into a face that needs it oh so much.. now I know you all feelin' me on that one!

    Malcolm throws his mic out of the ring and retreats back to his corner waiting for the bell as Pamich does the same, both men point at each other a trash talk as the referee comes between them. The ref turns, and motions for the bell, as this match is underway!

    Israel Pamich(Ryder) vs Malcolm Adonis(Otunga)

    (Start at 3:33, end at 5:51)

    Pamich launches himself into the air but Adonis catches him, and nails a huge spinebuster! Adonis rolls Pamich up going for the cover.


    Israel kicks out before 3! Both men get to their feet, as Adonis grabs Pamich, whipping him into the corner. Pamich hits the corner hard, stumbling out, as Adonis runs into the ropes. Malcolm bounces back, and catches Pamich hard with a flying forearm. Pamich goes down, but gets right back up, as Adonis hits the ropes again, and nails Pamich with another flying forearm! Pamich is back up for a 2nd time, as Adonis hits the ropes again, as Malcolm bounces back. He goes for another flying forearm, but Israel ducks, and Adonis hits the ropes, bouncing off and falling on his back this time. Adonis sits up, as he his nailed by a dropkick to the back of the head. Pamich pushes Adonis to the mat, and covers him.


    Adonis kicks out after 2. Pamich gets to his feet, and just starts stomping on Adonis, before rolling Adonis over and locking in a camel clutch! Adonis won't tap though! Adonis gets to his knees, and then his feet, as he grabs the head of Pamich and nails a sitout jawbreaker! It breaks the submission hold, as Adonis stands, going to the head of Pamich. He kicks the shoulder, before kissing his bicep, and then runs the ropes. As he comes back from bouncing off of the second set of ropes, he goes for the Adonis Eblow, but Pamich rolls out of the way! Israel is to his feet, as he grabs Adonis, setting him up for a DDT, but instead lifts him into the air and leaves Malcolm's feet resting on the top rope. Israel motions to the fans, which just rile the fans up before planting Adonis hard with the top rope ddt! Pamich is back up, as he does this two more times, each time the fans become more vocal. Pamich pulls Adonis from the ropes, and covers him.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Israel Pamich!

    Pamich looks down at Adonis who still hasn't moved. Pamich drops, and locks in the labell lock. The ref tries to pull Pamich off, but won't budge. After a few moments, the ref motions, saying something to Emily.

    Emily: Folks, I've just been informed that the referee has reversed the decision! The winner as a result of a DQ, Malcolm Adonis!

    Pamich breaks the hold, getting into the refs face now, as the camera's cut to a quick commercial.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Victor Elric already in the ring with a mic in hand.

    Elric: Tonight I face a man who is only a means to an end. Damian Eddings, your purpose here tonight is to put me back on the path of The Punisher. I do not know what things you have done that require my punishment, but nevertheless you shall receive my pain in full.

    *The crowd chants "You are weird" which doesn't seem to faze Elric*

    Elric: There is also the chance that you are only a roadblock, preventing me from getting to my true path, the battle royal and more importantly the title opportunity that I can obtain at "Thirst For Blood". Regardless of what your purpose serves it is apparent that I must defeat you to get to where I need to be.

    Eddings, know this now. Tonight is not about a grudge, or a disliking I may have for you. I honestly don't know who you are, other than a man in my way. However I will treat you like any other individual who is in need of my swift brand of punishment, tonight you will fall to the Seal of The Unjust, and will be the first to fall to The Punisher of Pain.

    Damian Eddings walks out from the back, to a mixed reaction with a few cheers from the women, but a good amount of boos from the men. He walks down the ramp, climbing into the ring. He grabs a mic, before twirling around to look at Elric.

    Damian: Hello, everyone! I see someone's already in the ring for my show, Men on IWA! Today's topic is Victor Elric, as it just so happens. He wants to bring the pain, which is exactly what I want him to do! *Giggles and winks*My purpose here in IWA isn't just to mess with the sexy men, though- I'm here to get some gold around my waist, which is exactly what you won't do, Elric- but if you want, after I win it, you can come down to my place and where it- and wear something else, if you know what I mean! *Giggles and winks*

    *Elric looks towards Eddings with a strange look, a look that seems to be a mix of disgust and discomfort*

    Elric: It seems there is a need for punishment, one's sexuality is not a punishment. However promiscuity is. That is the reason why I have been put on this path.

    *Elric look down and away from Eddings*

    Elric: Seal of The Unjust is the perfect ending for this. Damian Eddings, you will face your punishment and I will move to the Battle Royal.

    Damian: I will enjoy the punishment, but there's one thing wrong with what you said, suga- I will move on to the Battle Royal with all those other sexy men, not you!

