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    Filler: Time for Chaos! Once I post this, I am sending assignments out, and then going to play some PS3 BOO YA!

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    State Farm Arena, Hidalgo TX

    A new theme for Chaos blares over the PA system, as the fans are going wild. The camera's zoom in on Mike Johnson and Rocky Reynolds.

    Mike: Folks, we are come off the heels of IWA's biggest PPV of the year, Destined for Immortality!

    Rocky: It's also our first PPV of the year, and what a way to start this new year!

    Mike: We see a new champion crowned in the form of Mr Smyth, after a hard fought battle. We saw Chris Divine be humbled after Sagittarius Blue made him tap out, and we see Damaged Goods retain their tag titles, and cement themselves as the best tag team in IWA.

    Rocky: On top of that, we saw satan's new structure, Maximum Anarchy. Shaz retained despite being thrown off the top, Darius's arm was sliced open from barbed wire, but it was what was after the match that really left everyone talking.

    Mike: Yes, Infection came out, I'm assuming with Dixon at the helm, wanting revenge for being eliminated by Jman, and proceeded to attack Jman.

    Rocky: Yeah, while Athena was the only one to come out victorious at Destined for Immortality, there has been the question of their unity, and we saw at Destined for Immortality, they are united.

    Mike: But that wasn't enough to stop Kyojin to come out and help his friend stop the attack. Just when we thought we were going to end the show on a high note...Kyojin did the unthinkable. He turned his back on the fans, and on the IWA faithful, but turning on Jman right in that ring. Well I know we are goingg to hear from Kyojin tonight.

    Rocky; but we actually won't be hearing from Chris Divine. The puss is home crying over his spilled milk.

    Mike: Funny how last week you were all up on Divine's case, calling him to be one of the best.

    Rocky: Yeah, well if he was the best, he wouldn't have shook Blue's hand. He would have beat him down.

    Mike: We will also hear from Mr Smyth after his triumphant win.

    Smokey walks out from the back, carrying something in both of his hands. It's a black bag of some sort. He proceeds down the ramp, placing the black bag in the corner, as he goes to the steel steps, climbing up them and into the ring. He goes to the corner, where he grabs a microphone. He turns back around, going to the center of the ring. His music fades, as he raises the mic.

    Smokey: Ladies and IWA!

    A massive IWA chant breaks out through the arena, as Smokey smirks.

    Smokey: This, this right here, is a big event. We have just had our biggest show, and this marks a monumental year for IWA, and with a monumental year, comes monumental moments. So, lets get right into it! Tonight, we are going to see a #1 contenders match for the IWA Endurance Championship, we will determine a new #1 contender for the IWA World Heavyweight Championship, we will see two new tag teams burst onto scene in a best of 7 series, where the winning team, will get a IWA World Tag Team title shot. Before I get to the final piece of good news, I want to address a few things of discontent. At Destined for Immortality, there were injuries. Darius's arm was sliced open, and hit a minor artery, and he is out for an unbeknownst time. Victor Elric suffered a minor injury to his spine, and according to the doctors, could be ready to go in a week, or it could take a month. As soon as I have an update, I will tell everyone. Then we have Orion Slayde, who put on a major effort to win his 3 stages of hell match. I learned at the match that he tweaked his knee, and will be out for 2 weeks. Now, Ryan Wells. Some speculated that his arm was broken by Brock Edwards, but that is actually far from the truth. Ryan Wells will actually be in action tonight! Enough of the dreary talk of whose hurt and out, let's get to the big news. Last of all, we will see a new championship come onto the horizon.

    Smokey walks over to the corner, bending down, as he opens the black bag and pulls out a new championship. He walks back to the center of the ring, as he holds it on his shoulder.

    Smokey: This championship. The Blackout Championship. We have five stops before the next IWA PPV, Last Resort. On four of those stops, we will see qualifying matches. The winner of those qualifying matches, will move on to the PPV, where the four men will compete in a fatal fourway match to determine the first ever IWA Blackout Champion!

    Smokey drops the mic, as he raises the championship into the air, as he stands in the ring.

    Mike: Wow! Huge news from Smokey! #1 contender matches, qualifying matches, and we are going to hear from Kyojin!

    Rocky: Best of all, one of those qualifying matches, is next!

    The camera's cut from Smokey in the ring, to the back.

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    We head to the backstage area, a private room to be exact. Loud music is playing, balloons are scattered about the floor and a veritable harem of women are dancing together, laughing and joking as they wait for the guest of honour. One of the women, an ebony skinned vixen taps a spoon against a glass to get everyones attention before stepping up onto a sofa.

    Woman: Ladies and.. Ladies! Our guest of honour has arrived! Without further delay, please welcome.. the man of the hour.. the hottest man alive today! The Sexual Sensation, Malcolm Adonis!

    The door to the room bursts open and Malcolm Adonis bounds through with a large smile on his face! He scouts the talent before nodding in an approving manner and moving from girl to girl receiving a kiss on the cheek from each. The girls begin chanting together, 'Speech! Speech! Speech!' and Malcolm laughs to himself before joining the woman up on the sofa. He grabs her by the hips, dips her back and plants a large kiss on her lips to approving 'Oohs!' from the rest of the girls before the woman herself steps off the sofa looking a little flustered.

    Malcolm: Ladies, ladies, ladies! Malcolm wants to thank you all for bringing yo' fine asses out tonight and gracing Malcolm with your presence! It's been a long time comin', but Malcolm finally feels able to get back to his usual self! Battlin' Shinin' Light has been a nightmare.. Malcolm ain't never felt so low before in his entire life. But before Malcolm gets into that.. Malcolm has an apology to make.. an apology to each and every one of you here tonight.. and the millions.. and MILLIONS.. of Malcolm's women worldwide!

