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    The bell rings with Gommenta and VHX in the ring. The two circle each other tentatively... collar and tie lockup - VHX with a go behind and wristlock on Gommenta...

    Rocky: And already in the beginning, The Infection is showing the world that they are a league ahead of Damaged Goods! It's no secret that these "feeling out" beginning phases can decide a match, and that alone should tell you everything!

    Mike: It's possible Rocky, but I'm seeing something else - look at Gommenta!

    Gommenta sees that he's having trouble shaking off VHX... so he falls to the mat back-first... with VHX still attached!

    Mike: An innovative - and simple - way to counter a rear waistlock! VHX is gasping for air as he gets up - Gommenta grabs him, shoots VHX for the ropes... Clothesline - but VHX ducks the blow!

    VHX manages to avoid the clothesline and hits the ropes on the other side, coming back for retaliation... scores with a basement dropkick to Gommenta's gut!

    Rocky: You want innovative - there you go! VHX is taking off the kid gloves with the big man!

    Gommenta staggers from the blow as VHX takes off for the ropes again, comes back for another dropkick... Gommenta catches him by the legs! VHX falls on his back with Gommenta holding his feet - and looking to his corner...

    Mike: Looks like Gommenta is looking for some direction from his caregiver, Schweinzer... I'm still amazed that Schweinzer is even a part of this match! Hold on -

    Schweinzer yells out "Merry Go Round!" And Gommenta's face twists into a maniacal grin...

    Rocky: What does he mean "Merry Go Round?"

    Mike: I think I know - and Van isn't going to like it! It's a giant's swing! Schweinzer was telling Gommenta to do a giant's swing on Van Hooligan X!

    VHX is screaming to be let go of as the world begins to spin faster and faster... and the nausea becomes impossible to deal with... then Scweinzer yells out "See-saw!"

    Mike: This must be some code between Damaged Goods and their handler -

    Gommenta stops swinging and VHX hits the mat - on the back of his head. He is still horribly out of it when Gommenta drops backwards and slingshots VHX straight to a nearby neutral corner!

    Rocky: Am I the only one seeing this? That shouldn't be allowed! That treatment of VHX borders on criminal!

    Mike: He just slingshot VHX to the corner - that's gotta be more than ten feet away! What strength - and a devastating combo at that!

    VHX's face bounces off the top turnbuckle - even though the pad's on, it still sucks. A lot. Between the effects of the giant's swing and the slingshot, he can't tell up from down - he stumbles forward right into a stalling suplex from Gommenta! VHX is held aloft for a loooong time...

    Rocky: You can't do that - his brain's gonna suffer hemorrhoidal damage from the blood going to his head!

    Mike: ... That's hemorrhagic damage, Rocky. Hemorrhoids are that little problem that YOU don't like to talk about -

    Rocky: EAT ME, YOU FUCK.

    Mike: Family show, Rocky. Remember that...

    Gommenta finally drops VHX to the mat with force - to the delight of Damaged Goods and to the chagrin of the Infection. Gommenta rushes over and tags in Gaileo - who wastes no time in rushing over and applying a knee to VHX's back as he tries to recover...

    Gaileo = CM Punk/Gommenta = Luke Gallows; CAR = JoMo/VHX = R-Truth (ignore Serena - she's not Athena. At all.) Start at 0:55, stop at 5:22.

    Gaileo hits the ring post extra hard...

    Mike: Dang! From the way that sounded, Gaileo's shoulder could be dislocated - or worse!

    Rocky: Not like he doesn't deserve it - now bring the pain, Ramon!

    Ramon stands up on the ring apron - comes in with a running boot to Gaileo's face! Gaileo takes a tumble off the ring apron while CAR goes to tag in...

    Mike: Oh my goodness - look who he's bringing in!

    Rocky: YES! Business just picked up for the Infection!

    The tag is delivered... to Athena! Athena steps into the ring and looks on as CAR and VHX haul Gaileo back into the ring - after a generous helping of curb-stomping and general manhandling...

    Rocky: This, ladies and gentlemen, is what separates The Infection from all other teams - especially Damaged Goods - they excel at teamwork and exploiting their opponents' vulnerabilities! The rest of Damaged Goods can only watch as Gaileo is dissected piece by piece... before being sacrificed to The Amazon, Athena!

    Gaileo is rolled back into the ring - and horrified at what he sees before him! He attempts to stand and fight, delivering a right hand to Athena... and Athena is terribly unimpressed. Her lip is split, but other than that she shows little to no indication of taking a hit to the face! Instead, she gut-kicks Gaileo and takes him up for a suplex...

    Mike: Did you see that?! Gaileo just slipped out of that suplex attempt! Dropped down behind Athena, running to his corner and tagging in...

    Rocky: SERIOUSLY?! He tagged HIM in??

    Athena turns around to see... Scweinzer entering the ring...

    Rocky: Well, Schweinzer is a competitor in this match! ... For better or worse... Though to consider him "competition" is a stretch... I mean, look at the guy!

    Schweinzer's ungainly frame seems to jiggle somewhat as he seems to try and warm up, punching the air... but as Athena takes a step towards him, his confidence evaporates...

    Rocky: Look at the poor excuse of a man shake! He's like one of those cheap vibrators I used to buy for my ex-wife!

    Mike: Ex-wife? Vibrator? Sounds like a story you haven't told us, Rocky...

    Rocky (suddenly very self-conscious and realizing his brain-to-mouth filter has failed him): And never will, you little twit...

    Schweinzer attempts to lock up with Athena, but The Amazon simply tosses the caregiver to the center of the ring - and away from his corner! Schweinzer lands with an undignified THUD on his ass... quickly tries to get up and rush Athena - taking a big boot to the face to put him back down!

    Rocky: Can we ring the bell already? This match is over - that caregiver can't even defend himself. This is a tragedy - Damaged Goods can't win! They got so scared that they had to call in their handler - and now they've thrown him to the wolves!

    Mike: You're not seeing the big picture Rocky - take another look!

    Athena continues her assault on Schweinzer - until some activity from outside the ring grabs her attention. She runs over to the side of her corner and seems to be shouting at someone on the floor... and the camera switches views to the outside - where a brawl has ensued between Damaged Goods and The Infection! The camera catches the fight halfway through - as VHX is getting tossed headfirst into the ringpost by Gaileo and CAR takes a Black Hole Slam through a steel chair courtesy of Gommenta!

    Rocky: What the fuck?!!?!

