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    Exclusive Preshow Battle Royal
    Participants: Skyler Drek, Ron Macoonie, D-boy, Rymac, Killa, Jack Phenix, Matt Ryder, Iceman, Whiz, Carbon, Venomous, Chris Diamond, Xavier Kraouker, Bradley Boltz, The Vegas Kid

    All of the men are inside of the ring, as the bell dings. Immediately, chaos ensues, as men square off, trading blows. Quickly, Xavier and Bradley are sent flying over the top to the outside, and they are eliminated! Ron nails a double clothesline, taking both Iceman and Whiz out and over the top. Ron turn, and is eliminated by a double dropkick from the Pardy Boyz! The big men is sent over the top and hits the floor. Skyler Drek and D-boy begin to trade shots, as Matt Ryder throws Killa over the top to the outside. Skyler, D-boy, Rymac, Ryder, Carbon, Venomous, Diamond, and The Vegas Kid are now left. Venomous is trying to dump Ryder over the top rope, but Ryder is fighting, as Rymac comes up from behind, lifting, and throwing both men out! Matt Ryder and Venomous have been eliminated! Carbon charges at Rymac, going for the Carbon Footprint(Bicycle kick), but Rymac ducks, as Carbon is crotched on the top rope. Rymac charges, and takes Carbon out, sending him to the floor. Diamond throws Phenix over the top to the outside, eliminating Jack! Skyler, D-boy, Rymac, Diamond, and The Vegas Kid are left! D-boy and Rymac are now double teaming Skyler, trying to take him out over the top rope, but Drek is fighting with all of his might, as Diamond throws The Vegas Kid over the top, but The Vegas Kid lands on the apron. Diamond turns back, and is nailed by a stiff forearm from TVK. Diamond stumbles away, as TVK climbs back into the ring. Drek managers to nail two stiff shots, and sends the Pardy Boyz away from him. Both men charge back, as Drek side steps, and both go over the top. They skin the cat, but D-boy can't hold on, and falls! D-boy is eliminated! Rymac pulls himself back into the ring, saving himself. TVK and Diamond are going at it at the ropes, as Skyler comes up from behind and eliminates both men, sending them over the top! Skyler Drek and Rymac are left! The two men immediately begin to trade blows, until Rymac gets the advantage. Rymac has Skyler at the ropes, as he throws him over the top, but Drek lands on the apron. Rymac charges, as Drek nails a modified enziguiri, but lands back on the apron, Rymac is slumped on the rope, as Skyler hooks Rymac up for a suplex, lifting him into the air, but Rymac counters, landing on the apron. Both men are on the apron, as they begin to trade blow for blow. Each shot puts the other perilisly close to being eliminated. Drek stumbls back after a hard shot, as Rymac takes a step back, and then charges. EDREKTION! Drek nails the superkick, and Rymac is sent off the apron, and hits the arena floor. The fans still piling in all cheer, as Drek climbs back into the ring, as he stands tall. The video of the preshow fades.

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    The camera's come in for the PPV, as we see Emily Davis standing in the ring with a mic in hand.

    (:17 to end)

    The USA chant sounds out around the arena, as the camera's fade from Emily, to a video package. We see video footage all the way back from Thirst for Blood in October, leading up to now, featuring stars such as Kyojin, Shaz, Infection, Mr Smyth, Chris Divine, Ace Note, and all the others featured on tonights ppv, as the video package plays, a voice over can be heard.

    Voice Over: The road to tonight has been long and hard. Many have faced hurdles that they were unable to over come. Others found success and captured their dream. Some experienced loss, and others experienced growth. This road has turned stars into superstars, women into bombshells, and champions into immortals. Tonight, these men and women stand on the grandest stage of them all. They will shed blood, they will shed tears, they will find joy, and others will find defeat, but when this night ends, only a few will be destined for immortality.

    The video package ends, as the theme for Destined for Immortality begins to play. The camera's cut to the arena, where we see all kinds of signs from the fans. Kyojin destroys Smyth, Infection to be cured, Shaz=Bad Ratings, Blue balls, and countless others, as the camera's cut to the announce table.

    Mike Johnson: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Destined for Immortality! Mike Johnson alongside my broadcast partner, Rocky Reynolds, and we are here to call the action for this huge event.

    Rocky: Huge event is right Mike! This show tonight is stacked! We have 4 championship matches, bitter rivalries coming to a head, and a IWA exclusive match.

    Mike: That's right, Maximum Anarchy. That hell in a cell looms over top of the ring, and I do not pity the 6 men who have to step inside that structure. Who knows what kind of weapons will be under the ring for that match.

    Rocky: Add on to that, the barbed wire that is throught the cell walls and top. If someone doesn't pay attention, they could easily become entangled in it.

    Mike: But what a better way to kick the night off than with a rivalry that has been going on since Lost Cause!

    Emily Davis: This match is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, weighing in at 293 lbs, from Boston, MA,Ryan "The Freak" Wells!

    Ryan Wells comes out from the back to a pretty big pop from the fans. He stands at the top of the ramp and poses, as white pyro's shoot off behind him. He proceeds down the long ramp, slapping some of the fans hands along the way. Wells climbs the steel steps and enters into the ring. He walks to the ropes, and poses, as the fans cheer for Ryan, as a small freak chant starts.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, weighing in at 266 lbs, residing from Minneapolis, MN, The Next Big Thing, Brock Edwards!

    Brock walks out from the back, to huge boos from the fans. He just disregards them as he walks down the ramp. He climbs the steels steps and enters in the ring, as he bounces, psyching himself up.

    The bell rings and the two beasts lock up trying to over power the other. Edwards and Wells have their hands clamped together, using all of their body weight to push on the other. Wells begins to put all of his strength into his arms, and then manages to take control and Irish whips Edwards to the ropes! When Edwards rebound, Wells wraps his arms around Edwards torso and throws his with a belly to belly suplex! Wells gets to his feet and grabs Edward's leg and applies a leg lock and twists the leg around.

    Mike: That is a smart tactic. Take the big man off of his feet early on and he can't fight back.

    Rocky: Edwards doesn't need his legs to win this match, he could win in a wheelchair.

    Wells tries to apply more pressure to the hold, but Edwards manages to power out of the hold and kicks Wells away. Edwards gets to his feet and both me charge each other and lock up again. This time Edwards begins to get the advantage, and he puts Wells into a headlock and takes him down to the mat. Edwards squeezes Wells neck with his right arm while he lays right hands into Wells head with his left hand.

    Edwards releases Wells and then kicks him hard in the sternum. Wells holds his chest, and then Edwards kicks him in the jaw hard, knocking him to the mat. Edwards mounts over Wells and starts hitting Wells with nasty elbow shots to the head and jaw, and then he grabs his head ans smacks it off of the mat a few times before finally getting off Wells. Edwards raises a fist in the air as the crowd boos loudly and chants "You suck!" towards Edwards.

    Mike: He is purposely trying to piss off the crowd, isn't he?

    Rocky: Of course he is, because he is better than them!

    Edwards leans down and picks Wells up to his feet, and Edwards hits Wells with a stiff right hand to the jaw, making him fall back into the ropes, but Wells uses the momentum and clotheslines Edwards hard down to the mat, making the crowd pop loudly! Wells goes for the cover!

    One! Two! NO! Edwards powers out of the pin attempts and gets to his feet. Wells starts throwing shots at Edwards, but Edwards fires shots right back at Wells!

    Wells! Edwards! Edwards! Wells! Wells! Wells! Edwards! Edwards! Edwards!

    Edwards gets the upper hand with a huge uppercut, and then he throws Wells into the ropes! When Wells rebounds, and Edwards catches him and lifts him the air and holds him up with a stalling suplex!

