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    Who's ready for the always amazing: always fabulous IWA CHAOS!!!!

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    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares over the PA system, as the fans are going crazy. The camera's zoom in on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Well folks, we are off the heels of an exciting PPV! Full Throttle will definitely go down as a game changer! We saw a young girl be buried alive, a mess up by a real star, and a special referee being brought in for the main event of Destined for Immortality.

    Rocky: That's right! Jman has been contracted by IWA! He is now an official wrestler, and will be the guest ref at Destined for Immortality. I wonder if he can keep order in the match!

    Mike: I'm not sure, he has 6 men who are gunning for the gold. As for tonight, on the road to Destined for Immortality, we have some huge things in store. We will hear from Jman for the first time! HolyJose will go 1 on 1 with Darius. Shaz will defend his World title for the first time, against who we are still not sure.

    Rocky: And we will hear from the new Endurance Champion, my best friend, a man I'm proud to call champ, unlike Kyojin, Mr Smyth! By the way, I know his first name.

    Mike: No way! You do!? What the hell is it!? That is the one thing I've always wondered...

    Rocky: It' know what...never mind. He wouldn't want me to share it.

    Van Hooligan X

    *Dat music. It can only mean 1 person. Yup! Out comes Van Hooligan X to an array for boos that he feeds off every night. With an arrogant smirk on his face he takes his time walking down the ramp and gets into the ring but not before grabbing a mic left on the steel steps*

    Van: Lively people tonight it seems. *The boos massively increase, it's like he killed a bag of drowning puppiess or something.* Anyway, I have some very important news that I need to tell you all.

    What? You think it's the #1 contender match for the tag team titles? Hahahaha! Nah. I can safely say that is 1 match I don't need to tell you idiots the outcome of. It's already a done deal. No need to a soon to be squash match, ya get me?

    *We have now arrived at boo'ing central!*

    Didn't think you'd get it. Anyway, I'm firstly out here to tell you some sad news.

    Carlos brand new 72 inch TV hasn't arrived yet to his sweet crib, and therefore he will not be here tonight because this is far more important then performing for you...err...Where are we again? Oh right yeah. performing for you Nowhere-for-100-miles-ville people.

    So from me to you Carlos, I hope it arrives soon so we can watch some sports on it.

    But I have something else I need to get off of my chest as well. So why not do it in front of you people. It's The Infection. Ya see, it truly is coming along nicely. Me and Carlos are tag team champions to be, Athena is dominating a mans world with just her left tit and AJ Dixon is...Err...Hmm. Yeah, AJ Dixon. We've got a bit of a problem and this needs to be fi--

    AJ Dixon

    Dixon’s music interrupts Van and the boos continue as another part of the Infection steps out on to the stage. Dixon has a mic in his hand and waits for the crowd to settle down before speaking.

    Dixon: Are y’all done? All I do is show my face and I get shit for it. This place sucks worse that Pieces Pink behind the Stop-&-Go. You all honestly have no idea what da hell you are looking at do ya?!

    You are looking at the future, you are looking at the best, you are staring upon the Primetime Superstar, AJ Dixon, the best thing that has ever happened to this God forsaken town. You should all be thanking me for wasting my time here.

    The crowd roars again with boos, as all Dixon does is stand their and bask in the hate from the crowd.

    But let me apologize for my behavior, I have interrupted my “good” friend Van Hooligan X. Van your a great guy, a fantastic wrestler. Honestly, you fools have no idea what great company you guys are in. You are in the company of two of the greatest wrestling has ever seen.

    I heard you talking about the Infection and I thought that I might listen in. Then I heard my name and I figured you were gonna say somethin’ nice, figured you were gonna to give me a shout out or somethin’ to that nature. But then I heard you say something about a problem.

    A problem? A PROBLEM? What seems to be the “problem” Van? You can’t honestly think that there is a problem with Primetime could you? A problem with the founder of the Infection? A problem with the guy that put this whole thing together? A problem with the guy who, without, no of this would be possible?!? Please Van, we are all wanting to know; What’s the problem?

    *Van doesn't reply for a who seconds and doesn't look impressed whatsoever. Considering the 2 people who're in the ring right now it's surprising this hasn't turn to fisticuffs*

    Van: First off, don't get lippy with me. We're on the same side here for fuck sake. So don't vent your frustrations on me, do it on the next victim you wrestle against.

    But I actually do respect you Dixon so lemme answer your question. My main problem is that your head isn't on the bigger picture. I understand that you're upset that Shaz did something even more dirty then what I'd do but you WILL get that title back. The Infection is spreading and we will take over all the Gold.

    All you have to do is take your head out of your own ass and stop sulking, pick yourself up and remember the master plan. If you actually manage to do this it won't be very long until you're the world champion here and these fans hate us even more for basically changing the whole balance of this federation.

    Dixon: Are you sure we are on the same side? It seems like ever since y’all got here, Dixon has been on da back burner. Let’s not forget folks, why Van And Carlos are here. It was me! I brought them back! If I had not made a few phone calls, then The Infection would not be what it is today. This is my team!

    You talk like my focus is blurred. My eye has been on the prize from the get go, that being the World Title, MY WORLD TITLE! If we are supposed to be a “team”, then where we’re you when Shaz cashed in? HUH? Where you and Carlos when I lost the title? Huh? If we are supposed to be a team, if we are supposed to be a part of this bigger thing, then why was the “team” not there for me?

    I get no respect being a part of this team, no one cares about Primetime! I am only overshadowed by you and Ramon! No one feels I deserved that title, and that is y’all’s fault! Y’all are the reason I get no respect, and y’all are the reason I don’t have my title! So you know what my problem seems to be? My problem seems to be The Infection!

    Van: This isn't your team. Never was, never will be. Its OUR team. Congrats, you helped improve IWAs roster by bringing us in but you don't get anything but a pat on the shoulder.

    Lemme point something else out to you. I don't talk like anything but the truth. Your vision is blurred right now. We helped you win the title buddy, you're going to have to learn to retain it on your own sometimes. Or is that too much for you "champ"?

    I'm done talking to you out here if you're just going to blame everyone but yourself for failing. Especially when you're yapping on about crap you don't need, like respect. No room in The Infection for respect. It's all about domination, and you better figure out what you want more. The idiotic wrestlers in the back and these inane peoples respect along with a broken dream of being world champion again, or stop acting like a little bitch and sucking the past up, moving on and actually being world champion for the second time and sticking to the ever so simple plan.

    *Van starts to leave the ring, but as he turns around Dixon grabs his arm and swings him back around. Dixon gets right in Vans face.*

    Dixon: Ain’t no room for respect in the Infection? I can see that, since I don’t seem to have any of yours! My vision is not blurred, I can see crystal clear what is ahead of me, and when it comes around, no one will see it comin’.