    Elric: So, you are a glutton for punishment it seems. Very well. I have looked into your soul and know what your punishment should and will be. I will defeat you here, end any chance you have of making it to the Battle Royal.

    Elric drops his mic, as does Edding, as the ref is in the ring now and signals for the bell.

    Victor Elric vs Damian Eddings

    (Skip at 5:55, Elric/Black, Eddings/Mahal)

    *Eddings picks Elric up as Elric looks pretty hurt. Eddings tries to slap Elric in the face but Elric ducks, and counters with a Superkick! He waits for Eddings to get up, and runs for the Spear but Eddings moves out of the way and jumps on Elric's back, and starts jumping. Elric gets pissed and slams his head onto the canvas! He gets up the turnbuckle and nails him with a Missile Dropkick! And goes for the cover




    *Elric looks pretty lost after the freaky tactic Eddings just used. Elric goes for a Clothesline but Eddings grabs his hand and tries to bite him, but Elric hits a Power Slam! Elric gets up the turnbuckle as Eddings slowly gets up, and..SPEAR! Elric hits a Spear off the turnbuckle and goes for the cover




    *Elric picks Eddings up, but Eddings slaps him in the face! Eddings grabs his hand and throws it against the turnbuckle and hits a dropkick! Eddings then jumps off the top rope and hits another Missile Dropkick! He grabs Elric's hand and locks him in an Armbar! He applies intense pressure to it as Elric touches the ropes! But Eddings' still locks him in! He won't stop applying pressure, but Elric uses the other hand to punch Eddings in the face! And quickly gets up to nail Eddings with a Leg Drop! He picks him up and goes for the Seal of the Unjust, but Eddings reverses it into a DDT! He goes for the cover




    *Eddings jumps up the turnbuckle and he goes for a Clothesline off the turnbuckle, but Elric reverses into a Seal of The Beaten! He goes for the cover




    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Victor Elric!

    Eddings is down, as Victor stands up. The ref raises Victor's arm, as Victor steps away, climbing the turnbuckle to pose. The camera's cut from Victor celebrating in the ring, to the back.

    Jake Johnson is shown backstage in the interview area.

    Johnson: Hello everyone, I'm joined right now by Osca-

    Oscar: AHEM!Oscar Layman is shown on the screen, wearing a “Bring It” t-shirt, along with a bald cap. He hands Johnson a card

    Johnson: Excuse me. I'm joined by... The ROscar

    Oscar: FINALLY! THE ROSCAR HAS COME BACK, TO *insert show location in caps*!

    Johnson: Jesus Christ!

    Oscar: Excuse me, who in the blue hell are you?

    Johnson: I'm Jake Johnson

    Oscar: Hey Johnson, we scare the same surname, what a coincidence

    Johnson: I guess

    Oscar: How are you today?

    Johnson: I'm fi-


    The crowd pop, as Jake Johnson sighs


    Johnson: I guess I walked into that one

    Oscar: You sure did and you wanna know how the ROscar is feeling today, well the ROscar is feeling great!

    Johnson: Well that's good I guess. Last week you were victorious in the 6 man tag team match.

    Oscar: Let the ROscar stop you right there Jake, and let he ROscar tell you this. Last week SOscar Steiner won the 6 man tag team match, not the ROscar, not the JABRONI BEATING, PIE EATING, TRAIL BLAZING, EYEBROW RAISING, THE SON OF A BITCH, WHO'S NEVER THE SAME, ONCE HIS OPPONENTS SEE HIM, THEY WISH THEY NEVER CAME -to the arena that is- THE ROSCAR!

    Johnson: Well that's all fine and dandy, what are your other thoughts on all things IWA

    Oscar: Well the ROscar likes Damaged Goods. Sebastian Schweizner interviewed Hulk Hogan backstage a few weeks ago, and that Hogan is one awesome man. They're two talented group of people. But there is one person the ROscar has his eye on, and that's... Brock Edwards!

    Johnson: What about him?

    Oscar: Well, he comes in here and thinks he owns the place – but no! Tonight is the ROscar's debut, and he owns IWA more than Edwards does! Well Edwards, it's time someone should put you in your place. Maybe the ROscar should do it! Crowd Pop! Maybe the ROscar should LAYETH THE SMACK DOWN! The ROscar will take his size 7 foot – yes the ROscar has small feet! Anyway, the ROscar will take his size 7 foot, turn that sumbitch sideways, and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP! YOUR CANDY ASS!

    That's right Brock. The Brockster vs the ROscar! It won't happen here – you're not welcome here, but one day you will go ONE! ON ONE! WITH THE GREAT ONE! The ROscar will bring it! The one thing the ROscar likes more... than PIE! Is when you find your way to the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard, and Jabroni Drive, and checking you in, to the Smackdown Hotel! And Brock, IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! WHAT THE ROCK... SCAR! IS COOKING!

