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    Final filler: Working on the show now...once I have it done, I'll post all of it! And then, it'll be time for the big announcement!

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    Chaos Theme

    The theme for Chaos blares over the PA system, as the camera's zoom in and out on the fans and their signs. They turn to the announcers, Mike Johnson and Rocky Reynolds.

    Mike: Thanks for joining us folks, and what a night we have in store for you!

    Rocky: That's putting it lightly! We have a World title match tonight, and all of the aftermath of Lost Cause.

    Mike: And for those who didn't catch the PPV, Rob Rage returned to wrestling and won the Insane Asylum match, securing himself a World title shot and the main event spot for Destined for Immortality in 2 months.

    Rocky: We also saw the sly Mr Smyth substitute someone else in for him in the Endurance Championship.

    Mike: But Kyojin still managed to retain.

    Rocky: Do you know who didn't retain? KJ Punk!

    Mike: True, we have a new champion in AJ Dixon, but I get the feeling Punk might win that title back.

    AJ Dixon

    Natural Born Killaz comes across the speakers. Primetime steps out on to the ramp. He has the IWA World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. Dixon takes a step and takes a big breath and exhales. Dixon walks down the ramp and stops at the top of the steps and just smiles at the crowd. He smirks and laughs as he steps through the ropes and walks to the middle of the ring. He raises the Title into the air, laughing while the crowd boos him. Primetime places the title back on his shoulder and yanks the mic away from the stage hand. Dixon looks at the crowd and starts to talk.

    Dixon: IWA has finally reached Primetime status. Say hello to your new IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Primetime AJ Dixon!

    The crowd boos as Dixon Soaks in the heat from the crowd.

    Dixon: Oh, your hatin’! Your hatin’ is why I am standin’ in front of you as your new champion. Your hate was the fuel. Your hate was wat fueled me at Lost Cause! Primetime took on two jokers, two bootlickers, two poser wannabe wrestlers... and left with the title. I promised them hell, and I delivered. Ya boi Primetime is in da spotlight now! HAHA!

    The crowd whines and moans as Primetime continues to gloat.

    My first world title, oh man and it feels good. I am happy ta finally represent y’all as we move in to an age of Primetime. No one is going ta stop me not Punk, not Darius, and definitely not Rob fucking Rage. If you don’t already know, Rage won da Insane Asylum match at Lost Cause which gave him at shot at da IWA Heavyweight Championship. Think is is dat I won dat very title at Lost Cause. Makin’ it Rob Rage versus Primetime. Rob Rage may have beaten IWA at Lost Cause, but he didn’t go up against Primetime. See, Primetime is not given dis title up, I just got it. I plan on havin’ it for a long time!

    At Lost Cause, a statement was made. A statement that changed the way IWA is going to be from now on. Daniel May does not run IWA anymore, no IWA is run by a new breed. IWA is run by the a new group of power.

    We are the end!

    We are the finale!


    The crowd boos as Dixon glares at the crowd with a smile on his face.

    The Infection is in IWA to show you what you have been missing all along. You have been blinded by the shit dat IWA has been feeding you. We are here to see IWA crumble and to watch as everything goes up in flames. We are the only thing left in dis GOD DAMN world dat is worth anything and now you will all see dat it was meant to be dis way all along.

    The crowd showers Dixon with boos as he acknowledges the crowds hatred.

    Oh dat hate, it will do ya no good. Like it or not, you are here ta witness The Infection takeover. You are all here ta see our reign begin. Ya haterz are too late, cuz you and IWA have already been INFECTED! And it all starts right now. Hashtag-bring out da Amazon!


    *Athena, a beautiful and very muscular woman, walks down the ramp and into the ring with a mixture of cheers and boos directed at her. She enters the ring, flexes her muscles and a bit and is handed a mic.*

    Athena: Who the hell are you booing at?

    *Loud boos can be heard from the crowd now.*

    Athena: You people don't know a thing about me and you're already judging me just like I knew you would. And you know how I knew? Because you're all sheep.

    *The boos get even louder losing all of her previous support.*

    Athena: You're all sheep and you hate me because I don't fit into that mold you were all made from. You think I'm a freak because my body is toned and muscular instead of skinny and frail like most of the bimbos in this business. Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not here to prance around in short skirts and high heels. And I'm not here to settle for a Women's title, oh no! I'm sure you can tell just by looking at me that I'd squash any of the bimbos in this business like a bug so I have my sights set much higher which is why I've been assigned to the men's division full time.

    *A mixture of cheers and boos can be heard once more.*

    Athena: That's why I joined the Infection because they're not like all you sheep, they're visionaries, men who see the way things really are and not how they're told. These guys accept me for who I am, they're not trying to make me fit their mold. They don't see me as just a woman, they see me as a weapon of mass destruction. So let me introduce the last two members of the Infection Van Hooligan X and Carlos Alberto Ramon.

    Carlos Ramon & Van Hooligan X

    *Just then Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X both come out to even greater boos. Seems IWA remembers both what these men have done so far in their careers. They both walk down to the ring in their own time and grab a microphone and wait for the music to die. Van walks forward and looks like he's going to talk but the boos intensify all of a sudden and he glances at his team mates who're all smiling or grining.*

    VHX: Seems you remember me then. But, for those who're just too dumb to realise who I am. Let me remind you. I am The Vanity! The 3 time world champion, 1 of the most gifted and feared wrestlers going today. A man with a silver tongue more valuable then Diamonds and a man who gets the job done. Van Hooligan X.

    *Them boos man. How can 1 man smirk with such volumes of boo'ing?!*

    Van: Now. Before I talk about the present and the bright future IWA faces. I need to just get something off of my chest about the past. As you all know. I tapped out to Kyojin at Glory Days to make him the final ICW World Champion.

    So naturally that makes him the winner of our little war right? Wrong! Dead wrong! Why would I, risk myself injury in a painful submission maneuver for a title that was going to end as soon as 1 of us would win? That, blind people, is called a tactical retreat. So congrats Kyojin, you were a world champion for about 15 minutes.

    It's a massive shame I recently destroyed him by making him tap out like a bitch at EWNCWs No Guts, No Glory PPV to prove that he won the battle and I won the war!

    *Carlos realises Vans getting louder and more angry with every passing sentence, so he puts a hand on his shoulders and gives him a nod. Van nods back and takes a deep breathe.*

    Van: But now that the past is dealt with. So onto more recent matters. IWA. I'm seriously not impressed. Not 1 bit. Take your roster for example. Take away AJ Dixon, your current world champion right now might I add. You're left with Kyojin who had that 15 minute world championship reign at the beginning Hell! Add KJ Punk and I'm still beating the entire roster in just world championships. You make me sick! How can you have a show without quality wrestlers such as me and Carlos.

    But alas, we're finally here. To kill this monstrosity and replace it with a federation that has not just gone new levels, but overtaken dynasty federations that have wish they could even rival with this glorious new place. Were the best 4 wrestlers will dominate for a very, very long time. The infection is already here ladies and gentlemen.

    But why am I exactly back. Well, I'm not back for the world championship. No, all of the people who wish they could even touch the shiny title are safe to stay delusional in thinking they have a shot.

    No, I've already climbed that mountain and although it's always appealing to want to be at the top. I've got a new challenge up my sleeve. See, me and Carlos have been very good friends. You may remember that unbeaten faction called The Clique? Kinda fucked people up just for shits n giggles.