    You’re right Van, I need to suck it up and move on, let the past be the past. But I’m not quick to forgive and forget, so you can believe that no one is safe from me. The plan?... Alright, yea I’ll stick to the “plan.” But I’ll promise you this, when push comes to shove, Primetime knows who his true allies are... Me, Myself, and I! And hopefully I won’t have to rely to those three quite yet.

    *Dixon let’s go of Vans arm and leaves the ring. Van stands in the ring and watches as Dixon heads up the ramp and exits the arena. The camera's cut to the back, where we see Dave Steele walking through the arena.

    Mike: Up next is Dave Steeles match with Kay One! If Steele wins, he gets Malcolm Cage 1 on 1 at Destined for Immortality. This should be good! Stay tuned folks!


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Kay One already in the ring.

    Dave Steele

    Dave Steele walks out form the back, looking focused and intense as ever. He heads down the ramp, and straight into the ring, pumping himself up, as the fans just boo him. The ref turns, signaling for the bell.

    Dave Steele(Ryback) vs Kay One(Jobber)

    (start at 1:16, end at 2:27)

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Dave Steele!

    Mike: Wow! Dave Steele did it! He made short work of Kay One!

    Rocky: I bet he is going to make short work of Cage like he did Kay One at Destined for Immortality!

    Steele turns, looking down at Kay One. Steele reaches down, and lifts Kay One up. Devil Dog Buster! Steele plants Kay One with the stalled suplex, but isn't done. He lifts Kay One to a standing position, mouthing something.

    Malcolm Cage

    Malcolm Cage comes out to make the save, but seeing Cage approaching makes Steele retreat through the crowd. Cage jumps in to check on Kay One and grabs a mic.

    Cage: Yea that’s right Steele. Run away! Run away like the coward that you are! You can’t take me out, so you have to do it to Kay One? You got some balls, buddy. You will pay for your abuse. Justice will be served to you by the judge and jury that is heading your way!

    Seriously, you think you can take out a person and get away with it? Are you trying to get me angry? Are you trying to get in my head? Well you did! And now all I’m going to think about is how I’m going to destroy you.

    You fight like a coward and run like a bitch, and when you step in that ring with me, I will make sure that you can’t run! Your punishment won’t be pain, it will be worse than pain. Your punishment will be embarrassment, your punishment will be oblivion.

    Your time is approaching Steele. You beat some nobody just to get to me! Now you get to face Malcolm Cage at Destined For Immortality thanks to all your “hard work.” Consider it an honor! Congratulations Dave Steele, cause I’m gonna kick your ass!

    Cage is standing at the ropes, pointing at Steele, as Steele just has a smirk on his face on the ramp.

    Mike: It's on! Malcolm Cage vs Dave Steele for Destined for Immortality! Two young up and comers. They could steal the show!

    The camera's cut to a commercial break at this point.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Iceman already in the ring.

    Mike: Well, looks like 1/2 of Hollywood Homeboys is in action. I wonder who against?

    Malcolm Adonis

    Mike: Well that answers my question! No one has seen or heard from Adonis since the events at Full Throttle. I'm being told that Valentina is still recovering in the hospital.

    Rocky: She shouldn't have gotten in the way of the match. She had no place in it...but Shining is a sick bastard for what he did.

    Adonis makes his way down to the ramp, and straight into the ring, not showing any of his usual cheerfulness. The ref signals for the bell, as the match is underway.

    Malcolm Adonis(Benjamin) vs Iceman(Angle)

    (start at 1:35, end at 9:26)

    Adonis sits up, flustered, a look of anger in his eyes. He gets to his feet, looking down at Iceman, as he lifts Iceman to a standing position. Adonis wails, punch after punch, until Iceman is backed up against the ropes. Adonis takes a few steps back, and charges, taking himself and Iceman over the top to the outside! Adonis is right back up though, as he crouches over Iceman, wailing with lefts. The ref is counting now, and is up to 3. Adonis gets off of Iceman, lifting him up. Iceman is dazed, as Adonis takes Iceman head first, bashing him face first off the announce table. The ref is now up to 6, as Adonis grabs Iceman, irish whipping him super hard into the steel steps. Iceman hits them hard, flipping over them. The ref is now up to 8, as Adonis goes around the steel steps, and dislodges them. The ref is at 9 now, as Adonis lifts Iceman into the air and plants him down hard onto the steel steps with the Malcolm XXX! The ref hits 10, and signals for the bell.

    Emily Davis: This match is ruled as a no contest due to double count out!

    Mike: Damn! Adonis got so distracted he didn't hear the count from the ref!

    Rocky: Good! He is brutalizing Iceman!

    Adonis turns, seeing the ref, as Malcolm turns back to Iceman who is sprawled on the steel steps. Adonis lifts Iceman up once more, planting him a second time with another Malcolm XXX! Adonis turns climbing into the ring, pacing for a moment. He walks back to the ropes. Adonis stares down at Iceman who lies in a heap on the outside of the ring, eyes wide open and glaring at his fallen opponent. Beads of sweat drip down the Sexual Sensations face as his eyes glaze over, he grabs hold of the top rope and goes to step through to the outside to get at Iceman again but stops half way and steps back into the ring. Adonis wipes his face and breathes heavily, the crowd watches on in stunned silence as the fan favourite acts out of character before shaking his head and demanding a microphone from ringside. An announcer races over with the mic and Adonis snatches it from him and backs away into the centre of the ring with an intense look on his face.

    Adonis: Listen up! Shinin' Light! I hope you payin' attention boy, because you really need to be takin' notes on what you gone and done to Malcolm now. It wasn't enough for you to take Malcolm's friend.. it wasn't enough for you to torture her.. it wasn't enough for you to turn her against me.. no.. no you wanted to keep on goin'. You pushed, and you prodded and you kicked and you drove a knife right through Malcolm's heart man.. you wanna break Malcolm? Well mission accomplished Shinin', at Full Throttle when you buried Valentina alive you broke Malcolm's resolve and you brought him down to yo' level now son. You turned Malcolm over to the dark side and you better believe i'ma make you regret every damn second of this.

    Malcolm looks out around him as some of the fans rally behind him as most just continue to look on in silence. Officials begin making sure Iceman isn't severely injured.

    Adonis: Malcolm wants you to look at Iceman real close Shinin'.. because Malcolm's gone an' looked into his crystal ball and he's seen what the future holds in store fo' you.. consider tonight a preview you sick son of a bitch! It didn't have to be this way.. you coulda buried me.. you coulda put me in hospital.. you coulda been a man but nah instead you decided to once again attack an innocent young woman. I don't care what Valentina did to me.. yeah Malcolm felt betrayed.. he felt alone.. but never in his darkest hour did Malcolm ever want Valentina come to more harm.. never ever did Malcolm ever want to see that poor girl get sent to hospital damn near suffocated to death!

