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    The fans explode with cheers when HolyJose's theme blares through the arena, and the cheers get even louder when he appears on the stage. He makes his way down the ramp and then slides into the ring and is handed a microphone.
    Jose: Tonight ...


    The crowd erupts with boos when Darius's theme cuts HolyJose off. Darius wastes no time and storms down the ramp with a microphone in hand and then slides into the ring and stands in the center facing HolyJose. Darius puts a smile on his face, looking HolyJose right in the eyes ... And then he extends his hand out to HolyJose. The crowd boos and HolyJose just stares at Darius's hand, and then looks up at Darius and nods his head 'No.'

    Darius: Oh come on, Jose. Shake my hand, its a sign of respect for the other man.

    Darius extends his hand further but Jose just shakes his head 'No.' again, this pisses Darius off, so he takes the microphone from HolyJose and throws it to the outside.

    Darius: Now you see, that is just disrespectful. When a man extends his hand out to you for a handshake, you shake his damn hand, because it is the right thing to do and it is the respectful thing to do and trust me, I know a thing or two about respect, Mr. Jose!

    Most people believe you only earn respect if you have been or are the world champion, but guess what? You don't need a world championship on your resume to earn respect! If you want to be respected, then you give others the respect they may deserve. So here I am, extending my hand to you as a sign of respect, because I feel I deserve respect and the only way I will get it ... Is by showing you some respect. That is what I have been doing this whole time. So Jose, shake my hand.

    Darius extends his hand once again. Jose looks around at the crowd as they chant "No!", and then Jose says No to Darius

    Darius: You know what, I get it. You must be hard of hearing. Let me sound it out for you ...
    Shake. My. Fucking. Hand.

    Once again, Jose declines.

    Darius: Alright, I see how it is, Jose. You have the greatest performer to ever grace the IWA offering you a handshake because he respects you, and you say no because I'm not the nicest guy in the world. But here is the thing, man ... When people don't give people the respect they truly deserve, it has to be taught to them. They need to learn to respect their superiors ... And do you know how that is taught to them Jose? Do ya, buddy? No? Let me tell you ...

    Darius gets close to Jose, their foreheads almost touching.

    Darius: They learn how to respect others ... By having respect beaten into them.

    Darius drops the microphone and then low-blows Jose hard, kicking Jose between the legs hard. Jose falls to the mat and Darius pounces onto him, laying hard right hands into Jose's head and face. Darius grabs Jose's hair and begins slamming his elbow into Jose's forehead, busting him open wide after a few shots. Darius gets up off of Jose and rolls out of the ring and lifts the apron and begins to search under the ring.

    After a moment of rifling through the contents under the ring, Darius pulls out a sledgehammer with a huge grin on his face. Darius slides into the ring with the hammer in hand and then picks up the bloodied Jose. Darius stands Jose up straight and stares him in the face with a sick grin. Darius picks up the microphone


    Darius drops the microphone and then smashes Jose in the head with the sledgehammer, knocking him out cold and dropping him to the mat. Five security guards come running down the ramp. The first guard slides into the ring, but is speared by Darius when he gets to his feet! The second and third slide in, but Darius nails a big boot to one, and then spears the other hard! The final guard slides into the ring and paces around Darius, but he too is met with a huge spear.

    Darius starts laughing insanely, and then rolls out of the ring again. He starts to make his way up the ramp but stops half way, turns his head and looks behind him, and then makes his way back to the ring. Darius reaches under the ring and slides a table out from underneath, and sets it up on the outside.

    Darius slides back into the ring and picks Jose up and drags him to the ropes and looks down at the table. Darius smacks Jose in the face, and then kicks him in the gut. Darius hoists Jose up into the air, and then power bombs him to the outside and through the table! The crowd is still exploding with boos as Darius stands in the ring over the downed guards and Jose. Darius begins laughing hard again and then stares straight into the camera as we go to commercial


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    Domino comes out from the back, to boos from the fans. He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, where he immediately grabs a mic. He turns around, looking at the fans.

    Domino: Ladies and Gentleman please. Bring your attention to me. I come to you as the undefeated newcomer of the IWA. I have proven not only can I dish out punishment, I can also take punishment. I took a pipe to the head, and went through a table head first, and I was going to kick it out believe it or not, if Mike hadn't hit his phoenix splash breaking up the pin. But I digress, I came to the IWA to become the best wrestler in the company. And I told everyone that I am the future, do you believe me now, because unlike Ace Note, Jackson, and Oscar. I am a winner!

    Ace Note

    *As Ace Note’s theme music plays, the audience start to rally in a small, sitting ovation comprised of light cheering. Despite the warm welcome, Ace Note looks slightly livid and distraught. As he walks down the aisle, the mere expression on his face sucks the energy out of the crowd. Instead of going into the ring, he goes to ringside and grabs a microphone that was resting on the top of a steel chair. Now entering the ring, instead of keeping his distance, Ace Note stands just a foot away from Domino.*

    ::Ace Note::

    “This is probably going to be the most painful thing for me to admit, Domino but…your team was the better team last night. You, Hawk, Jack Phoenix…you whipped us real good. I mean, let’s face it. Looking back, I don’t think the card could have been more stacked against Layman, Jackson and I anymore than at Full Throttle last night. Not only were we not on the same page but we clearly didn’t have the same chemistry like the three of you had. Sure, plain and simple, we three wanted nothing more than a win but Hawk was the better leader that night and Phoenix and you were the better teammates.”

