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    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares, as the camera's come in and out on fans and their signs. The camera's turn to Mike Johnson and Rocky Reynolds.

    Mike: Thanks for joining us folks! We have a huge night ahead, as this is our last stop before Full Throttle!

    Rocky: That's putting it lightly! We have a huge main event! Infection vs Rob Rage, KJ Punk, and Darius!

    Mike: Yeah! That's actually the fan voted match! The fans got the chance to vote online of the match they wanted to see, and this is what we are going to get!

    Rocky: We will also see a Vanity Champion crowned for the first time! My money is on Sugar or Spice!

    Mike: No, I'm pulling for Pisces Pink.

    Damaged Goods

    *The crowd jeers, as the lights turn out. Eventually, around 10 seconds later, the lights turn on, as Sebastian Schweizner is standing alone on the ramp. He quickly slides into the ring, before resting against the ropes. He motions towards the ramp, where Gommenta and Gaileo come down the ramp on motorcycles! The crowd's heat intensifies, before Gommenta and Gaileo stop on the edge of the ramp. They hop off the bikes, before Gaileo collects a chair from under the ring. He slides it into the ring, before the wrestlers enter, and Gommenta sets up the chair for Schweizner to sit on*

    Schweizner: So it's decided. At Full Throttle, *Schweizner motions up to the roof* a 20 foot cell will be lowered down from an arena ceiling just like the one here tonight. It will be lowered down, directly around a wrestling ring - exactly like this one, trapping Gommenta, Gaileo, Mr. Black and Mr. Blood inside. And the first danger to me - is that I am trapped outside. I cannot shout encouragement to my clients. But that didn't matter at Lost Cause. Damaged Goods still walked out IWA Tag Team Champions. But positively Vivica is unable to help her gay best friends

    So it's a level playing field. But what Smokey, I need to understand, is how Damaged Goods came out victorious in a steel structure before over Black Blooded - and Victor Elric and Ivan Drayman may I add - but now they have to do it again? Damaged Goods have nothing to prove - and as the most fighting champions - and the holders of the most prestigious championship IWA has to offer - they deserve a pay-per-view off.

    And now, you're making Gaileo fight both Black Blooded members in a handicap match, meant to damage one half of the champions - is simply ridiculous. Stacking the odds against Damaged Goods has happened time and time again - the match at Full Throttle will be their first one on one championship match. But we have always triumphed over the bad. We have always beaten our adversary's We are what makes IWA wrestling - and what makes IWA entertainment. We care about holding these championships - not the significant pay rise that comes with it. And we stand out because of it.

    And despite us not being in a Tornado Tables match - tables will still be under the ring. Damaged Goods can still double powerbomb Mr. Blood through a table. Despite it now being a first blood match, Gommenta and Gaileo can slam Mr. Black's head against the cage, making him bleed more than Ric Flair does, or how "Mr." Blood senior does on a monthly basis. And Black Blooded - look into my eyes. I know you're here, and I know you're listening before this big match. So lets kick this night off with an upset, You cannot defeat Gaileo or Gommenta in any environment, or with any stipulation hanging over our heads, and tonight is included.

    Black Blooded

    *Black Blooded's theme continues to play, but they are nowhere to be found. Damaged Goods start looking around the ring, Schweizner standing up, expecting a trap*

    Mr. Blood: Hey, Retards

    *Gaileo and Gommenta start running from one end of the ring to the other, trying to find the source of the voice*

    Mr. Blood: Oh for fuck's sake, look up morons.

    *Damaged Goods look as the tron lights up, showing Mr. Blood and Mr. Black somewhere backstage. In the bottom corner of the screen can be seen the crudely drawn letters B.B. Indicating that this is Vivica's camera.*

    Mr. Blood: There ya go boys, God damn, it's like swimming in oatmeal trying to get through your thick fucking skulls, you probably still don't know why the hell you two are here, do you tards? Can you say "Wrestling"? Try it out, I'm sure that you will get it in time. As for you there Doctor Strangelove, did you really think that we are that fucking stupid? Did you really think that riding down on some jap-shit wannabe choppers would piss us off? Make us forget just what the hell we were doing?

    Mr. Black: Fucking Amateurs.

    Mr. Blood: See jackass, We've been saying all week, sending out twit messages, updating our Blackbook pages, hell we even put up some videos from this very camera up on the Bloodtube so all the little dirtbags around the world can see it. Tonight is the night that we fucking cripple this walking side-show act, and make damn sure that come Full Throttle, we get what's ours.

    I know, I know, you want to bitch and moan, "Oh, why do my ball-washers have to fight in a cage, didn't they do that already, wasn't once enough?" And you know what, you almost have a point. but see, it ain't about what you think those walking lobotomies have proven, it's not about what you think you have accomplished here, it's about making sure that they can't run away once that light bulb flashes and they finally realize just where the fuck they are, cause even the stupidest sister-fucking, meth-making, paint-huffing, sheet-wearin white trash piece of shit here knows damn good and well that your boys just are not prepared to face the Dominant Predators without another team in the way, cage or no cage, steel or no steel. Course, if I was you, I would feel damn grateful for those steel walls, because those walls are about the only thing that have a fucking chance in hell of keeping you safe from us.

    Mr. Black: The Illusion of safety.

    Mr. Blood: See boy, that's the beauty of it all. We finally found the perfect way to shut you the fuck up, and send Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dipshit over there back to whatever shitty mental ward you started molesting them in. All we gotta do is take you out of the equation, and they fucking vanish forever.

    Tonight we get our chance to cripple one of your boys there, then come Full Throttle you'll be a tard short, and that means all that is standing between our belts and us is a few hundred pounds of stupid, and of course that big fucker you got with you.

    Mr. Black: That's when the fun starts.

    Mr. Blood: See, at first we were content just taking the belts, taking our gold and leaving y'all basically unharmed, then you had to go and fuck it up, and try and make it all personal, try and piss us off.

    Mr. Black: Big Fucking Mistake.

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    *As Mr. Black speaks, the Gears come through the crowd and over the barricade, surrounding the ring, their red-skull helmets gleaming and their full body outfits hiding all distinguishing characteristics, they each hop up on the apron, two men on each side of the ring, staring down Damaged Goods, but not moving closer*

    Mr. Blood: well asshole, you succeeded! You wanted a fight? You wanted to piss us off? You wanted to see what happens when you piss in our cereal? when you fuck with the Dominant Fucking Predators? Well now you fucking got it, asshole, just not the way you expected it. See, after we take out the meatshields, all that leaves is you, and I'm afraid that you ain't shit.

    *Mr. Black turns to Mr. Blood, whispering to him behind a raised hand. Mr. Blood nods, smiling, as he continues*

    Mr. Blood: Now that you are finally starting to grasp the fucking situation here, we'll cut you a deal. Drop our gold, apologize for being in our fucking way in the first god damned place, and maybe, just maybe, you will be walking out of here under your own power tonight. The tard twins though? They are totally fucked.

    Mr. Black: Gotta be done.

    Mr. Blood: So how bout it there Doc, you got something to say to your betters?

    *Schweizner stays on his chair, before looking at the four sides of the ring, where the Gears are based*

    Schweizner: Hold on a second now. You two need other people to attack your rivals? You'll never see Damaged Goods benefiting from outside interference. Well "retards", look what's directly above us. The Hell, in a Cell! *The crowd cheers, before Schweizner stares up*. The environment where come Full Throttle, you will meet your demise.