    Mike: Language, Rocky - that last fine wasn't big enough? Damaged Goods ran an audible - they used the time they weren't the legal men to take out the rest of The Infection! Athena has no backup now - and she's distracted!

    Athena leans over the ropes yelling at Damaged Goods... Schweinzer sneaks up behind her, spins her around, gut kick, facelock and suplex lift - brainbuster to Athena!

    Mike: Who knew Schweinzer had it in him?! He just dropped Athena!! Holy cow, he just dropped the Amazon!!! Into the pin! The ref's counting!




    The ref stops the count to try and wave someone off the ring apron -

    Mike: It's AJ Dixon! Where was he when his team needed help?!?

    Rocky: He was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be the game changer for his team! What you didn't see him at ringside? He was just waiting under the Spanish announce table - you just weren't paying attention!

    Dixon seems to try to be reasoning with the ref - before Damaged Goods comes over and yanks him down off the apron! But what the ref didn't see was...

    Mike: Athena recovered - and hit a nasty low blow on Schweinzer when the ref was distracted! Now she's got him up for -

    Athena sets the caretaker up for her pet finisher... up over her shoulder, running start... Thunderous impact - center of the ring!!! And this part the ref DID see!

    Rocky: AMAZON SLAM! AMAZON SLAM!!! Count it, ref!!!




    Emily Davis: Your winners... Van Hooligan X, Carlos Alberto Ramon, and The World's Strongest Woman, Athena... The Infection!!!
    Rocky: Now that is how it’s fucking done!

    The Infection gather in the centre of the ring and pose for the fans, who barrage the united group with boos.


    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    Diamond arrives out to massive heat, and he strolls down to the ring, seemingly unaware of the 1000s of fans booing the hell out of him. He grabs a mic from the ringside and slides into the ring, posing there so he can take in all the heat from the crowd.

    Mike: We’re back, and what as night we’ve had so far.

    Rocky: And with Diamond in the ring, it’s only going to get better, baby!

    Diamond: Look imma keep this short tonight so that i can get on with whupping some nobody's ass. Last week, I gave you people an indication, right in front of your eyes, as to why I am the fastest rising star in the business! Last week, I yet again defeated my opponent, I yet again DOMINATED my opponent, and I yet again defeated my opponent in under the seven minute mark. That's just what I do!

    The crowd erupt with boos for 'The Prodigy'

    Diamond: don't boo me! You should be booing yourselves, I mean, look at you, all of you. You're all fat, you're all lazy and each and every one of you are, put quite simply, disappointments! But me I have the physique of a God, the wrestling skills of a God, and the charisma of a God!

    The crowd explodes with boos for Diamond

    Diamond: You keep do what you people do best, and that's sitting on your asses all day and booing the best talent in IWA, and I'll do what I do best, and that's getting in this ring each and every week and beating the shit out of whatever they put in front of me, and moving on to my next victim. Tonight, I will yet again dominate my opponent and beat him under 7 minutes. And belive me when I tell you this, people better sit up and take note, cause the Prodigy is coming for not only a midcard Title, he's going all the way to the top, and nothing and no-one will stop him!

    Diamond throws the mic down and awaits his opponent. Ryan Wells doesn’t walk down the ramp. Instead, he jumps through the crowd to catch Diamond by surprise.

    Start from 00:00, finish at 01:42

    Diamond picks up Wells to break the count. He launches Wells into the ropes and delivers another big spinebuster. Diamond starts to milk all the hate from the crowd as Wells stirs on the floor. Diamond stalks Wells, shouting at him to get up. Wells gingerly gets to his feet, and turns to Diamond. Diamond grabs him – Prodigy Lock (Kimura Lock)! Both men are on the floor now, and Wells immediately starts tapping!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, ‘The Prodigy’ Chris Diamond.

    Mike: Three matches, three wins. This kid is impressive.

    Rocky: That’s a fucking understatement. This kid is the bomb. I told you that Diamond is the next big thing here in IWA.

    *Chris Diamond walks up the ramp, milking the boos from the fans, but all of a sudden the crowd cheers with excitement as Jackson Smith’s music hits and he walks out from the back with a purpose looking pissed off, with Alex behind him. As he walks down the ramp, he shoves Diamond to one side. Jackson notices Alex as he climbs the steps, he turns around and tells her to go back to the locker room, she hesitates as Jackson tells her again to go back inside. She eventually goes back before smiling and waving to the crowd. Jackson climbs into the ring and snatches the microphone from the stagehand*

    Jackson: Cut my damn music!! *Jackson starts pacing back and forth scratching his head* I had Smyth down and out in the middle of this ring! I was about to win my first title here in IWA but, no, it got ruined by some P. Jack wannabe named Ano doom! *crowd boos loudly at his name being mentioned* Smyth! You, the fans, and I all know if it wasn’t for Ano interfering in our match your Endurance title would have been around my waist right now and instead of me talking about being screwed, I would be giving a celebration speech!

    *Crowd cheers as a “You got screwed!” chant breaks out*

    Jackson: You’re damn right I did! As far as I am concerned, Smokey needs to do the right thing and give me another shot at the Endurance title. I don’t care if it’s one on one or a fatal four way because, let’s be honest people, we all know Blue and Layman are going to get their title shot at that sorry excuse of a champion Smyth. It’s ironic really, he tried to make Israel be the number one contender cause he was not going to be a threat but, now he has two people who he has to deal with ahaha, what a dumbass.

    Anyway, back to
    business. Ano! I know you are here and backstage somewhere which means I need YOUR ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!! I don’t care if you are a demon cyborg, a regular cyborg, hell even a female cyborg because after I GET MY DAMN HANDS ON YOU, YOU WILL BE MY BITCH CYBORG!! *Loud crowd pop* So Get YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW!!

    *A strange, never heard before tune hits the speakers...And it can only mean one thing: Ano Doom, IWA's newest acquisition is here

    Ano Doom!

    *The crowd anticipates its him as well, making the connection...Boos belt out at the audio rippling through the arena, a chant of "F*ck the Cyborg!" even breaks out. These people obviously feel Jackson was cost a surefire title win. *

    *The usual time it would take for someone to appear on the stage and make it to the ring pass, and things become strange.*

    Mike: What is going on here?...Everyone knows this must be the man he just demanded, and ORDERED to come out here....But where is he?

    Rocky: First of all, Mike, Ano Doom is no MAN! He's a DEMON CYBORG! Get it right! Now that brings me to my second point: You don't tell Demon Cyborgs to do anything! What is wrong with Jackson Smith?!?