    Layman walks off, leaving Johnson confused backstage. The camera's cut from the back with Johnson, to the ring.

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    *Shaz's music hits as Shaz rushes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos as he has his briefcase on one hand, and his EWNCW Rage Ignition Championship belt wrapped around his neck. He grabs a mic as he looks more serious than ever*

    Shaz: So lemme just get some facts into your thick skulls! Two weeks ago, on the first ever episode of Chaos! I was in a match with Malcolm Adonis! The winner would advance in the IWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament! According to all of ya'll. He pinned me 1-2-3, after a fluke move which caused me to set him up for the Best in the World finisher, and then he reversed it into a roll up pin! Well lemme describe that match to you in one word..FLUKE!

    *Crowd immediately boo as Shaz looks disgusted*

    Shaz: That's right! A fluke! What Malcolm Adonis doesn't know, is that there was a bug right in the middle of that ring! The bug was about to bite me, so I flipped myself over, so it wouldn't touch me! That is why Malcolm beat me two weeks ago! Don't believe me? Well, go and fuck yourselves! You know that Malcolm got a fluke victory over me! And you wanna know something else?

    Last week, I lost to Sagittarius Blue as well! Another fluke victory! But there wasn't a bug in that ring! It was a bloody wasp! That wasp would have bitten me, and you know how those little cheeky motherfucking wasps are, so I purpose let Sag Blue hit me, and the sly rookie took advantage by pinning me! But you know something else that happened last week?

    Let me get straight to the point! Before my match against Sagittarius Blue, I was walking, minding my own business. No one was there, I was on my own. Finished working out, and started making my way to the Chaos zone, so I could fight. I was in the hall. I turned around, and something happened. Something which crept the fuck out of me! Show the footage.

    *Shaz awaits for the footage to be shown but nothing comes up*

    Shaz: Show the fucking footage! Jheeze!

    The camera's are shown backstage, as we see Shaz backstage standing with a few of the stage hands talking. After a few moments, Shaz turns, walking off. He turns the corner, presumably heading towards the ring for his match. He turns another corner, and this time, stops. He looks at the wall, where he sees the following words written in red.

    The Next Big Star is Coming

    Shaz looks at it, scratching his head, as he heads down the hall once more. He turns another corner, stopping again. He looks at another set of words.

    No One Will Be Safe...No One....

    Shaz glares at the writing, before turning, heading off camera, as the camera focuses on the words.
    Shaz: The Next Big Star Is Coming huh? Well. That "next big star" is gonna get his ass kicked! So come and get your ass out here in the ring now! I'm gonna kick your ass so hard, that you won't be able to have a shit in the toilet! You've just messed with me, big time. And I'll make you pay, so come on out here right now! Before I go backstage, and find you, you son of a bitch!

    *Shaz waits, but no one comes out*

    Shaz: Too pussy to show your face huh? Well, if you can attack me with the lights out, then you can attack me with the lights on! So come out here, and show me, and all these jackasses your face. I'm hungry for competition! And I think I've just found competition! No one has been able to attack me like this, because I am the best in the world! Whoever this freak is, come out NOW!

    And then when you say that no one will be safe! You're also talking about yourself! You certainly won't be safe. Because I'm gonna beat the living crap out of you! Trust me when I say this! Mark my words, I'll annihilate you like I've never done before. No one in Efedding history has witnessed the most terrifying pain, and agony that I deliver. And you're gonna be the first one to experience this pain!

    *Crowd boo Shaz as he has a serial killer look on his face*

    Shaz: I am the best in the world. So you have no option but to come out and explain your actions! If you wanna prove that I am terrible, then come out and show your face! Cause right now, you are solidifying your status as the biggest pussy to have entered IWA! And you know what? So I'll count to 10! And if you don't come out, then I'll be full of rage!

    *Shaz waits for a few seconds and starts counting.

    Shaz: 1...










    Right! That is literally it! Since you are too pussy to get your fat ass in this ring and go face to face with me like a real man! At Thirst for Blood! I'll call you out! I'll challenge you to a match at Thirst for Blood! So keep that in mind before you mess with me again! And you people need to shut the fuck up! You're jealous because I'm a guy who takes risks! And this is a risk, where I'm gambling my career!

    You wanna play mind games? Then keep it coming! At the end of the day, I know, just like all these brainless people, for a fact, that I am better than you! I am the best in the world, meaning I am better than every single wrestler that has ever been in the wrestling industry! A lot of my haters have seen what I can do in that ring! Right now, they have no option but to back my statement up, because they know for a fact, that I am the best!

