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    Getting this darn filler out of the way

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    Sydney Super Dome, Sydney, Australia

    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares over the PA system, as the camera's go in and out on signs the fans are holding. Some of the stand out ones are, Shaz=WITW, Kyojin For GM, Smyth=BadBusiness, Kayfabolous blog on me, and Where is Rob Rage? The camera's cut to the announce table, where we see Mike Johnson and Rocky Reynolds.

    Mike: Folks! Thanks for joining us! Tonight, we have some huge things set to occur!

    Rocky: Two matches that two lucky fans got to pick.

    Mike: And we still don't know what those matches are, but I'm sure they will be amazing!

    Rocky: Shaz defends his World title against Oscar Layman.

    Mike: I can't wait to see who Oscar is this week! I'm putting money on The Rock.

    Rocky: We also have Shining Light in action since his devilish actions at Full Throttle.


    *In no time at all, Kayfabulous appear from behind the curtain to a rousing ovation from the audience. Sklyer and Ron take a quick moment to briefly pose in the classic “Y2J” pose at the top of the ramp, backs turned to the crowd, whilst showing off their new T-shirts they have over their wrestling gear.. They make their way down the ramp while high fiving some of the fans in the front row. Before they step in the ring, though, they walk over to an enthusiastic fan, donned in Kayfabulous merchandise, and take a picture with him using his camera. When they approach the ring, Ron gets in first while Skyler walks to the other side to grab a mic for him and his buddy. Now, center of the ring and music ending, Ron starts off the show by pointing to his shirt*.

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Huh? Huuuuuuuh? How’d you like our shirts? You see….”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “You’re joking, right?”

    *Ron looks over at Skyler who shakes his head and narrows his eyes at him with disappointment.*

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “What? Is there a problem?”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Ron, Ron, Ron, these people didn’t come here to hear a history lesson. They came here to watch us fight, am I right?!”

    *The pop they receive from the crowd answers his question.*

    “I mean, that’s why they wanted to see us and let’s not forget that. We can break kayfabe in our next blog, bro, but it’s time for war now. It’s just too bad. I was hoping we could get some payback from, and I’ll have to steal this one Ali Kazam, Razor Del Rio, and Van Hooligan X. But I guess Black Blooded will have to do.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Have to do? I hear they’re pretty tough.”

    *Before Skyler can speak, Ron clearly mouths the word “not” directly to the camera and snickers.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Those Chuck Palumbo wannabes? I can understand The Infection since well…they kinda beat us but we get dropped, at Destined for Immortality, for those two leather chap wearing freak shows? Seriously, someone should tell creative that biker gangs, scraggly beards and spiky helmets went out of season circa…as a matter of fact, I don’t think they were ever in season to begin with!”

    *Taking content in his joke, Skyler doubles over in laughter, wrapping an arm around Ron’s shoulders to keep him from rolling onto the floor.*

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “And can someone tell me what’s up with them swearing every five seconds? Seriously, it’s always *bleep* this and *bleep* that. I’m not even gonna chalk that up to tourettes as much as to just a poor way of vocalization. It’s no wonder those two wound up nearly dead last in that “Top 300 Indy Tag Team” list we made last year. As if we care about how many championships they’ve held in the past. That’s what’s wrong with so many tag teams nowadays. You barely have any teams that make a lasting impression on the company or on wrestling together especially here in the IWA. You’ve teams like The Infection, who’ll talk your ear off about how many championships they’ve won in “Company A” and “Company B” but isn’t it ironic that those very same companies went down under?”

    *Skyler retains his composure in an instant, almost appearing bitter. Instead of answering the question right away, he looks down at the ground, the smile wiped off his face and anger steadily rising.*

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Absolutely not. It’s a crying shame but in the end, their creative control and backstage politics cost a lot of people their jobs and now, they’re gonna try to do it again at Destined for Immortality when they “clean up the division” so to speak by becoming the new tag team champions. Well, good people, wrestling fans, smarks, marks, I promise you that it’s not happening again! NEVER AGAIN! As Ralphus as my witness…….no really. Ralphus is my witness. He’s sitting up there in Row 11. Say hi, Ralphus!”

    *The cameras pans up to the 11th row where, just as advertised, Ralphus is sitting down while keeping a tub if extra large popcorn on his lap. He briefly waves to the camera and it’s revealed that he’s wearing a Kayfabulous “In the know” T-shirt that reads “Jericho was MY bitch!”. The cameras pan back in the ring where Kayfabulous still stand.*

    “*clears throat* Anyways, rest assured, folks, this isn’t the end of Kayfabulous and it sure as hell isn’t going to be the end of the tag team division! Those titles come later but for now, I say it’s time to bring out these Hell’s Angels rejects and show ‘em what a dose of kayfabe upside the head feels like! What’d you say, Ron?!”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “What I say? I say…”

    *But before Ron can get another word out, the sound of incoming motorcycles cuts him off. Both men look towards the entrance ramp and await their adversaries to arrive.*

    Black Blooded

    *Black Blooded ride out to a loud chorus of boos, Vivica behind Mr. Black on his bike as usual. They roll to a stop at the foot of the ramp, Vivica hopping off as the men park on either side of the ramp. A terrified crew member hands them each microphones as they look up at Kayfabulous in the ring, a smirk on Mr. Blood's face as Mr. Black stands behind him, emotionless, both men wearing their JBW Tag championships.*

    Mr. Blood: Well shit, we didn't even know that you boys thought you could wrestle. I mean your little website is cute and all, and Black over here thinks that the fat one is funny as hell, but just how in the fuck does any of that shit translate into you two boys being in that ring, our ring... thinking y'all got a shot at actually facing the Dominant fucking Predators of this Industry and surviving? Much less coming out with any sort of a victory. See this gold round our waist boys? These belts ain't from some bullshit dead indy fed, they come from the house of Jabe, JBW where we reign undefeated, JBW where shit like what went down at Full Throttle doesn't fucking happen.

    Mr. Black: Another home away from home.

    *The Crowd starts chanting I**W**A**I**W**A**I**W**A*

    Mr. Blood: See boys, y'all either ain't paying any god-damned attention or you are just too fucking stupid too put two and two together but the only reason that those fucking walking lobotomies still carry the IWA gold is because of a little punk bitch that decided to bite that hand that fed him, but we aren't worried about that piece of shit, in face we expect that issue to be handled soon.

    Vivica: That mean jerk! He's gonna pay for hurting Unca! Daddy said that when we get him I get to make him bleed first for being such a good girl!

    Mr. Black: That's right princess

    *Black Blooded walk up the steps and into the ring, coming to stand directly across from Kayfabulous, the crowd chanting "Crazy Bitch" as Vivica walks down the apron, before bending backwards over the ropes to get in, flashing the crowd her panties. She skips around all four men before finally stopping next to Mr. Black, wrapping herself around his massive left arm and leg. *

    Mr. Blood: As for you boys? Like I said, Black here thinks your hilarious, but that don't matter a goddamn bit when you want to stand here in our fucking ring like you are actually men. Like you two pieces of shit can actually fucking compete with real fighters like us. See, that part? That part we don't find so fucking amusing. So it's time for some real entertainment boys, it's time for you to officially be welcomed into our division. Let's see if either of you have what it takes to survive it.

    *Black Blooded throw their microphones sharply out of the ring, as Vivica takes each man's tag title, and holding them close, exit's the ring to stand by Mr. Black's big black bike*

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    Black Blooded(Kane and Taker) vs Kayfabolous(Edge and Christian)-Ignore Rhyno

    (start at 2:27, end at 7:49)

    Mike: He is tagged in! Mr Black is tagged in!

