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    Show time boys and girls!

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    O2 Arena, London, England

    Chaos Theme

    The camera's zoom immediately in on Mike and Rocky, as the music plays on in the background lightly.

    Mike: Well folks, it's our last stop before Destined for Immortality!

    Rocky: And what a great place to stop! England!

    Mike: And tonight's show is stacked! A world title match!

    Rocky: A tag match featuring four of the competitors from the Maximum Anarchy match!

    Mike: And we get to see Athena in action.


    Darius's music hits and the crowd crowd goes absolutely insane with boos and you suck chants! Darius makes his way onto the stage, holding his TWE championship high above his head to an even louder crowd, and then makes his way down the ramp with the title over his shoulder. Darius stops next to a kid who is holding a "Punk is Champion" sign, and then he takes the sign from the kid and tears it in half in front of him. Darius then slides into the ring and is handed a microphone. The crowd keeps chanting "You suck!" loudly.

    Darius: While all of you idiots boo, I have something to say about the one and only J-Man.

    The crowd pops for J-Man.

    Darius: You see ... Last week, we had a little taste of the WWE here in the IWA. A few months ago on ICW, I faced a man in a steel cage match, a man that came here from the WWE and claimed he was going to take my place in the Glory Days main event, that man was none other than the Straight Edge Superstar ... C.M. Punk.

    The crowd explodes with cheers loudly.

    Darius: Now, I bet all of you inbred hicks are wondering why I bring up Punk here tonight, well let me tell you. C.M. Punk had his gimmick stolen by J-Man last week when J-Man dropped a pipebomb on the IWA. All of you just loooooved that pipebomb, didn't you?! DIDN'T YOU!?

    The crowd breaks out into "Yes!" chants.

    Darius: Typical. J-Man stole the pipebomb from C.M. Punk, and that is just down right disrespectful! Punk has done so much more than J-Man will ever accomplish in his pathetic life, and J-Man realized that last week so he stole Punk's gimmick! You should have the taste slapped out of your mouth, J-Man! How dare you disrespect such a much as Punk, the only real wrestler besides myself in the world of wrestling entertainment! You know, J-Man, you seem pretty confident and cocky over these past few weeks, even with the events that have been occuring each and every single fucking week! And yes, I'm talking about Twenty-Four.

    The crowd explodes with boos and chants "You did it!".

    Darius: You're fucking joking, right?! Did any of you idiots see what happened to me last week!?

    Darius unzips his sweatshirt and reveals his midsection, which is bandaged up. He then pulls his hood down and reveals stitches along the back of his head.

    Darius: I was brutally attacked last week, and I was put through at least ten chairs in the crowd! That psycho son of a bitch lifted me high into the air, and planted me through them like nothing! I will not take this "You did it!" bullshit much longer! I have taken the MOST damage out of anyone that is being attacked lately, and quite frankly, it is BULLSHIT. I knew what was coming last week, so I did my best to get the hell away from everybody so EVERYONE would know I had NOTHING to do with the attacks, so what happens? I take the bullet for everyone, I took the damage, and yet I am STILL being accused of this shit!

    The "You did it!" chants keep going on and on, pissing Darius off.

    Darius: Fuck you people, seriously. You wonder why I turned on you! Whoever is doing this is clearly in the Destined for Immortality main event because they know I will stand tall, and that I will walk out of Destined for Immortality as the IWA champion! I will be a duel world champion, as a matter of fact, and nobody wants to see that because they know I am unstoppable, so they are doing their best to take me out! Well guess what mother fuckers, I'm STILL here!!

    The crowd boos so loudly it becomes deafening.

    Darius: You know what? J-Man dropped a pipebomb last week, so I feel like that it is my turn. You all want to shoot the shit, right? Well guess what, you're going to get it. J-Man liked to talk about the HWA, well guess what folks, I was the number one contender for the HWA championship, and J-Man knew that all too well ... He knows I am the only true threat in our match, so he ...


    Jman, in the same Destined for Immortality T-shirt he wore a few weeks ago, walks through the curtain shaking his head at Darius. The crowd pops hard for J as he comes down the ramp and Darius looks disgusted by that. Jman grabs a mic from a stagehand before entering the ring, slides in, squares up to Darius and begins to speak.

    Jman: Do you really think I stole the idea of shooting from my buddy, and fellow Paul Heyman Guy, CM Punk, Darius? As good as he is, he didn’t invent that concept. See, I stole it from him; he stole it from Joey Styles, who stole it from Heyman and so on. Saying I stole the idea of shooting directly from Phil is like saying whoever this 24 guy is stole the idea of using vignettes from The Undertaker. It’s wrong, it’s shortsighted and it shows how little you truly know about this business.

    The crowd pops at that as J takes on a gentler tone.

    Jman: But, I digress. Let’s talk about this Jack Bauer wannabe for a second, though. Who is it? You guys probably disagree, but I genuinely don’t think it’s our pal Darius here.

    The crowd boos, Darius looks surprised and Jman keeps talking.

    Jman: No, and this is without having a run in with this guy, I think he’s somebody new to IWA. That being said….Come here, cameradude, get a good look at this ugly face.

    The cameraman obliges and our TVs are filled with Jman’s face.

    Jman: Whoever you are, whatever you’re planning, listen up. You try anything with me, you so much as sneeze in my direction; you involve yourself at all in Maximum Anarchy and, as HolyFriggenJose is my witness, I’ll tear you to bits.

    The crowd pops and the camera backs up as J continues on.

    Jman: And let’s talk about Maximum Anarchy. Darius here says he’s the most dangerous man in the match.

    Boos fill the building as J rolls along.

    Jman: I, however, beg to differ.

    The boos change to cheers as Darius is back to looking pissed.

    Jman: I think that title belongs to somebody else. Someone who is as experienced in World Championship matches than the rest of the competitors in this match combined. Someone who relishes the chance to be in a brutal match like this. Someone who came to IWA with the express purpose of competing in matches against the guys he’ll wrestle on Sunday. Some who is about to become the IWA World Heavyweight Champion. M-

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    AJ Dixon

    Dixon’s music interrupts Jman mid sentence as the Primetime Superstar runs out in a panic down the ramp to the ring. Dixon, in his hurry, starts to look under the ring. He looks and looks and upon finding nothing, hurries over to the announce table and looks under it, again finding nothing. Dixon stands up and starts to talk as he catches his breath.

    Dixon: Okay guys... don’t worry! The bomb squad is on its way.... Everyone remain calm and start exiting in an orderly manner through the nearest exit.

    Dixon starts motioning towards the doors, catching his breath again as the fans look around in confusion.

    What are guys doing... Move!... you guys heard Darius and Jman. There’s a pipe bomb being dropped! You guys got to go! It could go off at any minute!

    Dixon smirks as his intentions are seen clear as day. Dixon stands by the announce table and talks.

    What? I thought it was funny, mostly because the thought of anyone currently in the ring dropping a pipe bomb is hysterical. Darius, when you said you were going to drop a pipe bomb, I got legitimately scared. Have you guys ever met Darius? That mutha fucka is CRAZY! He comes across as the guy who would make a pipe bomb and drop it, for real. And Jman, well the fact that he still thinks it’s last year only proves that no pipe bombs are ever going to be dropped by that guy. This ain’t 2012 anymore Jman. Your supremacy is long gone, and the fact you think you can hang with Primetime is even more proof as to why you will not be dropping any bombs on IWA anytime soon.

    Man, by the way you guys were talking, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know whether to call the bomb squad or call a lawyer about all the “gimmick infringement” talk!