    Mike: Wow!! What strength!

    Rocky: He is holding over two hundred ninety pounds in the air like nothing! This man is a monster!

    Edwards stalls for a moment more, and then brings Wells down to the mat hard, slamming him with brute force! Edwards grabs Wells arm and attempts to lock in the Kimura lock, but Wells uses his brute strength to keep his arm away and pulls it out of Edwards reach! Wells backs away from Edwards and the two men get back to their feet. Edwards charges Wells with a clothesline, but Wells ducks and lifts Edwards in the air and brings him down with a backdrop! Wells goes down on the attack and buries many fists into Edwards ribs and back! Wells jumps to his feet and then sits in the corner, watching as Edwards slowly gets to his feet in the center of the ring. Once Edwards gets up, Wells charges him and goes for the spear, but Edwards catches Wells arms and locks in the Kimura lock!

    Edwards pulls back the arm hard and Wells has no where to go! Both men are in the center of the ring and Wells is no where near the ropes! Edwards pulls the arm even further back and Wells starts screaming. Wells tries rolling on his side to break the hold but Edwards has it locked in tight. Wells starts to rock his body side to side, trying to loosen Edwards grip, and then he rolls to the right hard enough that Edwards loses his grip! Wells backs away from Edwards, holding his right arm tightly with a look of extreme pain on his face.

    Mike: I think Brock may have broken his arm with that hold.

    Rocky: You think? Just look at how it is bent right now! That is going to cost Wells the match if Edwards focuses it!

    Edwards gets to his feet, mocking Wells by holding his own arm. Edwards then charges at Wells but Wells sidesteps him and Edwards runs right into the turnbuckle! Wells charges Edwards and rams his shoulder into him and presses him against the turnbuckle, and then starts hitting Edwards in the head with hard left hand shots!

    One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!

    After ten ferocious shots to the head, Wells lifts Edwards up onto the top turnbuckle and sits up on top of it. Wells then grabs Edwards by the throat and attempts a chokeslam, but his damaged arm prevents him from doing so. Wells then climbs to the second rope and sets Edwards up for a DDT from the top rope, but Edwards shoves Wells down and Wells lands onto his bad arm! Edwards grins and sets himself up on the top rope, stalking Wells as he slowly gets to his feet ...

    Mike: What the hell is he planning here?

    Rocky: I have no idea, Edwards isn't much of a high flyer!

    Once Wells makes it to his feet, Edwards dives from the top rope and nails Wells with a huge spear!! Both men are down in the center of the ring now and the referee begins the count!

    One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

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    Mike: Oh my lord! That spear was devastating!!

    Rocky: This may end in a no contest tonight, Mike!

    Six! Seven! Eight!

    Edwards gets back to his feet and he picks Wells up to his feet. Wells can barely stand, grasping his arm hard. Edwards pulls his gloves off and raises his fists, motioning Wells to bring it! Wells takes his gloves off as well and the crowd goes absolutely insane! Edwards throws the first punch but Wells blocks the shot, then Wells throws a punch and hits Edwards in the jaw hard! Edwards stumbles back a bit, but then he throws a punch of his own into Wells jaw! Both men begin trading blows once again!

    Edwards! Wells! Edwards! Wells! Edwards! Wells! Wells! Wells! WELLS!

    Wells some how manages to over power the beast known as Brock Edwards, and he Irish whips him into the ropes, and when Edwards rebounds, Wells scoops him up and slams him down with a massive spine buster! Wells stays on the attack and he hits a leg drop on Edwards, going right across Edwards chest! Wells gets to his feet, shaking his right arm trying to get the feeling back into it, and then he starts stomping around the ring, taunting Edwards to get to his feet. Edwards gets up slowly, and then Wells kicks him in the gut and gets him in position for The Freak Attack!

    Wells lifts Edwards up in the air and stalls for a moment, but Edwards brings the tip of his elbow down onto Wells forehead multiple times, making Wells fall backward and Edwards landing on Wells chest! Edwards reaches behind him and hooks Wells leg and covers him!

    One! Two! Th - NO!

    Edwards punches the mat multiple times and then gets back to his feet and climbs out of ring and drops to the outside. Edwards makes his way to the steel steps and takes the top step off from the steps and slides it into the ring. The referee tells Edwards to get them out of the ring but Edwards ignores him and slides back into the ring. Edwards makes his way to Wells and picks him up and lifts him up onto his shoulders, but Wells drives his elbow into the side of Edwards head hard! Wells gets down from Edwards shoulders and throws him into the turnbuckle hard! Wells drags the steps in front of Edwards, and then he makes his way to the other side of the ring, and charges Edwards and uses the steps to propel himself into Edwards, spearing him against the turnbuckle hard!! Edwards drops to the mat and Wells covers him!

    One! Two! Three ... NO!

    The referee cancels the three count because Edwards grabbed the bottom rope! The match will continue! Wells is in disbelief! Wells sits up and looks to the turnbuckle, and gets to his feet. Wells pushes the steps out of the ring, and then climbs the turnbuckle slowly. Wells makes it to the top rope and stares at Edwards as he gets to his feet slowly, but the Edwards rolls out of the ring to avoid Wells!

    Mike: I think he just did that because of pure instinct!

    Rocky: Are you kidding me? It is pretty obvious that Wells was going to try and attack him from above!

    Wells climbs down from the turnbuckle and climbs out onto the apron, but Edwards chops Wells in the back of the legs hard, making him fall from the apron and down to the floor below! Edwards stomps down onto Wells arm hard and twists his heel into Wells forearm, driving massive amounts of pain up through the arm and shoulder! Edwards picks Wells up to his feet, and then he slams his arm into the ring post hard three times, and then he holds Wells arm down onto the steps, and then he stomps down onto his arm hard!!

    Wells leans against the ring favoring his arm and then Edwards forces him back into the ring. Wells rolls to the center and stands to his feet, and when Edwards gets into the ring, Wells charges him and drops Edwards with a big boot! Wells leans against the turnbuckle and catches his breath while Edwards slowly gets back to his feet.

    Mike: Wells needs to take advantage of this opprotunity!

    Rocky: I think his arm is a little too fucked at this point!

    Wells charges at Edwards and clothes for a clothesline from hell, but Edwards catches Wells, throws him onto his shoulders and plants him with The Next!! Edwards immediately dives down on top of Wells and he applies the Kimura lock to the right arm of Wells and puts as much pressure on as he possibly can! Wells screams out in pain and reaches for the bottom rope with his foot but he is out of reach! Edwards applies even more pressure, and Wells taps!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner via submission ... Brock Edwards!

    Brock Edwards still has the Kimura locked in tight, applying even more pressure as Wells cries out in pain. The referee tries to get Edwards off but he refuses to let go! The referee calls for help and more referees come running down the ramp, so Edwards releases the hold and stands tall above Wells, posing and laughing as the crowd erupts with boos at him. Edwards spits on Wells and then exits the ring as ring side doctors and referees tend to Wells arm.

    Mike: Wow! I wonder if Wells arm is broken.

    Rocky: I'm sure the doctors will determine that, but what a great way to kick start this show. two power houses just tearing it down!

    Mike: I have to agree with you there. You've got to figure, this huge win for Brock opens doors for him.

    Wells is now being assisted to the back, as the camera's change view, cutting to the back.

