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    *A huge “Ace Note!” chant starts up, some fans getting up from their seats to clap and cheer Note on as he continues his debasing harangue on both Domino and a fuming Israel Pamich. Ace Note soaks up the love with a huge grin on his face and opens his mouth to say more when the music of a very familiar entity interrupts him.
    DominoDomino: "Ladies and Gentleman please, bring your attention to me". That includes you Ace Note, you see I come out here and say what I want, do what I want, whenever I want and nothing you can do will stop me. You see Ace Note you always come out here talk about other wrestlers imperfection like your a god around here. But your no god, your a joke. You didn't grow up wanting to be a wrestler, you wanted to be an acrobat but guess what you couldn't cut it as an acrobat. Now your here as a wrestler trying to take a spot that I trained for, before you even decided you wanted to be a wrestler. Which is why Sunday, I'm going to write a wrong, and rid you from the IWA forever.

    *Fans begin to boo and chant you suck towards Domino

    "And you fans can thank me later, you ungrateful, ignorant people." I'm the future of IWA, and all you so called fans, should be cheering me not some failed gymnist, I am a wrestler. I am a great wrestler, I am going to be the greatest wrestler who ever lived. I'm the best and can nobody tell me different.

    Ivan Draymen

    The crowd explodes with cheers as Draymen's music hits and cuts Domino off. Draymen makes his way down the ramp with a microphone in hand, and then he slides into the ring.

    Draymen: Domino ... Do us all a favor and shut the hell up. You're nothing but a generic indy wrestler who thinks he can make it in the big leagues with the true performers. News flash, you suck.

    The crowd pops

    Draymen: As a matter of fact, all of you should stop talking. These fans used their hard earned cash to see action, not to listen to a bunch of grown men have hissy fits. These fans want to see Ace Note vs. Israel Pamich, goddamn it, and they are going to! But they will also see me tonight, because I will be in his corner when he faces Pamich. Pamich, you preach about honor and integrity and it is ironic because you lack both of those traits.

    I'm not out here to steal Ace's spotlight, but at Destined for Immortality, you can damn well guarantee that I am going to knock common sense into you and teach you what honor truly is. You are nothing but a spineless coward, Pamich, and once I get my hands on you, you will regret the day you ever crossed my path. At Destined for Immortality ... You will learn that you are not the honorable man you claim to be Pamich.

    Draymen looks to Note

    Draymen: Don't hurt him to bad, I want to make sure he makes it to the payperview.

    Draymen drops the microphone and nods at Note. Draymen climbs out of the ring, as does Domino, as a ref is now in the ring. He signals for the bell.

    Israel Pamich (Cesaro) vs. Ace Note (Randy Orton)
    (Start 2:30, End 9:12; Ignore clock)

    Pamich sits up on his knees in dismay as Note kicks out at two! Pamich holds three fingers up, but the referee says two! Pamich gets to his feet and leans against the turnbuckle, watching as Note slowly gets back to his feet. Once Note gets to his feet, Pamich runs at him and goes for a forearm shot, but Note catches him and plants him down to the mat hard with a massive power slam from out of no where!

    Note pulls himself up with the middle rope to his knees and stalks Pamich as he gets to his feet. Pamich stands tall, and then Note gets to his feet as well. Both men meet in the center of the ring and begin to trade blows with each other, but Pamich gets the upper hand at the very start of the brawl, and then he whips Note into the ropes hard.

    Note rebounds off of the ropes and swings for the fences with a clothesline, but Pamich rolls underneath Note! Pamich gets back to his feet as Note rebounds again, but then Note connects with a forearm, knocking Pamich down to the mat! Pamich gets back up, but Note hits another stiff shot to the head of Pamich! Pamich gets up a third time, and then Note goes for a spear, but Pamich moves out of the way and Note spears the referee!

    Mike: The referee is down! The referee is down!!

    Rocky: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

    Note sits in front of the referee, shocked at the damage he had just done. While Note is distracted by the referee, Domino slides into the ring, Domino stalks Note, and then hits him with the Domino Theory from behind! Pamich sits in the corner laughing at Note as he lays on the mat out cold! Pamich then makes his way to Note and lifts him to his feet, and nails A Little Integrity hard, dropping Note to the mat hard!

    Mike: This just isn't right! Ring the damn bell!

    Rocky: Hey, the referee didn't see it!

    Pamich covers Note as Domino shakes the referee, trying to wake him up. After a few moments, the referee finally pulls through and sees Pamich covering Note! Domino turns, trying to leave the ring, as Ivan Draymen nails a massive superkick, dropping Domino hard!

    One! . . . . . Two! . . . . . . THREE! Draymen dives, but lands right at three. The match is over!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Israel Pamich!

    Draymen is back up, as is Pamich as they begin to brawl. Draymen sends Pamich over the top to the outside, with a clothesline. Ivan runs into the ropes, as he charges back, suicide diving through the ropes, taking Pamich out. Ace Note and Domino are back up, as they begin to go shot for shot now!

    Ace Note!
    Ace Note!
    Ace Note!
    Ace Note!
    Ace NotNO!

    Just as Ace seems like he has the advantage, Domino nails Note squarely below the belt, and nails the Domino Theory, planting Ace. Domino is back up, standing over his DFI opponent, as he looks out at Ivan Draymen who is standing over Pamich.

    Mike: These two men came out on top tonight, but will they manage to do that come Destined for Immortality?

    Rocky: Man...I can't wait!

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    The camera's cut from this scene, to the back. We cut to the backstage area where Ryan Wells is seen talking to some crew member. However, the audio is not hearable. Just then, Brock Edwards bursts in and tells the crew member to leave.

    Brock: Well, look who we have here? It's Ryan "Fucking" Wells. How you doing buddy? Does the cat still have your tongue or did the cat as well take your balls? *Ryan just remains silence.* Oh come on, you were talking to that nobody, so why can't you talk to me? I knew it, Ryan. You just don't have it in you to say a word when I'm near. You have finally realized the truth. The truth of how much you completly suck and are pathetic. I mean you have been showing up at my matches at any given time. Yet, you can't explain your actions. That to me smells like a coward. How about we name you, Courage The Cowardly Dog, but sadly the dog is more brave than you. You got nothing to say. Are you just going to take it like a bitch? You know, go fuck yourself, Ryan.