    Adonis looks down at the mat and collects his thoughts for a moment, closing his eyes as he thinks of Valentina. He opens them again and looks directly into the camera.

    Adonis: So Malcolm wants you to ask yo'self a question Shinin'.. and he wants you to think real damn hard before you answer. Was it worth it? Is the biggest ass whoopin' you ever did receive at the hands of another man gonna be worth it when Malcolm gets his hands on you? Oh ho ho no.. you thought this was over son? This ain't over.. but damn right that the end is nigh.. and before the end you gonna wish you put my ass in the ground, 'cause believe Malcolm when he says you a dead man walkin'.

    Malcolm closes his eyes again and holds a hand out as if he's holding a crystal ball.

    Adonis: Malcolm's gonna look into his crystal ball once again.. lets see what he sees. Uh-huh.. oh yeah Malcolm's gettin' somethin'.. Malcolm sees an epitaph.. and upon that big ass piece of stone.. Malcolm reads.. Here lies Shinin' Light, the bible thumpin', choir boy humpin', prayer readin', woman beatin' pile of crap! Broken an' beaten by the Sensual Saviour of the masses.. the mother lover himself.. Malcolm Adonis. And you better believe it Shinin'.. by the end.. Malcolm's gonna put the fear of God into yo' punk ass..

    Adonis drops his microphone and stares at the camera as if entranced. The lights in the arena go off.

    Mike: What in the world is going on now!?

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life now, as we see an image of a gravestone. The camera slowly pans, until we see the name.


    The camera's zoom in on the name, as Shining Light's maniacal laughter can be heard in the background. The camera's fade to a commercial break at this image.


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    Ivan Draymen

    Ivan Draymen stands in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand. He looks around the arena with a grin on his face.

    Draymen: Alright guys, I've got a few things to talk about here tonight. First of all, I'd like to talk about the ladder match that happened at Full Throttle. Elric and I won that match, but Elric was the one to retrieve the contract. Even though I wasn't the one to officially win the match for our team, I still get to face Israel Pamich at Destined for Immortality! As most of you may know, Pamich decided to attack me from behind like the coward he is a few months back at Lost Cause.

    The crowd boos loudly at this.

    Draymen: He deserves to be booed! This guy attacked me from behind, someone he should respect! If he doesn't respect me, he doesn't respect any of you, because I respect each and every one of you! So at Destined for Immortality, I will get revenge on Pamich for that sneak attack, but not just for me, I will get revenge for all of you! I will ...

    Israel: Fall flat on your face, Ironically just like all these people do every single day.

    *Israel is shown standing at the ramp entrance, looking a little disgruntled as the fans boo him*

    Israel: Ivan Draymen, I have so many things to say to you right now, acoward? Do you really want to go there?

    No problem, sir, lets go there. What I did to you at Lost Cause was an attack that enlightened everyone in the IWA and that includes these fans I apparently disrespected according to the gospel as spoken by Draymen.

    I wanted to enlighten everyone as to how thin this roster actually is and why is it so that Israel Pamich, Mr Integrity is held back while Ivan Draymen rides the curtails of his more talented and superior partner Victor Elric and takes up valuable roster space that could be utilized by a possible veteran A Current star? an up and comer? hell you could be replaced by a tree Draymen and quite frankly a tree would be my pick as it could replace the stench thats left behind by mediocre wrestlers such as yourself and moronic idiots that pay good money every single wee to see you.... YOU.

    *The crowd are chanting you cant wrestle at Israel, he just stands there grinning at Draymen*

    Move forward a couple of months and here we are in the present where you claim that I disrespect these fans? Well what a revelation there Notredamus of course I disrespect these fans I am here to cleanse the IWA of ignorant half arsed fans and to teach them that just because someone mentions there city it doesn't mean they are great wrestlers and also to show them that Johnnie come lately like you who suck up to these fans and claim that to disrespect you is to disrespect them? I am asking a lot of questions because you are not making much sense Sir because you fail to make sense, just like you failed to retrieve the contract, just like you failed to secure the Tag Team titles at Lost Cause and just like you will fail at Dest -

    Draymen: You think I'm going to lose to you!?

    The crowd pops when Draymen interrupts Pamich

    Draymen: You claim that I hide behind Elric and that he does all the work. News flash, Elric and I work together, one is not better than the other, our skills are equally matched. I don't need Elric's help to whoop your ass all over this arena!

    The crowd pops and begins to chant "Whoop his ass!"

    Draymen: Do you hear that, Pamich? That noise that may sound foreign to you? That noise is produced by a thing called "fans", something you may have never have had before in your life. You say I am just kissing ass but why would I need to kiss ass if these people love me already? You're the one that needs to kiss ass my friend, because without the support of these fans, you won't have a paycheck to help your habits, whatever they may be. You have no idea who you're messing with, do you? I am the fastest rising star in the IWA right now next to my partner, Elric. You should feel honored that you get to face me one on one at Destined for Immortality, but at the same time you should be scared.

    Draymen gets in Pamich's face.

    Draymen: Be ... VERY ... Afraid. Destined for Immortality is an event that will showcase the greatest talents this industry has to offer, but it will also showcase the end for others just like you. I am going to get revenge you spineless prick. I'd prefer kicking your ass right now, and I'm sure the fans would love to see me throw you around like the rag doll you are, but I won't do that tonight, because ...

    Israel: Because Draymen as much as you think these "fans" are going to help you defeat me deep down inside you know that when we finally get into the ring at Destined for Immortality and the bell rings it will be Ivan Draymen going one on one with Israel Pamich and anything short of some fans jumping the barricades to assist you Draymen thats the way it will stay.

    *We Love Draymen chants start up and continue to build up as Israel continues speaking*

    I admit Draymen you talk a tough game though I know the truth these fans know the truth and I am sure that Victor Elric knows it to that you Sir are playing second fiddle in the team.
    Seriously think about it... Victor Elric grabbed the Suitcase and not you and sure you guys are a great team and I acknowledge and commend you on your efforts of working together to perfect your art as a tag team, something that I have failed to do my whole career and lets be honest I am 1 for 2 in tag team matches in IWA and a lot worse elsewhere though did you ever stop to consider Draymen why you guys beat Orion Slayde and I at Full Throttle? did you analyse the tapes? did you too have a movie night and talk about the parts where you could have improved because thats what I do.