    Dixon starts to circle around the ring to the front

    See while the both of you are focusing on “dropping bombs” and “stealing gimmicks,” IWA will soon be focused on what truly matters soon enough. These are the kind of petty things that IWA has been focused ever since Lost Cause, me included. Everything has been focused on others, but soon enough, the focus will back on what truly matters, The Infection.

    The crowd boos as Dixon shakes his head at the crowd reaction.

    At Destined for Immortality, The Infection makes IWA it’s bitch. The Amazon, Athena, will destroy Damian Eddings, she’ll practically break him in half with her bare hands! Van and Carlos will take their rightful place a top the tag division when they claim the tag titles. Damaged Goods and Black Blood don’t stand a chance against two of the best to grace the IWA ring. And yours truly will get back what was taken from him by that fuckin’ clown Shaz, the IWA World Heavyweight Championship, and no one is going to get in our way. The Clique!?!?! HA! The Clique WISHES they were as good us!

    Dixon jumps into the ring and stands next to Jman and Darius.

    Come Destined for Immortality, the focus won’t be on Darius, or Jman, or even dat “24” nigga. No, at Destined for Immortality, the spotlight comes back to The Infection and the IWA Championship goes BACK to being PRIMETIME!

    Mike: Wow! Strong words from these three men! Well, up next is going to be Rob Rage teaming up with Jman to take on the likes of AJ Dixon and Darius! I wonder if Darius and AJ can work together.

    The three men stand in the ring, as they all slowly look up at the Maximum Anarchy cell hovering above the ring. They then look down at each other, neither blinking, as the camera's fade to a short commercial break.


    The camera's come back, as a ref is in the ring. Jman looks at the ramp, waiting, but there is no Rage. Suddenly, Smokey appears on the tron.

    Smokey: Well Jman, I'm sure you are wondering where your tag partner is. Well, I wish i knew as well. Since last weeks show, Rob Rage has managed to vanish. Now, I can assure you I am doing everything I can in my power to hopefully find him, as he is set for the main event at Destined for Immortality, but for tonight, this tag match, is now a handicap match! Best of luck Jman.

    The tron dies, as in the ring, the ref has just gotten the update and calls for the bell. Jman barely has any time to ask what the hell is going on before Dixon and Darius light into him! Both men jump Jman hard and beat him down in seconds! The ref attempts to break up the brawl, but to no avail! Jman is lying on the mat taking a stomping... Dixon and Darius lift him to his feet and toss him for the ropes! Jman comes back and eats a double shoulder block! Dixon hits the ropes and drops a knee to Jman's face, and is immediately followed by Darius with a leg drop on Jman's throat! Darius stands up immediately, looking around very nervously. Dixon tries to calm him down... And Darius shoves him away!

    Mike: Darius and Dixon have the upper hand, but it looks llike Darius' paranoia is already playing a factor here tonight! He doesn't trust Dixon!

    Dixon shouts at Darius "What the fuck, man?!?" He continues to yell angrily at Darius - who is silently staring at him with almost no expression. Dixon approaches him with his arms open in an attempt to reason with him - and Darius grabs hold of him and tosses him out of the ring!

    Mike: The teamwork seems to be falling apart - and this early in the match, at that! Seems like Darius will be the legal man to start us off... much to Dixon's dismay...

    Christian = Jman/Edge = Darius (start at 0:37, stop at 9:15)

    Darius is lying on the ground trying to recover from the flapjack, and Jman is in the corner trying to catch his breath... Darius slowly gets to his feet - and takes a running bulldog from Jman before he can turn around! Jman up on his feet again, takes off and puts Darius down with a clothesline! Hits the ropes to set up another attack, but Darius swiftly follows him and hits a knee to Jman's abdomen to stop him in his tracks! Darius then turns and takes to the ropes...

    Rocky: Wait! Blind tag! Blind tag!

    Darius turns around with a look of crazed anger in his face - Dixon had recovered an gotten onto the ring apron where their corner was, and had tagged the back of Darius as he hit the ropes! Dixon shouts in Darius' face "My turn! Get the hell out of the ring!" and steps through the ropes as the ref admonishes Darius to step out. Darius does... with a look of rage in Dixon's direction.

    Mike: Looks like the team is functioning - but barely! Did you see how ****ed Darius was?

    Rocky: It doesn't matter how they're functioning, blockhead. What matters is that they have a team... and Jman doesn't! The only thing that won't be functioning at all is Jman in a few minutes! Watch and see!

    Jman takes the initiative and brings the fight to Dixon with a right hand, but Dixon blocks it and counters with a kick to the gut that staggers Jman. He then grabs Jman in a front facelock and suddenly falls backward - spiking Jman's head into the mat! DDT! Cover...



    Thr- Jman kicks out! Dixon gets right back to the grind, first stomping away at Jman's torso, then once in the face for good measure. The ref gets him away from Jman, only for Dixon to run back in with a knee to Jman's face as he is up on his knees. Jman drops to the mat once more, bleeding from his mouth.

    Mike: This is wrong! Ref, do something! Stop Dixon!

    Rocky: For what? Jman's paying the price of biting off more than he can chew... or are you taking a stand for weaklings now, Mikey?

    Dixon lifts Jman to his feet and looks into his glazing eyes as he shouts "It's Primetime, ****!" before he takes a step back and goes for the Mug Shot!

    Rocky: It's over! It's ov - wait, what?!?

    Just as Dixon jumps up and grabs Jman, Jman instantly locks his arms around Dixon in a desperation bearhug and braces himself! Dixon can't drop him to the mat! The fans yell in support of Jman!

    Mike: Desperation counter from Jman! Into a belly to back suplex! Oh man - Dixon hit his head on the mat! Jman goes for the pin!



    Thre-wait! Dixon's foot on the ropes! Ref telling Jman it's only two! Jman yells in frustration as he picks up a groggy Dixon...

    Rocky: Hold on, look at this!

    Jman happens to look to the side - and dives away... just as Darius spears Dixon to the mat!

    Mike: Holy hell! No doubt, that was meant for Jman - but he managed to scout it and turn it to his advantage if he can capitalize!

    Rocky: NO! The plan backfired! Darius, Dixon, DO SOMETHING!

    Dixon rolls out of the ring, down for the count from the spear. Darius gets up, looking at the fallen Dixon with venom practically dripping from his eyes...

    Mike: Hold on... that may not have been intentional, judging from the look on Darius' face! What is this madman thinking?!?

    Darius, satisfied, turns his attention back to the matter at hand. Just in time for Jman's superkick to find its mark - dead in his face!

    Mike: Good Match, Let's Go Eat! Pin him Jman, PIN HIM!

    Jman wearily drops into the cover... the ref counts...




    Emily Davis: Here is your winner... Jman!!!

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    Darius is laid out in the ring as Jman's hand is raised for the win... while outside the ring, Dixon holding his side while staring daggers first at Jman... then at Darius.

    Rocky: This is a damn travesty!!! Jman should NOT have won that match! There's cheating involved - I know it!

    Mike: Keep on with your delusions Rocky - the simple fact is that Darius and Dixon failed to cooperate, and it cost them the match!

    The lights in the arena now go out.

    Mike: Oh no! I have a bad feeling!

    The tron comes to life, illuminating part of the arena, but not enough to see anything besides the screen. First, we see this image.

    As the image changes from the words, to this.

    The lights come back on, as we see Darius still out in the ring, Dixon on the outside, but Jman has been dropped hard, laying flat on his back.

    Rocky: What the hell! Whatever...whoever this's struck Jman. That's each man in the main event at Destined for Immortality now!

    Mike: Smokey needs to figure out who is behind this. This is getting ridiculous! I don't feel safe in my own job!

    The camera's fade from the image of the downed Jman, to the back, where we see Seth Gabel and Juno Mercury.