    *Brock then turns to leave. Ryan Wells immediately grabs Brock, spinning him around to face him, getting right into Edwards face.*

    Wells: You want the truth? Here is some truth for you Brock. I said I was going to take you and Ryder out, and look, your little bitch Ryder isn't at your side anymore with his head up your ass. He is off head banging to Justin Bieber and touching himself to pictures of N'Sync. That leaves just you. Have you noticed how despite me messing with you, and me not saying anything, I've somehow managed to get into your head? I'm not a coward Brock, I'm a savior. See, IWA needs a change. This company needs to head into a new direction, where people like you, Athena, Pamich, and the rest of the rag tag band of outcasts, are cast aside, because let's be honest Brock...this is a wrestling company. I am a wrestling freak. So, call me what you want, but the one thing you won't call me tonight when I face Athena, or at Destined for Immortality when I face you, is a loser.

    *Brock smiles back at Wells.*

    Brock: Poor Wells! You just can't seem to get it can you. You didn't break up the team of Edwards and Ryder. I did. You seem to have forgotten, but after I beat you at the last PPV, I hit Ryder with the NEXT! Which pretty much was the end of our partnership. Cause of me, Ryder is now forced to be in a battle royal in the pre-show. That's how badly I buried the fool. *Brock walks around and paces himself around Ryan.*

    I know you haven't talked in awhile, but I did expected you to say something. However, you simply disappointed me. I thought you would know better than to say this company needs me. When it is obvious they do need me cause without yours truly, this company would be in the shitter. No one would watch or even care about this show. You may say you're this wrestling freak, but all you truly are.... is a IWC lover-boy. Plain and simple. No one wants or needs you around here. And like I should care about your stupid match. Let's be honest even if you win, you still won't have anything over me. So, go play dress-up with Athena in the ring, but know this. It doesn't matter if you win or not cause after Destined For Immortality you'l just be..... a loser and..... an after-thought.

    *Brock turns around leaves Ryan to himself. At the same time Ryan looks deeply at Brock while he walks away. The camera's cut back to the ring now.

    We see Orion Slayde out in the ring, standing there.

    Mike: Well, Slayde said he was here for a fight. Lets see if Victor responds!

    Victor walks out, with no music. He stands at the top of the ramp, as the fans cheer, knowing what is to come. Victor charges down the ramp and into the ring, as the two men immediately go at it! They are trading blow for blow, until Victor finally gets the upperhand, and sends Slayde flying over the top to the outside with a clothesline, sending himself out also! Victor is to his feet first, as he looks under the ring. He pulls out a table, setting it up. Victor lifts Slayde up, and lifts him into the air! SEAL OF THE BEATEN! Victor drives Slayde through the table with the small package driver, as Slayde lays in the rubble. Victor goes, grabbing a mic, as he looks down.

    Victor: 1..............2.......3.............4............ 5......

    Victor gets right into the face of the downed Orion.

    Rocky: What the hell is Victor doing?

    Mike: Giving us a taste of what is to come at Destined for Immortality. We've seen a table, I bet Victor is going for the ten count now.

    Victor: 6.........7..........8...........9...

    Mike: GOGOPLATA!

    Slayde immediately grabs Victor, locking in the gogoplata, as Victor drops the mic before ten. Slayde is torquing the move, and Victor has no choice but to tap. After Elric taps for a few moments, Slayde lets go, and neither man is moving!

    Rocky: Wow! We've seen a glimpse of Destined for Immortality!

    Mike: A table, a almost 10 count, and a submission. This 3 stages of hell is going to be epic!

    Rocky: but will it end the war?

    The final image is of both men down, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.



    A much more mixed reaction is heard throughout the arena as Kyojin explodes out of the curtain. The IWA Endurance Championship is on his shoulder as he smiles at the reaction. The English fans can be heard chanting ‘Who Are Ya?’ at Kyojin as he makes his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans who actually want to slap Kyo’s hand. He slides into the ring and asking for a microphone.

    Kyojin: Well that was different.

    The fans give another mixed reaction as Kyojin laughs.

    Kyojin: Look, I don’t care if we’re in Mr. Smyth’s backyard, I wouldn’t care if we were in his front living room, hell we can be wherever but the only thing that I care about is that this is the final Chaos before Destined For Immortality.

    And that means one thing, this is the final Chaos before finally, after four months, Smyth will stop ducking me, he’ll stop coming up with excuse after excuse, he’ll strap on a pair of boots, put on his wrestling attire, walk out to this ring and get his ass kicked!

    A massive mixed reaction ensues once again.

    Kyojin: I’m not one to make false statements. Look back at ICW, I made the statement that I would walk out of Glory Days holding the ICW World Championship and I did it. Tonight, I’m making the statement that come this Sunday, Destined For Immortality, I will leave having made the biggest impact ever.

    And how will I make that impact? I’m gonna beat Smyth, I’m gonna retain MY Endurance Championship and I’m gonna walk out of Destined For Immortality DESTINED FOR IMMORTALITY!

    Another massive mixed reaction is heard around the arena and a ‘Mr. Smyth’ ‘Kyojin’ battle of chants is heard.

    Kyojin: And why? Let me cast your mind back all the way to the very first match in IWA’s history. Would you believe it? It was Mr. Smyth against Kyojin. And before that match, Smyth beat me down with a brick. He knew then what a threat I was, he knew then how damn good I am.

    He tried to incapacitate me, he tried to make me weak but what he did was light a fire and beating him that night wasn’t enough for me. A pure hatred has been building ever since that night. And this Sunday, all of hatred will come to the surface. I’m not just going to beat Smyth this Sunday, I’m going to destroy him, I’m going to massacre him!

    I’ll make him scream for me to stop, I’ll make him beg for mercy and at the end of it, we will all see Smyth for what he truly is, a little bitch that talks way too much and isn’t able to back it up when it comes down to it.

    Kyo has managed to get the fans on his side as there’s a massive cheer and a huge Kyojin chant is heard throughout the arena.

    Kyojin: Smyth, I know you’re backstage listening so I want you to hear this loud and clear. The only way you’re going to take this Endurance Championship from me is if you take it from my cold, dead hands.

    Another massive cheer is heard throughout the arena but then...

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    Mr. Smyth

    Mr. Smyth’s music hits and the dynamic of London’s 02 Arena changes. There is a strange combination – some are cheering for Smyth while others are booing. It’s almost seems 50/50 in ratio and when Smyth walks through the curtain with the TWE IronFist title on his shoulder, and stands on the staging area, the volume of the cheers and boos become deafening.

    Mike: Now this is weird. Such a passionate response from the IWA faithful here.

    Rocky: I never thought I’d hear Mr. Smyth’s name chanted in any arena across this world. Don’t get me wrong, nobody is more deserving than the premier businessman of IWA, but it is unusual for the scum of the world to appreciate him.

    Mike: Scum of the world?

    Rocky: I include you in that statement.

