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    Show time, fellas

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    The camera focus on the main stage as the pyros go off. As Chaos’ theme blasts across the arena, we see the fans cheer, holding up signs and jumping with excitement.

    Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sunday nights hottest show on television ... IWA Chaos!! My name is Mike James, and joining me is Rocky Reynolds!

    Rocky: We have one hell of a show tonight, Mike! Plenty of matches and lots of people speaking their minds!

    Mike: Speaking of people who are going to speak their minds ... Here comes Artemis Eclipse!!

    Artemis Eclipse

    The lights begin going ballistic in a rainbow of colors as a figure comes out onto the stage. The bass is booming throughout the arena as the figure has his head down, hood over and is holding a kendo stick over his left shoulder. He flings his head back and throws his arms out at the same time.

    As he brings his arms down he lets go a scream. He smiles through his mask and looks around as the crowd is on their feet. It seems like the audience is torn on whether to boo or cheer. As Artemis goes down the ramp he twirls his kendo around and slides under the bottom rope. He stands up and looks around. He pulls a mic out of his hoodie pocket and looks around a bit more. He goes to the corner and sits down. He taps the microphone to see if its on and smiles…

    Artemis: Sorry, I had to see if it worked. I was watching last week when Divine came out here and made an ass out of himself. He talked about the same old tired shit over and over again. He wasted roughly 30 minutes of the show talking about things that have apparently been under his skin. Things that I said that really ticked him off.

    I said a lot of things about a lot of people. Do I regret any of it? No. Under all the circumstances that were going on when I did say those things, I was hurt. Hurt that my friends got hurt and hurt that people would go behind my friends back and do things without manning up and doing what they were supposed to do.

    THAT is what got me upset. There’s not too many people in this world I can call a friend but, when he got hurt not once but twice, it was my duty to say what he couldn't I have come a long way since then though. I have been doing many things to keep busy. Including helping form #teamfuckit… which is one of the best stables ever formed by the way. And I’ve also just been going onto other peoples shows whenever I feel like it just to make a mess of their situation.

    What people fail to remember… and by people I mean Divine, Kyojin and VHX is, I’m not bitter…. No, no, no. I’m FAR from it. I’m outspoken. I will talk about whatever and whoever I want at any given time. I’m not known for biting my tongue and I won’t now. But, does that mean that I HAVE to come out here and shoot from the hip? No. I’m actually going to do the opposite of what everyone thinks I’m going to do.

    You all thought I was going to waltz down that ramp and talk as much shit as possible. Talk about undeserved title opportunities, pulling triggers on talent, anything… you thought I was going to blaze my guns and just not give a fuck. Well, the simple fact of the matter is this… I don’t need to.

    All of these people that come out here and “shoot” all the time are making it lose its specialness when it truly needs to happen. You fans are smart to our business now. You know that a lot of what’s printed on the dirsheets are half right. There’s a lot of backstabbing that goes on behind those curtains. A lot of people who want spots. Who want the limelight. Who are completely jealous of where certain individuals are in their station in life.

    Me on the other hand? I’m happy being on the top. I’m happy in the middle-card, a curtain jerker… whatever you decide to put me as. I will consistently put on the best fucking show win, lose or draw. Admit it or not I am and will continue to be the epitome of this business. I don’t need Championships to prove how big my dick is. I don’t need the head of some company telling me its my time to shine because I sell merchandise. I’m Artemis Eclipse. I’m the best thing going in the world right now and at Last Resort Chris Divine will remember what its like to “Ship Up To Boston”. Bank on it. Bitch.

    Artemis drops the mic and winks as the cameras pan over to the announcers.

    Mike: What a powerful speech from Artemis Eclipse. He has come to the IWA to make sure we know just who the hell he is. What an awesome start to the show.

    Rocky: You're damn right, Mike, and that is what I like about him.

    Mike: Anyway, we are going to take a short break and then we will see Chris Diamond take on the infamous Killa!

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    Mike: Welcome back to IWA Chaos!

    Rocky: Time to see Chris Diamond take on Killa!

    The cameras focus on Emily Davis in the ring.

    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 231 lbs ... Chris "The Prodigy" Diamond!

    Chris "The Prodigy" Diamond

    Gold fireworks explode and walking onto the ramp basking in the glow and met with loud boos from the crowd as Diamond makes his way to the ring.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, weighing in at 232lbs, Killa!


    Mike: The sheer power and talent processed by Diamond should act in his favor here and Killa has not been on the best of form as of late, so only time will tell I guess…

    Rocky: You can guess all you want Diamond deserves a good beat down here

    Randy Orton (Diamond) vs. R-truth (Killa)
    (Start at 2:57 and watch to 5:50)

    Mike: This is wonderful action, Diamond is on fireDiamond starts trading blows with Killa, to his midsection and face Mike: Those shots to the midsection are set upon weakening Killa and trying to get him to a level where he is not a threat to Diamond…It is smart

    Rocky: It is not smart! It is stupid, Killa could come back at any point!


    Killa tries to hit a kick to the knees of Diamond but, Diamond acts to fast and jumps when he tries to hit, landing an uppercut on Killa and continues his assault on Killa!


    Diamond takes a dazed Killa down with a spinebuster, immediately setting him up for the prodigy splash… Climbing to the top robe, showboating to the crowd, he leaps into the air, completing a picture perfect prodigy splash and landing on the midsection of Killa…

    Rocky: Come on Killa…He is the same as you!!

    Instead of going for the cover, starts to stalk Killa, waiting for him to arise… A stunned Killa begins to rise, getting slowly to his feet and holding his midsection… turning to face Diamond clearly unaware.. Diamond hits him hard with the Diamond in the Rough! He goes for the count…


    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, The Diamond Prodigy

    Mike: Solid performance from Diamond, he was the best between these too and he is really cementing a name for himself here on IWA, this could potentially be a World Champ one day…

    Rocky: No! He is not a champ in the making, holy hell!

    The cameras cut to the backstage area where Van, Carlos and Dixon are seen walking carrying duffle bags and wearing street clothes. Carlos open the door of the room marked as Infection and finds Athena inside also in her street clothes.

    Athena: Hey guys!

    All: Hey Athena!

    Athena: Listen I'm glad you're all here because I've been thinking about the match last week and how it was really the first time we all got to work together since joining the IWA and I don't think we really realized the significance of that match so I decided we need to celebrate.

    Athena bends over, reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of wine. The 3 men look happy.

    Athena: Now I know I'm always talking this tough game whenever I'm about to face someone or ready to kick someone's ass or whatever, but right now it's just us in here, I feel I can let my guard down a little bit and be honest with you guys.

    So that said I want you guys to know how much it means to me that you all took a chance on me and invited me to join Infection. I know I'm not like any other woman around here and that impressed you and all, but what it comes down to is that I was pretty new to the wrestling scene and a woman and yet you guys looked at me and you didn't see any of that, you saw me as someone who could hold her own, someone who would have your backs and someone who could be a good representation of what Infection is all about and that means a lot to me.