    *Before he continues, Ace Note has to slap himself lightly at the side of his face to will himself on as he knows that Domino’s ego is no doubt, growing by each second.*

    “But if you think for one minute that I’m out here to just pat you on the back and feed your pride for the rest of the night, brother, you got another thing coming because I’m about to lay a real shocker on you and trust me, it’s a kicker and an ego popper. Despite how things went down, do you want to know who the real losers were last night? Trust me, I’m one of them but the fact remains is that so were you. We were the real losers and do you want to know why? Our story, our chance to resolve our issues in the ring…well, they were cut short, weren’t they? I mean, yeah, we most certainly got the chance to prove out of the two of us, who the better man was once and for all but that didn’t happen. Did it? Because last time I checked, when the bell rang and the dust settled, where were you? Laid out. Jackson took you out and that’s all she wrote for you. At that one moment, all that talk, all of those sneak attacks on me, trying to get the one up on me meant absolutely nothing because at that moment, everybody knew what you were made of. The only small victory that I had was that I was in the center, the eye of the storm and had the match right in the palm of my hand because had I not had all the strength sapped out of me, I would have broken up that pin and let the match continue. But hey, like I said, we were both losers. We didn’t get a chance to prove who the better man was because I didn’t get the pin on you, you didn’t get the pin on me and worst of all, we were shoehorned into someone else’s battle! I have all the respect in the world for Jackson, just like I’m sure you have all the respect in the world for Mike Hawk but at the end of the day, we were nothing but foot soldiers, pawns. We were the small part of a bigger story. Hell, we didn’t even get our own entrances! THAT’S how insignificant we were! That’s how little we were bothered with! Were we allowed to settle the score once and for all? No! We…were…robbed! And deep down, Domino, you know it! So you want to come out here and brag about being on the winning team? Good for you because that little pearl of pride your hanging onto is nothing more than a participation ribbon and believe this, I’m not here trying to be funny and make jokes. That’s just not what I’m here to do.”

    *Ace Note pauses to shake his head for emphasis.*

    “If that’s what you want to keep collecting in this business, if that’s how you want to be remembered, then I got nothing for you and I’ll leave this ring right now but if you truly want to become a legend, a force to be reckoned with and a name that people can remember and respect, then you’ll listen to exactly what I have to say and by God you will agree with me.

    My proposition for you is quite simple, really. I’m guessing you already know about IWA’s next PPV event, Destined for Immortality? If so, then you sorta know that the current card for it is looking a little bare so here’s what I suggest. We push all of our chips onto the table and we make the biggest gamble of our careers, the way things should have been but weren't. You vs. me, Ace Note vs. Domino, one on one.”

    *The crowd erupts into a cheer at Ace Note’s challenge.*

    “It needs to happen, Domino. Trust me, I hate you. I hate you with every fiber of my being but I’m not going to let you walk away from this so easily and despite it benefiting you, I want this more for myself so don’t get any ideas but like I said, it needs to happen. You know it and I know it. So what do you say?”

    Domino: Ace Note Vs Domino does need to happen. I need to prove to the IWA that even though I may talk a lot of smack that I can back it up inside this ring. Yes Jackson did laid me out and yea it hurt like hell, but a win is a win in my book. Yes it hurt like hell I mean I was hit in the skull with a pipe, and thrown through a table. Others career would have probably ended but I'm still here, walking, and talking because I am unbreakable. But you a few kicks and a few punches took you out of the equation, let alone they were mine kicks and punches that took you out of the equation. Which left you so hurt that you could barely continue the rest of the match. Yes I may have been close to getting pinned, but that's because I took a vicious beating. But your right, neither of us got a pin, neither of us took the lost. I just happened to be on the winning team. Because of this we didn't have a chance to prove which one of us is the better man. Which is why I agree, but I do not accept this match with you. You see I already proved I have my heart than you, and you are a waste of my time. I don't respect you, Note, and I cannot and I will not fight a man I don't respect.

    *The crowd erupts in boos*

    ::Ace Note::

    "I'll tell you what you proved. You just like to take the easy way out. Wins and losses don’t mean crap to you as long as you get it. Where’s the honor in that? Anyone can brag in your position but like I said, despite your win, you’ve got nothing to show for it. Don’t pretend like you came out last night with something because you hear that?”

    *Without breaking his gaze from Domino, Note raises the microphone in the air, then brings it back to his lips.*

    “Silence. Absolute silence. People are wondering why the hell we’re out here! They don’t know us! We were just highlight reel for a bigger story, Jackson v. Hawk. I’ll bet you, right now, tens upon tens of people in this arena are filing out to take a piss because watching their fluids is more entertaining than us and yes, I’m putting you in the same position as me. Why? Because we’re both losers, don’t you get it?! You talk about wanting to earn respect and yet you don’t want to do the leg work? Whether you like it or not, we control each other’s fates because we both promised one thing, one thing that could get us into prominence and that was beating the other decisively. Last time I checked, that didn’t happen for either one of us and as a result, you got nothing out of it and neither did I. But yet, I propose a solution to our dilemma and you don’t wanna go along with it? You’ve got no pride to cherish. No credibility. And apparently, you have “more heart” than me so what do you have to lose, huh?

    Believe it or not, I know it’s because you’re not afraid of me. That’s not why you’re backing down. No. The reason you’re backing down is the same reason why your name is Domino. Just like a real domino, your whole purpose in life is to get knocked on your back and instead of getting back up, you’re content with staying there, accomplishing nothing, doing nothing and in the big scheme of things, everyone just passes you by until someone picks you back up again. That’s my charity for you. That’s what I’m doing for the both of us. You don’t understand, Domino, how important this is. See, I’m at the point where I’m done asking you to have this match with me.”

    *Ace Note steps closer to Domino, creating less space between them then before.*

    “I’m TELLING you to stitch on a set, lace up your boots, take some Midol and fight me at Destined for Immortality, one on one!”

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    Domino: You want to fight me at Destined for Destiny? huh? Well the answer is No! I'm not ready physically, and believe it or not your not ready. Why would you want to fight a man who is at less than 100%, you see I'm not going into a fight with a disadvantage I could barely walk to the ring, so why I take a risk and fight you when your in perfect condition. Its not fair, you see where going to fight one day, just not at Destined for Immortality. You got that, if not you better take note. You see you made fun of my name being Domino we don't make a move until pushed. And nothing you say can make me accept this match with you at Destined for Immortality.

    *Domino backs off of Note.*

    ::Ace Note::

    “Is this really the road you wanna go down? That’s your final decision? For someone who brags about taking the initiative and wanting to further themselves in this company, you don’t show it when the time’s crucial. So be it. If you don’t want this match, on arguably IWA’s biggest PPV, that’s fine. Just don’t say that I didn’t war you.”