    Seth: Juno, last week you managed to get a win over Sugar and Spice, despite the fact your tag partner, the Vanity Champion Vivica, abandoned you. Can i get your thoughts on that?

    Juno: I have been here such a short period of time and I have already shown that I can beat and take out multiple opponents single handily, without help, without interference and I can do this effortlessly. However, is it a mark of a champion to hit someone from behind? I do not think so! That crazy bitch tried to prove a point by doing that, all she proved was she is too scared to fight me, one-on-one and face to face, like a true champ should. Prove a point, prove that she is not scared to face me, prove she does not have to attack me from behind to win and to take me out, prove she is a true champion.

    Seth: There are some, myself included, who think you have a strong chance of winning the Vanity Championship at Destined for Immortality. The fact remains though, if it looks like Vivica is going to lose, there is a chance Black Blooded could interfere to sway the match into her favor. Are you worried about that at all and how would you handle it if it happened?

    Juno: Well I would like to put a thank-you out to all of those who think I can do it, I hope that I can deliver. If Black Blooded gets involved, I swear they will pay! Nobody is ruining my chances at this championship, nobody will stand in my way and if they do.. They will be on that one way ticket back to that mental institution to live out the reminder of their sad pathetic lives, where they exploit, hurt and subject to ridicule a poor, blind sighted young women, who has clearly needed help from kindergarten.

    *Vivica walks up behind Seth, 2 of the Gears flanking her as she taps on his shoulder lightly*

    Seth: Uhh, Vivica... I did not expect to see you here... and with these large men behind you, lovely... well while you are here can I get your thoughts on your upcoming title defense?

    *Vivica tilts her head to the side, pretending to think about it*

    Vivica: I don't think so, besides, you must be on your way now...

    *Vivica turns, lightly touching one of the Gears on the arm, the helmeted man flinches noticeably at her touch, nodding deferentially to her as both men walk up to Seth, each grabbing an arm as they forcibly escort him out of sight.*

    Seth: Hey wait! I was just doing my job!

    Vivica: As for you... You still don't understand, do you? You are just like all the rest, you think I'm just some silly, crazy girl that doesn't know better all because you can't admit that secretly you want what I have, you wish you had the life I lead, the love I have found in this world... But that's ok, cause after I teach you some much needed humility, it will be all better. Unca Blood bet Daddy 10 bucks that I couldn't make you see the truth, see your place in the world, but Daddy knows better, he knows that after I am done with you it will be all better.

    *Vivica beams at Juno, giving her a wide smile of pure joy as she continues*

    Vivica: You see I waited so long to find a sister of my very own, you know I had one but she was just like the birth daddy, mean and hateful, and they both said such mean things but they are quiet now, now and always and you can be my new sister and we can braid each other's hair and give each other makeovers and stay up late and have sleepovers! Once you finally understand we will be bestest friends forever I just know it!

    *Juno shakes her head, confused and bewildered*

    Vivica: You see, or you don't but soon you will see! Right now you are just a whore, but you just stick with me cause I know that you have what it takes to be a good girl and just like daddy showed me I'm gonna show you! It will be perfect and wonderful and-
    Juno: The buses do not go where you live do they?! Why would I want to be anything like you? You are nothing more than an in denial, regressive Freudian experiment that went wrong!

    *Juno sighs when she looks at Vivica*

    Juno: A good girl? I am already a good girl, I am not what all those guys in the back say about me, they think I am something I am not, I am a hard worker, I am determined to do one thing.. *Juno taps The Vanity Championship, Vivica flinches as Juno gets closer to her..Juno laughs*.. to take that championship from you..

    *Juno smirks*

    Juno: Why in the name of heaven and earth, would I need a daddy? Not only can I look after and care for myself but, I do not need a psychiatric ward and a geriatric parasite watching my every move..he would enjoy it too much..

    *Vivica lip starts to twitch, she is getting angered by Junos comments*

    Juno: A sleepover? I would rather have a rapid dog braid my hair and have a sleepover with the Kardashians than be anywhere near you after daylight hours. Actually that was unfair to the rapid dog and the slut sisters of LA LA land.. Nothing would make me want to spend any more time than I have too with the likes of you..

    *Juno gets slightly closer to Vivica..She quiets down her voice*

    Juno: Sweetie you really want a sister, then you will take this wealth of information and let it sink into that think skull of yours.. Your daddy is no good, I have seen evil, he is evil trust me.. he will wrap you around his finger, bending and twisting, until you break, until you stop giving him what he so desperately craves, a desperate, willing, little child who does not know right from the criminally wrong!

    *Vivica looks as though she is about to scream, when suddenly, she starts to giggle. Juno looks disquieted as Vivica giggles to herself a few moments more, before stopping and looking directly into her opponents eyes*

    Vivica: Evil? Evil is what the sheep call the wolf, because they cannot understand his hunger. Evil is doing what other people can't do, what others are too weak to do. Evil is what it takes to be Dominant, and my Daddy is the most Dominant man around... but it's ok, soon you will know!

    *Vivica claps her hands like an excited child, bouncing on the balls of her feet*

    Vivica: Soon I will get to teach you all the lessons Daddy taught me, and all the lessons he had me teach these boys

    *Both of the men standing behind Vivica jump, their fear of her evident even under their helmets*

    Vivica: The same lesson that Daddy let me teach that traitorous loudmouth, Dinero! Daddy knows that when someone needs to pay, Vivica is the bestest girl for the Job! I always know just how to make them scream so prettily before the end. Daddy told me that I could make a stone bleed if I wanted, cause I am soo special! You could be special too, you just have to understand, and soon you will. Just like Daddy said, the more you fight, the harder you will fall.

    *Juno looks at Vivica and laughs, mimicking her*

    Juno: Look wee girl, you need some serious help! You daddy is a sick, weak, freak! Dominant in more ways than one, I can see… Look nobody can deny that you are special, in more ways than one.. Vivica what do you not understand is that I, am here to teach you a vital lesson in life.. Underestimation of your opponent is the worst thing you can do..

    *Juno gets closer until she is touching noses with Vivica*

    Juno: Daddy cannot save you, when you get in the ring with me.. Watch your back and your title. Little girls can get easily distracted.. Juno is here, watch me cement my legacy..

    Juno turns, walking off, as Vivica just glares at Juno, almost like she is trying to kill her with her stare. The camera's fade to a commercial break at this


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    The camera cuts to Athena walking backstage in her wrestling gear while she adjusts her wristband. She then turns a corner and runs into Eddings who still appears to be injured after last week's attack. Athena puts on a wide grin.

    Athena: Well, well, well look who we have here. I pictured you half way around the world after what I did to you last week. What are you some kind of masochist or something?

    Eddings: Ha ha, good on sugs. You know, I oughta bash that face of yo's in. Look at my head.

    Eddings shows part of his head that has stitches.

    Eddings: Do you see how ugly you have made me? Do you see what you did to my milky skin? I look like a freak. I look worse than you. Now, none of the boys want to play with me. I'm left all alone.

    Athena seems to chuckle.

    Eddings: You think it's funny you did this to me? What gave you the right suga? Hmm? You've been bent out of shape like someone took yo last dildo ever since the Insane Asylum match all the way back in November, and you know what the thing is hun? I didn't eliminate yo ass. That pretty boy Darius did. But nah, you come and make a beef with me. So let's hear it sugs...for the last few months you've been up my ass, and I'd normally enjoy it, but your not my why have you been coming after little ole me?

    Athena: Did I hit you so hard you got amnesia boy? I made an open challenge and you accepted and then you slapped me and ran off. Then you sprayed me with your little fairy dust causing me to lose a match so don't pretend you don't know why I've been coming for you because you disrespected me and I'm not going to take it.

