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    The camera's come back, as we see Sagittarius Blue in the back, walking down the hall. He turns the corner, and heads into a room. It's Smokey's office. We see Smokey sitting, watching the tv.

    Blue: You wanted to see me?

    Smokey: Ah yes. Well you see Sagittarius, in recent weeks, you've proven you can hang with the big dogs, so, after your impressive win over Brock Edwards, I'm going to reward that. I haven't picked who Shaz will defend his World title against next week, and I think that person, should be you. So, you've got a week to get ready for the match of your life Blue. Good luck, you are going to need it.

    Blue smiles, as he turns, heading out, as Smokey turns focusing to the tv.

    The camera's turn back to the ring, as we focus on Rocky and Mike.

    Mike: Well folks, if things weren't weird enough in IWA, we have exclusive video of a new wrestler debuting in IWA soon. I've seen this video..and well..I'm at a loss for words.

    Rocky: I'm not. This guy is amazing! Here, take a look.

    The tron comes to life, showing a video.

    We see a Burger King fast food restaurant. The camera's go inside of the store, and we see a man sitting at a booth. He has shoulder length hair, a full beard, a red plaid shirt, and a pair of jeans, with big boots. A girl walks up, holding something in her hand.

    ???: Randy? Are you Randy?

    Randy: Yeah! Hey! Beth right?

    Beth: Yes..I am look really different than your picture.

    We see the item in Beths hand now, as we see it's a picture of a bald man, semi young, who looks to be in great shape.

    Randy: Oh ya! That is a really old picture, but it's me. Come on, sit down.

    The two sit down, looking at each other.

    Randy: So have you ever done this before?

    Beth: Met someone from online in real life before? No this is a first. Have you?

    Randy: Oh no, you are my first time.

    Beth: Oh, well ok. So do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

    Randy: Sure.

    Beth: Well your online profile said your profession was "up in the air". So what do you do exactly?

    Randy: Well, actually, that's a funny story. A few years ago, I struck it with the lottery, one of them lotto scratchers. Won myself 100,000. Went through it kind of quick, but before I blew it all way, I paid for wrestling training. I signed a contract about a week ago to work for a company called IWA. Have you heard of them?

    Beth: No sorry. I don't watch wrestling. It's just men touching each other. Seems kind of gay.

    Randy slams the table.

    Randy: It's not takes real athleticism to do what they do. I'm going to be on the tv just like the big stars, Kyojin, Mr Smyth, Shaz, and Jman real soon. So that is my profession, a pro wrestler.

    Beth: Oh...interesting. you want to get something to eat?

    Randy: Well, that is the funny thing. I tried to order, but my card got declined. Not sure what is up with it, I put like 5 dollars in the bank the other day. Any way you can spot me?

    Beth: On a first date? Well..ok..I guess.

    The two get up, and go wait in line, after a few moments, they order their food, with Beth paying. They go back over, taking a seat, as Randy immediately starts eating.

    Beth: So what do you like to do for fun?

    Randy: I...

    ????: HOOCH!

    Suddenly, a second girl comes storming in, and grabs Randy by the hair.

    ????: Hooch, what did i say about making online dating profiles? I'm starting to get really sick of this.

    Beth: Um Randy, who is this?

    Randy: Well uh...this would be uh...

    ???: Go on "randy", tell this hoochie mama who I am.

    Randy: This would be my girlfriend Melissa.

    Beth: You have a girlfriend!?

    Randy: Well yes..and no.

    Melissa: What do you mean no!?

    Randy: You cheated on me with my cousin Joseph.

    Melissa: I was drunk. Since when did we throw the drunken rule out?

    Randy: Oh..well...maybe I'm drunk now.

    Melissa: No you are not.

    Randy: Ok, you are right. Will you forgive me?

    Melissa: Well....sigh....I can never stay mad at you. Plus, what would I do being trapped on the road with you during our upcoming time in IWA. I would go crazy!

    Randy: Oh baby, I love you!

    Melissa: I love you too Hooch!

    Randy Hooch pushes everything off the booth, as he throws Melissa on top of it, and they begin to make out right infront of Beth. The Tron fades at this image.

    Rocky: Ah hahahaha!

    Mike: Just sick! That poor girl!

    Rocky: Oh lighten up! This hooch guy is great!

    Damaged Goods

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    *Damaged Goods' music hits, as the crowd immediately begins to jeer. Schweizner leads Gaileo and Gommenta, before the three slowly walk down to ringside. All three men are wearing suits for a change, although Gaileo immediately yanks his tie off, before shoving it into the face of a crowd member. The three men slide into the ring, before Schweizner requests a mic, which is promptly given to him.*

    Schweizner: First Bloods, Steel Cages, Hell in a Cells. Hollywood Gaylords, NCI-don't give a fuck, El-Asshole, Dray-woman and now, we have our old friends Black Bell-ends, and the new group. Infectalot of homos. And through the course of these 4 months or so these title have belonged to Damaged Goods. We've been the only champions in IWA to defend their title at every pay-per-view, by ourselves, without representatives, in a gimmick match.

    We also hold the only title not to changed hands yet. Only once have we had the chance to defend the championships in a team-on-team environment on a pay-per-view stage. Don't forget we've beaten Kyojin and KJ Punk in a champion and champion vs champions situation, and we've proved we are the best champions in IWA period.

    And what I don't understand, is how Smokey rewards Gaileo. How Smokey rewards Gommenta. How he rewards them by forcing us to face Razor Del Rio and the secret love child of Mae Young and Jimmy Saville! And then Mr. Blood and Mr. Black gets involved when we're on the verge of defending our titles, Damaged Goods and Gommenta are forced to give THEM a title shot, at the same time as the HIV friends try to take away our gold.

    *Schweizner runs his hand through his hair, before letting out a small grin*

    But seriously Smokey. You made a big mistake. This is the biggest freakin' pay-per-view in IWA's year, and you're treating your IWA Tag Team Champions like they're nothing more than the WWE Divas Champion. But no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no NO!

    We don't utilize the Freebird rule, but we could. I could bring any upcoming wrestler who would jump at the opportunity to become an IWA Tag Title Holder, gives us more numbers. But the respect for the IWA Tag Team Championship, and our respect for our opponents stop that.