    See in his quest to rid the world of the biggest buzz kill he ever did see.. he forgot the people that mattered most.. the girls of this fine planet lookin' for a good time! Malcolm neglected all of you.. he forgot his title as the worlds greatest love machine.. but fear not because Malcolm is going to make it up to all of you tonight! And yes ladies.. there's plenty of Malcolm to go around.. you feelin' me!?

    Malcolm laughs down at the ladies before dancing a little, gyrating and grinding his hips as the girls cheer. He reaches over to a nearby table and grabs his bottle of baby oil before pouring it down his chest, inviting a few of the women to help him rub it in before he continues to talk.

    Malcolm: But before Malcolm gets back to doing what he does best.. pleasing and appeasing.. if you know what I mean haha.. Malcolm wants to talk about Destined For Immortality. Malcolm went to hell and back.. he battled with Satan himself and earned his freedom! Shinin' Light threw everything he had at Malcolm but it wasn't enough.. Shinin' went to the well again and again but Malcolm wouldn't stay down! But the devil wasn't done there.. no.. Shinin' Light dug deep, he reached down deep and unleashed the power of hell itself upon Malcolm.. and when Malcolm seemed at deaths door.. God himself intervened by sendin' an angel to Malcolms rescue! Valentina, I know you here girl, stand up and take a bow!

    The camera pans around before spotting Valentina, sitting in a corner with her knees tucked up to her chest and head bowed low. Her new raven-like hair hangs in front of her face and she is dressed all in black with a skirt, tights and leather bodice as well as a few gothic accessories. Malcolm steps down and walks over to her.

    Malcolm: Malcolm owes the biggest apology to you Valentina.. he let you get involved an' what Shinin' did to you was a disgrace. Malcolm don't blame you for what you did to him, that was Shinin's fault, and it was Malcolm's fault for allowin' it. But above all.. Malcolm wants to thank you, for comin' to his aid at his greatest time of need and helping him hang that bastard Light from the cross. Malcolm owes you his life girl.

    Adonis extends his hand to Valentina to help her stand up, she peers out from behind her hair at the hand before swatting it away, standing up unaided. The two look at each other, Malcolm with another confused expression on his face before Valentina just shakes her head and leaves the room. Malcolm lets her leave, knowing that a great hurt has been done to his friend, he takes a deep breath before smiling for the sakes of the other ladies in the room. He steps back up onto the sofa.

    Malcolm: Well.. uhh.. now ladies.. How about we get this party started fo' real?

    Malcolm grins down at the ladies who bounce, cheer and laugh at him. Malcolm moves to speak again but there's a knock at the door.

    Malcolm: Woah.. wait up a minute ladies.. Malcolm invited an old mentor of his to the party, that could be him! Hey yo, come on in!

    The door opens and some new music plays..


    Through the door bursts The Godfather himself! He leads another group of women into the room, dancing as only the Godfather can! Malcolm leaps off the sofa and the entire room begins to break down into a big old groove fest!

    Malcolm: Now this is what Malcolm calls a party! Ahaaa!

    Godfather: This is what The Godfather calls a real.. HOOOOOOO TRAAIIN!!!

    Malcolm and the Godfather laugh at each other as the scene fades to a commercial break

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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Ryan Wells already in the ring.

    Emily Davis: This match is a Blackout Championship qualifier, introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds, coming from Tokyo, Japan, he is the Master of Mayhem, Mike...Hawk!

    Mike Hawk walks out from the back to nothing but boos from the fans. He proceeds down the ramp and into the ring, looking at Wells.

    Emily: And in the ring, his opponent, Ryan Wells!

    Hawk and Wells stand across from one another, as the ref in the center rings the bell.

    Mike Hawk (Jericho) vs. Ryan Wells (Batista)

    (Start 1:32 End 7:43)

    Mike: WOW!! That was amazing!! Wells caught Hawk when he went for the Codebreaker!!

    Rocky: Yeah, but Hawk isn't going down without a fight! Look!

    Hawk rains hard right hands down onto the skull of Wells, and then he starts to hit Wells in the head with stiff elbow shots! After a few brutal hits, Hawk manages to slide his way down from the grip of Wells and backs into the turnbuckle once more. Wells charges at Hawk, but Hawk side steps him and hits a drop toe hold, sending Wells head first into the turnbuckle hard! Hawk instantly jumps onto the back of Wells and locks in a sleeper hold, making Wells claw at Hawk trying to get him off of his back!

    Wells slowly stumbles into the center of the ring with Hawk still on his back applying pressure to the neck, but Wells keeps swinging and clawing at Hawk! After a few moments, it seems that Wells is beginning to fade, but then he charges the turnbuckle, and then quickly turns around and slams his back into the turnbuckle, pancaking Hawk between Wells and the thin turnbuckle padding! Hawk drops to the mat holding his lower back while Wells falls to one knee, collecting himself once more.

    Mike: This match has been amazing so far. These two men are giving it their all tonight!

    Rocky: For once, I agree with you Mike. I really can't determine a winner here yet.

    Wells gets back to his feet and makes his way over to Hawk. Wells reaches down and picks Hawk up with one hand and presses him against the turnbuckle, and then Wells thrusts his shoulder into Hawk's abdomen hard, knocking the wind out of him! Wells thrusts his shoulder a few more times, and then he backs away from Hawk. Hawk leans over, clutching his stomach, and then Wells charges him and spears Hawk in the corner hard! Hawk drops to the mat and Wells covers him!

    One! Two! Three ... NO!