    *With that, Ace Note drops the microphone and exits the ring. Pausing, he looks back at Domino, shakes his head and continues to walk up the ramp.

    Mike: Wow, Domino turns down a challenge from Ace Note. I figured Domino would want a shot at glory on the biggest stage.

    Rocky: Domino played it smart. I bet he has something bigger and better planned.

    The camera's cut to the back, as Ace walks off screen into the back.

    *The cameras go backstage to Jackson’s locker room where you see him coming out the shower with a black bathrobe on with a Boss stitching on the back while the crowd cheers*

    Jackson: Oh shit, I forgot I had to do this aha. Sorry about my appearance, I was in the shower. Well since you are here, let’s get started shall we. Who enjoyed Full Throttle?! *Huge chorus of boos erupt around the arena* Well I be damn, I guess no one liked how most of the fan favorites didn’t win their matches, I for one didn’t like it either. Especially Kyojin losing his title to that pussy in a business suit, you guys know who I am talking about, I’m talking about Mr. Symth. *A huge roar of Boos echo throughout the whole arena* Wow, I see everyone hates you Symth but, knowing you, you probably don’t give a damn and what makes matters worse is that the title’s prestige just took a huge fall in its stock value.

    I mean when Kyojin had the title, this is what it looked like *holds up a replica belt*
    You see this, anyone would of be glad to hold this title and wear with pride and honor but now every time I see the title now I see this *holds up another replica belt that looks like toy you find at Toys R’ Us* This…..This shit speaks for itself, I man look at it, it is complete shit, no kid would wear this, hell not even one of those kids in those adopt a child commercials will be happy to get one of these *shakes his head*. My god, we need to get that title off of him as soon as possible, it is an embarrassment to this company and to the fans around the world!

    *Crowd cheers as an Boss chant starts*

    Now on to my loss at the PPV……. but first off, did you guys see what I did to Domino?! *Crowd cheers* I almost killed him *Laughs*. I had that match won for my team too until that god damn seahawk hit his finisher on me while I was getting the pinfall but, Do I accept that l lost the match for my team? Hell no but what can I do?! Do I bitch and moan like a damn teenage girl who is on their period or do I man the hell up and accept the fact Hawk got me!? Easy answer, the last option, why? Because no one likes a pussy and I am a damn man who knows that you can’t win them all. As long as your win record is better than your lost record, you will be successful in life!

    *Crowd cheers*

    Speaking of Hawk, we have a match at the biggest pay-per-view of the year! Destined for Immortality! *Crowd pop* That’s right and it is for my briefcase which contains a shot at the Evolution Title! This match will be huge for me because I am going to be on the grandest stage of them all defending this briefcase like a title. Every once of blood, sweat, and tears that I went through to get this briefcase, I will not hesitate to do it again just to keep it! Come Destined for Im-

    ???: Are you almost done?! *The camera turns to show the cute girl from the bar that Jackson brought over, wearing a pink robe while her long black hair is wet at the entrance to the shower*

    Jackson: Yes, I was about to be until you interrupted me *smiles*, how long have you been standing there?!

    ???: Long enough d: and while I was listening, I now know my answer to your question?

    Jackson: Well…..

    ???: I will gladly accompanied you to the ring from here on out! *Smiles*

    Jackson: *Smiles* That’s great news! *Turns back to the Camera* Ladies and gentleman, I would now like to introduce to you my beautiful and cute valet, Alex Lowery!! *Alex comes in and they hug* Now were was I…..oh that’s right, at Destined for Immortality I will be walking in with my briefcase and I will be walking right back the fuck out with it!!

    *Huge crowd pop as the Camera fades to black while Jackson and Alex go back into the shower. The camera's cut from the back with Smith, to another part of the arena where we see Ace Note once more. Suddenly, Seth Gabel comes out of nowhere

    Seth: Ace, can I ask a quick question! Now that Domino has turned down your challenge, what are you going to do?

    Ace: would appear to me that I'm going to have to give him a reason to accept it. Don't you think?

    Ace turns, walking off down the hall, as Seth is left. The camera's cut back to the ring.

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    Sagittarius Blue

    Blue walks out from the back, to nothing but cheers from the fans, as Blue walks down the ramp, looking humble as ever. He turns, using the ropes to pull himself onto the apron, and climbs into the ring. Blue goes tot he corner where he grabs a microphone. Blue turns back as a We love blue chant starts. The chants die though, as Blue raises the mic.

    Sagittarius Blue: There's no feeling like having what you want in the palm of your hand... *looks at his open hand* ... and then watching it slip away. Watching it fall through your fingertips like so much fine sand. *intense pause as he seems to visualize this happening*

    At Full Throttle, I had what I wanted right where I wanted it. I had Chris Divine. I had a shot at the man who's been hovering over me like a vile, blasted storm cloud... raining poison on me at every turn. To make things even better, I had an opportunity at Shaz, the resident paper champion of IWA and perennial pain in my fucking ass. And to sweeten the deal, I was partnered with a wrestling luminary - THE Rob Rage. Rob Freakin' Rage! There was chaos. There was violence. There was punishment.

    And then...

    *Sagittarius flashes back to the scene where he aimed a Superman Punch at Chris Divine... and instead hit Rob Rage.*

    I made a mistake.

    *intense look of regret*

    I took out my own tag team partner. I made a critical lapse in judgement... and in turn, travesty ensued. Shaz and Divine walked away as victors. Worse still... I feel that Divine gained some measure of accomplishment from the whole event. Like his actions up to now were... justified. From the outset, Divine has been out to destroy me. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally. Divine has attacked someone so very dear to me, has assaulted my sense of honor. And he keeps getting away with it. By hook or by crook, he always slips away.

    Well, not always.

    *slow dramatic look at the camera*

    I told Divine... I told him that at some point, I will plant my foot deeply into his ass and send him directly to hell. I mean what I say. And you know what? "Some point" is right around the corner. It's going to be at the biggest event of IWA. The Wrestlemania of the Asylum. The place where the courageous and the craven descend into the madhouse to climb to heaven.