    *Crowd boo the hell out of Shaz as he smirks*

    Shaz: So, Mr. Anonymous! I'll see you at Thirst for Blood, so you better be there! And you wanna know something else? I'm leaving the arena right now! I'm gonna keep myself fit, and healthy so pricks like you don't strike again! I'm gonna train like I have never done before, all in order to kick your ass! Because I am the best in the world at what I do! And there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me!

    *Just as Shaz finishes his rants, cameras and fans start to point up in the rafters at a mysterious figure cloaked in the darkness.

    ?????: I have not been hiding, I have been waiting. You see I have been a secret member of the roster since the beginning but I don't plan on debuting with the common vermin here, I plan on making an impact by humiliating the so called "best in the world". Everywhere I have gone I have been dominate, but I get overlooked which has led me to miss a lot of opportunities. But that was the past and this is the present and in the present I will force everyone in the back, everyone in the crowd, everyone at home and whoever is in the ring to focus on the true best, the true master of excellency, and the true harbinger of destructon. You Shaz, you are nothing special. The only reason you are even in my sights is because I need someone to make an example out of and who better to begin with than you.

    *Shaz starts to yell out to the rafters in anger claiming he is the best.

    ?????: Thirst for Blood is where my presence will be felt, but I do not thirst for it, I CRAVE it! I crave making you and everyone else suffer as I bring my foretold path of destruction here and leave the destitute in pools of their own blood. Shaz, I will not be there to wrestle however, I am coming to make a statement of misery and you will be a witness to the true master of hell when I make make myself known. I will make sure there is enough of you left so that you may warn everyone else that all hope is futile and resistence will only lead to more bloodshed in order to ensure my rise is swift. I have been growing stronger in the hottest pits of hell for so long and once I soar into the surface and reveal my true self, you will see why I am the best.

    *The hooded figure tosses a lit match into the ring below but as the match burns out the entire rafters burst into flames for a few seconds taking the mysterous figure with them as they disappear. The camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    The camera comes back from the break, and we are backstage, where Jake Johnson is shown looking at the camera. He smiles as he brings a microphone up to his lips.

    Jake Johnson: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time...Kyojin!

    The camera pans around to focus on Kyojin and his presence is met by a huge cheer from the crowd.

    Jake Johnson: Kyojin, let’s start with something simple- how’s the arm?

    Kyojin: It’s getting there Jake. After the vicious and brutal assault two weeks ago by Mr. Smyth, I probably shouldn’t have got into the ring that night- I probably shouldn’t have competed against Smyth but there was no way in hell I was letting him leave victorious after that.

    I can be beaten, I can be attacked, I can be assaulted, but not for one second will I allow anybody to get away with that, and last week when Smyth did it again, he made me realise something, this isn’t going to stop- until I make it stop.

    So in answer to your question Jake, my arm will be fine for Thirst for Blood.

    The fans pop as Kyojin looks at Jake with a serious look on his face.

    Jake Johnson: You mentioned the attack last week, why do you think Mr. Smyth did that? And what words do you have for KJ Punk after the way he took advantage of Smyth’s attack?

    Kyojin: Well you’ve hit the button right on the head there Jake, KJ took advantage and because of that will compete in the main event of Thirst for Blood. Would I have done the same? You’re damn right I would have done the same.

    When it comes to the World Heavyweight Championship, all respect goes out of the window, and KJ & I respect each other- so much so that I actually hope he wins at Thirst for Blood- but if I was in his shoes last week? I would have pinned him and won the match. My business with Smyth isn’t his business. KJ’s business last week was to simply win the match, and he took care of business.

    As for Smyth, well last week he cost me the chance to be the IWA World Heavyweight Champion and I have to actually congratulate him- because he certainly knows how to follow through with a plan. He tried and failed to do it two weeks ago, so he got me last week. But one thing I have learnt, is how idiotic Smyth is.

    The fans in the arena pop loudly.

    Kyojin: Don’t get me wrong, he’s smart. He’s a businessman- but business is about the only thing he can do- because last week when he attacked me for a second time Jake, do you know what Smyth did? He got himself noticed- something I’m sure everybody wants to do- but he got himself noticed by probably the worst person he could have done so.

    Smyth made an enemy out of me. And after I beat Killa tonight, I’ll go on to Thirst for Blood, win the Endurance Championship and beat down on Smyth twice as badly as he beat down on me over the past two weeks. I’ll make him regret everything he’s ever done towards me.

    The fans in the arena pop loudly.

    Jake Johnson: You mentioned Killa, he’ll be having his debut in IWA tonight against you. Is it hard to get prepared for an opponent you know very little about?

    Kyojin: Not in the slightest, you see, I saw Killa attack Jackson Smith last week and realised one thing, Killa is exactly as his name says- he’s cold blooded, dishonourable and needs to be taught a lesson- something that I’m quite happy to do tonight.