    I'm a woman in a man's world and I have something to prove. No man is going to slap me around and expect me to let it go. Unfortunately for you Eddings you crossed paths with the wrong woman this time and if I allow you ti disrespect me now it will set the tone for my whole career here in the IWA and I plan to be here a while so you needed to be taught a lesson and serve as a warning to any man here who thinks he can mess with me and get away with it. Oh and in case you're wondering I'm damn proud of myself.

    Athena laughs manically as Eddings glares at Athena

    Eddings: Nah sug, you are misunderstanding me. I know the turns we've made to get to this point. I'm merely talking about what started it all. Think back, if your little brain will allow it, at the Insane Asylum match. You eliminated me, and after that, you were eliminated by someone else. Yet, you attacked me, and blamed me sug. Why is that? Hmm? Is it because I get more free rides on a pogo stick than you do? I'm trying to wrap my brain around this, but for the life of me, I don't understand what you have against little ole me.

    Eddings smiles

    Eddings: Know this though, Athena, come Destined for Immortality, whether you have an adams apple like you, a gay bbf like me, or a testosterone problem like you, I'll be walking away as the winner sug.

    Athena chuckles at this statement, as Eddings immediately nails Athena below the belt. It doesn't have the same affect as it would on a man, but it hurts. Eddings grabs Athena, throwing him into a soda machine, but Athena bounces off. Eddings then throws her into the opposing wall. Athena stumbles away, nearing the soda machine, as Eddings charges, driving Athena straight into the soda machine, breaking the fiber glass door. Athena is laying in the soda machine, as Damian gets up, brushes himself off, and smirks, as the camera's cut back to the ring,

    Black Blooded

    *Black Blooded ride out, Vivica on the back of Mr. Black's bike as they circle the ring to a chorus of boos. They park by the commentary tables, dismounting and making their way to the ring, grabbing a couple microphones on the way.*

    Mr. Blood: Immortality... Immortality is the word on everyone's shit-stained mouths tonight. Immortality. And why not? Every single one of you inbred cock-sucking pieces of shit here thinks that you want to be immortal, right? Every one of those nameless, talentless bitches in the back believes that they deserve immortality, that they are here to create a legacy that will never fucking die.

    Mr. Black: A Legacy we have already established.

    Mr. Blood: See, let me clue you fucking idiots in a bit on the infamous history of the single Greatest Tag Team in the world, the Dominant Predators, Black Blooded. See, Black and I, we grew up together, close as brothers... Throughout life we always ended up on top, no matter who we faced. We spent years doing whatever the fuck it took just to survive, and have spent ten fucking years all over this pathetic fucking dirtball of a planet doing whatever the fuck it took to stay on top!

    Mr. Black: And then, ICW.

    Mr. Blood: Yes, and then, ICW, and HWA... Two Companies destined for destruction, desperate for salvation... Two companies to offer us enough money to come back to the USA, Two chances to show you ignorant rednecks what real Dominance looks like. As those companies fell to ashes around us, as Chaos swirled around, we stood Tall, We stood on the top of the fucking mountain, holding our heads high!

    Mr. Black: We stood, as Champions.

    Mr. Blood: That's where we found the third member of our gang, the only woman to match the savagery, Brutality, and Intelligence of Black Blooded, Darling Vivica here.

    *The Crowd starts chanting "Crazy Bitch" as Vivica skips to the middle of the ring, smiling impishly she raises her title high, seeming to not hear the boos and cat-calls from the IWA faithful*

    Mr. Blood: And then it all came crashing down, all of our hard work, pointless, all of the pain, the sweat, the money, gone. Well you see, that is when we got our heads together, that is when we recruited The Gears! And yes, that jive-talking walking peacock was right, some of our brothers had to be... persuaded to stay loyal... But after all, no pain, no gain.

    Vivica: Daddy let me teach them to be loyal! they scream so pretty when they bleed.

    Mr. Black: And you did me proud, princess.

    Mr. Blood: So we brought the boys here, and despite some minor setbacks, which we took care of last week, we are on track to reach the top of the mountain once again, or burn down this place around us. Make no mistake, we survived, and thrived where others would fail because we are willing to do whatever the fuck it takes to make it! We are Black Blooded, and there ain't a damn one of you sons of bitches worthy to take us on!

    Mr. Black: Damn Right!

    Mr. Blood: That Fake mexican and his south beach party boy, the creepy doctor, hell even the fucking Tard Twins know, because when they look into our eyes they feel the fear that we leave screaming in the back of their minds. No more distractions, no more fucking around. Black Blooded is here, we are here for the Gold, and we always get what we want. It's not a matter of beating us, the real question is, can any of you four lowlife pricks survive what we are going to do to you come DFI, hell, can you boys even make it through tonight? I fucking doubt-

    Damaged Goods

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    *Damaged Good's theme blares through the arena, cutting Mr. Blood off mid-sentence, he looks, enraged towards the ramp, waiting for the men who have the testicular fortitude to interrupt Black Blooded mid-rant. Damaged Goods doesn't immediately come out, but around 15 seconds later, Gaileo and Gommenta ride down on their own motorcycles. The crowd lets out a loud chorus of jeers, as Black Blooded look flabbergasted. Gaileo is giving Schweizner a ride on the back, before they reach ringside. The three jumps off the bikes, before sliding into the ring. Schweizner stares at Black Blooded, before grabbing a microphone from a referee conveniently holding one at ringside*

    Schweizner: Fo Shizzle, ma nizzles, you guys, is talking da truth, ain't no denying dat!

    *More jeers are heard, as Schweizner grins*

    Schweizner: You sirs, speak the biggest pile of wank I've seen in my day. Twice before, you have failed to beat Damaged Goods! Twice! So what makes you think third time will be lucky? You're idiocy is here for everyone to see, but there is multiple reasons why you cannot win.

    You do not have the qualities possessed to become IWA Tag Team Champions! We are in possession, of the UNDISPUTED Top Championships in IWA currently! No controversy has aroused regarding these shiny championships, because we as champions, has defended these championships successfully, over the course of 4 months. No representatives on behalf of us, no needless week-long reigns. We are the best tag team here today.

    Also, these distractions of yours. Elijah Burke, or, if you prefer, “The Pope” D'Angelo Dinero. The Vegas Kid. You just cannot see the whole picture. Your picture is dominated by these two, so much so, that you can't even see Gaileo and Gommenta, nor Van and Carlos for that matter. So then, our victory will be nothing more than a formality for us. Therefore you will get NO MORE SHOTS, at these big gold titles, as Damaged Goods, we will hold these titles until the end of time.

    So with you out of the question, this leads me to Mr. Hooligan-X. Van is a thief! Van is a robber! He stole a win last week against Gaileo – through no fault of our own – but that means bullcrap! You may have won Van, but we were the real winners. We know your strategies when you're in danger, we know your game plan. But we also know who will walk out DFI, as the IWA Tag Team Championships

    *Gaileo and Gommenta raises their titles high in the air, to the fans disgust.*

    And Carlos, you were fortunate that you weren't there last week. You still have a slight aura of mystery, but that aura, like you, will be exterminated at Destined for Immortality.
    Van: Hold on a second! *Van and Carlos walk out to an array of greater boos when they walk out from the back*Now I've heard a lot of bullshit in the year and a bit I've gone professional but Jesus fuck. I don't think I've heard more stupid promises in 1 specific area in my life. Where the fuck do I begin?!

    Let's start with the 'champs' shall we?

    Well first off, I can understand you making excuses. Getting butthurt is a thing a lot of people do when I find a way to win. But I did warn you very fairly last week. I said I will do anything to make sure I leave the victor and that's what I do incredibly well, even against unimaginable odds. You 3 are nothing different, nothing special. So you can babble on about how you know how to beat me cause clearly not 1 of you has learnt anything from last week! I can promise you is 100% certainty that unless you really listen to what I tell you, this won't even be a match, this'll be pest control for me and Carlos.