    I mean just last week you Carlos and you Van picked me as the third person in that match when you could've just picked Dixon, but you knew I could handle it and when I gave the caretaker my Amazon Slam it was all over. Now the caretaker's in Intensive Care and we left Damaged Goods a lot more damaged.

    Athena chuckles and begins pouring her friends some wine.

    Athena: So I think that one day when the Infection is inducted into the IWA Hall of Fame and we've won all the titles this fed has to offer we'll be able to look back on this moment as the moment it all started.

    Athena hands them each a glass.

    Athena: So anyway enough with the sentimental crap, let's toast to the future of Infection and who knows maybe to my first title reign as Endurance Champion soon enough.

    Athena raises her glass and they all follow her lead and take a drink.

    CAR: Hey-yo! lets toast to us winning the tag titles. I mean, we all knows it's going to happen *Ramon smirks* And.. too AJ Dixon! soon to be the new... world... heavyweight..champion!

    The Infection once again toast and take another sip of there drink's. Ramon then can be seen looking around the room, checking out there brand new private locker room.

    CAR: Not bad, not bad. It's about time we were treated like the real stars of the show around here, I mean come on.. Jman? Please! Been there, Beat that. I'm surprised to even see that guy is still wrestling.. I thought he would have still been buried between the rubble of HWA when we tore that place down to the ground.

    Ramon smiles as Van smirks too.

    CAR: This place is missing something though, Hold on chico's.

    Carlos then opens his bag and reaches in, he then pulls out a picture frame and begins to place it on the shelf.

    CAR: There much better! Man, that guy's good looking. I bet he's a hell of a wrestler too.

    The picture can be made out to be indeed, Carlos Alberto Ramon as the rest of Infection laugh of the vanity shown by Ramon.

    CAR: The whole world knows how good we all are as individuals, but last week. Last week we showed once more exactly what the Infection are capable off together, When we beat Damaged Goods, we put the whole of the locker room on notice and showed them we are United, we showed them we are on the same page, just how dominant we can be when giving the chance.. When me and Van picked you Athena, we didn't pick you because you are better then Dixon. No. we picked you, because there is no weak link.. it don't matter the combination, all that matters is the name.. Infection! And when you are against that name, those group of people, the A-team of wrestling. Well... *Ramon laughs* That mean's bad news for our opponents.

    As for you Dixon. You have bigger things to worry about. You, I.. Van, Athena. We all know you were robbed of your glory moment. The spotlight was stolen from you, Well an eye for an eye chico. That bichano, Shaz. He's running around here like he owns the place. Well he don't.. this place, this place belongs to us! Not Shaz. Not Kyojin and not Chris "All talk" Divine either. You know what you need to do tonight Dixon and if you need us.. just signal brother and the Infection will be there.. right guys?.

    Athena and Van both nod in agreement as Dixon smiles in appreciation.

    CAR: As for me and you Van. We know what we need to do and I know, at Last Resort. We will become the tag team champions. Why? Because we have never failed. Everything we have set out too do, we have done. We came in as unheard of rookies and look at us now? I mean how many times have you won a world title again? *Van begins sarcastically counting on his hand* Actually forget it, it's going to take too much time to mention all of your awards and titles! *Both begin to smirk*As for me? HWA, Now IWA. everywhere I go.. I'm the face of the company, the pin up guy. I mean.. You know how much money I was offered and how many times they begged me to stay when I was thinking about leaving? *Ramon laughs* They were so desperate too keep me. I can't blame them though, there's not much point in a wrestling company if you don't have El Bandido on the roster.

    Ramon grins.

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    CAR: Last Resort is the perfect name, because for Damaged Goods to walk out of Last Resort with the titles. They are going to have to resort to a miracle. There time is coming to an end. Ours is only just getting started.. We are the Infection! there is no cure! Now, let's drink too that!

    Van: Well, if we're all opening up right now...I guess I'll have to be honest as well. I'm not going to lie, I really do think that we won't be able to pull this off. I mean, the IWA roster is leaps and bounds so talented and strong that how can we even dream to even compete on their level?

    After a few seconds of silence, all 4 of them begin laughing at Van's sarcastic joke
    Oh god, I crack me up sometimes.

    But seriously now, we are just levels above everyone else. I've been saying it about the tag division since we practically got here and in all honestly in applies for the inane singles division. I mean, you could literally put any wrestler against any 1 of us and the result would be the same. Pure destruction until we decided it was past being a warm-up.

    I couldn't of said what you 2 said any better but it really won't be long before we regain this place as our bitch. I mean, as long as we keep winning and make sure all the roster realize we're here, everything else will fall in place!

    The tag team division will soon begin in a new era that me and Carlos will drive them into, you Athena will continue to dominate men who're deluded enough to think they can take you on your way to being the next endurance champion and AJ Dixon WILL be the next world champion here. No briefcase bullshit will end that reign.

    Let's be truly honest, we're fucking awesome!

    Van grabs the bottle and pours himself a refill and passes it to Carlos so he can do the same

    But for this to happen we need to focus on sending a clear cut message every god damn week. We all know this and we're all capable of beating anyone on any given day.

    Dixon, you may of lost last week but that was an irrelevant match. You could lose all of your next matches leading up to the PPV and it won't matter. Hell, that's what I used to do when I was champion. You'll win the only match that matters at Last Resort and make us back on top of the mountain like we should be. It's as easy as that!

    You're in a bullshit handicap match tonight AJD, so if you want back-up just ask and we'll be in your corner bro.

    Dixon: The Infection, a poison, a disease. That is what people are calling us, that is what people are saying about us. This is the goal. This is what we want. We want infamy. The Plague, Smallpox, Malaria Are they known for the people that have beaten them? No. They are known for all the people that have perished trying to fight it. That is what we have to be, infamous. We have to be known for the amount that we have destroyed, not the amount that have survived, so don't let anything in IWA escape you. Sack it all.

    Van and Carlos high five. Athena claps as Dixon continues.

    Last week I was a part of a "promotional" handicap match and lost. This week I'm in a match with the snake and the sloth, and I'm the one at the disadvantage, but that doesn't matter. I appreciate the offer, Van, but I don't need it tonight. No, tonight we show what the Infection is made of. Tonight we show the strands that will seep in and tear you up one-by-one.

    IWA knows that our group is not for show, but how would they react if we showed them shat just one of us can do? Tonight I take down both Punk and Shaz. I will show how much just one of us can do, and leave IWA to do the math themselves. If just one guy can take out two of the top competitors, then what can all four of them do?

    I won't say much, since you guys have said it all. but this group is bound for greatness, for infamy! At Last Resort, IWA wil be biten, IWA will be infected, and all it can do is sit and watch itself get taken over by the Infection. We will be known for our casualties, we will be known for our destruction, and at last Resort the first victims of the Infection will be Damaged Goods, KJ Punk, and Shaz.