    Wells stands to his feet raising his hands in the air, but the referee tells him no, then points to Hawk's foot that is on the bottom rope! Wells argues with the referee for a moment, and then makes his way to Hawk, but Hawk rolls out of the ring!

    Mike: I thought the match was over! Hawk must of put his foot up last second!

    Rocky: Where the hell is the "This is awesome!" chants?!

    Wells climbs out of the ring and goes after Hawk, but then Hawk slides back into the ring quickly. Wells is annoyed by this and kicks the steps hard, and then slides back into the ring. Once Wells gets to his feet, he is greeted by hard shots to the legs from Hawk! Hawk kicks at Wells thighs and calves hard, bringing the big man down to one knee, and then Wells eats a super kick from Hawk!! Wells falls onto his back and Hawk goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No! Wells gets the shoulder up, but Hawk wastes no time and scurrys to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top! Hawk focuses on the downed Wells, and then he flies from the top with the Pheonix Splash ... and it connects! Hawk rolls around a bit from the impact, and then slowly crawls his way over to Wells and drapes his arm over the body of Wells!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Mike Hawk!

    Hawk gets to his feet, as the ref raises his hand into the air. Hawk pulls it away. Hawk leaves the ring to retrieve a ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. The fans continue to boo Hawk but a majority of the audience has a bewildered look on their faces, as Hawk climbs to the top of the ladder with a mic in hand. Once Hawk reaches the top, he looks around at the audience with no emotion in his face, as he begins to speak.

    Hawk: This is where I belong, at the top soaking in the glory of another victory and the defeat of an unworthy adversary. I hit a road block at Destined for Immortality when I failed to defeat Smith for his case, but as you all see tonight, I am back in full form except more violent and vicious than ever. I proved tonight that what happened at DfI was nothing more than a fluke, something I will make sure never happens again. Now for those of you in the back that don't believe me, look at bottom of the ladder and what do you see?

    *Hawk immediately answers in a thunderous yell before anyone has time to react.

    Hawk: You see Ryan Wells serving as my stepping stool back up to top where I belong! And that will be the fate of everyone that faces me in this tournament, you will become an afterthought to the Hell Hawk. I will make sure any of you never see a repeat of what happened on Sunday because I have a new mission in life. To become the first ever Blackout champion in IWA history and whether I have to face Wells again, Dixon, Divine, Blue or anyone else in the back, the result will be the same. Mike Hawk posing at the top so that the world may embrace his glory.

    But a word of advice, don't get used to this sight at all. Because when I win the tournament, your going to see some gold around my waist. And that is when the Mayhem begins. I will devastate anyone that challenges me, I will decimate any obstacles in my way and I will deliver on the promise I made to all of you when I first arrived here once I am crowned the first ever Blackout champion of the world and if anyone has a problem with that, then I dare them to take it up with me.

    Mike: Wow! You can't help but wonder if Hawk is on the track of success or failure.

    Rocky: Well his win here tonight, and what we have just heard, I have to believe he is on the track of success, I want to believe it.

    Mike: Well folks, I'm getting word we are about to hear from the man who was put on a cross at Destined for Immortality.

    Rocky: Even I have to agree with others in that Shining is a sick crazy bastard. I'm hoping that humbling experience of hanging above the arena, took him down a few notches.

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    The camera's cut back, as we see the ring is now clear. The lights go down in the arena, the crowd begin to jeer, aware that this state of darkness signals the arrival of Shining Light. The Insane-O-Tron lights up with the picture of a forest, and the picture moves around before we see the self professed "Vatican Assassin" sitting against a tree. His head is bowed, his knees are held close to his face and he is rocking back and forth, giving off the impression of an insane man. When he speaks his voice is hoarse and shaky*
    Shining: I'm not crazy...

    *The crowd jeer even louder*

    Shining: I'm not crazy...

    *More jeering from the crowd*

    Shining: I SAID I'M NOT CRAZY!

    *The crowd fall silent*

    Shining: The girl... She was my downfall. How could I allow that concubine to ruin my plans? I buried her alive! Surely she was dead! How did a woman rise again like our Lord Jesus Christ did on that glorious Easter day? She cost me my chance at glory. I was going to be treated like a king. The Lord goes up with shouts of joy but I would rise up with trumpet blasts!

    *Shining slowly rises to his feet, and turns to face the tree*

    Shining: Adonis was too strong... I pushed him too far. There was no chance of me beating him. But why? An entire life's work wasted in one night. I have done your will, I have tried to preach to the unsavable vermon in IWA because it is what you commanded me. I have always been faithful my Lord... So why did you abandon me?

    Is this some form of punishment my Lord? Have the sins of my past been the cause of my
    downfall? I did not mean to kill those close to me, but it was crucial to maintaining the secrecy of your mission. Surely my willingness to break your rules is a firm indication of my love for you!?

    *Shining suddenly lashes out in a fit of rage and strikes the tree with a swift kick. Of course in the battle of man vs nature, nature will always win and Shining sinks to the floor in agony*

    Shining: What is the purpose of my existence Lord, if it is not to serve you? What do I stand for? Is my life even worth living? The road is long, with many a winding turns. I need you Lord to guide me on the right path...

    *After a few minutes of silence, Shining rises to his feet again and slowly walks off into the distance, before being consumed by the dark. The picture on the Insane-O-Tron fades to black, as the lights in the arena slowly begin to come back on, and the camera's fade to a commercial.


    Emily Davis is standing in the middle of the ring. The ring is carpeted in a blue cloth, and a plinth is situated in the middle of the ring with a mic and a small device on top. Next to the plinth is a chair.

    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new IWA Endurance Champion, Mr. Smyth.