    But come Destined for Immortality. We will prove why Damaged Goods are and will forever be IWA Tag Team Champions. Whether it's locking in Mr X's Vanguard on him. Whether we steal gimmicks like Mr. Hall. Whether we force Mr. Blood and Mr. Black to reveal their first names or break their bones, we will walk out of Destined for Immortality with the same thing we will have on every Chaos from not until them. The IWA Tag Team Championships, and blood on our hands. I..

    Van: Now hooold on a second there ladies!

    *Van walks out with Carlos with a mic in already in hand and needlessly to say the crowd are making the overall opinion on them heard very loudly.*

    Now that we've listened to the soon to be champions around here. I think it's is about time you heard from the future of this division. Obviously, us.

    Ya see. Last week didn't go as planned for us since that overrated Blooded Black tag team cost us the title. But luckily Smokey did something correct. He made the rematch but including those 2 inane fools. Now naturally if you're a tag team like those dumbasses in the ring, you might be annoyed that an extra tag team was added to the match at Destined for Immortality. But you see, I'm greatful he did add them. They've been talking bullshit for far too long along with these 3 jokes and this gives me and Carlos the perfect opportunity to not only win the titles on the biggest stage of them all, but finally give you stupid, stupid people visual proof that we are the future of this division and we're going to dominate this division for a long, long time.

    It literally is 2 birds, 1 stone for us. I can only imagine all of your ugly faces expressions when 2 of the most hated wrestlers around here pretty much steam role the competition and become your new Tag team champions! Thus the era of the tag team division shall truly begin!

    *Ramon nods in agreement with everything Van has just said. Carlos then grabs the mic from his partner and begins speaking while the crowd crank up the boo’s.*

    CAR: Hey-YO! *Crowd boo as Ramon turns towards the crowd* Shut up bichano’s! Nobody is asking for your opinion’s.

    Damaged goods! Let’s get something straight chico’s! You talk about being these great champions? *Ramon laughs* You must be joking right? Do you know what great champions look like? You don’t? Let me show you!

    *Ramon and Van both pose and taunt the crowd as they continue booing.*

    CAR: Me and Van? Now we are great champions! You guys? You just got lucky, I mean.. who have you actually faced? The Hairy bikers? Come on man.. Everyone knows that Black Blooded are all bark and no bite! Sure.. They talk the talk and they have won titles elsewhere but do you know why? The same reason you are holding those titles.. Because until now, they have not faced anyone in the same league as Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan! We are the best.. Now that’s not me being cocky or big headed, that’s me being honest!

    *Ramon smirks at the crowd*

    CAR: The stage is set.. Destined for Immortality will be the place where the two biggest stars in this industry shine on the biggest stage in wrestling! We will become the new tag team champions because lets face it.. You guys are nowhere near good enough to stop us! Hey, don’t get me wrong.. I’m sure you will try, but so many people have.. And so many people have failed.

    At Destined for Immortality it will be On your bikes for Black Blooded and you will both be damaged good by the Infection! *Ramon laughs* You know why? Because we don’t do threats.. Just warnings! When we came here, we told the world what we would do, we were coming for those titles and when we have them.. Well, that’s just the beginning for us.

    In a matter of days, the two biggest stars in wrestling will show why we are just that damn good when we become the new tag team champions! And when we win.. We want the tag division on notice.

    Z-Boy and Rycrap listen up real good chico’s, Ramon has only spoke with you guys once? And already that was more then enough for me.. The Pardy Boyz? Well here’s what I’m suggesting.. When we win these titles.. And we will. You guys can have the first shot, so we can cut the “Pardy” short and send you guys back to the Jersey Shore before you start staining my company with fake tan. Oh and Ramon didn’t forget about you guys KayFab? How could I forget about my two favourite nerds! When we are done with them.. You guys can go next. Then when we beat you.. You won’t even need to write a blog about it.. Because everyone will be watching.. The whole world would have seen the reason why you guys should never have been signed.. Or will ever be signed again!

    *Crowd continue booing*

    CAR: At Destined for Immortality, the Infection will become the new tag team champions and when we do.. It will be the start of worst things to come and the real bad news? There’s nothing anyone can do about it!

    *Both Ramon and Van smirk as the two teams stare at each other while the crowd are clearly excited for the match that will take place at Destined for Immortality*

    ????: WOo hoo! Up here guys and Van.

    The four men turn, looking to the Insane-O-Tron

    Smokey: I figured I'd step in real quick and clear the air. You see, each of Damaged Good's title defenses on PPV's, have been marred in controversy, so that's why I'm taking precautionary steps for Destined for Immortality. You see, at our biggest show of the year, the following rule is going in place. Schweizner, the rest of Infection, and Vivica, will all be banned from ringside. This way, we get a good fight! Best of lucks guys and...well..Van. You'll need it.

    Mike: That's huge news! Vivica, the rest of Infection, and Schweizner banned from ringside! Stay tuned folks! We are going to hear from Orion Slayde next!


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    Orion Slayde

    Slayde appears on stage to a very mixed reaction from the crowd in which the boos overtake the cheers directed at "The Shadow" as he now heads to the ring, sliding under the ropes and taking a mic placed for him in the center of the ring with a confident smile upon his face before he begins to speak.

    Slayde: Last week.....

    Crowd boos heavily interrupting Slayde for a moment but again he gives a coy smile before continuing to speak.

    Slayde:....Elric, shocked the world by picking a 3 Stages of Hell Match for our encounter at Destined for Immortality. A fitting match for what we will go through on that day...Hell.

    Crowd boos again with great intent.

    Slayde: Why is it that you people feel the need to boo my words? Much less boo my actions? What makes you understand why I've done what I've done and decide me to be the villain to your superhero, Elric?

    Crowd murmurs among themselves unsure on how to answer

    Slayde: Exactly.

    Actions have purpose. They hold greater meaning than many may even believe possible yet people question the actions of many including my own because it's deemed as good or evil. Actions are the aftermath of our decisions and you all made the decision to put Elric on the back burner of your minds because you did not understand his actions as "The Punisher of Pain" because you made it so that you would never see the potential behind such a man until you saw it fit.