    I sweat blood every single day I work out, I painstakingly go through the tapes and I am also the most critical person of myself, I need to be Sir because if I am not critical on myself my opponents will be and then they have the edge but you would not know anything about that now Draymen would you? No because while you are constructing new ways to turn the fans against your opponents I am very honest about what I feel and these fans, with Society as a whole lack the values of Integrity, Honour and Respect and this is the reason why we are here today isnt it Draymen?

    *Crowd starts chanting you are a wainker, Israel pauses for a while then smiles and gets up in Draymens face*

    Israel: You see Draymen people hate being told what they have to improve on, everyone thinks that they can do what they like when they like because they are in control and then Draymen, the truth sets it.
    Consequences begin and it could be as simple as a fine for double parking, or a sacking from a job, even a partner leaving because there loved one had an affair with the secretary though in your case Draymen it was me attacking you from behind and that doesnt make me a coward Draymen because I am face to face with you right now telling you that you are a waste of space here in IWA.

    *Israel goes chest to chest and Draymen does not back down, after 20 seconds or so Israel backs of and twirls the mic*

    Israel: You see Ivan Draymen it is not about these fans at Destined for Immortality, it is not even about Victor Elric it is about me proving to the world that I deserve to be the top name here in IWA and to put fear into the roster that if you do not show me the respect that I deserve then I will execute Brutal strength in poetic motion and in your case Draymen that will be when I hit you with A little Integrity

    *Israel starts to walk of to a chorusful of boos and then it slowly builds up to a huge you suck chant. You can hear Israel yelling at Draymen you will learn respect one way or another and so will these fans. The camera's cut from Pamich on the ramp yelling, to the back.

    *The Camera switches to the parking lot. It shows a blacked out Limo pulling up, as the Limo stops, the passenger door quickly flings open and out steps Carlos Alberto Ramon with an angry expression on his face.*

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    Ramon: Come on! Come on! I’m late enough already idiota!

    *The Drivers door then opens and out leaps a young fresh faced man who quickly runs to the boot of the car as he catches a slap on the back of his head from El Bandido. He then opens the trunk and drags out a heavy bag before slinging it across his shoulder and walking over to Ramon.*

    Ramon: Will you get a move on chico! I’m late and If the shows rating drops because I’m not on the TV, its not me that’s going to lose there job, you got that?.

    *The Driver ignores Ramon and keeps walking. Ramon then grabs the Limo driver by the collar and tie and says it again..*

    Ramon: Have you got that bichano!?.

    Limo Driver: Yes… Yes Mr. Ramon.

    Ramon: Good.. Good. *Ramon tidy’s up his collar and tie* Then we are fine. You know it’s bad enough I got to come to this town, I mean everyone knows *Insert Town* Suck’s more then a prostituta!

    *Ramon laughs at his own joke and looks over at the Driver who is struggling with the heavy bag, The limo driver then glances over at Ramon and see’s him staring.*

    Ramon: So, Don’t like my jokes huh?

    Limo Driver: Ermm.. *Awkward silence before he starts laughing* I just got it! Very good Mr. Ramon.

    Ramon: Now where was I? Oh yes, And another thing.. That’s the last time I fly with that airline! How can they confuse me for some Scott guy? I mean they should know who I am.. I was the face of a well known company and I‘m the face of this damn company, I have won titles! I have won slammy’s! and any women who does not know my face.. Is just lying to there boyfriends. You don’t forget a face like this right? Not even Michael Angelo could create something this boa aparência!

    *Ramon smirks while his Diver just stares before shaking his head, they both enter the arena and head down a corridor*

    Ramon: This way! The Infection’s locker room is just down the hall.

    *The Limo driver eventually starts falling behind as he’s now dragging Ramon’s bag. Ramon stops and heads back.*

    Ramon: Give me my bag! seu inútil! You hear me? Your Useless!

    *Ramon grabs his bag and puts it over his shoulder, he then starts walking when he’s confronted by Seth Gabel*

    Seth Gabel: Hey Carlos, I’m Seth Gabel.. I was wondering if we could get a few words from you about the Infection?.

    Ramon: Infection!?. *Ramon throws his bag down and throws Gabel against the wall with real anger* I have not got any Infection! I don’t know what you heard or who told you anything.. But if anyone’s got an infection then It came from one of these divas in this company, you got that?

    *Gabel looks a mixture of scared and confused as Ramon has him pushed up against the wall*

    Seth Gabel: Right.. Understood Carlos. I was actually talking about the group, The one you belong too.. The Infection?.

    Ramon: So you have not spoke to either Sugar or Spice?

    Seth Gabel: No.. no, Mr. Ramon.. Why? Should I?.

    Ramon: No! My mistake chico. Few words about the Infection? Yeah sure, what would you like to know?.

    Seth Gabel: Well.. Could you release me first? Please. *Ramon lets him go and Gabel breaths a deep breath before again speaking* Earlier on in the show, your partner and friend Van Hooligan confronted AJ Dixon about his state of mind recently, many believe Dixon has been distant and with rumours of a rift between the group, the dirt sheets have been in over drive that the group will soon be splitting up.. Is this true? Can you clarify the situation?.

    Ramon: Okay, Hold this. *Ramon drops his bag into the chest of Seth Gabel* Firstly, Dirt sheets? You mean those geeks, those bichano’s.. Drek and Macoonie have been fanning the flames? Well here’s something for them to write in there blogs.. Van Hooligan and Ramon, the new number one contenders! And they.. The world, they all know.. It’s a matter of time before we are the champions!

    *Ramon smiles*

    As for Dixon and a rift? Look, Yeah he’s been a bit distant.. Well he lost his title.. I’m sure even I would be distant after that, Mind you.. I have never lost a title before, I just keep winning *Ramon smirks* But Dixon is allowed his space.. And I’m not sure what Van said.. But the Infection is just starting in my eyes, sure.. We are the best already, but were not done until we hold the titles we want.. Here’s the truth though Chico, the Infection does not carry any deadweight.. Ramon and Van are born champions, we are winners! Anyone who’s does not any longer fit that bill or share the same feeling.. Will not be rolling with us anymore.

    Seth Gabel: Are you saying there’s a chance AJ Dixon could leave the Infection?.

    *Ramon and Gabel have reached the Infections locker room, Gabel then passes Ramon his back and asks the same question once more.. Ramon just stares and thinks for a second before choosing not to reply and enters his locker room before shutting the door in the face of Gabel. The camera's fade to a commercial at the look on Seth's face.


    Damaged Goods

    Damaged Goods comes out from the back, without Schweizner, as they each have a tag title belt. They make their way down the ramp, and into the ring, where the ref takes the belts.