    Mr. Smyth is still standing on the staging area, soaking in the atmosphere. He looks onto the crowd and seems taken aback by their reaction. After a few more seconds, Smyth composes himself and takes a walk down the aisle, ignoring all the fans he passes. He climbs the steps, climbs through the ropes and stops in the middle of the ring to stare at Kyojin. The atmosphere becomes electric as the two stare each other down. Without taking his eyes off Smyth, Kyojin raises his IWA Endurance title into the air and that is greeted by a strong, yet mixed reaction. Mr. Smyth smiles, raises his TWE IronFist championship into the air and that is also greeted by a strong, yet mixed reaction.

    The music dies down and we are left with the two adversaries in the ring. The crowd is electric for this confrontation. A strong Kyojin chant echoes around the arena as Smyth walks over to the corner and grabs a mic from the stagehand. Just as he is about to speak, the Kyojin chant changes to a Smyth chant right in mid-air. Both Smyth and Kyojin start scanning the arena before coming face to face, and the stare down ensures again.

    Kyojin: Well? Are you plan-

    Mr. Smyth raises his hand and stops Kyojin mid-sentence. Smyth tells Kyojin to just wait as the crowd starts chanting “Let’s go Kyojin!” “Let’s go Smyth!” Smyth finally brings the microphone to his lips and addresses the fans.

    Mr. Smyth: I see a big smog, illegal immigrants, a fourteen year old mom, a group of unemployed smack-heads and a considerable amount of Man United and Man City shirts. We must be in fackin’ Laaaaaaaaaaaaandan!

    The fans remain split. Half of them are booing viciously, while the other half let out and ironic “Whey!” Kyojin shakes his head disapprovingly as Smyth looks back at his adversary.

    Mr. Smyth: As much fun as I am having at this time making fun of the embarrassments that live in the capital city of this great country, I have something I want to say. Something I feel is rather important. Kyojin, you and I are not allowed to lay a finger on each other before Destined for Immortality, which is merely a few days away. If I lay my hands on you, I lose my chance to take you out. If you lay your hands on my, you get stripped of that IWA Endurance that. Either way, our match at the PPV would be cancelled.

    Mr. Smyth turns to the fans.

    Mr. Smyth: I’ve had to do a summary there as I know you asinine troglodytes don’t have the intellectual capacity to remember such details.

    The fans explode with boos as Smyth looks back at Kyojin.

    Mike: Well, whatever fans he had, Smyth has certainly just lost them there.

    Rocky: Fickle bastards.

    Mr. Smyth: Earlier tonight, Smokey admitted that our match is one of the most important matches on the PPV. I would actually go as far as to say that our match is quite possibly one of the most important matches since IWA first appeared on the scene. Yes, it is egotistical for me to say that, but I don’t think that many people can argue that point.

    Anyway, when Smokey said what he said, it got me thinking. What would be the effects if we did go at it and the match got cancelled? The marketing has been hyping it up, the fans are desperate to see it and if it was cancelled, that would take out a considerable chunk of buy-rates for the PPV. In summary, cancelling this match would most certainly not be best for business. In fact, it would be detrimental.

    Kyojin cocks his head slightly, as if he is finally interested in what Smyth has to say. The fans are jumping, as they have a sense as to where this is going.

    Mr. Smyth: It would take a very brave man to cancel that match. In fact, you would have to be borderline stupid. Now this is a calculated risk, but making calculated risks is something I do on a daily basis and I always have my instincts proven right. So, with that said...

    Smyth slaps Kyojin across the face and the fans respond with an “Ooohhhhh.”

    Mike: Oh shit...

    Rocky: See, I fucking told you! I fucking told you shit was gonna kick off tonight!

    Kyojin looks back to Smyth, a small amount of blood coming from his bottom lip. Kyojin looks onto Smyth for another moment before an evil smile crosses his face. Kyojin drops his mic to the floor and slaps Smyth across his face. The fans are showing their excitement as the two men in the ring face off with another.

    Mike: We’re gonna need some help out here. This is about to explode.

    Rocky: Fuck that. Let them go at it.

    There is a moment of pause, but all of a sudden, Mr. Smyth throws the first punch, with Kyojin responding in kind and the fans become unglued. Blows are exchanged between the two:


    Smyth tackles Kyojin to the ground and a scuffle between the two ensues. Smokey appears at the top of the ramp in a state of frustration and panic and calls for some officials to the ring. From the back, four referees sprint down the aisle and enter the ring. In this time, Kyojin has rolled Smyth onto his back and starts wailing heavy blows onto his head. The referees drag Kyojin off Smyth, and the crowd explodes with boos, with a “Let them fight!” chant echoing around the arena. Smyth stands up, runs over and takes out one of the referees.

    Mike: What the hell?

    Rocky: Looks like Mr. Smyth is just lashing out at anything.

    Smyth grabs one of the refs that has gotten a hold of Kyojin and launches him out of the ring. Kyojin grabs another ref and lays him out onto the ring floor before kicking him out of the ring. Both Smyth and Kyojin look at the last official, who quickly bails out. The fans explode into a deafening cheer as Smyth and Kyojin stand on opposite sides of the ring, staring each other down.

    Rocky: The road is clear now. Let’s get it on!

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    All of a sudden, both men go for each other again, Kyojin tackling down Smyth, and Smokey sprints back through the curtain. Smyth rolls Kyojin over quickly and starts landing heavy blows of his own. Smyth picks up Kyojin and slams him into the corner before landing some more hard rights. Kyojin reverses and now with Smyth in the corner, Kyojin stars throwing heavy kicks and punches.

    Mike: Kyojin and Smyth, one of the marquee matches at Destined for Immortality is happening right before our eyes.

    Rocky: Oh, look. Here come some buzz kills.

    Smokey appears onto the staging area again. With a sense of urgency, he signals for more help, and we see Adonis, Pamich, Smith, Steele, Edwards, Note, Punk, & Blue all running from the back and straight into the ring. Smyth and Kyojin continue to exchange heavy blows in the ring as the boys from the back start to break up the fight. With an even split between the two, the boys have managed to separate Kyojin and Smyth. Kyojin’s lip is bleeding a lot worse than earlier, but Smyth has a deep laceration above his right eye.

    Mike: This match at DFI is going to be something. I wasn’t too sure if Smyth had the balls to face Kyojin like this, but this shows that he has the courage at least. I am surprised, and I think the IWA champ is as well. Saying that, Kyojin looks like he is relishing this!

    Rocky: You were never sure, I was certain. You’re one of the scummy bastards who don’t appreciate the type of man Mr. Smyth is, same goes for Kyojin.

