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    The crowd goes wild for KJ’s name as Smyth brings the microphone up to his lips once more.

    Mr. Smyth: Well, that's that sorted. Just do me a favour and polish that belt for me, as when I take it from you at Full Throttle, I want it in pristine condition.

    You see, regardless of how you think it will end, the only certainty is that I will have the winning representative. Your guys are good, but they're not great like my guys and as a result, you will feel the need to jump in and interfere. I will be Endurance champion after Full Throttle, and you will be exposed as the insecure, uninspiring, and untrusting man that you are.

    Crowd boos

    And that...well that's what's best for business.

    Mr. Smyth turns to leave but Kyojin isn't finished.

    Kyojin: Woah Smyth, I’m not done just yet. You see, we’re talking about Full Throttle- but that’s not for another three weeks yet, we have three weeks of Chaos that we need to get out of the way- and I’ve got the perfect idea.

    You see, I want to make you suffer, I want you to realise that come Full Throttle, you won’t stand a chance against me- because of my superior skills at making choices. You’re a businessman, so you know what it’s like when you have competition- well I’m competition, and I’m itching to see you get your ass kicked.

    So how about this? From here until Full Throttle, I pick your opponents. Each week, you have a match and I find myself a representative that can easily step in for me and kick your ass all over this arena.

    Smyth smirks and shakes his head before turning to leave once more.

    Kyojin: What’s the matter Smyth? Are you scared? Do you realise that for once, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? Well you see, I always had you down as a coward, I always had you down as a little bitch, but you’ve surprised me.

    I’m offering you a free run, all the way up to Full Throttle, you won’t have to ever worry about facing me. If you don’t accept this, Daniel May could put us in a match next week, and let’s face it, the one thing you haven’t done so far is wanted to face me- otherwise it would have been your ass I kicked at Lost Cause.

    So what are you scared of here? I won’t pull what I did with Antonyo Angelo back in ICW and pick myself, I can assure you of that. Instead, I’ll find three great challenges for you. So, what’s it to be Smyth?

    Are you gonna be a man, or are you always going to be known as a little bitch?

    The fans explode with cheers and begin another Little Bitch chant as Smyth is clearly getting agitated on the ramp.

    Mr. Smyth: Shut up!

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: We're in the middle of a business deal here, so stop acting like children, keep those mouths shut and let the adults handle their business.

    Crowd boos even louder.

    Mr. Smyth: As for you, since you're re-hashing up old gimmick ideas, lets at least make it fair. I'll agree to this if you agree that I can pick your opponents over the next three weeks.

    The crowd pops slightly as Kyojin nods in the ring.

    Kyojin: Okay Smyth, that’s a no-brainer. You’re on!

    The crowd explodes and begins a Kyojin chant.

    Kyojin: But as for what’s going to happen- let me be the first to tell you, you’ll fall time and time again over these next three weeks, and then at Full Throttle, your representative will lose to mine, because let’s face it, it’s just not meant to be for you Smyth.

    Your career is only just starting, and when I’m done with you- it’s gonna be over.

    The crowd explodes again as Kyojin throws the microphone aside and a staredown ensues.


    Rocky: Wow! Huge news for the next few weeks, and for Full Throttle. We now have our second official match for the PPV!

    The camera's fade to a commercial with this staredown.


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    Jeff Lay-Hardy

    Mike: Jeff Hardy!?

    Rocky: Aw that druggy burn out!

    *The crowd pop for the theme of Jeff Hardy, as he comes out from the Gorrila Position. He struts down the ramp, before it becomes clear that it's Oscar Layman - which causes the fans to get louder! He slides into the ring, before being given a mic*

    Mike: I guess we've got Jeff Lay-Hardy!

    Rocky: God I hate much

    Oscar: Wow. This is... this is cool. I mean... you people... are here... to watch wrestling. That's rad. Now, let me remind you of... of... of when I wrestled last. I-I-I-I mean, I beat Brock Lesnar! I beat Zack Ryder. I'm... I'm an accom- accomplizh- accomp- I'm a professional wrestler! And all, all my creatures of the fright... you're my creatures of the fright. You're all really awesome dudes. You inspired me on to victory. With... that Wells fellow. I threw a penny in a Well before. I made... a wishhh........ It didn't come true.

    Now... now, where did I put my weed? Has... has anyone seen my marijuana. And.... before you say... it's medicinal. I have... I have... I have too-big-testes syndrome, and I need... my drugs. *points to the audience*. Do you have my roll. I-I-I need it. If that... if that Usain Kingston has it, Imma kill him.

    But rega- regard- refarting. But about wrestling, I need to move on. To better things, Brock and Ryder. They're legends, I mean, Brock Lesnar is a UFC Champion! And Ryder... he parties.... like, hard. But now I need to move onto better things. I need- I need more of a challenge! I need someone... to test me. I need to get higher! In more... more ways than one by the way


    Mike: Who is this!?

    Rocky: I'm not sure. I'm just thankful he is here!

    ????: Ladies and Gentleman Would you please bring your attention to me. My name is Domino and not only am I the future of this Federation. But I'm here to make the greatest impact in the history of wrestling. Bye taking down this trash in the ring. Listen Jeff.. Jeff.. Your always so high and I came and interrupted this said excuse for a promo and bring you down to earth and give you a little wake up call, and earthquake if you will. You see my name is Domino and I came from the City of Angels and I came here to this federation as gods gift to wrestling to get rid of this poison this vile disgusting human being, and since your poison I am the antidote that will rid the IWA of you once and for all.

    Oscar: Excuse... excuse me Domino. What... what gives YOU, the right to interrupt me and my creatures of the fright. Jeff Lay-Hardy isn't going to tak... take anything. Not an interruption, and definitely not up the rear - which... which I'm sure you would like. You.... you would want.... want me to bend over for you. You... you may be from the City of Angels... but you still qualify for an ass kicking from me! Is that.... is that what you want? What... what do you want? To "rid... a disgusting... a disgusting human being from IWA". You are the cancer that IWA has! You can say a few words, but i.... is that meant to scar- scare me? I have won... won last pay-per-view. I ain't scared of that crazy purple dragon behind you, so I ain't scared of you!

    *Domino Turns around to look for a purple dragon*

    Domino: Are you high or incredibly stupid? If you are I can call the authorities not have to resort to physical means, and that would be one less person I have to get rid of in the IWA. I do not take any things up the rear, I am a saint, and believe me I use to be like you. A sinner, I mean Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future. I have changed, but you sir are so deep you have no future, so I'm going to give you to the count of 10 to get out of the ring and never show your face again or you can stay in that ring and try to give me this quality ass-kicking. But rest assure its going to be difficult to give an ass-kicking with both arms broken.

    *Domino begins walking to the ring slowly.

    Domino: 1....2....3....

    Oscar: 4,5,6, uhh 69, 23, 91, 34.72, 10! And I'm not moving! That purple dragon will rip your head off! In fact, I'm gonna name him. Hello... Deuce! Deuce the Dragon! I think... I think Deuce is.... is sill pissed from your WWE days! Deuce and Domino, were... were never as good as the Lay-Hardys! You're.... right though. Every saint has a past. But I am a party-er! I was a party-er! And I will always be a party-er! You may try to rid me of my sin, but the sin will.... stay in ma soul! Just like my semen is still in your mum!