    *Ano Doom's voice can be heard now, loudly sounding out the arnea, but he certainly isn't anywheres where he can be seen, in some bizzare way, almost like some sort of mind game on Jackson. Where he is though can not be determined...He could be in the crowd, at the announce table, or even behind Jackson. For all anyone knows he's backstage.*

    Ano Doom: Jackson. Jackson. I understand I can be heard but not seen, well turn around...I'm right behind you.

    *Jackson turns to look, only to not see Ano Doom there, actually. This sets the crowd off slightly, knowing he's fully attempting to fool with Smith's head.*

    Ano Doom: I'm not there, Jackson. I evidently fooled you. I 'm coming through the crowd now to make you pay in full for those words you said about me. Prepare for the fight of your life.

    *Once more, Jackson turns to where Ano Doom said he was, but once more, the being who cost him the title is still, not there. The crowd can't stand this blatant mockery of their hero, letting it be known loudly.*

    Ano Doom: Got you again, Smith. You see, Its been said before and I'll say it again: The Devil's greatest weapon is deception...Each time I grab the attention of your brain, you step even further into my trap. Once you lose your mental focus and concentration, you've already lost half the battle. That's something you don't want, for its nothing more than combat I walk the Earth in search of. If you're not fully committed mentally, your gonna be even more easier to erase than you already will be. Just like I SHATTERED your shot of becoming Endurance Champion last week.

    Many people will say you were on the edge of victory. That may be true, that being said , you want the answer now don't you? The honest truth why I slammed you on your head when you never could have saw the Robotic Villain approaching. Well I'll tell you right now why I ruined your dream of honor and glory. The true reason is this: No, You're not getting any answers from me tonight.

    You heard me, I'm not gonna tell you. Not now. Not later. Not until I say. I don't give a damn shit or f*ck when you want to know the reasoning behind the attack where I ROBBED you of that gold.

    We play by my rules now, If I decide to inform you, you'll know. I'll tell you when I get good and ready. After the way you were nearly thrown the ring by a Half Beast, Half Machine, Do you really think you could FORCE answers out of me? Maybe next week, maybe later tonight...Maybe the week after that....I might tell you at the next PPV even...But only I know that...You'll be kept waiting just like everyone in attendance. As for me not being there in the ring with you...Who knows where I'm at? Maybe I'm in your locker room, with Alex on my shoulders, about to take her out, once more...with the very same move I nearly ended you with....HAHAHAHAHA!

    *Ano Doom's voice now stops just as quickly as it began, and the same eerie song begins playing again as thunderous boos begin to sound through the crowd. Jackson storms outof the ring and up the ramp, clearly on the hunt!*

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    Mike: You have got to be kidding me....He costs someone who's been through so much, A belt he CLEARLY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, had won...then REFUSES to answer the question of "Why?" ! This whole charade was obviously a ploy to furtherly send the gears of Jackson's mind in circles, and to cap it all of...He goes as far as saying, maybe he's about to HURT ALEX?!?!?

    Rocky: I told you, he's messing with a pure monster! Ano Doom is a inhumane, out of this world, killer from another dimension! You just do not go messing around with him! He does not care about anything, or anyone, other than wasting everyone he can! You know what, by the way...Good! I agree, f*ck with Smith's head! Teach him a lesson before he goes around, stepping out here threatenin' beasts from beneath like that again!

    Mike: It is a despicable way of doing things. Words cannot describe how angry I am right now, but we need to move on. We’re getting word that Mr. Smyth has left the arena and has made his way back to his hotel, so this next match will now be a fair fight, which is unfortunately too little, too late for Layman.

    Rocky: Smyth should be here so he can see his potential adversary. This is unfair, and Smokey is just being a bully.

    Mike: Smyth can watch it on TV.

    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. On his way to the ring, Damian Eddings.

    Eddings wanders to the ring and receives a minor reaction from the fans.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, from Athens Georgia, The Royal Rockstar, Sagittarius Blue!

    The fans explode with cheers as Blue storms through the curtains. Blue sprints down the ramp, slides into the ring, climbs a corner and poses for the fans.

    Start at 05:01, finish at 10:39

    Eddings=AJ Styles/Blue=Hardy

    Blue crawls over to cover Eddings.

    ...Thr-NO! Eddings kicks out.

    Mike: That was close.

    Rocky: Jobber Eddings has lasted more than five minutes. I’m surprised.

    Blue rolls out of the ring and stand on the apron. Blue waits for Eddings to get up, which he eventually does. Blue springboards off the top rope and lands a textbook Sagittarius Shot (springboard dropkick)! Blue covers again.

    ...Thr-NO! Eddings kicks out again!

    Blue is starting to show signs of frustration now. He picks up Eddings and drags him into the corner. Blue lifts Eddings onto the top rope. He climbs to the second rope and puts a front face lock on Eddings, but Eddings starts to fight back.

    Mike: Eddings still has life!

    Eddings throws a few punches to the ribs of Blue. Blue releases his hold of Eddings, and Eddings pushes Blue to the ground. The ref turns away from Eddings to check on Blue.

    Mike: What the hell? Who the hell is this guy?

    A man dressed in black leathers and wearing a motorcycle helmet appears from under the ring and pushes Eddings off the top rope and onto the arena floor. The unknown man walks over to the timekeepers area and grabs a chair. He folds it shut and walks back over to Eddings.

    Mike: No, no no!


    In full view of the referee, the unknown male hits Eddings over the head with the chair. The referee immediately calls for the bell. The ref walks over to Emily Davis to inform her of his decision as Blue sits in the ring.

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match by disqualification: Damian Eddings!

    Mike: Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! That’s fucking Smyth! I bet my life on it!

    Rocky: It can’t be Smyth. By your own admission, he’s not in the arena. So keep your accusations to yourself.

    Mike: Damnit! Both Blue and Layman have been screwed out of their championship match. Smyth has something to do with this. I’ll put my house on it!

    Blue immediately jumps up to his feet, launches out the ring and goes to attack the helmeted man. The unknown man jumps the security rail and makes a break for it, closely followed by Blue.


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    Juno Mercury’s music hits:

    Walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans and smiling as she towards the ring. Reaching for a mic , she goes to the centre of the ring. Crowd cheers loudly for this young bombshell.

    Juno: So, we all know that I am facing that crazy, deluded little freak of nature Vivica at Last Resort and I am facing her because I deserve another opportunity at that championship! I said from the beginning, whether I won or lost I was not giving up,that championship belongs around my waist, I will personify a true champion, more than what that little creep does.