    Out of the blue, Smyth starts throwing right hands to take out the guys that are holding him back. First Blue gets knocked down, then Pamich but Punk tackles Smyth to the ground and holds him there with the help of Ace Note. Kyojin breaks free from the group restraining him and makes a beeline for Smyth, who is still on the floor. Kyojin manages to get one hard stamp on Smyth’s head before he is dragged back into a corner. Punk, Note, Blue and Pamich pick Smyth up from the ring floor and hold him into the opposite corner. The fans explode into another “Let them fight!” chant.

    Rocky: They will go through the entire IWA locker room if they have to. They want to hurt each other, all to resolve this personal issue.

    Mike: It is about a personal issue, but it is also about the IWA Endurance title. Smyth has said that he doesn’t want to beat Kyojin – he HAS to beat Kyojin and the only thing stopping him from doing that right now is 8 guys from the locker room.

    Both Smyth and Kyojin never take their eyes off each other. Smyth has half his face covered in blood from the laceration above his eye. The feeling in the ring seems to have died down a bit and a moment of calm comes across all. The group holding back Kyojin ease off a bit, which gives Kyojin a chance to dive through the ropes and out of the ring.

    With that happening, the group holding Smyth back look round in surprise, which gives Smyth the opportunity to dive out of the ring and sprint round towards Kyojin. Outside of the ring, Kyojin is in a static position screaming for Smyth to bring it. Smyth continues to sprint towards Kyojin, shoulder first, and tackles Kyojin.


    Rocky: I would not be surprised if these two destroy this entire arena.

    Smyth stays on top, dropping heavy blows onto Kyojin’s face before Smith and Edwards drag him away. Blue and Pamich help out holding Smyth back, while the remaining four guys restrain Kyojin. Smith, Edwards, Blue and Pamich start to drag Smyth back towards the ramp as Smyth starts shouting at Kyojin “Wasn’t expecting that was you, you wanker? Keep underestimating me – I’ll fucking destroy you!”

    Mike: Smyth is swearing. This just shows the anger between these two. At Destined for Immortality, this is going to be huge.

    Rocky: We’ve seen it now. We’ve seen them lock up and come DFI, there won’t be anything in between them. We’ve seen the violence between the two men who will fight for the IWA Endurance championship.

    The camera cuts to Kyojin, who is shouting “You’re dead. You’re fucking dead, Smyth.” Kyojin is still trying to break free from being restrained, but the boys have a good hold of him this time. With Smyth having been dragged to the top of the ramp, Kyojin’s group start to drag him to the back as well. Smokey is screaming at Smyth, telling him that he will live to regret this. Smokey then storms down towards Kyojin and says that same to him, but Kyojin responds by throwing a hard punch and laying out Smokey. The fans in the 02 arena a still cheering on this fight, with them chanting “Let’s go Kyojin!” “Let’s go Smyth!”

    Mike: I’m being told that we need to go to a commercial break. Hopefully by the time we come back, order will have been resto...WHAT THE HELL?!?.

    The final shot before we cut to commercial is of Kyojin and Smyth breaking free once more and running towards each other, with Kyojin tackling Smyth to the ground.


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    *Hawk makes his way out to a flurry of boos from the crowd but he is still smiling and telling the fans he beat Smith as he gets in the ring.

    Hawk: Last week in the 6 man tag match, I proved who the real boss is when I took out Smith and pinned him right in the center of the ring, 1 2 3. Now get used to that image because at Destined for Immortality, you are going to be see it again really soon. If Smith thinks hiring him a nanny to watch his back is going to do him any good, he is dead wrong. I proved to the world how green he is when he displayed his lack of ring awareness last week and made one of the biggest rookie mistakes you can make in a tag match.

    Smith, you expect to beat me at the biggest event in this companies history, then you should be at a level that you have never reached. Beating Killa a couple of times is one thing, but beating me is a completely different thing. I am cold, cunning and calculated. Everything I do in this ring has a purpose and last week, you found that out the hard way. I waste no energy on meaningless motions, such as pleasing the ungrateful fans or finding someone to help me out because I am one of the best wrestlers IWA has seen. So come out here and complain about me and waste our time because so far that's all you have done.

    *The crowd erupts with cheers as Jackson music hits, he walks out with Alex by his side. As he walks down the ramp slapping a few fans along the way, he stops, looks in the camera, and mouths “Let’s turn this shit up a notch!” He holds the ring ropes up to allow Alex to get in the ring first as he follows. He passes by Hawk and asks the stagehand for a mic, he walks back and stands near Alex as the crowd chants “Jackson! Jackson!” He waits a few more seconds before he starts to talk*

    Jackson: Oh I’m sorry did I waste your time *smirks as Hawks looks pissed* Oh come on Hawk, you can’t be mad can you, I mean you did “beat me” after all. Could you really call that a win!? I mean yes, you got the 1, 2, 3, but, you held my tights man. You had to cheat to win and here I thought you were good enough to win cleanly in your home town. *Laughs* That is just horrible, could not even pin my shoulders down cleanly, had to grab on my damn tights! *Alex shakes her head* Why wouldn’t you win though, it was in your hometown, this is not like the company up north where you lose in front of your family and friends, hell Beth Phoenix can tell you that.

    You called this beautiful women here *points to Alex* my nanny?! Does she look like Mary fucking Poppins?! Do I look like a 5 year old boy to you, of course you do since you whine and complain like a little bitch! *crowd cheers* I need to reach a level that I haven’t reached yet you say, well Hawk, you are right. I have not reached the level I want to be at yet, I still have a long way to go but, I do know one thing, that on that road to the next level, you will be just one of many that I beat to get there! You say you are cold, cunning and calculated and everything you do in this ring has a purpose and I found that out the hard way?!?!? *Both Jackson and Alex look at each other and they both laugh uncontrollably* HAHAHA……hahah….I’m sorry, let me just catch my breath will quick.

    *Jackson get’s himself together as Hawk looks on with a stern look*

    You beat me on a roll up! Everything you just said is invalid! The only thing cold about that is how you gave my ass a damn wedgie for holding my fucking tights too hard so yea I guess I did find out the hard way, well my ass did anyway *laughs* Hawk, please get your ass out of this damn ring man, your just…your just embarrassing yourself!

    *Crowd cheers as Alex continues laughing. As Alex laughs, Hawk hits Jackson with the microphone. While Jackson is getting up Alex leaves the ring as Jackson and Hawk begin brawling. Hawk and Smith are trading blows back and forth until Hawk delivers a devastating kick to Jackson's skull, knocking him down in the corner. Hawk gets a sadistic grin on his face and looks to the roof and waves for something from the rafters. A barbed wire bat is lowered from the rafters and Hawk takes it off of the rope and gets ready to attack Smith as he gets to his feet.