    *The screen lights up, showing Vivica standing in front of a St Andrew's cross. The crossed beams have leather restraints riveted into them, showing signs of wear, as the dried blood on the wood speaks mutely of it's grisly use. the camera zooms out farther, showing a locker room that has been virtually transformed into a dungeon, sans prisoners. Vivica spots the camera, turning from her inspection of the cross, she slowly stalks towards the cameraman*

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    Vivica: Daddy says sometimes you gotta hurt because you love. Daddy always hurts me because he loves me, and it's that pain that made me strong enough to get all of these toys. None of them, however give more pain, cause more damage, more chaos, more fun, than this belt!

    *Vivica unsnaps the IWA Vanity title from her waist, holding it high with one hand, a corner of the belt has what appears to be dried blood on it, and is slightly dented inwards, yet the rest of the belt has been shined to a mirror-polish*

    Vivica: This toy, this title, says that I am the very best girl here! This says that what I am is justified, that all it took to create me is worth it. This belt shows the entire world that My Daddy was right, that he is proud of me with reason!

    See, a long time ago I was just a little little girl and everyone was always mean and said bad girl to me all the time but then Daddy came and Daddy and Unca Blood found me! Daddy said that as soon as he saw me he knew that I was meant to be his, and that he would make me the bestest, toughest, strongest girl in the whole world! I know he did because it is his love that let me get this belt in the first place. Daddy hurt me because he loved me, but I will hurt Juno because I love the pain!

    *Vivica stops, walking around her "toys" she caresses each in turn, fondly running her hands over scratches and bloodstains, her eyes closed as though she is reliving each experience.*

    Vivica: Daddy told me that all good girls end up loving the pain, because it's the pain that teaches you. I had hoped that after teaming with me, after feeling pain because of me, that little Jumpy Juno would learn. I wanted her to sit up from that mat and know deep down, that until she turned away from those whores, she would never ever get to be a good girl like me

    *Vivica stops, staring directly into the camera, her eyes are finally fully visible wide and unmoving, her stare almost inhuman in it's directness.*

    Vivica: I want so much to open your eyes Juno. I know that you are watching now, you watch just like I watched my Daddy, because you can't look away, you see the truth shine through every part of me and you know that I have the power to save you from your whore ways, just like Daddy saved me. You know that I can take you and bend you and shape you and you will forever be my sister.

    But first you have to learn, and that is where the fun comes in...

    *Vivica starts to giggle, at first the sound of a little girl but then it gets louder and louder, the pitch getting higher and higher until it is a frenzied, insane sound. The camera turns abruptly, the cameraman running straight out of the room. The view switches back to the ring.

    Mike: Well, those were...ugh...well..Vivica creeps me out.

    Rocky: Good. I can't wait to see her pound that rookie, Juno Mercury, later tonight.

    Mike: Juno may be new, but she is no rookie. She has got some impressive wins since debuting.

    Rocky: Ok, that is true. But there is someone else who has had impressive wins since debuting, one in particular on this last Chaos, picking up a win over Ryan Wells.

    Mike: Yeah, I will admit, Athena has proved she can hang in a man's world.

    Emily Davis: The following match is an intergender match set for one fall! Introducing first, from Long Island, New Jersey... standing six feet and weighing 205 lbs... The World's Strongest Woman, Athena!

    Mike: Only in a place like IWA will you see a match like this! Here, you have a woman unlike any other: Athena, a real-life Amazon walking among us... She recently made her debut here in IWA, making one hell of an impact as she did... Now she is set to continue making said impact, and getting some retribution in the process.

    Rocky: Namely, making an impact on one said Damian Eddings. This panty-wearing pansy has been all up in the face of this... woman (and some face she has... GEEZ!) I mean, I prefer women who actually LOOK like women, but I wouldn't be anywhere NEAR that looks like THAT. What the hell is Eddings thinkin'?

    Athena strides around the ring, staring at the crowd in attendance. She gets a mixed but very vocal reaction: a lot of the fans are booing her, but many are also chanting “Kill Damian.” Athena maintains a cool "fuck all of you” face and stands in the center of the ring as she awaits her opponent. Even the ref maintains a comfortably safe distance away from her... in the corner.

    Emily Davis: Next, introducing her opponent... approaching the ring, weighing 237 lbs... Damian Eddings!

    Damian Eddings makes his entrance to a very loud reaction from those in attendance. He holds his head high as he struts down to the ring.

    Rocky: Would you look at this Froot Loop? Not that I want to, but this Eddings character is a piece of work!

    Mike: Even so, his actions have shown that Damian has a lot of nerve. The fact that he is here in a one-on-one situation challenging Athena speaks volumes to his resolve. His means of causing this whole train of events is questionable, no doubt, but one has to wonder what he is willing to do to win this high-profile match. And don't be fooled: Eddings is not physically handicapped. He is actually heavier than Athena by a few pounds and does enjoy a slight size advantage – a fact that, if he can keep his wits about him, he can exploit to his benefit.

    Rocky: Small comfort, Mikey... look at the “woman” in the ring waiting for him. She's not a person – she's an animal! A freak of nature! One slip up, she'll embarrass him and take his manhood from him. What manhood there is left, I suppose...

    After parading around the ring snapping in the air, Eddings finally steps into the ring. As soon as he does, he gets up in Athena's face and seems to say “Let's get it on, girlfriend.” Athena doesn't move an inch, her only response is a cold glare into Eddings' eyes. The ref insists that the two separate and move to their corners. After a heated staredown, both competitors comply and step back. The ref checks both wrestlers – Eddings seems to enjoy it, directing the ref to search thoroughly... and the ref decides that it is not needed. Athena, on the other hand, dead stares the ref as he approaches. The message seems to be “You touch me the wrong way, I will end you.” The ref is content with a simple hands-free lookover and decides that all is in readiness, calling for the starting bell.

    No circling, no tie-up to start... just hate. Athena and Eddings slowly step to the center of the ring, both staring lasers through each other. Eddings is all mouth, yapping away at Athena... and Athena is saying nothing. Instead, she shoves Eddings. Eddings instantly gets amped up and snaps in Athena's face, screaming “Hold up, no you didn't!” It trends across the fans, with many starting a “No you didn't” chant. After a few more snaps, Eddings comes out with a slap to Athena.

    Mike: Woo! That slap had some vinegar on it, Rocky, damn!

    Rocky: I'm just waiting til someone calls in a domestic violence charge in this piece...

    Athena doesn't flinch... and she still doesn't speak. Instead, she punches Eddings dead in the face. Eddings stumbles away, holding his nose... then comes back running to strike back. Athena stops him and shoves him on his ass. Eddings sits there for a moment, digesting the situation and unhappy with the way things are starting. The crowd starts up a dueling chant: it's “Hold up, no you didn't” versus “Athena's gonna kill you.”

    Mike: It's funny – neither of these competitors have endeared themselves to the fans as of late... but in this situation, the crowd is divided over their picks on who they want to walk away the victor.

    Rocky: I don't see who would cheer either of these weirdos... I couldn't care less about either! Whoever wins, one less wacko here in IWA – good for that!

    Eddings, still sitting on the mat, yells at Athena: “FUCK YOU, YOU BUTCHY ASS MAN-WHORE!”

    It seems that finally struck a nerve: Athena scowls, her lips curling into a nasty snarl. She comes in to get a piece of Eddings... and Eddings quickly stands, grabs Athena first, and tosses her chest-first into the corner turnbuckle. Eddings follows up with boots to the midsection... grabs Athena again, whips her towards the opposite corner... Athena reverses the whip, pulls Eddings back... short-arm clothesline! But Eddings manages to avoid it and escapes the ring!

    Mike: Now it seems that we're getting a glimpse of Eddings' game plan: outwit, outhink Athena... strike a nerve, anger her, take her out of her game plan!