    So please, lift your title up proudly, list your flawed logic of how you were the best tag team until we came along and you remember that feeling of being a champion because come DFI, that feeling goes 6 feet under and reality hits you like 100 finishers combined.

    Ah, yes. The Colourful Blood tag team. Back from fighting the wrong competition this week, hmm? Well you're shit out of luck aren't you. Not only is your slut of a daughter going to lose her title but you're going to choke in getting these titles. To be honest, you shouldn't even be in this match in the first place considering you have had a legit shot and failed at beating these idiots. If you cannot beat them, you have Zero chance of beating us.

    But allow me to thank both sides right now. You 2 are the best this division had to offer pre-Infection, and it'll be just magical to knock you both off at the same time. Proving to the inane thousands at home just how pitiful this division is. You may not like us but we're going to recreate this division and make it anything but a joke these 2 pathetic excuses of a tag team have made it.

    The division will be on the mend and everyone in the back will realise how inadequate the their position on the roster is when they see the new tag team division with the new tag team division champions!

    This is, and always has been just a question of when and not if we would become champions and Destined for Immortality, IWAs biggest stage, will be remembered as the birth of the new dynasty tag team. Myself, and this mother fucking badass, Carlos! Alberto! Ramon!

    *Ramon begins to smirk and receives the microphone from Van Hooligan*

    CAR: Sooo.. Let me get this straight, you guys.. Yeah you guys, Biker mice.. I’m talking to you chico’s. You have had chance after chance to beat these idiot’s and you haven’t, yet you think.. Adding the best two wrestlers in the world to the mix and suddenly now you can win? *Ramon laughs* You got no chance bichano’s!. So why don’t you guys not bother showing up to Destined for immortality, just stay home and catch up on your sons of Anarchy because there’s only one team walking out with the titles.. *Looks at Van.* And that’s us!

    Or.. You can turn up, lose and then come back here next week and complain how it was not fair or how you are going to win next time. You see, you guys.. Are like those small poodle’s. Your all bark and no bite, you talk the talk.. But you don’t walk the walk.

    As for us two! Ever since we stepped in this wrestling business.. We have dominated the competition. Walked all over those who stood in our way, when we say we are going to win.. We do it! We don’t make threats.. Only promises.

    *Crowd continue booing for the Infection duo*

    CAR: That brings me to you guys! *Ramon points at the champions* Aura of mystery? Nope, that’s greatness you can sense. The same greatness that will be coming to take your titles and there’s nothing you can do about it!. You know it and we know it.. There’s been no competition for you guys here, you have both been able to do as you please because lets face it.. It’s not going to matter how many times you beat unca’ and daddy blood *Ramon smirks* They don’t have what it takes.

    But you guys know.. Me and Van Hooligan, where the real deal. We are the threat that’s going to take your titles, we are the infection that’s going to kill Damaged Goods.. And for this Infection, there is no cure. The clock is ticking and the changing of the guard is coming..

    Just like we said we would when we came here, we will be the next tag team champions and when we are.. That will just be the beginning for us and the end for you.. But you, You already know that!

    *Ramon winks before dropping the mic as the team’s all stare off with the crowd cheering for the anticipation of the match. A ref comes running out from the back, as Mr Blood, Van Hooligan X, Gaileo, Vivica, and Schweizner step out of the ring, leaving the ref, Carlos Alberto Ramon, Mr Black, and Gommenta, as the bell sounds.*

    Ramon (Rock) vs. Black (Undertaker) vs. Gommenta (Kane)
    (Start 3:45, End 6:45; Ignore HHH)

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    Black hits Ramon with a hard uppercut to the jaw, and then Gommenta comes up behind Black and hits him hard in the back of the head with a stuff elbow. Ramon rolls into the ring while Gommenta whips Black into the steel post hard, doing massive damage to the right shoulder of Black. Gommenta then makes his way to the timekeeper's area and takes the bell from the keeper!

    Mike: Hey! That is not yours, Gommenta!

    Rocky: What are you going to do about it, Mike!? Take it from him!? This is a triple threat match, there are no disqualifications!

    Gommenta stands over Black as he gets to his feet, and then Gommenta goes to crush Black's head against the steel post with the bell, but Black moves, making Gommenta slam the bell off of the post! Black takes advantage of the dazed Gommenta and begins to hit hard right hands into the skull of Gommenta, each shot gaining more momentum! Black then throws Gommenta onto the announcers table and then gets onto it with him!

    Mike: Oh god ... Oh ..

    Mike quickly gets up from his seat.

    Rocky: You little pussy ... Hey! Ramon is on the top rope!

    While Black gets Gommenta to his feet, Ramon scales the top turnbuckle and stalks both men. Ramon yells down to both men when they get to their feet, getting their attention, and then he dives from the top and crashes down onto both men with a huge cross body, putting all three men through the table!

    The crowd begins to chant "Holy shit!" loudly, but the chants quickly turn to boos when Athena comes running down the ramp. Schweizner checks on Gommenta, trying to get him to his feet, and then Athena attacks Schweizner, laying him out with a clothesline to the back of the head! Ramon gets back to his feet and instructs Athena to help him get Black into the ring! Athena grabs Black's legs and drags him to the apron, and then Athena and Ramon pick the big man up and roll him into the ring!

    Mike: Alright, now that I have my headset back ... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

    Rocky: An awesome moment!! Haha did you see Ramon fly from the top!? Holy shit!!

    Mike: Yeah whatever, get someone down here to fix our table!

    Ramon goes for the pin on Black, but Black shoves him away! Athena slides into the ring and stalks Black, but then Vivica comes running down the ramp with a chain in her hand and she slides into the ring! Vivica taunts Athena, and then Athena charges here, but Vicica grabs Athena and throws her into Ramon, knocking him into the turnbuckle with Athena on him! Vivica then charges Athena and throws all of her weight into her, crushing Ramon in between the turnbuckle and Athena! Black gets back to his feet, but Gommenta is back in the ring as well!

    Gommenta charges Black and goes for a spear, but Black moves out of the way and Gommenta spears Athena instead! Gommenta gets back to his feet and Vivica swings the chain at his head, but he ducks, making Vivica hit Ramon in the skull with the chain hard!

    Mike: Oh lord!

    Rocky: That didn't sound pleasent at all.

    Ramon clutches his forehead hard, and then Gommenta hits Black hard with big boot, knocking him away from Ramon! Gommenta then grabs Ramon from behind and hits the Austrian Crack!! Gommenta tries to pin Ramon, but Black charges Gommenta and hits him with his own big boot, making him stumble back! Black then grabs Gommenta, and plants him hard with the Black Death onto Ramon! Black rolls Gommenta out of the ring, and then he pins Ramon!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Mr Black!

    Mr Black immediately rolls out of the ring, as Mr Black, Mr Blood, and Vivca walk backwards up the ramp, smiling, looking at the Destined for Immortality logo hanging in the arena. The camera also gets a shot at the Maximum Anarchy cell still hanging above, as the camera's cut to the back

    Malcolm Cage is backstage in the locker room standing with Seth Gabel.

    Seth Gabel: Malcolm Cage, at Destined for Immortality you and Dave Steele will go one on one. Do you feel like this rivalry will end at Destined for Immortality?

    Cage: It’s hard to tell right now Seth. Dave is very persistent, but come DFI I will be sure to take it to him at 100%. I will try my hardest to end it, but knowing Steele, a loss for him may just push him over the edge. I don’t think he’ll let it go. The way I see it, Malcolm Cage has big things ahead of him in IWA, and the one thing that is holding him back from that path is Dave Steele.