    Hawk: I am going to give you a face that even a mother wouldn't love Smith and everyone will see what kind of man you really are in the face tragedy.
    Alex looks on from ringside terrified and screams for Smith to get out, but he is unable to hear anything from her, while Hawk is to engrossed with the idea of disfiguring Smith to care. Alex realizes what's about to occur and rushes into the ring to get between the two men before any damage is done. However, the moment she gets between the two, Hawk has already swung and hits Alex in the side of her face, knocking her out and busting her open right as Smith turns around. Enraged, Smith charges at Hawk as medics come out to get Alex out of the ring.

    Hawk and Smith begin brawling again with Smith delivering devastating blows to Hawk. As he turns around to look at Alex, Hawk sends Smith flying over out of the ring with a devastating clothesline. Smith is about to jump back in but the referees hold him back and he realizes how bad the attack on Alex really was and rushes back to see here. Hawk is looking at the bat with Alex's blood on it and is stunned at first, but raises the bat cheering with a fiendish smile on his face basking in the hatred and thunderous boos that the crowd is pouring onto Hawk, and calling Smith back to kick his ass.

    Mike: my god! That poor girl!

    Rocky: She got in the way. Notice a trend. Valentina gets inbetween Shining and Adonis, gets buried alive. This girl gets between these two, and is busted open. I wonder who is next

    Mike: You are sick Mike...just sick...

    The camera's fade to a commercial break.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Athena and Ryan Wells already in the ring for their match. The ref turns, signalling the bell.

    Athena (Chyna) vs. Ryan Wells (Jericho)
    (Start 1:18, End 10:15)

    Wells continues to club the back of Athena hard with his fists, and then he climbs up to the second rope and wraps him arms around her midsection, and then he attempts to german suplex Athena from the top rope, but she elbows Wells in the head three times, making him fall down to the mat below! Athena then posistions herself on the top rope, and then dives down onto Wells with a huge elbow drop from the top rope! Athena covers Wells!

    One! Two! Wells powers out!

    Mike: The strength of Wells just can't be matched! That man is a beast!

    Rocky: I actually disagree ... Athena is putting up one hell of a fight, a fight Wells wasn't expecting for sure!

    Athena and Wells both stand to their feet at the same time and stare each other down, and then they pace around in a circle, swinging at each other. The two then lock hands together and have a showdown of strength, trying to force the other down to their feet. After a few moments of a power struggle, Wells overpowers Athena and forces her down to one knee, and then he hits her with a knee trembler hard, knocking her to the mat hard! Wells covers Athena!

    One! Two! Th- No!

    Athena gets the shoulder up! Wells gets to his feet and backs into the corner in disbelief, thinking of ways to end the match. Athena gets to her feet and then Wells charges her with a spear, but Athena grabs Wells and tosses him in between the turnbuckle hard, making his shoulder hit the steel!

    Mike: Oh god! The sound of Wells' shoulder hitting that post just echoed through the arena!

    Rocky: Haha! I felt it from here! Goddamn!

    Athena makes her way back to Wells, but then Damian Eddings comes running down the ramp with a steel chair in hand!! Athena turns her attention to Eddings and begins to scream at him to leave but he doesn't stop! Eddings tries to get in the ring but the referee stops him! Eddings gets in the referee's face, but the referee gives Eddings hell! After a brief verbal argument, Eddings drops from the apron and makes his way up the ramp!

    While Athena is distracted, Wells stands to his feet, and then charges Athena and goes for the clothesline from hell, but Athena turns and catches him, planting him with the Amazon Slam in the middle of the ring! Athena covers but the referee is still distracted! Athena screams at the referee to count, so he quickly drops to the mat and begins to count!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Athena!

    Athena is immediately to her feet, as the ref raises her hand.

    Brock Edwards

    Brock Edwards comes out from the back, as Wells is slowly stirring. Brock charges down the ramp, straight into the ring. Wells is to his feet, as Brock lifts Ryan into the air and plants him with the Next! Wells is dropped from the F5, as Athena goes to touch Brock, only to be lifted into the air and dropped by the Next also! Eddings is now in the ring, applauding Brocks work, as Brock smirks, and lifts Eddings into the air and plants him with the Next also!

    Mike: Holy crap! 3 Next's! Brock showing his dominance!

    Rocky: Athena didn't even do anything! Maybe she was going to pay him on the back and say good job.

    Mike: Hey she wants to play with the big boys...

    The camera's fade to a commercial, as Edwards stands tall.


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    Malcolm Adonis

    Marvin Gaye filters through the arena, serenading the crowd to announce the arrival of Malcolm Adonis! The fans cheer and women in particular scream and whistle, some even trying to fight their way to the front row. Adonis himself strides out from behind the curtain, these week smiling, this week wearing his trademark gold coloured trunks and carrying a bottle of baby oil in his hand, signalling that the real Malcolm Adonis is back!

    To the delight of the women in attendance, Malcolm gyrates and dances up on the stage, pouring the oil down himself and rubbing it in. He tosses the bottle aside and begins wiping himself down with the towel draped over his shoulder that he then hands to a particularly buxom brunette in the front row who jumps for joy as plenty of other jealous bitches stare holes through her. Adonis climbs into the ring and strikes a few poses for all to see, flexing his muscles and kissing his biceps before grabbing a microphone.

    Adonis: Ladies.. Malcolm Adonis is back! And Malcolm wants all of you to know right now that not only is he back for good, he is back and better than ever!

    The women let out another fierce cheer for their favourite as he grins and smiles out at the, giving a wink.

    Adonis: Last week Malcolm told the world that enough was enough, that no longer was he going to sit in the back and mope, that NO LONGER was he going to ignore the cries of the millions.. and MILLIONS of Malcolm's lovers worldwide.. and no longer was he going to let Shining Light dictate to him how he should be actin', an' how he should be feelin'. Shinin' Light you've dragged Malcolm to places he's never been before.. you took away his spark, his mojo and you turned Malcolm into something he never thought he would ever.. and Malcolm means EVER be.. a lame ass bore!

    You cost Malcolm a chance at glory.. a chance to face his friend Kyojin for the Endurance title, robbing all these people in the process of a five star, two way ass whoopin' the likes which would have never been seen again! You cost Malcolm his dignity.. when you took his friend and you turned her against him, buring that knee in the most precious stones Malcolm has ever held dear! You took Malcolm's soul.. when you then buried the only woman he has ever loved.. shattered his dreams and took away his life in the process. But that ends now, for better or for worse Malcolm is ending your monopoly on his mind and like he said last week, Malcolm is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to drag you down all the way to hell with him so that the devil himself can give you exactly what you deserve! And how Malcolm would love to see you lose your virginity to a pitckfork!

