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    The camera's come back from the short break, as we see Skyler Drek and Mr Blood in the ring. The ref calls for the bell, as the match is underway!

    (Mr Blood/The Undertaker vs Skyler Drek/Orton)

    (4:30 - 09:25)

    Mike: Blood controlling the match right now, grabs Drek by the hair before hooking the arm and delivers a big suplex! Following that up with another big leg drop!

    Rocky: Not looking good for Skyler Drek right now, Black looks pretty satisfied with his partners performance on the outside!

    Mike: And Macoonie in contrast looks concerned, can Drek turn this around?

    Blood locks in a hammerlock with Drek in a seated position, the referee asks and the answer is no! Blood cranks up the pressure and transitions into a rear chin lock, digging a knee right into the lower spine, again the ref asks and again Drek replies with a firm NO! Macoonie slaps his hand against the ring apron, trying to rally Drek, the crowd elevates their noise and attempt to motivate him to fight out.

    Drek responds and fights slowly to a vertical base with Blood holding onto him, now almost in a sleeper hold. Drek, using all of his strength bucks forward and sends Blood over his shoulders down to the mat. He runs the ropes and Blood is back onto his feet and aims a clothesline but Drek ducks, rebounds off the ropes and flies back into Blood with a spinning heel kick! Blood returns to the upright quickly but is flattened again by a running knee to the face! Drek steps out onto the apron, leaps up to the top rope and as Blood turns around he hits a seated senton and transitions into the pin!




    Mike: Near fall for Skyler Drek as Blood just manages to get the shoulder up!

    Rocky: This one's not over yet Mike, Blood's still in it!

    Drek circles his opponent and as Blood gets to his feet he kicks him in the midsection and positions him for a DDT but Blood blocks and charges Drek back first into a turnbuckle! Blood buries his shoulder into Drek repeatedly, the referee counts to four and Blood backs away. With the referee busy with Blood, Mr Black climbs up onto the apron and lamps Drek in the back of the head with a big forearm! He jumps down and the crowds boos ring out when the ref turns around and Blood goes back on the attack.

    Mike: I can't believe this! The referee needs to disqualify Mr Blood!

    Macoonie heads around the ring to confront Black and an all out brawl ensues with the two big men trading punches. Back in the ring Blood whips Drek to the ropes and hits a side walk slam on the rebound, he goes for the pin!




    Mike: Close call! Drek refuses to lie down!

    Back on the outside, Macoonie and Black are still brawling! Black pushes Macoonie against a ring post with brute strength before throwing a stiff fist right at his face! But Macoonie ducks and Black strikes the steel post and recoils in pain before Macoonie throws him hard into some ring steps!

    In the ring Blood hauls Drek back to his feet and buries a boot right into his gut before positioning him for the Blood Drop! However Macoonie not satisfied with putting Black down hops up onto the apron and distracts Blood. The referee tries to talk Macoonie down but he refuses, Blood throws Drek to the side and strides over to Macoonie! The two exchange words before Blood throws a big right, Macoonie jumps down from the apron and backs away, still trash talking. Blood reciprocates but doesn't see Drek coming! Using quick thinking, Drek rolls Blood up into a pin with his back turned!




    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, Skyler Drek!

    Mike: Drek sneaks a win with a little help from the outside!

    Rocky: That's garbage! Macoonie stuck his nose where it didn't belong, this doesn't count!

    Mike: Swings and roundabouts Rocky, what goes around comes around!

    Drek rolls out of the ring and celebrates with Macoonie as they back away up the ramp, laughing and joking at Bloods expense. Mr Black rolls into the ring still holding his fist and the two men stare up at their rivals in anger.

    Rocky: This isn't the last that Kayfabulous have heard of Black Blooded, this ain't over by a long shot.

    Mike: You're probably right Rocky, but for now the spoils go to IWA's resident bloggers!

    The camera's fade to the back. D-boy and Rymac are walking backstage packing a cooler full of beer to their locker room. Seth Gabel sees D-boy and Rymac and yells to gather their attention.*

    D-boy: What the hell do you want! Can't you see that we are on our way to the pardy?

    Seth Gabel: Don't you think you boys should be more worried about your first match with Extremely Lethal?

    D-boy: Let me tell you something boy, Rymac and I are afraid of no one. The only way those two are going to get one of The Pardy Boyz down for a three count is the same way they get girls, a rag full of chloroform. This is a wrestling organization little man, what the hell do those two lamo’s have on us? The only thing they will be burning down when facing Rymac and myself is their chances at ever becoming relevant in IWA! I’ll put it in a way those science geeks could understand. We are more positive that we will end up the victors of our rivalry than a cation is positive.

    Rymac: D, You don’t make sense bro...

    Gabel: Why are you so positive that you are going to win?

    D-boy: We have made a living for a long time beating up nerds. That's our thing, we don't take shit from two "scientists". Again the only people who should be afraid of those two idiots are people of the female persuasion, who see them walking around with rags.

    Rymac: In other words.... “Because fuck it! NERDS!”

    Gabel: Anything else you "boyz" would like to say to them?

    D-boy: Watch your tone punk. We don't take shit from anyone. Do you really want to know what we have to say to those dweebs? Here it is... We don't like you, we think you guys are a bunch of douchebags who rely on big words to show some sort of superiority. We plan to shut your faces by shoving our boots up them. The only words you will need to understand after Rymac and I get out of the ring is unemployment because you will be terrified to step foot in a ring again.

    Rymac: D-boy, I see a NERD!

    D-boy: Well, I guess it’s time to show what we do to nerds then isn’t it.

    *D-boy grabs Seth and shoves him backwards over a catering table in the back. D-boy and Rymac pick Gabel up and do The Pardy Boy Drop to Seth through the table.*

    D-boy: One nerd down, time to take match number one in this series and beat up on some NERDS!


    D-boy: Listen up IWA, this place is full of Nerds!

    Rymac: NERDZ!

    D-boy: And now that the pardy is here, it’s time for us to bounce each and every one of them starting with Extremely Lethal. They are the newest nerds on the block and as soon as we win the first four matches of this series, they are going to be the nerds with the shortest time in this company. Yeah, I think it’s fair to say this Pardy is just beginning.

    Rymac: Okay... D... Stop... You are talking too much... stop. Good. I’m gonna keep this short and simple... Me and D-boy, we are here to dominate this company. We are going to destroy all of you nerds and we are gonna do it... with class. Because a true Pardy goer knows, that it takes class to get ahead in life and I’m sure my beautiful girlfriend can tell you, We have nothing but class. It’s Pardy Time!

    Rymac and D-boy turn, walking off laughing, as the camera's fade to a commercial break.


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    The camera's come back from the break.

    Mike: Well folks, it's time for the Endurance #1 contenders match. One of these men is going to get a one way ticket to Last Resort, and a championship match.