    Destined For Immortality.

    I know this is an opportunity for anyone to become legendary. I know that this will be the time where a single moment can be frozen and remembered forever as the turning point in any wrestler's career. But that doesn't matter as much as having the chance to finally end the war with Divine once and for all. To show Pisces that I will not fail her. To show the world that yes, there is justice. And to show Divine... that it's NOW OR NEVER.

    The stars have aligned... and they point the way... TO IMMORTALITY.

    Blue drops the mic, as he goes to leave.

    Chris Divine

    Chris Divine walks out from the back, but he doesn't have the JBW IC title on his shoulder. He looks at Blue in the ring, as he heads down the ramp, to nothing but boos from the fans. Divine slides into the ring, and is right infront of Blue. The two are saying something to each other that is inaudible, as Divine pushes Blue. Blue stumbles back, and comes back, pushing Divine. Divine hits the ropes, and propels himself back, taking Blue down with a clothesline. Blue pops back up, and takes Divine down with a running spear. Blue immediately starts flying off with hot shots, as Blue and Divine roll around in the ring exchanging shots. Officials are running down the ramp and into the ring now, as they are trying to break Divine and Blue apart.

    Mike: These two men want to rip each others throats out!

    Rocky: Let em do it! Let em do it!

    Mike: Oh no! Divine broke free!

    Divine has broken from the officials, as he flies at Blue, catching Blue with two unguarded shots. Officials pull Divine away, only for Blue to break free, attacking Divine. Divine breaks free and the two men are going at it once more. Officials are trying to tear them apart once more, as Divine drops one official with a Divine Intervention. Blue drops an official with a superman punch! The officials back off now, as Divine and Blue go at it again.

    Mike: Someone stop them!

    Divine takes Blue down with a wicked uppercut. As Blue gets to his feet....Divine! Blue pushes Divine off, as Divine hits the ropes, and bounces back. Superman Pun..NO! Divine ducks the punch, and ends up rolling out of the ring, wiping blood from his lip.

    Rocky: These two are far from done with each other! I have a feeling this chaos will just get worse as we get closer to Destined for Immortality.

    Divine is on the ramp, as officials are now holding Blue off from going after him. The camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    *Vivica Skips out, the Vanity Championship around her waist as the skips down the ramp, seemingly oblivious to the heavy booing from the crowd. She get's into the ring, Microphone in hand.*

    Vivica: Hello! It's Me! See, I told you all that being a Good Girl like me was the way to win! Because I was a Good Girl and had Daddy's love and listed to everything him and Unca Blood told me about being a winner and looky what I got!

    *Vivica takes off the belt, skipping around the ring holding it*

    Vivica: See, unlike all those pointless whores in the back I have a Daddy that loves me and believes in me and is proud of me and there is noone else that is as lucky as I am cause I got Daddy's Love Forever and Ever and I can take on anyone cause I am the Bestest Girl in the Whole World cause Daddy said so! So all you pointless whores listen up! cause Vivica is here to make you all pretty and then maybe someday you too can get Daddies of your very own! and they will love you and keep you and ho-

    Pisces Pink

    *Pisces Pink's Music hits, cutting off Vivica mid-sentence. Out comes Pisces Pink - no waving or blowing kisses to the crowd... just a "kill you" glare at Vivica. The crowd chants "Pisces gonna kill you" as she stalks to the ring and grabs a mic...

    Pisces Pink: Aren't you out past curfew, lil girl? Now look here, lil bitch... you may have the IWA Vanity Belt, but there's a fundamental difference between us that is going to get you fucked: you're a child, and I'm a woman. Full grown, no shit, beat-your-ass woman. As opposed to little, sniveling, bitchmade brat. *crowd chants "bitchmade."* Look at me... *stands over Vivica, and watches the color drain from her face* and look at little, puny you. I almost had you at that match. And I guarantee: when I get my hands on your scrawny ass, I will break every bone in your miserable body, take that title... and if "Daddy" and Unca" want some, I will lay them out next to you. Because believe me, lil bitch, unlike you...I'm as real as it -
    Sugar and Spice

    Sugar & Spice's theme plays and they walk out to the ring posing and strutting. They're handed their own custom mics (Sugar's is white and bedazzled while Spice's is black with studs). Sugar stands next to Spice looking at both women and covers her nose.

    Sugar: Eww Spice do you smell that?

    Spice: I sure do Sugar. I'm not sure if it's the hairy inbred hillbilly or big fat hippo.

    Sugar *giggles*: No not that smell. I mean the other smell, the smell of failure coming from all these people in the crowd.

    The fans start booing.

    Spice: Oh is that what that smell is? You're right Sugar it smells worse than these two losers.

    Sugar: Oh totally, but anyway, we didn't come out here to point out the obvious stench in this ring and in the whole city, did we Spice?

    Spice: I don't think we did Sugar. I think we came out here because we didn't get a fair shot at the title last time and we think we're entitled to it.

    Sugar: We sure are, after all everyone ganged up on us from the start of that battle royal and I was eliminated way too fast and I don't think that's fair. Do you Spice?

    Spice: I don't think that's fair at all Sugar. I think that if this country bumpkin really thinks she deserves to be champion she should have no problem defending the title against us.

    Sugar: I totally agree Spice. Well what do you say southern belle? The ball's in your court.


    *Music unknown to the women in the ring hit. Strop lights hit..There is a pause and a young, young women begins to walk down the ramp, with a determined and stern look on her face. Dressed in black and receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. She enters the ring, full of confused bombshells. She asked for a mic*

    Juno Mercury: Well isn’t this a pretty sight to see.. All you arguing over who deserves a title shot more, when you have all failed and have lost matches in the past..So why do you deserve a shot? Oh. Where are my manners? I am Juno Mercury, new, fresh and deserved of a shot at that title. I may not have even fought in front of you good people or shown my talent by beating the crap outta any one of you.