    The crowd laugh at the crude joke as Adonis stands tall in the ring, finding his feet again.

    Adonis: You talk about sacrificing Malcolm for the good of these people, to save their souls but Malcolm puts it to you that the only sacrifice that needs to be made at Destined for Immortality is one that involves your punk ass mouth, Malcolm's fist and a broken jaw to save everyone from your venomous words! Malcolm is gonna whoop you here, he's gonna kick your ass there and he's gonna bounce you all around the arena before finally driving six inch nails through your creepy ass hands and hanging you above this ring for the whole world to see! And when he's done with that.. Malcolm's gonna take his own nine inch nail.. two inches thick ladies.. and he's gonna find someone else to nail and he's gonna keep on nailin' like Jesus Christ himself knockin' up a fine ass piece of furniture! That's right Shinin'.. you might as well just call my fine ass the Carpenter..

    *Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out. The fans, guessing what is going to happen next, immediately begin to start booing. Shining's entrance theme begins to blare out throughout the arena, but he doesn't appear. After a few minutes on the confusion, the lights come back on and reveal Shining on the screen, glaring at Adonis*

    Shining: You just don't get it do you? Do you actually think for one second that you can ruin the plans of The Lord? It's not like the movies Adonis... You're not the hero who manages to overcome the odds and defeat his arch-enemy! For months now, I have tortured you both physically and mentally. Don't try to fool me and everyone else into thinking that the old Malcolm Adonis is back. I know for a fact that when we step into the ring this Sunday and you look me in the eye, you'll crumble. You'll sink back into the depression that you've suffered from simply because you will realise that there is no escape. One of us will not be leaving Destined for Immortality alive Adonis, because as far as I'm concerned, it's do or die.

    *Shining allows his words to sink in before starting to speak again*

    I know what you're thinking Adonis... Why don't you come down to the ring and give the hypocrites of IWA a little preview as to what is to come on Sunday? Well as much as I'd love to, I'm afriad I cannot. You see, I'm not in the arena right now. In fact, I'm not even in the country!

    *The camera widens to reveal Shining stood on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the sea*

    For those of you do not possess an ounce of human intelligence, I am at Calvary. Or as it is also known by, Golgotha. This is the place where our Lord Jesus Christ was harshly crucified by the Jews and Romans. I thought that I would address you here Adonis, so that you can get a feel as to where your fate lies at Destined for Immortality. The crucifixion match that we will compete in is the first of its kind, never been done before and will never be done again. I hope you're looking forward to this Sunday Adonis, because I'm going to...

    Adonis: Because you gonna hang from that cross and like it!

    Adonis holds a hand up to Shining on the big screen to silence him as he raises his mic to speak again.

    Adonis: It doesn't matter to Malcolm where you are tonight, where you are tomorrow or where you were yesterday! What matters to him is where you're gonna be at Destined For Immortality! You talk a big game Shinin' but lets look at these cold hard facts, at Lost Cause.. you lost.. at Full Throttle.. you couldn't keep me down.. and even though you sent me to the brink of the abyss itself when you buried Valentina.. Malcolm Adonis came back. Like Jesus Christ himself Malcolm Adonis rose from the dead and came back to this world so that once and for all he could put you down like the dog that you are!

    Adonis stares up at the screen as the crowd cheers and begin chanting his name.

    Adonis: Malcolm admits you've been in his head.. he knows you've been a thorn in his side and that at that by the end of this one of us will be utterly destroyed.. but it ain't gonna be Malcolm. Ohhh no no no.. see now it's time for Malcolm to Shine the light on you! See all this time you've told these people that Malcolm is no good.. Malcolm is a sinner.. Malcolm is depraved! But these people, these people and Malcolm all know that the only depraved, sick son of a bitch here is YOU! You're a coward who uses religion to justify his actions.. who commits heinous, disgusting crimes and then tells the world that it's ok.. because God told him to. Well Malcolm has news for you Shinin'.. Malcolm knows that if God ever wanted to have a chat with someone on the earth he created.. it wouldn't be a crazy ass fool like you! Hell, the lord almighty might even come on down and ring Malcolm's door bell a lot sooner than ring yours! Malcolm's got a lot of tips for the big man should he EVER find himself on a dry spell!

    The fans laugh as Malcolm jokes, trying to get under Shinings skin.

    Adonis: So come DFI.. Malcolm is gonna send a message to God himself.. and that message is.. 'I got this'. See when that final bell rings.. and you're nothin' but a blood dripping carcass up on that cross.. Malcolm is gonna thank the lord for giving him the strength to send you back to the hell from which you spawned..

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    *Shining looks surprised at Adonis' new-found confidence but manages to regain his composure*

    Shining: There you go again, trying to bury your demons under lies. You're not 'back' Adonis, I can tell that you're not 100%. You're not ready for our match at Destined for Immortality, while I have spent months in preperation for our final showdown. I can do anything through Him who gives me strength. My promise to The Lord shall be fulfilled this Sunday, my life's work will be complete. And as for your upcoming demise, I assure you that it will be a slow and painful death. But the moment that you take your final breath, the very core of the Earth will begin to shake, and it will signal the beginning of a 1000 year event.

    Christ will remove all born-again believers who are part of the Church from the Earth by an event known as the Rapture. These believers will be rewarded for good works and service during their time on earth at the Judgment Seat of Christ or will lose rewards, but not eternal life, for lack of service and obedience. The antichrist will come into power and sign a peace pact with Israel for seven years. This seven year period of time is known as the Tribulation. During the Tribulation, there will be terrible wars, famines, plagues, and natural disasters. God will be pouring out His wrath against sin, evil, and wickedness. About halfway through the 7 years, the antichrist will break the peace pact with Israel and make war against them.

    *The crowd are shocked into silence, dumbfounded by Shining's description*

    At the end of the seven year Tribulation, the antichrist will launch a final attack on Jerusalem, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon. Jesus Christ will return, destroy the antichrist and his armies and cast them into the lake of fire. Christ will then bind Satan in the Abyss for 1000 years and will rule His earthly kingdom for this 1000 years.

    At the end of the 1000 years, Satan is will be released, defeated again, and then cast into the lake of fire. Christ then judges all unbelievers at the Great White Throne Judgment, casting them all into the lake of fire. Christ will then usher in a New Heaven and New Earth and the New Jerusalem - the eternal dwelling place of believers. There will be no more sin, sorrow, or death.

    *Shining smirks, laughing to himself*

    And to think Adonis, it will be you who brings all this to fruition! You should consider it an honour to be the ultimate sacrifice, you and I are the chosen ones! I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. I am Shining Light, the Vatican Assassian and the Saviour of the World. 6 days Adonis, you have 6 days. Farewell my friend, and thank you...