    Dixon puts his hand on Van's and Athena's shoulders.

    Before they know it, IWA will be Infected, and there is will be no cure.

    Bradley Boltz and Xavier Kraouker walk past and hear the end of the Infections conversation

    Boltz: So this is the almighty Infection

    Xavier starts coughing

    Boltz: Bro wake up whats the sitch?

    Xavier while choking starts to speak

    Xavier: I... I....I *Cough Cough* have just caught the infection *cough cough*

    Boltz: You okay? Need a doctor?

    Xavier: Nah its okay bro it was a weak and speaking of a weak Infection looky at who we have here, the about do get his arse kicked AJ Dixon and some other clowns.

    Boltz: Whoa there Xavier these guys are actually pretty good, there are a lot of championship reigns in this stable its a shame most of them involved bankrupt shows.

    Xavier: Yeah its a damn shame when people look at your past attributes and they mean nothing and like when they look at your current accomplishments again there is nothing.
    Now don't get me wrong you guys are tough but your not really a great team now are you? your not the tag team champions and your not really that smart either.

    Boltz: Damn right these bitches aren't even smart running down the tag team division here which is at a very high caliber and that's excluding ourselves man we got some bones to pick.

    Xavier: Big Bones

    Boltz: So we challenge you losers to a little tag team match and lets see if the kids can hang?

    Xavier: We'd be hanging those bones up boys.

    Van puts his glass down and looks at both of them dead in the eye for a few seconds and then very slowly claps.

    Van: A pity. A massive pity actually. I tell you both what you did right though.

    You very wisely, or by right place and time, interrupted the team that are the biggest threat going in this joint. You came into lethal territory and tried to shout the odds. Now, that does take some balls to do so I'll give you credit for that kids but that's literally it.

    You wonder in here and...what? Try to come up with insults that we've heard millions of times and then ask for a match against the future tag team titles? No, no, no. It takes more than just saying what everyone else has said. I guess that's the difference between us and the rest of the tag team division. They say they'll be tag team champions and we actually set out and achieve that goal. We back it up.

    Listen here and listen good ladies, we don't have anything to prove against 2 idiots who're trying to get the foot in the doorway. You're not worth the two minutes it would take.

    So why don't you two just run along with your tails in between each others legs and go hang out with the rest of the disgraceful division. If Twitter or partying isn't your thing then you could always tag along with that tag team who has a whore for a daughter.

    Carlos places a hand on VHXs shoulder so he can take over, he takes a moment to stop laughing after Van's comments and begins to speak.

    CAR: I will say this bichano's, like my amigo said. You have some Nut'z strolling into the wolfs cave and staring us right in the eye, However. You should have Bolted and walked on by, nothing good can come from challenging the Infection.

    Ramon smirks before speaking again.

    CAR: You know, that's not the Infection you caught chico, it seems to me you are suffering from a bad case of jealousy right now. It's a common illness in wrestling when you are looking at what we have.. what we have achieved and what we are capable of doing. Bones? Some bones to pick?

    Ramon smiles, before looking at his Rolex

    What you think Van? We could spare a couple of minutes right?

    Van Nods before smirking

    Okay then idiota's! Go get ready, We are about to make you famous, You see.. nobody knows who you are now, but soon everyone around the world will know who you are, when we make you an example of exactly what the Infection is capable off! But you.. You already know that. Now go on, get out of our locker room. If not.. I promise, you will be in not fit state to complete later tonight.

    The Infection members now stand, side by side with Ramon as the tag team start back tracking.

    And we don't do threats.. Just promises!.

    The cameras cut to commercial.

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    *The cameras pan around the arena, showing off the signs held by the cheering fans before it settles in on Seth Gabel, microphone in hand.*

    Seth Gabel

    “Ladies and gentlemen, last week, you all were promised that we would hear from Ace Note here tonight. Well now, after weeks of silence, we’re going to go live to Mr. Note’s apartment now where we will hear from him for the first time after the events that occurred three weeks ago. And now, our cameraman will take us to the home of Ace Note as he rests there comfortably.”

    *Before the cameras can transition to the Insane-o-tron, the thousands of fans in attendance begin to cheer, indicating that something happened that the viewers at home are unaware of. When the camera focus is now, they are brought up to speed when Ace Note makes an appearance for the first time in weeks. He rests on a red recliner chair, his right, bandaged leg propped up on a foot rest and a bag of Doritos cradled in his left arm. He smiles as he waves to his fans.*

    And there he is now. Ace Note, welcome back.

    Ace Note

    How ya doin’, Seth?

    Seth Gabel

    “I’m doing fine, Ace but from where I stand, you’re not in the best of shape at the moment and for the sake of convenience for the fans who are not wise to what happened three weeks ago, we’re going to take you back to the incident that unfolded shortly after you were addressing the IWA audience about your Destined for Immortality victory against Domino. Now, I must warn viewers now that those of you with weak stomachs might want to turn away as what you’re about to see is going to be anything but pretty.”

    *Footage begins to roll on the screen.*

    Jonathan drops his mic, as Ace and Seahawk get into each others faces. Ace Note pushes Seahawk back, as Jonathan comes back, shoving Note. The two men immediately begin to go blow for blow!

    Mike: All hell is breaking loose!


    Jonathan has the upperhand, as he has Note against the ropes. Seahawk charges, clotheslining Note over the top to the outside. Jonathan climbs out, grabbing Note, and throws him straight into the steel steps! Jonathan goes over, grabbing Ace by the head, and begins to bash him face first into the steel steps. Note stumbles away, busted open, as Seahawk grabs the steps, throwing them away from the corner. Seahawk grabs Note, lifting him up onto his shoulders. Jonathan swings Note around, performing an F5, sending Note's knee right into the post!

    Note is clutching his knee, as Seahawk turns, smiling, and walks up the ramp to leave. Medical comes rushing down the ramp with a stretcher, as they begin to check on Ace Note.

    *The video package ends and the sounds of booing fill the arena. Obviously, the fans aren't happy with what they saw and by the look on Ace Note's now troubled face, neither is he.*

    “Alright, Ace. Now that everyone’s been up to speed with what happened between you and Jonathan Seahawk, up until this point, we have not heard from you since that assault. Before we get into anything else, we want to know exactly what kind of state you’re in right now.”

    *With his mood now dampened by recollecting that vicious assault, Ace looks down at the floor for a bit, rubbing his chin before looking back up and filling in the people watching of his present condition.*

    ::Ace Note::

    “Well, after I was rushed to the Hidalgo County Hospital, my doctor performed a variety of tests on my knee and fortunately, all I had from that brush with Seahawk was some bruising and mild bursitis which has healed up for the most part but the docs have recommended that I not to any sort of strenuous physical activity for the time being which obviously includes wrestling. I’d say I’m about 85% healed as of right now give or take. Overall, it’s nothing that I can’t recover completely from. Definitely not a career ender.”