    It's ridiculous you see, you have a handicap match next, with the numbers in your favor, yet you still need these eight "minions" to do your dirty work! "Gears" you call them. Well, Gommenta and Gaileo only has one gear, and that is high. It's a Gear that causes Damage, unlike your friends.

    *Schweizner stands up, before going nose to nose with one Gear*

    You pathetic, moronic imbeciles have no place in the wrestling business! This is for talented individuals, but being sent by Black Blooded, I understand that your talent is irrelevant to whether a wrestling arena is the place you should be. But your doom awaits you, right here

    *Schweizner goes back towards the middle of the ring, before placing an arm on each individual Black Blooded member*

    At Full Throttle, there is no doubt that the IWA Tag Team Champions will reign over your deformed brothers. They couldn't beat us in a cage, they can't beat us in a cell, or in any kind of match actually. Black Blooded has ruined any company they've been apart of - quite literally - and IWA has no place for their insane attitude.

    This company does not belong to them, contrary to what they believe. And hey, they can believe what they want, but inside the very cell above us, Black Blooded will at Full Throttle, be unable to walk away. They can't even be carried away, their blood covering them will make their bodies too slippery to remove from the arena

    *Schweizner rests in a corner, before turning to a Gear*

    And tell your friends dude, that as I said last week, it's Nothing Personal. Just Bus-

    *Before Schweizner can finish, he gets taken down by a punch from the Gear, but Gaileo intercepts by knocking a Gear off the apron. The remaining Gears enter the ring, as Gommenta grabs the chair, and strikes a minion. A brawl breaks off, before Schweizner rolls out of the ring, and heads up the ramp, before the cell begins to be lowered.

    Schweizner turns around to see the brawl, but notices the cell coming down. He begins saying "no", before sprinting down, trying to make his way in the ring before the cell is lowered, but is too late, and he runs head first into the cell! Damaged Goods hit the Good Practice on a Gear, before Schweizner crawls back up the ramp, slowly getting to his feet as he looks to make his escape. Unnoticed behind him, are 4 of the Gears, rolling under the cell at the last minute. Schwiezner finally spots them as he glances back at the chaos inside the cell, Damaged Goods seeming to be holding their own against twice their number. Spotting the four men coming for him, Schwiezner starts up the ramp faster, practically running from the Gears.*

    Mr. Blood: You still don't get it do you? You can't hide behind the tards anymore, and you sure as fuck ain't running away.

    *Mr. Black and Mr. Blood appear at the top of the ramp, Mr. Blood still holding a microphone as Mr. Black is tearing off his jacket, ready to do some serious damage. They walk slowly down the ramp, waving the Gears that made it out of the cage back towards it, where Damaged Goods have managed to even the odds, with one Gear laid out in the ring on the chair still, and yet another on the floor.

    As Mr. Black and Mr. Blood walk slowly forward, Schweizner slowly starts to back up, unsure anymore in which direction he would be safest, as Mr. Black waves to the 4 Gears behind Schweizner, motioning them towards the back.*

    Mr. Blood: You think we need the boys? No, see all of this, all we wanted was just for this moment, just to get our fucking hands on you. See, once these tards don't have you to lean on for mental support, it all falls apart on them doesn't it? And that's assuming they are even capable of making it to the Pay Per View at that point. Like I said Doc, We found the way to take you all the fuck out, now and forever, and it all starts tonight.

    *Schweizner slows, still backing up, but not sure where to go as the Gears outside of the Cell walk up the ramp around him, completely ignoring him as though he no longer existed, they walk backstage, while the gears in the cell are not so lucky, still fighting it out with the enraged Gommenta and Gaileo. Schwiezner stops, spreading his feet as though preparing for a fight, as Black Blooded continue to walk towards him, when suddenly someone jumps the barricade behind Schweizner, carrying something colored a dull silver. It's Vivica! She slips behind Schweizner, unnoticed, hitting a low blow with the lead pipe! He goes down with a sharp cry, alerting Gommenta to his peril.

    Gommenta, still in the ring, responds with a roar, grabbing the gear he is squared off with roughly around the throat and throwing him over one shoulder, before running straight at the Cell wall!

    He Jumps at the last moment, clearing the ropes and carrying the unlucky Gear through the wall of the cage, ripping the chain-link off of the metal posts like overstressed jeans. They hit the ground on the outside of the cage hard, Gommenta burying his shoulder deep into the Gear's gut, causing him to spit blood up through his cracked and broken helmet. The Crowd cannot believe the strength of the monster Gommenta, chanting "Holy Shit"

    Gaileo, seeing the opening in the cell, runs through immediately, going for the men behind all of their pain, Black and Blood. He grabs Gommenta as he runs, helping his partner to his feet as they engage Black Blooded, fists flying from both sides, no team gaining a clear advantage.

    Suddenly, the arena is swarmed as security guards run down the ramp towards the fight, grabbing and desperately trying to separate the four large men, as more referees and security run down to check on the wounded gears, Schweizner waiving them off as he gets to his feet. Security is able to separate everyone, much to the dismay of the IWA faithful who start a very strong "Let Them Fight!" chant. 2 Gears are put on stretchers and taken to the back, neither seeming to be conscious as their fellows get to their feet, heavily restrained by uniformed security.*


    Smokey comes out from the back to a mixed but big reaction from the fans. He has a mic in hand, as both teams are held apart by security.

    Smokey: Wo wo wo! Hold on right now! Raise this cell. Raise it now!

    The hell in a cell starts to rise, as Smokey walks down the ramp.

    Smokey: Seriously, were you all not paying attention last week when it was made clear, that spineless prick Daniel May was off sucking his thumb in my brain, and I'm back, and better than ever. Now, I will not have you two teams beating the hell out of each other. I mean, it's not even a sanctioned match, and if you were to hurt each other, well, there goes the big match this Sunday. So, with that said, Damaged Goods, Black Blooded, walk your asses to the back and get ready. Gaileo gets the chance to be sodomized by Black Blooded later tonight in the handicap match. Up next is our first ever Vanity Championship match! Oh, and Black Blooded, if you try and interfere in that match, or try to sway the favor in Vivica's way in any'll be suspended, fined, and lose your #1 contender status. Now get out of my ring!


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see the 6 bombshells, TeYanna, Sugar and Spice, Pisces Pink, Ashley Kid, and Vivica are in the ring. The ref is on the outside, as we get a shot of the Vanity Championship. The camera cuts back to the ring, as the bell sounds.

    Vanity Championship
    Ashley Kid(Kelly Kelly) vs TeYanna(Alicia Fox) vs Pisces Pink(Gail Kim) vs Vivica(Beth Phoenix) vs Sugar(Rosa Mendes) vs Spice(Jillian Hall)

    (start at :56, end at 2:06)

    Mike: And another one bites the dust! This time TeYanna sails over the ropes courtest of Pisces Pink! Crashing and burning on the mats below!

    Rocky: That was a pretty nasty bump! Off she goes to join Sugar in the showers.. heh.. hehehe..

    Mike: Come on man.. we're live here..