    Mr Black climbs in and is like a house on fire, as he goes straight at Skyler, taking him down with a stiff left. Black turns, as Ron is back to his feet, only to be sent flying down and to the outside by a big boot! Mr Black turns, as Skyler is up, and goes for a shot, but Black blocks it, and counters with a headbutt. Mr Black sends Skyler into the ropes, as Drek bounces back and is dropped by a side walk slam! Mr Black goes for the cover.


    Skyler kicks out after 2! Mr Black is back to his feet, as he lifts Drek by the hair to a standing position. Mr Black sends Drek into the corner, as Mr Black charges in, pancaking Skyler in the corner with a clothesline! Black puts his back to the front of Drek, and looks behind him. Black nails with an elbow from his right, and then an elbow from his left. He keeps doing this quickly! 1...2....3....4....5....6....7....8...9...10! 10 shots from each elbow! Black steps away, as Drek stumbles out, and falls on his face. Mr Black signals for the end, as he lifts Drek back to his feet.

    D'Angelo Pope Dinero

    Dinero comes out from the back, as he stops at the ramp. Mr Blood drops off the apron, and goes to the bottom of the ramp. Mr Black goes to the ropes, cursing at Pope. D'Angelo motions for Mr Blood to bring it, as Blood starts walking towards him.

    Rocky: Oh no! Don't turn around Mr Black!

    Ron Macoonie is back in the ring, right behind Mr Black. Mr Blacks around, as Blood is closer to Pope. IWCutter! Kayfabolous drop Mr Black with the 3d, as Skyler goes for the cover.

    1....Pope points to the ring for Blood..2...Blood turns, running to the ring..3! Mr Blood doesn't make it in time!

    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Skyler Drek, Ron Macoonie, Kayfabolous!

    Kayfaboulos roll out of the ring, as Mr Blood climbs in to check on his tag partner. We see The Pope at the top of the ramp, walking backwards to the entrance, smiling.

    Rocky: That damn Pope! Someone has to stop that turd nugget!

    Mike: What a way to kick start Chaos! folks we will be right back!


    *The camera fades in on The Pope, D'angelo Dinero, sitting on a chair, it is a closeup shot, not showing anything around him as he sits, his hands clasped in front of him as he speaks*

    Pope: Now, Pope knows that a lot of you got questions, Pope knows that he has not been totally clear and concise during the wages of Pope's one man war against the villains that call themselves Black Blooded. Pope has not been able to explain what brought him here, what started it all off. Well it's time for pope to do that now.

    *The camera widens, revealing a Gear is sitting on a chair next to Pope, leaning against the side of a locker as though he lacks the strength to even sit up straight on his own.*

    Pope: This man here, this man was a friend, this man was a brother to Pope. But still this man attacked Pope with hate in his heart, this man tried to harm Pope not one week ago, and indeed is under direct orders to hurt Pope as much as he can, to slow Pope down and stop me from stepping in Black Blooded's plans. See Pope knows what they are up to. Pope knows why they needed to bring 8 other men with them into this company. Pope knows because Pope was one of those 8 men, just as my brother next to me.

    Pope: You see, when a pair of demons in human form the likes of Blood and Black conspire, they do so with the harshest of tools and intent. Pope was captured, tied up, starved, beaten, held down. Pope went through hell before they strapped that helmet on and told Pope that he was a soldier for their war against IWA. It's what lies beneath that helmet that matters though, so Pope is gonna show you all what lies beneath the helmet of a gear now. See the atrocity that can turn a man against all he holds dear, even a man as strong of conviction as Pope.

    *The Pope turns to the Gear, with a utility knife he cuts the straps beneath the Gear's helmet, before removing it slowly. The crowd gasps in shock as the man's face is revealed for the first time, he is beaten and bruised, a bloody ball-gag in his mouth. One eye stares at Pope with an incomprehensible expression, the other long since swollen shut, possibly forever. His hair is black, streaked with purple and red, his face scraggly and unkempt, a ragged beard growing. He turns slowly to look more fully on the man who unmasked him, revealing a string of scar tissue around his throat, and the letters "BB" branded to the back of his neck*

    Pope: This man was a man Pope raised in the business, Pope trained in this business. Pope groomed this man, this friend, this brother, and when Black Blooded came knocking Pope tried to convince him not to join, but he said he had to. So Pope followed, hoping to protect his brother from the atrocities of evil men, only to be caught in them himself.

    *The unnamed man looks over at Pope, tears starting to form in his good eye as he holds his hands up in mute supplication.*

    Pope: No kid, Pope don't blame you, you did what you had to, Pope just gonna make sure you get away now. Tell you what, Pope talked enough, it's you that's been kept silent, forced into the game of those two leather wearin bastards. Tell the Congregation who you are, Tell them how you feel.

    *The man clears his throat, gratefully drinking from a bottle of water handed to him by the cameraman, he tries a few times to speak, his voice raspy and uncertain, before anything can be made out*

    ???: I am..... I..... Am........ I am the Vegas Kid.... Or.. I was, once....

    Pope: You will be again. It's taken a week to break the hold, a week to undo the damage that those two caused you with that sadistic little harlot they got followin them.

    *At the mention of Vivica, the Vegas Kid tenses up, almost as if he expects her to pop out from around the corner, a wild look in his eyes.*

    Pope: It's ok, Pope gonna keep you safe now, help you get better.

    Vegas Kid: Then... we stop them, for good.

    Pope: That's right. See "Boys" Pope knows all your secrets, and Pope knows all your plans, and now, Pope gonna make damn sure that none of them come ta life! Pope gonna tear you down, expose all your lies, all your secrets. This ain't over, we are just getting started.

    The camera's cut from Pope and The Vegas Kid, to another part of the arena. We see Smokey sitting inside of his office watching the tv screen, as the door explodes open. Standing in the door way are Mr Black and Mr Blood, visibly pissed.

    Smokey: Wo wo wo gentlemen. Before either of you talk, or do anything rash, let me take a moment to speculate on why you are here. You are tired of the way Pope Dinero has been interfering in your matches. Am i right?

    Both men nod.

    Smokey: And you want a chance to make him feel pain, am I right?

    Both men nod more quickly.

    Smokey: Well, you two are just in luck. I'm going to give both of you that. Next week, here on Chaos, when we come live from Japan, you two will go up against D'Angelo "Pope" Dinero, and the man we all saw tonight be unmasked, The Vegas Kid.

    Mr Black and Mr Blood seem happy, as they turn to leave.

    Smokey: Hold on, did I tell either of you two you could leave? No i didn't. I'm not done.

    The two men turn.

    Smokey: Now, as I've been having the announcers hype for the last week, tonight, we will see two matches that two lucky fans got to pick. Your match with Kayfabolous was the first, and your match later tonight is the second. You see, you two aren't done for the night. You've got 1 more match. For the first time ever in IWA we will see Black Blooded be in the main event, going against....Hot Wasabi!

    The fans explode with cheer, knowing who is in Hot Wasabi.

    Smokey: Oh...did I forget to mention..this match..will be held inside of a steel cage?

    The fans explode even louder.

    Smokey: Now you are excused.

    The camera's cut to another portion of the back, as Smokey swivels his chair, looking back at the monitor.