    *The fans cheer once they hear the news of Ace Note's condition.*

    ::Seth Gabel::

    “That’s definitely good to hear and from the sounds of it, the IWA fans are happy to hear the good news. But now, Ace, even if you do recover 100%, even if you are physically ready to return to the squared circle, what is now running through your mind as of now with the recent events of Jonathan Seahawk?”

    ::Ace Note::

    “Heh, heh, well first off, I’m trying to figure out where the hell Brock Ed…or should I say, Johnny, got his new name from. I mean, Seahawk? Not my first choice of a last name to go by especially considering the fact that he’s trying to pass himself off as some kind of tough guy. I mean, Seahawk? Couldn’t he have chosen the name of an NFL team that didn’t suck? I mean, Raven? Steeler? Packer? Hell, Jonathan Dolphin would have been better off for him!”

    *Ace continues laughing until it quickly dies. Nothing else is shown on his face at this moment but absolute anger.*

    “But no. Unfortunately for our good friend Jonathan, that’s not what I’m trying to figure out. What I’ve been thinking about for the past three weeks, as I’ve laid in my bed, feeling like some kind of useless vegetable, is how the hell I’m going to pay this bastard back for what he did to me. You see, Jonathan thinks that he can take what belongs to me. The roar of the crowd, the admiration of a wholesome group of people I’ve come to love. I earned that respect through grit and determination. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m using my talents for something good and not for a corrupt cause that nearly cost my little brother his own life. For the first time, I don’t have to live among paupers and vagabounds that keep themselves warm in dark alleys with barrel fires and open fingered gloves. And right out of the gate, here comes big bad Johnny, fresh off a win from Ryan Wells and out of everyone here in the IWA that he could have made a statement off of, he goes right after me. You know, Seth, you gotta ask yourself, why would Mr. Seahawk need to go after me like that? What would he have to prove? The answer is quite obvious.
    Back when he was called Brock Edwards, I called him out on his *bleep* from day one. I promised that mother*bleep* that not only would I make an example out of him by beating him but that I would always be a thorn in his ass when he would bully everyone else in the back. Check your scoreboards, folks. Right now, it reads Jonathan Seahawk – 0 and Ace Note -1. I did what I said I was going to do and he hasn’t been the same since. He even threw away his friendship with the one man who actually was able to tolerate him and heck, maybe, just maybe that actually did him some good because for the first time, in as long as I can remember, he did something for himself. On the same night where I was able to claim immortality, he was able to knock off Ryan Wells. Not only that, he even managed to make him tap out. But what happened next threw me for a loop; the attack. But what Jonathan doesn’t seem to know is that no matter what you call a steaming pile of crap, whether you want to call it feces or waste, it’s still *bleep* and that’s exactly what Jonathan is. Look around you, Jon!

    Look at what’s become of the IWA! Things have shaken up! New contenders all around and hell, we even got a new championship! With your new drive, with your new focus, you could have easily been in line for a championship especially with the way that you beat Wells. But no, you decide to abandon all of that and target me and the reason why is because you hate the truth. You can’t handle it. You’ve been a sorry excuse of a man for as long as I’ve known you and I’ve never been afraid to say it and that bothered you. You could never take what I said lightly because I would always hit a nerve. Everyone from Mr. Smyth, Israel Pamich, Shaz, Juno Mercury, Black Blooded, hell, even Percy the janitor, would tell you flat out to your face that you sucked but no one did it better than me. I wouldn’t just insult you, I would tell the truth about you and you couldn’t take it and I only made it worse when I beat you. Even now, when I’m sitting at home, not in that ring, I’ve got you in my back pocket whether you want to admit it or not! And speaking of the ring, I’ve been watching Chaos ever since that attack took place. I’ve been watching you, studying you and taking note of what you’ve done and it hasn’t amounted to jack. Congratulations, you managed to win again but Jah Bur ain’t Ace Note and now, you’ve managed to get in handcuffs again, only this time, Matt Ryder’s not the one behind it. I’m going to let you all in on something. I know that Jonathan’s supposed to get out of police custody soon and there’s no doubt he’s showing up next week and you know what? That’s when I’M going to come back to deal with him!”

    *Once again, the fans begin cheering.*

    ::Seth Gabel::

    “That’s great news to hear, Ace Note and we will all be watching and waiting for your return. Right now, can you give us some, I any, closing remarks before we end this interview?”

    *Ace Note shakes his head enthusiastically.*

    ::Ace Note::

    “You’re damn right you can, Seth. John boy, you better hope that you get yourself arrested again before next Sunday because I WILL be there and you don’t want to show up when I do. Otherwise, I promise you this, you’ll need ever last bit of space in “Brock Edward’s” casket for YOU.”

    The close up of Ace Note’s face is the last thing that everyone sees before the cameras are cut off and we go to commercial.

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    Mike: Welcome back to IWA Chaos! You're just in time for tag team action!

    Rocky: That's right, Mike. The Pardy Boyz and Extremely Lethal are already in the ring and set for action!

    The Pardy Boyz (Miz/Morrison) vs. Extremely Lethal (DX)
    (Start 1:00, End 3:55)

    Rymac takes Venomous down with a nasty forearm to the face, and then starts to stomp down onto Venomous's abdomen hard! Rymac then lifts Venomous to his feet and tosses him to the ropes, then catches him with a massive spine buster! Rymac goes for the cover, but slams his elbow into the jaw of Venomous instead!

    Mike: Rymac is just punishing Venomous here tonight!

    Rocky: Well good! I'm sick of these twats!

    Rymac jumps to his feet and tags D-boy in, and then Rymac holds Venomous down while D-boy climbs to the middle rope, and then jumps down and drives his heels into Venomous's torso hard! D-boy pulls Venomous to the middle of the ring and then covers him!

    One! Two! No!

    Mike: What resilience!

    Rocky: You said "luck" wrong, Mike.

    Venomous kicks out right before three and D-boy is livid. D-boy stands Venomous to his feet, but Venomous hits a hard right hand! D-boy stumbles back a bit, but then returns the favor with his own shot! Both men trade blows!

    Venomous! D-boy! Venomous! D-boy! Venomous! Venomous! Venomous!

    Venomous gets the upper hand and nails D-boy with a stiff uppercut, and then Venomous drops D-boy with a standing drop kick in the middle of the ring! Venomous slowly gets to his feet, clutching his abdomen, and then he makes his way to Carbon who has his hand extended into the ring! D-boy gets to his feet and dives at Venomous but Venomous makes the tag! Carbon gets into the ring and sends himself at D-boy, hitting him with a massive shoulder block!

    Carbon gets back up and kicks D-boy in the gut once he gets back to his feet, and then plants him with a DDT! Carbon goes for the cover, but Rymac comes in and stomps Carbon on the head! Carbon gets to his feet and blocks a shot from Rymac, and then tosses him into the ropes!

    Mike: Here it comes ...

    Rocky: The Carbon Footprint ... Great.