    Domino: I am not that Domino that Domino is a worthless Jobber who somehow got stuck in the 70s, but I digress. And my mom is a beautiful women she would never let such garbage lay a finger on here. You know what I realized? You are nothing more than a worthless Jobber, I would call you a tool but at least a tool serves a purpose. I can dispose of you anytime I like, and soon you will be taken care of. Your days are limited in the IWC, so enjoy it while it last, it may be next week, next month, our the end of the night, all you need to know is your time is coming. And once a Domino is pushed everything in front will eventually come crashing down. And I'm going to watch you burn! I'll see you soon.

    *Domino turns around and begins to walk away*

    Oscar: Careful dude, I don't want Deuce the Dragon to eat your head. I want to destroy you myself! You... you say ma time is coming, and you're right! Ma time is coming.... soon. Soon I will be World Champion. But the only thing you gotta look forward to, is an ass kicking!

    Domino turns back, looking at Oscar, smiling. Oscar is at the ropes,, motioning for Domino to bring it.

    Mike: What the!? Who is that!

    A man jumps over the barrier, sliding into the ring. Domino points behind Oscar, as Layman turns around, and is connected by a huge superkick from the man!

    Rocky: That's Jack Phenix! A former EWA star!

    Domino comes running back into the ring, as both men begin to stomp and beat down on Oscar.

    Mike: Someone stop these two! This was unwarranted!

    Rocky: Finally, someone kicking the shit out of Oscar!


    A man comes running out from the back, hastily making his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. Domino immediately turns to the man.

    Rocky: HEY! WHO IS THAT!? Get out of that ring now and let Domino and Phenix finish the job!

    Domino goes running at the man, as the man catches Domino and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Domino immediately rolls out of the ring, as Phenix looks at the man, as the man goes after Phenix, but Phenix immediately bales out of the ring.

    Mike: I'm being told that man is one of IWA's newest stars, Ace Note!

    Note looks down, checking on Layman, as Layman slowly gets to his feet. The four men all staredown each other, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    Brock Edwards

    *Out comes both Ryder and Brock. They come out to some heavy boos. There are some chanting "You Suck!" and others chanting "You Sold Out" which are directed to Matt Ryder. Brock seems upset while Matt is trying to record some stuff. He then is interrupted mid-way by Brock who grabs the camera and breaks it with his foot. Ryder is now also upset. Both men continue to the ring. Once inside the ring, Ryder asks for some mics and hands on to Brock.*

    Brock: At Lost Cause....

    *The crowd interrupts Brock by chanting "You Lost".*

    Brock: Hey, how about all of you shut your damn mouths and listen for once. As I was trying to say, at Lost Cause I admit it.......... Matt here lost.

    *Matt then turns around and looks confused at Brock.*

    Ryder: Hold on there, bro. I thought we were a team. Which means we share the blame as equals.

    Brock: You see Matt, not only did you lose, but we both got screwed.

    Ryder: Wait. Just hold on a second.You are putting the blame on me. Don't forget you also got hit with a finisher which you did nothing to get out off.

    Brock: Fair enough. However, how we lost is a mystery to me.

    Ryder: As to me.

    Brock: Come on look at us we are the definition of perfection. We couldn't have lost to a gimmick stealing idiot and a never was, never will be dumbass in Ryan Wells. Come on the guy lost his EWNCW title lost his title not too long ago. He shouldn't even be in the same ring as us.

    Ryder: Have you seen how he dresses? The bro clearly has no swag.

    Brock: On top of that he has no......

    Ryan Wells

    *Ryan Wells' music hits and the crowd jumps up screaming in cheerings, lifting up posters and excited to see Wells, and it gets even more loud when they see him come out on the stage, with his arms raised out, flexing, still celebrating his win at Lost Cause. And then he runs to the ring full spring, sliding in, making Ryder and Edwards back up in fear. Wells is handed a mic*
    Wells: Man, you two need counseling. *Crowd laughs* And yeah, I did lose my Evolution Title not too long ago, but...I still managed to beat both of you in my PPV you're even lower then you are putting me in your mind..and I say mind because your brains together only has enough brain cells for a normal person, rather then 2.

    At Lose Cause, you did what you said you wouldn't do, and that was lose to me. But as usual, both of you had...performance issues. Oscar and I, proved that you two are shit as a team, shit as wrestlers, and even shit as people in general. You insult MY fans, you insult this sport, and you insult humanity by living. And that's not cool by any means, with me, the person you lost to at Lost Cause.

    You thought I was some wash-up, some has-been, or as you said, "never-has-been and never-will-be". But I proved that I still got it, if not just entering my prime now, and you two had to be the people I used as examples to show my dominance and my skill as a wrestler. And hell, I'm up 2-0 on both of you. I can actually win matches, and people actually like, which both of you have neither going for you. THIS IS MY RING! *Raises his arms up in an explosion of cheers* I beat you both, in MY RING! And I will be IWA World Champion, and you two will go down if you get in my way in any shape, form, or way!

    Beating you both was the first step, and now the second, is to be World Champion! I am one of the most seasoned wrestlers on this roster and one of the most successful of all-time, let alone everyone here in IWA. You two are rejects, pathetic, horrible, and just waste of space, time, and oxygen. I proved that yet again at Lost Cause, even though everyone here already knew that, along with anyone who has even half a brain cell. You guys are ruining your wrestling careers, not that you both had any to begin with, but the point still remains. You guys are ruining the image of this company by being associated with it in anyway. Hell, you guys are ruining your romance between each other by fighting in public! And you guys are ruining MY ring, so get the fuck out of it!

    *Crowd starts shaking the building with yelling and cheering for Wells, while they are chanting, "Ryan Wells, Ryan Wells"*

    Brock: Come on Matt I see we are not wanted here.

    Brock and Matt start to head over to the ropes, but Brock stops just as he is about to leave.

    Brock: Oh wait no were aren't leaving. You see this not your ring or the fan's ring. This is my ring. You see Matt got pinned at Lost Cause not me. Which got me thinking, why don't you face me to see who is better? Or are you too afraid?

    Wells drops his mic, moving towards Brock and Matt, as Brock grabs Matt throwing him at Wells. Brock bails out of the ring, as Wells pulls Ryder in for a powerbomb. Before he lifts him, Ryan looks at Brock, and does the cut throat pose, before lifting Ryder into the air and then drops him with a huge powerbomb! Wells hasn't let go, as he lifts Ryder up once more, and powerbombs him again. Wells gets to his feet, and climbs a corner, posing, and points at Brock.

    Mike: Wells just sent a message to that coward Edwards.

    Rocky: Coward? He isn't a coward. He is a genius.

    The camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    Skyler Drek and Ron Macoonie comes out from the Gorilla position, visibly amped up as they make their debuts on Chaos. As Drek kneels on one knee and does a short exaggerated air guitar solo at the top of the ramp while Macoonie does the Hulk Hogan bicep flexes. Both men are out in their wrestling attire, Drek with basic wrestling gear and trunks and Macoonie in a baby blue singlet along with black T-shirts that read “Goldberg = World’s Worst Parking Valet” except that Macoonie seems to have his on backward. After their small performance is over, Ron and Skyler go to the front rows, circled around the ring and begin slapping high fives with the few hands willing to extend their arms out. Though most of the audience don’t know how to respond to this new tag team, a small sect of fans begin cheering for them as they enter the ring. All of a sudden, Macoonie appears to be in some sort of trance as he just stares out into the crowd with wide eyes whilst muttering something inaudible. Noticing his erratic behavior, Skyler Drek grabs a microphone and gesticulates for their music to be cut.