    Back to the action and Spice is pinned in the corner by Vivica and Ashley Kidd who take turns slapping a little taste into her mouth. Pink comes in from behind, crashing into all three girls like a bowling ball nailing a strike! Spice slumps to the floor and Kid falls to the canvas as Pink takes Vivica by the hair and drags her to the middle of the ring. Vivica struggles but to no avail, Pink hooks the arms and delivers a big suplex! She pops up quickly and catches Ashley Kidd with a standing clothesline as she storms towards the larger opponent. Pinks domination continues and she drags Kidd to her feet and body slams her back down, on top of Vivica who rolls away in pain! However, Spice comes out of nowhere and jumps on Pinks back, the two struggle and Pink staggers around the ring trying to remove the tick on her back. She backs into a corner and Spice is forced to release! Pink turns to face her and buries a shoulder into her stomach, and another! The crowd rally to Pink, she turns away from Spice back to the others and catches Kidd charging at her again, uses her momentum against her and lifts her up and over the ropes!

    Mike: There goes Kidd! Pink is on a roll, she's accounted for 2 eliminations so far!

    Rocky: She's like a tank, you can keep on hitting her and she's gonna keep on coming!

    Pink admires her work, but she takes a little too long and Vivica goes into attack mode, ramming a forearm into the back of her head and knocking her down to a knee. Vivica rouses Spice and the two seem to form a temporary alliance against the larger woman. Vivica holds Pink in place and Spice aims a few quick fire strikes, taking a moment or two to pose for the crowd and taunt Pink. Vivica screams at her to focus and the pair double suplex Pink, following up with a few swift kicks and stomps as she lies on the floor! Spice loses concentration again and begins strutting around the ring, revelling in the occasion and Vivica loses her patience. The Black Blooded valet waits for the right moment and charges as Spice turns her back, ramming into her and sending her over the ropes!

    Mike: And we're down to two! The title can now only be won via pinfall or submission!

    Vivica heads back tp Pink who is stirring, she buries a knee in her face and knocks her back down, mounting her and laying lefts and rights into her face. Pink covers up and Vivica moves off, grabbing her by the hair and dragging Pink up. Pink is whipped to the ropes and Vivica meets her on the rebound with a back elbow to the jaw, knocking her down again. Vivica wastes no time, stomping a few more times before backing away and stalking her opponent. Pink rises slowly and Vivica is right back on her, locking in a headlock, cranking up the pressure and occasionally lifting a knee into her chest. Pink starts to fade but the crowd rally her, she shakes a hand and begins fighting out! Vivica tries to hold her but loses grip as Pink wraps her arms around the bikers waist and lifts her for a back suplex!! Pink covers!

    3!!.. NO!!

    Vivica gets the shoulder up and Pink rises to her knees, pulling Vivica with her and backing her into a corner. Pink whips her across to the opposite turnbuckle and follows up with a clotheslines! And then repeats the process for good measure! Pink continues the assault with a punch and kick to the midsection, but Vivica refuses to stand there and take it and begins firing back! The two battle out of the corner trading shots, Pink with a right! Vivica with a left! The crowd begin cheering as both women show how much they want that title! Pink gains the advantage with a nasty meat hook, running to the ropes as Vivica staggers, stunned. Vivica has enough awareness to duck a clothesline, but Pink ducks one of her own on the rebound! Vivica raises a long legged boot to meet Pink in the face but she ducks again! Pink stops dead behind Vivica and lifts her onto her shoulders as the biker chick spins around!

    Mike: HBIC! Pink's the new champion!

    Rocky: No! Vivica's managed to get free!

    Vivica elbows Pink frantically and escapes her clutches, dropping down behind her. Pink twists around to find her foe but walks right into a..

    Rocky: Twist of fate! Pin her Vivica!



    Thr.. NO!

    Pisces musters enough strength to get a shoulder up and Vivica looks frustrated. She stomps on her fallen enemy twice before looking over at a turnbuckle and nodding. Vivica climbs up, turning her head to make sure Pink is still down before sailing through the air with a huge Moonsault!!

    Mike: New champion! New champion!




    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and the new Vanity Champion, Vivica!

    Mike: She did it! Vivica has captured the Vanity Championship!

    Rocky: I knew she could do it! Pink was no match for that crazy bitch!

    Vivica gets to her feet in celebration, holding her arms up! The referee grabs the title belt from ringside and hands it over to Vivica who holds it close to her chest before raising it high above her head. Pink rolls out of the ring, looking dejected and disappointed at not having won, but willing to accept that she was beaten fairly.

    Mike: This isn't the last time we've seen these two girls go head to head, i'm absolutely certain.

    Rocky: I hope not, these girls just proved that womens wrestling is not going to take a back seat here in IWA!

    The camera's cut from Vivica standing tall in the ring, to the back.

    *The camera cuts to the backstage area, it shows the camera pointing at the bottom of a locker room door, as the camera pans up, A sign can be seen on the door which reads “The Infection” The cameraman then enters the room and Carlos Alberto Ramon is the first to notice*

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    CAR: Hey chico! Don’t you guys knock?

    *The cameraman goes to speak but is quickly cut off*

    CAR: Well?! What do you want?

    Cameraman: I was hoping for a few words from the Infection..

    CAR: Don’t you have any manners bichano? What did your mother teach you to say?

    Cameraman: Ermm.. Please!? Please could we have an interview with the infection?

    CAR: There.. Now that was better, well done man.. Interview with the infection right? You want to speak with me? El Bandido.. You want to speak with Van Hooligan the multi-time champion? Perhaps you would like a word with Primetime superstar, AJ Dixon? Maybe a few words with the Amazon.. Athena? Well would you like that?.

    *Cameraman has a bright smile on his face*

    Cameraman: Yes! Yes I would love that!

    CAR: Good! Well… I’m not in the mood for questions from some geeky looking cameraman trying to make a name for himself by interviewing the best faction in the world today.. I tell you what though, Christmas is coming.. So here take this!

    *Ramon hands the cameraman a copy of the new Dvd “ The Clique “ *

    CAR: There you go chico! Your going to be the envy of so many people now *Ramon smirks before looking down the camera* As for the rest of you.. The Dvd will soon be released and can be located at all great stores, now including footage of the award winning 2012 ceremony awards! *Ramon smirks* Right… where done here, Agora sai!

    *Camerman looks puzzled*

    CAR: I said.. Agora sai! Well… sair daqui idiota!

    *Ramon stares at the cameraman and eventually he leaves, Ramon then closes the door behind him and the camera now switches to a view on the corner of the room*

    CAR: You guys hear who I’m facing tonight? Ron Macoonie! *Ramon laughs while The Infection chuckle with him* I mean me.. Carlos Alberto Ramon! The picture of health.. The perfect blend of looks, charisma and ability! vs. Ron Macoonie! A 6ft pile of blubber! I mean.. It’s not even close, it’s a joke! I was voted champion of the year… And now I’m wrestling someone who cant stop shovelling food in his mouth!

    *Ramon arrogantly smirks*

    CAR: I guess the only thing good from this is that Ron gets his exercise and if he one day ever gets the chance too meet a women who’s not on the internet or playing world of Warcraft too much to even realise what sex is.. Perhaps he can tell his children that once he was in the ring with the legendary Carlos Alberto Ramon!

    And as for that PPV match we got coming up.. It didn’t matter who are opponents were, it’s obvious we were going to be in the match.. We are the Infection! We are the reason people tune into IWA.. I mean come on, it’s not to watch Rob Rage that’s for sure.. It would be more entertaining seeing that wacky Australian from HWA come back! Plus why would they want to see Rob Rage? How many times have we beat him now?