    The crowd cheers crazy bitch when mentioning Vivica

    Juno: I know I was lucky to get this opportunity again but, I got it down to the talent and sheer determination to be the champion… Which I will be… Speaking of the champ…I want to congratulate the wonderful Pisces Pink, she took the champ to the mat and she is clearly a tough, very talented young bombshell, like myself on the way up on IWA and she will make it too the top one day…mark my words… I mean…

    Juno is cut off by the music of Pisces Pink

    The crowd pops again as The Princess of Power enters the arena! Pisces Pink is beaming uncontrollably at her fans - and delivers a few high-fives and hand slaps as she proceeds down the ramp to the ring. She takes up a mic and steps into the ring with Juno Mercury...

    Pisces Pink: Sup babygirl? Oh my God... Juno, I can't believe we haven't gotten to meet before, but from one chick to another... YOU ARE A HELL OF A WOMAN!

    The crowd's applause lends credence to Pisces' statement.

    Pisces Pink: I watched you handle ya biz at the last PPV... you took that little batshit bitch to the cleaners. And the way you did yo' thing out there, you were a straight soldier, girl! Real, for real!

    But there is one thing that I gotta say now. You is a bad bitch, no fuckin' lie. But so am I. You hungry. So am I. You want Vivica's head on a plate. DAMN STRAIGHT I DO TOO. But... you want to be the Vanity Champion. And well... there's where we hit a lil' problem zone... because so do I. We both are what the women's division of this company should be: tough, fearless, strong and beautiful women. But there's only one Vanity title belt. And there... can be... ONLY ONE Vanity Champion. So Juno girl, we got us a problem. It ain't personal at all, trust and believe... but we gots to come to a resolution. Cuz I'm hungry for gold. And I won't be denied.

    Juno looks at Pisces with a look of respect but, she knows to watch her back

    Juno: Well thank-you for the wonderful and lovely comments *Juno smiles* I really do appreciate that you have enjoyed the action and believe me there is a lot more of Juno Mercury too come! I deserved that title shot at DFI and I should have left with the gold but, that crazy little kindergarten cretin somehow pinned me… I was the better bombshell that night and I will seek my redemption in my well-deserved Vanity Championship rematch…

    *The crowd cheer as Juno smiles at the thought of getting her hands on Vivica once more*

    Juno: We seem to have reached an impasse here Pink, I mean I have nothing but, respect and adoration for you, that is pure honesty girl but, I have that title shot for a reason, I am deserved. I know you have pinned the champ, you have it girl, and you are on your way to the top… but, so am I.

    *Juno gets closer to Pink as if trying to reason with her*

    Juno: Pink I know you I have pinned the champ once, she has pinned me once…That means it’s one all…and where I am from we never settle scores on a draw… so you get what I mean… That title shot is staying where it belongs and this is in my hands…I am sorry about that Pink, no disrespect intended… I have to shut that Freudian nightmare up once and for all!

    *Pisces looks at Juno... and her demeanor changes from bubbly to serious.*

    Pisces Pink: Well, I see where you're coming from. And that's why I like you Juno. We have a lot in common. Both of us are strong... tough... determined... we both despise that little basket case bitch... and we both want to be champion. I like you a lot, Juno.


    But I will hurt you.

    *The crowd gasps at Pisces' words.*

    Pisces Pink: Don't get me wrong - we ain't enemies, Juno. But our paths are crossing - and we will be opponents. That's the business. I haven't been a wrestler long, but I know enough to know that you don't always get to pick who you fight. You'll fight foes. You'll fight friends. This gonna be one of them times. Tellin' ya, Juno... it's gonna be hell. The Belfast Bombshell one-on-one with The Princess of Power. If we ain't careful, we're gonna blow this fucking ring out, it's gonna be so damn crazy. But there will be pain. There will be carnage. And then, when it's all said and done... there will be Pink.

    And that's... As Real As It Gets.

    *Juno runs her fingers through her hair and takes a deep breath before she gives her response*

    Juno: Pink, I am not going to lie I like you too Pink, you like me are talented and you like myself are determined to be the champion… You like me do not take threats lightly…Cut from the same cloth Pink…

    *The crowd cheers as Juno and Pink nod in agreement*

    Juno: Pink… We will blow this ring apart, we will show that psychotic bitch and all those other bombshells what real, talented and sheer excellent women wrestlers are, what it takes to be real champions. I am more than willing to have a match with you, have a match that will showcase the pure talent we possess with you Pink…

    *Juno squares up to Pink and lifts the mic to her mouth*

    Juno: but, I will be standing tall, I never give up, quit, nor back down…You have only ever seen me fight, you have never fought me… I am one tough bitch and Pink tread carefully because when it comes to my title shot, it isn’t slipping through my fingers… No disrespect but, I will lay you down 1, 2, 3… Mark my words!

    *The two women stare each other in the eyes... the air becomes tense. The crowd begins to shift and murmur, expecting the situation to become volatile... Instead, Pisces and Juno nod at each other, seeming to come to an understanding, before leaving moving to their respective corners.*

    Pisces Pink (Phoenix) vs. Juno Mercury (McCool)

    (Start 1:38, End 5:02, Ignore Layla)

    Pink throws stiff forearms into Juno's face and then kicks her in the gut hard and attempts to get a pumphandle slam locked in, but Mercury rolls out of the way before she is able to get the hold locked in. Mercury grins and nods her head in approval, and then pulls herself to her feet with the ropes. Mercury motions for a lock-up and Pink obliges.

    The two women lock up like two rams with locked horns and the battle of strength begins. Mercury pushes hard into Pink, but Pink powers right back at her, eventually gaining the upper hand and forcing Mercury down to one knee.

    Mike: The power of this woman is unbelievable!

    Rocky: I'd use the term "woman" lightly with this ... thing, Mike. She has the abilities of a man!

    Mike: Go say that to her face then! This WOMAN is excellent in the ring and almost no one can match her!

    Rocky: Looks like Juno is!

    Mercury begins to fight back and starts pushing up back to her feet, and eventually is toe to toe with Pink once more but then Mercury manages to kick Pink in the leg a few times, bringing her down to the mat! Mercury hits Pink in the side of the head with a stiff kick, and then connects with a drop kick! Mercury covers Pink!

    One! Two! Pink powers out!

    Both women get back to their feet and begin to trade blows!

    Pink! Mercury! Pink! Pink! Mercury! Pink! Mercury! Mercury! Roundhouse kick from Mercury to Pink, but Pink catches her leg and sets Mercury up for the HBIC, but Mercury hits hard elbow shots to Pink's head and drops down to the mat! Mercury spins around and hits Pink in the gut with a hard elbow and then plants Pink with a DDT in the center of the ring!