    Rocky: That, or just stay the fuck away from her. Weight difference or not, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if Athena gets her manly mitts on Eddings, she may very well break him into itty bitty pieces. Could be cleverness... could be cowardice. You decide. Better yet, I'll decide. And I decide: cowardice.

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    The ref comes to the ropes to admonish Eddings to reenter the ring, then beginning a ten count. Eddings simply holds his head up and begins to strut again, as if defying the ref. Athena slips out of the ring and comes around the corner to surprise Edwards – who sees it coming and intercepts Athena with a right hand... and with that, we have a fight break out at ringside! Both are throwing shots wildly – the ref is trying to figure out how to restore order as the crowd chants “Fight, fight, fight, fight!”

    Rocky: For once, these fans are right – we have a genuine fight on our hands out here! This looks more like a boxing match than a wrestling match! Further proof that Athena is not a woman – she throws like a man! Are you kidding me?!

    During the exchange, Athena gets the better of Eddings and slams his head into the ring post – Eddings' eyes loll for a brief moment as he stumbles wildly. Athena presses the attack – Eddings manages to grab her and toss her towards the steel ring steps – Athena can't stop herself, and she hits knees first, careening headlong over the steps. Eddings is clutching the ring apron trying to regain his balance, bleeding from a cut over his eye from hitting the post – and Athena is down, grabbing at her knees. The ref is up to six on the ten count. Eddings slides into the ring, then comes out at the spot where Athena is lying on the ground. The ref has to restart the ten count, giving Eddings an opportunity to administer some stiff boots to Athena's knees. At five, Eddings lifts Athena and rolls her back into the ring and promptly goes into the cover... The ref counts...



    Kickout! Athena's still in this! Eddings transitions out of the pin attempt and locks in a kneebar on Athena with no hesitation.

    Mike: Veteran move on the part of Eddings – not giving Athena a chance to recover, even after that kickout, and going straight for her weak spot. Physical damage aside, this is an attack on Athena's morale – she's seeing this guy come at her repeatedly and relentlessly.

    Athena struggles, feeling the pain shooting through her leg. Eddings turns up the pressure, noticing that Athena is slowly but surely dragging them both closer to the ropes...

    Rocky: She's a man-thing! A freak! A woman, strong enough to drag both herself and Eddings to the ropes across the mat – from almost the center of the damn ring! It can't be!

    Athena is close enough to lay hands on the bottom rope, and the ref comes in with the five count. Eddings screams “Stop counting!” but the ref goes onto four, at which point Eddings relinquishes the hold – after which he yaps at the ref “You don't count at me like that!” Athena slowly gets to her feet as Eddings goes to cut her off... but not before he eats a large reverse elbow courtesy of Athena! Eddings stumbles back, Athena off the ropes, tremendous shoulderblock that sends Eddings down quick! The crowd pops with approval! Eddings quickly scrambles for the ropes to make an escape – Athena is on him, grabbing him by his leg! Drags him back, Eddings resists, so Athena drops a forceful elbow to his back! Eddings shrieks!

    Mike: Well... that was a high note...

    Rocky: Hurt my damn ears!

    Eddings isn't so squirmy now – and Athena takes advantage of this, stomping away violently at Eddings' back. Over and over. All while still holding Eddings' leg – he's not getting away!

    Rocky: She's – she's stomping him in his damn kidneys!

    Mike: Athena's found a weak spot of her own – the back area of Damian Eddings! Looks like her game plan is coming together itself: isolate and contain Eddings, cut off any and all escape routes, and pick him apart!

    The ref tries to intervene – until Athena pulls back to take a swing on him. “Stay the hell back,” Athena tells him. She roughly lifts Eddings to his feet (very roughly) and tosses him with a monster Irish whip to the corner. Even with the pads, the impact shoots fire through Eddings' body – he screams in agony. Athena's face gives way to a devilishly bemused grin at hearing his pain... so she decides to whip him again. As she goes for the throw, Eddings braces himself and reverses the throw... but instead of throwing Athena for the corner, Eddings yanks her backwards and pulls her down with a drop toe hold... then rolls into a leglock before turning over and changing it into...

    Rocky: Figure four! It's a figure four!

    Mike: Eddings just turned a bad situation into opportunity, and has trapped Athena in a figure four leglock! The bad knees from the steel steps! Eddings is going for the bad knees! Athena's gonna tap!

    For the first time in the match, Athena screams in pain. The change in fortune is too hard to miss: Athena is now in agony, and Eddings couldn't be happier. Athena begins to try and crawl away – only for Eddings to drag them both back to the center of the ring! The ref gets in position to check for a submission – Athena keeps telling him no! Eddings turns up the heat! Fire is shooting up and down Athena's leg! The ref is asking: “Do you want to submit?”

    Athena's hand is raised...

    Rocky: She's gonna tap! SHE'S GONNA TAP!!!

    Her hand is shaking... the pain...

    “Give up, bitch!” Eddings shouts. “GIVE UP, BITCH!”

    Athena's hand comes down...

    As she uses the momentum to turn over on her stomach! And in turn, flips Eddings over on his stomach as well!

    Mike: Ladies and gentleman, a literal “turn of events!” Athena has turned both herself and Eddings over – and is now reversing the torque of the hold onto Eddings!

    Eddings scratches and claws but can't seem to get out of the hold! Athena looks back at him with a demonic sneer and taunts “Is it as good to you as it was to me?” Eddings wails as his knee sends an endless message of “This hurts, this hurts, THIS HURTS!” to his brain. Eddings, by some miracle, manages to get himself free – he wastes no time limping away to the ropes, favoring his knee. Athena limps up as well – but she's not going to give Eddings a chance to recuperate. She runs to Eddings – and into a sharp elbow to the face...

    Rocky: shit – did you see that elbow?

    Mike: The whole world did – Athena's bleeding from her nose! She's busted – her nose could be broken!

    Athena staggers, looking at the blood run down her face and onto her hand...

    Then she looks up at Eddings. With a passionate hatred in her eyes.

    Eddings comes off the ropes... Athena swings, Eddings ducks, turns and attempts a chop block on one of Athena's legs... Athena anticipates it and lifts her leg – Eddings dashes forward and hits nothing, landing on his belly! Down comes Athena's foot with a stomp – straight to the kidney!

    Mike: Damn... he can scream...

    Rocky: And that surprises you how?

    Eddings cringes in pain, and Athena lifts him up – but Eddings rakes her eyes! Athena is stunned... And Eddings slaps her in the face with venom!

    Rocky: Uh-oh... I know what comes next!

    Athena is rocked... Eddings clutches her in a powerslam hold... but can't lift her! Athena has planted herself firmly, and will not budge!

    Mike: I believe, folks, this is the deciding moment of this historic match... Eddings and Athena are struggling, battling for position, for control... whoever wins, whoever comes out on top... the next move will decide this match!

    The fans are on their feet, and electricity is in the air – enough to power a city! The power struggle goes back and forth, both opponents standing their ground, holding only onto each other, trying their damndest to lift their enemy...

    And it's Athena! ATHENA LIFTS EDDINGS! Maneuvers him into position over her shoulder while backing into the corner...

    Mike: Here it comes! Amazon Slam!

    Athena charges, ready to put every ounce of momentum into planting Eddings into the mat... But Eddings worms free, drops behind Athena... Athena turns to face him... Eddings loads up for another slap... Athena blocks it! Wraps her arms around Eddings and lifts him... and squeezes for all she's worth!

    Rocky: Holy shit, Mike, what a bearhug! She could crush a car with that kind of power!

    Mike: Nowhere to go! Eddings has nowhere to go! All that damage he took to his back, his kidneys... it's gotta be catastrophic! She's squeezing him right on his kidneys for God's sake!!!