    Emily Davis: This is the triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the IWA Endurance Championship! Introducing first, the special guest referee for this match, the IWA Endurance Champion, Mr. Smyth!

    Mike: Ignoring the despicable acts from earlier tonight, this is an interesting position for Smyth to be in. He has the opportunity to scout his potential opponent for his championship title.

    Rocky: Despicable? Thuffering thuckertath! What are you, Sylvester the cat?

    Emily Davis: From Athens, Georgia, weighing in at 130lbs, he is The Royal Rockstar, Sagittarius Blue!

    Mike: Big win for Sagittarius Blue at Destined for Immortality and he has been rewarded with a huge opportunity here.

    Rocky: Indeed he has, and I cannot fault him for that. I just understand why Divine turned into such a pansy and shook the guy’s hand.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, Israel Pamich!

    Rocky: Now this is my pick. He has integrity, class, style, panache and worthy of taking on Mr. Smyth in a one-on-one confrontation.

    Mike: Israel was in a hell of a fight at Destined for Immortality and even though he wasn’t victorious, Israel has apparently done enough to impress Smokey and be placed in this match.

    Emily Davis: And their opponent, not from India, not standing at 7ft 1, not weighing 347lbs, he is The Great Lay-li!

    Mike: Yet another winner from Destined for Immortality. Lay-li beat Kazam in a fantastic bout and his career is always on the rise.

    Rocky: Doesn't make it interesting. In fact, this guy really gets on my nerves.

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    Layman = John Cena vs. Sag. Blue = Triple H vs. Pamich = Edge, Ref = Mr. Smyth

    Start at 5:25, finish at 09:03

    Lay-li nods in a sign of respect to Blue. Layman grabs Pamich and launches him head first into the ring post. Blue walks over to Pamich, picks him up and launches him head first into the ring post again. The crowd starts a chant war - some chanting for Blue while others chant for Lay-li!

    Mike: Pamich is bleeding.

    Rocky: Bleeding? That’s an understatement. This is nothing more than bullying.

    Lay-li and Blue roll into the ring and start to size each other up. Blue runs to Lay-li, goes for a shoulder tackle but bounces off Lay-li, who stands there like he hasn’t been touched. Blue sits on the floor, slightly stunned by what just happened. Lay-li picks up Blue and throws a right, making Blue stumble backwards into a corner. Lay-li uses his left hand to hold Blue’s head back, and uses his right hand to shush the crowd. The crowd grows quieter, and Lay-li delivers a huge chop to the chest of Blue, which almost echoes!

    Rocky: fuck me, I felt that from here!

    Blue collapses, but Lay-li stops him from falling to the ground. Lay-li Irish whips blue to the other corner, and chases after Blue...but wait! Blue moves! Blue side-steps Lay-li, and Lay-li goes crashing into the corner. Lay-li turns – dropkick!

    Mike: I don’t believe it. Oscar Lay-li is still standing!

    Blue gets straight back up, and delivers another dropkick. Lay-li starts to wobble, as Blue delivers a third dropkick. Lay-li almost topples over. Blue rolls under the ropes, climbs the turnbuckle and launches across the ring and delivers a missile dropkick!

    Mike: He’s down! The Great Lay-li is down!

    Blue goes for the cover, and Mr. Smyth drops down for the count:

    Thr-no! Lay-li kicks out, launching Blue to the other side of the ring.

    Rocky: Somebody has been juicing up!

    Blue sits in the corner, contemplating what to do next. Lay-li is back up to his feet and turns to face Blue. Blue gets up, runs to Lay-li, but is knocked down by a huge chop to the skull!

    Mike: That’s it. It’s over!

    Lay-li goes for the cover, Smyth drops down

    Thr-no! Pamich breaks up the count, and the crowd shows their displeasure!

    Mike: Where the hell did he come from?

    Rocky: Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very mu-

    Mike: Shut the fuck up, you sarcastic ass!

    Pamich rolls out of the ring, grabs a chair and starts swinging for the fences. First Lay-li get’s knocked down, and rolls near the corner, not moving. Then Pamich swings at Smyth and takes him out too! Pamich is looking at the damage he has caused as the fans boo.

    Rocky: TURN AROUND!!!!

    Mike: Blue is up! Blue is up!

    The fans suddenly cheer hard as Pamich turns around – SIGN OF THE ARCHER!!! He covers...but Mr. Smyth is still out! Blue gets up and walks over to Smyth and shakes him to life. He pulls Smyth up and balances him against the corner, slapping his face to bring him too. When Mr. Smyth is steady on his feet, Blue goes back over to Pamich – LOW BLOW! Blue falls to the ground, clutching his crotch.

    Mike: Oh, come on!

    Rocky: Comeuppance, my friend. Blue and Lay-li teamed up on my man Pamich. It’s only right he gets some sort of break in this match.

    Pamich stands back up and staggers back a couple of steps, bumping into Mr. Smyth. Pamich turns, and a look of panic comes across his face.

    Mike: Uh-oh!

    The fans explode with cheers when Smyth stiffly kicks Pamich in the gut. Smyth then picks Pamich up into the Fireman’s carry and nails The Rule (fireman’s carry into sit-out facebuster).

    Rocky: As much as I am pulling for Pamich, he deserved that for nailing Smyth with a chair.

    Smyth is back up to his feet, and Blue starts to get up too. He looks at Pamich on the floor and starts to make his way over, but no! Smyth nails The Rule on Blue, causing the fans to explode with boos.

    Mike: What the hell?

    Rocky: Blue slapped Mr. Smyth. He was deserving of a beating too!

    Smyth rolls out of the ring and starts to make his way to the back, clearly having enough of tonight. Half way up the ramp, he stops.

    Mike: Smyth’s thinking.

    Rocky: Indeed he is. He’s about to make one of those decisions that will be best for business!

    Smyth runs back to the ring, and wanders straight over to Pamich. Smyth drags Pamich across, draping him over Blue and Oscar both! Smyth drops down going for the count.

    Rocky: This is interesting...
    Mike: No, no, no! Not this way!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Israel Pamich!

    Mr. Smyth picks up Pamich and raises his hand. Smyth then looks at Pamich, smiles, gives him the thumbs up, and exits the ring.

    Mike: What the hell? Smyth screwed Blue and Lay-li out of this match for a man who knocked him out with a chair! What the hell is going on here?

    Rocky: I’ll tell you what is going on. Mr. Smyth wants to fight Israel Pamich. Simple as that. That match will be huge, and Mr. Smyth knows what is best for business.

    Pamich is leaning against the ropes, blood pouring from his head, watching Smyth walk backwards up the ramp. Smyth is applauding Pamich, while Blue looks on as well. Lay-li is on his knees now, as all three men look at Smyth. The camera's fade to a commercial break.