    Mercury quickly gets to her feet and dives to the turnbuckle and scales to the top rope! Mercury calls for the Swanton Bomb and stands tall, waiting for the right time to strike. Mercury then dives down from the top, but Pink rolls out of the way and Mercury manages to save herself and lands on her feet! Pink is up to her feet and stalks Mercury from behind ... Mercury turns around and Pink goes for The Harpoon but Mercury side steps her! Pink bounces off the ropes and Mercury goes for a super kick but Pink dodges the shot and connects with a massive Harpoon to Mercury's midsection!! Pink covers Mercury!!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Pisces Pink!

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    Mike: Big win for Pink tonight, and another step in proving that she is within a shout of the title.

    Rocky: Doesn’t matter. The entire female roster could be teaming up against Vivica. Nobody is taking that title from her.

    Mike: Well, speaking of Vivica, we’re hearing that Black Blooded are waiting backstage, and they have something to say.

    Rocky: Smooth segway.

    Mike: I thought that. It’s almost as if this show has been planned, somehow.

    The cameras focus on the Insane-O-Tron, which is pitch black.

    Mr. Black: Fucking Nerds

    *The screen lights up, showing the parking area outside the arena. Black Blooded sitting proudly on their bikes, the gears arrayed behind them, they star directly at the camera, both men clearly enraged, evident even behind Mr. Black's mask.*

    Mr. Blood: It goes down like this boys, see you faced the Dominant Fucking Predators of this industry and you got fucking lucky.


    But make no mistake about it there little geeklings, you dumb fucks got your eyes locked on the eyes of a couple of problems that aren't going away. See boys when we came here to IWA we made one simple fucking promise. We promised ourselves, we promised the boys, hell we even promised these sister-fucking, fag-bashing white-trash pieces of shit that pass for the "Fans" of this shit-hole of a company that Black Blooded was here to do one of two things.

    Mr. Black: Either we rule the division, or we destroy it.

    Mr. Blood: make no mistake about it, we got ourselves rightly fucked out of a victory at DFI, and that was what woke us back the fuck up, reminded us how we got this fucking far in the first place. See being laid the fuck out in that ring got our minds working again, got us out of the fucking fog that HWA and ICW left in their collapse.

    Mr. Black: It Made us remember who we are.

    Mr. Blood: See we aren't the fucking douchebags who get left laid out in the middle of the fucking ring. We are not the prey, we are the fucking Predators, and well, it's time to remind every one of you sorry sacks of shit just why that is.

    So we're gonna make this real fucking simple boys. We are gonna tear through every fucking team until we are the last standing, and this division lies in flames. Want to hear the best part? We're starting, with you.

    Mr. Black: Last Resort. Be There.

    Mr. Blood: We'll be waiting

    *Mr. Black whistles sharply, from behind the camera Vivica comes running, hopping on the back of his bike Black Blooded ride off as one unit, their tail-lights leaving streams of red in the dark as all 8 bikes ride off into the night air.*


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    Mike: All right folks, well, it would appear as those we have another video. In the past two weeks, we've seen stuff from this mystery man. We still don't know his name, but I can say this. He will be here next week, and he will make his in ring debut.

    Rocky: Personally I am looking forward to it. He seems very honest, and very angry. Two great combinations.

    Mike: All right folks, here is the video.

    The insane-o-tron comes to life, as we see a video that was pre-recorded.

    We see the same man from before, with his hair still covering his face, walking the streets. He speaks to the camera, while walking.

    ????: Last week, I spoke of my father. Like I had, he was only 1/2 of who made me who I am today. The other half...was my mother. You see, she was the one who named me. She was the one who want our family to go to church, to portray that image of one perfect family. She didn't want everyone to know the truth. The truth that she was a junky whore. You see, I had the "perfect" family growing up. My father the alcoholic, and my mother, the drug abuser. Let me tell you a little story.

    The man turns, going down an alleyway. He turns, talking to the camera.

    ????: My mother...she would wait for when my father would pass out. Then she would leave. She would leave and walk these streets, get on her knees in these alleys. She would degrade herself, all for that quick buck, and why!? So she could use that illicit money to go and buy coke, heroin, meth, anything she could get her hands on! I watched her one night, sitting in her, burning whatever she had down, sucking it into the syringe, and shooting it into herself. She took that edge off, going into her own little world, while I was left to fend for myself. HOW CAN SHE SAY SHE LOVES ME!?

    The man punches the dumpster, as he turns back to the camera.

    ????: You see, that's why I became who I am. That's why I've decided to make a statement. I'm not here to become the'm here to save each of you. I'm here to prove to each and every single one of you, that there is a better way. I will show you all the way, the light, the truth.......

    The man turns, leaving, but then pauses, looking back at the camera.

    ????: I may not be an angel...but by God...I will save your souls...even if it breaks you all....

    The man turns, walking down the alley, and around the corner, as the Insane-O-Tron dies


    Rocky: No time to mess about! Here comes our World Champion.

    Shaz's music hits, as the crowd's cheers turn into cold boos. Shaz comes out, looking fresh as usual as he slides into the ring. He puts his middle finger up at the crowd, before grabbing a mic as Shaz begins to speak.

    Shaz: I ain't even gonna lie, I'm lost for bloody words! Last week in this ring, I was challenged to a match. A match with my IWA Championship belt on the line. I was challenged by a guy, who also goes by the name of Chris Divine.

    Crowd go mental with cheers.

    Shaz: Well, let me give you some Divine Truth! First of all, I earned this belt! And if you really think that I'm going to let you have a title shot, without having to earn the title shot- then you're sorely mistaken!

    Just because you're suddenly main eventing Destined for Immortality 2 against one of the biggest names in the biz, that doesn't mean that you can just shove your ass to the front of the bloody string of contenders to get a shot at this strap!

    You really are turning out like The Rock aren't ya! You think you can just come out here, steal his gimmick- and THEN act like you're the fuckin' man around here! Well guess what? You ain't the man! Because I'M THE MAN!! You ain't having a shot at my title either- not in a million years!!

    Crowd boo Shaz, and they chant LOSER as he smirks.

    Shaz: And at Last Resort, I'll be facing BOTH AJ Dixon and KJ Punk! So after defending against 4 superstars each week, followed by facing 5 other superstars at DFI! Another match, where I have to defend my title with multiple men!! I've got one word for that...