    The screams coming from Eddings are unreal and unbearable... but Athena will not let go. She squeezes and squeezes, shaking Eddings like a rag doll while roaring like a person possessed. The roars of the crowd reach a fever pitch! Eddings struggles! Eddings fights! The ref asks! Submit? Give up? Eddings won't answer! He struggles! He fights!

    He struggles... he fights... a little slower... a little slower... a little slower...

    Until he stops struggling at all.

    The ref grabs his arm and lifts it once... The arm drops. The ref lifts it again... drop. Lift...

    Drop!!! The ref calls for the bell!!! It's all over!!!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match by submission... The World's Strongest Woman, ATHENA!!!

    Athena tosses Eddings aside like a sack of potatoes and staggers as the ref attempts to raise her hand... but after the look she gives him, he decides against it and simply gestures to her as the victor.

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    Mike: I'm still trying to catch my breath after that... Folks, we have just seen a match the likes of which we may not see again... here, in IWA, at Destined For Immortality, we have just seen a woman establish her dominance over a capable, talented and dangerous man. We have just seen Athena show the world that she is no mere woman – she is a modern-day goddess among men!

    Rocky: Through the blood and pain, she fought better than any man I've ever seen! Now all that remains to be seen is how the rest of the locker room will react – this... Amazon... has shown everyone that she is a true, legit threat – and nobody is safe... man OR woman!

    The camera's get one last shot of Athena standing tall, as the camera's cut to the back. Backstage we see Slayde adjusting his knee brace, before turning to see the camera man inside the room and he simply looks at him with a cold look in his eye as he speaks...

    Slayde: Elric! It's time!!!! Destined for Immortality is upon us and so is the time for you to come face to face with your destiny. It's time to live up to your potential or fall to the shadows.

    I know you need this win but getting it from me will prove to be more than you bargained for. I can take more punishment than you can dish out, so what this will come down is if you can break my spirit before I break yours. Do you have what it takes to really break me down? To make me fall?

    I don't think so.

    You'll be consumed by the shadows and forgotten after I'm through with you. So get ready, Elric. You know that 3 Stages of Hell Matches change you, they make you see the viciousness in the person across from you as well as what you will go through to be able to have your hand raised as the victor when it's all aid and done.

    Make no mistake, I yearn that sensation of victory and I'll go through whatever you got in store for me and then some to win tonight. It's gonna be lights out for you, Elric. Remember that when you go to Hell, tonight.

    Slayde walks away as the camera man is shaking at the fearsome vibe Slayde exuded while speaking before we go back to the ring.

    Emily Davis: This match is set for one fall. First, weighing in at 310 pounds, Dave Steele!

    Mike: This should be a good one. Classic scenario of high flyer going up against a power house.

    Rocky: And the power house, Steele, is going to destroy Cage!

    Dave Steele walks out onto the ramp, as he poses. Pyro's go off, as Steele walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring, going to the corner. He poses once there, as some flashes go off. Dave turns, and waits.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, coming from Oakland, CA, weighing in at 230 lbs, Malcolm Cage!

    Malcolm Cage comes out from the back, moving rather fast, as the fans are just eating it up. Cage makes his way down the ramp, sliding into the ring, as he immediately hops a corner and poses for the fans. Flashes go off, as Cage hops off and turns around. The ref motions for the bell.

    The bell rings and Malcolm Cage starts to kick Dave Steele in the legs hard, aiming for the shins and knees with each hard shot. Steele grabs Cage by the hair and tosses him to the side like a rag doll, and then Steele hits a stiff forearm to the head of Cage, knocking him back into the ropes. Cage uses the momentum and rebounds off the ropes and kicks Steele hard in the back of the knee, making Steele drop to a single knee.

    Cage takes advantage and wraps his arm around Steele's neck and goes for a DDT, but Steele stands up and lifts Cage into the air with him, then slams him down to the mat hard with a powerslam! Steele stomps down onto the back of Cage's knee, and then twists his heel into it hard. Steele then grabs Cage's leg and pulls back on it, bending it over his own knee causing pain to shoot through Cage's knee and calf.

    Mike: Steele is already trying to punish Cage here tonight early on, but I think it'll take a lot to take him out of the fight.

    Rocky: Are you so sure about that? Look at the size difference and rethink what you just said.

    Mike: No, I meant what I said. Cage is one hell of a fighter.

    Rocky: Yeah, yeah. Whatever, Mr. Kissass.

    Mike: I find it funny that you call me a kissass when you're defending the bigger guy in the match.

    Rocky: Shut up.

    Steele stomps down on Cage's leg one last time before picking him up to his feet and throwing him into the turnbuckle. Steele charges Cage in the corner, but right before Steele connects with a massive clothesline, Cage sidesteps him and causes Steele to slam head first into the top turnbuckle hard! Cage wastes no time and starts kicking Steele in the side and in the legs hard, bringing the big man down to one knee while he is facing the turnbuckle. Cage the charges at steel and drives his knees hard into his back and brings Steele down with a huge backstabber to a pop from the crowd!

    Cage gets to his feet and stalks Steele as he slowly makes his way back up to his feet, and then Cage bounces on the ropes and comes back and hits Steele with a springboard drop kick that had massive air, knocking Steele back down to the mat hard! Cage climbs the turnbuckle and then he dives down from the top and connects with a huge crossbody onto Steele! Cage goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Steele throws Cage off of him, sending him to the other side of the ring! Steele and Cage back to their feet at the same time, and then Cage charges Steele, but Steele smashes Cage hard with a massive clothesline, turning him inside out and doing a backflip from the impact!

    Mike: Oh my god! Did you see the impact from that clothesline?!

    Rocky: See it?! Did you HEAR it?!

    Mike: I wouldn't be surprised if Cage was out cold right now.

    Rocky: Neither would I, Mike. I believe this is something we can agree on for once. He just got turned inside out.

    Steele reaches down and lifts Cage to his feet, and then throws him into the ropes. When Cage rebounds back, Steele screams "SEMPER FI!!" and then lifts Cage into the air and slams him down to the mat hard with a huge spinebuster! The crowd erupts with boos as Steele leans down and slaps Cage in the face and then goes for the pin.

    One! Two! Thr- NO!

    Cage manages to roll the shoulder up and Steele is livid. Steele starts to bring hard elbow shots down onto Cage's skull, each blow having more force than the next. Steele stands back to his feet and leans against the turnbuckle and starts to take the padding off of it without the referee noticing, and then he tosses the pad to the outside and rests against the turnbuckle trying to cover the exposed steel.

    Steele makes his way to Cage as he gets to his feet and he tries to whip Cage into the corner, but Cage holds his ground! Steele goes for a clothesline, but Cage ducks and springboards off the ropes and then brings Steele down with a springboard DDT from out of no where! Cage dives down onto Steele and goes for the pin!

    One! Two! No!

    Steele manages to kick out at the last second and Cage sits up with his hands over his face, trying to figure out how to beat this beast of a man. Cage then notices the exposed steel of the turnbuckle and a huge smile breaks across his face. Cage gets to his feet and leans against the turnbuckle, examining the exposed steel. Steele gets back to his feet and sees Cage turned around, so he charges at Cage and goes for a splash against the turnbuckle, but Cage moves out of the way, causing Steele to crash head first down onto the exposed steel turnbuckle, busting him wide open!

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    Mike: Wow!! Steele is busted wide open!! Wait, when was that turnbuckle exposed!?

    Rocky: I think Steele managed to remove the padding early on, but I wasn't so sure.

    Mike: Oh please, you just didn't want to expose him for the cheat he is!