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    Well, whilst The Clique may be no more with HWA, we're still just as strong as ever. We aim to prove that as fact by not just winning the IWA tag team titles but by destroying the tag team division and making the division a division you fear, a division that is at stupidly higher levels then right now.

    Me and Carlos are going to obliterate all contenders and not 1 thing anyone can do...To stop it!

    *Van steps back and hands the mic to Ramon*

    CAR: It's just like my Amigo said.. for a long time we have been known as the two biggest, best and baddest heels in the business.. what's worse then that? Us teaming together *Ramon smirks* You see, the Clique *crowd boo's* The Clique will be known as the best faction is wrestling history and that's true.. but the Clique had faults, the Clique was a group of men that wanted change, that was done with seeing people with far less talent getting ahead and standing in our way so we joined together to do something about it..

    *Crowd continue booing*

    CAR: We dominated and destroyed the biggest company at the time in wrestling, we took the gold and then we were done so we killed it! But like I said.. The Clique had faults, Every member of the Clique joined together for change, but ultimately was in it for himself, Van held the world title.. But did I want to take it from him? Your damn right I did, I was holding the Adrenaline Championship but do you really think Chainz and the others were not jealous of my position? off course they were.. But this group *Ramon laughs* this group is untouchable!

    *Crowd boo*

    CAR: This group has no faults and we are all in it together! Me and Van will dominate the tag title seen.. *crowd boo* You bichano's are booing *Ramon smiles* who's going to stand in our way? Black Blooded or Damaged Goods? Eu acho que não *Ramon laughs* I don't think so! they look good because everyone else is simply that bad.. but us *Ramon points to himself and Van* there is nobody better!

    *Crowd heavily boo*

    CAR: They you have Athena the Amazon! The most dominant women in wrestling! The only women that could stand with such greatness in the ring and look better for it.. Athena will show these "Men" what wrestling is.. She will embarrass those that mock the thought of a women beating a man.. she will destroy anyone that imposes her, and more importantly like us.. She's just another reason why the Infection can not be touched when it comes to ability!

    *Ramon then looks over at Dixon*

    CAR: Then you take the champion! A man both me and Van helped to speed up his title reign.. lets face it, with the talent around here, it was a only a matter of time before he became champion anyways.. Now with the infection at his side, he will reign with such dominance that even Bruno Sammartino would be impressed!

    *Ramon laughs before his facial expressions get serious*

    CAR: We also hear a few mumbles that many of you in the back are not impressed that the infection has arrived and snatched the spotlight right away.. what was you expecting? the ratings were dropping chico's, the fans didn't want to see sub-standard wrestling and circus act characters who would of thought.. *Ramon smirks* They wanted some top level talent.. star power and it's arrived.. Your looking at it!

    But it's simple, You don't like it.. then try and do something about it! It's your funeral *Ramon once again smirks* The revolution has started and IWA has been infected!

    *Ramon then drops the mic and stands along side his group members, with the crowd booing.. Infection shrug it off with confidence and arrogance, but then they all turn around in shock as a familiar mic-ed voice is heard loud and clear from behind the curtain*

    ???: You want somebody to do something about it? Well go on then, I’ll give it a go!

    The crowd explodes as Rob Rage, the man who won the main event of Lost Cause, the Insane Asylum match, on his debut, bursts through the curtain! He’s wearing his JBW Underground Championship over his shoulder, and thumps it twice with his fist, before turning his sights to AJ and his IWA Word Heavyweight Championship. He then points with two fingers, making the shape of a pistol with his hand, at AJ and his title, mocks firing at him then motions around his waist signifying that more gold is soon going to be coming around his waist. He then holds the mic up to his mouth, and begins to speak.

    Rage: So it’s the Infection that you’re calling yourself now then is it? You say that you’re a completely different beast to what The Clique was? Well that’s not how I see it, and I can be damn sure that that’s not how these fans see it either! The way I see it, it’s still just a group of you self-entitled bitches grouping together to get ahead. Sure, you’ve got some talent. I’d even say that you’re great in between these ropes. The problem is, at this level, everybody is. Everybody is great to just have got here.

    Your problem was that you just aren’t patient enough. Sure, you’re talented enough that you’d receive some success if you worked hard. If you strived really hard you might have even grinded your way up to the top of the mountain, to a world championship. But that wasn’t good enough for you was it. Sounded too much like hard work. So you banded together, the bunch of you, and tried to take the shortcut to greatness. It happened in HWA with the Clique, and it’s happening again now.

    Sure, there’s been a couple of changes. No longer do you have that very defeatable monster, the midget Mexican, the cocky Morrison wannabe or the Black Eyed Peas impersonator, but you’ve tried to fill their spots. Now you’ve got some roided bitch and some thug straight off’a da strEEts Word LIFE iNiT! *this crappy impersonation gets a couple of laughs, but mainly sighs* Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week. *Rob winks* So yeah, there may have been a couple of changes, but I still seem the same war… and you’ve still got the same enemy.

    You see, ironically, you guys are the reason I’m here. Now, I may have been having a break from wrestling. I may have been on my holiday. But I live, I breathe and I bleed wrestling. So as you’d expect, given that, I was watching the show. How could I not be? So I was watching away, enjoying the show, then I saw you guys interfering in the main event and straight away I knew what was happening; it was all happening again. But I wasn’t going to let it happen again. I wasn’t going to let it kill another company.

    So what I did was put on my wrestling gear, and jump straight in a car. Luckily I happened to be fairly close at the time, and it only took me a half hour to get to the arena. At this point the Insane Asylum was already well under way, but it wasn’t finished. So I rushed to May’s office, and in short I negotiated the quickest contract ever, and then I went out there, with the ink still not dry on the dotted line, and won the main event.

    I came here, in IWA, to stop you. I’m not going to let you run roughshod again, no way. So I went out there, and booked myself into a main event at the biggest IWA show of the year. You see, you guys never stopped me over in HWA. I was fighting from the beginning, and yet you could never truly beat me. Sure, you may have got the upper hand on me a couple of times, hell you may have even won a few battles against me. But you never beat me. You never killed me. You never put me down so hard that I couldn’t get back up. And you never will. HWA died before either of us did, so now I’m here to settle some unfinished business.

    I’m here to stop you and stop you I will. At Destined for Immortality, I am going to face you AJ Dixon. I’m going to face you one on one, and I’m going to beat you for that World Heavyweight Championship that you’re carrying. But… Luckily for you, that’s two months away. That means you’re going to get to hold onto that title for two months before I take it from you.

    However, that leaves us with a problem: the main event of Full Throttle. Luckily I have the answer of that for you. The main event of Full Throttle won’t see you put that title on the line *crowd boos* but it will see you inside that ring against me!*cheers* The main event of Full Throttle will see you teaming up with Chris Divine *boos* to go up against me and my partner… the fastest rising star in IWA Sagittarius Blue! *Crowd explodes with a huge positive reaction*

    Oh, and that’s not all. I’ve heard they’ll be some stipulations to make it just that bit juicier! So have fun being World Champion, because you’ve got till the 22nd till the beating of your life, Infection or not, and about another month until I take that belt from you.

    Fitting name you’ve chosen for yourself: Infection. Because that’s exactly what you are, a disease in IWA. However, this infection isn’t going to end in the death of IWA, because I’m going to play surgeon and cut you from the body, leaving you nothing more than a rotting pile of flesh. Sure, it’s a pretty shitty metaphor, but I think you get the jist *winks*

    The fans are going crazy for Rage, chanting Rage for Champ over and over, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


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    Jackson Smith

    *Jackson comes out with a pretty good pop from the crowd while carrying his briefcase, and slapping a few fans hands along the way. As he gets in the ring, he smiles and asks for the mic*.