    Would you still clamor for Elric if he did not have purpose? If he did not came to reach his mission of punishing pain? I made it so you that would by making sure my actions towards him deserved to be punished. So that you would you open your eyes and see the man I saw, much like my mentor saw the man in me and made it clear I should do the same in time when the right person came along.

    Boos rain down on Slayde but are signs of acknowledgement in his words as he goes on.

    Slayde: Elric knows he needs to fulfill his mission and the 3 Stage of Hell Match is perfect for it. We are to go through a Tables, Last Man Standing and should it be necessary a Submission Match. Each match more intense than the last and with the stakes so high so high for Elric to live up to his moniker question becomes, is Elric ready to know how I earned mine?

    "From the depths of the shadows of darkness is only when people see the light at it's brightest."

    Words that have been with me for years now as spoken by my mentor and the truth behind them was so rich in value that I knew I had to be the shadow to show people the light. Hell is something we live through everyday some more than others, but whenever we are our lowest and you feel the shadows darkness surround you...that's it....that's when you have to fight with all your might to be the best you can be. Elric will soon learn that lesson.

    I'll put him through a table,render him unconscious to answer a 10 count and even after those matches have assured me the victory, I'll make him tap for the hell of it.

    Boos have lessened but remained there all the same as Slayde continues.

    Slayde: I said last week, Elric. In this 3 Stages of Hell Match, I'll either make you live up to your potential or I'll break you in half without breaking a sweat and that's a promise I plan on keeping so help me-

    Victor Elric

    Elric's theme interrupts Slayde mid-sentence as The Punisher makes his way to the ring to the cheer and praise of the crowd

    Elric: Slayde...For the past few weeks you have claimed that your assaults and attacks on me were to push me, to make these people see the real "Punisher of Pain". That is not the truth.

    Elric enters the ring and looks on at Slayde

    Elric: The truth if the matter is you needed an in. A way to break into IWA, and you picked me as a target. Hoping to make a name outside your floundering tag team of The Shadows of Madness. You were going no where fast so you ambushed me. You choose what you thought would be a weak target and came out with a bullshit story about pushing me to past my potential.

    Elric's eyes shifts around a bit

    Elric: Slayde, you talk about light and darkness, but the truth is I only see the world in gray. There is no good, there is no evil. Only an individual and the path they choose. You chose the path that will eventually lead to your downfall.

    Slayde laughs at Elric, Elric does not take the laughter too kindly and pushes Slayde back to which Slayde smiles before speaking

    Slayde: There you go. Do it. Punish those who inflict pain. You call my words a lie, that I do not speak the truth. I'll go one step further and call your mission in life a lie. You've done nothing but fail at everything you've done here in IWA. You had no desire to live up to your potential, Elric and you yourself know it to be true. You needed a push. No, better said, you needed the right push. You needed to experience that which you claimed to fight against to really know the thirst for vengeance it truly requires to stand up for what you believe in.

    You think I needed to find a way into IWA? Ha. Quit kidding yourself. I can find success anywhere I go, in anything I do because I know what I believe in and will fight for it. You do not know that feeling. That feeling of self righteous accomplishment in knowing that you fulfilled that which you set out to do. You want to feel it, need feel it....that shove was your bluff. You gave yourself away. You need to punish me to prove yourself not be a failure, thing is I'm just as easily prepared to dish out pain....

    Slayde headbutts Elric right in the face forcing Elric to take a few steps back holding his nose, before it's revealed his nose has been busted open as blood drips down from it and he stares coldly at Slayde come on, Elric. Do your worst, cause I sure as hell will do mine.

    *Elric feels the cold blood drip from his nose and loses his mind. Spearing Slayde and throwing lefts and rights to the face of Slayde*

    Elric: You want to see punishment?! You want to feel the pain!? Fine! I will destroy you, I will rip you to shreds and destroy your humanity!

    *Elric launches his fist and it connects solidly on Slayde's face knocking him down and Elric is now directly above a fallen Slayde as he continues his onslaught of his fist until he finally gets up and starts stomping, he leaps up for a knee drop but Slayde moves his right leg up delivering a stiff kick to Elric's jaw that leaves him stunned long enough Slayde to reach his feet and once more kick Elric in the face before grabbing on to him and locking in a triangle choke he calls Lights Out! Elric is fighting to get out of it but Slayde's hold is tight. Elric begins to fade as the crowd looks on before they begin to cheer for their hero and give new life to Elric who begins to fight out of the hold and does so after connecting a big punch to Slayde's injured left knee forcing to drop the hold as he rolls over in pain before Eric desperately tries to catch his breath.

    Eric now pounces on Slayde and begins to attack with fists to the face of Slayde blood drops falling from his nose coat his mouth and soon teeth as he smiles enjoying the moment but that smile cost him as Slayde now locks in The Lights Out! once again ignoring the agonizing pain of his knee even as Elric punches it again and again and begins to fade once more before a security team finally steps in to break the fight.

    The Boss

    Smokey comes out, as security has pulled the two men apart. Smokey has a mic.

    Smokey: You two want to fight!?

    Elric nods.

    Smokey: These fans want to see you fight!?

    The fans cheer with excitement!

    Smokey: Fine! Up next, we are going to see Victor Elric team up with Ace Note to take on the team of Orion Slayde and Domino!

    Smokey turns, leaving, as Elric grins.

    Mike: Well folks, we have a huge tag match next! Don't change the channel!


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    The camera's come back, as we see Domino already in the ring, Ace Note is making his way to the ring, with his music in the background. He climbs into the ring, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Victor Elric (Hawkins) & Ace Note (Ryder) vs. Orion Slayde (Miz) & Domino (Morrison)
    (Start 2:46, End 7:00)

    Elric manages to tag in Note! Note hits Domino with a hard forearm, and then he charges Slayde and knocks him down from the apron. Note then picks Domino up to his feet and hits a snap suplex and goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Domino kicks out and rolls under the ropes to the outside to recover. Note slides out right after him and charges him, hitting a nasty knee trembler to the side of the head of Domino! Note grabs Domino by the arm and drags him to the steps and leans him against them. The referee is to a three count now as Note backs up away from Domino, who looks passed out against the steps.

    Mike: What he is planning ... He better not do what I think he is going to do.

    Rocky: Oh but he is, Mike. Domino's brains are about to be scrambled all over those steps.