    Rocky: Yeah well it back fired now didn't it, so shut the hell up Mike.

    Steele stumbles back a bit, holding his forehead trying to stop the bleeding. Cage takes advantage and jumps onto Steele's back and applies a sleeper hold to the big man! Steele tries to pull Cage down from his back, but Cage dodges the blows! Steele starts to fade a bit, but then Steele runs backwards into the turnbuckle and slams Cage's back into the exposed steel hard, making Cage fall from Steele's back! Steele wipes the blood away from his face with his forearm and then kicks Cage in the gut hard then lifts him up onto his shoulders.

    Steele marches around the ring with Cage on his shoulders, and then he looks to the outside of the ring. Steele charges then ropes and then throws Cage over his head and slams him down over the top rope to the floor down below with a loud thud!

    Mike: Oh god, oh god!! He killed him!

    Rocky: Oh shut the fuck up! That ass got what he had coming!!

    Mike: He didn't need to throw him to the outside like that you prick!

    Steele leans against the turnbuckle and screams at the referee, telling him to star the damn count! The referee is hesitant at first, wanting to end the match but he starts the count!

    One! ... Two! ... Three! ... Four! ... Five! ... Six! ...

    Cage starts to pull himself up with the apron slowly, managing to get up onto a foot.

    Seven! ... EIGHT! ...

    Cage is on both feet now and trying to pull himself back into the ring!

    NINE! ... TE -

    Cage slides back into the ring, stopping the count, but Steele is already back on the attack, diving down onto Cage and laying hard left and right hands into the head and ribs of Cage! Steele lays hard right hands into the ribs of Cage, which are now swelled and bruised from the hard impact.

    Steele lifts Cage up to his feet and whips him into the ropes hard, and then when Cage rebounds, Steele lifts him into the air and powerslams him down to the mat as hard as he can possibly go. Cage clutches his ribcage, but Steele reaches down and lifts him back to his feet and mocks him by laughing in his face. Cage gets pissed and headbutts Steele hard and kicks him in the knee, and then hits a right handed uppercut to Steele's jaw with massive force, knocking him back. Cage favors his ribs once again, but he charges Steele and hits a low drop kick to the knee, knocking him down to the mat.

    Cage hits Steele in the side of the head with his foot hard, and then he drops his knee down onto Steele's forehead, opening the wound even more, covering Steele's face with blood completely.

    Mike: This man has lost so much blood tonight ..

    Rocky: There is no way he can keep going, not like this.

    Cage grabs Steele's arm and starts to drag him over to the turnbuckle, and then Cage leans Steele up against the turnbuckle and climbs to the second rope and starts bringing hard shots down!

    One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!

    After the tenth shot, Cage smashes Steele with a hard elbow shot, and then Cage gets down from the rope and charges Steele ...

    CAGED AGGRESSION!! Cage charges Steele and brings him down head first to the mat with a huge Caged Aggression, but it may have cost him! Cage is rolling around holding his ribs and coughing hard, but Steele seems to be knocked out cold! Cage sees Steele is out and starts to slowly crawl over to him. Cage makes his way over to Steele and tries to roll him onto his back but he is too exhausted! Cage pulls himself to his feet and then climbs the turnbuckle and stalks Steele.

    Mike: What is he doing?!

    Rocky: Ending this ...

    After a few moments, Steele makes his way to his feet, donning a crimson mask, and then Cage flies from the top rope and connects with the Incarceration! Both men fall to the mat, seemingly out cold, but then Cage drapes his arm over Steele!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ...... MALCOLM CAAAAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEE!

    Mike: He did it! Cage did it!

    Rocky: Wow! A hard fought battle by both men! This could have gone either way.

    Cage slowly gets to his feet, as the ref grabs Malcolm's hand and raises it high. Cage climbs out of the ring, as the camera's get a close up of Steele and his bloody face. The camera's turn, as we get a glimpse of Cage standing at the top of the ramp, posing. The view switches from the arena, to the back. Israel appears backstage in a beautiful Versace suit with his trademark gold stripe down the sides and the IP monogram on his chest pocket. The trademark Smirk Shines bright tonight as Israel grabs the microphone*

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    Israel: Ironically enough I am not going to be talking about my opponent much because let’s be honest, firstly he is so scared of me he hasn’t been seen by the media in the last week and secondly there are far more important things to talk about.

    I want to address YOU, that are right you the IWA faithful that tune in every week and chant the same old tiresome lines and the fans that are no doubt going to cheer for your fallen star in Ivan Draymen as he suffers from a severe case of Destiny being fulfilled which could take a while to get over.

    Everyone thinks that I am a bad person but that could be further from the truth, I am a good guy

    *Israel stops for a second and regains his composure*

    No I am a great guy and I am also a talented hardworking wrestler and the reason why YOU all hate me is because you are all weak. I am not talking physical strength because I have had 20 odd plus years to develop my body to the fine art work that stands before you now I am talking mentally weak but before you get defensive you are not the only ones.

    To explain what I am talking about to the short minded let’s take a look back 4 months ago when I defeated the 'So Called' guaranteed world champion of 2013 Malcolm Adonis. I beat him as well as three other men to become the former No 1 contender for the Endurance title.

    After our match Adonis said some cute things about how this Shining light person came out and distracted him instead of manning up and admitting that I was the superior man. Hey Adonis who’s 4 out of 10 now? Though it’s not all bad for Adonis because he gets rewarded for his loss by rising above the ranks and feuding with the returning Shining light in what could be the early contender for feud of the year.

    Lets go forward a couple of weeks later when Mr. Smyth interfered in my business and cost me the Endurance championship when I was just seconds away from teaching Kyojin a little Integrity and do I get rewarded for almost dethroning the Endurance champion? NO instead I get bumped off the next PPV while Mr Smyth lays down his plans for stealing the Endurance title.

    So I did what any hard working person would have done if they didn’t get the promotion they worked hard for, I took matters into my own hands and attacked Ivan Draymen for what apparently seemed like no reason at all, causing all of you to feel sorry for Draymen and start cheering for his cheap plugs and you chant horrible things to me like I’m some sort of monster.

    Although I know why you people choose to escape reality and create your little fantasy world where there are good guys and bad guys, houses get blown down by wolves and Jack stuffed up because Jill didn’t take the morning after Pill I live in reality and there was a very good reason why I attacked Ivan Draymen and in the lead up to this impending match it has become abundantly clear to the smart wrestling marks out there that I’m my crusade for Integrity I have no time for people like Draymen or any of you.

    You are all so invested in Draymen tonight that when I win and spoiler alert I will win you are all going to become broke, figuratively speaking of course because most of you are broke anyway I am going to prove that Draymen is nothing but a coward who hides his shame of not being able to wrestle by hiding behind Victor Elric and hide behind each and every one of you that I am going to rise up past the ignorance of the lesser minds and there is a lot here and make my mark on Destined for Immortality.

    See when I face Draymen tonight I am not going one on one with Draymen, because there is a much harder fight which I am going to win. I am going one on one with all of YOU. When I defeat Draymen I am going to defeat all of you and as The Instigator of Integrity, The Role model of respect and the Hero of honor is going to move on and take what is his and that is centre stage. No more will there be talk of Kyojin vs Mr Smyth and No more words will be spoke about Shining light v Malcolm Adonis because after tonight the focus on all future PPVs will be on whoever decides to get into the ring with the man who delivers brutal Strength in Poetic Motion, Israel Pamich.

    Tonight is not about YOU, tonight isn’t about Immortality tonight is all about Israel Pamich.

    Pamich turns, walking off, as the camera's cut back to the ring.

    Mike: Strong words from Israel. I wonder if he can deliver on those words

    Rocky: Well we are about to find out!