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    *As “Chalk Outline” plays on the PA system, before Ace Note can even get to the ring, he receives a big pop form the Chaos audience. He comes out, microphone in hand and in his street clothes, and looks out at his cheering fans and waves to some in the front row as he passes them. In almost the same spot as the “Domino=Jobber” sign debuted, a fan holds an “Ace Note=Amazing” sign. As Note walks into the ring, he’s almost shocked by the view he gets of thousands of fans cheering for him.*

    ::Ace Note::

    “Awwww, garsh! I really didn’t expect any of this at all but seriously every one, thanks a lot for your support and I’d personally like to give a special shout out to the one fan who had the “Domino=Jobber” sign when he made his way down the ramp for our match. And I’m not sure if it’s because he took the liberty of swiping it out of his hand so fast that I really couldn’t take a good look at it or the fact that I just enjoy embarrassing the living hell out of him whenever I can but…how would you like to take a look at it again?!”

    *The pop he gets gives him the answer he’s looking for.*

    “The “I”’s have it! Let’s see it again!”

    *As the crowd cheers him on and the satisfaction of seeing Domino getting humiliated again, the short clip of his entrance pops up on the titantron for all to see.*

    Domino comes out from the back. He stomps his way down the ramp, as he stops infront of a fan with a sign that says "Domino = jobber", as he grabs the sign, ripping it up. He stomps on the sign, as he turns, getting into the ring.
    *By the time the video ends, the cameras go back to Ace Note in the ring, laughing while he holds up his iPhone, indicating that he took some snapshots as the footage played. He stuffs it back in his front pocket, giddier than a child on Christmas day.*

    “Oh yeah, those are going on my Facebook page! Oh and by the way, he’s STILL fuming over that!”

    *Note pauses to laugh at Domino’s expense, grinning from ear to ear.*

    “But seriously, my win at Destined for Immortality meant everything to me and now the whole world knows why. It was too important for me to lose and if I had, I don’t think I could’ve ever shown my face in front of you people again. Hell, a mirror would be my worst nightmare because I’d have to look at a sorry excuse of a man. See, I couldn’t make a living for myself in the family business and believe me, it wasn’t a matter of pride or anything. No, it was a matter of walking away from under the thumb of the thing that nearly killed my own brother.”

    *As he tries to find the right words to say, Ace Note hangs his head down and wipes his eyes. He looks back up at the camera trying his best to blink back tears.*

    “It’s something I’ll never forget. I can’t afford to forget it. The man I’m supposed to call my father didn’t even make it safe for him to walk across that tightrope. I couldn’t live with myself if I was to smile and wave and be a part of that business with that sort of blood on my hands. So of course, I walked out the first chance I could. And I’ll admit, wrestler wasn’t my first career choice and if I had actually gone to a decent college and if they would hand me some sort of “career evaluation” form, I’d file wrestler under the “No Way In Hell” box right along with chef because trust me, I suck at cooking. Hell, the boys won’t even allow me to bring homemade dip for Super Bowl weekend.”

    *Ace chuckles for a bit at his joke before he address the fans again in a serious tone.*

    “But anyways, entertaining crowds, sleepless nights, injuries…it just didn’t appeal to me and it’s pretty ironic when you think about considering that it’s almost like my former life as an acrobat. You’ve got the freaks, the frauds, the assholes, the stars, the headliners and it’s almost like I’m under the big tent all over again but this time, I can use everything I’ve been taught for a better use, giving my all in a business that I can be proud of! Something that I’ve finally found purpose in! And that’s exactly what Domino found out on Sunday, the fact that I’m not going to roll over and die for anyone who wants to push me out and treat me like an outsider! If Sunday was any sort of indication of reality, than it means that some of you feel the same way so if you wouldn’t mind, for those of you who actually care, I want you people to enjoy my journey into this crazy life, too because you’ve accepted me with the open arms I needed to make it here. And I really have no idea where the winds of fate are going to carry me but I promise you this, you’re always going to get one hell of a show! Domino, as tough as he is, learned that the hard way and…”

    *Young by Hollywood Undead starts to play throughout the PA system. Outcomes Brock Edwards who looks somewhat pleased and pissed off. He goes inside the ring and asks for a mic.*

    Brock: Nice story there Ace. I guess you can say the good overcame evil in a sense. I really do hope you have a great chuckle over it. Cause you see, I had a great time as well at DFI. I mean, I broke Ryan Wells's freaking arm off his socket. Now, truly was one of my favorite moments here in IWA. However, my true fav moment was when I spit in Ryan Wells face and his lifeless career.

    *The crowd starts to chant "Fuck You, Brock" over and over until Brock smiles and responds.*

    Brock: Who's Brock?

    *The crowd begins to think Brock is joking around until they see he has not changed his expression. There begins to be a moment of silence and then a chatter that buzzes around the arena. While all of that happens, "Brock" goes over to the ring bell and grabs hold of it and takes it with him into the ring.*

    "Brock": Quiet down... quiet down. I want you all to shut the hell up cause we are going to host a very special memorial of the late great Brock Edwards.

    *A picture of Brock Edwards then comes up in the titantron.*

    *The crowd then start to boo "Brock" since they all start to believe he is making a huge joke of deaths. Ace at the moment seems to be a bit confused, but doesn't seem to want to interrupt "Brock".*

    "Brock": You really think this is some big joke? Well, guess what people. It's not, Brock Edwards is now in a better place. Brock Edwards is... dead!!!

    *Just that quick there is a gasp heard around the arena. Even Ace Note can't seem to know what "Brock" is talking about.*

    ???: That's right. He is long gone and will never be seen or heard from ever again in this lifetime or any other. Unless, you count the afterlife. So, I want you all to stand up and help me in remembering the once great, Brock Edwards.

    *Just then this starts to play.*

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    ???: We have now lost a brave and courageousful man by the name of Brock Edwards. He was a man who brought legitimization into this sport we all call, wrestling. May he see the shining light and wake upon a new life.

    *The lights then go into a death-like black. Then, through the curtains come out some druids holding a casket.*

    ???: Mighty spirits have remorse on him and let him in through your gates of prosperity. Let his soul and spirit seek into other world and rest... in.... peace!

    *Just as the druids lay the casket down and upon it up, The Undertake's Theme Song starts to play.*

    *Once the casket lays open, it reveals pictures, t-shirts, and other stuff of Brock.*

    ???: Today we might have lost a soul, but in the process a new one has been created in the form of.... me! Now druids do as you were told and get rid of this filthy casket away from me. You can go and drop near a river for all I care cause that casket just shows a shadow of my former self.