    So back to my original question,”why do you guys deserve another shot”?
    I mean, yes I have not even showcased my talent, showcased what I can do in this ring, showcased how Mercury can fight..but, at least I haven’t lost! So whatcha say champ..wanna take on someone new, someone you don’t know and make a fair fight or choose someone you have beat in the past..? You have beat Pinky Lee and S by 2 before.. Give yourself the ultimate challenge.. Face Juno Mercury.. Meet a real fighter and we shall see who comes out victorious..

    C’mon champ! You aren’t scared of the new girl, are you?


    Smokey comes out form the back now, with a mic in hand, as his music is cut.

    Smokey: Now, what I see here is four women who are hungry for a title shot, and a champion who needs to defend her title. So here is what I propose. Next week on Chaos, we have a #1 contenders match for the Vanity Championship. It'll be Sugar vs Spice vs Pisces Pink vs Juno Mercury. The winner will become the #1 contender, and get her chance at immortality, when she faces Vivica at Destined for Immortality. So you 4, best of luck next week. The world will be watching closely.

    Smokey turns, heading into the back, as the five women in the ring look at each other.
    Mike: Huge news! And this night is far from over! Shaz defends his World title for the first time next!

    Rocky: We are still going to hear from Jman on being named the special ref.

    Mike: And we are going to hear from Mr Smyth after his controversial win at Full Throttle. Stay tuned folks!

    The camera's cut from the five women in the ring glaring at each other, to a commercial


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    The camera's come back from the break focusing on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Well folks, it's time for the World Heavyweight Championship! We still don't know who is getting the shot against Shaz!


    Shaz walks out from the back with the IWA World Heavyweight Championship firmly around his waist. He poses at the top of the ramp, as pyro's go off. Shaz proceeds down the ramp and into the ring, where he hands the title to the ref. He turns, waiting.

    Mike: Whose it going to be? Whose it going to be!?

    AJ Dixon

    Mike: Aj Dixon! No way!

    Rocky: yes! The man that was unjustly robbed of his title gets a rematch! Yes!

    AJ makes his way out from the back and down the ramp, straight into the ring. His eyes are dead set on the World title in the refs hand, as Shaz yells "that's mine bitch", as Dixon turns to Shaz. The ref raises the World title into the air, as he hands it to the timekeeper on the outside. The bell sounds, and the match is underway!

    AJ Dixon(Aries) vs. Shaz(Hardy)(C) for the IWA Championship
    (Start 6:10, End 27:45)

    Dixon is stalking Shaz in the corner, bouncing up and down waiting for the right moment to strike. Shaz props himself up onto one knee and then Dixon runs at Shaz and goes for the Drive-By Kick, by Shaz dodges the kick, making Dixon lunge right over Shaz and get his leg caught in the ropes! Dixon pulls his leg from the ropes then turns around to get back on the attack, but he is met by a dropkick from Shaz! Shaz dives down onto Dixon and goes for the cover!

    One! Two! No!

    Dixon gets the shoulder up but Shaz wastes no time and tries to lock in the Shaz-Mission, but Dixon uses all of his strength to fight Shaz off! Shaz dives back down onto Dixon and starts unleashing hard shots to the head multiple times, and then he applies a camel clutch! Shaz wrenches back on Dixon's neck hard, applying pressure enough to do a lot of damage!

    Mike: The human body is not meant to bend that way, Shaz!!

    Rocky: Do you think he cares?! His championship is on the line here tonight, Mike!

    Mike: He doesn't need to inflict perminant damage though!

    Rocky: He has to do all that he can to win here tonight!

    Shaz is screaming at Dixon, telling him to quit but Dixon refuses to tap! Dixon reaches for the ropes but Shaz pulls back even further and applies more pressure to the hold! Shaz lets on of hands off the hold and hits Dixon in the jaw and neck with his elbow, and then applies the hold once more! Dixon pushes himself up with his hands and tries to lunge for the ropes, but Shaz's weight keeps him down! Shaz pulls back as far as he can now, and Dixon starts to fade, but he is still fighting through it! Dixon reaches for the bottom rope and his fingertip is barely touching it! Dixon lunges his hand out and grabs the bottom rope! Shaz keeps the hold locked on though!

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Shaz lets go at four! Shaz grabs Dixon by the legs and drags him to the center of the ring and covers him!

    One! Two! Thr- NO!

    Dixon kicks out! Shaz is shocked! Shaz gets to his feet and gets in the referee's face, screaming "That was three! ONE! TWO! FUCKING THREE!" The referee tells Shaz to back off and that it was only a two count! Shaz stomps his foot to the mat and then turns around to pick Dixon up to his feet. Shaz holds Dixon by the jaw and spits in his face then screams "I'M THE BEST! IN! THE!" Before Shaz can finish, Dixon sucker punches Shaz right in the jaw, and then keeps hitting Shaz with hard right hands, but then Shaz starts firing back at Dixon!

    Shaz! Dixon! Shaz! Dixon! Shaz! Dixon! Shaz! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon!

    Dixon gets the upper hand and drops Shaz with a nasty uppercut, but Dixon stumbles back a bit, still feeling the effects of the submission Shaz had locked onto him before. Dixon holds his neck while slowly making his way to Shaz, and then Dixon stomps onto Shaz's head twice, and then brings his knee down onto Shaz, but Shaz rolls out of the way and trips Dixon by pulling on his legs. Dixon falls to the mat and Shaz rolls onto Dixon's back and tries to lock in the Shaz-Mission and he does! Dixon is trying to hit Shaz, but Shaz just puts more pressure onto him! Dixon extends his leg, trying to reach the bottom rope but Shaz shifts his weight so Dixon is further from the ropes!

    Shaz is screaming, applying as much pressure as he can while Dixon begins to fade ... But then Van Hooligan X, Carlos Ramon and Athena come running through the crowd and hop the barrier and jump onto the apron, taunting Shaz!

    Mike: Hey! Get out of here you hooligans!

    Rocky: I see what you did there.

    Shaz releases the hold and gets to his feet. He stands only a few feet from the Infection and he starts to scream at them, telling them to get out of here! Van laughs at Shaz and then Van taps his jaw, telling Shaz to punch him! Shaz charges Van but he drops from the apron! The referee is distracted now, trying to make the Infection leave, so Dixon takes advantage and low blows Shaz from behind!!