    Emily Davis: The next match is set for one fall! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 200 pounds, Ivan Draymen!

    Ivan comes out from the back to a good size pop from the fans. He makes his way down the ramp, slapping some of the fans hands along the way. Draymen slides into the ring, and waits, as the fans are chanting his name.

    Emily Davis: and his opponent, Israel Pamich!

    Pamich comes out from the back, to nothing but boos from the fans.

    Mike: And here is Ivan's rival, Israel.

    Rocky: This whole feud started back at Lost Cause, when Pamich attacked Ivan during the match Ivan and Victor had with the tag champs, Damaged Goods.

    Mike: And since then, it's been back and forth between these two.

    Rocky: But it's all coming to head right now!

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    Pamich makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, standing across from Ivan. The ref rings the bell and this match is on! Ivan Draymen and Israel Pamich pace around the ring, eyes locked onto each other while trash talking. Both men lock up, trying to over power the other. After a brief moment of struggling, Pamich is able to use his strength and push Draymen back a bit, and then he charges him and tackles him to the mat. Pamich gets behind Draymen and locks in an arm bar on Draymen and tells him to quit while he is ahead, but Draymen brings his head back hard, smashing Pamich in the jaw hard.

    Draymen does this two more times, forcing Pamich to release the hold. Draymen gets back to his feet and he swings at Pamich a few times but Pamich avoids the shots. Pamich goes for a swift kick to Draymen's torso, but Draymen catches his leg and lifts him up and slams him down to the mat! Draymen goes for the cover!
    One! Kick out!

    Mike: And Draymen gets the first pin fall attempt but fails to win the match!

    Rocky: Of course he failed! Hes hit Pamich one time! Pamich will win this thing easily!

    Draymen gets back to his feet and wastes no time getting back on the attack, bringing his elbow down onto Pamich's chest and then attempting to lock in a headlock, but Pamich slides out of the hold and rolls away from Draymen. Pamich and Draymen are both back to their feet now and they charge each other and hit each other with a clothesline at the same time! Both men quickly get back to their feet, and start trading blows!

    Pamich! Draymen! Pamich! Draymen! Draymen! Pamich! Pamich! Draymen! Draymen! Draymen!

    Draymen gets the upper hand, and keeps striking with hard right hands! Draymen pulls Pamich by the arm and whips him into the ropes! When Pamich bounces back, Draymen hops over Pamich's head, so Pamich bounces off the ropes again and Draymen goes for the Train Wreck but Pamich catches his leg and does a quick roll up!

    One! Two! No!

    Mike: Wow! That was close as hell! Draymen could have ended the match with that kick!

    Rocky: You're joking, right? Pamich almost pinned him! He was half a second away from winning here tonight!

    Draymen manages to get back to his feet first, and he nails Pamich in the chest with a swift kick, and then does it repeatidly with the crowd chanting "Yes!" after each kick! Draymen then runs to the ropes, bounces off them and comes back to hit a low drop kick on Pamich! Draymen goes for another cover!

    One! Two! Thr - NO!

    Pamich kicks out at the last second and Draymen is in shock! Draymen looks to the referee holding up three fingers, but the referee says two! Draymen gets back to his feet and goes to lift Pamich, but Pamich hits Draymen in the gut with a hard elbow shot! Draymen bends over clutching his stomach while Pamich manages to get back to his feet. Pamich grabs Draymen by the hair and throws him into the turnbuckle hard, and then climbs to the second rope and begins to bring hard fists down onto Draymen!

    One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!

    After ten hard shots to the head, Pamich wraps his arm around Draymen's neck and brings him down from the top with an inverted DDT! Pamich puts a big smile across his face, and then stands tall over Draymen and places one foot on Draymen's chest and poses as the referee counts!

    One! Two! NO!

    Draymen manages to get his shoulder up! Pamich is livid and begins to stomp onto Draymen's head furiously, forcing the referee to make Pamich back off so he isn't disqualified! The referee asks Draymen if he wants to end the match, but Pamich goes back on the attack and dives down onto Draymen, hitting hard elbows to his head and jaw over and over again! Pamich covers Draymen again!

    One! Two! Thr - Nope! Draymen gets the shoulder up once again!

    Pamich begins punching the mat hard, and then he gets up and gets into the referee's face, saying he is counting slow on purpose! The referee says he is just doing his job. Pamich goes back on the attack and lifts Draymen to his feet and throws him into the turnbuckle and then charges him and rams him with a hard shoulder block into the gut! Draymen bends over clutching his stomach, and then Pamich lifts him up to the top of the turnbuckle and sets him there. Pamich backs up to the opposite side an then charges Draymen while screaming and then smashes Draymen hard with a dropkick, sending him from the top rope all the way down to the arena floor below!!

    Mike: Oh my god!! Someone check on him, he could have broke his neck!!

    Rocky: He landed pretty hard, I think I have to agree with you on this one.

    Pamich is inside the ring, leaning over the ropes watching the lifeless Draymen lay on the floor. Pamich then starts screaming at the referee to begin the count, so he does.

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Draymen manages to get himself up to his knees, holding the side of his head.

    Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

    Draymen gets to his feet!

    NINE! T- Draymen slides into the ring at the last second! Pamich dives down onto Draymen and starts to bring hard elbows into Draymen's neck and head. Pamich then applies a headlock to Draymen and squeezes hard, twisting Draymen's neck around. Draymen tries fighting him off, but Pamich manages to turn the hold into a sleeper hold! Pamich applies more pressure and Draymen starts to fade slowly ...

    Mike: Things are looking to good for Draymen right now, Rocky.

    Rocky: Not at all, that fall to the outside really did a number on Draymen. I don't think he has much left in the tank.

    The referee checks on Draymen seeing if he is still in the match or not. The referee lifts Draymen's hand in the air and lets it fall.


    The referee grabs Draymen's hand again and drops it.


    The referee grabs Draymen's hand one last time and drops it, but Draymen stops it from hitting the mat! The crowd explodes with cheers and begins to chant "Draymen! Draymen! Draymen!". Pamich yells at the crowd telling them to shut their mouths while Draymen starts to get himself to his feet with Pamich on his back! After a brief moment, Draymen gets to his feet with Pamich still holding on and then Draymen throws himself down onto the ground, slamming down onto Pamich hard! Draymen rolls away from Pamich, catching his breath while Pamich tries to pull himself up with the ropes.

    Mike: Wow! What a physical contest this has been!

    Rocky: Yes it has, and I don't know how the hell these two guys are still moving.

    Draymen gets to his feet slowly leaning against the turnbuckle, and then Pamich charges him at full speed, but once Pamich reaches Draymen, Draymen tosses Pamich over the top rope and down to the floor below with a sickening thud!

    Mike: Oh god! You know what they say about pay back!

    Rocky: Hahaha! Yeah, it can be a real ass!

    Draymen smiles as the crowd pops and the referee starts to count but Draymen rolls out of the ring and stands Pamich up against the barricade. Draymen then gets onto the apron, grins widely, and jumps down from it and hits Pamich in the head with a hard elbow shot! Pamich starts to slump down to the floor, but Draymen picks him back up and throws him into the steel steps hard! The referee is at six now, so Draymen rolls into the ring then rolls back out, resetting the count. Draymen picks Pamich up and smacks his head off of the steps and then throws him back into the ring. Draymen slides into the ring and stalks Pamich, waiting for him to get to his feet. Once Pamich gets to his feet, Draymen charges him and goes for the Train Wreck, but Pamich moves out of the way and Draymen super kicks the referee, knocking him right out of the ring!

    Mike: Oh lord! The referee is out!