    The referee is up to five, and then Note charges Domino at full speed and brings his knee up to smack Domino's head, but Domino rolls out of the way, making Note crash into the steps and fall over top of them! Domino catches his breath for a moment and then rolls into the ring, and then rolls back out! Domino stomps down on Note's knee a few times, and then picks him up and slams his head off of the announcers table! Domino then throws Note back into the ring and slides in behind him. Domino drags Note over to Slayde and tags Slayde in. Slayde stomps down onto Note's leg a few times, and then twists it around a bit. Slayde then lifts Note up and tosses him to the ropes, and then hits a power slam onto him when he rebounds back to him. Slayde reaches over and tags Domino back in.

    Slayde holds Note down while Domino scales the turnbuckle. Note struggles to get free, but he eventually does by headbutting Slayde! Note gets to his feet slowly and throws himself into the rope, making Domino fall down onto the turnbuckle, nailing him where the sun don't shine!

    Mike: OOOOOOHHHH GOD. Thats gotta hurt.

    Rocky: Well, I guess we won't be seeing any mini-Dominos anytime soon!

    While Domino tries to recover on the top rope, Note is slowly getting to his feet. Slayde is back in the ring now, but Elric charges into the ring and nails him in the jaw with a huge super kick, sending him out of the ring! Slayde rolls around on the outside and Elric picks him up and tosses him over the barrier! Elric hops the barrier and the two begin to brawl in the crowd!

    Mike: What the hell is going on!?

    Rocky: Hell has broken loose, I love it!

    Domino has recovered on the top rope, and he sees Note isn't completely to his feet yet, so he dives from the top with the Domino Effect, but Note is able to catch him with a powerslam mid air to a huge pop from a crowd! Both men are down and the ref begins to count!

    One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!

    Note makes it back to his feet and limps his way over to the turnbuckle and scales it slowly. Note gets to the top and smirks, then launches himself off the top with the Grandstand and connects! He covers Domino!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Ace Note and Victor Elric!

    A victorious Ace Note continues celebrating in the ring, weakly fist pumping the air while looking into the heavens as he basks in his victory. Looking back down to the sprawled and weakened Domino, Ace Note power walks over to the ring announcer and asks for the microphone. Once it’s given to him, he walks back to Domino and kneels on the ground with one knee while using his free hand to slap Domino across the head.

    ::Ace Note::

    “Wake up! WAKE UP!”

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    With once last slap across the temple, Domino begins to stir until he’s full conscious, staring back at Ace Note with glazed over eyes and a perplexed look on his face.

    “If you think for one second that we were done last week, we’re not! I told you that you were gonna be in for hell if you didn’t accept my offer for a match at Destined for Immortality and I meant every damn word of it! Now…*picks up Domino and holds him in a DDT clutch*…you’re going to accept this match and you’ll do it…NOW! *holds microphone in front of Domino’s mouth* Right now, in front of the whole world, you’re gonna say “Yes, Ace Note, I will indeed face you at Destined for Immortality. I apologize for being such a goddamn pantywaist!” Or you know what? Just “yes”! Just a simple “yes” and I’ll let you go. What’d you say?”

    Taking a few seconds to catch his breath by inhaling sharply, Domino summons the strength and courage to defy Ace Note’s demands.

    :: Domino::

    "F-forget it. No.”

    Without a moment’s hesitation, Ace Note drives Domino’s head into the mat with another vicious Carny Driver, dropping his microphone in the process. Remarkably, Domino doesn’t black out from the pain but the way his face contorts suggests such a fate is rather imminent. He does his best to look over Ace Note, who’s currently picking his microphone back up and towering over him.

    ::Ace Note::

    “You know something, Domino? Since it looks like I’m NOT going to be wrestling at Destined for Immortality, it looks like I’m going to have to…”

    When Note notices Domino fading away, he swiftly kicks him in the abdomen.

    “Hey, hey! Look at me when I’m talking to you! Now where was I? Oh yeah! Since I won’t be wrestling on Sunday, it looks like I’m going to have to spend my entire day doing something of leisure, something non-wrestling related. Now, I thought long and hard about it and from where I stand, I think a little bit of baseball might do me some good. Yeah, you heard me. You see, Dom Dom, I’ve taken a liking to the sport but with the whole wrestling career, I haven’t really had any free time to practice or play with my friends down at the park like I used to do. My pitching’s pretty sick but before I get in the dugout, I think it’s only fair that I practice my swing. Don’t wanna get too rusty.”

    With an almost wicked smirk on his face, Ace Note bends over to grasp one of Domino’s arms then drags him over to the ropes. Leaning him against them, Ace Note ties Domino’s arms between the ropes in a makeshift restraining procedure. As Ace Note slides out of the ring, Domino weakly tries to escape his hold, pulling at his restraints to no avail. While he does so, Ace Note lifts up the apron banner and checks under the ring. After a few seconds, he emerges with a kendo stick and raises it high for the audience to see. Reentering the ring, Ace Note begins to swing away at Domino with the kendo stick, not caring enough to relent his attacks as Domino screams in pain with each hit. When he feels he’s had enough, Ace Note drops the microphone and kneels down on the mat to get a closer look at the welts left on Domino’s body.

    “Now then, our match. You WILL accept our match, yes? I think it’s only fair as I’ve been more than tolerant of your spineless attitude and I deserve to be compensated for putting up with your pitiful excuses and victim mentality. So, you better say yes before I get really mad and I know you don’t want that. Now say “Yes!” SAY IT!”

    Ace Note, and the crowd, are left stunned when Domino replies…

    :: Domino::


    ::Ace Note::

    “Hehehe, no?! NO?! Al-alright, alright. No. *Ace Note turns to face the audience.* He says no everyone! You all heard it, right? *Turns back to face Domino as the fans cheer behind him* We’ve got 10,000 plus fans in attendance here who’ve just confirmed your choice; your choice for more pain.”

    Going back to the outside, Ace Note goes under the ring again and pulls out a steel chair. Just like last time, Ace Note viciously assaults Domino with the steel object but with less swings than with the kendo stick. On the final swing, Ace Note smashes the chair into Domino’s face. Dropping the chair, Ace Note grins widely as he looks down at the nearly unconscious Domino.