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “What’s the problem, man? You alright?”

    When he receives no response, Drek starts to get a little more anxious and slowly waves a hand centimeters in front of Ron’s face, hoping to coax some kind of response from him.

    “Helloooooooooo? Anyone there?”

    When the waving fails to bare any results, he starts snapping his fingers right next to his ear. When that fails, he tries the other ear but to no avail. He raises the microphone up to Ron’s face so that he can hear what he’s saying better.

    “Dude, you are starting to freak me out. Is there something wr-“

    ::Ron Macoonie::


    Drek gets confused with the reply he gets and questions Ron further, hoping to understand what his malfunction is.

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “ ’Puh’? The heck’s a ‘puh’? Seriously, bro. Chill out.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “POP! POP! POP! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my GAWWWWWD! It’s our first pop…MY first pop! I can’t believe this! I’m so excited right now! This is going in my blog!”

    Ron begins running around the ring in a circle, screaming and yelling about getting his first pop on a wrestling show. The patrons in the stands begins to point and laugh at his childish display and if his hypnotized trance wasn’t annoying enough, now he had to deal with prancing, skipping and yelling. When Ron made his full rotation and was about to approach him, Drek flicks Ron in the head, stopping him dead in his tracks. As Ron rubs on his forehead, Drek grabs another microphone, throws it to Ron and reprimands him for his recent actions.

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Broseph, calm down. One: It was just a small pop. 2: Marking out like a spazz when you’re cutting a promo is not cool. ‘Kay? NOT cool. Three: You’ve got your shirt on backwards.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “I know. I did that on purpose.”

    ::Skyler Drek::


    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “To prove a point.”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Which is…”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “That even my backwards shirt is less backwards than Vince Russo’s booking! Wakka wakka!”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Hahahahaha! Good one!”

    Skyler and Ron fist bump each other but Drek quickly sobers up.

    “But let’s be serious here, man. I think they have the right to know who we are so why don’t we let these people know how Skyler Drek and Ron Macoonie handle their business?! You ready?!”

    ::Ron Macoonie:


    ::Skyler Drek::


    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Easy, man! Gotta avoid gimmick infringement after all.”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Heh. Sorry. Got ahead of myself. Anywho, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, furries and bronies, what you people are looking at is the most charismatic, controversial, dynamic duo of bros in tights since the Hollywood Blondes, we are…KAYFABULOUS! And everywhere we go, kayfabe…”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Will be broken!”

    At the end of their introduction, the audience is in total silence, not knowing what to make of anything that they've just said.

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Yo, Ron. I think the kind folks here aren’t quite aware exactly what kayfabe is or why we’re intent on breaking it badder than Bryan Cranston.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Haaaahahahahahahahaha, ha, ha, ho, hi, ha, aha, ha, hu, hi, ha, haaaa. And I thought my jokes were bad.”

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Pssh. Wise guy. Anways, where was I? Oh right, kayfabe. What exactly is kayfabe?
    From professional wrestling’s earliest inception in the years preceding the Civil War period to the modern, diverse era that incorporates gimmicks, theatrics and multiple wrestling styles, it has been a rich staple in America’s history. But in the past 60 years or so, with the upbringing of said new dynamics to this illustrious sport, a concept, a shield of innocence, a thick, expertly woven fabric of illusion was created to allow those, who wished to simply be entertained by what the promoters allowed to be revealed to worldwide audience. That fabric is known as kayfabe.

    You see, fans have certain unique tastes. Some would rather sit back and enjoy the show. Others, commonly known as ‘smarks’ wish to learn more and actually feel as if they’re in the know with their favorite pastimes. Both are fine standpoints and all but unfortunately, we’ve come to realize that some of you fans out there are missing out on what could be a lot of interesting information about the wrestling business as well as some of the wrestlers in the back.”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “For instance, how many of have wonder whether or not that Athena is a man or not?”

    There’s a small outburst of laughter from the audience and Skyler Drek rides on the wave of momentum.

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “Or better yet, how many of you guys want to know the real story behind Matt Ryder and Brock Edward’s love affair?”

    There’s more cheering from the crowd now and Kayfabulous eats it up.

    “And with all the crazy things that have been going on with the Clique and Rob Rage, don’t you guys wanna know the real story behind it? Doesn’t it interest you in the slightest?! Well?!”

    The crowd answers back with an emphatic “Hell yeah!”

    “Well, that’s what I like to hear: interest. Good! Well, Ron, since the IWA has opened its arms to us and has allowed us to run roughshod over kayfabe and make wrestling a hell of a lot more fun for everyone, why don’t we skip the pleasantries and get right down to business?”

    ::Ron Macoonie::

    “Why not? Since Kayfabulous has landed here in the IWA, besides breaking kayfabe, there’s only one thing on our minds and that’s the IWA Tag Team championships, currently held by none other than Damaged Goods.

    At the mention of the tag team champions, everyone in the stands begin to boo Damaged Goods. Macoonie acts surprised at their reaction.

    “Yikes. Talk about heat. Well, we don’t know much about Gommenta and Gaileo but from what I’ve been able to figure out, neither one of ‘em like to speak too much. Well, once we get in the ring with ‘em, for those belts. Gommenta, Gaileo or Sebastian Schweizner won’t be able to say much as their jaws will be too busy being left wide open as we get Kayfabulous on their asses and win those titles!”

    Skyler starts clapping in the background as he gets a decent pop to his declaration.

    ::Skyler Drek::

    “You tell ‘em, Ron. At the end of the day, we’re not only the most innovative tag team of all time but we’ve got moves that even Jagger would be envious of so whether it’s Damaged Goods, The Clique…it doesn’t matter. We’ll beat ‘em all if we have to because there’s never been a team like us nor will there ev-!”

    Carlos Alberto Ramon

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    *Before Drek can finish off what he was about to say, a very familiar theme plays out around the arena and it’s instantly greeted by boo’s and Jeer’s from the crowd..

    From behind the curtain out steps the Portuguese superstar Carlos Alberto Ramon with his trademark cocky grin and swagger, the multi-time world champion Van Hooligan is at his side and is also sporting a cocky, arrogant smile.. Ramon takes in the reaction of the crowd one last time before smiling and receiving a microphone at the top of the stage*

    Ramon: Okay chicos, play time is over.. Now get out of our ring!

    *Ramon’s words are greeted instantly with more boo’s as Drek and Macoonie show no sign of leaving the ring*

    Ramon: Look, I know how excited you nerds must be to be on the same show as us.. I mean who isn’t excited when they see the two best wrestlers in the world today, just take these fans.. They love us!

    *Crowd again respond with boo’s as both Ramon and Van smirk*

    Ramon: But as I said.. Play time is over now, You have had your five minutes of fame.. It’s time to leave our ring, head back to the backstage.. Get on your laptops and type up your blog’s and put the word out that who ever the tag team champions are around here.. The Infection is coming for them! And believe me.. We don’t make threat’s.. we just make promises!