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    The camera cuts backstage, to where Oscar Layman is sitting backstage in the locker room. He has a bald cap on, and wearing an "Austin 3:!6" t-shirt

    Layman: Last week, Smokey finally came to his senses, and decided that tonight - Stone Cold Steve Layman is going to open a can of whoop ass on Shaz, and now, he has a title match to look forward to! Double duty at Destined for Immortality will be no problem, as the toughest S.O.B. in the I.W.A. will kick the asses of Ali Kazam, Jman, Rage, Dixon, Darius, and Punk.

    Because last week, Kazamy Whammy was down in the middle of this ring at the hands of Layman, and what? It was easy, what? And now he's been granted a long overdue title match, and Shaz, what? Shaz, what? You've used a briefcase earned outside IWA to win the title, and what? At Full Throttle, you pinned a man not even in the title match as of yet, but what? I can still be interjected into this title match, as can many others. Adonis, what? Kyojin, what? Ramon, what? Sebastian Schweizner, what? Rocky, what?

    And if you wanna see Stone Cold Steve Layman stomp a mudhole into Shaz, gimme a hell yeah!

    Crowd: Hell Yeah!

    Layman: But Ali Pally, I haven't forgotten about you. You still attacked Layman at Full Throttle, and you will suffer. And it's only a matter of time, before he gets his hands on you again. And as for Shaz, you're going to get a can of whoop ass opened on you. AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE, 'CUZ STONE! COLD! SAID SO!

    The camera's fade to a commercial, as Layman glares into the camera.


    The camera's cut back to the ring, where we see a local wrestler from australia standing in the ring.

    Mike: Up next folks, is Ali Kazam going 1 on 1 with a local wrestler from Melbourne, Australia.

    Rocky: from what I hear he is a pretty big deal here, but from what I see, he seems like a loser, Ali Kazam will wipe the floor. What is this guys name anyways.

    Mike: Robstar i believe.

    Rocky: That is such a gay name..

    Ali Kazam

    Ali Kazam's music plays, but there is no sight of him. After a few moments, a puff of smoke appears in the ring, and as it disappears, we see Ali Kazam standing in it's place. He is greeted with nothing but boos, which he shrugs off. The ref motions to both men, as he rings the bell.

    Ali Kazam(Ryback) vs Robstar(local wrestler)

    (start at 1:48, end at 2:48)


    Layman's music blares, as Kazam breaks the pinfall, going to the ropes. He is motioning, waiting for Oscar, as Layman walks out onto the entrance stage smirking. Kazam is pointing and yelling as Layman.

    Mike: Roll up!

    Rocky: Robstar rolls up Ali Kazam!

    Robstar rolls Ali Kazam up, and stacks him on his shoulders.


    Mike: The local wrestler wins! Holy crap!

    Rocky: Thanks to Oscar! Damn! I hope Ali puts Oscar into a coma come Destined for Immortality.

    Ali Kazam is to his feet, as he grabs Robstar, and starts beating down on him. Oscar dashes down the ramp, sliding into the ring, as Kazam turns. They begin to trade shot for shot.


    Layman charges, as Kazam is against the ropes, and clothesline Kazam over the top to the outside! Oscar turns, as he raises the arm of Robstar, as the fans of Australia go crazy for the hometown guy! Kazam is on the ramp, visibly upset over this big upset. The camera's cut from Kazam's face, to the back.

    The camera cuts to the Infection's dressing room where the door is slightly open and Athena can be seen lifting heavy weights in each hand. An unseen male interviewer knocks on the door.

    Seth Gabel: Excuse me Athena may I have a word with you?

    Athena puts down the weights and moves over to the door opening it enough to poke her head out.

    Athena: Who the hell are you and what's with the camera? Were you spying on me?

    Athena exits the room closing the door behind her looking menacingly at the person holding the camera.

    Seth Gabel: No, absolutely not. I'm one of the new backstage interviewers and I was hoping you'd be willing to offer us an update on the situation between you and Damien Eddings.

    Athena: You want an update? I'll give you an update. Damien Eddings is still a bitch!

    Athena chuckles.

    Seth: Well Athena I'm in no way trying to say that you're wrong about that, but I was hoping you could go into a little more detail like about your upcoming match for example.

    Athena: I think it's pretty obvious that when I finally get my hands on Eddings one on one I will tear him to shreds. You know it, I know it, the fans know it and even he knows it. It doesn't matter that I'm a woman and he's a man because I'm superior to him in every way and now that I've earned my one on one match against him I will prove just that. Damien Eddings will regret the day he decided to mess with me.

    Seth: Well I think that's pretty much what we wanted to know. Thanks for taking the time to do this short interview.

    Athena: No problem, now get out of my face!

    Athena enters the dressing room again and slams the door shut.

    Seth Gabel: Wow...

    The camera cuts back to the ring.

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    Jackson Smith

    *Huge crowd pop as Jackson comes out with an “I’M The Boss” black t-shirt with the words in gold letters, holding his briefcase in one hand and Alex’s hand in the other. She is wearing a white capeside top, with a blue jean jacket, blue jeans, and brown Michael Kors York boots*

    Jackson: How’s everyone doing tonight!? *Crowd cheers* As you can clearly see, I am wearing my new t-shirt that you can get on for $19.99. Anyway, let’s talk about the man who is challenging for my briefcase, Mike Hawk. *Crowd boos* This man said I was lucky to find a beautiful women like this. Well let me tell you something Hawk, you’re right, I am lucky. *Smiles* Because not in my wildest dreams would I have found an intelligent and sexy women like this, since the women I usually talk to end up being stupid, have a dull personality, have no goals in life or all of the above. With this lady here, I never have to worry about that.

    *Alex smiles while some of the audience members wolf whistle*

    Jackson: If I was a jealous man, I would of said something about that but, since I know I got something some of you guys want, I feel great! That’s why I don’t care when the wrestlers in the back want to try and take this damn briefcase away from me because I know they want something that they can’t have….. Mike Hawk is an example. He wants this briefcase so bad that he actually believes that I don’t deserve it. *Crowd boos* Yea, it’s a damn shame really, I mean how dumb do you have to be to say that after you clearly saw all the hard work and effort I put in to get the damn briefcase in the first place!? And the same amount of effort to keep it!? It’s puzzling people, it really is.

    Hawk, I truly believe that when you were little, you one of those kids who would take the other kids toys away because while they were happy and having fun playing with Hot Wheels, you just sat there on the floor alone and unhappy playing with wooden blocks ahahaha. Come on Hawk just admit it, you’re bitter, and the sooner you accept that the better off you will be. That way when you lose at Destined for Immortality, you have nothing to blame but yourself!!

    *Crowd cheers loudly as Jackson hands the mic to Alex. Alex grabs the microphone reluctantly while mouthing the words “Are You Sure?” Jackson nods his head yes*

    Alex: Okay then, well as this handsome man already stated last week, my name is Alex Lowery! *Crowd Cheers* I am going to occupy him to the ring from here on out, I am kinda nervous though since I never done this before. I want to do this because as I continue to get more involved in this business, I start to love wrestling more and more and I believe that this great man here is going to do big things in the wrestling business and I want to be there when it happens. His work ethic proves that he is going to do whatever it takes to get to the top and isn’t an asshole while he is doing it. *Crowd pops at that statement* Also I will have the best seats in the house when I see him kick someone’s ass. That’s always great to see.*Smiles as Jackson nods in approval* Hawk when you face this man, I hope yo-

    Mr. Smyth!