    Carbon connects with the Carbon Footprint on the jaw of Rymac! Rymac rolls out of the ring and Carbon turns his attention to D-boy who lifts Carbon in the air for the D-boy Destroyer, but Carbon elbows him until he drops down to the mat, and then Carbon connects with another Carbon Footprint, but to D-boy! Carbon covers D-boy!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: Here are your winners ... Extremely Lethal!!

    The fans pop loudly and then the titantron flickers on revealing an IT room. Ron can be heard clicking away at the keyboard on a computer in the background while Skyler stand in front of the camera.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “You know, anybody who’s anybody has already heard that we’re going to be fighting Black Blooded at Last Resort but just recently, my good buddy Ron and I found just another reason to teach those bikers a lesson. We’re going to show you what happened on our little journey to Black Blooded’s little hideout. Ron, roll the footage!”

    *Ron gives Skyler a thumbs up and goes to work on his computer until he gets the video started.*

    *The scene begins with Ron and Skyler are both standing on a dusty road in the middle of what seems like nowhere. A tumbleweed rolls by them as they look at the horizon and noticed a brownish dot in the distance. Both of them have one hand on a piece of paper.*

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Is that the place?”

    *Skyler looks down at the paper.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “That’s what the letter says. Say, where’d you get this letter from anyway?”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “I already told you, man. Some weird guy on a motorcycle gave it to me, told me to invite you and told me not to tell anyone else about it. You think it’s Black Blooded?”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Maybe. Either they’re pretty dedicated to their gimmick and are setting up some kind of ambush or someone just wants to meet us pretty badly.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “If that cliché tumbleweed is any indication, I say we’re pretty screwed. Oh well, no way of knowing until we check the place out, right? Let’s go.”

    *They both continue walking until the building gets into focus. The exterior appears to be some kind of hangout for bikers. The few motorcycles parked outside the building are evident of that fact. They both arrive right in front of a steel, red door with a human skull replica nailed to the front. A small, sliding window is in place at the top of the door. Before they can knock, another tumbleweed rolls by them. Ron kicks it away in frustration.*

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Alright, alright! We get it! This scene is supposed to have tension! Jeez!”

    *Skyler decides to knock on the door. When he doesn’t get an answer, he goes to knock it again but the sliding window opens instead. A pair of bloodshot eyes meets Drek’s.*


    “State your business.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “We’re here to see…*he looks down at the piece of paper*…Dixen.”


    “Well then, you better have the password unless you want to wind up like that skull on the door. Now spill it.”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Keep you slacks on, killer. We got the password. It’s “exhaust pipe”.”

    *The pair of eyes squint hard at them until the sliding window closes. The door opens with a creak. Ron and Skyler slowly walk inside the shack and are taken aback at what they find. Dozens upon dozens of bikers are playing poker, billiards, darts and just about every other stereotypical biker activity imaginable. Sunglasses and other biker memorabilia adorn the wooden walls of the shack. Johnny Cash music quietly plays in the background to compliment the scene. However, the music stops playing and the conversation goes down to a hushed tone when they discover Drek and Macoonie in their midst. A loud voice booms from behind them.*


    “Hey, Dixen! These two are lookin’ for ya! You know these clowns?!”

    *By now, a whole crowd of bikers surrounds Kayfabulous, blunt objects in hand. However, the crowd soon begins to part ways as a light tapping on the floor is heard, getting louder and louder by the second. When the last line of bikers moves out of the way, an elderly man, face hidden by a blue bandanna and head shaded with a cowboy hat, is revealed. Hunched over and with cane in hand, he slowly walks over to both Skyler and Ron. He looks briefly at them both.*

    :: Dixen::

    “Ron? Skyler?” *They both nod in unison.* I see you got my message. Do you know who I am?”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Bully Ray?”

    *A sharp elbow hits him in the ribs. He looks over and finds out it’s from Skyler.*

    “What? That joke was way too perfect not to say!”

    :: Dixen::

    “You two will find that right now, I’m not in so much of a laughing mood. I happen to be Dixen, leader of these Gears and I’ve invited you two here for a very special reason. See, it has something to do with my boys. You two might know them as Mr. Blood and Mr. Black. I need a favor from the two of you and I’m afraid…"

    *He whistles loudly and soon, some of the bikers block off the door.*

    “…we won’t be taking no for an answer.”
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    *A two hours later graphic pops up on the screen, indicating that quite a bit of time has passed since Kayfabulous walked into the clubhouse. When the graphic fades away, quite a different scene pans out. Skyler, now with a lit cigar held within the confines of his clenched teeth, is holding a pair of cards in his hand with Dixen on the other side of the table from him. Poker chips surround the two men as both stacks look about even. A crowd of bikers forms around them as they continue playing, hollering and making noise whenever one of them makes an impressive move. Ron is nowhere to be seen.*

    :: Dixen::

    “You know, you boys ain’t all that bad. Even though I find my boys to be quite the disgrace, I still figured that they were at least better off than a pair of blogging virgins! But hey, looks like I was wrong! Hahaha! I reckon that you boys…I mean, men, are just the kind of guys that can teach my sons a lesson that they soon shouldn’t forget. Since daddy can’t be the one who gives ‘em a paddling this time around, I think that you can take my place at Last Resort. How about it?”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Well, actually, we already had plans on beating them before you even proposed the idea.”

    :: Dixen::

    “Initiative?! *smoker’s cough mixed in with a hearty laugh* I like it! Now, I’m gonna give you some advice. Don’t let the roar of those engines and all that cussin’ scare you or nothing. They’re pushovers. Trust me. I’ll never forget when Mr. Blood, or Billy, got his butt whooped on the playground by Mary Sal in the third grade. Boooooy, you should have seen the look on his face. “Paaaaaa? I dun think Mary Sal broke mah arm!”. And all he had was a little bruise! And don’t even get me started on Betty. You see…”

    *Drek breaks out laughing as he leans over the table, holding himself for support.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Wait, wait, wait. Mr. Black’s real name is….pfffft, Betty?! Hahahahaha! That’s hilarious!”

    :: Dixen::
    “Hehe, yep. Betty. See, my now deceased wife wanted to have a daughter and was hell bent on having one, even after finding out that “Betty” was a boy, she still wanted to call him Betty so we stuck with the name. Of course, he won’t admit it but that’s just the way it is. And to think, I was going to give him and my adopted son, Billy, the reigns to my biker gang. But no, they wanted to be “tough guys”. They wanted to have my gang there and then so they convinced some of the Gears to travel around with them as they tried to make it into the world as wrestlers. The traitors. They might be my sons and all, but right now, they’re in need of a good ‘ol fashion whooping and I’m begging you men, you scholars, to take care of them for me. Please.”

    *Skyler leans over the table and extends his arm out to Dixen. They both shake hands and resume their game of poker along with their crowd of bikers. The scene fades to another one. This time, Skyler Drek and Ron are standing outside the clubhouse, waving goodbye to all the bikers standing outside the shack. They both walk away, the only sound filling the air are the distant sounds of chirping crickets and hooting owls. After a few seconds of pacing down the dusty road, the camera pointed to their backs, Skyler breaks the silence.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “So, Ron?”