    You see, Jackson Smith is somebody I respect, somebody that I feel has a bright future in this company and Killa put him in hospital, he proved that he’s quite ruthless and destructive, well tonight that ruthless destructive force meets a full on angry hurricane, and if I were a betting man, I know who I’d put money on.

    Tonight, I’m going to beat Killa, move on to Thirst for Blood, and I’ll beat Frankie Fletcher, Sagitarrius Blue and Smyth to be the first Endurance Champion. That’s something you can bank on Jake. I’ll be certain that true wrestling prevails, for the good of IWA.

    Kyojin nods his head and walks away as Jake Johnson brings the microphone up to his lips once more.

    Jake Johnson: Thank you for your time Kyojin.

    The camera's cut from the back, to the ring, where we see Chris Diamond and Malcolm Cage already in the ring for their match. The ref signals for the bell, and this one is underway!

    Malcolm Cage vs Chris Diamond

    (Skip at 8:14, Cage/Hardy and Diamond/Ray)

    *Diamond and Cage are both down as neither of them are moving a muscle! But as soon as the ref starts counting, Diamond starts moving his hand! But Cage does a fantastic kip up as the crowd pop! Cage jumps off the top rope to hit a Moonsault but DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH! He goes for the cover




    *Diamond gets frustrated as he picks Cage up! He gives Cage a blow to the head, but Cage jumps up high in the air and jumps off the turnbuckle to hit a stylish Missile Dropkick! He gets up the turnbuckle again, and this time hits a Super Kick as Diamond gets up but Diamond reverses it into a Huricanrana! Diamond picks Cage up and goes for a Clothesline but Cage ducks and turns around to a Enzuigiri from Diamond! Diamond goes for the cover




    *Diamond and Cage both slowly get up, taking there time! But Diamond takes advantage and punches him in the face, as Cage does the same. They both start exchanging vicious blows..


    *Cage goes for another hit, but Diamond grabs his hand and locks him in the Prodigy Lock! The ref asks Cage if he wants to give in, but Cage shouts HELL NO! As that boosts Diamond's confidence as he increases the vicious pressure so far! Cage uses all his strength to break out of the hold but as he uses all the strength, Diamond just adds more pressure! Diamond laughs psychotically as Cage's face gets all red*

    *Cage still can't break out but the ref immediately starts counting!






    Diamond gets to his feet, getting into the ref faces yelling. He turns, INCARCERATION! Cage plants Diamond hard after the springboard tornado DDT. Cage covers Diamond.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Malcolm Cage!
    Cage celebrates his win in the ring, before cutting to the back. We see Sagittarius Blue standing backstage in his locker room.

    Sagittarius Blue: Violence. A primal urge that everyone feels. Everyone understands. Channeled in so many ways. Word fights on Twitter. War songs in music. Hostile takeovers in the business world. We all are touched by it. And we all use it on somebody or something. But the purest form is the most basic. Punching. Kicking. Good old fashioned ass whippings. Nothing sends a rush through the human psyche like watching men and women tearing each other to shreds...

    Nothing... except being the person to do it to somebody else.

    I can attest to this personally. I know what it's like to be in a cage - with nowhere else to go except through the other man in the cage with you. I have felt the adrenaline course through me like the world's most powerful drug - even when you see your own blood pouring out of your mouth, you are invincible. Nothing else matters. Even when lifetimes pass between punches, even when everything blurs together. In that cage, in that fight, in that moment, you are risking everything... and you realize what it feels like to be truly free.

    That's what brought me here. The fight. Being allowed - no, being encouraged - to fight. Being given the opportunity to shed blood - my own and my opponent's. Being given a chance to shed it to win the Endurance title at Thirst for Blood - so damn fitting *chuckles while licking his lips* Being given that chance to unleash my demons for the whole world to see... to show everyone the other side of me. And being given the chance, tonight, to dance with devils in the carnival of hell. My dance partner: none other than the Mississippi Mauler, KJ Punk. A man who, like me, understands the freedom of the fight. Someone who has cracked skulls and left bruises and wounds that men will remember for the rest of their lives. And our prey... Darius, a two-faced paper champion. Smyth, a man who hides his fallen soul behind a briefcase. AJ Dixon, Mister "Primetime" himself - selling himself for more than he's worth. And Frankie Fletcher, a man who - as rough and repulsive he may behave - I actually respect for keeping the old ways alive... even if he is a dick. Which he is. So... fuck him. But regardless of that, tonight people are going to get hurt. Badly. Brutally. KJ and I... we are the southern bred dogs of war. And we smell the blood of the hunted in the air. Let the games begin.

    The camera's cut from Blue, to a commercial break.

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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Killa is already in the ring, with a mic in hand.