    Mr. Smyth comes through the curtains to an eruption of boos. Smartly dressed with a briefcase in hand, Mr. Smyth takes a slow walk down to the ring, throwing the occasional look of disgust at the fans who are jeering him. Smyth climbs the steps, climbs through the ropes, passes Jackson Smith without acknowledging his existence and grabs a mic from the stage hand.

    As Smyth’s music dies down, he turns to Jackson as the fans chant “Arsehole!” over and over again. When the chants die down, Smyth starts to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: She’s cute.

    The fans pop, with some wolf whistles, as Jackson nods in agreement. Mr. Smyth turns to Alex.

    Mr. Smyth: Now excuse me please, madam, but I have a feeling that things may kick off so, with all due respect, it’s probably best if you move on into the corner and out of the way.

    Rocky: Look at that, what a classy guy.

    Mike: Does seem oddly altruistic of him.

    Rocky: Altruistic? That’s a big word. I see you’re taking on some of what Mr. Smyth has been saying.

    Alex looks at Jackson, who gives a nod in agreement. Alex hands Jackson his mic back and then proceeds to move into the corner. Jackson returns his gaze onto Smyth, who brings the mic back to his lips to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: There are so many things I want to talk about right now. So many topics that need to be covered, but since you are already here, I’m going to go ahead and start off with you, Jackson.

    You’re really starting to get on my nerves. All I ever hear you talk about is me, week in and week out. Last week, you did a little funny thing where you had a couple of toy belts to show some off sort of point you had. Piece of advice, boy: you want to get your own house in order first before you start judging other people. Keep your focus on Mike Hawk because if you take your eye off the ball, he’s going to take that briefcase from under your nose and you will be left with nothing. Let’s face it Jackson, the only reason you’re getting any spotlight at the moment is because of that briefcase.

    The crowd boos as Jackson stares down Smyth. Smyth meets his gaze and after a few moments, throws a look of disgust at Jackson.

    Mr. Smyth: I wouldn’t start on me, boy. I’m not in the mood and if you have any doubts about my capabilities, go ahead and ask Bushido what I can do.

    The fans explode with boos.

    Mr. Smyth: That’s right, for the uninitiated, last week I, shall we say, “retired” Bushido. Didn't think I had the abilities to do that, did you? I have no issues with the man; in fact I have had no previous interaction with him whatsoever. The reason I beat that man into a broken, bloody pulp was because of a huge miscarriage of justice.

    At full throttle, my representative for the IWA Endurance championship match beat Kyojin’s representative, thus proving that my abilities as a man with management skills and the ability to spot assets far surpassed those of Kyojin. As a result, I reaped the rewards of man-management – I became the Endurance champion and more importantly, knocked Kyojin down a couple of pegs.

    The fans boo.

    Mr. Smyth: But last week, I was stripped of that title.

    The fans explode with cheers, and a Kyojin chant ripples around the arena.

    Mr. Smyth: An unsanctioned match was the first reason. The fact that neither the champion, nor the challenger was involved in a title decision was the second reason. I can tell you now with absolutely no equivocations that those are not reasons – they are the desperate excuses of a man clinging onto what he has and not having the courage to risk anything.

    Kyojin is the golden boy of IWA, as he was in ICW. Smokey created this mega star that has become so hyped up, that Kyojin has become the character he portrays on screen. The arrogance, the narcissism, the self-proclaimed ‘locker-room leader’ has rubbed a lot of guys the wrong way. I’ll say it again: Smokey is Frankenstein and Kyojin is his monster and like the story, the monster has become too big and too powerful to control. This monster needs to be killed in it’s tracks and that is exactly what I am trying to do.

    When I took that title from Kyojin, he died a little inside. Phase one was complete, but Smokey had to undermine all that. He knows that his monster will be the death of IWA, but he is too scared to move on, because this entire company is too over reliant on Kyojin.

    The monster and it’s creator knows that stripping me of what I have earned was a bad decision. If I am not allowed to reap the rewards of managing people to achieve success, then by the same logic, Smokey should not be allowed to reap the rewards of our hard work. Hypocritical, do you not think?

    The monster agreed to the stipulation. The monster sat and watched as his title was taken away from him, and there was nothing he could do about it. The monster can, and probably will, come out here and come up with some excuses as to why it is right that he was gifted – that’s right, GIFTED – the Endurance title, but he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    I am the rightful Endurance champion. I have never lost the title and come Destined for Immortality, I will be a two-time Endurance champion without having ever lost the first time and in the process, I will rid IWA of it’s monster. Don’t believe me? Then I again invite you to ask Bushido.

    Smyth turns back to Jackson.

    Mr. Smyth: And when I am done with him, I’m coming for you. If you are still lucky enough to be holding that briefcase after Destined for Immortality, I know you will be tempted but if I were you, I’d stay out of my way because being on my radar will not end well for you. You try cashing that thing on me, and I will force feed you that contract and make you choke on it.

    The crowd boos as Smyth get’s in Jackson’s face.

    Do you know why? Because that’s what’s best for...

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    The fans immediately begin to cheer as Smyth takes a step back out of Jackson’s face, an angry look flickers across Smyth’s face as he faces the ramp. Kyojin steps through the curtain and the Endurance Championship is hanging loosely from his left hand. He immediately begins to make his way down the ramp and around the ring to the timekeeper. He gets a microphone and slides into the ring, facing Smyth who has turned around.

    Kyojin: For you. That is what’s best for you. Nobody else.

    The fans explode with boos and a massive Kyojin chant echoes around the arena. Kyo paces a few lengths and looks at Jackson Smith.

    Kyojin: Sorry Jackson, I know I’m being rude by not addressing you but I have a lot to say to Mr. Smyth. What I have to say to you is good luck for Destined For Immortality, and I’ll see you when you decide to cash in, because I know that we’re both going to win in two weeks time.

    The fans cheer loudly for both men as Jackson smiles and nods. Kyo turns back to Smyth.

    Kyojin: That’s right Smyth, you heard me, I am going to win in two weeks time. And it’s not because as you say, this company has built me up into an unbeatable guy, it’s not because I sell tickets, it’s not because I’m Smokey’s favourite wrestler, it’s not because of the fact that you are quite frankly the most disliked guy on this roster- it’s simply because I am better than you.

    When it comes down to it, that’s all that matters. I’m the guy that won the Endurance Championship way back at Thirst For Blood over you, I’m the guy that beat you in the first ever IWA match. Do you not understand that you keep telling me you’re better than I am and I keep proving you differently?

    And it’s getting to you Smyth, I can see the cracks starting to show. Last week, you beat Bushido but it wasn’t enough for you was it? You had to retire him. What? To prove your ability? I’ve told you before I already know you have skills, but do you have the skills to beat me? That’s the real question.

    Last week was your way to show me you can be dangerous. And I’m willing to bet when you were looking at Bushido and seeing my face. Because you wanna rip this face off. You wanna take your fist, curl it into a ball and smash me in the face, don’t you?

    But you’re not going to do that.

    The fans give a mixed reaction.

    Kyojin: And why aren’t you going to do that? Because you know that if you touch me, you lose your title shot at me- although then again, are you even sure you want that? Let’s put things into perspective for a minute. It’s been a total of 104 days since the very first IWA show and the ONLY time we’ve ever gone one-on-one Smyth. That night, you made me a target, you took me out right before out match with a brick.

    But I still went on and won the match.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Kyojin: It’s going to be a total of 117 days when we finally meet again, our rematch will be four months in the making. And it’s about time the target bit back. So I’ll hold my anger, I’ll hold all my frustration at not yet getting my hands on you, I’ll be the one that holds back and just does what I do best.