    “You see Domino, from the moment I laid my eyes on you, I figured just how much of a coward you were. Your belly’s so yellow it could stall incoming traffic and if you continue to push my buttons, I’m gonna paint this ring red. Catch my drift?! Now, what’s your answer for me this time? Oh and by the way, it had better be the right one.”

    Without even having to lift the microphone down to Domino’s level, he’s within good distance to hear him respond with…

    :: Domino::


    Crossing his arms in defeat, Ace Note sighs in distress and looks about ready to throw in the towel.

    ::Ace Note::

    “You know what? Forget about Destined for Immortality! I guess I can see where you’re coming from, Domino. You not wanting to cave in to your rival and all. Not a lot of brains on your part but a lot of resilience. But all the same, Domino, since I’m clearly not able to get what you want from hurting you, I guess I’ll do it from helping you. You and I both, we seek the same thing. We want to get to the top of the mountain and one day be known as the cream of the crop. Basically, we need to climb our way up and what better way to climb up to anything…”

    Once again, Ace Note exits the ring to look for something under the ring. With a few tugs, he pulls out a 15 foot ladder and slides it under the ring. Going back in himself, the same mischievous grin from before returns to Ace Note’s face.


    Gripping the ladder with both hands, Ace Note drives the ladder into Domino's body not once but twice. When he feels he's done enough damage, he tosses the ladder aside.


    Shoving the mic in Domino’s face, Ace Note leans in as he anticipates his choice of words.

    :: Domino::

    “For…the last….. time……...NOOOO!”

    ::Ace Note:

    “You know what I think it is? I think you’re waaaaaay too comfortable between those ropes so here’s what we’re gonna do.”

    Releasing Domino form the ropes, Ace Note opens up the ladder and sticks Domino’s body into the lower half of the ladder and holds the upper half by his free hand.

    “Only you can stop it! Say yes! Say it right now or the ladder’s coming down! Now do it!”

    Microphone in position, Ace Note’s eyes shine when he finally hears what’s been aching to hear.

    :: Domino::

    “Yes, yes, yes! You got your match! You got your match! Now let me go!”

    Shrugging his shoulders, Ace Note pushes Domino out from between the ladder, leaving him to lay out on his back. Ace Note leaves the ring and walks up the ramp until he stops midway, turns back around to the ring and shouts back…

    ::Ace Note::

    “See you at Destiny For Immortality!"

    The camera's fade from the main part of the arena, into the back. We see Dave Steele standing, looking into the camera.

    Dave Steele: Cage... listen up punk! I know you have a match coming up with Shining Light, and there is no doubt in my mind that you are getting your ass handed to you by the Light. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to lay it all down Cage. You see, I don't have a problem kicking ass in the ring. I took care of that pecker Kay One last week; and Kay One, nothing personal, you were just another victim in my way.

    *mixed reaction from the crowd*

    Dave Steele: But you see Cage, it doesn't stop there. The tour continues for this soldier. My next battle is with you. You see, the match is now official. I can see it on the big screen... Dave Steele vs Malcolm Cage, with the result being me standing over your sorry ass carcass being declared the winner. And after I'm done with you Cage, I hope for your sake that it ends there if not, there will be more beatings coming your way and no one will come to your rescue. Not your friends, your mama or daddy will be able to help you, not even these fans will be able to save you.

    *crowd boos*

    Dave Steele: So let me give you some piece of advice....after I'm done with you Cage, it ends right there and then, don't make me send you home in a body bag. And as for these fans, let them boo me all they want. I'm not here for them. I'm here for ME!!! I'm here for the MONEY!!! And I am here to one day be the IWA CHAMPION! And you Cage, you're just another victim that's in my way. I'll see you in the ring soon. If you're not a religious man Cage, now is the time to find a god and pray to it, because not even then will that god save you from the wrath of Steele. Semper Fi!

    Steele is shown walking off, as we hear Mike.

    Mike: Strong words from Steele! Well folks, up next is Shining Light going 1 on 1 with Malcolm Cage!

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    The camera's come back from the commercial, as we see Malcolm Cage already in the ring.

    Shining Light

    Shining Light vs Malcolm Cage

    (Skip at 5:21. Shining/Christian, Cage/Benjamin)

    *Shining is in the corner, and acts injured as the ref checks on him. But Cage doesn't have any of it, as he grabs Shining and lays him out with Suplex! Cage motions Shining to get up, and goes to hit a Superkick as Shining does indeed get up, but Shining ducks, and strikes with a Pele Kick! Shining goes for the cover, but decides against it, as he wants to inflict more damage to Cage's stomach by repeatedly stomping his knee in the mid-section. Shining jumps off the Springboard and strikes with a flip! He goes for the cover.*




    Mike: Cage staying alive! Yes! Someone needs to put Shining in his place!

    Rocky: Well it won’t be Cage. Mark my words.

    *Shining picks Cage up and goes for a Clothesline but Cage jumps high up in the air, Shining goes for another Clothesline but this time Cage does a massive jump off the springboard to strike with a Pele Kick! But Shining moves out of the way, and get's up on the top rope and goes for a Moonsault, but Cage moves out of the way before going for the cover, but Shining has his feet on the ropes! Light slowly get's up, but Cage hits him with a Bulldog, and goes for the cover.*




    *Shining Light and Cage slowly get up, as Cage goes for a blow, as does Light. They both start exchanging VICIOUS blows as both of them are hungry to make each other suffer.


    Cage goes for another blow but Light ducks, and slides out of the ring. However Cage jumps from one side to another to jump off the top rope and strike with a massive springboard dropkick! He picks Light up, but Light kicks him in the gut and sends him over to the steel steps which crack! Light then goes to pick Cage up, and goes for a Belly to Back Inverted Slam onto the steel steps as the crowd go crazy with boos!

    Mike: That’s just wrong! The ref should do something!

    Rocky: He is, he is doing his ten count like the good ref he is. Shut up Mike.

    Light then sends Cage back into the ring before going for the cover!*


    2- But Cage has his feet on the ropes!