    *The lights in the arena go out once again, but there is complete silence. When they come back on, we see Adonis stood in the middle of the ring, grinning and slowly shaking his head. He raises his hands in a "Bring it on" gesture and the entire arena erupts, chanting his name. The camera's fade to a commercial break*


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    Shaz's music hits, to a surprising amount of pop as Shaz comes out. He smirks, before raising his title up in the air, and he slides into the ring, and does a little pose for the crowd. He grabs a mic and begins to speak.

    Shaz: Before I address KJ Punk, I'm going to address, much bigger- and essential things. Bigger, and essential people. And those people are...the crowd. Now, I'm usually a prick to the crowd, I'll admit that. But this isn't no Chicago, this isn't no Los Angeles, this isn't no Las Vegas....THIS IS LONDOOOOOOOON!

    Crowd pop in excitement.

    Shaz: So, lemme move onto to Mr. Irrelevant. A.K.A KJ Punk. And, I'm simply going to cut to the chase. You aren't a threat to me whatsoever. Yeah, maybe you were the first ever IWA Champion to ever step foot into this ring- but winning a title is one thing, and deserving it is another.

    Yeah, maybe you did defeat Chris Diamond in the first match of the IWA Championship tournament, but he's still learning. Despite being a bit of a challenge, anyone could beat him, even Damian Eddings. So, there's your first con.

    And here's your second con. Yes, you did indeed defeat Kyojin. But the question is, how? How did you beat him. Via help, you won with the assist of Mr. Smyth. That proves, that you could only get through to the finals, with the help of another superstar.

    And then you did end up winning the title. But let's go back to Lost Cause- where you first defended your title. What happened? The debuts of Van Hooligan X and Carlos Alberto Ramon cost you your title, which resulted in a victory for AJ Dixon. So that just goes to show, that-

    KJ Punk!

    *Punk comes out to a mixed reaction from the London crowd as he just smiles and laughs to himself. He walks down to the ring and is handed a mic as he walks between the ropes*

    Punk: It goes to show what, Shaz? That it takes FOUR men to take the title from me? I had been through a brutal match with Darius and Dixon before the Infection debuted and screwed me out of my title. But at least I earned mine. Yeah, I won the tournament. The same tournament that you lost in.

    And you of all people want to talk about how they won? You mean like last week when Sagittarius Blue had you beat, one two three, in the middle of this ring and then Divine showed up to be special referee? You wanna talk how I won MY championship, when YOU cashed in a fuckin’ briefcase like a coward? A briefcase that was essentially handed to you? Yeah sure you won it in ICW, but this isn’t ICW. Nevermind the fact that everyone and their momma interfered in that match. Including me. And honestly, if it wasn’t for me you probably wouldn’t even be champion right now. And that eats you inside doesn’t it?

    Shaz: Hold on a second Punk! I've got a vital question for you, have you been brushing your teeth lately?

    Crowd remain silent, as Punk looks confused.

    Shaz: Because all I a pile of garbage.

    Crowd cheer the hell out of Shaz, as he begins to smirk.

    Shaz: Hear me out, last week- in my match against Sagittarius Blue. Injustice was about to be served. Blue pinned me, one two three in the middle of that ring, yes. But I had my feet on the ropes- so the match had a reason to be restarted. Last week, we could've witnessed the Tokyo Screwjob, but you don't see me complaining!

    And you talk of me winning my briefcase at ICW. ICW IS IWA. It'd take a douchebag NOT to realize that. It's the same company, with the same boss, and it had the same set of announcers, commentators, superstars, and the list goes on. Therefore, I deserved the briefcase that I rightfully won to cash in whenever I felt like it.

    You just don't stop, do you Punk? Now, we've had yourself AND Rob Rage. Going on about how I wouldn't have been champion, if it wasn't for you. I would've won that belt anyway Punk, believe me. AJ Dixon could've been lurking around backstage, waiting to walk into the arena with his pathetic little kids.

    And I could've attacked him from behind, and pinned him to win the belt. The only problem you have, is the fact that I won the title. Not HOW I won it. It was only a matter of time before I was going to win it anyway- so your point is once again, false. But I will admit- I did win the title in a weak manner. But I'll have a chance to redeem myself- come Destined for Immortality.

    I'll have to go through hell. But I know for a fact, that I will remain the IWA Champion. Why? Because winning is in my genes. Everything I've fought for, I've won. And you Punk? Well, I know that you don't have a single chance in winning tonight. Tonight is merely a glimpse, of what is to come at DFI. Because I know, you know, and these awesome people know one thing- Shaz is leaving the O2 Arena, STILL, the IWA Champion.

    Punk just smiles at Shaz.

    Punk: It seems that no matter what I say you and your people are going to attempt to disregard everything I say. So I’m going to spell it out for you. You. Should. Not. Be. Champion! That belt belongs around MY waist. It was wrongfully taken from me and in my rematch for it, everybody under the Sun interfered and YOU somehow walked away with the title.

    Punk moves closer to Shaz

    Punk: Tonight, I am taking back my title. It’s the first time I’ve had a one on one match with the man that stole it from me. I’m quite surprised that you even remembered to come out to the ring. I’ll have to scrub that title clean after I win it after you’ve tainted it with the smell of marijuana. It’s a disgrace that the “champion” of the company thinks he’s cool because he does drugs. I’m straight-edge and, like a certain someone would say, that means I’m better than you. The champion of a company should be someone with a clear mind and intelligent, not someone from the “streetz” who thinks he’s the shit because he gets high.

    But you’ll need that pot after tonight and after DFI. You’ll need it for the pain that I’m going to inflict on you. You’ll need that escape. That brief moment of relaxation after the gruesome things I’m going to do to you in the Maximum Anarchy match. But your high will wear off and you’ll come crashing back down to reality and you’ll be in deep, agonizing pain and you’ll look over and see that where the IWA World Championship used to lay, nothing is there. Then you’ll see me on Chaos holding the title high into the air and I’ll make sure to give you a little wave as you enjoy the show from your hospital bed.
    Shaz: Objection!

    Crowd boo Shaz as he smirks.

    Shaz: Wrestling is all about wrestling. Hence why it's called wrestling. I don't recall a rule saying that all world championships should be straight edge. I KNOW I am the real shit- purely because I've got something that you haven't got, and that is the IWA Championship belt.

    Shaz holds his belt up high as it gets on KJ's skin.

    Shaz: But I'm going to be extra lenient to you. Because I don't want your mummy, coming up to me asking me why her ugly little son, KJ Punk has come home with a broken jaw and a broken nose. I'll kick you so hard in the ass KJ, that your shit will come out from your nose instead.