    Mike: HEY!! Ref, pay attention and disqualify Dixon!!

    Rocky: The ref didn't see it, it didn't happen!![

    Shaz falls to the mat and Dixon pulls himself up with the ropes. Dixon stands in the corner and stalks Shaz, just waiting for the right moment. Shaz gets onto one knee, and then Dixon charges Shaz and nails him with a Drive-By Kick!! Shaz falls to the mat and Dixon goes for the cover, but then the sound of motorcycle engines fill the arena! Black Blooded come riding down the ramp and park at the end of the ramp! Dixon gets to his feet and starts barking commands at the Infection, telling them to get rid of Black Blooded! Damien Eddings is out now, charging Athena and tackles her to the ground, Mr. Blood starts hitting Ramon with hard right hands, and Mr. Black is chasing Van with a chain!

    While Dixon is watching the chaos happen, Shaz is coming to once again and sees Dixon isn't paying attention! Shaz takes advantage and rolls Dixon up, and Shaz screams to the referee to count!


    Emily Davis: Here is your winner and STILL THE IWA CHAMPION! SHAZ!!

    Shaz immediately rolls out of the ring, grabbing his World title, and hops over the barrier. Dixon is irate in the ring.

    Mike: Shaz stole the win! Shaz stole the win!

    Rocky: He didn't steal anything! Shaz retains! Woo hoo!

    Mike: Damn him!

    Shaz is escaping through the fans, as he reaches one of the entrances for fans. He is smirking, as camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    Mr Smyth

    Mr Smyth walks out from the back with the Endurance Championship firmly on his shoulder. The fans are just booing him, as he walks down the ramp like he is king of the world. The fans are now chanting bullshit win, as Smyth climbs into the ring. He goes to the corner, climbing it, as he raises the title high. He steps down, as a mic is handed to him. He turns around, standing at the center of the ring.

    Smyth: I


    Kyojin's music cuts Smyth off, as the fans explode with excitement. Kyojin makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, heading straight for Smyth. Kyojin grabs the mic from Smyth, raising it to speak.

    Kyojin: You


    Smokey walks out from the back, to a mixed reaction from the fans. He heads down the ramp and into the ring. He is handed a mic, as he turns to Smyth and Kyojin.

    Smokey: Now, you may be wondering why I am out here. Frankly, I am sick of it. I am sick of it all. While Daniel May was in charge, we saw the rise of the inmates. You lot took control of this company out from under him, out from under me, and did what you wanted. Enough is enough though. Let me ask you two this. Who gave you permission to book the match you did at Full Throttle? Who gave you two the power to decide when and where the title will be defended. Oh that's one did! You see there is only one man in charge, and you are looking at him. I never authorized the title to be defended in the manner it was at the PPV, and it will not stand!

    The fans cheer, realizing what is going on.

    Smokey: Yes, these fans have caught on. As far as I am concerned, that match may have happened at Full Throttle, but in the record books, it will not have been for the Endurance Championship. Kyojin is still the champion, so Smyth...hand me the title.

    Smokey stands there waiting, as Smyth just glares at Smokey, but Smyth doesn't budge.

    Smokey: I

    Smyth still doesn't budge, so Smokey gets right into the face of Mr Smyth. Smokey grabs the belt, sharply pulling it from Smyth's grasps. Smokey takes a step back, and hands it to Kyojin to cheers.

    Smokey: Now, Smyth, I will say this. You chose three worthy representative for you at Full Throttle. It had me wondering...could Mr Smyth do just as good of a job in a match? I mean when is the last time we have seen you actually wrestle a match, let alone a match that matters. So here is my ruling. Destined for Immortality is 4 weeks away. You two, you two will finally go 1 on 1, and this match, it will be for the Endurance Championship. So Kyojin, Smyth, best of luck. I hope you two tear each other apart.

    Smokey turns, heading out of the ring and is halfway up the ramp. Kyojin and Mr Smyth immediately get into each others face.

    Mike: Oh man..these two are ready to explode!

    Smokey looks up at the tron, seeing the footage, as he turns around.

    Smokey: Wo wo wo, hold on. You see, I want this title match at Destined for Immortality to mean something, and for that to occur, you both have to be 100%. So, between now and Destined for Immortality, you two are not allowed to have any contact outside of an official match. Kyojin, if you attack Smyth outside of an official match, you will be stripped of your Endurance Championship. Mr Smyth, if you attack Kyojin outside of an official match, you will be fired on the spot.

    The two men glare at Smokey, as he heads further up the ramp. He turns back, looking at them once more.

    Smokey: Oh, and Kyojin, you can head home. You don't have a match tonight, and I don't want you causing any trouble. As for you Smyth, you have a match next, so best of luck.

    Smokey turns, heading into the back. Kyojin and Smyth turn at each other, face to face, but not touching, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    The camera's come back from the break, to see Mr Smyth still in the ring, looking angry as ever. Bushido is out and into the ring, as the ref signals for the bell.

    Mr Smyth vs Bushido

    Mr Smyth looks at Bushido and goes straight in, hooking up. Smyth over powers Bushido, shoving him straight into the corner. Bushido gets to his feet, as Smyth goes straight in, wailing with strike after strike on Bushido. The ref admonishes Smyth and starts a count.


    Smyth steps away, breaking the 5 count. Smyth grabs Bushido, and irish whips him super hard into the other corner. Bushido hits it, as he stumbles out, only to be turned inside out by a massive clothesline from Smyth. Smyth drags Bushido to the ropes, and drops him throat first on the bottom rope. Smyth places a foot on the back of Bushido's throat, and pulls on the top rope, driving Bushido's throat into the rope. The ref counts once more.


    Smyth breaks the count once more before 5.

    Mike: Smyth better be careful or he will be disqualified.

    Rocky: I don't think he cares....