    *Light picks Cage up, but Cage strikes with a decent Neckbreaker! Cage jumps off the top rope to hit a Moonsault which launches successfully! The crowd cheer as he motions T-Bone Suplex, Light is up, but Light lays him out with a Roundhouse Kick! Before getting up the top rope, and striking with a beautifully hit 450 Splash! Cage get's closer to the ropes as he knows Light is going for the pin, but Light pulls him into the middle and goes for the cover but Cage quickly rolls Light up!*




    *Cage and Light both slowly get up, but Cage rapidly strikes with a Spear, however Light jumps up in the air, and goes for a Dropkick! He jumps off the top rope, and hits Cage with a Missile Dropkick this time which get's him right on the jackpot! He goes for the cover, but Cage kicks out before the ref starts counting, Cage get's up before kicking him in the gut, and going for a DDT, however Light pushes him away, and sets him up for the Future Shock DDT which he hits! He goes for the cover!*




    Mike: Cage saves the match!

    Rocky: Damn it! Shining should have had it in the bad.

    *Light get's pissed before taunting Malcolm Adonis by flexing his muscles! Light turns around and grabs Cage to lock him in a Figure-Four Leglock as Cage shouts in pain. Light increases the pressure, and it's visible with all the sweat dropping out of Cage's neck as he tries to break out of the hold. The ref asks Cage if he want's to give in, but Cage replies with HELL NO, however Light doesn't look impressed with his words and increases the pressure to unlimited pain, however the ref orders Light to break the hold, as Light flips.

    Mike: Got to give it to Malcolm! He is sticking in here!

    Rocky: Malcolm sucks. Plain and simple.

    Light get's up in the face of the referee, and pushes the referee. The ref retaliates by pushing Light back, Light spits at the ref, before turning around into a roll up pin by Cage*




    *Light then get's pissed, and lays Cage out with a Clothesline! He awaits Cage to get up, as the crowd chant FUCK YOU SHINING. Shining replies with God Bless You All as the crowd boo! Cage is up...SUPER-NO! Cage grabs hold of Shining's leg and smashes it on the top rope, before striking with an Enzugiri! He goes for the cover, but Shining counters that into a roll up, but Cage does the same, but then Shining does the same, but that pattern stops as Shining get's his feet on the ropes.*

    *Shining and Cage get up, and Shining goes for a vicious Roundhouse Kick which sends Cage flying to the top rope! Shining then strikes with a Dropkick! And grabs Cage's hand before locking him in a Crossface! Cage has simply ran out of energy, but he still tries to fight on like a warrior that he is. Cage's face goes completely red, and he has no option but to tap out as Shining picks up the victory!*

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Shining Light!

    Rocky: Damn...I was honestly hoping for Malcolm Cage to win.

    Mike: I think Shining Light is the most hated man in IWA right now.

    Rocky: I wouldn't be surprised by that.

    Shining rolls out of the ring, smiling, as he looks above the ring, seeing the steel cage. The camera's fade to a commercial on this image.



    Back in Black hits and, padded folding chair and mic in hand, Jman walks through the curtain to a big pop. Unable to address the crowd in any other way due to carrying the chair, J nods his head in time with Angus Young’s opening guitar riff as he makes his way down the ramp. Holding the mic in his teeth and sliding his body in the ring after the chair, Jman enters the squared circle. J wipes the mic off on his shirt, unfolds the chair in the center of the ring and sits down before starting to speak.

    Jman: I came to IWA for a new challenge. New opponents to take on, new championships to chase after and a new environment to adapt to. Hell, trying to keep control over 6 guys inside a structure like Maximum Anarchy would’ve been just the kind of challenge I’m talking about. Now, though, I’m presented with the ultimate challenge. In two weeks, thanks to a good friend of mine getting injured, I’m slated to walk inside a hellish structure and take on five of the most talented men in this business. Darius, albeit with the help of a sledgehammer, showed just how ruthless he is last week.

    The crowd boos at that.

    Jman: In HWA and elsewhere, Rob Rage and KJ Punk have been at the center of my radar as two guys who are going to be on a whole ‘nother level in time. No doubt I’ll have to watch out for them inside the cell.

    The Rage and Punk fans cheer J as he continues on.

    Jman: AJ Dixon, while lacking the pedigree of most in this match, is a talented guy. He’s the former champion here too, so that should tell you something right there.

    There’s a ton of booing at that as Jman keeps talking.

    Jman: Then there’s Shaz. The IWA World Heavyweight Champion and the man, if I’m being honest, who made some very good points about me last week. He said I don’t fit the mold of up-and-coming wrestlers in this company. That’s true. He said I haven’t had much success against the newer talent in my career. That’s true. He said I’m taking TV time away from those guys by being here. That’s true. He said I’m here to regain some momentum. That’s true.

    The crowd boos in sympathy as Jman continues.

    Jman: A lot of what Shaz said last week is absolutely true and, in another time, it would’ve been the exact reason I stayed away from IWA. Now, though, I can’t. I’m the General Manager of JBW KillZone because I don’t want to step on the toes of our relatively young roster. I’m in EWNCW alongside hordes of veteran names. I’m in BITW because, quite frankly, I want to see how many people, inside and outside of that company, I can piss off by being there.

    There’s a mixed reaction to that last bit as J rolls on.

    Jman: So, Shaz, I ask you, where am I supposed to go in order to mix it up with this generation? And, if I remember right, things worked out pretty well In HWA once I joined up there, right? So what’s the issue? Whatever it is, whoever has a problem with it, there’s one way to stop me from being a force in this company. Beat me. Beat me inside Maximum Anarchy, beat me on Chaos, beat me on Frenzy when it starts up….If you and the rest of these young guns can continually beat me, Shaz, maybe I’ll just walk away from pro wrestling for good. Then again, my friend, for all the shit I’ve been through, for all the Johnny Hot’s, K-Jammin’s and, heh, Artemis Eclipse’s I’ve had to put up with, I haven’t walked away yet. But, by all means Shaz, see if you can be the straw that breaks this old camel’s back. I dare you.

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    Jman drops the mic, going to leave, as the Insane-O-Tron comes to life. We see footage. Footage from BITW's latest show, Kingdom Come. We see Artemis Eclipse and Shaz's shoot promo. It airs in it's entirety, before the tron dies. Jman glares up at it. He proceeds to step out of the ring, and heads up the ramp.

    Mike: Whe...where is Jman going?

    Jman heads off into the back, continuing to walk. After some more walking and turns, Jman is now at the park structure, as Seth Gabel comes running up.

    Seth: Jman...Jman, could I get a word?