    Fact of the matter is, you made your opponent bleed to win the title. I pinned AJ Dixon, and I pinned 3 other opponents as well KJ. So go ahead- keep rambling about how I don't deserve my belt. My two month and a few days title reign so far, has already overshadowed your shitty one month reign. And at the end of the day, you will come to a realization that I am the rightful champion!

    Punk just laughs at Shaz

    Punk: Yeah, you’re right. I made my opponent bleed to win my title. And guess what? I’ll make you bleed tonight. I’ll make you bleed at Destined for Immortality. I’ll make everyone bleed. I will take back what is rightfully mine! I will not be denied what is my destiny! I AM THE FIRST IWA WORLD CHAMPION! No one can take that from me! But I can and will take that title off of you. Whether it is tonight, or at DFI, that title will be coming back to the first waist it was wrapped around.

    I’ll have to try and remember to not beat you too bad tonight. I want you to walk into that structure at DFI and feel the pain that I will bring into that match. I am going to unleash an animal upon everyone involved. You. Darius. Dixon. Rage. Jman. Even that 24 pussy if he decides to show up. All will suffer. All will bleed. All will fall. The Era of Punk will begin again, and there’s nothing that you or these stupid Englishmen can do about. As for tonight…

    KJ gives Shaz a push to the chest as he creates some distance between the two and he spins and nails a huge Rolling Elbow to the jaw of Shaz!!!!!!!!!

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    The ref comes running out from the back, checking on Shaz. Shaz slowly recovers, still loopy though from the rolling elbow, as the ref asks Shaz if he wants to compete. Shaz nods, as the ref takes the World title, as Shaz leans on the ropes, still recovering. Punk is smiling, as a Punk is a bitch chant blares through the London arena. The ref hands the belt to the timekeeper, as he signals for the bell.

    IWA World Heavyweight Championship!
    Shaz(c) vs KJ Punk

    (Shaz/Burke vs Punk/Punk)

    Shaz rolls back to the outside and pulls Punk to his feet before trash talking and whipping him hard into the steel ring steps, shoulder first! The crowd don't like the look at that and groan as Punk hits hard against the metal. Shaz follows this up with a stomp to the chest before slapping Punk on the back with a thunderous echo! The referee reaches seven on the count and Shaz rolls Punk back into the ring and follows, looking to get this one over.

    Mike: It's not looking good for KJ Punk, this one might be coming to its conclusion!

    Rocky: Shaz is the Best in the World! And he's proving it right now with this dominant display!

    Shaz stomps on Punk again before heading on over to the corner, pulling himself up onto the top turnbuckle as Punk lays prone in the ring. He sizes him up and comes flying off, looking for a Shaz-Splash! But Punk has the where with all to get his knees up and Shaz crashes and burns, bouncing off the knees and rolling across the ring in pain! Punk rubs his shoulder and slowly gets to his feet, Shaz meets him in the middle of the ring and catches Punk with a right! Punk retaliates and the two trade off more blows before Punk gains the advantage and backs Shaz to the ropes, whipping him across! Shaz rebounds and lucks to hit a clothesline but Punk ducks and catches Shaz on his way through with a devastating neckbreaker!

    Mike: Punk is back in it! he goes for the cover!



    Rocky: Just a two! Shaz stays alive!

    Punk gets to his feet first and kicks Shaz in the mid section as he rises, Shaz doubles over in pain and Punk drags him close, hooking an arm and delivering a big suplex! Shaz rises again and Punk is waiting, scooping him up for a big slam before dropping and elbow and pinning once more!



    Mike: Shaz won't stay down! This title means everything to him!

    Shaz rolls towards the ropes as Punk devises his next plan. Shaz hauls himself up using the ropes and Punk gets back on top quickly, burying a knee into the gut and sending Shaz into a turnbuckle hard! Punk delivers a harsh knife edge chop to Shaz's chest and another before a kick to the mid section! He then lifts Shaz up onto the top rope and climbs up himself, Shaz tries to fight Punk off but Punk quickly regains control, hooking the arm again looking for a big move!

    Mike: Superplex! This one's over!

    Rocky: Why isn't he going for the pin!?

    Punk looks down at Shaz and decides against the pin, wanting to make sure of the victory, he looks back at the turnbuckle and decides to climb back to the top! The fans are cheering as Punk sizes his opponent up carefully, before diving off and delivering a devastating flying elbow to the chest of Shaz! But Punk still won't go for the pin! He rises to his feet and looks down at Shaz, backing off a little before tapping his elbow and preparing himself. Shaz pulls himself up slowly, looking groggy, he turns around and Punk makes his move, stepping forward, spinning and smashing his elbow into Shaz's face! Pin!

    Mike: Rolling Elbow! He's done it! New Champion!

    Rocky: No! Shaz kick out! Come on!



    Thr... WAIT!

    The referee notices that Shaz has somehow got his foot on the ropes! Punk waits for the three, but it never comes. He looks around at the referee who explains why there is no three count and Punk looks dejected and frustrated, questioning the call out of desperation to win the title. The referee continues to explain his case and Punk continues to question, Shaz begins to stir behind him. Punk comes to his senses and turns to see Shaz back to his feet, he backs off, looking to hit another elbow! Punk spins again and comes flying in, but his debate with the referee bought Shaz enough time to scout him out, he ducks and the elbow flies over his head! Punk turns back around and Shaz buries a kick into his midsection and positions him for the Canadian Destroyer!

    Mike: SFTG! SFTG! Shaz hits it out of nowhere!

    Rocky: Count ref! Count!




    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, and STILL IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shaz!

    Mike: Shaz has retained! I can't believe it! Punk was so close to regaining the title!

    Rocky: The referee made the right call, Shaz was smart enough to get his foot up on the rope!

    Mike: The ref got it right, but Punk is going to be so frustrated at having come so close!

    Shaz is handed his World title, as he climbs a corner, celebrating, as AJ Dixon, Jman, and Darius all come running out from the back, straight into the ring. They 3 men begin to go at it with Shaz, as KJ Punk now is back into the fold. Suddenly, the Maximum Anarchy cell begins to lower.

    Mike: What the hell!? Who is lowering the cage!

    Rocky: I don't know! Faster! Faster!

    The cell keeps lowering, until it rests on the arena floor, trapping the five men inside. Suddenly, we see Rob Rage stumble out from the back, covered in blood. He collapses on the entrance stage, but it doesn't phase the five men in the ring, as they keep brawling with each other. The camera's fade to a IWA logo, and then to black as these men brawl, and Rage lays in a puddle of his own blood.

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