    Mr. Smyth

    The crowd explodes with boos as Mr. Smyth walks through the curtains with his IWA Endurance Championship on his shoulder and his TWE IronFist Championship around his waist. As he gingerly walks down to the ring, the camera zooms in to show that he has stitches above his right eye, but there is a huge smile on his face.

    Smyth walks up the steps, climbs through the ropes and raises the Endurance Championship high into the air with his right hand whilst holding his ribs with his left. The crowd meets this with an eruption of boos. Smyth places both title belts on the plinth, picks up the mic and the device, and starts to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending this meeting. The reason I have called you here today is so I can present to you our recent success, compare those successes with other entities and celebrate the fact that we are leading the way in setting the standard within this industry. I would particularly like to highlight the events of the last few weeks.

    Mr. Smyth presses down on the device and a PowerPoint presentation appears on the Insane-O-Tron.

    Up to this point, we had sanctions forced upon us by a regulatory body; namely that I was not allowed to instigate a violent confrontation with Kyojin, nor was he allowed to do so either. It was a sanction that both parties had adhered to; however it became clear that these restrictions prevented business from blooming. As a result, I took the decision to take a calculated risk.

    This calculated risk was controversial for some, but it turns out to be beneficial for everybody in the long term. The business and the industry ended up reaping the rewards of my decision and once that decision was made, the opposing party was more than happy to join in.

    So what were the rewards? To put it simply: interest. Interest in the IWA product. Generating such interest resulted in higher Par-Per-View buy rates and ticket sales than originally anticipated for Destined for Immortality. IWA made a lot of money out of my calculated risk.

    For a considerable amount of time, our competition has spoken ill of our potential and business credentials. Kyojin berated my decisions that were highly beneficial to this business and it finally came to the point where we needed to step up and show our competition that we can do everything he can do, but do it a damn sight better and as a result, I am delighted to announce that not only have I lead us in surpassing our competition, but we have taken something that he had held so closely to his heart: the IWA Endurance Championship.

    The crowd boos

    Something else worthy of note: I am the only one who managed to make a change at Destined for Immortality. All other champions managed to retain. I, on the other hand, instigated change that is best for business.

    The crowd boos again as Mr. Smyth presses down on the device.

    What happened after we proved to our competition that my leadership powers are vastly superior to his was something we were not expecting. Kyojin’s reasoning to turn on J-man is still up for speculation. Did Kyojin do it because he lost the Endurance Championship and decided to lash out? Did losing to me – someone he considered to be at a level far below him - make him feel emasculated? Did Kyojin realise that without a championship title to his name that he would fade into the background and in order to prevent that from happening, he decided that a fresh, new approach was required? Maybe Kyojin felt that J-man is proving to be a very popular person and he couldn’t face the competition?

    At this point, we don’t know and I have a feeling that we’ll never know for certain. It is not for us to speculate as we have more important things to do, like plan for the future. For 2013, I have set out-


    Mike: Here we go!

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    There is a mixed reaction when Kyojin’s music blasts across the arena, but most are cheering for the former IWA Endurance Champion. The camera cuts to Mr. Smyth, who looks angry and panicked. Smyth starts to shout at one of the stagehands whilst pointing to the top of the ramp. After a few moments, Smyth starts to look really intimidated.

    Mike: What the hell? You have got to be kidding me!

    Rocky is in fits of laughter.

    Rocky: Oh no! It’s Kyojin!

    Mike: That’s not Kyojin. That’s a damn midget!

    Once Mr. Smyth see’s ‘Midget Kyojin’, he feigns surprise and fear, backing into one of the corners. ‘Midget Kyojin’ runs down the ramp, climbs the steps, through the ropes, climbs a turnbuckle and raises what looks like a cardboard replica of the Endurance Championship. The crowd boos violently at this mockery. Mr. Smyth is trying to look serious and walks to the centre of the ring. ‘Midget Kyojin’ jumps down and approaches Smyth.

    Mr. Smyth: You’re going to have to stand on this chair, Kyojin. You're not at my level and there is no way I am coming down to yours.

    ‘Midget Kyojin’ jumps up onto the chair and snatches the mic from Smyth.

    Midget Kyojin: I WANT MY REMATCH! NOW!

    Midget Kyojin sticks out his bottom lip, and proceeds to stamp on the chair like a child. Rocky can still be heard laughing as Smyth looks on rather amused. He walks over to the stagehand and asks for a second mic.

    Mr. Smyth: But what about your little championship here? Is that not enough for you?

    Midget Kyojin: I only made this last night to make myself feel significant again, but I guarantee that I will win my title back.

    Mr. Smyth: Didn’t you guarantee that you’d retain it in the first place and take me out forever?

    Midget Kyojin: Yeah, well...I...I...I was having an off day. My dog died, and I was late coming in so I didn’t have time to warm up and stretch.

    Mike: Oh, come on! This is ridiculous.

    Rocky: I think so too. It’s typical of Kyojin to come out with such pitiful excuses.

    Rocky starts laughing again.

    Mike: You’re not condoning this, are you?

    Rocky: Condone it? I fucking applaud it!

    Mr. Smyth: Look, forget about the rematch for now. There is a more pressing issue and since you are here, maybe you can answer the question we have all been asking: why did you do it, Kyojin? Why did you attack J-man?

    Midget Kyojin: You took the title from me. J-man is becoming the big babyface of IWA. It’s not fair. IWA is supposed to be about me. ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!

    Midget Kyojin goes back to stamping on the chair, by which point finally Smyth cracks and starts laughing.

    Midget Kyojin: I demand my rematch and I want it tonight!

    Smyth, still laughing, wipes a tear from his eye.