    *The druids then start closing up the casket and leaving the arena with it. At the same time, the crowd begin to boo "Brock". At the same time, a little smirk can be seen at who ever this person is.*

    ???: Oh shut it all of you pieces of trash. I wasn't making fun of death or anything like that. I was simply stating the truth and making sure you all knew about it. You see, I was not only telling the truth, but I was stating some fact. Cause, Brock Edwards is dead. He is long gone from here. He doesn't exist anymore. I buried him and no it doesn't mean that Kayfaboulus. I killed Brock Edwards with my own two hands. The era known of Brock Edwards has finished. However, a new era has begun. Do you all wanna know of this era?

    *Crowd begin to chant "No!".*

    ???: Well, who cares what you think anyways. You see, this new era you are all living is called, the "Jonathan Seahawk" era! That's right, my name is indeed Jonathan Seahawk. For a long time, I've been living a lie and been calling myself Brock Edwards. Many of you may say that I was a coward for not accepting my own name, but you would be very wrong. I lied about my name cause I knew I could make an impact by going by someone's name and just rolling around. But, as time went on I saw my former name no longer of use for me any longer. I just didn't know when to reveal my true identity. That's until I saw and heard Ace over here bragging and make you all cheer his name. I saw this as the opportunity and a way of upstaging him.

    *The crowd start chanting Ace's name while Jonathan turns around and looks at him.*

    Jonathan: Do you hear that, Ace? They love you and adore you. Every single one of them, except.... me! I've never liked you. Since day one, you were seen as hero and as a star to many of this people and to some in the back. However, you aren't a hero. A hero doesn't make fun of the "villain" they so "heroically" defeated. You are exactly the same as all of this people here. A weak, pathetic, erogant , low-life son of a bitch who stands for nothing, but for himself. In other words a fraud!

    *The crowd boo Jonathan and begin to yell at him that his the fraud.*

    Jonathan: You can call me a fraud for all I care cause I'll admit I did live a lie with only one lie and that would be my name. However, I never lied about anything I said while I was Brock. And I'm especially not lying about you, Ace. I don't care if this people love you or not, but I do care... I care about exposing you for the lying, low life scum you truly are. You are the one who is truly a fraud and not me. So, go ahead and embrace this people as your own and make fun of Domino some more. Cause all you are doing is proving my point on what you truly are. Cause Ace, I'll say this right here now, you are the definition of a anti-hero!

    Jonathan drops his mic, as Ace and Seahawk get into each others faces. Ace Note pushes Seahawk back, as Jonathan comes back, shoving Note. The two men immediately begin to go blow for blow!

    Mike: All hell is breaking loose!


    Jonathan has the upperhand, as he has Note against the ropes. Seahawk charges, clotheslining Note over the top to the outside. Jonathan climbs out, grabbing Note, and throws him straight into the steel steps! Jonathan goes over, grabbing Ace by the head, and begins to bash him face first into the steel steps. Note stumbles away, busted open, as Seahawk grabs the steps, throwing them away from the corner. Seahawk grabs Note, lifting him up onto his shoulders. Jonathan swings Note around, performing an F5, sending Note's knee right into the post!

    Mike: End of Your Days! Seahawks match ending move! Damn!

    Note is clutching his knee, as Seahawk turns, smiling, and walks up the ramp to leave. Medical comes rushing down the ramp with a stretcher, as they begin to check on Ace Note.

    Mike: Well folks, it seems like we have seen a new side to Brock Ed...excuse me...Jonathan Seahawk.

    Rocky: I like this new side. His true side.

    The camera's fade to the back at this stage.
    The camera cuts backstage and the camera moves to the door way to the locker room of Extremely Lethal, the newest tag team to IWA. Venomous answers the door, opens up, and welcomes them in. The camera steps in the doorway and reveals a laboratory set up with multiple flasks, beakers and other glassware containing chemicals, with a Bunsen burner burning them, connected by tubes and pipettes. Carbon, in the process of putting the chemicals into test tubes looks up from his work, removes his goggles and turns to the camera.*

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    Venomous: Carbon look who it is!

    Carbon: What do they want? I was working on a very important experiment here.

    Venomous: I think they are here because they heard about our latest hypothesis we are going to prove.

    Carbon: Oh yeah. You guys interested in hearing about this new hypothesis?

    *The camera moves up and down as if to say yes. Carbon then pulls out a piece of paper which he reads off of*

    Carbon: Good. Well our hypothesis states, “There is a direct relationship between the injuries of the Pardy Boyz and the best of seven series match they have with Extremely Lethal.” And we have our test subjects in a best of seven series, and the first round of experiments to prove this hypothesis begins here tonight.

    Venomous: That’s right, tonight we face the Pardy Boyz, and is that bad news for them. A few weeks ago we made our debut on a house show, where we lost to Infection, barely, but we lost. So we came back here, and we sat down, no experiments, studied the tape, and calculated our percent human error, and we were able to find what we did wrong. And if we know what we have to do to beat Infection, then we definitely know what we need to do to beat the Pardy Boyz, not once, but four times.

    Carbon: And what is even better about that is we don’t have one round to conduct this experiment, we have seven, but me and Venomous, we are pretty sure we won’t need seven rounds, we will only need four or five to complete this experiment and prove our hypothesis.

    Venomous: See when we mix together with other tag teams in the ring, we don’t mix well. In chemistry, we are like combustible elements, mix us in and everything sets on fire. See we are a fire that never burns out, and when we mix it up with another tag team, we burn them to the ground. And that’s exactly what we will do to the Pardy Boyz, burn them to the ground. And when we do, you want find them with third degree burns; instead we will just burn them, just like we will burn the rest of the competition on our way to the top.

    Carbon: Fire is lethal, but we, we are Extremely Lethal, and the Pardy Boyz will find that out tonight. Now if you don’t mind I need to finish this experiment, so Venomous show them the way out please.

    *Venomous opens the door, as the camera backs out with the last image of Carbon working with his test tubes before the locker room door shuts in the camera’s face. The camera's cut back to the ring.

    Mike: Well folks, I have been informed that Ace Note has been taken to to the Hidalgo County Hospital to have his knee checked out. Hopefully it's nothing serious, but that crash into the ring post looked painful.

    Juno Mercury comes out from the back, storming down to the ring, she is clearly agitated and running her fingers through her hair. She asks for a mic and steps into the ring, signalling to cut the music*

    *The crowd are cheering for Juno*

    *Sitting down in the middle of the ring, continuing to run her fingers through her hair*

    Juno Mercury: Well guys.. I nearly got it down.. I had that pathetic, worthless, little girl and I never got the job done.. For that I am sorry..

    *She got screwed is chanted by the crowd*

    *Getting to her feet, Juno looks more aggressive than ever before*

    Juno: You know what! That stupid little bitch thinks that this is all over, this is the end of her being in the ring with me, facing the future of IWA..WRONG! I was fucking screwed by that so called champion, she resorted to dirty, underhanded and typically childlike tactics because, she could not beat me on sheer talent alone! Hardly the acts of a true star, a true bombshell, a true champion! She is not fit to have that belt around her waist! I deserve another shot; I deserve another opportunity to prove what I can do! I set that ring on fire, I scared that little girl, I made her dig down deep too retain that belt, to get that win over me.. She forgets through, I pinned her in match before, it may have been a tag match but, I still pinned the champ! In my mind it is one each.. Let’s settle the score and see if that messed up little mind of yours can take another beating from JUNO! I can beat you…Believe me..