    *Takes off the Mink and fixes himself up*places his Chain piece in Center*
    *twist of the Bracelet*

    KiLLA: My Name is Noreaga Reyes, You've Heard about me ,Have Read about me...You Know Me... I'm ...Killa,killa

    That Means Something, That Means with All Sincerity in my Tone. . . Danger When I'm in everybody's Presence. Its not about One Person or Thing Specific that pulls the trigga. Naah, Let Me Make it I speak sereal...I Will Increase Tears, Spill Blood .

    You see whether its the target that I choose or there loved one ,anybody close..then I attack to hurt you mentally. Then I Guarantee Physically.

    But it Doesn't Stop There, I Also do this as an Effect to Get Your Attention. I'm Bigger then Life ,so I Take it... In Your Face. I step Up,and Then Stand Over You.

    So They Ask ,Why Did I Attack Jackson Smith ?
    Killa says ,because I Can *lol* ..Datt Bout it!!

    I Came to Insane Wre---- Shall I Say More If The First Word in The Company Name Describes What I Am ... What am I Doing in IWA? Wat I'm Doin is Holdin it up for what it stands for.. cuz I am datt, I am Insane..and will show u quickly I AM I. W. A. !

    So When its This Week,Next Week and the One After.. its Killa Season , Put da barrel to yo mouf now and pull it, plakaow..let ur neighbors hear datt goldie sound.. heahaah..

    Nahmean, wit datt said ,I was told I'm Facin Kyojin...

    I'm facin kyojin....
    I'm Facin Kyojin...*with ease*

    I'm Basically statin now that I'm The Winner, So I will allow u to congratulate me for advancing to The PPV for The Endurance Championship.

    Thank You and May You All Die as Soon as Possible if it ain't Me ,I hope the reaper is plottin on my Behalf.

    Killa drops the mic now, kicking it towards Emily Davis, as he turns to the entrance stage.

    Kyojin comes out from the back now, as the fans are just going crazy for him. He walks down the ramp and into the ring.

    MJ: Now remember, whoever wins this, advances to the final spot in the fatal fourway match at this Thursdays Thirst for Blood PPV, where the Endurance Championship will be on the line.

    RR: It doesn't matter who advances. My boy Frankie Fletcher has that match in the bag!

    Kyojin stands across from Killa, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Kyojin/Punk vs. Killa/Aries
    (Start at 7:00, End at 16:41)

    MJ: Wow!! What a nasty drop kick to the back of Killa's head!

    RR: That was nasty ... Too nasty! Kyojin should be thrown out!

    MJ: You must be kidding me.

    Kyojin gets to his feet and backs up and pushes himself against the ropes, then rebounds and uses the momentum to hit a leg drop onto Killa! Killa grabs his throat and starts coughing hard as Kyojin is back up to his feet and looks to the turn buckle with a smile.

    MJ: I think Killa is hurt, Rocky! Kyojin landed right on his throat!
    RR: Hes about to get even worse ... Kyojin's going up!

    Kyojin climbs the top rope and positions himself over Killa and motions for the Rising Sun! Kyojin launches himself from the top, but Killa is back to his feet!! Killa catches Kyojin midair and hits a massive DropDead (Rock Bottom)!! Killa drops to the mat next to Kyojin and both men are down!

    The ref begins to count since both men are down! One! Two! Three! Four!

    Killa reaches his arm over and covers Kyojin, but the ref points to Kyojin's leg which is hanging out of the ring! The pin attempt can't happen!

    MJ: What in ring instinct displayed by Kyojin!

    RR: Instinct?! He is knocked out, his leg was just in the right place!

    Killa struggles to his knees, and then the crowd explodes with boos when Mr. Smyth comes running down the ramp with a lead pipe in his hands, but then Jackson Smith comes storming out as well and takes Mr. Smyth down from behind!

    MJ: What the hell!? What are they doing out here?!

    RR: I don't know but Kyojin is back up!!

    Killa stands to his feet, focusing on the brawl on the outside. He turns around ... TRUTH HURTS (Beautiful Disaster)!! Killa drops to the mat and Kyojin dives down for the pin!


    Emily Davis: Heres your ...

    Emily is cut off when Mr. Smyth slides into the ring, and he and Kyojin start to trade blows. Kyojin throws Smyth over the top rope, and then Kyojin charges and nails Smyth with a suicide dive, sending both men over the barricade! Jackson Smith slides into the ring and picks Killa up and goes for the Killer Instinct, but Killa nails a low blow, dropping Smith to the mat.

    Kill rolls to the outside and lifts the apron and finds a sledgehammer, and raises it high in the air when he slides in the ring.

    MJ: NO NO NO NO! Someone stop him!!

    RR: Too late! Hahaha!