    Smyth reaches down, grabbing Bushido and lifting him up. Smyth sends Bushido into the ropes, as Bushdio bounces, and is taken down by a clothesline! Smyth goes to the corner, trying to take the turnbuckle cover off. The ref is immediately there, scolding Smyth, but Smyth just shoves the ref away. The ref gets back into Smyth's face, as Mr Smyth stops with the cover, and pushes past the ref going back to Bushido. Smyth takes Bushido, and wraps him up in the top and middle rope so he is hanging there by his arms. Smyth starts wailing off with rights. The ref admonishes Smyth once more.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match as a result of disqualification, Bushido!

    Smyth just ignores Emily's announcement, as he keeps striking Bushido. The ref tries to pull Smyth off, but Smyth lifts the ref into the air and plants him with the Rule! Smyth is back up, as Bushido is still hanging. Smyth rolls out of the ring, and goes near the broken announce table, and grabs a chair. He throws it into the ring, as he slides back in. He grabs the chair, and bashes Bushido over the head.

    1 Shot!

    2nd Shot! Bushido is busted open!

    3rd Shot!

    4th Shot!

    5th shot!

    6th Shot!

    7th Shot!

    8th Shot!

    9th Shot!

    10th Shot!

    Smyth drops the chair, as he unwraps Bushido from the ropes, and throws him over the top! Bushido is bleeding big time, as Smyth rolls out. Smyth grabs the steel steps, dislodging them. Smyth grabs Bushido and drops him on the bottom set of steps with the Rule! Smyth is back up, but his anger hasn't disappeared. Smyth turns, grabbing the top set of steel steps, as Bushido is left laying on the bottom set. Smyth lifts them into the air, and drives them down squashing Bushido! Smyth lifts them up once more, and drives down a second time! Smyth pushes the steps off, as he positions Bushido's legs on the bottom set.

    Mike: Oh god no..he is going to break his legs! No!

    Rocky: Even I have to say this is too much! He has already broke him in half!

    Smyth lifts the top set of steel steps once more, and drives them down onto the legs of Bushido! Bushido screams out in pain, as Smyth glares down at Bushido. The final shot before the commercial is just the look of Rage across Smyth's face.


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    Jman, in a Destined for Immortality T-Shirt, jeans, and his trademark Phillies hat, walks through the curtain to a huge pop. The newest member of the IWA roster takes a long look around his new home before walking down the ramp with a smile on his face. Jman walks up the steps before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. A stagehand gives J a mic and, after one more look around the cheering crowd, the referee for Maximum Anarchy begins to speak.

    Jman: You guys don’t seem to mind, but ever since Full Throttle, no matter what locker room I’ve been in, I’ve been asked why I took a full-time job here in the Insane Wrestling Association. Was it a money-grab? No. Was it an opportunity to, essentially, hand pick the next IWA World Champion with how I officiated the Maximum Anarchy match? No. No, quite simply, I accepted Smokey’s offer to join IWA because it’s a great opportunity for me.

    The crowd pops as J continues.

    Jman: Sure, I have to be the authority figure inside the cell for Maximum Anarchy, but after that, I’m free. Specifically, I’m free to set my sights directly on whoever walks out of Destined for Immortality with the world title. And, as soon as my duty as guest referee in that demonic structure is complete, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

    There’s a mixed reaction to that as Jman rolls on.

    Jman: The question is, who will that be? Jose? *pop* On physical health alone, it’s not likely after what happened tonight. Darius? *boos* Clearly, he thinks he has something to prove but going what he did earlier isn’t the way to do it. Punk? *pop* He’s the former champ and he’s a superb talent, so it’s a distinct possibility. Dixon? *boos* Another former champ, another talented guy; why not? Rage? *biggest pop* He’s the most naturally gifted wrestler in whatever company he walks into, so discrediting him would be a massive mistake. Or….Shaz? *biggest boos* He’s the champ and, therefore, the man to beat but I can’t help thinki-


    *Shaz's music hits on the PA system, as the crowd boo. Shaz comes out wearing a Blue Obey Snapback, along with some skinny True Religion jeans, Blue Nike Air Force 1's, and a big chain as he swaggers his way into the ring. But before he does so- he grabs a sign from a fan which says SHAZ SUCKS and he rips it as the fan start's crying, before heading into the ring and grabbing a mic.*

    Shaz: *Shaz sarcastically claps* Look who we have here, in the IWA. May I present to you, IWA's latest Gollum- otherwise known as Jman. Welcome to the IWA man, it's a pleasure to have you here bruv, take my hand- and shake it.

    *Shaz sticks his hand out for Jman to shake- Jman goes to shake however Shaz moves his hand back, and goes face to face with Jman.*

    Shaz: Do you really expect man to shake that greasy hand of yours? Jheeze. Listen Gollum, I don't recall yourself, being naturally dumb. But haven't you acknowledged the fact that IWA is a company- for up and coming talent? Because I honestly didn't have a clue- that Smokey was hiring hacks who are only known for their time in B level companies. You used to be an inspiration to many people, kids used to love you- well, they still do if I'm being honest, but I think we all know the result of kids not having a brain. You used to be a 2 time world champion. That is not easy to do, but now- look at the state of you. You've become the GM of JBW's Killzone! You were jobbing to a member of One Direction, also known as Johnny Hot back at HWA! Let's face it Gollum- the real reason you are here in IWA, is because your hype has been killed by newcomers. And now, you're looking to regain that hype by destroying the momentum of the younger stars, such as myself!

    *The crowd boo, in disgust. As Shaz doesn't look impressed.*

    Shaz: You see Jman. My hype started when I became IWA World Champion on November 29th. Funnily enough- I won this belt on my birthday. I had all the momentum in the world by cashing my briefcase in; Then I turned my back on these back people, which was the right thing to do, simply based on the fact that these people don't have a fuckin' clue about anything. At Full Throttle- I proved that I was capable enough, of being the face of IWA by pinning Sagittarius Blue in the main event; Hell- critics said that I wasn't ready to win the IWA title. However, once again- they were proved wrong. And now that I've got all this momentum, it will never escape as it is in my hands. I'm on a bloody hype ting! The hype will stay inside me, until the day I retire. So for now, until the end. IWA is MY home. If you've got a problem with that- then have some gut's to tell me why!