    *Vivica's new music hits, cutting Juno off as she skips out, the bloody Vanity title around her waist as she skips around the top of the ramp, showing off her red and black leather outfit to a jeering and hostile crowd. A "What a whore" chant breaks out, but Vivica doesn't seem to hear it as she spots her rival for the first time of the night, a smile spreading across her face as she stops at the top of the ramp, demanding a microphone from a terrified crew member*

    Vivica: You still don't see it, but you will, I thought that was enough pain, I thought that beating you, standing over you broken and battered as I held my trophy high would teach you what a Good Girl can accomplish, but you just keep listening to these liars out here don't you? Daddy told me that you can never trust the crowd, you have to listen real deep for that little girl inside of you that is trying to make you live up to your potential.

    *Vivica stops, taking a deep breath she opens her eyes, smiling like a child about to get her favorite toy, she continues.*

    Vivica: But don't worry! I Haven't given up on you yet! You may have left DFI as a busted and broken whore, but soon you will know what it really means to be a Good Girl! I know I am the right one to teach you, because Daddy said that I am the smartest girl in the whole wide world and I could make you a Good Girl just like me!

    *Vivica skips down the ramp, seemingly oblivious to the boos from the crowd as she climbs the steps, getting into the ring with her rival*

    Vivica: I am afraid though, that you just can't get this belt from me, not that you would get another chance anyway, I mean I will keep hurting you, because I love you, and it's the only way to teach you what you can be, but until you reach your potential, there's just no point in letting you have another chance at my belt, is there? Daddy doesn't think so, and Daddy is always right.

    *Vivica skips up to juno, looking her in the eyes as she licks her lips*

    Vivica: But you and me? We are going to have a lot more fun together anyway

    *Juno shudders as Vivica laughs, a little-girl laugh, almost deranged as she skips around juno, until she is face to face with her again, she stops suddenly, nodding at advice only she can here she starts to stare directly into Juno's eyes, a burning hatred evident in her glare*

    Vivica: You, You will never be me, you will never ever ever get what I have ever!!!! It's mine and you can't have it!!! This is my belt Mine MINE MINE MY DADDY MY BELT ME ME ME MINE MINE MINE MY FUCKING BELT!!!

    *The Crowd starts chanting "Psycho Bitch" as Vivica rages, ripping her top off and throwing it away, revealing a pink "hello kitty" bra underneath she storms around the ring, before stopping again, seeming to become instantly calm and almost passive, she turns her eyes back on Juno, this time they seem to hold a softness, almost a nurturing look*

    Vivica: Daddy told me that some days would be tougher, see, Daddy told me that fighting myself is no good, that the only way is to embrace all of me, even the parts that people said were bad. I did everything Daddy said and now I am the bestest girl, and soon you can be a Good Girl too. You just have to learn, silly girl. It's ok, another lesson will come, some day you will be ready to try and be a champion of your very own, but that day is a long, long way away I'm afraid. This is my belt, and I won't let some whore take it from me, and I certainly won't let you have it.

    *Vivica holds up the somewhat battered, and heavily bloodstained IWA Vanity title to the crowd, the little-girl smile back on her face as the crowd jeers and boos at her, all unheard in Vivica's own private world.*

    ????: Excuse me.

    The Insane-O-Tron has come to life now, as we see Smokey on the screen sitting at his desk.

    Smokey: It seems as they we have ourselves a little dilemma. Juno Mercury feels she deserves another shot at the Vanity Championship, and yet, we have other Bombshells on the roster, like Sugar or Spice, that easily deserve a title shot. So, choices, choices, choices....hmm...

    Smokey is tapping his chin, as he stops, smiling.

    Smokey: You know what Juno, I like you. I like your spunk and your tenacity. So here is what I'm going to do. In 5 weeks, it's Last Resort, and there, we will see Juno Mercury vs Vivica II for the Vanity Championship. So, you've got 5 weeks to prepare yourself, and bring your A game, because if you lose again, I don't know if I'll be so giving the next time.

    The tron dies, as Juno and Vivica look at each other. Vivica raises the Vanity Championship higher into the air, as Juno takes a step forward, getting right into the face of Vivica. The two bombshells stare each other down, as the camera's fade to a commercial break


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    Emily Davis: The following match is set for one fall, and is the first match in a best of seven series! The winning team of the series, will receive a IWA World Tag Team title shot! Introducing first, Rymac, D-boy, they are...The Pardy Boyz!

    The Pardy Boyz come out from the back, as the fans just boo. They proceed down the ramp, jamming to the music, as they climb into the ring, and stand on the ropes, bouncing off of them to the music. They hop off, as the pump each other up for their upcoming match.

    Emily Davis: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 537 pounds, from Berkley, CA, Carbon, Venomous, they are....EXTREMELY LETHAL!

    The two men come out from the back, to a good pop from the fans. They make their way down the ramp. They climb into the ring, looking at The Pardy Boyz, as they stand across from them. The ref is in the ring now, as he signals for the bell.

    Pardy Boyz (Rymac/Kane D-Boy/Taker) vs. Extremely Lethal (Carbon/Morrison Venomous/Miz)
    (Start 5:00, End 11:26)

    Rymac hits a stiff uppercut onto Venomous's chin, making him stumble back a bit, but then Venomous swings at Rymac, hitting him in the jaw with a haymaker. Rymac sends another shot into Venomous's jaw, but Venomous returns the favor with a quick jab to the cheek! Both men begin to trade blows!

    Rymac! Venomous! Rymac! Venomous! Rymac! Rymac! Rymac!

    Rymac gets the upper hand after stunning Venomous with stiff shots to his head, and then Rymac grabs ahold of Venomous's arm and tosses him into the ropes, but Venomous clutches the top rope, holding himself back to avoid Rymac! Venomous reaches over and tags in Carbon! Carbon climbs over the top rope and charges Rymac and takes him down with a stiff clothesline!

    Mike: Looks like Carbon was ready to get into this fight, he took down Rymac like a sack of bricks!

    Rocky: Well no shit, wouldn't you want a piece of the action?! Rymac just lost most of his momentum with that clothesline!

    Carbon gets back to his feet and picks Rymac back up. Carbon kicks Rymac in the gut hard and lifts him in the air with a suplex and stalls for a moment, showing how powerful he truly is! After a brief moment, Carbon then drops Rymac down to the mat hard with a massive suplex and then goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Rymac powers out of the pin and starts to roll away, but Carbon dives down onto him and lays hard right hands into his sides and back. Carbon grabs Rymac by the hair and stands him to his feet, and then throws him to the outside onto the apron. Carbon then backs up to the center of the ring, and charges Rymac and goes for a clothesline, but Rymac pulls the top rope down, sending Carbon over the top and down to the floor!