    ::Ron Macoonie::


    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Where were you when I was playing poker with Dixen? I mean, you were gone for nearly three hours and…and…and…”

    ::Ron Macoonie::


    ::Skyler Drek::


    *The video ends and goes back to Kayfabulous in the IT room standing in front of the camera.*

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “So you see, boys, we won’t just be fighting for Kayfabulous’ honor. We’ll be fighting for dear ol’ papa Dixen because just like he said, you two need a good ol’ fashion butt whooping and we plan on delivering at Last Resort!”

    ::Skyler Drek:

    “So Billy, Betty, get ready because at Last Resort, just like kayfabe, you…will…”

    *The crowd shouts the rest of the catchphrase, “be…broken!”, along with Drek and cheer as the backstage footage of them cuts off and the cameras focus on the commentary team once again*

    Mike: What did we just watch?

    Rocky: Hahaha I don't know, but Black's name is BETTY?!?! WHAT?!

    As Rocky laughs hysterically, the Cameras go backstage to see Jackson storming through the halls looking for Doom

    Jackson: Has anyone seen Ano Doom! Anyone!! You there *Jackson goes up to an IWA employee* Have you seen Ano Doom?!

    ???: No I haven’t, but I ‘m sure he-

    Before the man can finish, Jackson grabs him and throws him against the wall

    Jackson: Where is that motherfucker! Trying to play games, do I look five to you!! I am tired of this shit! Ano, show your shit of a face!

    Someone taps Jackson on the shoulder, Jackson turns around and is about to swing when ..

    ???: Stop! It’s me Seth!

    Jackson: What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me?! You could have been knocked out just now, what do you want!?

    Seth: Well I just wanted to know what your thoughts were on Smyth saying that you will not be getting a rematch.

    Jackson: My thoughts!? Let me tell you something Seth, stupid name by the way, Smyth has no god damn authority who get’s a rematch or not, it’s Smokey’s. The faster Smyth gets his head out of his ass and stop making damn decisions like he owns IWA, the better. Listen Smyth you are a wrestler, W.R.E.S.T.L.E.R, and yes I can spell. *chuckles* Where was I, oh that’s right, the only reason Smyth said I couldn’t have a rematch because it makes his chances of still being the Endurance very slim. Not only will he have to deal with Blue and Oscar, he would also have to deal with me as well, and I know damn well that’s not good for business for him.

    The crowd cheers at Jackson’s words

    Jackson: All I know is that Smokey needs to make decisions fast or things won’t end well.

    Seth: What do you mean by that?

    Jackson: I mean look around, it’s chaos! People are doing what the hell they want around here, Black Blooded, Smyth, the Infection, Kyojin and of course Ano Doom.

    You can hear the crowd boo loudly as a “They Suck!” chant breaks out

    Seth: Speaking of Ano, do you think he will ever show his face and do you think you can beat him?

    Jackson looks at Seth and snatches the microphone away, startling him

    Jackson: Leave man, you just embarrassed yourself.

    Seth looks at Jackson dejected before he turns to walk away

    Jackson: Now back to business. Listen Ano, YOU SON OF A BIT- *Jackson stops mid sentence, closes his eyes and breathes in and out deeply before opening them up again* You know what, I’m done. I am done talking to a non-human being that lives in the shadows like a bitch so you know what Ano, you can keep talking and keep talking because I don’t fucking care for words anymore. All I care about is action and to this so called plan you have, Fuck You and your plan! Do you know what mercury is Doom? You see, mercury is tied with gold as the weakest metal in the world. I see you as mercury Ano, weak and toxic if you get it in your system.

    You’re weak because you surprise attack, you come out of know where to get the upper hand. Which is strange, since you keep telling me how strong and dominant you are. If you’re so damn dominant, you wouldn’t be surprise attacking me would you Doom. I called you toxic because I allowed you to get in my head and poison me. I was not myself, I was angry 24/7, and would snap at anyone who tried to calm me down. I’m not letting that happen again, I mean, look what I did to that employee, he didn’t deserve that! Doom, these will be my last words to you, once we met inside that ring, I will turn your ass into scrap metal!! Until then, I will be waiting and focusing my time on getting that Endurance title!

    Crowd roars in approval and as Jackson walks away, he get’s stop by a familiar voice and then Smokey walks on screen, to a mixed reaction from the fans.

    Smokey: Well if it isn't Jackson Smith. You know, I'm sure you are pissed off beyond belief. I mean, Mike Hawk attacked your girlfriend, and put her into the hospital. You cashed in your Endurance MITB case, only to lose, and have Ano Doom on your case. I can't blame you for being mad. What I can do though, is take that aggression, and put it to good use. So how about this Jackson. Tonight, you've got a match. Tonight, you go one on one with Damian Eddings. How about you use that match to take your aggression out? Sounds good to me.

    Smokey smirks, as he turns, walking off down the hall, as Jackson is just smiling. As Jackson walks away, the camera stays in position and Ano Doom slowly walks around the corner. The fans boo as Doom leans against the wall. Doom starts to laugh quietly before retreating round the corner again and we go to commercial.

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    Mike: And once again we are live tonight, here on IWA Chaos!

    Rocky: And we have an odd match happening in a few moments ...

    Mike: This contest is definitely an odd one, these two stars are mismatches in almost every way, it should be an interesting one…

    Emily Davis: This next contest is set for one fall, introducing first weighting in at 255 lbs, Jackson Smith!

    Jackson Smith

    Jackson Smith makes his way onto the stage and down the ramp with a grin on his face, thinking about who he is about to face.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, weighing in at 237 lbs, Damien Eddings!

    Damien Eddings

    Damien Eddings comes out onto the stage with a smile on the face, and keeps the smile as he walks down the ramp with a look of certainty.

    Mike: Eddings looks very confident!

    Rocky: He's a dead man walking.

    Mason Ryan (Jackson Smith) vs. Dolph Ziggler (Damien Eddings)
    (Start 1:50 and End at 3:30)
    Rocky: God, this is such a pointless match, may as well have stuck Smith with a girl!

    Jackson Smith plants a curb stomp on Eddings, continuing his assault upon him; he goes down and places Eddings into the camel clutch, applying more and more pressure upon him…

    Mike: Unfortunately I agree, Jackson is just set upon pure domination here…

    Continuing the pressure, Jackson Smith smiles, as if he is enjoying the pain he is causing Eddings… Breaking the hold, Eddings falls forward onto the mat, Jackson for the pin,
    Eddings kicks out, clearly weakened from the camel clutch…

    Smith cracks his neck with his hands, ready to end this… Eddings is slowly rising to his feet, he is met by an uppercut from Smith, he starts to trade blows with Eddings


    Mike: Wow could Damien actually be coming back, he is trading strong blows to the face of Smith and it could daze him…

    Rocky: What? Are you serious? He is not gonna take down Smith here, he is freakin unstoppable and you know it! Coming back… seriously?