    Crowd boo as they think Shaz is being sarcastic.

    Shaz: Oh no, I ain't being sarcastic! Because now, I get the chance to put both of my opponents in intensive care! The more challenge, the better! Not only is it better for me, but it's better for this title! I'll be giving this belt the honor that it deserves!

    Also, tonight- I'll be teaming up with AJ Dixon! To take on..KJ Punk in Handicap rules! I know I've got my match at Last Resort in the bag, because I'm going to make sure that KJ Punk doesn't make it to Last Resort! So Punk, you can carry on mocking me! I'm gonna allow you to! Keep on disrespecting me! Because every single time you make a mug out of yourself, it makes me even more hungrier to make your my whore!

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    Emily Davis: The following match is tonight’s main event for one fall, and is a handicap match! In the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds, from Brixton, London, he is the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shaz!

    Mike: I'm not sure what I think of this handicap match. KJ Punk is definitely at a disadvantage.

    Rocky: Hey, he is a former World Champion. He is the first champion! If anyone can win a handicap match...nah, even I can't say that. KJ Punk sucks. He is going to lose.

    Mike: You might be right, you might be wrong.

    Shaz makes his way out of the ring. He takes his World title off, handing it to the timekeeper, as Shaz turns, heading into the ring. He goes to the corner, and sits on the top.

    Mike: What in the world is he doing?

    Rocky: Sitting. He is the World Champion. Why should he have to work so hard in this match?

    Emily Davis: and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Atlanta, GA, representing Infection, A..J...DIXON!

    AJ Dixon walks out from the back, to nothing but boos from the fans. Dixon just shrugs it off, as he makes his way down the ramp, and into the ring. He turns, looking at Shaz who is still sitting on the turnbuckle, but then turns, back to the entrance.

    Emily Davis: And their opponent, weighing in at 240 pounds, K...J...PUNK!

    KJ Punk comes out from the back, to a really big pop from the fans. He proceeds down the ramp, walking around the ring, slapping some of the fans hands along the way. Punk turns, climbing onto the apron, and into the ring. Punk stands, looking at Dixon, and then at Shaz on the turnbuckle. The ref looks at the three men, and rings the bell.

    KJ Punk(Cena) vs Shaz(HHH) & AJ Dixon(Edge)

    (start at 3:56, end at 8:03)

    Mike: Massive backdrop from KJ Punk!

    Rocky: Come on Shaz! Get up! Help Dixon!

    Mike: Shaz has spent the better part of the match sitting out. What makes you think he will help Dixon?

    Rocky: A man can dream.

    Dixon is getting to his feet, as Punk charges, taking Dixon down with a shoulder tackle. Punk turns, running into the ropes, bouncing off, jumping over Dixon, and hits the other ropes. Dixon is back up, as KJ Punk charges back. Dixon leaps into the air, going for a hurricarana, but Punk catches Dixon. Punk takes a few steps, and dumps Dixon over the top to the outside! Punk turns, as Shaz connects with a massive dropkick! Punk is sent over the top, to the outside, colliding into Dixon who was slowly getting to his feet. Shaz looks, watching as both men slowly get to their feet, as Shaz turns, running into the ropes. Shaz hits the ropes, bouncing off, and comes back.

    Rocky: Suicide dive!

    Shaz dives through the middle rope, and takes both Punk and Dixon out!

    Mike: He just took out both his opponent, and his tag partner for this match.

    Rocky: Correction, he took out the two #1 contenders for his World title.

    Shaz is slowly to his feet, as the ref is counting.

    1.....2......3...Shaz grabs KJ Punk, throwing him straight into the barricade. 4......5......Shaz grabs Dixon, throwing him into the ring....6......7.....Shaz grabs Punk from the barricade, and goes to irish whip him into the ring post, but Punk counters, sending Shaz straight into the ring post instead! Shaz hits hard, going down. Punk slides into the ring, as the ref is at 8, but Dixon rolls out of the ring. The count restarts, as Dixon grabs Shaz by the hair, lifting him up....1.....2.....3...Dixon and Shaz are saying something, but Shaz still seems out of it after the hard collision...4.....5....both men slide back into the ring, breaking the count up.

    Rocky: These two are up to something, I love it!

    Both men charge at Punk, and take him down with a double clothesline. Punk is dropped hard, but gets back up, as Shaz and Dixon grab Punk, and irish whip him into the ropes. KJ bounces back, as the team of Dixon and Shaz take Punk down with a double flapjack! Both men get to their feet, as Shaz motions to Dixon. They lift KJ up, and throw him into the corner. Shaz charges in, and collides hard with a Punk in the corner, nailing a wicked knee to his midsection. Shaz grabs Punk, lifting him to a sitting position on the turnbuckle. Dixon comes to the corner now, as both men stand on either side of Punk.

    Mike: I think they are going for a double superplex! Oh my god!

    Dixon and Shaz climb to the middle rope, but Punk immediately nails Shaz with a nasty headbutt, but it doesn't knock Shaz off. Punk now headbutts Dixon, and this headbutt knocks Dixon off. Dixon falls, landing on his back, as Shaz goes for a stiff punch, but KJ blocks it. Punk immediately starts nailing Shaz in the forehead with driving elbows, until Shaz falls back, landing on top of Dixon! Punk climbs, standing at the top of the turnbuckle. He raises his fingers into the air, and then jumps off, nailing a huge divine elbow onto both men! Shaz rolls off, holding his chest, as Punk goes for the cover on Dixon.


    Dixon kicks out! Punk turns, going and covering Shaz now.


    Shaz kicks out right before 3 also! Punk looks at the ref for a moment, as he turns, getting to his feet. Punk goes to the corner, and starts motioning to the fans.
    Mike: He is calling for it, rolling elbow, it's coming!

    Rocky: Oh god. Listen to these idiots get behind Punk.

    Dixon is slowly getting to his feet, not realizing where Punk is. Dixon is up, as he turns...ROLLING ELBNO! Punk goes for the rolling elbow, but Dixon ducks it. Dixon pushes KJ right into the ropes, as Punk hits, bouncing off. MUGSHO..NO! Dixon leaps into the air for the Mugshot, but Punk catches Dixon, and counters with a modified belly to belly suplex! Shaz is slowly getting to his feet, as KJ is back up. Dixon is slowly getting to his feet in the corner. Shaz goes straight at Punk, as Dixon does the same. SUPERKICK!

    Mike: Dixon nails Shaz! Dixon nails Shaz!