    *Once again Drek and Macoonie show no signs of moving and Ramon’s cocky expression has turned into one of anger*

    Ramon: Esta é a última vez que eu vou pedir, this is the last time I’m going to ask you nicely, get out of our ring!

    *Ramon and Van take a few more steps down the ramp but again.. No sign of movement from Drek and Macoonie*

    Ramon: Fine have it your way, If you want to stand in that ring and be wrestling’s answer to Laurel & Hardy then fine, but come on.. You can’t honestly believe you have any shot of the tag titles with us around? Just look at yourselves and then look at us.. We are the perfect blend of ability, charisma, looks and intelligence.. You guys? *Ramon laughs* well you are the perfect blend of in-breeding! *Ramon turns to Van as both laugh* One of you is built like Pewee Herman while the other is built like that marshmallow thing from Ghostbusters!

    And you are talking about the tag team titles? *Ramon laughs* no chance! As for you talking about Athena, she must be the only women you have seen in a long time that wasn’t on your computer screens right? I can assure you.. Athena is all women, but even she is more man then either of you resíduos de espaços will ever be!

    *Ramon then hands the mic to Van Hooligan as both men take a few more steps down the ramp*

    Van: See, this is what makes this place just so grand! The roster around here has just been...lacking in the department of true threats. The booing increases as they stop just outside of the ring.

    Now you all may boo me but you still can't hide the fact that what I'm saying is fact. You should be thanking me that The Infection would even consider being on your show, yet alone save it.

    But this is the thing, on day 1 on signing into the clock we made AJ Dixon your world champion. That's pretty quick even by my standards of getting things done. Now naturally we're going to make sure that his reign is the most rememberable reign in IWA history but we have 1 bigger goal in mind.

    That, dumb and dumber, is the tag team titles.

    I don't care who you are, I don't care what you think you can do and I especially don't give a fuck about the hollow words you'll even continue to say. You've got hack shit on me and Carlos.

    Not only are we the most feared Clique members. But we have decided to join forces once again to form 50% of the newest unstoppable object to obliterate moveable objects such as yourself.

    We plan on not just being tag team champions, we're going to be the best tag team of the year! You will all be witnesses to the new division of tag teams that is dominated by me and Mr. Ramon here.

    So please ladies. Try to get on our level as soon as possible or you're going to be remembered as 1 of our first victims.


    Three people walk out from the back, 1 of them being Cody Hart. They each have a mic as the music is cut right off. Kayfabolous is in the ring, Carlos and VHX are on the ramp, and Hart and the other 2 are on the entrance stage.

    Hart: Well, what do we have here? Two nerds, and two losers. Just for clarification, the nerds are the two chuckleheads in the ring, and the two losers are the rejects on the ramp. See, everyone saw what happened at Lost Cause. They saw my return. It's been a long time coming, and while I was anticipating coming out here with the Endurance Championship, those plans did not come to fruition. That's fine, because myself and my family here, we have bigger plans. You see, we've come here for gold. My brother and I want those tag titles, and our lovely lady, well, she wants the Vanity Championship that is in the works. You see, we all come from wrestling royalty. Myself, and my brother, we are the sons of the late Owen Hart.

    An Owen chant breaks out, as Cody smiles.

    Hart: And this girl, she is a part of the Hart family even though her last name isn't hart. So, I'm going to let her introduce herself.

    Hart lowers his mic, as the girl raises hers.

    ???: For those who aren't familiar on who I am, my name is Ashley Kid. I'm the daughter of the wrestling great, Dynamite Kid. Now for those who aren't aware, my father was a brother in law to Bret Hart. Now some of you might not consider that connection between myself and these two blood worthy, but we grew up together, we did everything together. As far as I am concerned, these two boys right here, they are my brothers. I will do anything for them, and I know they will do anything for me. Now, I spoke with Daniel May, the owner of this fledgling company, and I've learned that the bombshell division is booming, and he is going to be introducing the Vanity Championship, a title for the women in IWA, very very soon. Let me make one thing clear. I come from wrestling royalty. If that doesn't make me better than each of you, then when I prove to each and everyone of you in the ring that I am the best in ring technician, that'll prove I am better than each of you. That Vanity Championship is coming my way very very soon. Now, I'm going to pass the moment over to my brother, Ryan Hart.

    Ashley lowers her mic, as Ryan raises his.

    Ryan Hart: Now, as my brother Cody was saying, we are here for gold. Kayfabolous, you are a disgrace to wrestling. Literally a disgrace. You are the nerds who sit on their computer, bashing people like myself, Cody, and Ashley. You hide behind your screens and keyboards, saying the things people are afraid to say to our faces. If it wasn't for the fact your not worth the dirt under my boots, we'd come down there and kick your asses now. Like I said though, you aren't worth it. A team that might be worth it though, is you two.

    Ryan points to VHX and Car, as the fans boo.

    Ryan: Now, who do we have here? Van Hooligan X, a former champion, a former dual champion. A man who has made a mark in the wrestling world. You may not be wrestling royalty, but you are definitely a real challenge. As for your tag partner, well, I don't have as many kind words. You see, you might boast about your accomplishments, but this is coming from a place that is now dead. In our eyes, you are the dead weight that is dragging that team down.

    Ryan lowers his mic, as Cody raises his once more.

    Cody: See, you two teams, while unique in your own right, you aren't us. You are royalty, you aren't championship material. We are special. We are...

    Ashley and Ryan raises their mics.

    Ryan, Ashley, Cody: Three of a Kind.

    They all lower their mics, as we have a big group staredown, with everyone looking around at each other.

    Mike: Wow! Two new teams in IWA! The tag team division is heating up!

    Rocky: My money is on either Carlos and VHX, or Three of a Kind. Those nerds in the ring just don't seem like champs to me.

    The camera's cut to the back at this point.

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    *The screen lights up, showing all of Black Blooded standing outside of a door, a production assistant is pleading with Mr. Blood, who is getting angrier by the second, in the corner of the screen the letters B. B. can be seen, as the camera twirls to reveal that Vivica is holding it, the helmeted men of Black Blooded around her and their leaders.*

    PA: You can't just barge in there without an appointment, Mr. May is a very important man, and he is very very busy expanding and maintaining the IWA brand. You have to leave now!

    Mr. Blood: Excuse me boy? Are you trying to tell us what we have to do?

    PA: Well, no but you need an appointment to see Mr. May, I am afraid I have to insist. Now, we do have some appointments available sometime next month or so, but none sooner I'm afraid.

    Mr. Blood: Get the fucking door please.

    PA: I most certainly will not sir!

    Mr. Blood: I wasn't talking to you, you pathetic fucking kiss-ass.

    *Mr. Black stands up, no longer leaning comfortably against the wall he grabs the PA with one hand, and slams him against the door hard enough to cause it to fall, the poor assistant with it, who quickly scrambles behind Daniel May's desk, all of Black Blooded following behind him into the office*

    PA: *From behind the desk* You can't be in here!!!

    Mr. Blood and Daniel May simultaneously: Shut Up!

    Daniel May: Now then gentlemen, I assume that you have a good reason for breaking my door and abusing my employees?

    Mr. Blood: Don't you try to fuck around with us, you saw damn well what happened at Lost Cause. We got fucked, ain't no two ways about it.