    Smith stands to his feet, only to be smashed in the head by the sledgehammer. Smith is busted open! Killa hits another shot to the head, dropping Smith to the mat! Killa reaches over the rope and snags a microphone from one of the cameramen as Kyojin and Mr. Smyth battle their way through the crowd!

    Killa: Jackson Smith ... I'll see you at Thirst for Blood, bitch!

    He slams the microphone down onto Smith, and hits him with the sledgehammer again before exiting the ring. The camera's cut to a break, as Killa walks up the ramp, smiling at his work


    KJ Punk makes his way out to the ring. KJ has a big smile on his face as he high fives some fans that are along the ramp. He climbs into the ring and KJ takes a microphone

    Punk: Well, I’m here. I’m here to represent you fans as your FIRST IWA Champion!

    The crowd pops

    Unfortunately, the five star match that me and Kyojin were putting on got screwed up by some douchebag with a vendetta. Kyojin, if I win the IWA Championship, you’ll be the first guy in line for a title shot, bud. And we are going to burn this mother to the ground.

    The crowd pops again

    Now, on to my opponents for the championship match. First, there’s Darius.

    Crowd boos

    I haven’t really ever interacted with Darius, like at all. But there one thing I know for sure. He’s a major douchebag.

    Crowd pops again

    Punk: He’s the asshole that thinks he runs this place like it’s his own personal playground. He may think he’s the big bully of the yard, but I’m gonna be the guy to step up and put him in his place. I’m going to pop him in his mouth and lay him out for the count. I mean, what kind of douchebag names his finish, “Fuck you, bitch”? Really? Really? Really?

    Crowd says really along with KJ

    He’s not going to even be involved in the finish of the match after I knock his ass out. And that brings me to AJ Dixon.

    Crowd boos again

    Primetime! Me and AJ have major history with each other. And guess what? He’s never been able to beat me. He couldn’t beat me in HWA for the Extreme Championship and he won’t beat me here for the IWA World Championship. It’ll be like a bad dream for him when he climbs into this ring with his “yo, yo, yo dawg” gangsta bullshit and I pop him in his mouth. I know the real AJ Dixon. And he knows that he can’t beat me. We both know that. Just like I am at Thirst for Blood, AJ, I’m gonna make you tap out!

    Winner win….

    ????: Did I hear someone say winner?

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    The Primetime superstar comes out to strong heat from the crowd. He starts speaking to the crowd and doesn't notice KJ Punk in the ring

    The true winner is here y'all and it is Primetime AJ Di...

    Primetime finally notices KJ Punk in the ring. Dixon starts to throw a fit on the stage.

    Son of a bitch! Not dis joker again. KJ Punk-ass-bitch. Shit man it's like you are fuckin' followin' me. First it was HWA, and now here. Man dang! Why da hell do I always hafta deal wif you? You haf been caught up in my dust ever since you started, why can't you jus leave me alone?

    You really think you are gonna be the first IWA Champion? You haf no chance in hell of beatin' me at Thirst For Blood. Dere is only one place for dat Championship, and it is on Primetime AJ Dixon! You aren't good enough, you ain't got what it takes. All dat shit in da past means nuthin' now. You may have bested me before, but not anymore. I have come far to close to dis title to just give it up to a clown or a freak!

    The crowd rains more boos on AJ Dixon. Dixon smirks at the crowd as to acknowledge the opinion of crowd.

    Obivously HWA wasn't Primetime enough to stay afloat. IWA should take note, the only way to keep alive as a business is to put give Primetime da Championship. If you want to remain in Primetime, give da Title to Primetime. It's dat simple.

    But I undastand dat if I hafta beat up Punk and Darius to win da title, den I can do dat too. I can wrestle circles around you Punk!

    AJ Dixon moves down the ramp towards KJ Punk in the ring. Primetime is hesitant to get in the ring at first and looks around smugly at the crowd. He climbs the steps and steps under the ropes.

    You see, you are a joke, a fool, a failure. And Darius, well, don't even get me started. Dat man is bat-shit crazy. I'm sure somewhere dere is an insane asylum missin' a patient. Darius should probably be in a straight-jacket, but knowing him, he might just chew his way out.

    Lets face it, da IWA train is rollin' and Primetime plans on spendin' his time in first class wif da IWA Championship. So where do y'all want to be? Do y'all want to be in first place wif Primetime, or do you want to be in da storage car wif da rest of IWA?

    The crowd boos Dixon as he shrugs of the heat.

    Aw man, KJ, da haterz are in full force tonight. You see how dey join together to hate me? Dey hate on me and dey don't even know. Dey don't even know wat da future holds, and how soon dey will all be chantin' my name, Primetime AJ Dixon, IWA World Cham...

    Darius makes his way onto the ramp with his TWE Championship over his shoulder and a microphone in hand

    Darius: Shut the hell up, right now Dixon. You have no solid grounds to stand on, so why bother saying you are a contender for the championship? Hell, you can't even speak proper English you third grade drop out.