    *Crowd boo Shaz, and chant NEVER GONNA HAPPEN as he smirks.*

    Shaz: And yeah, maybe I did cash in my briefcase on a weak opponent. But that briefcase had a meaning to it, that meaning was that I could cash the briefcase in whenever I desired. I went to hell against 9 other opponents, and I earned this. I was called a pussy for cashing it in against AJ Dixon. But did my face look bothered? Nah. Why? Because I defended my title for the first time, and defeated, the former world champion, AJ Dixon. And what made that victory even sweeter, was the fact that The Infection tried to interfere. But unfortunately- they failed. Now that says something. That says that even if I did cash my briefcase in one on one, while he was 100%. I would've left that night victorious either way.

    And talking of The Infection. You know what Jman? You might as well go and join them pricks. They have already infected IWA with a disease...a disease which goes to show, that they are weak in every single way. They were about to take over IWA, however I stopped them and humiliated them. You however, have just given IWA a disease after your arrival. Wanna know what that disease is called? Veteran disease. You...

    ???: I've heard enough!

    Smokey walks out from the back to no music, as he has a mic in hand. He walks down the ramp and into the ring, getting near Jman and Shaz.

    Smokey: I've heard enough. Enough of your squabbling Shaz. You see, I'm the person who wrote Jman's contract. Do you know why I did that? It's because he is a veteran. He is one of the go to guys. He is someone who will help IWA reach new levels. With that in mind, I've got some big news to bring you all. For those of you who aren't aware, we have reached a tv deal with FX. Starting in February, we will have a new show, Friday Night Frenzy. With a new show, will come a change. On the Chaos after Destined for Immortality, we will have a first ever draft show! Five superstars will be drafted to Chaos, and five will be drafted to Frenzy. Then, after the camera's stop shooting and the fans go home, we will have a supplemental draft, where the remaining wrestlers will be drafted to either Chaos or Frenzy.

    The fans are cheering.

    Smokey: It doesn't end there though. I want to give Chaos a special feel, something that hasn't occurred before. So, this Chaos, will be billed as first time ever show! What I mean is, each match we will see, will involved wrestlers who have never faced each other. We could see Jman vs Mr Smyth. We could see Shaz vs Chris Divine. We could see anything and everything! On top of that, I've contacted other wrestlers in companies like TWE, JBW, and EWNCW to come in and give this special show a one of a kind feeling. So anything, and everything, will happen.

    The fans are going crazy with excitement.

    Smokey: I didn't come out here just to talk about after Destined for Immortality though, I came to talk about the PPV itself. For those who missed it earlier, Darius..well..Darius cracked a little, and because of it, HolyJose has opted out of full filling his remaining contract dates. So that leaves me with an open slot. I've pondered who I could get to fill it. I considered Ace Note.

    The fans cheer


    The fans cheer harder

    Carlos Alberto Ramon

    The fans boo

    I've even thought about going outside of IWA, and maybe get King Strem.

    The fans boo even harder.

    But in the end, I decided to make the best decision. You see, there is only one man who can fill that spot. Only one man who can take this match to a new level. And that man is in this ring right now!

    The fans give a mixed reaction at the statement of it being Smokey.

    Smokey: No...not me...Jman!

    Smokey turns, as the fans just explode with cheers at this announcement!

    Mike: my god! From guest ref to one of the contenders! Jman could win the gold!

    Rocky: This is unfair! This can't happen!

    Smokey: Oh, and one final thing Shaz. I said before you have to defend your title each week leading into Destined for Immortality, and I meant it. Tonight you got lucky against AJ Dixon. Next week, you might not get so lucky. Next week, you defend against Oscar Layman!

    Mike: Oscar Layman! The man of many faces! This is great!

    Smokey smiles, dropping the microphone, as the fans are chanting a mixture of Jman and Oscar Layman. Jman is smiling, as Shaz is pissed. Smokey climbs out of the ring, now laughing, as the camera's fade to an IWA logo, and then to black

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    Match 1:
    Mike Hawk vs. Ivan Draymen

    Result: Hawk picks up the win. Lots of action between the two men, Hawk managed to pick up the pin fall when he caught Draymen's foot when he went for the Train Wreck, and turned it into a Mayhem Driver to pick up the win.

    Match 2:
    Sagittarius Blue vs. Mr. Smyth

    Result: Smyth had control of most of the match, but Blue managed to pick up the win. Towards the end of the match, Kyojin's music hit but he never showed up, distracted Smyth which enabled Blue to hit the Sign of the Archer and pick up the pin fall.

    Match 3:
    Malcolm Adonis vs. Israel Pamich

    Result: Quick start to the match with lots of quick movement and agility. Pamich managed to pick up the win with A Little Integrity, and then used the middle rope as leverage while he pinned Adonis.

    Match 4:
    KJ Punk vs. Jackson Smith

    Result: Both men shook hands at the start of the match. Equal amount of offense between both men, but KJ Punk picked up the win when Punk hit Smith with a Rolling Elbow when Smith attempted the Gore, and then locked in the (Dis)Comfort for the win via submission.

    Match 5:
    Mr. Blood vs. Iceman vs. Gaileo

    Result: Iceman bailed from the ring as Blood and Gaileo fought for most of the match, but then he joined in when he tried to steal Mr. Blood's victory. Blood chokeslammed Gaileo, and then big booted Iceman when he tried to hit Blood with a chair and picked up the win.

    Main Event:
    Darius vs. Kyojin
    Street Fight

    Result:This match lasted about forty-five minutes with lots of back and forth action. Kyojin busted Darius open with a kendo stick shot to the skull early on. Darius put Kyojin threw two tables stacked on the outside. Darius managed to pick up the win when Mr. Smyth came running through the crowd and handed Darius a pair of brass knuckles, Darius struck Kyojin with the brass knuckles hard, and then stood Kyojin up against a table leaning against the turnbuckle, and then speared him threw the table and picked up the pin fall to end the show.

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