    KJ Punk ducks, seeing the superkick coming, as Dixon nails his tag partner, Shaz. Shaz is hit, dropping to his back, and the momentum sends Shaz rolling to the outside. Dixon turns, right into a rolling elbow! Dixon goes down, as Punk goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, K...J...PUNK!

    Dixon immediately rolls out of the ring, holding his face, as Punk climbs a corner, posing.

    Mike: Wow! Punk picks up a big win as we draw closer to the triple threat match at Last Resort! If Punk keeps this up, he will have the momentum, and in my opinion, be the favorite to win at Last Resort.

    Rocky: Bullshit. there is no way KJ Punk keeps this momentum up. You watch, next week, he will be stopped dead in his tracks!


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    Chris Divine!

    Rawkfist blares over the PA system, as the fans go crazy.

    Mike: You know what that music means...

    Rocky: Yeah...The Lame One is coming out...

    Mike: I thought you were a fan of Divine..

    Rocky: I was until he became a total sell out. Listening to these fans...god...

    Chris Divine walks out from the back to a big pop from the fans. He stops at the top of the ramp, and poses, as pyro's fall. Divine just smirks, wearing his usual baggy jeans, polo shirt, backwards cap, and signature shades. The JBW Intercontinental Championship is firmly on his shoulder, as he begins down the ramp. He slaps a few hands along the way, before climbing the steel steps, and then into the ring. He goes to a corner, ascending to the second rope where he raises the IC Championship into the air. He poses for a moment, as flashes go off, and he hops down. He is handed a microphone, as he stands in the middle of the ring, looking around.

    Divine: Divine came out to this ring, all smiles, but that is not what is truly on the inside. No...what is on the inside of Divine is anger, frustration, and curiosity. For those who missed it last week, a man came to IWA. Now, as far as Divine knows, this man isn't under a contract. He just showed up, and came out here, interrupting the Divine One, and what the Divine One had to say. Divine came out here, wanting to make his intentions clear, and Artemis Eclipse decided to stick his nose where it didn't belong. Now, for those living in a cave, it's no secret Divine and Eclipse hate each other. Divine is going to give you a little history lesson. Yo, monkeys in the back, play the videos.

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life, as we see footage from another show.

    Quote Originally Posted by BITW Kingdom Come View Post
    Eclipse: So many people came in and ruined… literally RUINED how things were in this place. And the ones that don’t know it should be ashamed of themselves… I fucking love doing this but people like you, Vandarius, Bear, and many others of your ilk make me hate it. You all think you know everyfucking thing yet you know nothing. None of you do inside this place or outside this place what I do..
    I sacrificed SO FUCKING MUCH when I was in charge of JBW. Real life finally took over and there were problems. Then instead of helping, people scoffed and then finally took it over. Fuck that. And when you bring up SRW, How could I do anything when you guys left? You had literal secret talks with the backstabbing bear himself without my knowledge and then leave while I’m at a wedding? I fucking told you guys I was having a week where a lot of things were going on and then you guys just leave? Fuck you all for that. Then say that I have too much on my plate? Are you fucking serious?
    When we started SRW I warned of the wedding and then afterwards things would be better. None of you wanted to stick around or even let me get things together. You guys changed plans every day, none of you could get your shit together AS a team and yeah, you guys did a lot of work but that’s because you wanted to rush a product out. No. You don’t rush. Rushing is what just happened to Blood Harvest II. Yeah, a mass exodus happened but in their wanting to push out a show within a week, it suffered and ultimately sucked because of it.
    And if people think it was good, you’re wrong. Will they put out good shows? Of course. With actual preparation and work they will. But if they continue to produce the shit that BH II was, people will leave. And you mention ego stroking? Heh. Nothing about that show WASN’T ego stroking. SRW failed because after you two left I didn’t have people that were fully capable of doing shows. They were new to it. I couldn’t go on with them and you fucking know it.

    Artemis gets into Shaz’s face and puts the mic up close to his mouth.
    Artemis: And if you want to know the real truth, I only did SRW because Torphy folded like a bitch. He fucking sat there talking about wanting to do an efed, then I asked him if he wanted to do one together, he said no… then said yes… then said no again. How the fuck do you expect me to know what’s going on when he didn’t? Then it all became clear to me… he said we were fine but truth be told, he packed up his shit and left. Like a little girl… then what did he do? He came back and fucking joined up with IWA.
    Really? He quit because he didn’t like how things "were". Meaning he was incapable of leading anything. Meaning he was incapable of working with someone. Fuck that, fuck him and fuck you. All of you motherfuckers will soon enough learn what I am fully capable of. You want to know what a good show is? Go read Rampage Of The Titans, go read Horrorcore Icons, New Frontier and anything else. Not to mention DUBS doing the original Blood Harvest when EWNCW was shit. Fuck all of that.
    You people need to be ready and you need to be ready now. BITW is in fact the BEST IN THE WORLD AND I WILL PROVE IT!!
    The tron dies, as the fans are chanting full of shit, as Divine nods.

    Divine: See, here is the problem. Artemis Eclipse ran down a lot of people. Divine heard all of it, and knew someone had to say Divine took that chance. Take a look.

    The tron comes back to life.

    Divine: Ever since the names came out from the next Grand Prix, people have been in a ruckus as to who this mystery man was. Some have stipulated it was Tommy Thunder, others have guessed it was Ma$$Dinero, and even some speculated it was Van Hooligan X. For those wishing and dreaming for one of those ego inflated chumpettes, you can be sadly disappointed. For those wishing for someone with true talent, you all can rejoice in the fact that the Divine One has come to this tournament. Now, this is the moment where Divine is suppose to address Kyojin, and each person in this next tournament, and frankly, Divine is looking forward to getting a 1 on 1 rematch against Kyojin after Divine's loss in IWA a few weeks ago, but Divine is going to step out of the box for a second, and address someone Divine has had an issue with.

    *The fans all sit there, unsure of what's to come next.*

    Divine: You see, when Divine first burst onto the big scene, there was someone Divine could call a friend. This man is in the first Grand Prix tournament. You all know him as Artemis Eclipse..Divine knows him as douchebag. Now see, douchebag and Divine spent time together in ICW, and during that time, Divine thought Eclipse was a decent guy during that time. And Divine doesn't mean "good guy or bad guy" type of decent guy, no..Divine meant Artemis was a decent human being. But the longer Divine spent with the guy, Divine realized more and more this guy was a tool. Then ICW closed. Then after that came a company called SRW.

