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    I'll handle this, SB!

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    IWA Revolution: Episode #7

    Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

    Michael Cole: Welcome ladies & gentlemen, to IWA Revolution, LIVE from a sold out Charlotte Coliseum! I’m Michael Cole, alongside my broadcast partner Josh Matthews, and Uprising is nearly upon us!

    Josh Matthews: That’s right Cole! But what a show we had last week! KJ Punk defeating both members of Black Blooded to prove his credentials as a possible IWA Champion!

    Michael Cole: We’re expecting to hear from Black Blooded soon and I’m sure they’ll put all doubts about whether they’re on the same page to the side.

    Josh Matthews: I don’t think those doubts will be going anywhere soon!

    Michael Cole: We will also see The Vegas Kid take on Tenacious D(ave), ICONOGRAPHY taking on The Sons of the Holy Divinity, KayFabulous facing The Phalanx and Van Hooligan X taking on Extremely Lethal’s Venomous!

    Black Blooded!

    Black Blooded come out, walking instead of on their usual bikes, Mr. Blood wearing the IWA title around his waist as they stop at the top of the ramp to a chorus of boos, the crowd showing their hatred for the co-champions.

    Mr. Black: Shut the Fuck Up!

    Mr. Blood: It's story time. You see, not too fucking long ago there was this scrappy fucking little redneck bitch boy, somehow got it in his inbred fucking skull that he had what it took to be a wrestler, and, more than that, somehow got the fucking impression that he could take on the Dominant fucking force of this industry. Even then, we played real fucking nice, and that little bitch? He even got to walk out of that match, a loser, but he walked.

    The crowd boos heavier as Black Blooded make their way down the ramp to the ring.

    Mr. Black: SILENCE

    Mr. Blood: See, since then all he's done is fucking whine and bitch and moan. So as far as we can fucking see, Black Blooded has made it's first fucking mistake in a long while, we should have taken Punk the fuck out the first time, laid his bitch ass out and ended that pathetic fucking excuse of a career.

    Both men get into the ring, Mr. Blood going up the steps as the gigantic Mr. Black merely grabs the top rope and lifts himself up, stepping over the rope to get in the ring.

    Mr. Black: Moved on to better things.

    Mr. Blood: But then to add to the mix, that no-name bitch that thinks he's running things decided now he regrets our victory, "boo fucking hoo nobody's gonna be able to beat both of them, it's just not fair"

    Mr. Black: Life isn't fair.

    Mr. Blood: Let's take you back, see. We won the match, that was it. it was over, and every single one of you dumb fucking pieces of shit betting on the greatest team to ever grace this shithole of an industry breaking up? Y'all had to be cryin harder than KJ's sister-mom was when the doc told her she'd given birth to yet another fucking retard. Because just as we have been telling you from the fucking beginning.

    Mr. Black: Black Blooded is Unbreakable

    Mr. Blood: So here we are, about to repeat history, with one small change. See this time we get to correct the one fucking mistake we made. This time

    Mr. Black: That bitchy little Redneck ain't fucking walkin anywhere

    Mr. Blood looks over to Mr. Black, a look almost of surprise on his face, about to say something to his partner, he thinks better of it.

    The General Manager!

    David Ryan walks onto the stage to a polite reaction from the crowd. He has a microphone in hand and looks down at Black Blooded in the ring, before speaking.

    David Ryan: Welcome to Revolution everybody!

    The fans cheer.

    David Ryan: Now it would seem that our co-IWA Champions aren’t best pleased about last week’s results! It would seem that they want to get their hands on KJ Punk tonight! Okay champs, you got it!

    The fans cheer once more.

    David Ryan: But let’s even up the odds shall we? KJ Punk, I know you’re somewhere watching backstage, so here’s my challenge to you. In the main event tonight, Black Blooded will face KJ Punk and a partner of KJ’s choosing!

    The fans explode with cheers.

    David Ryan: Now champs, if you don’t mind- let’s kick things off with a singles match! Ivan Draymen...against Archer Black!