    Rocky: He should be disqualified!!!!

    Mike: It wasn't on purpose and you know it!

    Rocky: But still!

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    Draymen leans over the rope, looking at the referee who seems to be out cold on the floor below. While Draymen is distracted, Pamich rolls to the outside of the ring and makes his way over to the timekeeper's area and grabs two steel chairs. Pamich slides into the ring and drops one of the chairs hard, and then stalks Draymen with the other. Draymen turns around and Pamich charges him with the chair, but Draymen ducks the shot! Pamich turns around and swings again at Draymen, but Draymen ducks and then grabs the other chair off of the mat! Both men stare each other down, chairs in hand. They both swing at the same time, smashing the chairs together hard!

    Mike: Oh my god! They can't do this! Stop them!

    Rocky: No ref, no rules Mike! Stop bitching!

    Pamich swings again but Draymen blocks the shot with his chair, and then Draymen throws his chair at Pamich and then spears Pamich hard! Draymen grabs the chair again and slams Pamich in the back hard with it a few times before he decides to set the chair up in the center of the ring, and then he sets the other one up next to it. Draymen picks Pamich up off of his feet, and then he signals for the Raider's Roar! Draymen throws Pamich into the air, but Pamich reverses it and turns the move into the LaBelle lock!! Draymen is clawing for the bottom rope and he gets it, but the referee is still out cold!! Pamich applies more pressure to the hold, and then he finally lets go and grabs one of the chairs. Pamich lays Draymen's arm down onto the other chair, and then Pamich hits a conchairito to Draymen's arm hard, making Draymen flop around in the center of the ring like a fish out of water!!

    Mike: He broke his arm! There is no way he didn't!

    Rocky: Goddamn, I felt that shot over here!

    Pamich puts a huge smile across his face, and begins to mock Draymen by holding his arm and saying "Ow ow ow!" and the crowd boos the hell out of him for it. Pamich waves the crowd off and then makes his way over to Draymen with the chair in hand. Pamich drops down to one knee and laughs at Draymen, and then he puts Draymen's arm in the chair and then stands up. Pamich poses for a bit, and then goes to stomp down onto the chair, but Draymen slides his hand out just at the right time and rolls out of Pamich's reach!

    Draymen gets to his feet, holding his arm which has a huge bruise on it now and he starts seething. Draymen charges Pamich and clotheslines him with his good arm, but Pamich gets right back to his feet. Draymen goes for another shot, but Pamich hits a drop toe hold, making Draymen fall onto one of the chairs! Pamich laughs even harder, and then he grabs the other chair and climbs up the turnbuckle with it in hand.

    Mike: What does he think he is doing?!

    Rocky: I don't know but the referee still isn't moving! We need a new referee out here and quickly!

    Pamich stalks Draymen as he slowly gets up to his feet, clutching the chair hard. Pamich stands tall on the turnbuckle once Draymen gets to his feet, and then he dives down towards Draymen, trying to bring the chair down onto Draymen's head, but Draymen jumps up and hits the Train Wreck to the chair, kicking it right into Pamich's head and busting him wide open!! Draymen kicks the two chairs out of the ring and he goes for the cover!


    Rocky: NO! Look!

    A second referee comes sprinting down the ramp as fast as he can, and slides into the ring and starts the count!

    ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match Ivan Draymen!

    Ivan gets to his feet, looking down at Pamich, as Draymen goes to the corner and climbs to the middle rope, posing.

    Mike: Ivan pulled the win off! He turned Pamich's dirty deed against Pamich's self.

    Rocky: Even I have to hand it to Ivan. he pulled out the win. Kudos to him.

    Ivan climbs down, as he looks at Pamich once more who is still down. The camera's cut from this image, to the back. Seth Gabel is shown backstage with a microphone in hand

    Seth Gabel: Ladies and gentlemen, KJ Punk!

    The camera pans back and reveals KJ Punk standing there ready for the main event as the crowd pops.

    Seth Gabel: KJ, what are your thoughts on your match, the Maximum Anarchy match?

    Punk: Well, Seth, it’s going to be brutal. There’s definitely a mindset that you have to be in before you step inside such a demonic structure. Let’s be honest, none of us are sane. We can’t be. The things we are going to do to each other inside that cage shouldn’t be legal. Hell, they probably won’t be! But I think the match will be what the fans expect on the grandest stage that IWA has to offer. It’ll be a spectacle and I plan on ending tonight with me holding the title high as confetti rains down onto me and the IWA World Championship.

    Seth Gabel: What do you think of your opponents?

    Punk: I have nothing but respect for Rob Rage and Jman. They are two of the best that have ever stepped into the ring, but I have no problem crippling them to take back my championship. I don’t know if they’re here to hog the spotlight or not, but they’re going to have to go through me for that spotlight here in IWA. AJ Dixon is my greatest rival. I have never faced anyone in this business more than AJ Dixon and we know each other like the back of our hands. We know the moves that we’re going to make before we make them. I wouldn’t be shocked if it came down to me and him as the final two, either. Darius is a man who I had never encountered before I came to IWA, but I’ve quickly learned that he’s nothing but a snake and a coward. He’ll take any shortcut to get ahead, but I’m good at adapting to his style and getting the better of him. Now, onto our current IWA Champ, Shaz. Sure he beat me on Chaos. But that was more of a scouting mission for this match than it was for me to take the title from him. I know I can beat him for sure now. I thought he would be a good champ, but he’s losing tonight. I’m going to be the one taking the title from him and bringing respect back to the IWA World Championship.

    Seth Gabel: What does being in the main event tonight at Destined for Immortality mean to you?

    Punk: It means validation. It means that I am one of the best in this company. It means that I deserve and have earned my spot at the top. It means respect that I’ve clawed my way up from the bottom of this business to achieve the highest honors. It means this company has faith in me to be the face and to carry this company into the future. It means that my time is now and that I will be IWA World Champion after the match is over!

    Punk turns and leaves Gabel by himself.

    Seth Gabel: Thanks, Punk.

    The camera's cut from Seth, back to the ring.

    Emily Davis: This match is set for one fall...making his way to the ring, weighing in at 212 pounds, Oscar Lay-gle!

    Oscar comes out from the back to a really big pop from the fans. He stands at the top of the ramp, and points to the skies, as pyro's go off. He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He stands, waiting for Ali.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, weighing in at 212 pounds, residing in Los Angeles, CA, Ali Kazam!

    The camera focuses on the entrance stage, as there is a puff of smoke. As the smoke goes away, we now see Ali Kazam standing on the entrance stage. Kazam stands there for a moment, until there is another puff of smoke and Kazam is gone. There is a third puff, and we see Kazam is now standing in the ring.

    Mike: Some hocus pocus from Kazam. He might be a decent magician, but is he a better wrestler than Oscar?

    Rocky: Personally I saw he is. This match will prove it.

    Oscar Lay-gle and Ali Kazam are standing in the ring, as the bell sounds. The two men look at each other, as Oscar goes straight at Kazam, looking for a hook up, only for Oscar to go through a cloud of smoke.

    Rocky: And the magician pulling out his trade right from the start.

    Mike: I’m here to see wrestling, not magic.

    Oscar turns, and sees Ali on the top rope, legs on one side, his torso on the other, as he lays there smiling. Oscar charges at Ali Kazam, but once more, Kazam disappears into a cloud of smoke. Oscar immediately swings wild, and decks Kazam who appears behind Oscar! Kazam is dropped, as Oscar looks down and says, “fight me, pussy”.

    Mike: Looks like Oscar doesn’t like magic either.

    Rocky: Let me guess, he loved clowns as a kid….

    Mike: How do I know?

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