    Daniel May: What I saw was you two lose a match to a couple of guys that you claimed didn't deserve to even be a team, despite the assistance of this little minx, followed by you repeatedly assaulting my crewmembers for doing their jobs. By the way, the fan response to the "BB Cam" has been positive, so I will allow you to keep it up, but I will be taking the price of the camera out of your checks, as well as the price to fix my door.

    Mr. Blood: I don't give a fuck! What I care about is getting my hands on those scrawny pieces of shit, and showing them what a real tag team is. What We want, is to face those dirty sons of bitches alone, just us and them, so we can take what should have been ours from the fucking beginning. So we can grind them into the fucking mud beneath our boots and show them what the real Dominant Fucking Predators around here look like!

    Mr. Black: Damn right!

    Daniel May: And just why would I be inclined to grant you that? You couldn't get the job done before, and there are other teams waiting for their shot.

    Mr. Black: Like fucking who?

    Mr. Blood: Who do you got? Who do you got that can kick half as much ass, put on half the fucking show that we can? Who do you got that is nearly as good as us? What, you gonna have yourself another jackassathalon to find another random pair of faceless assholes that might just have the same beginner's luck?

    Daniel May: You know as well as I that there are other deserving teams here in IWA, you will just have to wait your tur-

    Mr. Blood: Who? The Gonorrhea twins? Mimic the wandering jackass and his boy sidekick? Who else do you got?

    Daniel May: Look, you knew when you signed up that you would not receive preferential treatment, this isn't like JBW, where you can just walk on out to a title match just for the shock value, we have rules in place here. If you gentlemen do not find that to your liking, well you both have release clauses in your contracts, you can leave at any time.

    Mr. Blood: That's a damn fine idea, Black and I can just go for a walk, leave these boys here to fend for themselves, I am sure that our gears here will do just fine unsupervised, I mean, it's not like their a bunch of bloodthirsty maniacs only being held by our leash or nothing.

    Daniel May: You know I won't be bullied V-

    Mr. Blood: Hey now, don't you start with that shit. Hell Smokey I know you can't be intimidated, that's why we're working for you and not the other way 'round, but listen here. I am trying to talk some sense into you. We all know just how much that match will be worth, how much of those mouthbreathing sister-fucking rednecks would just love to watch and hope that someone finally takes out Black Blooded, only to leave with the same crushing sense of disappointment that fills their women every single night.

    Daniel May: My name is not Smokey, you know my name just as well as I know yours Mr V-

    Mr. Blood: I said hold off on that shit alright. Look, Make the match happen May, it's the best choice for business and you damn well know it. Those boys winning that match was a fucking fluke, no one, not even the most retarded little fucking dirt-humper could have guessed that. You think that they are really gonna last long anyway? Hell, one of the retard twins falls over and you'll be left with half a team.

    Daniel May: Be that as it may you will get your chance in the proper time, I am sure that when you regain the number one contender-ship through normal means like everyone else, you will get to prove that they just got lucky.

    Mr. Blood: If they survive as a team. You have your growing tag division headed together by a team that is still trying to figure out how to fucking travel together and you think that is gonna attract the top tag talent here? Put that against people wanting to pit themselves against an established team at the top of their game, that has had each other's back since grade school? A team that has had success together all over the world? JBW put us in that match for the same reason you hired us, because they know, just like you know, that we are the best god damned tag team around, end of story.

    Daniel May: Look, I get what you are saying, I know your reputation, that's why we signed you, but I can't just jump you to the top of the line because you ask. That's now how this business runs.

    Mr. Blood: No, this business runs on ratings, and money, and you know we make you shit-tons of both every time we are on that fucking screen, let alone in a match. We are fucking Gold, you know that for a damned fact, that's why you signed off on us bringing the boys here, hell, that's why you pay us so damn much in the first place. Win or lose, when we get our hands on those boys, we'll make them famous. Win or lose, when we are done with those boys, the world will fucking know their names, you know that for a damned fact. Win or lose, the house wins, just like it always does.

    Daniel May: Alright, you want your shot? You want your chance to make someone famous? Fine, Full Throttle, just the four of you.

    Mr. Blood: Why thank you boss, you made the right choice.

    Daniel May: And when I say just the four of you Mr. Blood, I mean it. As pretty as Vivica is, she had better find herself a comfy spot to watch the match from backstage. If I see her getting herself involved then I may find that her contract is just too expensive for the business to bear.

    *A gasp is heard from behind the camera*

    Mr. Blood: Fine by me, I could take both of those pansy-assed sons of bitches on myself before breakfast.

    Daniel May: Then we're agreed? Fantastic, get the hell out of my office.

    Mr. Blood: Time to leave the bossman here to his paperwork boys, up and out.

    *Grinning, Mr. Blood leads the way, with Vivica walking behind last, recording the backs of the men as they walk out and down the hall to their bikes, parked on each side of the hallway. As the camera leaves earshot of Daniel May's office, his voice can still be made out. The last scene of the camera before it is shut off is of the licence plate on the back of a gear's bike, it reads. CHOOCHOO*

    Daniel May: Hey. Yeah, they stopped by, send someone over in maintenance down here, and tell him to bring a door. Yes, a door, you heard me.

    The camera's fade to a commercial


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    Mike: Wow! What huge news! Black Blooded vs Damaged Goods at Full Throttle for the Tag Titles! I wonder what the fans will get to vote on!

    Sagittarius Blue

    Sagittarius Blue comes out from the back by himself, as he heads down the ramp and straight into the ring. He wastes no time in grabbing a mic, as the music fades.

    Sagittarius Blue (speaking softly):Over the last few days, people have told me that I'm possessed...that I have a demon in my head. They tell me I've been acting just a little... * eye twitches slightly * crazy. And you know... yeah, I have. Just a little bit. * slight facial tick * I'm a little off today. I've been a little off over the past few days. Weeks, even.And you know... I do have a demon. Just a little demon.

    --- turns to face the entrance ramp and yells into the mic ---

    Sagittarius Blue: CHRIS DIVINE!!!You've been on my back for weeks now, but that, I don't care about.What I DO care about... is you've been hurting Pisces Pink to get tome! What kind of man are you, Divine? Are you a man at all? No,you're a sorry ass bag of scum dressed up as a human! (Crowd starts to chant “Scumbag.”) Exactly! You guys are exactly correct!Chris. Divine. Is. A. SCUMBAG. What other kind of being attacks women? What other kind of being handcuffs me... to the ring... *looks slowly at the spot where he was cuffed to the ring, tone becomes lower and more ominous * … and makes me watch as he takes two steel chairs... * looks over at the spot where Pisces was laid out on the mat * … and decimates... * voice trails off * …decimates Pisces... * Sagittarius goes silent for a moment, looking at the spot where it all went wrong *

    Sagittarius Blue: * another facial tick, this one looks like an angry snarl for a moment * Divine...this was supposed to be between just you and me. At Lost Cause, we were supposed to finish this. * facial tick... followed by a gutturalgrowl * But you chose to continue your sick little game. * looks down at the mat, no movement except for another eye twitch * Fine. The saga continues. And it will continue until I leave you sputtering in a pool of your own blood! You want me, Divine? YOU WANT ME?! Well HERE I AM, Divine! Come on!!! Right now! COME GET ME RIGHT NOW!!!