    Kicking ass like I’m going to do to Mike Hawk next.

    The fans explode with cheers once again.

    Kyojin: I’ll prove I’m the Master of True Wrestling and you’ll ask yourself post-match why you ever decided to make me a target- because just like you did to Bushido last week, come Destined For Immortality Smyth, I’m going to end you.

    Last week, you showed your weakness, next- I’ll show you my strength, and inform you EXACTLY what you’re up against in just two weeks time- not the Endurance Champion, simply a man that you have pissed off and pushed to the very limit. In two weeks time Smyth, you have the very unfortunate task of trying to take this title from me.

    Kyojin takes a step forward and gets into Smyth’s face.

    And you don’t stand a chance.

    Mike Hawk

    *Hawk's music hits but he is no where to be seen. Finally a spot light shines up in the rafters as Hawk is lowered into the ring on by a cable. Once the cable is a few feet above the ring, Hawk lepts down towards Kyojin and takes his mic.

    Hawk: Before you even think about Smyth, you should be more concerned with the Bird from Hell. Now I know you don't think you share anything with me, but as much as I hate to say it, we have a lot in common. Both of us were trained in Japan, both of us are former world champions but only lost them because the company collapsed and both of us were recently screwed out of a prized possession.

    You see, I lost my world title case to Shaz, a man who has never beaten me before because Smith wanted so deperatly to get someone to be his friend, he screwed me when he was the ref. But he was only a mere pawn in the rise of Shaz as we all witnessed recently. Now you on the other hand, have no title because of you were forced to find someone else to defend it for you. This is the type of injustice wrestlers from Japan are facing and what I am fighting against. However, you are getting a second chance because you friend is back in power, while I did not recieve any compensation for my injustice. But no matter because I do not need anyone to succeed, because everything I have gotten, I got by myself, and I am going to take what's mine in due time.

    *Turns to Jackson

    Hawk: By the way, nice ho, the Godfather have a clearence sale or something because she sure is good at sucking your cock.

    *All the girls in the crowd start to boo Hawk relentlessly

    But on to important matters, you need to understand true suffering and mayhem before I move on to more important matters and taking that case is going to be a start. However, once you lose that case, I will not be responsible for any more of your suffering. It will start with you getting demoted back to square one for your utterly dull and boring personality. Next, once little Alex relizes what the term "jobber" means when you told her what you do for a living, your going to be miserable alone. Finally, once I take that title off of either of these men, assuming they can hold on to it for more than a few days, I am going to make sure you have a live feed to witness what could have been if you hadn't screwed me out of my world title shot and finally, I will make sure you know what happens the next time you step in the ring with the big dogs.

    So take that skank, sit down and watch as I show you what happens when you step in the ring with Mr. Mayhem, because like Kyojin, you won't be forgetting me anytime soon. I am the being that will usher in the destruction of your world, leave you waking up in the middle of the night fearing for your safety, and when the end comes, you will be the cause your own demise because of the lingering fear in your mind that I am coming for you. So enjoy the show, because I am going to break Kyojin and you tonight in one fell swoop

    The four men have a staredown, as a ref comes running out from the back.

    Mike: Looks like this match is going to happen right now! And we are being joined by Mr Smyth and Jackson Smith on commentary.

    Rocky: Oh me spots...I don't want to have to sit next to the retarded Smith.

    Jackson: What was that?

    Rocky: Nothing. I swear.

    The camera's cut back to the ring, where Kyojin raises the Endurance Championship high into the air. The fans immediately start chanting Kyojin over and over.

    Mr Smyth: Oh look - everybody is chanting Kyojin's name. It's been at least four seconds since that last happened.

    The ref hands the belt to the timekeeper, as he signals, and this match is underway.

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    Kyojin (Christan) vs. Mike Hawk (Rhodes)
    (Start 2:55, End 9:25)

    Mike: Oh my god! Kyojin just hit the mat hard, I could feel the impact over here!

    Rocky: Yeah well in this industry, high risk doesn't always mean high reward, and I think Kyojin just learned that the hard way.

    Mr Smyth: This is getting stupid. I'd rather be watching Matt Ryder vs. Drunk Jose.

    Jackson: You obviously don't know what's good for business, since you being on commentary is clearly not one.

    Hawk sits in the corner smiling at his work as Kyojin crawls on the mat holding his midsection. Kyojin slowly makes his way to his feet while Hawk makes his way over to Kyojin. Hawk grabs Kyojin by the hair and lifts him up, but Kyojin punches Hawk in the gut a few times until he releases Kyojin, and then Kyojin takes Hawk down with a quick sweep of his legs!

    Jackson: Hey Symth, you see that title belt over there, that is about how close you are going to get to it again.

    Mr Smyth: Look, let's get the facts to the forefront - while Mike Hawk and The Lesser Smith are present here, the important thing to see is that Kyojin has been gifted his title, just as he has had every opportunity gifted to him. Kyojin is IWA's cancer, and I will cut it away to save the rest of us.

    Rocky: I wouldn't say he was gifted it. Smokeys issue was wrestlers making matches, and thats what you two did essentially.

    Mr Smyth shoots a stare at Rocky.

    Mr Smyth: To think, I once liked you. I even told you my first name.....

    Smyth turns back to the action in the ring, leaving the announcers and Jackson speechless

    Kyojin lifts Hawk back to his feet and starts to kick him hard in the sides and in the thighs. Hawk backs up a bit, trying to block the hard kicks from Kyojin, but Kyojin gets the advantage and backs Hawk right up into the corner! Kyojin climbs to the second rope and starts to bring fists down onto Hawk's skull!

    One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!

    After ten ferocious blows to Hawk's head, Kyojin looks around at the crowd and then goes for a hurricanrana, but once Kyojin gets into the position, Hawk brings him down with a hard power bomb from the top rope!

    Mike: Oh my god!! What a ferocious power bomb!

    Rocky: Kyojin could be out of this match now, he hit his head hard on the impact.

    Kyojin holds the back of his head while Hawk climbs down from the turnbuckle and begins to stalk him. Hawk grabs Kyojin by the hair and lifts him to his feet, and then brings him back down with a snap DDT! Hawk goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Kyojin got the shoulder up and the crowd explodes with cheers and starts to chant "Kyojin! Kyojin! Kyojin!" Hawk starts punching the mat and then gets to his feet.

    Jackson: You think Hawk is having a hard time now, wait till he gets in the ring with me, it will be 5 times worse.

    Smith starts laughing and Hawk hears him doing so! Hawk makes his way outside of the ring and walks over to the commentary table and has a stare down with Smith.

    Mike: Woah now, Jackson. Don't get anything started over here.

    Rocky: I think something is going to get started ...

    The referee is up to the count of five now while Hawk and Smith exchange fighting words. Smith holds his briefcase up in the air high, pissing Hawk off completely. The referee is screaming at Hawk, telling him to get back in the ring, so Hawk shoves Smith and then slides back into the ring. Hawk gets to his feet and eats a massive Truth Hurts from Kyojin!! Hawk drops to his back nearly unconcious, so Kyojin scales to the top rope and then poses for the fans, and then dives down with a Rising Sun and connects onto Hawk! Kyojin goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, your IWA Endurance Champion, Kyojin!

    Jackson now has taken his headset off, as he and Alex walk around the ring, heading up the ramp. Smith holds up his briefcase, as Kyojin holds up his Endurance Championship. Both Mr Smyth and Mike Hawk are glaring down at their respective rivals, as the camera's fade to a commercial break.