    Then you got Matt Ryder! Yeah.. He’s entertaining *Ramon says in mocking voice* A wannabe Guido who’s learned his wrestling skills from Snooki so it seems… Then you KJ Punk! Did you know amigo, he’s one of the top dogs around here.. Yet, last time I seen him.. He was on that developmental show called Redemption while we was the faces of the company and stealing the show every week.. This all leads to the reason why it was clear we was going to be at the Ppv.. Ramon and Van bring ratings, and the Infection is already the best this company has to offer and we will prove it by winning at the Ppv and cementing ourselves as the deserving Number one contenders where we will then move on to become.. The new tag team champions and the most dominant tag team in this company!

    *Ramon begins once again to arrogantly smile before saying..*

    CAR: Amigo, who you facing tonight again?.

    Van: *Van grabs The Clique DVD and is taking a good luck at it* Apparently some Hart loser. This would be the part I say I'm afraid to face such a family but I could make Bret job in about 3 minutes so this kid has no chance in hell.

    Wow, over 300+ exclusive minutes of unseen footage? Nice! You'd be a mark not to buy this for X-mas.

    Oh, yeah sorry but I'm not bothered about this pointless matchup anyway. Our main focus is and always will be this #1 contender match-up. This PPV is big news. When, not if, we win we get to become #1 contenders to whoever is lucky enough to be the final tag team champions before us.

    I don't care who it is, we'll beat them and take our rightful place as 1 of the most deadly tag teams to ever exist already. Considering you look at our team already we should have that title right now but I have no problem proving how amazing we truly are...Again.

    But enough about how great me and Carlos are going to make the pathetic dump that is the tag team division. What in the hell is going on with you and Eddings Athena?

    Athena: That bitch boy Eddings has been hiding under a rock lately. I've practically torn this place apart looking for him. He's not in the men's locker room, he's not in the women's locker room and big surprise he's not in any of the closets. First week he disrespected me and slapped me across the face and then last week he threw his fairy dust in my face and cost me the match. So he better run run and hide because when I catch him, and I will catch him, I will tear him limb from limb.

    Cameraman: question...where is AJ Dixon?

    Carlos looks at the camera man for a moment, then grabs him throwing him out of the locker room.

    CAR: Interview over chico.

    Carlos shuts the door behind the cameraman, as we hear muffled voices inside from Carlos, Van, and Athena. The camera's cut to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back and we see Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Well folks, so far tonight we have heard from Damaged Goods and Black Blooded.

    Rocky: A new Vanity Champion was crowned.

    Mike: And it appears Infection is unaware of where Dixon is right now. Hopefully he shows up for the main event! Otherwise it'll be a handicap match.

    Damaged Goods

    Gaileo approaches the ring to a chorus of boos, a steady step with the eye of madness. He doesn't seem to hear the chorus of boos that shower him. He doesn't even seem fazed by the circumstances that he's going in to: he approaches the ring without the presence of his partner Gommenta or his caretaker Schweinzer.

    Black Blooded

    The arena echoes with the sound of motorcycle engines as Black Blooded make the scene - and they garner even more negative attention from the fans in attendance. But surprisingly... only one motorcycle comes down the ramp with Mr. Black riding it. Gaileo stands in the ring trying to figure out what is going on... he doesn't see Mr. Blood sneak into the ring behind him. Mr. Black dismounts his bike and stares at Gaileo, then looks behind Gaileo. Gaileo turns and takes a punch from Mr. Blood, and the ref calls for the starting bell.

    Kane = Mr. Blood/Sheamus = Gaileo (start at 3:53, end at 11:34.)

    Gaileo lands a tremendous move that puts Mr. Blood down, and goes for a pin... the ref counts...



    Thr-NO! Mr. Blood kicks out. Gaileo angrily gets to his feet and tries to drag Mr. Black to his feet, only to get his eyes raked. Mr. Blood swings Gaileo into his corner - where Mr. Black eagerly awaits the tag. Mr. Black comes in with a body blow to Gaileo to try and stun him. Gaileo doesn't falter, though, and tosses Mr. Black into a neutral corner to deal some damage of his own...

    Samoa Joe=Gaileo/Abysss = Mr. Black (start at 1:16, stop at 3:55)

    Gaileo is rolled back into the ring as Mr. Black follows. As soon as Mr. Black is in range, Gaileo applies a quick leg takedown to drop Mr. Black and goes quickly into the Gailean Theory. Mr. Black writhes in agony as the submission is applied... Gaileo torques the hold ever harder... The ref asks Mr. Black if he chooses to submit...


    And Mr. Black refuses! He manages to get to a standing base and fight off Gaileo. He dashes back and makes the tag to Mr. Blood, who comes in fresh and ready to hurt something. The crowd pops - Gommenta and Schweinzer rush down from backstage to try and even the odds for Gaileo. The ref is distracted with trying to restore order and eject the interlopers - he doesn't see Gaileo land a stunning low blow to Mr. Blood. Mr. Black doesn't notice either - he hits ringside and knocks the holy hell out of Schweinzer before proceeding to brawl with Gommenta. Schweinzer gets to his feet and hits Mr. Black in the back - Mr. Black turns to put him in his place, but Gommenta instead takes advantage with the Austrian Crack and Mr. Black is laid out. In the ring, Gaileo is working over Mr. Blood... sets him up to deliver his trademark roundhouse kick to lay out Mr. Blood...

    Mr. Blood ducks the kick and Gaileo swings wild! When Gaileo turns back around, he takes a kick to the gut... and is hooked up for the Black Death! The Implact Buster lands flush, and Mr. Blood drops into the pin! The ref turns just as this happens and counts...

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    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, Black Blooded!

    Mike: Black Blooded pick up momentum going into Full Throttle.

    Rocky: I hate to say this, but I think we are going to see new tag champs this Sunday!

    Schweinzer and Gommenta realize too late what has just happened... and they both lose their minds in rage as the ref raises Mr. Blood's hand for the win. The camera's pan from Mr Blood and Black standing tall in the ring, to the back.

    We see Damien Eddings and Hollywood Homeboys standing and talking.

    Mike: Well, if it isn't Damien Eddings! The guy set to face Athena this Sunday at Full Throttle!

    Rocky: He is talking with two of the men who have been battling with Athena lately, Iceman and Whiz. I wonder what they are talking about.

    The cameraman gets closer, as Eddings eyes light up. He steps away, as Athena attacks Hollywood Homeboys from behind with a steel chair. Iceman and Whiz are out cold on the floor, as Athena looks up at Eddings. She charges after him with the chair, as Eddings turns, high tailing it. The camera man runs after, following, but within moments, loses them. He continues to run, and after turning a few corners, he catches up to them, as we see Eddings behind security, and Athena looking like she is going to pop from her anger, as the steel chair trembles in her arms. We see Smokey step out fromm the security, standing before Athena.

    Smokey: You don't play well with you?

    Athena goes to say something.

    Smokey: Shush...the boss is talking. I don't play well with others either Athena. I've noticed over the last few weeks though, you've beaten Iceman, and Whiz. Now, I know at Full Throttle it's suppose to be fan's choice, but for this one match, I'm taking the choice out of the fans hands. You see, you will face Damien Eddings and the Hollywood Homeboys in a handicap match at Full Throttle. Now, before the veins in your wrists and ankles pop, I'm going to give you some incentive for this match. If you win this match at Full Throttle, you will get to face Damien Eddings one on one at Destined for Immortality. If Damien and his Homeboys win though, well, he will get to choose whether he faces you or not at Full Throttle. of luck.