    *All of the fans now chant what.*

    Divine: Oh Divine is sorry. Do you all not know what SRW was? Oh...that's right, SRW was around about as long as a blink of the eye.
    *Divine glares into the camera, and blinks.*

    Divine: Just like that, SRW was gone, and replaced by an even better company called IWA. Now, let Divine give you some history on these companies. Divine's good friend is the man behind IWA, and Artemis's good friend was behind SRW. Now, when people heard IWA was coming, they left SRW in droves, literal droves! Have you all been on a sinking ship, where the captain won't admit it was a sinking ship? Or even better, have any of you been in a car that just won't start? That's what SRW was. That company, everything and everyone behind it, might have been a great idea in concept, but much like most of the things Eclipse is associated with, it just never has that spark to really get going. Divine means, look at BITW. Eclipse's buddy behind SRW, is now 1/2 of the power behind BITW, and where has the company gone? Oh...that's freaking place!

    *Divine has a look of anger on his face.*

    Divine: Now, after all of this debacle, Eclipse became a huge prick. Talking as much trash as he could about anyone associated with IWA. Now, let's face facts. Divine has been a part of HWA, JBW, EWNCW, and ICW, but when the dice roll and it all comes to the surface, ICW and IWA has been Divine's home, so anyone talking trash on that company, is a chumpette in Divine's book. So, Eclipse goes on talking all kinds of smack, and for the longest time, Divine has bit his tongue, being told by other wrestlers "Don't play into his games, don't sink to his level", and for the longest time, Divine has sat idly by, keeping his mouth shut, but that was until he came across this.

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    *Divine reaches into his back pocket, pulling something out. He unfolds it, holding it in his hands.*

    Divine: Now for those who don't know, in wrestling, there are what is called scripts. Mainly what happens when. Well, a few weeks back, Divine got his hands on this script.

    *Divine puts the script to the screen of the camera, and we see the words, BITW 1: Kingdom Come*

    Divine: Divine did some reading of this script and the one thing that caught Divine's eye was a moment midway through. It's where the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shaz, and Artemis Eclipse, get a chance to speak. A side note in there, is roughly about 10 to 20 minutes for Eclipse to share any of his thoughts. That's called a shoot. That's what's happening now. So, when Divine read this, Divine knew that Eclipse was going to take the chance to talk trash on Divine, Divine's friend behind IWA, and anyone else who Divine calls a friend. So, when Divine was asked by Jason Myers to come to the Grand Prix, Divine accepted. Divine came here, and agreed to this, simply to prove one thing. As big as Artemis Eclipse might ever think he will become, Divine will always.....let me bigger and better than Eclipse. Now, Arty, you could prove Divine wrong tonight and win this tournament, but frankly, Divine thinks either Israel Pamich or Brock Edwards is going to walk away with the cup. If you happen to though, you can go home, or better yet, you can go back to that piss poor company you call a home, BITW, and hold your little cup, and watch, as Divine tares through Kyojin, and all the other competitors in the second tournament, to become a grand prix cup holder. When it's all said and done, Divine will always be better than you chumpette. Know this Arty, when the day comes, because with people like us, it's not a matter of if, just a matter of when...when our paths cross, whether it be later in 2013 in the culmination of these tournaments, or anywhere else, when we finally go 1 on 1 for the first time ever....Divine will drop you on your ass and make you look like the punk ass bitch we all know you truly to be. Best of luck Arty, you are going to need it.
    The tron dies once more, as Divine is standing in the ring. A Divine Truth chant is ringing throughout the arena. Divine raises the microphone once more.

    Divine: Divine spoke the truth that night, and guess what, Eclipse lost. Eclipse couldn't pull the trigger in the finals, just like he couldn't pull the trigger in ICW every time he faced Van Hooligan X. See, that's the problem with Eclipse, he thinks he is better than he actual is. Eclipse thinks he is in the pool of Tommy Thunder, Jman, Kyojin, or TDA. The fact remains, Artemis Eclipse will always be in the same level as Ma$$Dinero, Mr Smyth, or HolyJose. He will be good, but never great. Eclipse, Divine knows you are back there, listening. Divine is better than you, I've always been better than you, and I'll always be better than you. You want to come to Divines company, and try to one up Divine? Well you know what...get your ass out here for the beating you should have had last week.

    Divine lowers the mic, looking and waiting. After a few moments, there is still nothing.

    Divine: Fine...if you don't want to come out here,, Divine is going to come back there and break every bone in your god damn body!

    Divine throws the mic down, as he goes at the ropes. Suddenly, the Insane-O-Tron comes to life. We see Smokey sitting in his office, as Divine stops at the ropes, looking. We can see him mouth the words "what the hell"

    Smokey: Ah Chris. you are right. Last week, Artemis Eclipse was not signed to a contract. After your little brawl though, after he calmed down, I spoke to Artemis, and got him to agree to a short term contract. See, I want to give the fans, I want to give you and Artemis, exactly what you want. In just a few short weeks, you will get your chance to get your hands on Artemis Eclipse. At Last Resort, we will see Chris Divine go one on one with Artemis Eclipse!

    The fans actually cheer at this, as Divine nods.

    Smokey: As for are not getting your hands on Eclipse. You see, Artemis isn't even here. I've barred him from the arena. He is home, watching this live if I had to guess. When it comes down to it though, I am a wise businessman, and next week, I'm going to flip the tables. Next week Divine, you will be barred from the arena. You can stay home, you can go to Florida, you can do whatever the hell you want, except for be where IWA is. Next week, I've given an open invitation to Artemis Eclipse. He will have the chance to go out to that ring, and say whatever the hell he wants. No interruptions, no one in the production truck turning his mic off or cutting the video to something else. Free speech. So...Divine, if I were you, I'd listen close to him, as I'm sure he will have a lot to say. For now though...have a good night.

    The tron dies, as Divine is standing, pissed in the ring.

    Mike: Wow! Huge news! Artemis Eclipse will be here next week, and he will have the chance to say whatever he wants!

    Rocky: I'm more excited for Chris Divine vs Artemis Eclipse at Last Resort. Ever since Eclipse bad mouthed numerous people who did no wrong, I've wanted to see someone beat his ass.

    Mike: Still so many questions to be answered. What does Ace Note have to say? Will Kayfabulous answer Black Blooded’s challenge? What the hell is going on with the Endurance championship? Who will be the final participant in the fatal four way for the Blackout Championship? Find out next week on Chaos!

    The final shot is of Chris Divine scanning the arena, hands on hips, as the fans cheer his name. The screen then turns into the IWA logo, before fading to black.

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