    Mike: Well that was a great match!

    Rocky: And we are about to have an even better one! 4 of the 6 men involved in the Maximum Anarchy match are going to be featured right now!

    Mike: That's right! It's AJ Dixon vs KJ Punk vs Darius vs Rob Rage! This is going to be huge. We actually have two of the competitors in the ring already!

    The camera's pan, as we see KJ Punk and Rob Rage already in the ring, getting cheers from the fans.

    AJ Dixon

    Aj Dixon comes out from the back, to nothing but boos. Dixon is walking down the ramp, as he stops. He turns his head, as he sees a little boy holding a sign that says "short change champ" with Dixon's face under it. AJ grabs the poster, smiling at first, but proceeds to rip it to pieces. Dixon turns, heading down the ramp and into the ring. He looks at Punk and Rage, and then poses, as the fans just boo.


    Darius walks out from the back, to even bigger boos than Dixon, but he just smirks. Pyro's go off, as Darius runs down the ramp, sliding into the ring. He immediately goes to the corner, climbing it, and poses. He points to the Destined for Immortality sign hanging in the arena, and then hops down. He turns, looking at his 3 competitors, as the ref signals for the bell.

    KJ Punk(Orton) vs Rob Rage(Sheamus) vs AJ Dixon(ADR) vs Darius(Jericho)

    (start at 9:19, end at 21:14)

    Punk drops Darius with the backbreaker, as he gets back to his feet. Dixon charges at Punk, but is sent flying over the top to the outside. Punk turns back, as Darius is getting to his feet. Punk grabs Darius, sending him flying into the corner. Punk gets riled up, as a massive KJ chant roars through the arena. Punk charges at Darius in the corner, going for a huge flying elbow, but Darius moves! Darius runs into the ropes, as Rage is climbing onto the apron. Darius smashes Rage in the face with a forearm, dropping him to the outside, as Darius uses the ropes, and propels himself back at Punk who is stumbling out of the corner. Darius goes for the big boot, but Punk ducks it! Darius spins around, only to be kicked in the gut. Punk grabs the head of Darius, and nails a massive spinning neckbreaker! Punk goes for the cover.

    Mike: Yes! Yes! Punk is going to win!

    1....2...! Dixon comes out of nowhere breaking up the pinfall attempt! Dixon gets to his feet, as he lifts Punk up, and starts nailing him with forearms. Darius is slowly getting to his feet, as Dixon backs Punk up to the corner. Darius is to his feet, as Dixon looks back at Darius. Rage is slowly getting to his feet on the outside.

    Rocky: What the hell!?

    Mike: Who turned the lights out?! NOT AGAIN!

    The lights are out for longer now, as we hear some kind of commotion.

    Mike: What in the hell is going on!? Someone turn the power back on!

    Rocky: Oh lord! What was that noise!

    The lights come back on, as we see AJ Dixon, Darius, KJ Punk, and the referee all laid out in the ring. Rob Rage is standing on the outside, looking in the ring in dismay.

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life, as a video is displayed.

    The tron dies, as Rob is glaring at the Insane-O-Tron, his eyes wide.

    Mike: My god....who is behind this...what is going on....

    The camera's fade to a commercial break, as the last shot is the look of dismay in Rage's eyes and the carnage in the ring.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Brock Edwards already in the ring pumping himself up for his match.

    Sagittarius Blue

    Sagittarius Blue comes out from the back now, to a really big pop from the fans. Blue makes his way down the ramp, slapping some fans hands along the way, as he climbs into the ring. He looks at Brock, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Sagittarius Blue (Morrison) vs. Brock Edwards (Sheamus)
    (Start :20, End 8:03)

    Blue hits Edwards with a hard enziguri to the skull, making Edwards fall to the mat hard. Blue runs at the ropes and spring boards off of them and attempts to land on Edwards, but Edwards gets his knees up, making Blue land onto them hard!

    Mike: Damn that had to hurt!

    Rocky: Well it serves him right for doing that!

    Edwards get back to his feet and grabs Blue then lifts him to his feet. Edwards pushes Blue back, and then pulls him back into him and clotheslines him hard. Edwards picks Blue up again and repeats the same move, but hits Blue so hard this time Blue goes sailing through the air and crashes down onto the mat with a huge thud. Edwards covers Blue!

    One! Two! No!

    Blue gets the shoulder up, but Edwards wastes no time and applies the Kimura Lock! Blue struggles to get out of the hold but Edwards just applies even more pressure with each moment that passes by! The referee asks Blue if he quits but Blue screams hell no! Blue tries to roll out of the hold but Edward's just pulls the arm back even further!!

    Mike: Blue is going to tap to his own finishing manuver!

    Rocky: You're damn right he is! There is no way he can beat Br ...

    Before Rocky can finish, Blue manages to get his foot on the bottom rope!

    Rocky: Nevermind.

    The referee counts to four and Edwards releases the hold. Edwards drags Blue to the center of the ring, but Blue rolls away from him and stands up against the turnbuckle. Edwards laughs at Blue and taunts him, tapping his jaw saying he'll let Blue have the first shot. Blue snarls at Edwards and then charges him and nails Edward's right in the jaw with The Superman Punch, making Edward's stumble back into the turnbuckle. Blue dives onto Edwards and keeps laying hard fists into him, and then he tosses Edwards with the The Sagittarius Slam to the center of the ring!!

    Mike: Holy hell! Blue got a major breath of a second wind here!

    Rocky: I don't know how the hell he is doing it, but he is.

    Blue charges Edwards but Edwards punches him in the gut. Edwards lays his fists into Blue hard, and then Blue lays fists into Edwards!

    Blue! Edwards! Blue! Edwards!Blue! Edwards! Blue! Blue! Edwards! Edwards!

    Edwards gets the upper hand, and then he kicks Blue in the gut and gets him in position for a suplex, but Blue refuses to be lifted in the air, instead, Blue counters the hold and hits the Sign of the Archer from out of no where!! Blue covers Edwards!!

    One! Two! THREE

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Sagittarius Blue!

    Blue is celebrating his win, climbing a corner, as Brock rolls out of the ring. Ryan Wells comes running down from the back, as Wells and Brock go blow for blow.


    The two men brawl to the top, all the way into the back. Blue climbs down, going to another corner, as a man hops the barrier, sliding into the ring.

    Mike: Who the hell is that!?

    Blue steps down, and turns, straight into a Divine Intervention! The man hops up, taking the hood off, as we see it's Chris Divine. Divine has a smirk on his face, as he motions for a mic.

    Divine: See Blue, that is what Divine is talking about. These fans, they were just eating you up. They were adoring the fact that you won a match, that you got to stand in the spotlight. A spotlight that belongs to Divine, the adoration that belongs to Divine. All of it Blue...all of it surrounding you when you truly don't deserve it. See, that's the thing Blue. Divine could go to other companies, TWE, EWNCW, JBW, BITW, Divine could become a champ there...well..Divine already has..Divine could become the "man", the #1 guy for that company, but when the dust settles, there will always be something missing in Divine's gut. That empty hole needing to be filled. That hole, is being the #1 guy in IWA. Screw Kyojin, screw Rage, screw Punk. Divine deserves to be at the top, Divine deserves to have everything this company offers, because Divine is not only an IWA original, but also and ICW original. Divine is everything these fans clamor for, but are so blind to truly see. So that is my goal Blue. are in that way.

    Divine now leans down, getting right next to Blue's head.