    Jman just ignores him, climbing into his car. He slams the door shut, firing the engine up, and backs up, peeling out. Seth turns to the camera's, speechless, as they fade to a commercial break.


    Mike: Well folks, it's time for the main event! This is going to be amazing!

    Rocky: This is going to be a war to end all wars!

    Black Blooded

    Black Blooded come out from the back, no bikes, no Vivica, as they head down the ramp and into the ring. THe cage lowers, as they wait for their opponents.

    Hot Wasabi

    Kyojin and Malcolm Adonis come out, to a huge pop from the fans. A Kyojin chant from the guys, and a Adonis chant from the girls, ring out. They two men head down the ramp, and climb the steel steps, in through the cage door. The ref on the inside signals for the bell, and the match is underway!

    Steel Cage Match
    Black Blooded(MNM) vs Hot Wasabi(Kyojin/Adonis)(Mysterio/Batista)

    (start at 3:03, end at 12:54)

    Mike: Wow!

    Rocky: Huge spinebuster from Adonis! Black Blooded is in trouble! No!

    Adonis is to his feet, as he looks at Black Blooded who are down. He goes over, helping his friend Kyojin, to his feet. Adonis mentions for Kyojin to climb, as Kyojin starts to climb. Mr Black is back to his feet, as Adonis goes straight at him. They begin trading shots, as Kyojin continues to climb.


    Malcolm irish whips Black, but Black counters, irish whipping Adonis instead, but stops, pulling Adonis back in instead of sending him flying, and drops him side walk slam! Kyojin is already over the top and starting down the side, as he sees his tag partner is down. Mr Blood is back up, as Kyojin starts to climb back up the wall.

    Mike: Yes! Kyojin is coming back for his tag partner! Yes!

    Black grabs Blood, lifting him into the air with a guerrilla press.

    Mike: What is Black doing!?

    Black charges, and uses Blood like a harpoon, spearing the wall, and sends Kyojin flying off the top! Kyojin lands, crashing through the announce table!

    Rocky: Yes! Yes! Yes! Tag Teamwork at it's best! This is awesome!

    Black helps Blood back to his feet, as Kyojin lays in the rubble of the table, not moving. The two men go to Adonis, lifting him to a standing position. They send Adonis hard into the ropes, as Adonis bounces back.

    Rocky: Double Clothesli..NO!

    Adonis ducks the double clothesline attempt, and comes back, spearing both men! Adonis is back to his feet, almost like he got his second wind, as Black is back to his feet first. Adonis drops him once more, this time with a wicked uppercut that looks like it could take Black's head off. Blood is to his feet now, as he charges at Adonis, only for Adonis to side step and send Blood flying face first into the cage wall! Blood hits hard, and stumbles back, as Adonis grabs Blood, and goes for a reverse ddt! Cover!


    Black breaks up the pinfall attempt. Adonis is now on his hands and knees, as Black kneels next to him, holding him. Black lifts an arm into the air, and starts driving elbow after elbow, up and down, driving it straight into the neck of Adonis! Black gets to his feet, pulling Adonis up with him. Black grabs the throat of Adonis.

    Mike: Chokeslam! He is going to drop Adonis hard!

    Rocky: Drop him faster than a stripper going for a 1 dollar bill!

    Adonis is lifted into the air, but Malcolm grabs the head of Black, and swings behind him! Reverse DD..! Mr Blood cuts Adonis's move off, as Blood nails Malcolm with a clothesline! Mr Black is to his feet, as he reaches down, grabbing Adonis and lifting him into the air on his shoulders. Mr Blood goes, climbing to the top turnbuckle. B.B.D! Blood flies off the top, taking Adonis down, as Blood goes straight for the cover.


    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Mr Black, Mr Blood, Black Blooded!

    The cage starts to slowly rise, as Mr Black reaches down, grabbing Adonis, and lifting him up. POWERBOMB! Black drives Adonis down hard, as Blood motions to Black. Kyojin is now starting to slowly stir, as Black Blooded roll out of the ring and grab steel chairs. Kyojin is on his knees now, trying to get to his feet, as Black Blooded wail off, nailing Kyojin with a Con-Chair-To! Kyojin is dropped, as Black Blooded seem happy with the carnage they've caused, as they turn, heading around the ring and up the ramp into the back. The camera turns back to the ring where we see Adonis laying.

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    *Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out, causing some of the crowd to scream in fright. After a few minutes of total darkness, a sole spotlight shines on the entrance ramp, where Shining Light is stood. He slowly begins to walk down to the ring, the spotlight trailing his footsteps. When he enters the ring, all the lights in the arena come back on and he brandishes a microphone from his robe*

    Shining: Why Shining? Why? That question has been asked so many times over these past few months that it’s become somewhat of a bore. As many of you will know, I pride myself on being one of, if not the, most secretive members of the IWA roster. My actions mean that I always find myself under interrogation for a valid reason for whatever I do. My name makes people spit in anger, it makes their blood boil, and it makes their veins pulse. More so with one man in particular, the same man who is lying unconscious next to me... Malcolm Adonis.

    However, I am a Christian man and I do believe that my recent actions warrant an explanation. I will try with all my might to keep it as simple as possible, so that those of you whose IQ is less than that of a pig’s may be able to grasp the tiniest bit of what I am saying. At Full Throttle, you will recall that I was competing in a Buried Alive match. It was a match that was dubbed “The Final Showdown”, with many of you expecting Adonis to overcome the odds, save the day and the girl. The girl in question being Valentina, my nemesis’ former love interest and the newest member of my “Assassins’ Creed”. But once again, I managed to shock you all again didn’t I? For I didn’t bury Adonis alive, but Valentina instead! I, Shining Light, buried a woman alive in solid concrete! Surely you asked, this isn’t the doing of a Christian man? Well in case you didn’t notice, you were sorely mistaken.

    The burial of Valentina was all part of my plan, a plan that I knew would take months to complete but would be worth it in the end. My plan was to slowly destroy Adonis both mentally and physically by taking the thing that he loved the most and crushing it right in front of his eyes. And that’s what I did. Valentina was the only woman that Adonis has truly loved, and I knew that if I was to get to her and brainwash her into seeing life the same way as I do, it would tear his soul in half. Do I believe that burying Valentina was necessary? Of course I do, because the time has now come where it will all end for the self professed “Sexual Sensation”.