    Smokey turns, heading down the hall, as Athena looks at Eddings, who is still behind security,, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we focus on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: What huge news! If Athena wins this Sunday, she gets Eddings 1 on 1!

    Rocky: And if Eddings wins, he gets to pick if he faces her or not!

    Mike: We also still have our huge main event. Infection vs Rob Rage, KJ Punk, and Darius!

    Rocky: I can't believe Darius is teaming up with...

    Suddenly, Rocky is cut off as the lights go out, but the Insane-O-Tron comes to life. A video plays.

    *The video fades black before showing a massive explosion and a dark figure that cannot be made out walked towards the screen. As it does a voice spoke calmly.*

    "I was just one man. My world collapsed around me and went up in flames, so I disappeared, never to be seen again."

    *The figure on screen vanishes suddenly.*

    " Amidst the chaos and panic, my disappearance went unnoticed. I was once the most popular man in the world i lived in. I sold millions in merchandise. And that was before I started wrestling, but nobody noticed when i vanished. It's like they just didn't care i was gone. So I got angry. I used my anger to fuel me and eventual my passion came back. Next week, the beginning of my resurrection is here and all those who forgot about me will be forced to remember my name."

    *The screen fades into a white screen and the words today appears.*

    "Tonight is the night, be prepared, because when I return to the ring. Nobody will be safe from my revenge."

    The tron dies, as the lights turn back on.

    Mike: What in the hell?

    Rocky: I don't know...but whatever it is, we are founding out tonight!

    Mike: I heard a rumor.

    Rocky: What rumor....

    Mike: Nothing, I shouldn't say....I just heard there was a recent release from EWNCW...but it can't be him.

    Mike Hawk

    *Hawk comes out to a "Where's your case?" chant and looks at the crowd pissed as he makes his way to the ring. Hawk snatches the mic from the ring annocer and starts to speak when the noise dies down.

    Hawk: First off, I lost my case. Is that what you people want to hear, is it?

    *Crowd goes nuts and starts a "Yes!" chant.

    Hawk: I am man enough to admit my loses and mistakes, but the only mistake I made that night was not backing down. I went into the match knowing Shaz and Jackson had become buddies in the back and both of them hate my guts because I am right. But because I am a warrior, I went into that match to inflict as much damage to Shaz as possible but he pins once and our impartial referee Jackson, the only man who makes Brad Maddox look good at his job might I add, fast counted when I clearly kicked out. Jackson, I don't know what you were thinking, but you made the biggest mistake of your life. But I have a way to fix it, I want to take your briefcase and make you suffer as much as Shaz suffered when I took his and as much as I suffered when I lost mine. When we face off, I am going to give you a match so agonizing, so brutal, that before it's over, you going to beg me to take that case. Jackson, I don't just want your case, I want you head.

    ???: THE BOSS IS HERE!

    *A huge roar of the crowd as they know that saying anywhere. Jackson walks out from the back already with a mic in hand while carrying bongo drums. He stops and hit's the drums as hard as he can twice before yelling out..*

    Jackson: The BOSS Is Here!

    *Crowd cheers once more as Jackson gives a kid in the front row the bongo drums then proceeds to climb in the ring as Hawk looks agitated*

    Jackson: This shit again!? *shakes his head* Come on Hawk I thought we already been over this, you lost the match fair and square. If you don't believe me look at the replay *points to the screen*

    Hawk is the first to his feet, as Shaz is still on his hands and knees. Hawk runs into the ropes, and comes back, going for a spinning neckbreaker, but Shaz pushes Hawk off. Hawk is pushed into the other ropes, as Hawk bounces back, and is nailed by the Shaz-Ma-Taz! Hawk is dropped by the KO punch,, as Hawk immediately goes for the cover!


    Rocky: Hawk kicked out! Hawk kicked out!

    Mike: Not according to Smith he didn't!

    Jackson: As you can see you clearly kicked out after my hand dropped to make the three count, no matter how you spin it you got pinned! *Crowd pops* Shaz and me buddies, ha, we are about as buddies as Oscar Layman coming out here just being himself! What is it going to take to get it through your bird brain that you just was not the better man that night! You got Knocked out, it's that simple. Anyway, let's move on. Hate you!? I never hated you Hawk, I disliked you but I never hated you. I disliked the fact you used duct tape on Shaz, I admitted that but, the moment you decided to attack me from behind, that is when I hated you!

    *Crowd cheers*

    Jackson: You see Hawk, this briefcase right here, *holds the briefcase up* is my blood, sweat, and tears. Everyday I look at this briefcase, why, because it reminds me that I am not done yet! It tells me that this is just a small part of my journey to success, the bigger part will actually come when I become the endurance champion! *Crowd cheers* You really think you can beat me for this briefcase, don't ya!? *Hawk nods his head* I tell you what *Looks up at the Destined for Immortality sign in the rafters* I will give you a chance but, only at Destined for Immortality! *Crowd cheers* Since I am not going to cash this in and screw up the chance of people seeing Kyojin vs Symth, what do say tweetie bird? Do you accept?

    *Hawk starts to gain a devilish smile

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    Hawk: Jackson, you just made the biggest mistake of your life. Because at Destined for Immortality, I am going to give you just that. I am going to make sure you are remembered as an example on what happens when you screw me out of my title shot. I am going to make sure to capture the moment you lose on camera and plaster your face on the briefcase so that every time you see me carrying it around, you will remember all the torture you went through that night and when I finally decide to cash it in, I can take a look at the case the moment I win the title and relish in the fact that I stripped you of the only thing that keeps your relevant here.

    Jackson, you may have defended that case before, but you have never faced the likes of me. I wrestle to make others suffer, I thrive at the thought of leaving people in pools of their own blood and I aim going a kid in a candy store when I tear you limb from limb for taking away my case. Go home and think about what you just did tonight, apologize to your family for giving away your only shot at fame here and don't even think about cashing it in, because I will always be there to stop you if you do. Jackson, your reckoning begins now!

    Mike: It's official! Mike Hawk vs Jackson Smith at Destined for Immortality for the Endurance briefcase!

    Rocky: Man, Smith is going to regret this! Hawk is going to eat him alive!

    Hawk and Smith have a staredown as the fans are going crazy. The camera's cut from the two men int he ring, to the back.

    We see Dave Steele walking down the hall, and then stopping infront of a door. He storms into the room in a fit of rage. We see Smokey sitting behind his desk.

    Dave Steele: Smokey! I have had enough of this ass clown Malcolm Cage. He thinks that he can run his mouth and I'm just going to sit by and let him do that? Hell no! I've faced bigger and stronger men than Cage, he will be just another example of what happens with people who mess with me. As we both know, Destined For Immortality is coming up, and I want that punk, 1 on 1, in the ring. I don't care what kind of match it is, all I know is that Cage will taste his own blood. If I don't get this match Smokey, I will not be responsible for what happens next. All this will be on your hands.

    Smokey stands up, placing both hands on the desk.

    Smokey: What in the hell has gotten into your pricks....demanding....making your own matches...attacking each other like animals....damn...Daniel May has let this place go into the hands of the criminals. You want Malcolm Cage at Destined for Immortality? You want the chance to wrap your hands around his throat and choke the life out of him!? HMMM!? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!?