    Divine: That's why Divine has been coming at you non stop, and that's why Divine will keep coming at you non stop until our war at Destined for Immortality is over. that moment, when Divine gets the 1..2...3, and knocks you out of Divines way...that is when The Divine One will be rocketing to the top. When the Blues, Kyojin's, Rages, and Punks of the world are no longer in Divines way..when these fans..these blind moronic fans see the light..the light that is Chris Divine. See you soon Blue....see you soon.

    Divine drops the mic, as he then drops down, and locks in a crossface on Blue! Blue is yelling, and after a bit, tapping, but to no avail. Officials are running out from the back now, trying to break Divine off. It takes 3 men, but Divine breaks the hold. He stands, holding his arms out, as the fans just boo Divine, only to get a smirk from Chris. The camera's fade, as officials are checking on Sagittarius Blue.


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    The camera's come back from the break, focusing on the ring. We see a nice set up in the ring where Israel is relaxing on a nice black leather sofa which is opposite another Black leather sofa with a fridge in between and a nice rug with IWA printed on it

    Israel: Women and Men of IWA you are seeing before you the debut of the future Number One Talk show in all of EWN, The I.P. Address.

    My name is Israel Pamich and I would like to give you a quick outlay of the shows format.
    I will be interviewing the guests about their goals and ambitions in IWA and what is going on in there wrestling lives. We will have live questions via twitter and a quick 5 in 1 segment where we will ask every guest 5 questions which they must answer within one minute.

    Now I will not lie we dont have a great guest first up and unfortunately I have had a lot to do with him over the last couple of months though at DFI he will become irrelevant so please welcome to my show a gentleman who will not have an IWA contract for much longer, Ivan Draymen

    Ivan Draymen

    The crowd pops with cheers as Draymen makes his way onto the stage. Draymen stands at the top of the stage and poses for the fans, and then makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. Draymen circles Pamich for a bit and then stands in front of him with his arms crossed but a microphone in his hand.

    Draymen: Okay, so from what I understand, I was forced to come out here so you could ask me some questions, right? Well I have a question for you, Israel. Why the fuck should I waste my time answering questions for you? Why should I waste these peoples valuable time listening to you preach when they could be watching me whoop your sorry ass all over this ring right now!

    The crowd pops loudly.

    Israel: You were forced to come out to my show? By all means pander to these people and pretend you do not enjoy the spotlight I am offering you though Sir I a offering so much more then the spotlight... I am offering you a chance to redeem yourself because you suck up to these fans and tell them how they are so great and you need them when in reality you are just scared to be on your own.

    Thats why you joined a tag team and why you lower yourself to the fans level because you are afraid that if you are on your own... truly on your own you will not succeed ad although I agree with that sentiment exactly and this is why I beat you down once and I while do it again this is a talk show and not a boxing match so my first question is WHY?

    Why do you pander to these fans? why would Victor Elric team with you and why you happen to think you are in the same league as Mr Integrity and the Bachelor of excellence?

    Draymen: Really? You're going to pull the "Hiding behind Elric" bullshit again? I guess I understand though, I guy who is boring as fuck and has absolutely no talent would use the same "insults" over and over again. Let me entertain you though by answering your question. I team with Elric because we are two of the greatest talents that the IWA has to offer today. We blow you and all of your little buddies out of the water. And I do not "pander" these fans, I respect them. Heres the thing, Pamich. You claim you know what respect is, but let me make this clear, respect is EARNED.

    Yes, that right. I said the "E" word ... Earned. What have you done to earn these fans respect? Elric's respect? MY respect? Absolutely nothing! You run around here preaching about how you deserve respect and no one else does, for the love of god man, why don't you just go make a child with that Darius character, because you both bitch about the same goddamn thing!

    The crowd pops loudly for Draymen

    Draymen: AND ANOTHER THING! You're wrong. I'm not in the same league as "Mr. Integrity", oh hell no, I'm way above you. You're playing t-ball while I'm up in the ranks with Chipper Jones and A-Rod! I am better than you, Pamich. I always have been, and I always will be.

    Israel: I do not respect anyone? Ohh you are so wrong Draymen about so many things and if this show was as long as The Late night Show I would address them but we don't and here's the thing Draymen, I respect people who work hard and become good at what they do and Draymen you are not one of them people, All you do is hide... you hide behind your tag team partner, you hide behind these fans and the reason why I bring up the same "insults" week after week is because you have it all wrong... I am not Insulting you Sir I am trying to show you and the whole world that Ivan Draymen is a nobody who sucks up to these fans for a paycheck though you want an original question no problems lets get to the nitty gritty, After Destined for Immortality where everyone knows that I'm -

    Draymen: Knows what, Pamich? Knows that your ass is going to be stretchered out of this arena once I'm through with you??

    The crowd pops

    Draymen: You are so goddamned thick you don't even understand that I am going to kick your sorry ass to the curb at Destined for Immortality! You truly do believe I am in this for the money, don't you? Well I'm not the one with the fancy suit and my own fucking talk show now am I? I'm not the one claiming to be the all mighty intellectual one here. You're seriously trying to make me believe that I am the money hungry one who doesn't give a shit about the fans, well listen here you aristocratic mother fucker. I'm going to let the fans decide your fate for tonight ...

    The fans start chanting Kick his ass! over and over again! Pamich just looks around at the crowd, telling them to shut their mouths. After a brief moment, Draymen drops the microphone and nails Pamich with a huge Train Wreck superkick, knocking him clear out of the ring! Draymen starts tearing up the I.P. Address set, and then he stares out at Pamich is who sitting on the ground holding his jaw as we go to commercial


    The camera's come back from the break, focusing on the ring.

    Mike: Well, not a great start for the I.P. Address.

    Rocky: That is messed up how Ivan screwed Israel's talk show up!

    Mike: Either way, up next folks, is our #1 contenders match for the Vanity Championship!

    We see the four Bombshells in the ring, Spice, Sugar, Juno Mercury, and Pisces Pink. The ref signals for the bell, as the match is underway!

    Sugar(kelly) vs Spice(mickie) vs Juno Mercury(alicia) vs Pisces Pink(beth)

    (start at 1:41, end at 7:23)

    Juno is wailing on Spice in the corner, as Sugar gets to her feet. She goes behind Juno, grabbing her by the hair. Sugar sets Juno up for a reverse DDT, but Juno counters, squarely kicking Sugar in the face! Sugar lets go, stumbling back. Juno charges at Sugar, and takes her down with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Sugar is sent flying to the outside, and collides with Pisces on the outside! Juno is back to her feet, as Spice charges at Juno, only to be taken down by a sleeperhold slam! Juno drops Spice hard, and then locks in a sleeperhold! Spice looks like she is fading away, as Pisces Pink plants Sugar on the outside with the HBIC!

    Mike: Wow! Vicious move from Pink!

    Rocky: And she is going to break up the submission!

    Pisces is back in the ring, as she nails Juno in the head with a stiff boot! The submission is broken, as Pisces picks Juno up, and sends her straight into the ropes. Juno bounces back, as Pisces lifts her off the ground, spinning her in the air and plants with a tilt a whirl slam! Pisces hooks the leg.


    Juno kicks out before 3! Pisces gets to his feet, as Spice is slowly recovering to her feet. Spice is full up, as Pisces catches her out of nowhere with a superkick!

    Rocky: My god! She nearly took that poor girls head off! She is like a man!

    Mike: Last Sagittarius told me, Pisces has a no..she is a bombshell.