    Mr. Smyth: Well, sadly for you Kyojin...

    Mr. Smyth reaches into his pocket.

    Mr. Smyth...I have a note here from my doctor. See, because our match was so brutal, I have not been cleared to wrestle tonight and have been strongly advised not to partake in any physical activity for at least a week.

    The crowd boos loudly.

    Mr. Smyth: However, saying that, I would happily kick your arse right here, right now!

    Mr. Smyth shoves ‘Midget Kyojin’ off the chair, and he lands with a thud. Smyth then proceeds to roll ‘Midget Kyojin’ out of the ring using his feet, much to the dismay of the fans. He brings the mic back up to his lips.

    Mr. Smyth: See that, Kyojin? Twice in a row, I have taken you-

    ???: Would you please SHUT. Your. Damn. Mouth!!

    *The crowd roars in excitement as Jackson scrolls out of the back. He comes out carrying his briefcase with a bandage over his forehead from his brutal fight with Hawk at Destined for Immortality. As he comes down the ramp he slaps a few hands along the way, instead of getting into the ring Jackson goes over to the announce table, he goes over to Rocky and mouths “You thought that was funny?!” Before Rocky can say anything, Jackson slaps him across the face causing his head set to fall off his head and causing him to fall out of his chair.

    The crowd: “OOOOOO”

    Mike: “Oh Damn!”

    Jackson: That was for thinking this god damn train wreck was funny!

    Jackson walks back and climbs into the ring as Smyth looks on not pleased*

    Jackson: What in the hell is going on here!??

    *Looks back outside the ring where the midget is still laying*

    You have to be kidding me Smyth, you have to because…cause*shakes his head again* That shit wasn’t even funny, it was embarrassing, you made us look like WWE just now man. What the fuck were you thinking?! I tell what you were thinking….You wasn’t thinking at all! *Crowd pops as Smyth looks pissed* Hold on for a second.

    *Jackson walks past Smyth and asks one of the stagehands to come here.*

    Jackson: Hey, how many viewers did we lose before I came out here? *As The stagehand whispers in Jackson’s ear, Jackson gets wide eyed* Are you serious?!*The stagehand nods yes* Thank you *Jackson walks back to Smyth and shakes his head again*

    We lost half a million viewers! Based on that alone your catch phase of “That’s best for business” and how you are our new “innovative leader” just lost all credibility!*Crowd cheers* I mean losing viewers is not good for business and a leader is to suppose to captivate an audience not make them leave. The fact is Smyth you don’t know what’s best for business since that low budget power point you presented was shit! Listen here Smyth, I came out for two reasons, One: To save the audience from this embarrassment and Two; To tell you when I am going to cash my briefcase in! *Crowd cheers huge at the news* You see Smyth, over the past few months I have been winning a lot lately, I beat everyone that came after my briefcase, and to tell you the truth I made it almost as important as that endurance title you got there.

    I told everyone that I would beat Hawk and I did just that, I am not going to lie, it was one of the better matches that I was glad to be a part of but, I still hate that piece of shit! Anyway, I am tired of carrying this damn thing around now, I am ready to cash this in and win my first title here! If Alex was here right now, she would agree with me but, she at the hospital getting better and better each day, in fact the doctor said she should be 100% next week! *crowd pops* Yea, it’s going to be great! Now back to the topic at hand, I am thinking about cashing this briefcase in…..Next Week! *Crowd pops huge as Smyth is pissed* Since you have a sick no-

    *Jackson stops mid sentence and starts laughing*

    I’m sorry I can’t hahaha, are you fucking serious!?! Do you know how weak you sound right now?!

    You are a god damn champion and you are telling me and these die hard fans that you can’t compete because you’re sick??? WOW! Okay, yea that’s not going to work, I can’t have you holding that title anymore. The faster I get that title off your hands the better!

    *Crowd pops*

    Jackson: Yea Smyth, you will be known as the man with the second shortest title reign in IWA history! Come nex-

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    Smith is cut off by Smokey's music, as Smokey walks out from the back to a good reaction from the fans. He heads down the ramp, and into the ring, where he grabs a mic. He turns, looking at Jackson Smith and Mr Smyth.

    Smokey: Well, looks like there is a party going on in this my question is...where in the hell is my invitation?

    The fans laugh at this, as Smokey's smile doesn't fade.

    Smokey: So it looks like Jackson Smith, you are going to finally cash in your briefcase. You've had this briefcase since the close of ICW all the way back in September. Going on 6 months that you've held that case. Needless to say, I'm glad to see you are finally going to cash it in. That leaves the question, who will be the #1 contender. Earlier tonight, I stated there would be a #1 contenders match for Mr Smyth's Endurance Championship, and there will be. We will see Sagittarius Blue

    The fans cheer

    take on Oscar Layman

    The fans cheer just as hard

    take on Israel Pamich

    The fans relentlessly boo at Pamich's name.

    Smokey: In a triple threat match. But,, with this news, I want to spice it up. See, after next week, it could be either Mr Smyth still as the champ, or Jackson Smith as the champ. So how about, we add a special guest referee to this match. Someone who can make sure the right person is the winner of the #1 contenders match. So, the special guest referee for tonight's #1 contenders match is.

    Smokey turns to Jackson Smith, smiling, as he walks closer.

    Smokey: Mr Smyth!

    Smokey turns,, looking at Mr Smyth, to surprise from everyone.

    Smokey: Best of luck.

    Smokey drops the mic, as he turns, heading out of the ring. Jackson Smith and Mr Smyth are left in the ring glaring at each other, as the camera's cut to a commercial.


    The camera's come back, focusing on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Wow! What huge news! Mr Smyth being named the special guest referee for the triple threat match.