    Rymac gets back into the ring and tags in D-Boy, then D-Boy hops to the outside and stomps down onto the fallen Carbon a few times before he finally picks him back up to his feet and hits him with a European uppercut hard, but before Carbon drops to the ground, D-Boy picks him up and drops him with a powerslam onto the apron and rolls him into the ring. D-Boy slides in after Carbon and goes for the cover.

    One! Two! Thr - Venomous breaks up the pin by hitting a low drop kick to D-Boy's head! Venomous stomps away onto D-boy, but then Rymac gets into the ring and goes after Venomous, chasing him to the opposite side of the ring! The referee has his back turned to D-Boy and Carbon, trying to throw Rymac and Venomous out, so D-boy takes advantage, nailing Carbon below the belt!

    Mike: HEY!! Ref!! Disqualify them!! Disqualify the Pardy Boyz!

    Rocky: For what!?

    Mike: D-Boy just hit Carbon where the sun don't shine!

    Rocky: I didn't see it and the referee didn't either.

    Rocky smiles at Mike widely, then winks at him.

    Mike: You lying sack of ...

    D-Boy immediately covers Carbon. The ref turns back, seeing the pinning attempt.

    1......2...D-Boy grabs the tights, holding them...3!

    Emily Davis: Here are your winners ... The Pardy Boyz!

    The Pardy Boyz immediately retreat to the outside of the ring, celebrating the win, as Venomous checks on his tag team partner.

    Mike: Those dastardly Pardy Boyz!

    Rocky: They got the job done, and they are one step closer to getting that tag title shot!

    The camera's fade to a commercial at this point.


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    *The crowd are silent, unaware of what is happening, as the titantron goes black. It turns back on, and shows an image of Thirst for Blood, where Damaged Goods are showed with Blood on their hands, holding the IWA Tag Team Titles on their shoulders, standing over the NCII and Hollywood Homeboys. The crowd jeers, as a voiceover, in a voice, conveniently similar to one of Sebastian Schweizner starts, speaking over the music*

    "IWA was revolunitsed, back in October. The greatest champions in IWA's short history, was crowned! In a moment more memorable, than Barack Obama winning the presidency. In a moment which you will tell your grandkids, like England winning the World Cup in 1966. In a moment in which made IWA into a viable business like Hulk Hogan did for WCW, Damaged Goods were crowned IWA's tag team, championships."

    *Next, the titantron shows a montage of still images, from Lost Cause. The pictures include Gaileo and Gommenta escaping the cage to win the match*

    "And then, against all odds, these championships were retained, in the most difficult of circumstances. The odds were stacked against the champions, and the expression 'All Good Things Must Come To An End' was proved to be the contrary IWA still had the IWA Tag Team Champions, and the greatest Tag Team Champions in any fed, that ever existed!"

    *The titantron now show Sebastian Schweizner holding the IWA Tag Titles over his head inside Hell in a Cell, with both Mr. Blood and Mr. Black on the floor.*

    "And then, Full Throttle, nobody thought it could happen for a third time. Black Blooded had a lot of momentum on their hands, but they were halted, purely because of the Double G's. Gaileo and Gomementa triumphed over the evil tyrants of Black Blooded."

    *Finally, with We Are the Champions still playing, Destined For Immortality is shown, with Damaged Goods gaining the pinfall, and them holding their championships high*

    "And finally, the longest serving IWA Champions, made it out the fourth consecutive pay-per-view, with their titles in their possession. Black Blooded are no longer a threat, as Damaged Goods are free, to change the way wrestling is perceived, to change the reasons for wrestling, for the love of the sport, instead of money.

    So, without further a due, allow me to introduce accompanied by their amazing manager Sebastian Schweizner, it's Gaileo, it's Gommenta. The IWA Tag Team Champions - DAMAGED GOODS!"

    *Louder jeers are evident, as the lights turn out. Around 5 seconds later, the lights turn out, and Damaged Goods are on the ramp. Schweizner has a mic in hand, as they slowly walk down to the ring. Schweizner lets the heat die down, before speaking.*

    Sebastian: Didn't I tell you we would still have these titles?

    *The crowd boos, as Schweizner's face remains emotionless.*

    Sebastian: I do not understand why all this booing is necessary. Is the jealously from not being able to become as successful as Damaged Goods, from not being as talented as Damaged Goods? Or is it, because "Kayfabulous are better! The fourth wall is now non-existent! I love it! It's revolutionary!"? But no, what is revolutionary, is that for 115 days, we've had gold around our waists.

    NCII, Hollywood Homeboys, Victor Elric, Ivan Drayman, Black Blooded, Infection! Count people from these teams, thats 10! Count 'em 10! Of IWA's best Damaged Goods have beaten with the titles on the line. And then you think of those who Gaileo and Gommenta beat without the titles being defended, like Kyojin and KJ Punk, can anyone deny that Damaged Goods are worthy champions?

    And now, Black Blooded aren't allowed to face us, while we have this championships, and the other 10 men I listed couldn't beat us, Forsaken will now be a formality. At Forsaken, we need new competition. We proved we are better than the Alberto Del Rip Off and Van Fuck-Me-Up-The-Arse X, we are better than the JBW, ICW, HWA Tag Team Champions - Black Blooded. They couldn't beat Damaged Goods.

    Nobody can beat Damaged Goods, and now, IWA needs us for a tag division. They NEED Damaged Goods. And if anyone cares to disagree, well-

    *Before Sebastian can say anymore, he’s cut off at the sight of Ramon on the stage with a mic in hand.*

    CAR: My name.. My name is Carlos Alberto Ramon! I am the face of IWA and the past, present and future of wrestling! I, along with my partner are the only reason why anybody is interested in this tag team division. So chico’s! You can forget about showing those videos of your “past glories” because none of that maters and no one cares!

    *Crowd boo while Van Hooligan now joins his partner on the stage.*

    CAR: The only thing that matters was the match at Destined For Immortality! A match which me and Van Hooligan had won until this happened. Roll the footage bichano! *Ramon points to the Titantron*

    *Footage is shown from the match at DFI, it then shows the lights going out and the 24 hour clock ticking, the footage is then blank before showing Van Hooligan getting pinned.*

    CAR: You see! You all seen it! We had this match won until that black out happened! It distracted us and allowed Damaged Goods to gain an unfair advantage! Me and Van Hooligan are men of honor and we are men of fairness as all of our fans world wide know!

    *Crowd boo while Ramon smirks*

    CAR: So what next Chico’s? Well we tell you what’s next.. We could come down there and take your titles right now and leave you in a bloody mess or.. You can do the right thing and give us a rematch right now!