    Eddings looks like he is going for the Two Snaps Up , when Smith lands a dropkick, followed by an immediate elbow drop to the chest of Eddings. Smith quickly jumps over the top ring rope; he lands the springboard elbow on the chest of Eddings…

    Mike: Those shots to the chest of Damien, definitely effect the performance, Smith is looking stronger and more intend upon ending this..

    Rocky: Admit you were wrong! He is so strong and showing him real pain! He never backs down!

    Smith is stalking Eddings setting him up to end his, raising slowly, Smith grabs Eddings from behind and puts him on his shoulder, looking straight at the camera Smiths lands the Boss’s Order on him and goes for the count…


    Emily Davis: And here is your winner, Jackson Smith!!

    Rocky: Well I was right, as always, they gave him a play toy and like any child he broke it!

    Mike: I have to give it to Jackson Smith, that boy has potential and has versatility in the ring and outside… He is showcasing determination and talent…

    *Cuts to commercial*

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    Back from commercial and a tap is heard on Smokey's door, without waiting for a response it opens, revealing Vivica. She is clad in a sheer nightgown and thong underwear, leaving little to the imagination as she stalks forward on high heels, closing the door behind her. She lowers her head, staring at her feet as she walks in, then just raising her eyes to look at Smokey, staring at him through her bangs, a pouty expression on her face.

    Vivica: Mr. Smokey... Daddy said I should come see you, he said you wanted to let a bad girl hurt me...

    Smokey: Ah..

    Vivica crosses to Smokey's desk quickly, leaning across it and putting a finger to his lips, silencing him

    Vivica: shh... You just let me do all the talkin', see I know how to be a Good Girl, do you know what that means? That means I can lick the lollipop and make it feel so good! Now we all know that Stinky Pinky ain't even a real girl, so why don't we just forget all about that little match with me, and we can do a little wrestlin' of our own. I'll show you what Daddy taught me...

    Smokey: I ... I ... I ... wait ... no, hold on.

    Smokey grabs the finger of Vivica, and pushes it back towards her.

    You ... um ... I ...

    Smokey smacks himself, as he looks back at Vivica.

    As I was trying to say, I was considering giving Pisces Pink Juno's shot for your Vanity Championship. Considering the fact that she beat both you, and Juno Mercury on two separate weeks, makes me wonder if she would be a more formidable opponent for you. But, I have to admit, you threw me off. Not because that you just tried to come on to me, but for the fact you think I'd be interested. I mean really Vivica, you don't think I've seen what you do at the bars, airports, bathroom stalls, and quite frankly, if I wanted an STD, I would have hit you up a long time ago.

    Vivica jumps back, a look of shock and indignation on her face, quickly replaced by one of cunning.

    Vivica: You wouldn't really be soo mean, I mean not to me, but what about poor little Juno, she's been so looking forward to getting to try and fail again and you can't take that away from her it wouldn't be fair because she worked really hard and when you work really hard for something and you get promised and you promised and so it wouldn't be fair.

    Vivica bats her eyelashes at Smokey, smiling a little-girl smile

    Vivica: Besides, you know the real money is gonna be in seeing me beat up little Jumpy Juno again, her fans still think she has a chance so you know they'll all want to pay to come see her get her silly little revenge, but we both know she doesn't stand a chance.

    Smokey looks at Vivica for a moment, as he leans back in his chair.

    Smokey: Two weeks ago, I would be inclined to agree with you Vivica. The fact remains though, Pisces Pink still beat both you and Juno. I'd be hard pressed to not give her that shot instead of Juno.

    Vivica stops, her smile twisting into a sneer as she starts stomping around the office, enraged.


    Vivica starts to tear the posters off the walls, shredding them with her nails she throws the scraps around the room, before advancing once more on Smokey's desk, this time in a much less playful mood.


    Vivica grabs the papers and pens on Smokey's desk, throwing them aside. Smokey jumps up, taking a leap back just in time as Vivica grabs the edge of the desk, flipping it onto it's side as she continues to scream, one loud wordless shriek after another. The door is thrown wide as security step in, going to grab the clearly insane Bombshell but the Gears are there, beating them away as Mr. Black and Mr. Blood come running, Mr. Black grabs his demented princess around the midsection, one hand over her mouth, quieting her screams of rage as he pulls her back from the doorway.

    Smokey: Enough! I will not stand here and let you at like you are 2 years old! This is a business, and as such, you should have a level of maturity. So you want to act like that? How about I up the ante for Last Resort. Pisces Pink is getting a title shot!

    The fans cheer.

    So is Juno Mercury! That's right! We are going to have a triple threat Vanity Championship match at Last Resort. So Vivica, I hope you have fun defending against both Pisces Pink and Juno Mercury. Maybe next time you'll think twice before acting like a spoiled brat, a slut, and a weasel all in the span of ten minutes! Now get out!

    The cameras cut to the ring where The Infection and Nutz & Boltz are already set for action!

    Van/Road Dogg & CAR/Billy Gunn vs. Nutz/Primo & Boltz/Epico
    (Start at 01:57, end at 04:10)

    CAR jumps into the ring and takes knocks Boltz to the ground. Nutz runs to CAR and gets knocked down to the ground. Van is back up as CAR picks up Boltz, and both men Irish whip Boltz hard into the corner. They then pick up Nutz and tie his arms into the ropes, trapping Nutz between the top and middle rope.

    The fans boo as Van walks over to Boltz and starts kicking and punching him until he falls to the floor and sits in the corner. Van starts to stomp repeatedly as CAR mocks Nutz, occasionally reaching over and slapping his face. Nutz tries kicking out, but to no avail. Van turns around to communicate with CAR, but out of nowhere Boltz runs out of the corner and rolls up Van!

    Mike: Now that’s funny!

    Rocky: Cheeky lil fucker!

    The ref starts to count:

    CAR stomps on Boltz’s head, breaking the count. Van gets up immediately and goes back to working on Boltz as CAR wanders over to Nutz and strikes him repeatedly.

    Mike: Ok, I’m just gonna throw it out there: does the ref plan on taking any control in this match?

    Rocky: He’s letting it go in the interest of good sportsmanship.

    The ref tries to get Van to leave the ring, but both Van and CAR confront the ref and back him into a corner. The ref cowers in the corner as both men crowd him. The fans boo as the two men walk away again laughing.

    Mike: Pair of fucking bullies.

    Rocky: Teamwork, Michael. Teamwork.

    Both Van and CAR go back to working on Boltz by kicking and stamping on him. They pick him up and Irish whip him into Nutz!

    Rocky: Ouch! I heard their skulls crack from here!

    Both Nutz and Boltz fall to the ground in a heap as Van and CAR start working the crowd. The ref goes to check on the fallen tag team and after a few moments the ref calls for the bell.