    Jackson: Ahhh finally, it is over! I feel so relieved now that I don’t have to worry about that pussy anymore! I got my briefcase back and put that man in the hospital all in one night! *crowd pops* Yeaaaa! I feel great! Well anyway, how many of you guys like that Pay Per View!? *Huge cheer from the crowd as an IWA! chant starts * A lot of surprises and debuts don’t you think, Van Hooligan *Crowd boos* Carlos Roberto Ramon *Crowd Boos*, Orion Slayde *Mixed Reaction*, Athena *Mixed Reaction* , and Rob Rage! *Huge crowd pop* To me Rob Rage coming to IWA was the biggest shock of the night, I mean who would of guessed he would be back and win the asylum match to become the number one contender to the IWA championship!

    *Crowd cheers*

    I know I didn’t, which brings me to the to IWA champion AJ Dixon. *Huge chorus of boos* AJ, if you think you are a real champion, you sir are fucking delusional! *crowd pop* You see Dixon, no matter what you say and how you say, you didn’t earn that title win, you had help. If it wasn’t for Van and Ramon interfering, your ass would not be champion, hell, you would have been the one being put through the table! Matter of fact me holding this briefcase is more prestigious than you holding that damn title and that is not good for this company. I mean how does it feel AJ, that with your win you managed to lower the title’s prestige so much that my Endurance title shot briefcase is more valuable. I mean that is really, really, really hard to do and you managed to do it *shakes his head*, Punk I need you to get that title back tonight, kick AJ’s ass in the process, and give that IWA title its prestige back! *crowd pop* Then again, Dixon might have his 2 bitches get involved, so Punk be prepared because those 2 will find a way to interfere. Oh and by the way, the bitches I was referring to were Van and Ramon, if you didn’t know, and I will talk about them later on.

    I have other issues to talk about first. One of these issues has me puzzled the most, the issue I am talking about is….*pauses* okay look this will be the only time I will call him by his name so here it goes, I am talking about Mr. Smyth. Man that hurts me inside, you see folks I don’t like saying his name because I don’t respect him enough and probably won’t for a long time to call him Mr. and I will be damn to call him by my last name. Seriously, all he did was put a y instead of an I, yea will creative so from now on I will call him “Wrestler”. You know what, actually I can’t, can I. I mean how many matches has he wrestled 1, 2 if that. All he has done recently is be a business man, he damn well proved that at Lost Cause. *Crowd Boos* Yea folks, he chickened out of a match against Kyojin, a match I was looking forward to and he thought that was “best for business” which in fact was the total opposite. “Wrestler” was your business meeting with May involving “sucking up to the boss” *smirks*.

    Were you on your knees pleading while doing the “Job” to let you not wrestle? *Laughs* My god man I hope it was worth it because you sir looked desperate. Speaking of desperate, tweetie bird aka Mike Hawk beat Shaz to win the IWA title briefcase at Lost Cause. *Crowd boos* I know, I know, it sucks, and what makes it worse is how he did it. To quote a wrestler from up north, “Duct Tape!? Duct Tape!? Are you serious, Duct Tape!?” That is how you win a ladder match apparently and here I thought you are supposed to kick your opponent’s ass so much that he couldn’t get up and stop you from climbing the ladder and grabbing the prize that hangs above. Well apparently I was wrong, tweetie bird thought differently, since his weak ass couldn’t keep Shaz down long enough, his solution was to tape him to the ropes. *Crowd boos* Yea which to me shows how weak he really is but, unlike me he doesn’t see it that way. Amazingly in his mind, he kicked Shaz’s ass within an inch of his life and outwitted him.

    Crazy Right, sure it was smart but come on now if you haveto resort to using tape to hold your opponent down to win, maybe you are notgood enough to be here. *crowd pop* Maybe you should take your ass back to OVWso they can teach you how to win with your dignity intact! *Shakes his head*Duct tape, ha, bitch you might as well have lost the match because now, justlike Lebron and Dixon, you have an asterisk with your win. *Crowd cheers and a Hawk sucks chant starts* With that said, let’smove on to Van Hooligan X and Carlos Ramon. *Hugeroar of boos from the crowd* Based on what happen at Lost Cause, there is anew alliance in IWA and to make matters worse, they are already claiming theyare running shit here! Really!? You guys don’t run a fucking thing and justlike Kyojin, I will be damn if that ever happens!!

    *Huge crowd pop asJackson nods his head*

    Yea, Van is saying he is going to be the next IWA championwhich means Carlos will be going after the Endurance title and that puzzles me.So you mean to tell me that just because you were successful in othercompanies, you motherfuckers think you can already get title shots!? Are youguys high, on the pipe, snorting cocaine, or all of the above. Seriously, youguys need to realize you are in a new company which means your asses need tostart at the back of the line and earn it like everyone else! *Crowd cheers* As long as I have this *holds up his briefcase* that Endurance title will always be insafe hands because if somehow Kyojin loses that title to Carlos, I am runningdown that ramp to cash this shit in, to win that title back, and kick his ass in theprocess!

    *Huge crowd pop as a Jackson chant starts*

    Hmmmm, you know what, maybe instead I cash this in tonight soyou guys can see a great match and won’t have to worry about a damn triplethreat match with Carlos being in the mix! Either way, Carlos, Van, AJ, if youguys truly believe you will be running this company in the end, Me and theother guys in the back will be damn if that happens! This is IWA!! And I won’tallow 3 bitches to control this great company and cause it to collapse….BET ONIT!!

    *Hawks music hits to immediate boos as he makes his way down to the ring in a traditional black Japanese silk robe and the IWA World Title briefcase with a picture of Shaz's face from the moment Hawk won the ladder match on it.

    Hawk: Jackson you just proved my point from a few weeks ago. You told everyone exactly how you would cash in that case and said it would be a fair fight. But now if Ramon wins the title, your going to cash in immediately and prove to these fans and everyone in the back that you are a liar, a hypocrite and a man who doesn't go by his word. But me, I have kept every promise I made since coming here. I said I was going to win the ladder match because it is in my territory and I did, I said I was going to give Shaz the beating of a lifetime and I think I did with each weapon shot and that picture perfect Phoenix splash from 25 feet off the stage, and a Mayhem Driver on the cement floor. But the one thing I promised the most was to make sure Shaz suffered the consequences of his mistake by going through pure agony. I could have easily raised and lowered the case since everything up there is under my control, but I am not that type of person. I put him through hell the entire match and I taped him to the ropes not because I couldn't keep him down, but because I wanted him to see me take his case and I wanted to see the look on his face when I did it.

    *Hawk raises the case high in the air for everyone to see Shaz's face on it which gets a ton of heat.

    Hawk: I know it's a face only a blind mother could love but to create this kind of mayhem in just a short moment is just pure ecstasy in my opinion. Every time this case is seen on live TV, you and Shaz will recall that beautiful moment of agony and despair and what makes it even better is when I cash it in, Shaz will have that same look on his face wherever he may be and I can see it when I look back at that case. But enough about him, Jackson there is a reason I came out here.