    Chris Divine

    Chris Divine walks out from the back, smirking, as he has a mic in one hand, and the JBW Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder. His music is cut right off, as he raises the mic to speak.

    Divine: The last week, Divine has been having people chomp at the bit to talk with him about what he did. The fact of the matter is, Divine kept silent for the most part. The reason was, Divine felt that no one, no one but you Sagittarius, deserved to hear what Divine had to say. See, since the time you burst on the big scene in wrestling, it's been you and Pisces. It's been the two of you with each others backs. That bond, that connection. It's something people strive for. It's what people spend their whole lives trying to find, and some are lucky enough to find it, and others merely let it pass them by. Sagittarius Blue, when I look at you and Pisces together, I see that connection. I know that no matter what life takes either of you, you will always stay strong.

    Divine starts walking down the ramp, as he reaches the bottom, he begins to speak once more.

    Divine: See, that connection can be translated in some other ways. In can be translated in the love the fans have for a wrestler. It can be translated to the adoration others in the back have for the go to guy in the company. Divine wants to show you something Sagittarius.

    Divine turns, pointing to the titantron. We see footage from HWA. We see Chris Divine, coming to save HolyJose and effectively getting the fans behind his back. We see footage from each week leading to the final PPV for HWA where Divine wins the Universal Championship. Each week, the fans cheer for Divine more and harder. We see footage of Divine talking to other wrestlers in the back from HWA. We see him high five some, shake hands with others, and give advice to a good handful. The final shot, is of Divine holding the Universal Championship in the hell in a cell match against Antonyo Angelo, with the roar of the fans behind him. The video fades to black.

    Divine: Do you see that Sagittarius? Do you see the connection? That is the closest Divine has come in regards to the connection you have with Pisces. But then Blue, as we all know, the rug was pulled out.

    Divine climbs onto the steel steps and to the apron. He looks at Blue, as it looks like it's taking everything Blue has not to attack Divine right now and rip his head off.

    Divine: Watch the screen Blue.

    Divine points to the tron again. We see footage from ICW, right after HWA collapsed.

    Quote Originally Posted by ICW View Post
    Divine: Now, people are probably wondering why I am out here. Nevermind, that is a stupid thought. Everyone knows why Chris Divine is out here. It's because Chris Divine equals ICW!

    The fans start chanting a mix of Divine and ICW, as Divine grins.

    Divine: Now first up, Divine was originally going to come out here and challenge Azu Sphinx to a match at Glory Days, but I don't want to wait. So, the challenge Azu, is for next weeks Karnage. If you think you are the man, if you think you can beat this champ, then meet Divine in the ring next week and prove Divine wrong. Oh...and Sagittarius Blue, Divine saw your win earlier in the night. Kudos. Divine is going to have a word with you between now and next week, so don't be surprised when I come a knockin.

    Divine: Now, there is a big reason Chris Divine came out here. Let Divine regale you all with a story. See, Divine was a part of two companies, ICW, and HWA. Hell, Divine was even a champ for HWA.

    The fans boo MASSIVELY at the mention of HWA.

    Divine: Divine loved being in HWA. HWA was the place Divine wanted to go when I came back into wrestling. Now, Divine beat Antonyo Angelo, the very Antonyo Angelo that is in the main event at Glory Days, for this title right here. Divine busted his ass, and proved he deserved a top spot. At Death Row, Divine solidified himself as a main eventer. Than came the phone call.

    The fans somewhat boo.

    Divine: Divine was at the airport, getting ready to fly to HWA Anarchy's next show, when Divine got a phone call. He got a call from Eric Bischoff, saying to go home. He told Divine "You are not needed, and won't be needed". Now of course Divine thought this meant he was fired, so Divine asked. What did Eric Bischoff say? "No, Broc Flucker and Dave Sullivan decide to sell out. They got an offer from a bigger and better company in Japan, so they sold all of the contracts for HWA. They took their men, tucked their balls between their legs, and ran. Now this other company, this other company just bought HWA out so they wouldn't have competition. So they terminated every contract from HWA." Now of course, Divine was pissed upon hearing this. Divine learned a few things in the last few days though. The first, there is a wave coming. A wave of talent. ICW is going to be hit with some of the best wrestlers in the business today. So...for you faithful in attendance and at home, be prepared, because ICW will never be the same.

    The next thing Divine has learned, is that ICW is like a phoenix. See, out of the ashes of HWA, ICW is going to rise up. People called HWA the #1 wrestling company in the world, surpassing WWE, TNA, even EWNCW....well HWA is done. HWA is over. This is IC FUCKING W!

    Divine: Divine doesn't hold anything against Eric Bischoff. People may not like Bischoff, but atleast he had the balls to call Divine to say it was over. Broc Flucker, Dave Sullivan, all the other higher ups in HWA, you can go fluck yourselves! When you are at home, and the money has run out, and you are sitting there wishing you had something to do and a way to make money, tune in to ICW. It'll at that exact moment when Divine will be standing in this ring the ICW Champion. It will be in that exact moment when Divine will look into the camera and say "Broc, Dave, this is what you missed out on. This is what you sold out on. This is what you left when you took your balls and ran like little bitches". This title right here, this title is trash.

    Divine takes the HWA Universal Championship and throws it into the trash can in the ring.

    Divine: Now, Divine said ICW is like a phoenix, and for a phoenix to be reborn, it has to burn.

    Divine pulls out lighter fluid, spraying it into the can. He then takes a lighter, striking it, as a flame comes to life. he throws it into the can, as the garbage can inside goes up in flames.

    Divine: People around the world will know the ICW Champinship as the #1 title. People around the world will talk about the X-Treme Division and the X-Treme Championship. People will say that ICW's tag team division is the premier division in wrestling. People will say the Endurance Championship matches are the most solid wrestling matches in the world. We are Insane Championship Mother Fucking Wrestling, and we are gunning for the top spot. Be prepared, because this is the golden age of wrestling!

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    The tron dies, as Divine looks back at Blue.

    Divine: That moment right there, that moment was when it all went away. The fans turned on Divine for burning the belt, the other wrestlers in the back thought Divine's ego was inflated for the things I said about HWA and myself and ICW. It all went away, and since then, I've has been alone. I've had to sit and listen to these fans boo me week in and week out. I've had to listen to them chant asshole. I've had to ride by myself from show to show because no one wants to be associated with me. You name it, and I've been alone in doing it. So...why should these fans have someone to cheer for?! Why should you have someone you get to be happy with!? DO YOU THINK IT'S FAIR I'M REJECTED BY EVERYONE!? DO YOU!?

    Divine's eyes are flaring, as he stares at Blue.

    Divine: That's why! That's why I've tormented you. That's why I've made your life, your girlfriends life, a living hell! This is my mission! I'm going to bring everyone down to the pits that I'm at. Maybe then when everyone is at the level I am at, they will see what it feels like to be rejected, to be alone! I'm not going to stop Blue! I'm not going to stop until your whole world caves in around you, and in that moment, I'll be there, knowing that you have lost everything, and it'll be all because of me!!!!

    Divine is now face to face with Blue, as both men have rage in their eyes. Sagittarius Blue looks deep into Divine's eyes, and the rage between both men is palpable. Finally...