    Carlos Alberto Ramon

    Carlos and Van walk out from the back now, to nothing but boos from the fans. They walk down the ramp, smug as ever, as they head into the ring. The ref raises the tag titles, as he hands them to the timekeeper on the outside. The ref signals for the bell.

    Van Hooligan X (Morrison) & Carlos Ramon (Miz) vs. Damaged Goods (Kane&Taker)
    (Start 5:00. End 11:35)

    Ramon and Gommenta are back up to their feet, and both men bein trading blows!

    Ramon! Gommenta! Ramon! Gommenta! Ramon! Gommenta! Gommenta! Ramon! Ramon! Ramon!

    Ramon gets the upper hand and hits Gommenta with a hard elbow shot to the cheek. Gommenta stumbles back a bit, but Ramon keeps on the attack, laying into him harder and harder with each shot. Gommenta backs into the turnbuckle and Ramon hits Gommenta as many times as he can before the referee finally pulls him off. Ramon backs up to the opposite side, and then charges Gommenta and goes for the Money Maker ... But Gommenta catches him mid air and lifts him into a powerbomb like position and slams Ramon down into the mat!

    Mike: Wow!! What skill! That was amazing!

    Rocky: Yeah but both men are down now!

    Both men are down in the middle of the ring, but each one crawls for their partner! Ramon lunges and tags in Van while Gommenta tags in Gaileo! Both men enter the ring and Van charges Gaileo! Gaileo goes for a clothesline but Van ducks the shot and kicks Gaileo in the back of the leg, and then brings Gaileo down with a bulldog! Van goes for the cover!

    One! No!

    Gaileo throws Van high into the air off of him! Gaileo gets back to his feet and grabs Van by his arm and picks him up with one swift lift. Gaileo kicks Van in the gut and then sets him up for the G-Drop, but Van drops to his knees and rolls out of the ring! Van watches as Gaileo taunts him to get back in the ring, but Van just waves him off. Gaileo rolls to the outside of the ring, so Van runs around to the other side of the ring and then slides back in, and so does Gaileo! The two men meet in the center and trade blows, but Gaileo gets the upper hand and kicks Van in the gut and then drops him with the G-Drop!

    Ramon is back in the ring and he charges Gaileo and hits the Money Maker! Gommenta gets in the ring and hits the Austrian Crack onto Ramon, then rolls him out of the ring. Gommenta reaches down and starts to help Gaileo up but then ...

    Mike: What the hell?!

    Rocky: Black Blooded!

    Black Blooded comes running through the crowd and slides into the ring! Mr. Blood starts to throw hard rights and lefts into Gommenta while Mr. Black stomps away at Van! The referee calls for a double disqualification!

    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen ... This match has ended in a no contest due to a double disqualification!

    Gaileo is to his feet, as Carlos is back in the ring. All 3 teams are going at it. Mr Black is trading blow for blow with Van, Carlos is trading blow for blow with Gommenta, and Mr Blood is exchanging shots with Gaileo. Black takes Van out to the outside, Carlos takes Gommenta down with a Money Maker! Mr Blood drops Gaileo with a Blood drop! Black Blooded turn to Carlos, as they grab him, irish whipping him into the ropes. They drop Carlos with a huge double spinebuster! They are back up, as Carlos and Van are on the outside now, on one side of the ring, recovering, and Damaged Goods are on the other side, recovering.

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    ???: Hey, you two schmucks in the ring, give me your attention.

    Black Blooded turn to the Insane-O-Tron where we see Smokey in his office.

    Smokey: Here I go and book a perfectly good World Tag Title match for Chaos, and what do you two do? You fuck it up. Do you think I like when my plans get fucked up? Do you think it makes me happy? No it doesn't. See, now Infection will try and say they have just cause for a rematch, and I'm sure that little hobbit Schweizner will be hopping in my ear about the unfair treatment of his tag champs. It creates so much more drama and bullshit than I need right now. This is the road to Destined for Immortality! Now, I know you two are itching your butts after the way you were screwed out of your title match at Full Throttle, so here is what I propose. At Destined for Immortality, we take the top 3 tag teams in IWA right now, and pit them against each other. Damaged Goods defending against Infection and Black Blooded!

    The fans cheer at this, as Black Blooded nod on.

    Smokey: Hold on, I'm not done yet. You see, you two have had shot after shot after shot, so I'm adding a little clause. IF you two do not win the titles at Destined for Immortality, then as long as Damaged Goods are the champs, you will never get another title shot again. Merry fucking belated christmas boys.

    Smokey laughs, as the tron dies.

    Mike: Huge news!

    Rocky: And I'm being told some more huge news! Two lucky fans got to pick matches they'd want to see, and we will see both of those matches next week!

    Mike: That is huge! I wonder what the matches are!? Folks, stay with us, when we come back, we are going to hear from Black Blooded!


    Black Blooded are standing in the ring alone now, both men holding microphones as Mr. Blood paces back and forth in the middle of the ring, Mr. Black stands behind him, his arms folded.

    Mr. Blood: Well well well. Even after the disaster that was Full Throttle, even after the sharp sting of being betrayed by someone we thought was like family, we will still get one last chance to get our hands on those god damned tards and that creepy fucking Doctor.

    Mr. Blood stops pacing, his face twisting with a cruel smirk

    Mr. Blood: Of course, as even the stupidest most backward one of you inbred pieces of trash out there could tell that we just are not done with those boys anyhow. See, we made a promise, we promised that no matter what it took, no matter the amount of blood spilled, bones broken or careers destroyed we will do whatever the fuck it takes to get you and those oversized bookends the fuck out of our company. Now at Full Throttle we had those tards down, and was just about to complete the job when-

    The Pope D'Angelo Dinero

    The Pope D'Angelo Dinero walks out to a huge pop from the crowd, dressed to the nines, his black coat brushing the floor behind him we walks to the top of the ramp, microphone in hand as he stares down Black Blooded, an sneer of contempt on his face.

    Pope: When what daddy-o? When Pope decided he had about enough of runnin around with seven other sweaty guys? When Pope got sick and tired of not being able to show his face to the congregation because of some master plan you two idiots cooked up? Or how about when Pope walked on down to that cage and did what every single member of this audience wishes that they could do each week they have to hear you rant and rave, and finally shut your greasy ass up? Pope been sitting back there, and Pope has heard all of the congregation asking Why, Why did you do it, funny thing is though Jack, they ain't askin me why I busted your thick head open, they askin Pope why he joined up with the meanest, smelliest, nastiest-hardest to get along with group of guys to walk in here, and Pope couldn't tell them.

    Mr. Blood: You joined us for the same reason every one of those Gears did, you knew damn well that what we are doing here is worth it. You knew damn well that your only real shot at making it in this fucking shit-hole, at trying to turn your career around from the fucking mockery made of it by some other companies, that you had to start at the fucking bottom.