    Rocky: I bet Smyth makes the right business choice. That's why he is the best businessman.

    Mike: Well either way, I am looking forward to that match.

    Chris Diamond makes his way out to the ring to loud boos from the majority of the crowd. He stops at the top of the ramp, and does his signature pose, throwing his arms in the air cockily, while golden fireworks erupt behind him. He saunters down to the ring, in his ring gear, looking confident on his return to IWA Television. He gets in the ring and does the pose again, to loud boos from the crowd, cockiness resonating of his every move. He gets on the mic and begins to talk

    Diamond: Ladies and gentlemen, stop what you're doing and pay close attention, 'Your Prodigy has something to say!

    The crowd explode with boos

    Diamond: Last week, at Destined for Immortality, in my return match here in IWA, I almost went the full way in an Over The Top Battle Royal. I came third, eliminated by the Pardy Boyz. That would be good for some, but this guy is better than everyone else, and sets his goals a little higher than being on the Youtube Pre-Show at the grandest spectacle in IWA. This guy wants to be Main Eventing IWA PPVs, being the face of this company, and by the time DFI 2 comes round this time next year, you can guarantee Chris Diamond will be in the Main Event, whether you sons of bitches like or not!

    The crowd boo him loudly, and begin to chant 'You Suck!'

    Diamond: Oh yeah, very inventive! That's all you people are capable of, chanting shitty insults in my direction, as if I give a crap what you think about me, or how you feel about me, because I'm the Best In The Business, and I don't need one single fan to support me on my way to the top. In fact, if this is the way the fans look in IWA, I think I'll be better off without them!

    The crowd boo him again, louder this time

    Diamond: But I take it that you fans don't believe that I'm the best in the ring, or on the microphone, or the best highflyer, the strongest, put simply...unstoppable!

    The crowd chant YES! YES! YES!

    Diamond: Haha! I see, I see. Well, not that I need to prove anything to you assholes, but I'm sure the guys in the back are looking at their monitors, shaking their heads and thinking, 'Just who the hell does this rookie think he is, he aint got nothing on me!' In fact, I know for definite at least one guy in the back is thinking that right now.

    He takes a breath, and scratches his chin, thoughtfully.

    Diamond: Well, I guess if anyone is stupid enough to actually think that I ain't got nothing on them, I guess they are stupid enough to take the bait and rise to my next challenge. I am willing to face any single wrestler in the back, who honestly thinks that they can get one over on the Prodigy, just to assert my dominance here, and prove to you hypocrites and jackasses what I'm really capable of.

    The crowd boo Diamond once more, as he laughs at them

    Diamond: You see, I ain't here to simply be another cog in the wheel, a happy smiley worker who does what The Boss tells him to do, and get on with my job, and pick up my cheque at the end of every week. No, I'm here to make shockwaves, to make a change in IWA. I promise you now, and mark this day in your calenders as the day Chris Diamond told you so, that I will change the direction of IWA forever!

    The crowd boo Diamond once more as he pauses

    Diamond: Back to my challenge. I am SO confident, that I will not only guarentee to beat anyone stupid enough to take up my challenge, but I will do it in under 7 minutes! So, if there is a single, solitary soul that's brave enough (or better yet, stupid enough!) to take up my challenge, then COME...ON...DOWN!!!!!

    Diamond drops the mic, and waits eagerly, bouncing on his toes, and strecthing. Suddenly a young looking man comes out from the back to no music. He tries to get the fans on his side, but there is no reaction. He makes his way into the ring, looking at Diamond.

    Mike: So here we go then. Chris Diamond making his debut here is IWA, and he takes on a local talent who goes by the name of Justin Bieber.

    Rocky: This Bieber kid looks like a pre-pubescent retard. He will not stand a chance against Chris, who I have watched for a few years now. I have been very impressed with this guy and even though he went off the radar for a while, I knew he would come back bigger and better.

    Bieber immediately runs towards Diamond, but is knocked down straight away. Diamond picks up Bieber and walks him round to ever turnbuckle in the ring, smashing his head against each one. Diamond Irish whips Bieber into the ropes, Bieber rebounds and Diamon delivers a huge spinebuster!

    Mike: Ouch!

    Rocky: Haha! BABY, BABY, OUCH!

    Diamond stalks Bieber, waiting for him to get up. Bieber gingerly gets to his feet...he turns...DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH (RKO)! Diamond goes for the cover.

    Thr-no! Diamond gets back up and breaks the count. The ref admonishes Diamond, but he just gets pushed to one side. Diamond grabs Bieber – PRODIGY LOCK (Kimura Lock)! Bieber is tapping and the ref calls for the bell.

    Emily Davis: The winner of this bout, The Prodigy, Chris Diamond!

    Mike: That was quick.

    Rocky: Said the actress to the Bishop.

    Diamond keeps a hold of the lock, and the ref comes over to break it off. After a few more seconds, Diamond finally lets go and gets up. He fans boo as Diamond raises his hands in victory.

    Mike: A very impressive debut here by Diamond. Diamond win at 1:54. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    Rocky: And I’m betting that it’ll just keep on getting better.

    Diamond goes to the corner, climbing the second rope, as he stands,, posing and smiling. The camera's fade to the back.

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    The camera's cut to the back, where we are in a room dimly lit. We see a young man sitting on the floor, with his back against the wall. His long hair is covering his face, as he holds his face in his hands.