    Sagittarius Blue: You had better have a better reason for what you've done to me... to us. Don't you dare come to me with an adolescent outburst like this because you have nobody on your side. Don't you dare try to make this because you're all by yourself. Fact of life, Divine: when it all comes down to it, we are all alone. No matter how much support we have, we are the ones who have to tread our own paths. Others may open the doors for us, but only we can walk through it. You made mine and Pisces' lives miserable for a prepubescent shit fit? Wait, that's not the worst of it...

    Sagittarius Blue walks away, pacing as he speaks... then turns slowly with a level stare at Divine...

    Sagittarius Blue: What's so sad about this... is that you did it to yourself. You burned the belt. You caused your misfortune. The fans never turned on you, the wrestlers never turned on you, the world never turned on you... You turned on them. You disrespected them, you spat on them, and you're surprised that you got what you did?

    Sagittarius looks at Divine incredulously, genuinely unable to understand what the problem is.

    Sagittarius Blue: I've done my share of controversial things. Hell, it's in my nature - I don't color in between the lines. But I can accept the consequences. I will not blame others for my failures. I OWN EVERY ACTION THAT I TAKE. AND I SURE AS HELL DON'T ATTACK INNOCENT BYSTANDERS FOR IT!

    Sagittarius is trebling with pure fury... flashing back to being handcuffed and watching Pisces get beaten. Hearing the steel on flesh over and over... He gets back up in Divine's face, fighting to find the words to express his anger.

    Sagittarius Blue: No free pass, Divine. Every action has consequences. And deciding to beat the hell out of Pisces Pink will bring you some of the most painful consequences you will ever experience. Because what you're trying to take from me... you'll never have. Every time you try, that hole you were talking about? It just keeps getting deeper. All I'm going to do is start filling it with dirt. With you at the bottom. At the bottom of your mile-deep, dark, empty, miserable pit called despair. Enjoy hell, Chris Divine... they're waiting for you.

    Divine is face to face with Blue, as he raises the microphone once more.

    Divine: Did this to myself? You think I did this to myself!?

    Divine takes a step back, but doesn't stop glaring at Blue.

    Divine: I didn't do nothing to myself! I tried to start a revolution. I tried to change the pace of ICW, and what did I get for it? Shit on! The fact of the matter is Blue, you aren't a threat, you aren't someone I have to be worry about. The consequences you speak of for my actions, there won't be any! Don't you understand!?

    The fans are just booing Divine, as he glares at Blue.

    Divine: You might be right Blue...I may never have what you have...I may never have these fans support again....I may never have the boys in the back behind him 100%....but you know what Blue. FUCK THEM! FUCK ALL THEM AND FUCK YOU!

    The fans start chanting No Fuck You, as Divine stands, eyeing down Blue.

    Divine: Blue, I have said he is going to make your life a living hell, and I want to make a statement. Bigger than attacking your butch boyfriend Pisces Pink. Bigger than handcuffing you to the ring. I want to leave a mark on the fans, the boys in the back, and you. In January, IWA has it's biggest show of the year, Destined for Immortality. I want the chance to get into the ring with you, 1 on 1. No disqualification, no count out, no outside interference, just Divine vs Blue going 1 on 1. What do you say Blue? Will you go toe to toe with the Divine One? Or will you skip out like a chumpette?

    Divine stands there, as Blue goes to raise the mic.

    Divine: Hold on there Blue. Before you answer...know this. You say I'm going to hell...that may be true...but when I do go, I'll be taking your ass with me!

    Divine glares at Blue, as Blue raises the mic to speak once more.

    Sagittarius cocks his head as he listens to Divine...

    Sagittarius Blue: ... Fuck me? Fuck... me?!?


    No, bitch, FUCK YOU.

    I can't express how much I can't stand you, Divine... but the crazy part is, I pity you. You fell from grace and landed on your ass, and now you don't know what to do about it but thrash and cry and throw a tantrum. You could be great, Divine. You could be better than ever. Now you're just going to be a bloody mess when this is done. See, you still don't understand what I have that you don't. It's not just the fans who are with me. It's not just the guys in the back. I have something that no other man will ever have. I have Pisces Pink. Someone who will always care for me, win or lose - and someone I will always care for.

    But my words won't reach you, Divine. That's just fine with me. That means we get to do one more dance. Just the two of us. Our own private sonata with the backbeat of adrenaline and the tempo of what drives us. Destined for Immortality will be our venue. The biggest stage of all time for the biggest feud of all time. Once and for all, Divine. For better or worse, this will come to an end. No rules. No interruptions. No excuses.

    And Divine, just so you know... You can't take me to hell if I break your arms before I toss you in.

    Divine and Blue glare at each other, as the announcers are speechless. The camera's fade to a commercial break.


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    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Whiz is already in the ring for a match, and his tag partner, Iceman is on the outside looking on. A ref is in the ring waiting.


    Athena walks out from the back to boos, as she makes her way down the ramp and into the ring. She looks at Whiz, as the ref signals the bell.

    (Skip at 5:35, Athena/Chyna, Whiz/Jericho)

    *Athena breaks out of the pin as Whiz looks shocked! Whiz picks Athena back up, but Athena kicks him in the gut and lays him out with a Clothesline! Athena taunts Whiz, as the crowd boo but she picks Whiz back up, and runs from one side to another before laying her out with a massive Big Boot! Athena still isn't done though, she picks Whiz up to hit a Powerbomb, but Whiz rolls it up for the cover*




    *Whiz and Athena both get up, before trading vicious shots!*


    *Whiz goes for another shot but Athena grabs his hand, and kicks him in the gut before puting her arm on his neck! She motions Chokeslam but Whiz headbutts her head, and kicks her in the gut, before striking with a Dropkick! He does a little dance, before pulling Athena's hair and hitting her with a Leg Drop! Whiz does another dance, and this time gets up the turnbuckle!*

    *Athena is getting up, and Whiz goes for a dropkick off the turnbuckle, but Athena grabs his legs and throws it on the canvas! Before locking him in an Elevated Boston Crab! She increaes the pressure, as Whiz screams out for help! He crawls to the ropes, but she goes to the middle! However, Whiz uses his hands to pull Athena's hair as she screams! Athena breaks out of the hold, and slaps Whiz in the face, before laying him out with a Flying Clothesline! She goes for the cover*




    *Athena grabs Whiz and goes for a Big Boot, but Whiz ducks, and counters with a Superkick! He picks her up by the hair, and slams her face to his knee as he taunts her! Whiz awaits Athena to get up, by motioning for the Spear! She's up, he runs, but Athena moves out of the way causing Whiz to hit the turnbuckle, Whiz turns around, Big Boot, but Whiz ducks! Athena and Whiz both turn around, and Whiz lays Athena out with a Spear! He goes for the cover*




    *Whiz picks Athena back up, and they both trade shots, but Athena ducks a shot from Whiz before striking with a Superkick! But Whiz moves out of the way and goes for another Spear, however Athena moves out of the way but Whiz lands on his feet! Whiz turns around to a kick in the gut from Athena! She sets him up for the Amazon Slam, and hits it! She goes for the cover*




    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Athena!

    Athena raises her arm victoriously and asks for a mic.

    Athena: Is this it? Huh? Is this is the best that the IWA has to offer?