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    You see, all we did was beat a couple of common street thugs at the PPV, not actual athletes. If I wanted to make the common trash suffer, I could just walk out and achieve that easily with anyone out on the streets. But you Jackson have something I want and that is the other key to change around here, the Endurance title shot briefcase. I have big plans around here and that case is apart of those plans, however Jackson you are not. But do not worry because I am a man of my word and a man of honor and will gladly put my case on the line if you do the same. However, I am going to make you suffer just as much as Shaz, maybe even more to see how much pleasure I can get out of you and when I do take that case, your ugly mug is going right on it to remind you and me of that suffering each and every day. I will make sure liars such as yourself never hold a title again. The balls in your court, do want to risk your shot for even more glory or be smart and keep what you have.


    *50 Cent - Many Men blares on the PA System as Shaz makes his way to the ring, wearing his latest "Pissed Mode" t-shirt! He slides into the ring with a mic, looking PISSED off.*

    Shaz: Hawk, you delusional motherfucker!

    *Shaz heavily breathes as the crowd cheer. Shaz looks at Hawk eye to eye, looking as if he's gonna kill him*

    Shaz: Hawk, you crossed the motherfucking line! Who the hell do you think you are?! How dare you use ductape, to cost me my match! You see Hawk, you crossed the bloody line! And now, I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY!! Not only did you ruin a damn five star match, but you ruined the match that could've made my career! I was one step away from proving that I have what it takes to win the big one..but you! You, ruined it, by using ductape! To cost me my damn match!

    You ruined a match that these people payed to see! And the only consequence you can have, is if I make you pay! Not only, not just for the sake of myself! For the sake of these people! I honestly don't know how much they paid for this damn PPV, but I'm gonna make sure that every single penny, dollar, shilling, yen or whatever currency they were on, I'm gonna make sure that they get there money's worth!

    I'm a street thug huh? Well guess what? Keep them pathetic names coming, because in reality you wanna know what I am? I'M A FRICKIN' GANGSTER AND PROUD OF IT! I was born and bred in the streets, I was raised in the ghetto of Brixton! And you wanna know one thing my uncle told me? Never, let an enemy drag you down! Never let the enemy win! If you have something to do, then do it!

    *Shaz goes to hit Hawk in the face, but Jackson Smith pulls him away, telling Shaz to calm down. Shaz takes a few deep breathes, and calms down*

    Shaz: Who'd have thought that huh? The future of this company telling me to calm down, you see Hawk, this is what you call a real man! Jackson, busted his ass in that ring and retained his briefcase! He proved that he was a man! But you used your typical cheating ways to overcome me! Why? Because you know that I was about to win that damn match! I was about to be triumphant!

    I was screwed out of that damn case Hawk, and I know for a fact that you know it! You see Hawk, I'm not the one who comes out here bitching, and moaning, and whining about how I should get a title shot just because I've done this, just because I've done that! In this current case, I deserve a rematch! Because like I said, I was screwed! And you screwed me, intentionally!

    And don't you dare, try and deny the fact that you did it intentionally! Don't try and make pathetic excuses such as, you didn't know what was in that fire extinguisher, because the way you acted after the match, you looked as if you never did nothing. You walked as if you just beated me, like that. After that Insane Asylum match, you left Lost Cause, with myself looking like a fool!

    You left me wondering! Is it over? Where do I go next? All these thoughts I had in my head, were just eating me alive! But you Hawk, you've stooped to such a low level. Such a low level, that brings a blast to my mind. Thoughts are everywhere. One piece of thought, says that I should kill you. Another piece of thought, says that I should stab you. Another piece of thought, says I should annihilate you in front of these people! But another, says that I should kick your ass again, and RETAIN THAT DAMN BRIEFCASE!

    But I know one thought that must be eating you alive at the moment. Because I can see it in your eyes! The fear, the terror. You are pissing yourself, because you don't know what I am going to do to you! You are thinking to yourself, that Shaz is going to murder you! Because trust me, if it was me and you alone in this ring, I would have strangled you to death! Why? Because you turned me from wrestling Pissed Mode!

    *Crowd chant PISSED MODE as Shaz holds his mic as tight as he can*

    Shaz: Don't cry Hawk, come on! You're a wrestler man! You're not a pussy! Oh wait, sorry, I must be mistaken. You're not a wrestler, you're nothing like one! You are a pussy! In fact- IWA's biggest pussy going! I couldn't give two shits, if you climbed on top of a mountain, and fell over, and died. Because then at least, you'd have no feelings. That way, I'd have happy feelings going onto my head.

    People may be thinking, am I mad? No, I'm not mad. But you don't know the real Shaz, when he's in pissed mode. This isn't no Xbox game! This isn't no PS3 game! This is real life! The drama, the controversy, the tension you have created Hawk, is making me mad! And you're letting it happen! You're letting the best in the world, plan. Plan the routes of demolishing the life out of you!

    But that isn't the only reason I'm pissed.

    *Shaz takes out a newspaper from his pocket, and he shows everyone, before showing Hawk*

    Shaz: See that Hawk? I'm not sure you know what this is, because after all. You are the thickest IWA wrestler going. This is a newspaper. The pronounciation of newspaper, is news-pay-per. Hear that? Good, because you won't believe what the front cover says. Look, it says "Controversy Strikes Again: Mike Hawk". See that? You created a scene, that I'm not happy about.

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    Because every single day I wake up. I take a shit. I eat my breakfast, but while I eat my breakfast. I read the daily newspaper! And I expect to see, my name in the newspaper. I expect it to say in bold: "ShazAttack on Hawk", because I expect to see my name in the spotlight. But no, you weaseled your way into winning this briefcase, but now you're the centre of attention!

    And oh boy, I don't allow that. I don't allow anyone to make a fool out of Shaz! Wanna know why? Because I am the best in the world at what I do. And there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me! So Hawk, if I were you. Keep your eyes peeled, because I'm coming back, stronger, and more bitter for that briefcase over there!

    Shaz drops the mic, looking at Hawk, as Hawk, Shaz, and Smith have a staredown.

    ???: Gentlemen...Gentlemen up here.

    The three men turn to the Insane-O-Tron, where we see Daniel May sitting inside of his office.

    May: Well, after listening to each of you speak, I thought I was only right that I make an announcement. See Mr Hawk, the way in which you won that briefcase is controversial, and while I'm all for controversy, Mr Shaz does deserve the chance to get that briefcase back, and he is going to get it right now! We are going to see Shaz vs Mike Hawk for the IWA World Heavyweight Championship Money In the bank briefcase.

    May goes to turn away, but then pauses.

    May: Oh two more things. That match is next, and the referee for that match, is Jackson Smith!

    The tron dies, as Shaz smiles, as Hawk glares with anger. The fans are going wild, as the camera's cut to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, as we see the match is already underway. We hear Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: For those just joining us, we have found out that the newest group in IWA is called The Infection.

    Rocky: The Infection consists of the World Champ, AJ Dixon, Van Hooligan X, Carlos Alberto Ramon, and Athena.

    Mike: And we are currently in the midst of a rematch from Lost Cause. This is Shaz's chance to win back his briefcase.

    Rocky: After the war Shaz went through at Lost Cause, I don't see him pulling it off.

    The camera's cut back to the ring, where we see Hawk has Shaz in a rear naked choke on the mat. The fans are rallying behind Shaz as he attempts to get up. He is to his knees, and then to a standing position, but Hawk still has ahold of the choke. Shaz reaches up, and then drops, nailing a jawbreaker, breaking the choke hold. Hawk stumbles back, as Shaz is back up and into the ropes. He runs at Hawk, who bounces off the other ropes, and both men collide with a double clothesline in the ring. Both men are down, as Smith starts counting. The fans yell along, as Jackson counts.