    Since Biker mice will no longer be able to challenge you, there’s really only us left. I mean sure.. You could face Kaydrab and the Pardy Girlz but do you really want the ratings to drop any lower then they already are with you guys as champions? I didn’t think so..

    Everybody knows, the Infection are ratings.. So lets give the world what it wants, Damaged Goods vs. The Infection, right here.. Right now for the tag team titles! The same titles we would have won had it not been for that distraction!

    *The crowd boo heavily clearly aware that the video has been edited to fit the story of the Infection as Van Hooligan steps up to speak.*

    Van: My good friend hit the nail on the head. But pathetic streaks of owning a shameless division that you seem deluded to think mattered before we arrived and trying to catch on terribly thought of nicknames a side you should be proud you survive that triple threat match with your titles.

    Credit where credit is due. You took advantage of bullshit interference and the fact the match was a triple threat and beat us legitimately. Hell, it's literally what we would've done in your shoes. So you did learn something from facing me that week beforehand.

    But that's where your credit is sadly going to end. I'm not going to be just honest with you, I'm going to give everyone in this shit hole of a city and every tag team in the back a clear cut message. I'm saying this once so listen the fuck up...

    In singles competition, not 1 of you could take either of us for the count of 3. In tag team competition 2-on-2 with no bullshit, not 1 team could take us down for the count of 3 either.

    I don't care how many fucking times Black Blooded say that god awful catchphase, it doesn't put them on the same level as us. I don't care how many blogs Kayfabba make about whatever shit is going on here, they wouldn't get 1 second of offence on us. I really don't care how many partys or how much bullshit comes out of the mouths of the Pardy boys, they wouldn't even walk down the ramp correctly to face us.

    As for this pathetic excuse of a divisions long reigning 'champs'. I don't care which 1 of you tries to verbally 1 up me, or get a cheap brag about the victory at DFI...You're not on the same level as The Infection. You face us team vs team and your reign dies along with this era of the tag team.

    So please! Biker Mice from Mars, enjoy that victory over us, enjoy this feeling because we've already moved on from the loss and we're coming to humiliate you.

    Your reign is ending very soon and all the loss has done is made us more determined to save this division.

    *Van drops his microphone with the crowd massively boo'ing The Infection. Van has a smug look as per usual and just stares directly into the eyes of Damaged Goods.*

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life, as both teams turn, looking at it. We see Smokey sitting inside of his office once more.

    Smokey: So...we've got the tag champs, a tea who has held the titles since the inception of the tag division in IWA, and we have Infection, two men who believe they deserve a title shot. Well the fact remains Carlos, Van, it was Mr X from your team that was pinned in the match at Destined for Immortality. Here is the thing though, I'm a forgiving man, I'm a man who believes in redemption, so that is what you two are going to get. Next week, you two will go up against a team of my choosing, and if you manage to win that match, you two will get a tag title shot at Last Resort. of luck next week, you'll need it.

    The tron dies, as the two teams turn, looking at each other.

    Mike: What a huge news! Infection gets a chance at becoming the #1 contenders for the tag titles!

    Rocky: Get a chance? Come on! They are GOING to become the tag team title contenders.

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    The camera's fade to a commercial break.


    Shaz's music hits, as he comes out to a chorus of boos. He walks on the ramp with a limp, and a bandage on his head as he smirks. Instead of ignoring the crowd, he taunts them as the level of the crowd's jeers get even higher. Shaz struggles to slide into the ring, but he does eventually. He orders for a mic to be given to him, and it's given as he begins to speak.

    Shaz: Last week, you witnessed the birth of a warrior. It was a night, called Destined for Immortality. The biggest PPV of IWA history. It was a massive success due to one key moment. Not Mr. Smyth becoming the Endurance Champion! Not Kyojin turning into an attention seeker! And that key moment...was Shaz retaining the IWA Champion!!

    Crowd boo Shaz as he laughs it off.

    Shaz: The amount of torture, the amount of agony, I went through last week was unlimited! Not only was I put through a fucking table, I was also pushed off the cell by a certain motherfucker also known as KJ Punk who tried to play me at my own game! He tried to fucking murder me!!

    But despite all that pain! I still walked into that ring, and I fought my battle! I conquered the obstacle I had ahead of me! I went to prove, that AJ Dixon was never ready for the strap in the first place! I went to prove, that KJ Punk's pathetic excuses were ridiculous! I went to prove, that Rob Rage just isn't as good as he claims to be!

    I went to prove that Darius is nothing more than a crying little bitch who will never the top dog! But the sweetest thing I went onto do, was shatter Jman's hopes of gaining his momentum back! And the pleasure of the aftermath of DFI was unbelievable!

    Crowd boo Shaz as he smirks.

    Shaz: I haven't restored prestige into the heavyweight title! I've given prestige to the title! Back when KJ Punk, and AJ Dixon won the belts for the first time in their careers despite not deserving it- and the title STILL didn't mean shit! I've defended this belt 5 times now, and that is the proof of how this title is officially relevant!

    Crowd boo.

    Shaz: But the real question is, where do I go from now? I defeated 5 main eventers, and the only main eventers around here in the IWA! There simply isn't anymore challengers for me, because I've crushed each and every single one of them! Even after they all said I wouldn't do it!

    So to all the critics! Reporters! Fans! Anyone who said I wouldn't make it this far, I've got three words for each and every single one of YOU!

    Fuck! You! All!

    ???: Oh fuck us all huh?

    Dixon comes out to a roar of more boos from the crowd. If it wasn’t bad enough to have Shaz in the ring telling everyone to fuck themselves, then have Primetime join the party could only make things worse.

    Dixon: A warrior? Shaz, a warrior? That’s not what I would call him? No... of all the words that come to mind, none of them are
    “warrior”. No I think of words like coward... sneak... crook! Not Warrior. But then again, you guys already knew that.

    So why am I out here? Well, I lost at Destined For Immortality, no denying that. I was beat fair and square. But I don’t believe I ever truly had a chance in that match. I mean everyone knew who the competition was in the Maximum Anarchy. I was the only true threat to win and everyone knew that. Why do you think I was takin’ out first? They knew that with me out of the picture, then they would have an easier road to victory. Shaz knew that, KJ Punk knew that, and you all knew that.

    Dixon walks down the ramp towards the ring where Shaz seems unimpressed by Dixon.

    Dixon: I was targeted early and that’s why I was eliminated so early. I didn’t deserve to be treated like that in Maximum Anarchy! What I do deserve now is a one-on-one match with the cheat, the crook, Shaz! I shouldn’t have had to deal with 4 other guys in that match, and now I’m here to get mine. I’m here to get my match.