    The fans begin to boo.

    Athena: I wanted a challenge! I deserve a challenge!

    Athena points at the man on the ground.

    Athena: This was a joke! This match showed me how greatly I've been underestimated around here, but that's all going to change. I refuse to be treated like a weakling like Iceman and Whiz so if there's anyone back there that thinks he can give me a better challenge than these losers then get your ass out here!

    Damian Eddings

    Damian Eddings
    enters the arena to a mixed reaction.

    Eddings: Hello, and welcome to Men on IWA! Today's topic- Athena, that bitch that looks like a sexy man, but ain't got the balls for it! *winks* To keep it short and simple, unlike me, Athena is a man-looking lady that needs to be put in her place, suga, and I'm just the man to do it! Whiz and Iceman aren't good enough to do it, so I'll have to! Athena, baby, let me 'splain something to you- You're dealing with Damian Eddings, the sexiest man to walk the earth. You can face me in the ring, but yous a lady, so yous can't have my finisher, you know what I mean? *winks*

    Athena laughs hysterically.

    Athena: Look buddy... sister... lady I don't know what you heard, but I don't swing... whatever way it is you swing. So if you're looking for a date I'm not the right girl for you and if you're looking for a shopping buddy I'm also not the right girl for you. I'm here looking for a challenge and I'm not talking about walking around in high heels.

    Damian shrugs.

    Athena: So unless you have some kind of sugar daddy you think might be able to give me a challenge inside the ring then I suggest you get the hell out my face.
    Damian: Well, listen here, man-lady bitch, we's gonna have ourselves a little party next week, and guess what? I'm gonna be the host suga! I'm gonna take you down, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it!

    *Eddings checks his Elton John watch*

    Damian: Oh, well it looks like we's out of time, but we gonna see you next week when I kick this bitch's ass, baby! Preview time!

    *Eddings slaps Athena in the face and quickly rolls out of the ring as his theme plays and he struts backwards up the ramp, smirking at the pissed woman in the ring.*

    Mike: Well it looks like Eddings has pissed Athena off!

    Rocky: I'd hate to piss her off. I bet her thighs could snap my head off!

    Mike: Would you really put your head there?

    Rocky: Head where?

    Mike: Nevermind...I'm not going there...

    The camera's cut to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see Kyojin already in the ring.

    Mike: And Kyojin is out here for his match. I wonder who Smyth is going to pick.

    Rocky: I bet whoever he picks, will demolish Kyojin.

    Mike: I don't know, Kyojin fended off Hart, and that was an intense match.

    Mr. Smyth walks onto the stage, and is met by a barrage of boos. Kyojin waits in the ring, giving Mr. Smyth a death stare.

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    Mr. Smyth: So here it is then. The moment where you find out who I have chosen to pick as your opponent. I'm not going to do a long and witty promo, I'm just going to get straight to it.

    Mr. Smyth removes his jacket, and starts walking to the ring with a purpose. The crowd explodes with cheers as Kyojin grows an evil smile on his face. Kyojin get's ready to pounce on Smyth, but then Mr. Smyth stops and starts to laugh.

    Mr. Smyth: Seriously? Twice in one night?

    The crowd boos as Smyth walks back up the ramp.

    Mr. Smyth: Gullible. No, what I have done is made an excellent decision. You see, I was thinking of making life get progressively worse for you as the weeks go on. You know what I mean, don't you Kyojin? Something a bit easier to kick off with, and then your challenges get progressively harder. But then I thought what would be the point? Why miss that opportunity? So instead, I though I'd organise this for you.

    Mr. Smyth steps to one side, as his hand gestures towards the entrance.

    Black Blooded

    Black Blooded come out, not on bikes this time, but walking. It's just the two men, no other members and no Vivica, as they head down the ramp and into the ring. The ref rings for the bell, as

    Kyojin(Orton) vs. Black Blooded(edge/Dibiase)

    (start at 3:16, end at 5:22)

    Blood has Kyojin down on the mat, as he lifts Kyojin up and whips him into Black Bloodeds corner. Blood walks over, and tags in his partner, Mr Black. Black steps into the ring, as both men grab Kyojin, and irish whip him hard into the ropes. Kyojin bounces back, and is taken down hard by a double big boot! Black goes for the cover, as Blood steps out onto the apron.


    Mike: And Kyojin keeps this match going!

    Rocky: Dang, I thought Black Blooded had it in the big after that double big boot!

    Black gets to his feet, as he lifts Kyojin to a standing position. Black traps the arms of Kyojin, and begins to feverously head butting Kyojin over and over.

    Rocky: Yes! Kyojin is bleeding!

    Mike: Black must have a hard head.

    Black lets go of Kyojin, as Kyojin drops like a sack of potatoes, covered in blood. Black reaches down with one hand, lifting Kyojin up by the throat. Black drives Kyojin into the corner hard, choking him in the corner. He won’t let go, as the ref starts counting.


    Black steps away, raising his hands. The ref admonishes, as Black goes right back at Kyojin. Black nails three stiff shots in the corner. Kyojin is slumped in the corner, as Black lfits Kyojin to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Black grabs the throat of Kyojin, as if he is going for another choke slam. Black pulls Kyojin off the top, but as he spins him around in the air, Kyojin grabs the head of Black and counters the choke slam attempt with a tornado DDT! Both men are down, as the fans are rallying behind Kyojin. Kyojin is getting to his feet, as is Black. Kyojin kicks Black hard in each thigh, twice, until Black drops to his knees. Kyojin turns, running into the ropes, as he comes back. He runs at Black, and takes him down hard with a running shining wizard! Kyojin goes for the cover.


    Black kicks out right before 3! Both men get to their feet, as Kyojin goes to irish Black, but Black counters, irish whipping Kyojin instead. Kyojin bounces back, as he goes for a hurricarana on Black, Black counters into a powerbomb! Black gets to his feet, as he goes and tags in Mr Blood. Blood climbs into the ring, looking at Kyojin who is still down on the ring mat. Blood reaches down to grab Kyojin, but Kyojin counters with a quick roll up!


    Mike: Kyojin almost had it!

    Rocky: He was playing possum! That’s dirty!

    Mike: How is that dirty!?

    Both men get to their feet, as Blood and Kyojin begin to trade blows.


    Mr Blood has the upperhand, as he irish whips Kyojin into the ropes. Kyojin bounces back, as Blood goes for a clothesline, Kyojin ducks it. He springboards off the ropes, and takes Blood down with a tornado DDT! Black is attempting to step into the ring, as Kyojin nails big with a huge roundhouse kick, taking him out of the ring and down to the arena floor! Kyojin looks at Blood, seeing him in the prone position, as Kyojin climbs to the top. He looks behind himself, making sure Blood is still in the right position. RISING SUN! Kyojin comes off with the double rotation moonsault, but Blood rolls out of the way. Kyojin lands hard on his back, as Blood is back up, and pulls Kyojin in. BLOOD DROP! Mr Blood drops Kyojin with the pedigree, as he goes for the cover.


    Emily: The winners of this match, Black Blooded!

    Black climbs back into the ring, as Black Blooded stand triumphant in the ring. The camera’s pan to the back, where we see Mr Smyth watching on a monitor smiling. The camera's cut to a commercial break.


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