    Mr. Black: Where you belong.

    Pope: Where Pope belongs? let me tell you something about where Pope belongs Jack, Pope belongs in the main event all the time, Pope Belongs right up here in front of his Congregation, Pope belongs right out in the open, not locked under some helmet, as some henchman. Get this straight now, Pope Don't Hench.

    Mr. Blood: You belong wherever the fuck we say you do. Are you seriously that fucking stupid that you think taking off a helmet is enough to release you? You joined Black Blooded, boy. The only way out is in a fucking coffin, do you understand me? We ain't done with you boy, We gave you a place with us, we gave you family, we gave you everything and you turned around and shit all over it but you are still only one moron, if you had any sense you would have just followed orders, would have kept that fucking mouth shut, your helmet on and your head down but you just couldn't fucking handle that, could you. We gave you fucking Everything! And now, now we will take it all away.

    Mr. Black: Boys.

    At the sound of Mr. Black's voice, 5 of the remaining Gears emerge from the crowd, walking up the ramp towards the Pope. The Pope backs up slowly, looking to beat a hasty retreat but even that option is cut off as 2 more gears walk through the curtain, standing between him and freedom. as one, all 7 gears stop, seeming content to wait for further orders.

    Mr. Blood: Take him out.

    The gears start to walk forward, as Pope quickly takes off his coat, charging at one of the gears by the entrance, he spears him, rolling with him as they disappear from view, The other gears break ranks and run in pursuit, with Black Blooded following behind. The cameras pick up Pope running, a Gear thrown unconcious over his shoulder as he grabs a Golf cart parked in the middle of the hallway, Throwing the Gear in with an almost gentle motion, he hops in the driver seat, taking off with the other 6 Gears in hot pursuit, running after him. After the first few moments however, it becomes clear that they have no hope of outrunning the Pope. The camera's fade to a commercial break at this point.


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    *Elric makes his way to the ring to some cheers, he looks to be in a small amount of pain as head goes for a mic.*

    Elric: Slayde, I hope you are well. Why? Because, I hold in my hand a contract, a contract that lets me pick our match for Destined For Immortality .

    *The Crowd cheers*

    Elric: Now, for the last several weeks you have made it your mission to make my life hell. You have constantly blindsided me with cheap shots, underhanded tactics, and attacks from behind. To put it bluntly, you have been a coward.

    Now, I have been given the chance at retribution, a chance to have my revenge, When this contract has given me the opportunity to come up with a match that will deliver to you the most pain imaginable.

    *The crowd cheers with some "Fuck'em Up Elric, Fuck'em up" chants heard*

    Elric: For the last week I have thought long and hard as to what match would be perfect to fully immerse you in the amount of pain that you have cause me over the last month. This was a difficult process as each match didn't seem as though they would truly deliver the vengeance I wanted. So, that after several days I finally have decided on a match that will truly make you feel pain, a match that will truly give you the punishment you are in need of. This match is a....

    Orion Slayde

    *Boos immediately come raining down on Slayde, who comes out from the back onto the stage immediately locking eyes with eyes, before walking to the ring picking up his mic on the steel ring steps and entering the ring as the boos have died down a bit and he is now face to face with Elric. Slayde finally smirks before taking a step back as Elric's gaze is not that of a pleased man before he begins to speak*

    Slayde: You know.....

    *Crowds begin to boo Slayde once again, to which he smiles further increasing the boos but he continues*

    Slayde:....calling my tactics cowardly is a bit of a stretch....wouldn't you agree? -grin-

    *Elric is fuming but remains somewhat calm as the crowd rallies him to go after Slayde*

    Slayde: See my actions held purpose. Let me ask you this, before I came to IWA where was your career going? Where was that fire that led you to become the holder of that contract in your hands, right now? More importantly did people even bother to know the name Elric before it became associated with the name Slayde?

    *Elric fails to answer these questions*

    Slayde: I thought so. Now, you see my tactics were to give that drive to make your career better, to give you that fire of competition and more importantly to give you what you could never achieve on your very own...success. That's something I went through myself and was told to do when I saw the potential in another young man, that's where you come in Elric.

    *Elric and the crowd seem intrigued as to what Slayde has to say*

    Slayde: Now that I have your attention. I know of your potential Elric. You just didn't know it yourself just as my mentor spoke to me and his this before him. I don't mean to make you make you my pupil by any means, you've got everything you need to succeed already in you, you just needed the right push. A thirst for for something, anything and what better to thirst for than the sweet taste of vengeance?

    *Crowd boos as Elric ponders Slayde's words*

    Slayde: I actually want you to put me in as much as pain as you can Elric because if you believed that the past month was all the pain I could put you through, you're in for a surprise come Destined for Immortality because no matter the match you choose, I intend to make or break you to allow you see that you are indeed a worthwhile talent that can be more than you ever thought possible and that you can like me, be capable of doing what it's necessary to improve yourself, not for these fans but for yourself, to be able to handle the sick and twisted things the world has to offer and be better because of it.

    So go on, put it out there, choose the match that will define the moment when you become the Victor Elric you are or can be with me pushing to it. What will it be?

    *Elric looks on at Slayde. A burning in his eyes as it is obvious he is ready to strike*

    Elric: Slayde, you say that this was all a test, a lesson to show me what I could be, given the right motivation, is this correct?

    *Slayde nods*

    Elric: Very well, I will accept your reasoning in the matter. You did awaken a dormant side within myself, a side I did not existed, a side I wished remain asleep. You see I have prided myself on being able to deal out punishment and remain unaffected by the situations at hand. However, this is no longer the case. I feel a burning in my soul that I have not once felt, a burning that can only be cooled by the blood spilled when I destroy you.

    *The crowd cheers Elric*

    Elric: You said that you want me to put you through pain, that you are ready for my Vengeance, I can tell you now that those words will be ones you regret uttering into a microphone. Our match will be 3 Stages of Hell!

    *The crowd roars at news and Slayde seems a bit taken back*

    Elric: Our first match will be a Tables Match, where I promise that I will put you through an incredible amount of misery before finally sending you crashing through the table. Our second match shall be a Last Man Standing, now knowing the amount of pain I plan to give to you, the match shouldn't last long..

    I say shouldn't because I don't plan on letting you off that easy, instead I will continue to destroy, have you plead for me to put you out of your misery, to end your suffering. I will only do so when my need for vengeance has been satisfied, than I will crush your spirit and win our match.

    Our third match, if it gets to that point, which it won't because I see no need for it. However, just in case it s need, it will be a Submission Match, and if it gets to this point it will have meant you got lucky, and that will only serve to intensify my need, my thirst for vengeance, and that will do you know favors Slayde. I will break each and every bone in your body, put you through so much pain that you tap, and cry for me to release my hold, and I will..