    Dave Steele is a my roadblock. I may have to take a little longer to my goal, but I know that eventually I will make. I have faced guys twice as big as Steele and twice as threatening too,. Steele ain’t nothing compared to those guys, so it should not be a prob...

    Just as Cage starts to finish his sentence, Dave Steele comes out of nowhere with a steel chair and clocks Cage in the head from behind. Seth runs out of the way as Steele picks up Cage and carries him over to a nearby mirror. Steele lifts Cage’s motionless body up and powerbombs him into the mirror, glass shattering all over the locker room and Cage’s body. Blood is running from Cage’s back as he lies on the floor.

    Steele: It’s over when I say it’s over...

    Steele stands over Cage’s body as paramedics arrive and the camera cuts to a commercial break.


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    Kurt Lay-gle

    *The crowd pops, as Oscar Layman comes down to ringside to a big pop. The crowd are chanting "Oscar" as opposed to "You Suck", before Oscar enters the ring. He's wearing Angle's wrestling cap with wig, and grabs a mic off the referee*

    Oscar: United Kingdom! London! The Olympic Hero is here! It's true, it's true! And he is here to wrestle, it's true! It's true! And Ali Kazam, Kurt Lay-gle is gonna kick your ass all over the O2, it's true, it's true!

    But Ali Kazam, if that is your real name
    *Oscar raises his eyebrow at the camera.* Come the next pay-per-view, it's Destined For Immortality, where all over the arena, you will have your ass kicked by yours truly. You see Ali, you're just a poor little, modest man, with so, so much to be modest about.

    But Ali, if you succeed at my 3 M's: "Merry-Go-Rounds", "Musical Chairs" and "Masturbation", they you can become an English hero like me! *huge crowd pop*.

    Ali Kazam, your gimmick, is just a child entertainer, something children impersonate. Their entertainment value is non-existent, as with you, so you're nothing more than a boy. A little child. And boy, when I'm laying on your child body 1-2- no crap. When I throw your un-pubertated body around the ring for my own personal satisfaction- no damn! Well, simple enough, you're going to be on your knees in front of me- feckin' hell! Well, I can guaran-damn-tee, that Oscar Layman will triumph over the unconscious body of Ali Kazam!

    And tonight, Sagittarius Blue, will team with Kurt freakin' Lay-gle, against you Ali, and Chris "So Fine" - good rhyme by the way, Divine. Now, if Chris and his freakishly small genitalia dares to get in the ring with a wrestling MACHINE, then you don't worry about blowing up your date tonight, because you won't be breathing once me and me buds Saggy are finished with you tonight. You're a man-made wrestling "talent", but that only means your creator gets the blame for unleashing a not-yet fully evolved animal onto IWA

    As for Ali, tonight is just a preview, as at DFI, be prepared, because I'm gonna place my hand so far up your ass, and play your voicebox like a puppet oh it's real, IT'S DAMN REAL!


    *Ali Kazam sounds a little bit mad. A small explosion takes place and Ali is sitting on the turnbuckle staring at Oscar.*

    Ali Kazam: I don’t think you do Oscar, see two weeks ago, it was more important that you make me lose to the worst Jobber in history than beating Shaz for the world title. You didn’t the world champion serious and you got your ass kicked for it. Let’s be honest here, besides costing me my match with that god awful excuse for a wrestler… Fucking Robstar… I hate that guy so much…

    *Ali takes a breath.*

    Ali Kazam: Besides costing me the match against him, what have you done to take me serious so far? Nothing! That’s what. You and your 1004 personalities have to realize that at DFI if you aren’t taking things seriously you stand absolutely zero chance of beating me. Not that you ever had a chance of that to begin with. As for tonight you phony Olympic zero. Me and Divine, we’re going to show all these people just how much you suck. I mean against the two of us, you haven’t got a hope in the world. It wouldn’t matter if you were teaming with the man whose personality you stole this week. Kurt angle couldn’t help you get it done against me and Divine, but you don’t have Kurt angle to team with. You only have Sagittarius Blue Balls.

    *Ali laughs to himself.*

    Ali Kazam: Blue balls might like to think other wise, he might like to think he can get back on track after losing last week, but that's not going to happen tonight. Tonight will be a preview for DFI because just like at DFI, me and Divine are going to win tonight. And just like at DFI, I am going to stand over your unconscious body and laugh at the pathetic excuse for a man I see.

    ???: Then you must be looking in a mirror, A. K.

    *Ali Kazam turns to see Sagittarius Blue standing next to him in the ring. He seems surprised that Sagittarius just popped up out of nowhere. Sagittarius seems to notice his surprise...*

    Sagittarius Blue: Sorry if I scared you there, "magician." I mean, surprises are rampant in IWA. I mean, I gotta admit I didn't know I'd be teaming with the Olympic Hero this evening *gestures to Lay-gle* but that's a pleasant surprise. I bet this guy has the kind of skills that The Cyborg only wishes he had. But there are a lot of other surprises going around that I'm less than pleased with. Like Chris Divine officiating my world title match last night. And screwing me out of it. *pause, angry face* I. Had. Shaz. Dead to fucking rights. But of course, Christina couldn't leave well enough alone. So he decided to gift wrap the match and hand it to Shaz. How sweet. Divine has shown me that he really is desperate. He really seems to think that by costing me matches and whatnot, he can redeem himself and establish himself as the top guy here. *turns to crowd* He having any luck with that, you guys? *the Asylum responds with a resounding "HELL NO!"* I thought not. If anything, he's digging his hole deeper... and deeper... and deeper. But you know, this whole turn of events may get resolved early before DFI - I can get my hands on him tonight... and put kicks to kidneys... *crowd chants "kicks to kidneys"* all night long. Let me warn you now, Kazam... *looks Kazam in his eyes* you try to get in my way of dismembering Divine... you'll be getting some "kicks to kidneys" action too. *crowd chants "kicks to kidneys" some more* Tonight, the "W" goes to Kurt Lay-gle and The Classic City Saint, Sagittarius Blue. Insane wrestling skill coupled with unconventional intensity. *looks at Kazam* And your chances of magicking your way out of this fiasco... *suspenseful pause for the punchline* are disappearing fast.

    Chris Divine

    Chris Divine walks out from the back now, mic in hand. The JBW Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder. He starts talking, and walking towards the ring, as the music fades.

    Divine: Frankly, Divine doesn't care about the man with a million personalities or the failed childrens magician. No..Divine only cares about one man...and that man claims to be Blue, but is actually black. Now, Blue, you made a remark that stuck out to Divine. Divine screwed you out of your World title match. Hmm. Divine did no such thing. Look at the evidence. People say Divine slow counted you at the end, when in fact, Divine had a really bad cramp in his hand. If he had tried to slap the mat right then for a third time, Divine could have injured his hand and then our match at Destined for Immortality would be off. Then others, yourself included, call Divine out for putting his hands on you. To that, Divine says, why was the challenger for the World title getting into Divine's face. As a matter of fact, if Divine remembers correct, your nose touched Divines, so Divine could have disqualified you, but instead, Divine gave you a taste of your own medicine. You want to attack Divine with your nose...Divine will attack you back little boy.

    Divine is now to the ring apron, as he climbs in, looking at Blue.

    Divine: Now Blue, you can go on about all the things you want to say, but the fact remains, Divine has been 1 step ahead of you this whole ride. This ride, comes to an end at Destined for Immortality Bluesy...and when it does, Divine will still be one step ahead. Divine will make these fans respect him..Divine will put you into the ground like you should have been put numerous times...and maybe...just maybe before Divine is over...Divine will do you a favor, and get rid of your shemale girlfriend. Lord knows you don't need to be with Pisces Pink. Hell, considering she is a whale, is it considered bestiality?