    Mike: Was the skull clash really that bad?

    Rocky: Jobber status, Mike. I’m surprised they lasted this long!

    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, as Nutz & Boltz are unable to continue, the winners of this match, The Infection.

    Athena joins Van and CAR in the ring as the celebration begins. CAR calls for a mic.

    Mike: To be honest, an easy win here for The Infection and it was impressive how they went about it. A very oiled machine.

    Rocky: Damn straight!

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    CAR brings the mic up to his lips to speak, but then ...

    Damaged Goods

    Loud jeers are heard from the crowd, as Damaged Goods appear on the stage, without Sebastian Schweizner. Gaileo and Gommenta sits down on the ramp, before Schweizner appears on the stage, in a mobility scooter. Schweizner drives down to Damaged Goods, before stopping in the middle of the two.

    Schweizner: Last week, was evident of the reason why Damaged Goods will retain their titles at Last Resort. It took King Kong a low blow to defeat me. A non-wrestler. Plus, I brainbuster'd he/she/it. It is a loser! It beat Damian Eddings - which, safe to say, is not a big task, plus she had to cheat to beat me. It could not pin Gaileo and Gommenta. It has as much wrestling talent as Vince Russo, plus the wrestling mind of... well, Vince Russo.

    Everybody it is associated with therefore must be some sort of crazy. Of course, being called AJ, you must be halfway there, as generally, people called AJ are dog-lookalikes, dwarfed, and, all in all, a whore. Maybe CM Punk dug this particular crazy chick, and that's where his genitalia went.

    And, I guess AJ was smart. With Mr. X in your stable, you are always seemed as the Shawn Michaels of the group. Of course, Mr. X looks like a cross of Mike from Monsters Inc., and Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes. But that's not the point. He's a three time world champion in 3... closed feds. Feds that he weren't strong enough to carry. To be the face of those companies. But IWA is still alive and kicking. And that is down to Damaged Goods. But of course, Last Resort is just going to be the same old story. Damaged Goods win in some hellacious battle. Infection are down and out. Same old, same old. The only chance that this will be any different, is if I get my revenge, and run you all down right here, right now.

    And then I could go on about the usual shtick about how Carlos Alberto Ramon is nothing more than a gimmick stealing, worthless waste of a human being, but what about something new? How about how talking that for the past year, for all the companies he's been in, he's managed, uno championship reigns. Uno championship shots. And sure that's was a long reign, but you needed interference to stay champion from the Clique. And now you're in the Clique 2.0, in order to finally get some gold again.

    Simply enough, fairly, two on two, Infection are not good enough to beat Damaged Goods. And it is our job- ney, our mission, to rid IWA of the Infection. We've worked too hard to add prestige to these titles, for you to attempt to wreck our work. And step 1 of our plan, commences at Last Resort.

    Come prepared, otherwise expect to be ended for good. Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Flucker may have ended the Clique, but Damaged Goods are ending The Infection. We're ending AJ Dixon, Athena, Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X for good!

    Schweizner and Damaged Goods leave the ramp as The Infection trash talk from inside the ring. After a brief moment, a referee comes down the ramp and slides into the ring and prepares for the next contest.

    Emily Davis: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first, making his re-debut back to the IWA ... Weighing in at 200 lbs ... Ivan Draymen!!

    Ivan Draymen

    Mike: Ivan Draymen is back! We haven't seen this young man since his victory over Israel Pamich at Destined for Immortality!

    Rocky: I heard he was out with a knee injury, Mike, but he has been cleared by IWA's finest doctors!
    Ivan Draymen runs out onto the stage to a massive pop from the crowd! Draymen walks down the ramp, interacting with the fans along the way before he finally slides into the ring. Draymen motions for a microphone and he is handed one.

    Draymen: Man ... it feels ...

    Draymen is cut off by ...


    The crowd explodes with boos as Kyojin's music hits. Kyojin wastes no time and marches down the ramp with a look of determination in his eyes. Kyojin stops by the apron and stares Draymen down, and then he slides into the ring and gets in Draymen's face. After a bit of trash talking, the two men go to their corners and the referee signals for the bell.

    Ivan Draymen (Anderson) vs. Kyojin (Okada)
    (Start 8:00, End 21:29)

    Draymen connects with an explosive neck breaker from the top rope and goes to cover Kyojin, but Kyojin's feet are under the ropes so the referee won't count! Draymen drags Kyojin to the center of the ring and dives down onto him and pins his shoulders down to the mat!

    One! Two! NO!

    Kyojin rolls his shoulder up and Draymen cannot believe it! Draymen turns and questions the referee, holding up three fingers but the referee says two! Draymen gets to his feet and grabs Kyojin by the hair and pulls him to his feet, and then Draymen pushes Kyojin into the turnbuckle hard. Draymen hits hard lefts and rights into Kyojin's abdomen, and then he kicks Kyojin's knee hard, making him drop to one knee. Draymen then backs up to the center of the ring and charges at Kyojin and goes for a running knee but Kyojin moves out of the way, making Draymen crash his knee into the turnbuckle hard!

    Mike: That plan backfired! Was that the knee that kept Draymen on the shelf, Rocky?

    Rocky: Indeed it was! I do believe that is a brace on his knee as well, so I doubt Draymen will be able to finish the match in one piece now!

    Draymen falls down to the mat clutching his knee, and then Kyojin pounces onto Draymen and starts to hit hard elbows into Draymen's bad knee! Kyojin grabs Draymen's leg and wraps it around the bottom rope and begins to pull on his leg, bending it in ways the leg should not bend! The referee starts yelling at Kyojin and starts to count!

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Kyojin releases the hold, forcing the referee to stop the count! Kyojin grabs Draymen by the leg and drags him to the center of the ring. Kyojin then forces Draymen to his feet and holds him steady in the center of the ring. Once Draymen is balanced, Kyojin runs at the ropes, bounces off of them and goes for the Truth Hurts, but Draymen moves out of the way! Kyojin manages to land on his feet, but then Draymen goes for the Train Wreck but collapses due to his knee hurting him!

    Rocky: I told you! There is no way he can finish!

    Mike: You never know! He already came back from this once!

    Draymen struggles to get back to his feet while Kyojin stalks him next to the ropes. Once Draymen gets to his feet, Kyojin jumps onto the ropes and bounces off of them and connects with the Truth Hurts to Draymen's skull! Draymen drops to the mat on his back, and then Kyojin climbs to the top rope with a sick grin on his face.

    Mike: Come on, Kyojin! This kid has gone through enough already!

    Rocky: You said it yourself, Draymen could come back from it. May as well make sure he doesn't!

    Kyojin dives from the top rope and connects onto Draymen with the Rising Sun! Kyojin goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Kyojin!!

    Kyojin gets to his feet and poses as the crowd explodes with boos. The referee checks on Draymen, but then Kyojin stomps onto Draymen's knee hard before exiting the ring while laughing, and then heads up the ramp as we go to commercial.
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