    Shaz is back to his feet, as Hawk is to his knees. Shaz winds up, and goes for a huge kick to the back of Hawk's head, but Mike ducks it. As Shaz spins, Hawk reaches up, and rolls Shaz up for the pinfall.


    Mike: And Shaz keeps this match going!

    Rocky: Damn it! Come on Mike!

    Shaz and Hawk get to their feet, as Hawk goes for a stiff punch, Shaz blocks, and counters with a wicked uppercut! Hawk is dropped,, as Shaz reaches down, lifting Hawk up. Shaz whips Hawk into the corner, as Shaz goes to the other corner, posing and riling the fans up. Shaz charges, and catches Hawk in the corner with a spear! Shaz grabs the ropes, as Hawk stumbles out. Shaz jumps onto the second rope, springboarding off. He lands one foot on the back of Hawk's head, driving him face first into the ring mat! Shaz immediately rolls Hawk over, going for the cover.


    Rocky: YES! Hawk gets a foot on the rope! Saving energy and saving this match!

    Shaz gets to his feet, looking down with frustration. He turns to the ropes, as Hawk is slowly getting to his feet. Shaz charges, spingboarding off of them once more. He flies through the air, as Hawk connects with a dropkick out of nowhere! Both men are down, as Smith starts counting once more.









    Hawk crawls, and covers Shaz with one arm draped over.


    Shaz kicks out right before the 3 count! The fans are going wild for this match, as both men slowly start getting to their feet.

    Mike: This match is great! This is what IWA is about!

    Hawk is the first to his feet, as Shaz is still on his hands and knees. Hawk runs into the ropes, and comes back, going for a spinning neckbreaker, but Shaz pushes Hawk off. Hawk is pushed into the other ropes, as Hawk bounces back, and is nailed by the Shaz-Ma-Taz! Hawk is dropped by the KO punch,, as Hawk immediately goes for the cover!


    Rocky: Hawk kicked out! Hawk kicked out!

    Mike: Not according to Smith he didn't!

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Shaz!
    Hawk looks at Smith, saying he kicked out, but Jackson says three. Smith is handed the briefcase, as he hands it to Shaz. Jackson raises the hand of Shaz, as the fans are going wild. Shaz climbs a corner, as Hawk rolls out of the ring pissed. Shaz poses with the briefcase, as he climbs down and rolls out of the ring, heading up the ramp and into the back. Hawk slides back into the ring with a steel chair in hand, but Smith doesn't see it yet. Jackson turns, and is planted by a huge chairshot from Mike Hawk! The fans are booing big time, as Hawk turns, pointing to Smith's briefcase on the outside, saying his, before dropping the chair and heading out of the ring.

    Mike: What the hell!? That was uncalled for!

    Rocky: No it wasn't! It was totally called for! Smith screwed Hawk out of Hawk's briefcase!

    The camera's cut from Smith recovering in the ring, to the back.

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    Malcolm Cage is seen walking back stage. As he walks down the corridor to the locker room he bumps into Dave Steele who is standing in the middle of the hallway.

    Dave Steele:
    You best watch where you're going Cage. Bumping into me is like running into a steel wall. You got something on your mind? You got beef with me? I'll settle it right here, right now.

    Cage gets right up in Steele's face.

    Malcolm Cage: I don't have anything with you, I'm just trying to walk down the hall. Don't start something that you can't finish Steele. You haven't been around long enough to go through half the shit I have. So don't think you can push me around. I'm just minding my own alright.

    Cage goes to walk past Steele but Steele moves in front of him, blocking his way.

    Steele: Hold on there, I'm not done yet. I've gone through more shit than you, more than you can imagine. I've stared death in the eye and have lived to tell about it. So enough of your tough shit attitude. And as far as me pushing you around, well it can be worse. So don't ever get in my face again because next time I won't be so nice.

    Cage steps back and smiles at Steele.

    Cage: Man, I don't care what you've gone through. You are starting to get on my nerves. I don't want to start anything, but you seem to have wanted an ass kick if you thought you could talk shit to me. Clean out your ears and listen Steele, don't start something that you can't finish.

    Steele: Cage, first of all, who the hell are you to be talking to me like this? I'm not your regular jobber that comes here to get his ass kicked, I'm sure you were hired for that job bitch. You say you don't want to start anything, son, as soon as you stepped in front of my face, war was declared on your ass.

    Steele gets in Cage's face.

    Steele: I've never backed down from a fight and you're no different that the rest of the chumps I fought in the past. So just stand there and be afraid boy, and I know you are afraid because I can smell your fear from here. So Cage, you clean out your ears, if you value your life, there is no shame in just walking away. Take heed of my advice Cage, just walk away. Don't go away mad either.... just go away.

    Cage: I was trying to walk away remember, but you decide that wasn't good enough for you. So now here we are, me listening to you talk shit. I'm not afraid of you. That smell isn't fear, it's the dog crap that you call your talent. You want a war, then go start one with someone else. Cause I don't have time for your excuse of a cause. I'm not a charity case, and I won't be your stepping stone. So back off and take your problem somewhere else.

    Cage bumps his way past Steele but is grab by the arm and flung back around. Steele gets back in Cage's face.

    Steele: Ah Cage.... you are afraid. Let me give you some free advice and I hope you will follow it, even a shit for brains like yourself should be able to follow it.... Stay clear away from me. I will not only use you as a stepping stone, I will send you back home in a body bag. Son, you better watch your back. Semper Fi!

    Steele walks away, while Cage just stares him down. The camera's fade to a commercial break.


    The camera's come back from the break, focusing on a backstage part of the arena where we see Jake Johnson.

    **Killa Comes into The Picture**

    I'm Gonna Control Mankinds Destiny and only let my blood continue On. When It Rains ,it Pours. Jake Johnson why r u lookin @ me like datt. Like if I. Came out in some sorta Ramble. I know wat I'm sayin..its Sum powerful Stuff here, I'm Talkin Mass Murda!

    So Before I Hear Any Question ,I Take this Mic-- *takes mic*
    Now I want sum answers Jake , Give Me da Answers..What's The Physical Key Note Here in this situation?

    *jake johnson is scared and Confused*

    *Bushido enters, Kay One and Fler flanking him on either side.*
    Was die fick, schwein? The physical key note here is me kicking your arsch, so it's best if you leave Herr Johnson out of this, muschi!

    *Killa Starts Getting Angry* Impractical Joker, Bullshido Don't play Yourself cuz u neva wanna push a killa to da brink of thurr breakin point. Investigate your Heart and do wat ur gut tellin u. Step Back, Walk off and forget da memory of u Comin up into my spotlight Bush!

    You vant to know vat my gut tells me? It tells me to take you out, schwachkopf. I am here to run out the dummheit of IWA, and it is to start vit you.

    Killa: Ur a Goof Juz like a Matt Ryder, Not 2 name Drop ,but I'm Fiddin 2 Letchu Kno Up Close how I getz down.

    Nein, du bist...

    Killa: ShuTtapp!!! , U Gon Stretch dem ears and let my words ring up yo drum ,dumb fuck. Don't become available to a toe tag!

    Bushido: Don't interrupt me vhen I speak, tunte! You are the dumb fuck, and I'll prove it you here and now in the ring, if necessary!

    Killa: U on some serious Hydro Acids, I'm Hearin Talk , Don't Limit Urself Go Ahead Keep Jawin, jabbba jaw..Keep Thinkin this Sugar sweet on my side . *pushes Jake johnson out the picture*
    Guide yo mind right , Bush ,I'm Warnin u ..