    *At this point, Shining pulls a bag out of his robe and lays it right in front of him*

    Shining: As I mentioned before, my actions over the past few months have had a purpose. For the past few months, I have laid little clues as to where Adonis’ fate will lie. When I kidnapped Valentina, I attacked her with a whip

    *Shining reaches into the bag and brandishes a whip. He lays it in front of the bag*

    Shining: When I attacked Adonis shortly before Full Throttle, I placed a crown of thorns upon his head

    *Shining reaches into the bag once again, this time pulling out a crown of thorns, which he places next to the whip*

    Shining: And at Full Throttle, I buried Valentina alive in that cold, dark grave

    *Shining reaches into the bag for a third time, pulling out a piece of rock that has the words ‘RIP’ inscribed on it. He places it next to the whip and the crown of thorns*

    Shining: For those of you who are failing to connect the dots, allow me to shine a light on what I am trying to tell you all. I am sure that the majority of you are familiar with the persecution that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ suffered during his time on Earth. He was whipped by the soldiers of Pontius Pilate, humiliated by being forced to wear a crown of thorns, put to death and then buried. All of this took place within the space of 3 days. But it is the method of his death that I would like to touch upon. You see, all of my actions have led to this…

    *Shining raises his hands into the air, and a giant life – size crucifix begins to descend from the rafters*

    Shining: At Destined for Immortality, Malcolm Adonis will meet his end. At Destined for Immortality, Malcolm Adonis will meet his maker. At Destined for Immortality, Malcolm Adonis will meet me in the first ever Crucifixion match.

    *The crowd are shocked into silence, Shining’s voice echoing throughout the arena*

    Shining: The object of this match is simple. All you have to do is tie your opponent to this crucifix by any means necessary and hang him from the rafters. My feud with Adonis has come to the point where it is no longer possible for both me and him to exist. Neither can live while the other survives, but only I can live forever… Malcolm Adonis will make the ultimate sacrifice for all of you at Destined for Immortality, because just like Jesus died to save us from sin, Adonis must die as well. For only by him dying on the cross can mankind be saved from sin once again.

    *Shining drops the mic to the mat, and lifts a still unconscious Adonis to his feet. He hoists him onto his shoulders before carrying him over to the crucifix. He lays him against the bare wood and brandishes a long piece of wood from his robe. The crowd begin to shout in horror, realising what Shining is about to do. He ties Adonis to the cross by his hands and feet, and forces the crown of thorns onto his head, causing blood to slowly drip down his face. Shining picks up the whip and places it into his right hand. He then turns around, places the stone in front of the crucifix and picks up the mic again*

    Shining: At Destined for Immortality, Malcolm Adonis will meet his end. At Destined for Immortality, Malcolm Adonis will meet his maker. At Destined for Immortality, it will be the end of the world as you know it…

    *Shining raises his arms into the air again and the crucifix begins to rise up into the air. As the screen fades to black and the Chaos logo begins to appear, the final shot is Adonis hanging from the crucifix and Shining laughing manically*

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    House show
    Melbourne, australia

    Match 1
    Israel pamich vs matt ryder
    Time: 5:26

    Finish: pamich made work of ryder rather fast, and defeated him with a little integrity. He then got on the mic, vowing to bring integrity and honor back to iwa by defeating ivan at dfi.

    Match 2
    Athena/brock edwards vs Ryan Wells/Damien Eddings
    Time: 10:15

    Finish: Brock nailed the Next on Wells, only for Athena to blind tag herself to get the pinfall. After the match, Brock and Athena argued, until Wells recovered and helped eddings clear the ring of Edwards and Athena.

    Match 3
    Extremely Lethal vs Carlos/Vhx
    Time: 9:23

    Finish: Extremely Lethal had a good showing in their house show debut, but fell victim when Van nailed Venomous with a Vanhammer. In the aftermath, carlos got on the mic saying they would become the tag champs at dfi, even with the rest of infection banned from interfering

    Match 4
    Hardcore Match
    Time: 18:41
    Orion Slayde vs Victor Elric/Ivan Draymen

    Finish: one high spot in the match was when ivan and victor performed a double powerbomb off the apron, putting orion through a table set up on the outside. Near the end of the match, pamich interfered, attacking Victor, laying him out with a little integrity. Israel and Orion proceeded to double team Draymen. The end saw Victor be buried under 10 tables by pamich, as Orion nailed a package piledriver onto a seated chair with Draymen, causing the chair to break. Orion got the pinfall. In the aftermath, emts stretchered out Ivan.

    Match 5
    Juno Mercury/Pisces Pink/TeYanna vs Vivica/Sugar & Spice
    Time: 8:43

    Finish: Juno Mercury picked up the pin on Sugar after Vivica left her team mates stranded. Juno nailed the gutbuster, and got the 1...2..3.

    Match 6
    Rob Rage vs Mike Hawk
    Time: 25:12

    Finish: this was the match of the night. Alot of back and forth action, with neither man getting the clear advantage. Towards the end, the lights went out and the luminous 24 video played. This distracted Rob, allowing Hawk to nail the Mayhem Driver and score the pin using the ropes. In the aftermath, Jackson Smith came out, telling Hawk to keep an eye out, because if Smith decides to cash in his briefcase before dfi, then their match might be for the Endurance Championship

    Match 7
    Malcolm Adonis vs Domino
    Time: 12:11

    Finish: ace note came out midway through the match and watched. The mere presence of Note proved a distraction for Domino, as Adonis was able to nail a spinebuster and then the Adonis Elbow for the win. In the aftermath, Ace attacked Domino, going for the carny driver, but Domino countered it into the Domino Theory leaving Note on his back

    Main Event
    6 man tag match
    Shaz/Aj Dixon/Darius vs KJ Punk/Kyojin/Jman
    Time: 20:54

    Finish: the end saw Jman nail Good Match, Let's Eat on Darius for the win while Kyojin was brawling with Dixon, and Punk was brawling with Shaz. In the after math, Mr Smyth came out to the entrance, staring down Kyojin

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    Filler 1: After the show goes up, the new counter part for Inside the Tights, that is replacing the IC version I did, goes up! Be sure to read!

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