    Darius makes his way down the ramp and stands next to the apron at the ring

    Darius: Correct me if I'm wrong, Dixon ... But you don't have a world championship, right? I do! That proves that I am world champion material, and it seals the deal that I will be the first ever IWA World Champion! No one wants some ghetto wannabe hick as a champion, they want one with class and knows the definition of respect! They want me!! Ha ha ha ha! Yes! They want me, the one and the only VAN DARIUS. You see, kiddo ... These past few months have ... changed me. I've learned a thing or two about the so called "fans" and how ...

    "You suck!" chants break out towards Darius

    Darius: Shut your dirty mouths! You people need to be taught what respect is! I am the world champion of TWE, you be silent when I speak! Now like I was saying, ah fuck it, lets cut to the chase ... Respect. There is someone else here that needs to be taught what it is who is a bit more ... Annoying.

    Darius climbs into the ring and stares at KJ Punk

    Darius: I will slap you so fucking hard it will feel like you kissed a freight train, Punk. Do you know who you just threatened?! You threatened the TWE World Champion! You threatened a six time ICW Insanity Champion! You threatened the man that will pin you at Thirst for Blood to become the IWA Champion! So choose your words wisely, you twat. If you even think about saying shit like that again, I will personally end your career. I will hurt you, boy. Heh heh ... You don't want to KNOW what I'd do to you to end your pathetic career ... Trust me on that.

    Darius throws the microphone down at the ground and snarls at Punk. Dixon immediately jumps Punk, starting to wail on him, as Darius joins in. Immediately, Blue, Smyth, and Fletcher all come running out from the back and into the ring, as a 6 man brawl has broken out. Officials are rushing out, breaking the men apart. After a few moments, order has been restored, as Smyth, Blue, and Fletcher all step out onto the apron. The ref signals for the bell.

    Darius/Mr Smyth(Cena/Taker) vs KJ Punk/Sagittarius Blue(HBK/HHH) vs AJ Dixon/Franklie Fletcher(Jericho/Show)

    (Start first video at 6:51, end second video at 4:26)

    Darius waits, as Blue turns around. SPEAR! Darius drops Sagittarius Blue hard! Cover!


    Punk is back in the ring now, breaking up the pinfall. Smyth climbs back into the ring, as do Dixon and Fletcher. All 6 men are in the ring, going at it. Darius goes for another spear, this time on Punk, but Punk leapfrogs over Darius, and Darius takes the ref out! Darius turns, and is dropped by a wicked rolling elbow! Punk turns, and is dropped by a Mug Shot from AJ Dixon! Dixon turns, and is lifted into the air and nailed with the Rule! Smyth turns, only to be sent by Frankie Fletcher with a wicked Fletch-Plex! Frankie stands tall, posing, as he turns. Blue comes out of nowhere, grabbing Fletcher, and nails the Sign of the Archer! Blue looks around, seeing all of the downed wrestlers, as he turns, and is dropped!

    MJ: Who is that?!

    RR: It can't be!?! IS IT!?

    The man who attacked Blue pulls his hood off, and it's CHRIS DIVINE! The fans are just all booing, as Divine looks around, grabbing Dixon, and throwing him on top of Blue. Divine goes to the ref, dragging the ref to the pin attempt, as the ref comes to a little and counts


    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Frankie Fletcher and AJ DIXON!

    Daniel May comes walking out from the back, standing at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand as his music is cut off.

    May: Well, Mr Divine....I knew you would eventually show up. I must say, I am glad I signed you to a contract. I'm not out here for you I am out here to make a few announcements. First, Mr Edwards, I know you are watching backstage. Well, after seeing all of these wrestlers in action, and hearing from some of them, I've decided who your opponent is. At Thirst for Blood, you will face Oscar Leyman, and if you beat him, you will get a contract in IWA.

    Some fans cheer at this, but most boo.

    May: Now, earlier tonight, we saw Killa attack Jackson Smith with a sledgehammer, leaving him laying in this ring. It is official for Thirst for Blood. We will see Killa go 1 on 1 with Jackson Smith in a street fight! Oh, and another thing, Mr Smith, your money in the bank briefcase for the endurance title shot, will be on the of luck.

    The fans all boo at this, as May just grins.

    May: Now finally, we have the huge triple threat match to crown the first IWA World Champion. The thing is though, this match needs that little bit of spice added. So, with that in mind, at Thirst for Blood, this triple threat match, will now be a First Blood triple threat match!

    The fans actually cheer at this, as Punk, Darius, and Dixon look on at May, as the camera's fade to an IWA logo, and then to black.

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    Filler #1: Go fill out the prediction contest if you haven't!

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