    Steele's eyes are ablaze, as he nods, smiling.

    Smokey: FINE! You'll get it...on one condition! On the Chaos after Full Throttle, you'll be in a match. Your going to face Matt Ryder, and if you win, you'll get your match. Now get out of my office before I change my mind!

    Steele smirks, as he turns, heading out of the office, as the camera's cut back to the ring.

    Mike: Wow! If Steele can defeat Matt Ryder on next weeks Chaos, he gets Malcolm Cage 1 on 1 at Destined for Immortality!

    Rocky: Huge news! Destined for Immortality is definitely shaping up to be the show of the year!

    Mike: No kidding! And we still have Full Throttle this Sunday to stop at first!

    Rocky: And we have one hell of a match coming up next Mike.

    Mike: Indeed we do Rocky. We have two great athletes with two different styles. Who will be the better man? We are about to find out.

    Emily Davis: Our next contest is scheduled for a 1 fall match.

    Carlos Alberto Ramon

    *Carlos Alberto Ramon’s music hits the arena with loud boos from the crowd*

    Emily Davis: First, hailing from Portugal, Lisbon….. CARLOS ALBERTO RAMON!!!

    Mike: You know Rocky, that Carlos Alberto Ramon moved to Mexico to learn the art of wrestling from some of the greatest Mexican wrestlers to ever step foot into the squared circle.

    Rocky: That is true Mike. Coming from a poor upbringing, he sure is making a name for himself here in the IWA.


    *Ron MaCoonie’s music hits the arena to a loud pop from the crowd*

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, he is one-half of the tag-team Kayfabulous, hailing from Pipestone, Minnesota…. RON MACOONIE!

    Rocky: Look at the size of this beast! This guy is massive.

    Mike: For those who do not know, Ron MaCoonie and Skyler Drek make up the tag-team Kayfabulous.

    Rocky: They’re like brothers, no love loss between them Mike.

    Mike: You are correct. Kayfabulous grew up in the suburbs of Pipestone, Minnesota and all they would do for fun was to wrestle each other. And there’s the bell, let’s go to the match.

    Carlos Alberto Ramon (Alberto Del Rio) vs Ron MaCoonie (Brodus Clay)

    Ramon and MaCoonie hook up, for a test of strength, as Carlos backs Ron into the corner.

    (start at 0:00, end at 2:00)

    Ramon is going for MaCoonie’s leg, and he successfully applies the Latino Leg Lock. Ramon has it locked in. MaCoonie looks like he is going to tap, but is holding as Ramon applies more pressure to the leg lock. The referee keeps asking MaCoonie if he submits, but MaCoonie is hanging on. Ramon keeps telling the referee to ask MaCoonie if he will submit, but the man from Pipestone, Minnesota is hanging on. The crowd is on their feet cheering on big Ron MaCoonie. Ramon keeps applying more pressure to the leg and Ron is starting to get an ounce of energy. MaCoonie is slowly making his way to ringside. Ron is only a few inches away from reaching those ropes. He’s about to reach the ropes and Ramon pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Ron is in pain. The crowd is behind Ron MaCoonie. Again, Ron starts clawing his way to ring side again. Ramon is slowing being tugged away from the middle of the ring. Ron is almost there. This crowd is going crazy.

    HE MAKES IT!!! Ron MaCoonie has reached the ropes. Ramon doesn’t want to let go. The referee is demanding for Ramon to let go of the Latino Leg Lock. The referee counts 1…. Ramon is not letting go. 2… 3… 4… And Ramon lets go of the hold. Ramon is arguing with the referee saying that MaCoonie had tapped out but the referee didn’t see it. He is talking trash to the referee. The referee is assuring Ramon that MaCoonie never tapped. Oh no, MaCoonie is standing on his own two feet. Ron looks like he just got his second wind.

    Ramon stops arguing with the referee and turns to face MaCoonie… SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR! Carlos Alberto Ramon is out. Is Ron going for it? Yes he is! MaCoonie goes head to the top turnbuckle, he’s measuring Ramon up… BLOG SPLASH!

    1… 2… 3… It’s over. Ron MaCoonie has defeated Carlos Alberto Ramon!

    Emily Davis: And the winner of this match RON MACOONIE!!!

    Mike: What an upset! Ron defeats Carlos, as both men head into Full Throttle for the huge triple threat #1 contenders match!

    Rocky: Damn! I thought Carlos had it in the bag! I can't believe he lost!

    The camera's cut to a commercial, as Ron stands tall celebrating his win.


    The camera's come back from the break, focusing on the entrance stage.

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    The crowd has a mixed reaction to the unfamiliar tune that plays through the speakers, but the mixed cheers and boos explode into a chorus of boos as Darius makes his way onto the stage. Darius wastes no time getting down the ramp and then slides into the ring and screams for a microphone. When he is handed one, he begins to speak as the crowd boos.

    Darius: Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY! All of you shut your ...

    The crowd screams No!

    Darius: I said shut -

    The crowd chants No!

    Darius: Why the hell are you people here?! You pay to see ME, and you won't even let me speak!? Do you know who I am?! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE BOOING?!

    The crowd chants "Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!"

    Darius: You know what, fuck you people. I'm here for business ... Business that isn't good business. I'm here because Daniel May, or Smokey ... Who ever the fuck he is, decided to put me in a match with the two most incompetent and idiotic "performers" that IWA has to offer! Are you insane?! Rob Rage has just debuted on Chaos, and you're putting him in the ring to tag with me?! Why?! He is a greenhorn in this company, and he will just get in my way, and he stole my number one contendership!! He may have beat me in that asylum match, but he didn't endure the amount of time that I did!! I AM THE RIGHTFUL CONTENDER! Making me team with him is a travesty!

    The crowd boos

    Darius: And you're making me tag with the one, the only, K! J! PUNK! I mean come on, man. What the hell are you thinking? Punk is probably backstage right now pissing his pants because he gets to tag with his superior here tonight, and I don't mean Rob Roidrage.

    The crowd explodes with boos.

    Darius: Punk, I don't think you understand what is going on right now. You're going to be in my corner ... What makes you think I won't take you down from behind? What makes you think I'll tag in? What makes you think I won't spear you? Well let me tell you something, I may have to "play nice" tonight, but you still need to watch your sorry ass. We have a match at Full Throttle, for a championship neither of us have because the "champion" and the contender are cowards and won't fight for themselves. I plan on making you cry, Punk ... And winning that championship for Mr. Smyth. So I suggest you remember that tonight.

    But I still have questions to be answered Smokey! You're just inviting Punk into the ring with the man that is going to end his pathetic career! Why the hell would you risk his life like that, Smokey?! Are you insane!? Just because you force me to tag with that tool doesn't mean I won't destroy him! Smokey, you need to get your two faced ass out here right now and give me one good goddamned reason why I shouldn't take Rage and Punk out tonight! Come out here, and ...

    KJ Punk

    KJ Punk comes out instead of Smokey, much to the dismay of Darius. KJ stands at the top of the stage with a microphone in hand

    Punk: Darius, I don’t know what your problem is. Do you have a chemical imbalance? Do we need to get you some psychiatric help? You obviously have some issues going on in that tiny little brain of yours. You’re telling me that you don’t want to tag with Rob Rage, one of the best this business has seen? I’ve had the privilege of doing it once before and I’m absolutely excited to be doing again, even if it is with your unstable self.