    Bushido: No, let us not talk anymore. I can't get through that thick schädel of yours unless I beat it in! *Bushido approaches Killa threateningly, Kay One and Fler remaining where they were.*

    *lights his lighter*playin with the fire shakin his head yes*
    *Burns Bushido in the Arm*
    *Bushido oww's ,holding his arm for the brief second*
    *Killa Punches Bushido Hard in the Face knockin him in a stumble back*

    Killa: CoMe See KiLLA when datt Ass Bruise Gets Heal'd Up Fuckboy!

    Bushido charges back at Killa, as the two brawl. Within moments, they are broken up by officials. They are pulled apart, as the camera's cut from them.

    The camera's cut to the ring, as they focus on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Well, we got our first glimpse of Steele.

    Rocky: Yeah, this guy made an impact in his time in ICW. I bet he will do the same here in IWA.

    Mike: Well it seems like he is already on the outs with Malcolm Cage.

    Rocky: Cage is a jackass, so who cares.

    Mike: And what about the altercation between Killa and Bushido?

    Rocky: All I can say is damn....did you understand a word they said? Cause I didnt.

    Mike: Me either.

    Victor Elric

    Victor Elric makes his way to the ring, looking a bit sore and none to happy. He receives a decent size pop, that he acknowledges with a raise of his arm

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    Victor Elric: Lost Cause, I and my partner failed in our attempt to become IWA Tag Team Champions, but sadly this is not the most important thing that happened that night. No, a man came from the shadows and assaulted me.

    The crowd roars as they know who he refers to

    Victor Elric: Orion Slayde decided to make that night the night he debuts in IWA, and for whatever reason he choose me to be the sacrificial lamb as he made an impact. This was a mistake for sure, you see Slayde, you awakened a demon inside of me, and that demon want you, it wants your flesh cut from the bone! So I demand that you get your ass out here so a Seal of Vengeance can be made using you blood and your guts!

    Israel Pamich

    *Israel's theme plays out loud as the self proclaimed One Man Dynasty come out and walks very slowly and with self satisfaction towards the ring*

    Israel: Elric Elric Elric... just what on earth are you going on about sir? No seriously Elric I want to know what on Earth you are talking about.

    You claim that the saddest thing to happen to you at lost cause was that Orion Slayde came out to attack you though If I remember rightly Elric the worst thing to happen that night, well I say worst for you but great for me was when I, yes I came out and attacked your useless partner Ivan Draymen and beat him down to within an inch of his life though it seems that you were to busy to realise this so lets show the footage AGAIN!

    The camera's turn, as we see Israel Pamich coming out from the back, attacking Draymen on the outside. Pamich drops Draymen with a Little Integrity! Ivan goes down hard from the uppercut. Israel grabs a kendo stick from under the ring, smashing Draymen over his back over and over again, until refs come out, pulling Pamich off, and taking him to the back.

    *The crowd are in utter dismay at what footage was just shown*

    Israel: So you see Elric orions attack must have been pretty severe if you cant remember the beating I gave your partner though obviously with your partner lacking the Integrity to show his beaten up face tonight and I dont blame him because if I recieved a beating like that I am sure that I wouldnt want to show my face around here though Ivan.... Ivan I hope you are capable of hearing this where ever you are resting up, let me assure you the best thing you could do riight about now is to not return to IWA.

    I say this not as a man who is humble and without regret but as a man who is slightly concerned about your health because Ivan if you dare show your....

    Ivan Draymen

    The crowd explodes with cheers as Ivan Draymen storms from the curtains with a steel chair in hand and an extremely pissed off look on his face. Draymen paces around the ring with the steel chair in hand and then slides in to a huge pop from the crowd. Draymen stares down Pamich and then raises the chair above his head, but does not bring it down onto Pamich. Instead, he just throws it to the outside and asks for a microphone.

    Draymen: Let me stop you right there, you piece of shit.

    The crowd pops

    Draymen: You are daring ME to show MY face? You must be joking, I'm not the dumb son of a bitch who pissed off one of the most atheltic superstars in the IWA today! You came in from behind me and attacked me like the cowardice pig you are, and then you try to act tough? Are you fucking serious? I should smash your skull in right now and send these fans home happy! Do you want to know why I want to send them home happy? Because they have all earned my respect. They spend their hard earned dollars to have us entertain them, they didn't spend their cash to see you be a little bitch! Do you want to know who else has earned my respect?

    Draymen pats Elric on the shoulder

    Draymen: This guy right here. He has been an awesome partner over the past few weeks, and we may have not won the gold, but we are still a dominant tag team, and I'll have you ...

    Israel: Excuse me Sir but you need to realise just who it is you are taling to, I am not a dumb son of a bitch or a Cowardice pig like you claim I am Sir, I am a man of the utmost Integrity and honour and you seem to think that I need to attack you from behind to secure a victory and Draymen that is not the case at all, infact I am more then capable of handling you right here infront of the IWA faithful tonight

    *Crowd are actually popping a little bit as they want to see Israel v Draymen*
    Israel: Unfortunately though for you pitiful people that is not going to happen because although I could easily handle Ivan Draymen anytime and anywhere and I promise it will happen, there is a man here that fails to see the impact I, Israel Pamich distributed at Lost Cause and that man is Victor Elric so if Daniel May is watching this right now Daniel make the right business and popular decision, I could not make it easier for you Israel Pamich v Victor Elric the crowd get to see Israel in action, Israel gets to deliver brutal strength in poetic motion, Victor can finally realise that it isnt Orion Slayde he need be concerning himself with and Ivan Draymen can pray to God that I decided against attacking him..... TONIGHT

    *Israel drops the microphone as a ref comes out from the back and into the ring.

    Mike: Looks like we are going to get that match!

    Rocky: And we are getting it right now!

    Victor Elric (Rollins) vs Israel Pamich (Archer)
    (Start 1:17 End 8:05)

    Mike: WOW! Did you hear Pamich's jaw pop from that super kick?!

    Rocky: Yes I did Mike! Elric just used his tag team partner, Ivan Draymen, signature the Train Wreck!

    Elric covers Pamich, but Pamich's foot is under the bottom rope! Elric gets to his feet and leans against the ropes, catching his breath while Pamich rolls to the outside of the ring. Elric climbs out of the ring and goes after Pamich, but is met with a kick to the gut, and then Pamich throws Elric into the barricade! Pamich stomps down onto Elric and picks him up, and tosses him into the barricade again with even more force! Pamich kicks Elric in the side, and then stands him to his feet again, then whips him into the steel steps, sending Elric crashing over them, separating the steps from the ring post!

    Pamich storms over to Elric and drags him by the hair to the announcers table, and then slams his head off of it multiple times before finally letting go. Pamich picks Elric up and lays him on the announcers table, then climbs up it himself. Pamich stands Elric up, and then drops him onto the table with a DDT! Pamich climbs down from the table and then throws Elric down onto the floor below.

    Mike: Israel Pamich is just punishing Elric now, I think he is out to hurt him.

    Rocky: Something tells me Pamich didn't appreciate that nasty kick.

    Pamich is screaming at Elric to get up, but the ref is up to seven on the count out. Pamich slides in the ring and poses to the crowd, getting a mixed reaction, but more boos than cheers. Pamich tells the ref to raise his arm, but then Elric slides in the ring and takes down Pamich with a chop block from behind! Elric grabs Pamich's right leg and locks in a half Boston crab and applies pressure, but Pamich kicks Elric away and then gets back to his feet. Pamich charges Elric but Elric chops him hard, and then gets him in position for the Seal of Vengeance ... But a man comes running through the crowd and jumps over the barricade and stands next to the ring, taunting Elric!!