    *The crowd is loving this, Slayde on the other hand has a small look of concern*

    Elric: Orion Slayde, you have been sentenced, a Punishment has been issued and it will be carried out by your truly. Come Destined for Immortality, your fate will be sealed, and I shall seal it with your blood...

    *Elric drops the mic and stares down Slayde. Slayde doesn't leave the ring, as Elric gets straight into his face. The two men are nose to nose, saying something to each other, as the camera's fade to a commercial at this image.*


    Matt Ryder

    Matt Ryder comes out from the back, to a little pop, but still some boos from the fans. He makes his way down the ramp, even slapping a few hands along the way. Ryder stops at a young man, with his hair gelled up like Matt's. Ryder takes a head band off, and puts it on the young man, smiling. This gets some cheers, as Ryder climbs into the ring, and bounces around, hyping himself up for the match.

    Brock Edwards

    Brock Edwards comes out next, to nothing but boos from the fans. He walks down the ramp, and stops at the young fan. Brock mocks the young fan, and then spits in his face! The fan tries to take a swipe, but Brock steps away, smirking. Edwards turns, heading into the ring. The ref looks at Brock with disgust, as he signals for the bell.

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    Brock Edwards (Cena) vs. Matt Ryder
    (Start 2:30 End 7:10)

    Edwards has Ryder on his shoulders, getting ready to plant him with The Next. Edwards marches to the center of the ring with a smug grin on his face and gets ready to toss Ryder ...

    The speakers in the arena boom loudly, and then the voice of Ryan Wells can be heard

    Wells: Edwards! Why don't you pick on someone your own size!? Come and get me!

    Edwards stares at the stage, letting Ryder fall off of his shoulders! Ryder hooks his arm between Edwards legs and rolls him up for the pin!

    One! No!

    Edwards kicks out instantly and gets back to his feet! Ryder starts hitting rights into Edwards but Edwards just grabs Ryder by the head and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Edwards starts reigning a flurry of hard fists into Ryder, hitting Ryder's chest and abdomen with hard rights and lefts, knocking the wind clean out of Ryder!

    Edwards pushes up on Ryder's chin, spits on his face and then then tosses him into the center of the ring by his head with full force! Edwards makes his way to Ryder and starts to stomp onto Ryder's arm over and over again! Edwards grabs Ryder's arm and slams it down to the mat hard and then he grabs Ryder's arm once again and goes to lock in the Kimura, but the Ryan Wells's music blares through the speakers! Edwards lets go of the hold, and walks to the ropes facing the stage!

    Rocky: What the hell is going on!?

    Mike: Wells is playing mind games, thats what!

    Ryder struggles to his feet and sees that Edwards is distracted! Ryder climbs to the top rope and stalks Edwards! Edwards turns around when the music stops and Ryder dives ... But Edwards catches him mid air! Edwards throws Ryder onto his shoulders and he parades around the ring, showboating his strength ... But then Ryan Wells comes running down the ramp! Edwards drops Ryder down to the mat and leans over the ropes, taunting Wells!

    Mike: Hey! Wells can't be down here! That is illegal!

    Rocky: Nope! As long as he doesn't touch either one of them and you know that!

    Edwards can be heard screaming "COME ON! FIGHT ME, YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" Ryder gets back to his feet and stalks Edwards from behind! Wells starts laughing and tells Edwards to turn around! Edwards turns around and is brought down by the Broski Woo! Ryder covers Edwards!!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Matt Ryder!

    Mike: Yes! Now Brock Edwards will pay for his crimes against Ryan Wells at Destined for Immortality. Yes!

    Rocky: This is bull! Utter and total bull!

    Wells is on the ramp now, smiling, as he points to the DFI banner hanging in the arena. The camera's cut to the back.

    We see Chris Divine standing in his own locker room. The camera's are focused on him, as Divine is sitting there, not moving, not doing anything really. Moments pass but Divine doesn't move. After another few moments, Divine lifts his head, looking into the camera. Divine gets to his feet, as he pushes the camera away, and walks away, leaving his locker room. The camera's cut back to the ring, where we see the ring empty now.

    Mike: Chris Divine is here! You have to be wondering what he has to say about Sagittarius Blue's fatal mistake in the main event at Full Throttle.

    Rocky: I don't know, but I love Chris Divine. I can't wait for him to grace this ring!

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    Mr. Lay-derson

    *The fans pop, as Oscar Layman comes out from behind the curtain. He arrogantly struts down to ringside, whilst chewing gum. He slides into the ring and takes in the crowds cheers, before beckoning for Mr. Anderson's signature microphone, which promptly drops down from the rafters.*
    Layman: Y'know, before Full Throttle, I was riding high, possibly literally, as Jeffrey Lay-Hardy. I dominated Domino, the man who interrupted me. Me! Ken Lay-derson! He physically attacked me multiple times, but I outsmarted him. And when it came to us in a match situation, he was dissected. I showed what a wrestling novice he was and WOOOOOOOOO. It. Was. Great.

    He didn't just get outsmarted, outmuscled, outwrestled by anybody! He was outsmarted, outmuscled, outwrestled by an ANUS! And the biggest anus at that! Anus! Anus! Anus! Now try seeing the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, yada yada yada, say that, y'know, “over there”

    I won't deny it. I was beaten at Full Throttle. My team lost. But I still proved that I was a talent, vital to IWA's future. But then, a magician attacked me. Yes, a freakin' magician. This isn't fecking Disney land with pixies and fairies, this is IWA with an Anus! And now apparently, Ali Ka-freakin-Zam

    And you, my fans, you're my Anus Penetrators! *crowd pop... somewhat surprisingly* And as my Anus Penetrators, you hate Ali Kazam with all your guts, poof *crowd jeers* you hate him! And I hate him! And when the time is right, my revenge will be taken. Like Sagittarius Blue recently said, I'm the ultimate opponent, I'm impossible to prepare for! You don't know which one of me is going to turn up!

    ???: Oh really?

    Ali Kazam walks out from the back to no music, as he has a mic in hand. He heads down the ramp and into the ring, getting into Oscar's face. He raises the mic.

    Ali Kazam: Are you people really that easy to make cheer. Is that how bad this business has become. Do I simply have to dance to the ring. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    *The crowd gets angry and realize that Ali was being a troll.*

    Ali Kazam: I thought you people liked trolls? I mean you cheer for that moron over there.