    The crowd pops

    Punk: I’m sure I’m going to have to keep my eye on you throughout our match to make sure you don’t try to screw me and Rob over, so you might as well not even try it. I won’t hesitate to drop you because I know that me and Rob can handle the STDs by ourselves.

    The crowd pops again for running down the Infection

    Punk: Now at Full Throttle, Darius, the fans have picked me vs you for the Endurance championship. I don’t know what kind of relationship that you and Smyth have, but Kyojin is a very good friend of mine. And I’m going to treat that championship like it was my own. I will defend it with all I have because Kyojin is the only champ in this company that’s worthy of the belt. That’s something I fight for and that’s something that he’s earned through hard work and dedication to his craft. So tonight, with you by my side along with Rage, and at Full Throttle after I beat you, I’m going to be the one in the middle of the ring, arms raised, yelling WINNER WINNER!!!!!!!!

    The crowd joins in

    Punk: CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!!!!!

    Punk and Darius stand in the ring, looking at each other.

    Mike: I bet one of these two are going to pop and attack the other!

    Rocky: I wouldn't be surprised! These two have pure hatred for each other!

    Darius looks at Punk, as he reaches a hand out, smiling. Punk looks down at it, and then back at Darius.

    Mike: What the hell? Darius wants to shake his hand!?

    Rocky: Maybe he is trying to be the bigger man since they are teaming later.

    Punk looks down at Darius's hand again, and then turns, heading out of the ring and up the ramp. He walks backwards, looking at Darius. Darius walks to the rope, grabbing the top rope, leaning over looking at Punk as he heads up the ramp smiling.

    Mike: This is weird.

    Rocky: Maybe this is Darius playing mind games.

    Mike: If it is, he is doing a great job. He is totally messing with my mind!

    The camera's cut from this last image, to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see a new wrestler standing in the ring.

    Mike: Thanks for coming back! Well it looks like it's time for IWA's newest star, Jack Jones, to make an impact!

    Rocky: I'm anxious to see who he is facing. I hear he is going up against Chris Divine!

    *An explosion erupts from the stage and the Lights go out leaving the arena in Darkness. On the Titantron the words : "IT IS TIME" appear as the voice from last week begins to speak once more.*

    "I told you that you had seven days to prepare for my return. Those seven days have passed and it is time to see just how seriously my words were taken last week."

    *On the screen flames have began to occupy most of the space with a dark figure becoming prominent in the middle. As the figure grows bigger it is clear that it is the man who is speaking. His image grows until the only reason he cannot be identified is because of the dark hooded he has over his face.*

    "My resurrection is imminent and my rise from the ashes will be great but I have not shown you all my cards yet. I still have a few tricks up my sleeves for later. For now all I have to ask you people is, are you ready for my Revenge? Well, ready or not, here I am."

    *An explosion inside the ring lights up the arena for a split second and then as it fades the darkness returns. The lights come on and in the smoke, still clearing from the explosion, stands the man from the videos, hoodie still over his face and a microphone in his hands. He pulls the the hoodie back and as some in the crowd recognize his face they gasp and sit in silence for a few moments, before the man raises his microphone to his face. The crowd know who the man is now, but they are in shock and have still remained silent as the Chris Angel look alike opens his mouth.*

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    Ali Kazam: I take it from your silence that I'm not who you were expecting. Well. That's just too bad!

    Kazam smirks, as he drops the mic, and walks down the ramp and into the ring, looking at Jack. A ref is in the ring now, as he signals for the bell.

    Ali Kazam(Ryback) vs Jack Jones(Slater)

    (start at 1:11, end at 3:20)

    Mike: Ali Kazam did it!

    Rocky: He won his debut match!

    Mike: And he made short work of Jack Jones! Wow!

    Rocky: I thought this guy was a joke from HWA...but I'm not so sure.

    *The Bell rings and Ali starts floating up into the air and stops 15 meters above the ring laying in midair as if he was on a pool lounge chair. A microphone appears out of thin air and in his hands. The crowd start cheering and Ali gets a sly smirk on his face as he rises even higher so that he can see the whole crowd beneath him.*

    Ali: “Now I hate to rain on your parade people… but….”

    *Water starts pouring from the ceiling over the entire audience and then just as quickly as it begin the water stops.*

    Ali: “… You people needed a shower. You smell. Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate that you want to cheer for me and support me, but you’re all just a little too late for that. You see, when HWA collapse, I disappeared. I went missing. Nobody knew where I was, Nobody was even looking for me. I’m not one to hold a grudge with people, but this really bugged me. It got on my nerves. DO you people know why it got on my nerves, why it bugged me so much? Do you?

    Well, let me explain. Before I disappeared, each and every moment of my life was dedicated to entertaining you people. Everything I did was for your amusement, but as soon as I went away, you people forgot about me. Nobody was screaming for me to make a return. Nobody put any effort into bringing me back from the brink of complete self destruction. I was all alone. It made me realize, that nobody out there does things for me, why should I go out of my way to bring them joy and happiness, that’s when I decided I would come back. I knew that I had to come back and make my dreams come true.

    That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to become a world champion, but first I have to make a few people pay for betraying me. For letting me fall down into the deepest depths of human despair. I have to get revenge on those who let me become nothing and those who let me be forgotten. It was you people who forgot me. When I lefty you replaced me with new idols, new heroes. People like the local loser I destroyed tonight. You threw me away from your minds and let scum in as your new role models. You forgot me. You replaced me. But now, I’m back and I’m going to get my revenge by taking out the people you replaced me with guys like Malcom Cage, Jackson Smith and KJ Punk You made them your heroes and now, I’m going to make them suffer until you people have no choice but to recognize just how magical my actions are.

    You might all be wet now, but you'll soon dry off. Don't worry though ladies, you will all be wet at Full Throttle when I pull some tricks out of my hat. You see at Full Throttle I will make an appearance. I will start my revenge and mark my words. Someone, Someone is gonna feel my magic, and they are NOT gonna have a good time. See you at Full Throttle.

    *And Just like that Ali Kazam vanished in a small explosion in mid air*

    Mike: Wow...fresh blood in IWA!

    Rocky: It's like IWA is a druggy, and we are getting shots of crack! I love it!


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Cody Hart already in the ring, as Van Hooligan X is on his way out to his music. Van climbs into the ring, and stands across from Cody, as the ref turns to the time keeper.

    Mike: Yes! Cody vs Van! I've been waiting for this since last week!

    Rocky: I have been too, consider it was suppose to happen last week!

    Van Hooligan X (Orton) vs. Cody Hart (Rhodes)
    (Start 1:25, End 3:32)

    Hart comes flying off the top with a crossbody! He connects and brings Van down hard! Hart hooks the legs and goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Thr ... NO!

    Van kicks out at the last second! Hart instantly gets back on the offensive and brings hard lefts and rights down onto Van's skull! The ref pulls Hart off of Van, so Hart sits in a corner and stalks Van as he gets to his feet. Once Van gets up, Hart charges him and attempts to connect with the Royal Clash (Codebreaker) but Van catches him mid air and brings him down with a power bomb!! The crowd starts to chant holy shit!

    Mike: WOW!! What amazing skill from Mr. Hooligan! Did you see the way he caught Cody mid-air!?

    Rocky: That could of very well just saved the match for him, Mike!