    I was the obvious threat, I was the biggest obstacle. If I was such a big obstacle, then I deserved to be against Shaz by myself. I was more than deserving for a one-on-one match. And so here I am, out here by myself...

    Dixon climbs the stairs to the ring and slips between the ropes.

    Dixon: and I’m in the ring... why not just do this right here right now? Come on Shaz, you going to let Smokey tell you what to do? Or are you going to back out of this challenge too? Go ahead, prove to all of us how much more of a coward you are. That’s the only thing that you have seemed to have proven ever since you got that belt.

    Where do you go from here? You go back to the locker room with your tail between your legs. You go back to street corners and dark alleys where you belong you hack. You don’t belong here and you don’t deserve that belt. You stole it like you stole everything else you “own”, you thief. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were wanted somewhere.

    Shaz gets angry from Dixon’s personal shot at him.

    Shaz, you are a nothing, and you will continue to be a nothing. It doesn’t matter if you have a title or not, and to prove it, I’m going to take your title and show how much of a nothing you are. I don’t need the Infection to beat you, and I don’t want the Infection around when I beat you. I’m going to prove once and for all that AJ Dixon can win for himself and that Primetime truly is a one-man show. The spotlight is on me and no one else is going to get in my way.
    KJ Punk’s music hits and the crowd pops as Dixon mouths “You’ve got to be kidding me!?!?” as KJ comes out, bandaged from the barbed wire that surrounded the Maximum Anarchy cage. He comes out with a microphone in hand as his music fades out.

    Punk: Now, now, now Dixon. Do we really need to go about people stealing things?

    The crowd pops

    I believe that you have a bad history of that as well. You brought a cancer into IWA just so that you could hold that title for what? A week? Was it worth it?

    AJ nods that it was indeed worth it

    You see, I’ve been the only person that’s been close to that championship that actually earned it. I won it, fair and square. I didn’t have to have somebody debut and attack the champ, so I could win. I didn’t have to cash in a briefcase and win it when the champ wasn’t at his best. I beat some of the greatest names in this company to win the tournament and claim the championship for myself. And that’s why I’m the one that should be getting another shot at the IWA World Championship.

    The crowd pops at KJ’s suggestion

    Shaz, I damn near killed you in Maximum Anarchy. I picked you up and SLAMMED you off the top of the cage and through the announce table. If it wasn’t for me, you would’ve been eliminated and wouldn’t have been able to slither your way back into the match like the snake you are and won. If I hadn’t been eliminated from a cheap move by Rob Rage, I would’ve went and grabbed your carcass and pinned you and gotten your wanna be ghetto ass out of the Maximum Anarchy match!

    The crowd pops again as KJ runs Shaz down.

    So, the way I see it, since I’m the one who put Shaz down for the majority of the match and I lasted longer than AJ, I should be given a one on one shot against Shaz! And don’t worry, Shazzy Boo. I won’t take you lightly this time. I’ll put you down like the dog you..

    ????: Whose a dog?

    Smokey walks out from the back with a mic in hand.

    Smokey: Well it looks like to me we have two men who feel they are worthy of a title shot. So how about I make this simple. We are going to have a beat the clock challenge. Tonight, KJ Punk is going to face someone of my choosing, and next week, AJ Dixon will face someone of my choosing, and whoever has the better time, will become the #1 contender for Shaz's World Heavyweight Championship. Oh, and KJ, your match is next!

    Mike: What!? A beat the clock match next! This should be epic!

    Rocky; Oh shut up Mike. Punk is going to get beat and not even be in contention. Then all Dixon will have to do is win and BAM! he is the new #1 contender.

    The three men stand in the ring, glaring each other down, as a winner winner chicken dinner is ringing throughout the arena. The camera's fade to a commercial.


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    The camera's come back, as we see Ali Kazam already in the ring. KJ Punk is standing in the other corner, as Shaz and AJ Dixon are nowhere to be seen. The ref signals the bell, as this match is underway!

    (Punk=Punk, Kazam=Bryan)
    (start at 1:40, end at 7:37)

    Kazam is getting to his feet after the clothesline, as he turns, straight into a sidewalk slam from Punk. Punk hooks the leg, as he goes for the cover.


    Kazam kicks out, as KJ gets to his feet. Kazam gets to his feet, as Punk grabs Kazam, sending him into the corner. Punk charges in, going for a clothesline, but Kazam moves, and Punk hits hard in the turnbuckle. KJ stumbles out, as Kazam nails Punk hard in the gut, and plants him with a ddt. Kazam lifts KJ to a standing position, as he sends him into the ropes, as Punk hits them, bouncing back, as Kazam nails a huge standing dropkick!

    Mike: wow! Put an exclamation point on that!

    Kazam immediately goes for the cover.


    Punk kicks out before 3! Kazam gets to his feet, annoyed. Kazam is almost stalking Punk, as KJ slowly gets to his feet. MAGICIAN'S CURSE!

    Mike: NO!

    Punk pushes Kazam off, sending him into the ropes. Ali bounces back, and takes KJ down with a massive flying wheel kick. Kazam is back to his feet, as he crouches over Punk, and starts wailing with closed firsts. The ref admonishes Kazam, but Kazam doesn't stop, so the ref starts counting.


    Kazam stops the closed fist punches, as he gets to his feet, lifting Punk up by his hair. Kazam grabs Punk by the wrist and sends him straight into the corner. Kazam charges in, and connects with a shoulder thrust in the corner. He begins to drive shoulder after shoulder into Punk into the corner, before Punk finally counters with a double axe handle to the back of Ali twice to stop him. Kazam stumbles away, as Punk charges, and drops Kazam with a nasty clothesline. Kazam is back up,, as he charges at Punk, as KJ goes for a clothesline once more, but Kazam ducks it, and hits the other ropes. He comes back, as he goes for a hurricarana, but Punk catches him, holding him in the air. Punk charges, and drives Kazam hard into the top turnbuckle! Kazam lands hard, as he stumbles out. Punk is running into the ropes, as he rebounds back and spins...


    Punk plants Kazam hard with the elbow, nearly taking his hard off from the momentum. Punk immediately goes for the cover.

    Punk drops Ali hard, as he goes for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match at 15:32, KJ Punk!

    Mike: Not a bad time for Punk! Now he just has to hope whoever Dixon faces next weeks takes longer for AJ to beat.

    Rocky: I doubt it. I see Dixon getting the big W under that time, and going on to face Shaz at Last Resort

    Punk is standing in the ring, as the ref raises his hand in the air. The lights immediately go out.

    Mike: Oh no! We haven't seen anything from this mystery person or thing all night, and now, to spoil Punk's celebration.

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life, as we see an image.

    The tron goes dead, as the lights turn back on. We see KJ Punk standing in the ring, looking around everywhere.

    Mike: What?! No attack!? No assault!? This thing or person is playing mind games now!

    The camera's fade to a commercial, as Punk is left in the ring.


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