    Mike: Who in the hell is that?!

    Rocky: I'm not sure ... I can't tell with the hood on!

    Elric pushes Pamich away and stands next to the rope, taunting the man back telling him to fuck off before he gets hurt. The man gets closer and takes off his hood ... Its Orion Slayde!! Elric tells Slayde to get in the ring but then Pamich turns Elric around and lays him out with A Little Integrity!! Pamich covers Elric!

    One! Two! Three!!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner ... Israel Pamich!!

    Slayde has hopped back over the ring barrier, as Draymen is in the ring to check on his tag partner. Pamich is already out of the ring and heading up the ramp smiling. The camera's turn to Slayde, as we see him smirking at his work.

    Rocky: Yes! A win for Pamich!

    Mike: The bigger point is, what's Slayde's problem with Elric?

    Rocky: I don't know, but anything that'll make Elric or Draymen like a fool, I'm all for it.

    The camera's cut from Slayde smiling to a commercial break.


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    The fans explode with cheers as the Endurance Champion rushes out of the curtain full of energy. Each and every person in the arena is standing and cheering as Kyojin backs up with a smile of awe on his face, staring out at the crowd. He shuffles the title back to his shoulder as he makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans on the way. He slides into the ring and grabs the Endurance Championship in both hands, climbing to the top rope and holding it high in the air as another massive cheer occurs around the arena. He drops back down to the canvas and grabs a microphone from a stagehand.

    Kyojin: And yet again, True Wrestling prevails!

    Another huge pop echoes around the arena.

    Kyojin: But I’m not as happy as I should be, you see, heading into Lost Cause, I was ready for an all-out war with a man who seems intent on making my life a misery- or attempting to do so. I was ready to head out there and kick the living shit out of Mr. Smyth. In fact, I did so.

    But what happened? Well Smyth walked out to the stage and made some bullshit excuse that he wasn’t able to face me- because apparently him getting his ass kicked by me wasn’t good for business.

    I’ll tell you who that wasn’t good for Smyth, your wife.

    The entire arena shouts ‘ooooo’ as Kyojin smirks.

    Kyojin: That’s right, Mrs. Smyth obviously realised you were in serious danger of losing your, well, ‘good’ looks because of the repeated kicks and punches I would have hit you in the face with. You may wear a suit, but we all know who wears the trousers in that relationship.

    So what I’m saying now Smyth, is stop hiding. I wanna turn to that ramp, hear your music hit, see your entrance video hit the titantron and for your pathetic self to walk out here.

    Or is that not good for business?

    This time, the crowd laughs.

    Kyojin: I’ll tell you what is good for business, forget the suits, forget the title, forget the referees, forget Cody Hart, forget this entire arena full of fans, forget the ring, I don’t care if you’re ready or not, get your ass out here so I can kick the holy shit out of you.

    The crowd explodes with cheers and begins a Kyojin chant.

    Kyojin: You’re a businessman correct? Well how about you and I have a little meeting right now, in the middle of this ring and when one of us are out of business, that’s when the meeting is over. Stop ducking me, get your ass out here right now and face me like a man!

    Otherwise, I’m going to go back there and find you.

    The fans cheer loudly as Kyojin drops his hand to his side and faces the ramp, waiting the arrival of Smyth. After a few seconds, no music hits and Kyojin approaches the ropes, bringing the microphone back up to his mouth.

    Kyojin: Okay Smyth, have it your way.

    Kyojin goes to climb through the ropes, but just as his foot touches the apron, Mr. Smyth’s music hits, and the crowd immediately starts to boo. Kyojin gets back into the ring and stares intently at the entrance area. After a few moment, Mr. Smyth finally appears to an eruption of boos. Mr. Smyth stays on the staging area, as his music fades out, and the crowd starts chanting “You’re a pussy!”

    Mr. Smyth: Hiding? How did you come up with that one? I have confronted you every step of the way.

    Do you know what? Don’t answer that. I’m on a short time frame and I really don’t want to have another long-winded promo session with you. I’m sure the efedding faithful are getting fed up with you taking up all the air time with your incoherent babble.

    Fans greet this statement with a boo as Mr. Smyth gives a knowing nod to Kyojin.

    Mr. Smyth: You and I are an old story. We’ve been doing this dance for a while now, and even I am starting to think that this is getting a bit stale. As a result, I felt it was in the interest of business to add in another element, and to give you another challenge. The result of that decision...well, you know the outcome.

    It was a disappointment that you beat Cody Hart, but it was not unexpected. While I am impressed with everything that Cody has to offer, he is not my ace in the hole. I have much bigger plans for this industry and while Cody has the potential to be a huge asset, he just isn’t quite there yet.

    Speaking of not being there yet, let’s have a chat about you, Kyojin. You still try and come off as a cool, calm and collected character but again you keep showing that you are a hot head. Not entirely sure how you can expect to be a role model with such poor qualities as that. Not exactly the hallmarks of a great champion, is it?

    The fans boo.

    Mr. Smyth: And since you want to bring in my wife, what of Mrs. Kyojin? How does she feel about being married to a self-centered, ego-maniacal, narcissistic, hot-headed dullard? How does...

    Kyojin: Shut the hell up!

    The fans explode for the interruption as Smyth looks slightly taken aback.

    Kyojin: You can badmouth my wife all you like, but to even suggest I’m a bad champion is ridiculous- you see, a true champion takes on all comers, whether ready or not, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve beaten you, I’ve beaten Israel Pamich, I’ve beaten Cody Hart and every single time, I’ve done it with class.

    You on the other hand, have been ducking me at every chance. The first show of this company, you were so afraid to face me, you attacked me with a brick. Sure, it was a clever move, but once again, you proved your cowardice is unrivalled by anybody in this company.

    Then at Thirst for Blood, you barely looked at me during that Fatal 4 Way, in fact during that entire match, you didn’t get a single worthwhile shot on me. I hit you with kendo sticks, flying dropkicks, guerrilla presses, and yet the most worthwhile thing you did to me was clothesline me down with a kendo stick that meant I was on the canvas for a few seconds.

    Do you know what that says to me Smyth? You may think you have the mental advantage, but just like you are about everything else, you’re wrong.

    The fans cheer loudly and begin a Kyojin chant.

    Kyojin: And what happened after Thirst for Blood, you practically begged me for another shot, for another match with me. And when I’d had enough of your lip, I decided I would teach you a lesson at Lost Cause, finally giving you what you craved- me, one-on-one in the centre of this ring.

    And what happened at Lost Cause? You ducked out. The thing is Smyth, I beat Hart and normally I’d consider that over and done with but like I said, I want to teach you a lesson, so how about you stop acting like a little bitch, walk down that ramp, climb into this ring and let’s find out once and for all, who the better man is.

    Because every single person in this arena knows the answer, and the fact you’re still on that stage says that you do too Smyth. How about you just turn around and walk backstage before you embarrass yourself?

    The fans pop loudly once again.

    Kyojin: But if you’re going to stay out here then I’m going to have to demand a match with you. Whether that be tonight, next week or at Full Throttle. Either way, this is going to happen, even if I have to make it happen by dragging you to this ring.

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    The fans explode at the challenge as Kyojin smiles, and the camera cuts to Mr. Smyth who is furious. The crowd cheer even louder as Mr. Smyth takes off his jacket and starts walking down the ramp, whilst rolling up his shirt sleeves.