    Van gets to his feet and stomps onto Hart's legs with brutal force, and then applies a leg lock in the middle of the ring. The referee asks Hart if he wants to give up, and he just says hell no! Van starts screaming tap out at Hart! Hart starts to crawl his way to the ropes, but Van just drags him back to the center and applies pressure! Hart is trying to fight Van off but he just applies even more pressure dead center in the ring! Hart props himself up on his forearms, and then lunges forward at the ropes and manages to grab the middle rope!! The ref begins to count!

    One! Two! Three! Four!

    Van breaks up the hold at four and begins to argue with the referee, getting in his face claiming that Hart tapped out. The ref reassures Van that Cody never tapped out, so Van turns around and grabs Hart by the hair and lifts him up and holds him in front of him, but Hart begins to trade blows with Van!

    Cody! Van! Cody! Van! Van! Cody! Cody! Cody! Van! Van!

    EYE POKE! Hart jabs his thumb into Van's eye, and then goes for a schoolboy roll up!

    One! Two! No!

    Van kicks out and rolls away from Hart, favoring his eye! Hart stalks Van, and runs at him and goes for another Royal Clash, and it connects! But the veteren Van rolls out of the ring after it connects! Hart wastes no time and chases after Van! Hart picks Van up on the outside and tosses him into the steps hard! Hart picks Van back up and rolls him into the ring and stalks him in the corner!

    Van slowly gets back to his feet, and then Hart attempts to nail him with the Cut the Deck, but Van ducks! Cody turns around and gets hoisted into the air for The Vanguard, but Hart just rolls off of Van's shoulder and then nails him in the jaw with the Cut the Deck!!!

    Mike: Oh my god!! Where did that come from?!

    Rocky: I don't know but that was fucking sick!

    Van drops to the mat hard, and then Hart goes for the cover!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Cody Hart!

    Mike: And Cody picks up the win! Man, I think Carlos and Van's chances of winning the match this Sunday are slipping away.

    Rocky: I wouldn't say that. This is Infection we are talking about.

    Mike: True, well folks, we are about to hear from Israel Pamich, who I am being told is currently at the site of this years Destined for Immortality in Atlanta Georgia.

    *The Insane-O-tron shows Israel Pamich looking sharply dressed outside a huge arena, Israel then proceeds to just stare into the camera whilst letting the crowd boo him like always and when they start settling down he gains his trademark smirk as he is about to speak*

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    Israel: My name is Israel Pamich and I have something important to say

    *The crowd start booing Israel and his condescending tone once again*

    Israel: This is whats very wrong with the crowds at IWA events and that is why I am not there tonight and I am somewhere much much more important then this pitiful arena

    *The "You are an Asshole" chants start up"

    Israel: I am at the very building that at the moment seems empty and unassuming though in just over a month will become the showpiece for the IWA.
    This is the building that in just time thousands will travel across the nation to see what shall be the biggest showcase in professional wrestling and the place where Israel Pamich will start his One Man Dynasty, ironically at Destined for Immortality.

    I must say though that I am feeling a little uncomfortable in assuming that Orion Slayde and myself will win at Full Throttle but lets face it we will, I am a singles wrestler and when I have an issue with some one then I take them One on One and Ivan Draymen, this is where you come into it.

    You see I could have asked for nearly any match at Destined for Immortality and although Rob Rage has a guaranteed World title shot and i surely do not desire the Tag Team belts, I could have asked for any other match with any other wrestler and I am sure that Smokey would have the guts to make it and Daniel May would see the Business opportunity in me stealing centre stage against any opponent of my choosing and whoever this third personality is I have no time for, I have decided to show the Integrity and Honour needed for such a prestigious event and decided not to take Kyojin's Endurance title nor teach Mr Smyth a thing or two about whats good for business NO, I decided to finish what I started and thats to show the IWA and everyone watching on EWN cable that Ivan Draymen is nothing but a drain on IWA resources and although Draymen you do not deserve a match of this caliber let me assure you that I deserve to have my name up in lights and you are the stepping stone thats going to get me seen.

    You see while I could win championships or win No 1 contenders matches what is truly most important to me is being The One Man Dynasty and the reason for this is being a One Man Dynasty is about changing the wrestling world for the better through Integrity, Honour, Hard Work and sacrifice and instilling these principles onto the wrestlers and yourselves and while you can boo all you like for me the saddest thing about the world today is that Integrity and Morals are not goals that we as a race do not aspire to though I assure you and heres comes a **Spoiler alert** when I defeat and I will defeat Draymen at DFI I promise that the dawning of a new age in the wrestling world will be upon us and it will be delivered through Brutal strength in Poetic motion and the One Man Dynasty will be fulfilled

    Israel Pamich v Ivan Draymen

    Sounds good doesnt it?

    Pamich grins, as the tron fades to black.

    Mike: Wow! Pamich wants Draymen one on one at Destined for Immortality! I wonder if it will happen?

    Victor Elric

    Victor Elric comes out from the back to a good pop from the fans, as he heads down the ramp and into the ring. He goes to the corner where he is handed a mic, as he turns around, looking around. He has a look of sheer determination woven into it, as he raises the mic.

    Elric: Slayde! I know you are here! Tonight you will face my wrath, tonight you will face Judgment! Slayde, for the last few weeks I have been subjected to random assaults by your hand, why I do not know, and truthfully I do not care. My only concern is that you face your punishment like a man. So, come down here now and prepare to get your just desserts.

    *Elric stands in the center of the ring, his eyes fixated on the entrance ramp. A few minutes go by and there is no sign of Slayde. Elric's eyes remain until the fans begin to chant "Boring boring"*

    Elirc: The fans are correct, this is indeed boring, and it only serves to add to your insult, Slayde! You, you are nothing more than a coward! I little insignificant man who has based the majority of his career on being partners with a monster! You have no true success, everything you had was earned by someone else! care to prove me wrong? Than come out here now and face me!

    *Again Elric waist but again no signs of Slayde. Elric begins to get frustrated, but calms down*

    Elric: Fine, so be it! If Slayde will not come out here and face his punishment, than I ask, no demand he be forced to at Destined For Immortality! Smokey, you make this happen!

    The Insane-O-Tron comes to life, as we see Smokey sitting behind his desk in his office.

    Smokey: You know, I'm getting really sick of this. You animals demanding things. What have you done to deserve a match against Slayde? Hmm? What have you done to deserve being here in IWA? HMM!? I digress though. I'm in a giving mood, I mean, it's that time of the year isn't it? Mistletoe, christmas trees, lights, presents, all that holly jolly stuff that makes me sick. Well Elric, here is your present. You and Ivan are teaming up this Sunday to take on Slayde and Pamich in a ladder match. There will be a contract above the ring. Now, whomever gets it, will be in for a reward. See, at Destined for Immortality, we will see Orion Slayde vs Victor Elric, and Ivan Draymen vs Israel Pamich. The person in the match to retrieve the contract, will have the choice of the stipulation for their match at Destined for Immortality. So Victor, if you retrieve it, you could make your match against Slayde No DQ. If Pamich gets it, he could make it a last man standing match. If Slayde gets it, he could make it a 10,000 thumbtack match. If Ivan gets get the point. So Victor, with that in mind, best of luck!

    The tron dies, as Elric nods at the tron.

    Mike: Huge news for this Sunday!

    Rocky: I couldn't say it better myself! This tag match now has higher stakes.

    The camera's cut to a commercial break.


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