    ????: What people put on the outside, doesn't always convey what lies on the inside. So many people wear masks, hiding the evil inside of their hearts. Some go to church as a means of a mask, others are overly involved in activities in their community. When the doors close though, and they begin to let their inner selves out, that is when the monsters are truly shown. Take my mother and father for example. They went to church every sunday, singing the songs, listening to the "good" word, and all along, lying to each and every single person their. Maybe in some sense they honestly believed they were christians, maybe they honestly thought they were god fearing people. That would explain how I got my name. That would explain a lot.

    What it doesn't explain though, is the other 6 days of the week, my father turned to a different god, a god of alcohol. He would down the bottles, night after night, and when I knew he truly loved me, was when he purposefully missed when he threw bottles at me. He would sit their, as the ice slowly melted in his glass, the whole time being on his knees to his true God, to his true master.

    Then there was my mother. A married woman. Her god? Infidelity. When my father would be passed out, when he would be so zonked out that he didn't know what his fingers were, was when she'd bring the other men into our house. She would sleep with them, in her and my fathers bed. She would get on her knees, praying to these men, letting them do ungodly things to her.

    You see, that is what I mean about masks. Everyone wears them. Some portray being strong, when inside they are weaker than a mouse. Others portray themselves as being perfect, when all they are is imperfect. That's why I am here. I'm here, to save each and every single one of you. I will show you all the life I've gone through, and I will prove to be your true savior. I will show you the way and the light, and I will show you the wrong and the dark, for I am coming...and no one...will stop me.

    The man slowly looks up at the camera, his face still covered by his hair. He blows wind at the camera, as the lights go out. The camera's fade to a commercial break.

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    *Black Blooded walk out, both Mr. Blood looking furious as they storm on foot down the ramp, Vivica walking behind, both of her hands clasped around one of Mr. Black's gigantic mitts, the get to the ring, Mr. Blood demanding a microphone, as they get into the middle of the ring, where Mr. Blood almost immediately starts pacing*

    Mr. Blood: We have both had about enough of the bullshit here. first off, lets all just take a good fucking look at what happened at DFI, shall we?

    *Mr. Blood motions to the screen, where a clip from DFI is showcased*

    Quote Originally Posted by Destined For Immortality
    And Juno lifts her into the air - backdrop suplex! Juno's still in the fight! Gets up, lifts Vivica, German suplex! Vivica hits the mat and twitches once before lying still! Juno looks down at her... and spits on Vivica before ascending the top turnbuckle herself! The fans know what comes next, and the arena is on fire with anticipation! "Swanton! Swanton! Swanton" the crowds cheer!

    Juno takes off!

    Vivica gets up in a heartbeat! But Juno lands on her feet ready for a counterattack! Comes in with a clothesline - Vivica ducks it and locks Juno up in a side headlock! Runs to the corner... runs up the turnbuckle... BOOM! ACID DROP! ACID DROP! The cover! The count!




    Emily Davis: Your winner... and STILL IWA Vanity Champion... VIVICA!!!
    *The screen goes dark, as a broad grin can be seen on Mr. Black's face, even through the mask his pride shines through*

    Mr. Black: That's my princess.

    *"Juno Got Screwed" chants echo throughout the arena, the crowd clearly showing support for their favorite*

    Mr. Blood: See, that is the sort of Dominance that Black Blooded is known for. That is the sort of breathtaking brutality that has led us to success all around this shit-heap of a planet. But now, on to the real fuckery.

    *the screen lights up again, showing another moment from DFI*

    Quote Originally Posted by Destined For Immortality
    As Black Blooded go to grab Gaileo, as the lights go out!

    Mike: OH NO!


    The tron comes to life, showing a video.

    The tron dies, as the lights come back on after a moment, and we see Mr Black and Mr Blood are now down, with the chair laying next to Mr Blood. Gaileo and Gommenta are still down in the ring as well, as Ramon climbs in.
    *As the screen dies, Mr. Blood continues to pace, a murderous expression on his face*

    Mr. Blood: It's real fucking plain to see what the hell happened here boys, first this jackass video starts showing up, fucking with everyone in this company that looks like they could be worth a damn, then just as we are about to finally grab the belts that should have been fucking handed to us as soon as we got here? That shit comes to us, and I admit, y'all got us off guard.

    Mr. Black: Once.

    Mr. Blood: So here is how it's gonna work out. We made a deal, we promised that DFI would be the last time we came up against the tard twins for our belts, but even the stupidest sister-fucking redneck among you has to know that we have not given up on getting those belts. Now the way we see it, we only lost because someone bent the rules. Now it's our turn.

    Mr. Black: Time for the Dominant Predators to hunt.

    Mr. Blood: It's real fucking simple. We said before that we would either be at the top of this division or we would tear it apart, so now? Now we get to have fun, now we get to break every single one of these jackass "tag teams" that think they are good enough to compete at our level. We get to remind all of you that we are, without a doubt, the single most destructive force in all of Tag Team Wrestling

    Mr. Black: We will break every fucking one of you.

    Mr. Blood: And we are starting with those fucking keyboard warriors that think they have a set, fatass and pimply. Boys we told you that if you published that shit-stain of an interview we were gonna make you pay for it, so why don't y'all come down here and we can settle this like men, if you run you'll just end up injured and tired, and fatass could have a heart attack.

    *A "You suck" Chant breaks out, but Black Blooded pay them no heed, all three members keeping their eyes glued on the entrance ramp*

    *Slowly but surely, Kayfabulous make their way out. However, what has around 80% of the audience raising their eyebrows at the moment, is the fact that Skyler Drek and Ron Macoonie are showing up, walking backwards with their backs to Black Blooded. They stop around mid-way down the ramp, both with microphones in hand. As the camera pans around to take a look at their faces, it’s revealed that both of them have a new Kayfabulous “In The Know” T-Shirt that reads, “Hide Your Purses, The Viper’s Among Us!” and that both of them appeared terrified out of their minds.