    Divine chuckles, and Blue is enraged.

    Divine: Oh chill out Blue. Hell, if you are blue, shouldn't you be mr chill? Oh thats right. Divine has been in your head, just like Divine has been 1 step ahead. Blue word of advice, in our tag match, watch out, because tonight will merely be a sampling of our next match, where the Divine One will walk away the winner, and that Sagttarius Blue, is a DIVINE TRUTH!

    Divine drops the mic, as a ref comes running out from the back now.

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    AJ Styles=Sag. Blue & Kurt Angle=Oscar Layman vs. Christopher Daniels=Chris Divine & Frankie Kazarian=Ali Kazam

    (finish at 07:52)

    Mike: Here we go!

    Rocky: Oh, yay. This is the part of the match where the rested guy beats everybody up.

    Mike: You’re not a fan of the fourth wall, are you?

    Rocky: I’m not a fan of treating our fans as idiots. Present company excepted, of course.

    Layman get’s the tag at the same time, and immediately makes a beeline for Divine. Layman drops Divine with a big clothesline. Divine get’s back up straight away, but is knocked down by a back elbow. Layman picks Divine up, pushes him up against the ropes and Irish whips him. Divine reverses, Layman bounces off the ropes and nails a flying forearm!

    Divine stands back up and staggers into a corner. Layman Irish whips Divine into the opposite corner, makes a run towards him but Divine hits Layman with an elbow. Divine rushes out of the corner as Layman staggers back a couple of steps, but Layman hooks Divine up. Belly to belly overhead suplex!

    Mike: That was beautifully done. The momentum has certainly changed now.

    Rocky: Wow. If only somebody could have seen this coming.

    Mike: What is your problem?

    Rocky: Oscar-bastard-Layman. The guy has such a ridiculous gimmick. All he does is rape everyone else’s ideas and he gets over on it. How the hell is that fair?

    Kazam goes for Layman with a clothesline. Layman ducks, grabs Kazam in a waist lock and delivers a textbook release German suplex. Divine is back on his feet and goes for a clothesline. Layman ducks again, grabs Divine in a waist lock and delivers another release German suplex. Layman stands back and starts working the crowd, who are jumping in excitement.
    Layman drops to one knee and stalks Divine. Divine wearily stands back up, Layman hooks up, ANGLE SLAM! Layman goes straight for the cover...

    Thr-no! Kazam breaks up the count.

    Layman gets up and staggers around. Kazam wants revenge and grabs Layman in a waist lock, but Layman reverses and delivers another German suplex, but he holds onto the waist lock! Layman picks up Kazam with the waist lock and drops another German suplex.

    Mike: He’s still got the grip on Kazam!

    Layman picks Kazam up for a third time. German suplex! Layman releases this time, and Kazam rolls across the ring. Layman starts working the crowd again, and they start to explode when Layman drops the straps of his singlet.

    Rocky: For fuck’s sake...

    Layman wanders straight over to Kazam, grabs his left leg and locks in the ankle lock! Kazam is screaming in pain and starts to claw his way towards the ropes. The referee is repeatedly asking Kazam to see if he wants to give in, but Kazam says no. He starts to get closer and closer to the ropes, but Layman drags Kazam back to the centre of the ring and wraps a leg vine around the left leg of Kazam. Kazam desperately tries to crawl, but he cannot move the weight.

    Mike: This is it. Kazam is gonna tap out!

    Out of nowhere, Divine stamps on the head of Layman, and Layman releases the hold. Divine picks Layman up...DIVINE INTERVENTION!

    Rocky: It’s about fucking time somebody to control of this. The Divine one has shown that his wrestling instincts are top notch!

    Divine is back up on his feet, but is immediately knocked down by the Sagittarius Shot (flying dropkick from apron). Blue, back on his feet, picks Divine up and starts laying right hands onto the head of Divine. Blue backs Divine into a corner, laying right hand after right hand, but Divine gives Blue a thumb to the eye, stopping his momentum dead in its tracks. Blue staggers back against the ropes, and Divine runs over and delivers a huge clothesline, sending both men over the top rope.

    Mike: This is getting out of control.

    Rocky: As God intended. Divine in charge, and Layman on his fucking ass.

    The fight between Blue and Divine on the outside has now kicked off big time. Divine picks up Blue and slams him into the guard rail. Divine backs up a few steps, takes a run up, but Blue drops his shoulder and lifts Divine up over and into the crowd, straight onto the concrete floor.

    Rocky: Referee, disqualify that man!

    Mike: For what?

    Rocky: Duh, I dunno...for time wasting?

    Mike: Time was-

    Rocky: I was being sarcastic, you twat.

    The fans are now chanting “This is awesome!” as Blue is leaning against the guard rail, trying to gather himself. Blue climbs the guard rail, picks Divine up and throws a big right hand. Divine staggers further into the audience as Blue follows him. The ref is leaning over the ropes, shouting for the two men to get back towards the ring but is ignored. Blue hits Divine again. Blue goes for a third punch, but Divine ducks, picks Blue up and literally throws him into the fans! The fans catch Blue as Divine starts to walk away. After being let down, Blue gives chase to Divine and after to two start delivering blows to each other, we lose sight of them.

    Mike: Well, that’s Divine and Blue gone from the arena. I guess the next time we’ll see those two lock horns will be at Destined for Immortality.

    The camera cuts to the ring. The ref turns back to the two men on the ground. Layman is on the floor, out of it, while Kazam is rolling around, still holding his ankle. The ref starts the count:

    Kazam starts to crawl over the Layman.
    Kazam is getting closer

    Kazam gets on top of Layman and hooks the leg. The ref drops down for the count:

    Layman pops his right shoulder up to the joy of the fans. Kazam, in a moment of frustration, starts to punch the ground, repeatedly screaming and cursing. Kazam stands up, hardly able to put any weight on his left leg, and picks up Layman. Kazam goes to throw a punch, but is blocked by Layman! Layman and Kazam start exchanging blows:


    Layman blocks the last punch by Kazam, Irish whips Kazam into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Kazam ducks, Layman spins around and BOOM...THE MAGICIAN’S CURSE (cutter)...NO! It was blocked. Layman is still standing, while Kazam lands onto the ring floor. Layman quickly goes to pick Kazam up, but Kazam rolls up Layman. Kazam puts his whole weight into the roll up, and he’s got a hold of Layman’s singlet!



    Mike: SON OF A BITCH! That cheating son of a bitch.

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Ali Kazam and Chris Divine!

    Kazam immediately bails out of the ring as Layman jumps back to his feet. Layman argues with the ref, before looking back at his adversary, who is slowly walking backwards up the ramp, laughing.

    Rocky: Yes! Ali Kazam and Divine win! I Know Divine doesn't realize that, but his words came true! He and Kazam won tonight, and they will win at Destined for Immortality!

    Mike: No they won't Rocky. It's going to be Oscar Lay-gle and Sagittarius Blue winning.

    Rocky: Stop crushing my hopes and dreams Mike...just stop it.

    The camera's cut from the ring, to the back. We see Smokey walking, on his cell phone, as Seth Gabel comes out of nowhere.

    Seth: Sir, I was hoping to get a word.

    Smokey: Make it quick.

    Seth: Well, Destined for Immortality is our next stop. What can you tell the fans to expect.

    Smokey: Sure. We are going to have three bands play live at this PPV. If the fans want to know what they are playing and why..well, they will have to just watch.

    Seth: This card is stacked, with each match having some kind of history. What is one you are looking out for?

    Smokey: Honestly, The Endurance Championship. Mr Smyth has been ducking Kyojin from the start, and the fact those two took it into their hands to book matches, really gets under my skin. I hope they destroy each other.