    *Kazam points to Layman.*

    Ali Kazam: Really, what is he but a massive troll. A fake, a phony. The man doesn't have enough of his own personality, so he has to steal the personality of others. He doesn't even pick entertaining people to rip-off. How in the hell can you people even pretend that you are entertained by the garbage he comes up with on a weekly basis. It's pathetic. Plain pathetic. Who do you think you are Oscar? Don't you dare say the anus penetrators, it isn't funny. You're not funny and you should feel bad for the way you falsely claim to entertain these people. It's atrocious. This is why you need to retire. You parade in front of all thes people, giving them illusions that you are better than you actually are. But all it is, is a trick. You pull the wool over all these simple minded fools, but not me. You're illusions don't work on me Lameman. Your tricks are nothing compared to the truest forms of magic. DO you know what you should be wearing?
    *Kazam pauses to let Oscar speak.*
    Layman: I ...
    Kazam: Shut the fuck up, I didn't say you could speak. Maybe a muzzle is a better idea.
    *Ali snaps his fingers and Oscar is wearing a Dog's muzzle.*
    Kazam: You look so nice in that fuck face. You can take it off when it's your turn to talk okay dipshit. Now I told you to never show your face in IWA again. Were you ignoring me? That would be a bad idea Mr Anus. Wait a second. I gave you a choice didn't I. I said retire and never show your face here again, or face me at Destined for Immortality so I can retire you the fun way. Does this mean that you have some balls Oscar? Are you going to take the beating of a lifetime and actually have a match against me? *Kazam waits for Oscar to respond.*
    Kazam: Oh right. You're wearing the muzzle. Here speak. Answer my challenge. I dare you Asshole. Do it!
    *Kazam snaps his fingers and the muzzle disappears.

    Layman looks a bit shaken, before staring at Ali.*

    Layman: Well first off, you can take that muzzle, and shove it up your ass!
    *The crowd pops, as Layman runs his hand over his hair*

    Layman: Now, excuse me Ali, but there are better trolls in the world, like one "Rob-Rob-stor, Robstar!" Well FACK HIM! There are funnier trolls, like "Alo-loi-lo-sick" like Daniel walkerin! But you my friend, can try your best at trolling, but in the end, it turns out like your career. It has everyone laughing at you.



    And that "my buddy" is a big deal. The thing is though, you're about as memorable as... As um... what's his name? Ke-Kane-Kenneth? The Ascension one that drink drives. And you're as talented as Two of a freakin' Kind! So you shut your little sewage hole, otherwise you ain't getting an answer

    Ali Kazam: You remind me of DAS WA... Yeah he couldn't speak like a normal person either, just like you he was an arrogant little cockroach. not worthy of entering into a wrestling ring. Now either do like TOAK and DasWa and retire or tell me that the most entertaining man in history get's to kick your fake ass all over the arena at Destined for Immortal!

    I'm not fucking around here, answer me no, before I get pissed off and you end up crying to your lawyers about me bullying

    Layman: Oh boo hoo. Boo freakin' hoo! You know what, laying me out at Full Throttle is one thing, but insulting Das-Wa! Insulting DAS-FREAKIN'-WA! Well that just takes it too a whole new level.

    You know, I've been described like him before. Mental incapabilities. Accused of fraud. Moaning at getting banned from a place where I wasn't wanted! But comparing me to him, it should be an honor, but you're making me sound... well, retarded.

    But here's the thing that's going to happen. You and I will go one-on-one at Destined for Immortality! We will be in a battle to the death. But you don't know what to expect from me. I could be crazy, I could be normal. I could be called John, or Randy, or Chris, but I will stay this: To be da freakin' man! You gotta beat the man!


    Because it's Showtime folks! And now Can! You! Dig! That!


    Oscar and Ali are eye to eye, as Ali pulls going, like he is going to do something, but he can't! Oscar grabs Ali and plants him with the Mic Check! Oscar is back up, as Kazam rolls out of the ring, holding his face. The fans are going crazy for Oscar.

    Mike: Oscar has become my new favorite person! Shutting that David Copperfield wanna be up! Yes!

    Rocky: Damn it...I have to agree...Ali is a little different....not a good different either..

    The camera's fade to a commercial break at Oscar standing tall in the ring.


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    KJ Punk

    *KJ Punk makes his way out wearing jeans, a Mississippi State shirt and a St. Louis Cardinals hat. He surveys the crowd as they pop as a smile flashes across his face. He gets into the ring and takes a microphone as he stands in the center of the ring*

    Punk: How are you guys this evening?

    *The crowd pops*

    Punk: I know you people pay your hard earned money to see us perform and that’s why I always try my best to make it memorable for all of you!

    But right now, I want to talk about a man who has seemingly changed his ways. A man that has seen the light and has improved himself. That man is Darius.

    *The crowd has a mixed reaction to Darius*

    Punk: Darius, I don’t buy your charade one bit. I know that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You’re trying to make everybody think that you’ve turned over a new leaf so that they’ll let their guard down and that is when you’ll strike. But you aren’t fooling me one bit. I know what kind of snake you are and I’m onto you. You might fool some of the boys in the back, you might fool the commentators, you might even fool some of these fans. But you will never fool me.

    There isn’t a honorable bone in your body. You wouldn’t know respect or honor if it slapped you in the face. And I plan on doing just that at Destined for Immortality. But I’m not just going to slap you Darius. Oh no, no. I’m going to beat you. I’m going to bloody you. I’m going to put you down like a rapid dog. Out of pity, I will eliminate you from this federation. If there’s one thing I’m going to do, it will be that I’m going to beat you in that match.

    But I don’t just plan on beating you. I plan on beating the other four men and having what is rightfully mine, the IWA World Championship!

    *The crowd pops*

    Punk: It took the debut of two butt buddies that I thought I had left in my dust in the decaying ruins of HWA to take the title from around my waist and I’m going to do everything in my power to get it back. No one will be able to stop me from reclaiming my prize! Not Shaz. Not Dixon. Not Darius. Not Jose. Not even Rage himself. I’ll will take back my championship or die trying. And when I do, I’ll write my name in my blood that will flow from my head onto the championship as I yell WINNER WINNER!!!!!!!!

    *The crowd responds with CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!!!! as KJ drops the mic and heads to the commentary table. KJ is handed a headset, as he goes to put them on, the lights in the arena go out. The fans are a buzzed, as a few moments later, the lights come on, and we see KJ Punk has been planted through the announce table, and is laying in the rubble. *

    Mike: What in the hell!? Who did this!?

    Rocky: I have no clue! Things in IWA are getting crazy!

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life now

    The tron dies at the number 24, as the camera's turn back to Mike and Rocky, as physicians are checking on Punk.

    Mike: I...I...I'm at a loss for words...

    Rocky: What does the number 24 mean!? Who is behind this!

    The camera's fade to a commercial break as KJ Punk is helped to the back.


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