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    ::Ron Macoonie::


    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Yeah, R-Mac?”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “I’m scared, man!”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “I know, dude. Me too.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “I don’t know who these guys are but they sound pretty mean and pretty tough. I mean, I can’t even face them right now and I know you feel the same way…but we have to be brave! W-we have to be strong, okay?! We need to show our Kayfans out there that we fear nothing…except for Russo’s booking but that’s beside the point!”

    *Skyler nods frantically.*

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “So on the count of three, we turn around and see who called us out here and we try to show ‘em we mean business! Ready? 1…….2……3!”

    *Drek and Macoonie turn around suddenly, expressions of horror on their faces. In the blink of an eye, when they get a chance to see who’s currently in the ring, the fright melts and leaves behind indifference and deadpanned looks. They both slowly look to each other, both simultaneously raising an eyebrow.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Oh. It’s just them. So, uhhhhhh……yeah. I was expecting a little bit…more?”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Well, maybe not more but at least, you know, AN ACTUAL THREAT! Hahahahahahaha! A heart attack?! From you Hell’s Angels rejects?! Don’t make me laugh! Oh wait! Too late!

    *Ron and Skyler both laugh as they walk down the ramp and talk trash to the bitter bikers.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Oh and by the way, Vivica, you owe us about $320 for a new video camera. Breaking people’s property ain’t cool at all. I mean, you should be happy. At least someone from Black Blooded won a match at Destined for Immortality.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Oh and about paying us for the camera, it’s alright, Vivica. We can wait for you to pull out enough $5 dollar bills from out of your shirt until you’ve paid us back in full! Hahahahahaha!”

    *Before both men get in the ring, they brofist each other and confront Black Blooded.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “In case any of you are trying to figure out what’s gotten the big, bad biker’s leather panties in a bunch, allow us to show you what took place during our interview with Black Blooded just a few days ago. *points to the titantron.* Roll the footage!”

    *Footage from the latter part of the Black Blooded interview is shown.*
    *Black Blooded walk in the room with Vivica trailing behind the two men. Instead of taking seats on the stools, they stand, arms folded and glares burning through their sunglasses. Viviva, while clutching onto her championship on her shoulder, shoots Kayfabulous dirty looks.*

    Drek: Sorry we didn't get three stools...

    Macoonie: It's just that we thought that Vivica was used to standing for long periods of time...preferably on street corners!

    *The chuckling duo fist bump and laugh hardily while Black Blooded retain their stoic features.*

    Macoonie: Well, *coughs*, let's get on with this, shall we? First question...

    1. How does it feel knowing that you talentless hacks didn't amount to anything at Destined For Immortality?

    Mr. Blood: Didn't amount to anything? Did you even watch the fucking show jackass? Or were you still crying into your pillow while fatty over there found his way into a big ol bucket of icecream cause y'all didn't even have a match?

    Drek: That's funny, I clearly remember having a match. Oh yeah, and WINNING one, too.

    Macoonie: BURRRRN!

    Drek: Thanks, Kelso. Anyways...

    2. How much crying took place after your humiliating failure?

    Mr. Blood: Humiliating failure? It took ol doc creepy one hell of a trick to get rid of us, and you want to call it a failure? Fuck's sake, we get a match the goddamn lights can stay on for, and we may actually get somewhere. That fucking match should have been restarted as soon as that goddamn prick cut the power!

    Mr. Black: Damn right, at least he stayed the hell away from my princess

    Mr. Blood: Spent the whole damn match in the back, making damn sure nobody fucked that one up. You want to talk about cryin, boy? How about the cryin that fat bastards momma had to go through every time she ran the grocery budget? Or the cryin your daddy did knowin that the only time he'd get to see his boy is if he came late with the milk? You got a real fucking question to ask here? Or is this some sort of geek power trip?

    Macoonie: We do have real questions. We just thought that pissing YOU off would be a lot more fun and boy, has it been so far. Alright, now for the next question....

    3. How does it feel knowing that your trashy hoe of a valet was the only Black Blooded wrestler to actually win a match?

    Mr. Black: You know what? You fucking fairies ain't so goddamn funny anymore.

    Mr. Blood: Listen closely you pathetic piece of shit basement-dwelling geeks, cause we're only gonna say this once. This interview is over. You print it, play it, what the fuck ever. we make you pay.

    *Kayfabulous watches silently as Mr. Blood and Mr. Black turn around and leave the room. Vivica soons follows but not before running up to the camera and kicking it off its tripod, causing the screen to transition to static.*

    *The footage ends and Drek is on the floor, laughing and kicking his feet up while Ron smirks.*

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “I don’t think the “Dominant Predators” took too lightly to our interview, eh Skyler? Well, since you look like you have the most energy out of the two of us right now, why don’t you show one of these fools how Kayfabulous rolls?”

    *Instead of responding to his question, Skyler just keeps on laughing.*

    “I think that’s a “yes”! So Mr. Bum and Mr. Black n’ Blue, why don’t play a “manly” game of rock, paper, scissors to see which one of you unlucky chumps gets to square off with the Master of the Edrektion? Are one of you Johnny Cash lovin’, leather jacket wearing, jailbait plowing, scraggly, sorry ass excuse for wrestlers, that not even The Wrestling Jesus would touch with a 59 and a half foot pole, ready to get your ass kicked?! If so, then just like kayfabe, you WILL…BE…BROKEN!”
    A ref immediately comes running out from the back.

    Mike: Looks like we are having an impromptu match! Folks, stay tuned! We will be right back!

    The camera's fade to a commercial break.


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