    Seth: Lastly, the Maximum Anarchy match, who do you think is going to walk away the winner.

    Smokey: Jman. Watching him in the handicap match, there is no doubt in my mind that that man walks out the winner. Now if you'll excuse me.

    Smokey walks off, as the camera's fade to a commercial


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Israel Pamich standing in the ring with a mic in hand.

    Israel: I am not going to waste my precious and valuable time on morons like you in the audience. *Crowd start chanting you suck*. Instead I am only focusing on my DFI opponent Ivan Draymen and the tragedy that happened here two weeks ago

    *Video is shown of the IP address with the inevitable beat down of Pamich and the destruction of his stage*

    Ivan Draymen since then I have called you out several times but you don’t quite seem to catch my drift so I am going to tell you straight out tonight what a disgusting low life piece of trash you are and how you should be ashamed of treating my debut show with contempt.

    Not only did you destroy my stage and got some cheap shots onto me but IWA management feels that The IP address was an utter failure and may not be seen again
    *Crowd start chanting Thank you Smokey*

    Let me assure you people in attendance that your chants can not get under my skin because just like Ivan Draymen you are all too weak and pathetic to actually take something on head on and instead just let life pass you by.

    I am not a bad guy as much as everyone thinks I am just sick of the utter contempt that is shown my way when I do nothing but bust my arse of to perfect my art and become the very best wrestler in IWA today

    How would you like it if you completed all your tasks at work and had extra time to clean the office and when your boss walks in growls where’s my COFFEE.

    Now beside the fact that half of you don’t have jobs and the other half can’t make coffee my point is I do all my tasks and goals if you want to call it that and I rise above what is expected of me and still I get treated like a nobody here well that ends now because Ivan Draymen is going to bring my soon to be kicked arise out to this ring and proclaim to the world that Israel Pamich is the best wrestler going around today.

    Then he is going to look me in the eyes and say Israel Pamich I respect you.

    You know how I am going to make this happen? Simple because I know Ivan Draymen better then he knows himself and the last thing he would want to do is disappoint you fans by not coming out here and holding up this show because while he tries to kiss your butt cheeks week in and week out I have no problem saying to each and every one of you that I am the greatest commodity here and all of you have forked out hard earned money to see me and not the other way round so Ivan Draymen I am going to wait for you now to comeout here and tell me you respect me.

    *Israel waits about 20 seconds while the crowd chants you’re a wainker*

    I am waiting Draymen

    *Israel is pacing around now and still no sign of Draymen*

    I will wait here as long as I have to and if there is no main event then Draymen that is on you.

    I got all night Draymen

    Ace Note

    *The theme song of Ace Note cuts Pamich off. He stares down at the ramp, awaiting for the man to make his appearance. Note makes way out to the top of the ramp, fans rallying and cheering him from the stands. Microphone already in hand, Note feigns guilt as he looks back at a peeved Pamich, irked by the fact that Draymen wasn’t the one to come out.*

    ::Ace Note::

    “Oh, oh, I’m sorry. Were you expecting someone else, Pamich? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I ain’t Ivan Draymen. No, no, no. See, in case you didn’t know, allow me to humbly introduce myself. See, my name isn’t Ivan Draymen, dear friend. It’s Ace Note. You might have heard a little bit about me and despite all the word of the mouth rumors floating around in the back, let me be the first to say, no. No, I do not like to stash drugs under my mattress. Waaaaaay too inconvenient.”

    *He turns to the camera and winks at it as he slowly walks down the ramp.*

    “But I’ll tell you what I do like. For instance, believe it or not, I like to drink earl tea as long as you hold the sugar. I also enjoy reading mystery novels on a starry Sunday night while smoking a corncob pipe, sitting in a huge chair in front of my cozy fireplace and propping my feet up on a table. Just kidding about the last part, FYI. I HATE reading. Oh and did I mention I tend to have long walks on the beach? No? Well, now you do. And to top off the list of my likes, I liiiiiike mustard over ketchup, the Yankees, sue me, the color purple, the actual color NOT the musical. I, um ....…hmmm, did I miss anything that I like?”

    *Standing in front of the ring, Ace Note pauses and taps a finger on his chin, gazing up at the ceiling in a faux thinking state of mind. When he finally “comes up” with something, a bright grin paints itself on the canvas of his face.*

    “Oh yeah! Here’s another thing that I enjoy, shutting whiny bitches like you up!”

    *With his intentions now clear, the Chaos audience starts cheering for Ace Note as he gets in the ring to confront Pamich.*
    “I don’t about the rest of you but quite frankly, having to hear this guy’s version of “Woe is me, woe is me!” makes me want to put elbows firmly intact with jaws and right now, I’m looking at your jaw as the prime candidate! Now, outside of me being pretty PO’d at listening to your whiny ass go on and on and on, it’s pretty obvious that I ain’t got no quarrel with Israel. Ain’t no Pamich ever called me punkass. But unfortunately for you, I was in the back, enjoying a chicken salad sandwich, with just a tiny little hint of Tabasco sauce, when Smokey the Bear comes up to me and tells me that I’ve got a one on one match tonight against you. So I say, “Fuck off, Bear, I’m eatin’! I’ll take care of him after I’m done so zip your fly up because I don’t want to see the results of your last round of “Choke the Chick!”, I finish my lunch and now here I am, ready to kick your ass with my belly full of $8 dollar chicken salad and rye bread.

    Now, you’ll have to forgive me for my next gesture but unfortunately, it’s going to bring you down to Earth pretty damn quickly and you need it bad, my boy. So, you wanna go on and on about how you fight for honor and respect? I hate to have to metaphorically zip down my jeans, pull out my schlong and piss on all the snow that makes you feel like such a special snowflake but to be honest with you, bruh, you’re not the only one here who does that. If you honestly believe that you are the only wrestler here that deserves any sort of respect because of your morals, then you’re more full of shit than even Brock Edwards is. And if you think I’m off base for coming out here and calling you out over it, brother, this isn’t my first brush with the entertainment business. A few people actually know this but I used to work in the circus as a child. And no matter if you were the clown who had to squeeze into a tiny, yellow car, the tiger who had to keep his mouth open when the daredevil stuck his head down his gullet or the ringmaster who ran the show, if the paying fans don’t like you, well, tough shit. Them’s the bricks. They don’t like you and that’s the way it is. And it's exactly the same way for the wrestlers back there. They’ve gone though the ropes, they’ve jumped all the necessary hurdles and not once down the road, did their trainer look them in the eye and say, “Hey, you know that one guy named Israel Pamich? Guess what? If you don’t respect him, you’re nothing.” And it’s really not my place to speak for anyone but myself so I’ll just be the first one to step up to the plate and represent me when I say that you can take your morals and your useless bitching and shove it!

    Right now, you don’t need to worry about Ivan Draymen because if you want to make it out of here in one piece, you’re going to have to survive me. But know this, you’re not even going to have it half as bad as my Destined for Immortality opponent Domino does. See, like you, Domino thinks that he can just waltz out here and do what he wants, when he wants it and thinks that he’ll get no repercussions for it because he doesn’t want to be a man and take his lumps. He thinks that by ducking me, trying to jump me from behind, that all of that crap is going to do anything to deter my one track mind and the most important thing it has in it and that’s whipping his ass on Sunday. So Domino, if you’re somewhere back there, tail tucked between your legs, trying to find some Charmin paper towels to clean up the yellow, babbling brook that’s running down your leg and staining your lacy pink panties that you got out of a bargain bin at Macy's, I want you to take…note of what’s going to happen to my good buddy Pamich here and know that what I’m about to do to him pales in comparison to what I’m going to do to you come Sunday night!”

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