    Mike: Decision made.

    Rocky: C'mon Mr. Smyth - kick his ass! Shut that arrogant piece of shit up.

    Mike: I'm not so sure it's gonna be that easy. The Endurance champion wants blood, and my money is on Smyth leaving on a stretcher.

    Kyojin throws the Endurance title to one side, jumps through the ropes, paces towards Smyth, and they meet half way. Face to face, they stare each other down, each daring the other to make the first move, with the crowd egging them on. The fans explode into a "Kyojin!" chant, as Mr. Smyth takes a deep breath to regain his composure. Mr. Smyth takes a couple of steps back, which is greeted by a barrage of boos, as Kyojin shakes his head and smiles.

    Mike: Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

    Rocky: I'll admit that this is an anti-climax, but look into Mr. Smyth's eyes - he's cooking something up.

    Mike: Bullshit. Smyth has been ducking out of the way for weeks now, and the moment he shows that he may have the courage to actually fight, he backs out like the spinless scumbag that he is.

    Kyojin asks "Are you taking the piss?" whilst Mr. Smyth takes a couple more deep breaths, then he brings the mic up to his lips and speaks to the crowd.

    Mr. Smyth: You wanna see this, don't you?

    The crowd explodes with cheers.

    Mr. Smyth: Is that so? You want to see Mr. Smyth and Kyojin knock seven bells out of each other?

    The crowd again responds with an explosion of cheers.

    Mr. Smyth: Well I have a much better idea.

    Unsurprisingly, this comment is met with a barrage of boos, whilst Kyojin throws his arms in the air in frustration. Kyojin decides not to take anymore of this, and moves to attack Mr. Smyth.

    Mr. Smyth: Hey. You're going to want to hear this.

    Kyojin pauses, but is still in a fighting stance.

    Mr. Smyth: Adding Cody Hart to the match at Lost Cause did great business. It trended on Twitter, and even made national headlines. People are still talking about it now.

    The crowd boos.

    Kyojin: What's your point?

    Mr. Smyth: My point is let's give these people something that they want to see. Full Throttle is just a few short weeks away, and we need something to keep the audience's interests piqued. So here is my proposal: we each pick a rep to compete at Full Throttle. It'll be my guy versus your guy, but with an added twist: you put the Endurance title on the line. If your guy wins, then you get to retain but when my guy wins, I will become the new IWA Endurance champion.

    And before you start spouting out how I'm only doing this is because I don't want to fight you, let me just cut ahead and tell you that you are wrong. As a successful businessman, I trust all those who work under me in their individual roles. I trust that I can leave them to achieve targets without the need to micro-manage them, and I want to see how much of an inspirational leader you can be.

    If you are the man you claim to be, then you would be trusting of others. Let's see how much you can trust someone when your Endurance title is on the line. Let's see how trusting you can be when someone else is responsible for your property. Let's see if you can trust someone to the point where you won't interfere.

    The fans are unsure how to react to this, with a murmuring in the crowd. Kyojin looks around with a slightly confused look on his face, before backing up to the ring and rolling in. He grabs his Endurance Championship in one hand, and brings the microphone up to his lips with the other.

    Kyojin: So what you’re suggesting Smyth, is for me to choose a person to represent me and my title for a match against you and your representative?

    Smyth nods with a serious look on his face as Kyojin looks down at the floor for a couple of seconds. He brings the Endurance Championship up to eye level and looks at it for a few seconds before continuing to speak.

    Kyojin: In theory, this is a test of who is more trusting, and who is more clever? Essentially, I accept- on one condition.

    You see, the thing that you don’t get is that while I am trusting of a few guys in the back, those of who I wouldn’t mind allowing to step in between these ropes for me- the person I don’t trust entirely is you Smyth. This has the look of one of your schemes- one of your plans that has the tagline ‘it’s good for business’ when in reality, it’s good for one man- you.

    Now taking that into account, why would I accept this match? If it only has one outcome for me, why does it matter? Well you see, that revolves around two things. Number one, our picks will be essential, do I have a man backstage willing enough to defend my title for me? Somebody that has respect for me in every sense, and will pay me the ultimate tribute of defending me?

    What else is, do I have the mental capability to take you on? Something you’ve been doing over the past few weeks is attempting to show your intelligence by walking to this ring and spewing a whole lot of crap about me and what you’re supposedly capable of. The fact is, I- just like all of these people- see right through you Smyth.

    The fans pop loudly as Smyth shakes his head at a pacing Kyojin.

    Kyojin: And let’s get it straight, if I can see through you, I have the mental edge. Your facade isn’t working. You have the outer look of a businessman but inside, you’re nothing but a scared little bitch.

    A huge pop explodes around the arena as a small Little Bitch chant begins.

    Kyojin: Secondly, the time you’re suggesting is at Full Throttle, a PPV that all of these people get their own choices on certain matches. What that means is that they have the control, so my condition is simple, the decision on who our representatives are, isn’t entirely in our hands.

    We pick three people each, and put up a ballot- allowing all of these people in the arena, all of the people that watch at home, all the people coming to Full Throttle, every single person who logs onto, we allow them to make the choice of those three people.

    Your representative faces my representative with my Endurance Championship on the line.

    The fans cheer loudly, but some are still angry Smyth vs. Kyojin won’t be happening. Kyojin signals for Smyth to speak as he stands there and thinks through Kyojin's counter-proposal.

    Mr. Smyth: Interesting. Part of the decision is in our hands, while every one of these troglodytes gets to make the final say.

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: You're on.

    The crowd cheers, but there is still a sense of under-whelment.

    Mr. Smyth: And since we're on a roll, I'll go ahead and reveal my potential choices for my rep. I'm yet to ask them, but I'm certain that I can make it worth their while. I am certain that these decisions will be best for business. First choice for me would be Killa.

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: I'm very impressed with Killa and while he is difficult to understand, I like any individual who makes an impact. Next up, I'll pick...Dave Steele.

    Crowd boos.

    Mr. Smyth: I've heard great things about Mr. Steele, and I would love to see how he can handle a situation like this. And finally, I'll add...

    Smyth thinks for a few seconds while the crowd chant "Little Bitch!"

    Mr. Smyth:...Darius!

    The fans explodes with boos.

    Mr. Smyth: Easy decision, that one. The guy is a monster of a human being, and I know he would love to make your life a little more miserable and helping me take that title away from you would be a way of doing that.

    Crowd continues to boo, but a "Kyojin!" chant can be heard.

    Mr. Smyth: Your move, Kyojin.

    Kyojin: So Killa, Steele or Darius? That won’t be a difficult match for my representative. And since we’re making all the announcements right now, how about I pick my three for you right now. First of all, we’ve got a new guy. Now looking around the locker room backstage, one guy jumps out at me as a possible star of the future, I’d like to put that to the test.

    So my first pick, is Bushido.

    The crowd gives a small reaction for the new guy, as expected.

    Kyojin: Secondly, I’m gonna go with a guy with a hell of a lot of experience in this industry. So much experience infact that he is currently the JBW Unified TV Champion, that’s right, my second choice is Malcolm Cage!

    A massive pop for Cage’s name as Kyojin smiles, looking around at the fans.

    Kyojin: Finally, the third man is a man that has a problem with you Smyth, because you ruined our first ever one-on-one match and this man is a man on a mission- so if you think for one second that I’m not going to pull out the big guns in this, you’ve got another thing coming.

    Ladies & gentlemen, my final choice is the very first ever IWA World Champion- K! J! PUNK!

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