    Rocky: Wait...Sagittarius told you..

    Mike: And Pisces is back to Juno now!

    Pisces lifts Juno to a standing position now, and goes for a stiff forearm, but Juno blocks! Juno counters with her own! They begin to exchange forearms, until Pisces gets the upperhand, having Juno at the ropes. Pisces irish whips Juno, but Juno counters, sending Pisces at the ropes. Sugar grabs the feet of Pisces from under the bottom rope, dropping Pisces on her face, and then pulls her to the outside. Pisces comes out on her feet, as Sugar charges at her. They clothesline each other, and take each other out on the outside! The camera's cut back to the ring, where Spice is back to her feet, and Juno is right at her. They are exchanging blows!


    Spice gets the upperhand, as she drops Juno with a wicked clothesline! Spice reaches down, lifting Juno to her feet. Spice nails a huge knee to the gut of Juno, and lifts her up for the Spice Rack!

    Mike: The end is near! #1 Contender!

    Juno is stretched on the back of Spice, but counters, going down the back of Spice and turns the torture rack into a roll up attempt!

    1....2...Juno stacks Spice on her shoulders more..3!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and the new #1 contender, Juno Mercury!

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    Mike: holy crap! She did it! her debut match! She won! She won!

    Rocky: Rematch! I call for a rematch! This is utter bull shit!

    Juno is celebrating, as she rolls out of the ring, and heads up the ramp, avoiding any trouble. The fans are cheering for this new young up start, as she heads into the back. The camera's follow. We see Seth Gabel rush up to Juno.

    Seth: Juno, Juno, could I have a word?

    Juno: Sure.

    Seth: You've managed to pick up the win in your debut match, and now you face Vivica at Destined for Immortality for the Vanity Championship. How are you feeling right now?

    Juno: Honestly, I am proud and i am happy, I did not only prove my point out there but, I did it by beating 3 other competitors, not bad for my first night on the job. I told everyone in the back I could and I would win tonight.. I did not disappoint them. bring on my next match and I will do it again.

    Seth: What are your thoughts on Vivica?

    Juno: I am going to be honest with you, I think she is a spoilt, ungrateful, pathetic and worthless little child, that clearly needs help from a trained professional. A grown women who prances around like a 5 year old, saying how being daddies little girl helps her and how she needs is his love, is sickening, it actually should raise concern. She is not deserved of that title; it should be help by a real woman, a real fighter and not a stupid little bitch, with an unresolved Electra complex. She should be careful, daddy won’t be there to protect you and scare the monsters, when I get my hands on her. She will understand what it is like to receive a real Belfast Beating and I induce an unbelievable amount of punishment and pain..Vivica, my eyes are on you and your title.. Better not tell Daddy on me, disgusts me. you are not a real performer, when you rely on someone else, to watch your back.

    Seth: What can we expect to see from you in the coming weeks?

    Juno: We can expect to see a hardworking, dedicated and talented young women begin to cement her name into IWA and begin to make my dreams and my destiny a reality. I deserve my place here and I will prove it. I am not the silly little girl that they think I am, I am a fighter, in spirit and in my heart, you will see this develop as I develop.

    Seth: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans watching?

    Juno: I would like to say thank-you, you have already made me feel as though I am a champion and I will prove I am deserved of your cheers and your praise. The fans make me want to do this, make me want to perform more, as if they give that extra little rush of adrenaline when I need it the most. Thank-you guys

    Juno smiles at the camera, as she walks off. We cut back to the ring, where we see it empty now.

    Mike: Up next folks, is the World Heavyweight Championship match!

    Rocky: My money is on Shaz!

    Mike: Stone Cold Steve Layman could win the gold tonight. Don't underestimate him.

    Stone Cold Steve Layman

    Layman comes out from the back, on an ATV. He rides it down, and around the ring, before climbing off. Layman climbs into the ring, where he climbs a corner and shoots the double bird. He climbs down, and motions for two beer cans, as they are tossed to him. Layman climbs another corner, cracking them open, bashing them together, and chugging them. He climbs down, and turns, waiting for the World Champ.


    Shaz comes out from the back, with the IWA World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. He stands, as pyro's go off. He proceeds down the ramp and into the ring, where the ref takes the belt, raising it high. The ref hands it to the timekeeper on the outside, as the bell sounds!

    Shaz (RVD) vs. Stone Cold Steve Layman
    (Start 2:26, End 8:53)

    Layman! Shaz! Layman! Shaz! Layman! Shaz! Layman! Layman! Layman!

    Layman gets the upper hand and clotheslines Shaz hard, knocking him flat on his back! Shaz scurries back to his feet, but Layman tackles him back down to the ground and starts reigning hard right hands down into Shaz's temple! Layman then drags Shaz over to the turnbuckle and leans him up against it and stomps mud holes into him! The referee tells Layman to get off of Shaz or he will be disqualified! Layman looks up at the referee and says "Oh c'mon now, ref! Let us fight!" Layman then goes back and starts laying more mud holes into Shaz's head before the ref begins to count.

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Layman pulls away from Shaz with his hands in the air and says "Alright, alright! Goddamn it some one throw me a beer!" Layman walks to the side of the ring with the time keeper on it and catches a can of beer when it is tossed to him. Layman cracks open the beer and starts to chug it as the crowd explodes with cheers.

    Mike: Are you kidding me right now?

    Rocky: This guy is fucking ridiculous. Who the fuck starts drinking in the middle of a world title match!?

    Layman finishes the can and crushes it over his head and throws it to the crowd. He signals for another can, but Shaz is back to his feet and takes Layman out from behind!

    Mike: And his celebration was ended early!

    Rocky: His fucking celebration started before he even won! Kick his ass, Shaz!!

    Shaz kicks Layman hard and stomps down on his arms and legs while seething. Shaz grabs Layman by the throat and lifts him up to his feet and pushes him against the turnbuckle. Shaz charges the turnbuckle and hits Layman with a huge knee to the jaw, and then Shaz climbs to the top, wraps his arm around Layman's head and brings him down with a huge DDT from the top rope! Shaz goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Mike: Layman got the shoulder up! What resilience!

    Rocky: He got lucky!

    Shaz gets back to his feet and he picks Layman up from the ground. Shaz kicks Layman in the gut and tries to set him up for the B.I.T.W, but Layman pushes Shaz away and hits a hard right hand. Layman keeps throwing rights and lefts at Shaz until Shaz is backed against the ropes, then Layman Irish whips Shaz into the ropes, when Shaz bounces back, Layman goes for the Stone Cold Stunner, but Shaz pushes Layman away! Layman runs at the ropes and bounces off of them and charges Shaz, but Shaz ducks the attempted clothesline. Layman charges Shaz once again, but Shaz connects with the Shaz-Ma-Taz (KO Punch)!

    Mike: Where the hell did that come from?!

    Rocky: I have no idea, but Shaz is scaling the turnbuckle!

    Shaz climbs to the top rope and stalks Layman. Shaz stands up straight, and then dives off of the top and connects with the 630 Splash!! Shaz goes for the cover!

    One! Two! THREE!!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and still IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shaz!

    Shaz is handed his World title, as the lights in the arena go out.

    Mike: Oh god! Not again!

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life once more, as we see the video.

    Mike: Oh man! Shaz better run! Is he even still in the ring.

    The lights come back on, as the tron dies. We see Shaz now, still in the ring, clutching his World title, looking around the whole arena. The camera's fade to a commercial break, as Shaz uneasily gets out of the ring.


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