    The fans cheer loudly as Black Blooded aren’t happy in the ring.

    Michael Cole: What a blockbuster main event!

    Josh Matthews: I can’t wait to see who KJ picks!

    Commercial Break.

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    Josh Matthews: After last week’s tag action, we have a faceoff between two participants; these two guys just do not like each other at all…

    Michael Cole: Well that is just pure jealousy and envy, Draymen knowing that there are better than him…

    Lacey Foster: Your following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at 200lbs, Ivan Draymen!!


    Josh Matthews: I do like this guy; he is a young, up and coming talent that has championship potential.

    Lacey Foster: And his opponent Archer Black!


    Michael Cole: This is the man with championship potential, the man that will hold a championship and he is the star of Revolution.

    AJ Styles (Draymen) Vs. Christopher Daniels (Archer Black)
    Start at 1:52 and End at 07:13

    Both men are down the ref begins a count
    Both men are now stirring, slowing getting back to their feet beginning to trade blows to one another in the middle of the ring…


    Draymen knocks Black back, about to deliver a running clothesline but, Black from nowhere lands a shotgun dropkick to the gut of Draymen and he begins his assault of MMA style offence, landing a series of kicks, punches and high elbows focusing on the gut and midsection of Draymen…

    Michael Cole: I love this combination of moved that he is exhibiting, showcasing this storing background in MMA, he is the better brother, Sag Blue has nothing on him!

    Finally getting Draymen down to his knees, Black lands thunderous kicks to the chest of Draymen, again and again and again, these kicks, stinging, painful, showing the power that Black has when delivering these kicks, Black smiles as he sees the control he has, he lands a kick to the jaw of Draymen, who falls to the mat…
    Going for the pin on Draymen
    Draymen kicks up with authority which angers Black, a scorn across his face, he gets to his feet and begins to stalk the weakened Draymen, who is pulling himself up with the ring ropes, his chest showing the damage from the assault he went through…
    Black has had enough; he pulls up Draymen, as they stand toe to toe, Draymen slightly unsteady, Black lands slap across the face of Draymen, an evil, vindictive smile across his face as Draymen holds his jaw in shock, he launches at Black, who ducks out of the way, he begins to land a series of punches and slaps to Draymen, backing him against the ring ropes and lands a high kick to the left temple of Draymen, dazing and stunning him in the corner…
    Black climbs the adjacent pot and he runs across the ropes and he delivers the stardom kick to the face of Draymen who falls flat to the mat, which sends a grin to the face of Black, loving the power he holds over Draymen…

    Josh Matthews: He does not even have his own move set, he chooses to copy his twin, which proves he is the weaker of the two, in both wrestling ability and in maturity, choosing to try and annoy his brother, rather than improve himself.

    Michael Cole: He has bucketful’s of personality, excellent in ring ability and he is on top here in this contest!

    Still with a smile on his face, going down to the mat, he locks in the Bow of Sagittarius on Draymen, using his brothers’ submission hold on Draymen, as he strengthens his hold he smiles as he continues to cause pain to the weakening Draymen, the lock not yet making him tap…


    Michael Cole: What? That is Chris Gatling’s music, what is he doing here?

    As the music plays, Gatling makes his way out to the top of the ramp, with a smile he makes his way down the ramp, Archer breaks the hold on Draymen, standing up as he watches every move that Gatling makes as he circles the ring…

    Michael Cole: What does he think he is doing, he is only here to make trouble…

    Gatling hops up on the apron to face Black; they stare down as Gatling does not touch him, only tries to intimidate him, smiling at Black he hops down to the ground again, Black turns and a TRAIN WRECK! A kick nearly taking the head off Black, Draymen goes for the pin on Black…

    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, Ivan Draymen!!

    Michael Cole: WHAT! Black had this match won, only Gatling had to get involved, cause him the lost because he is jealous of what Black possesses and what Black can do, this is not over!

    We get a shot of Gatling with a smile on his face as Draymen celebrates.

    Josh Matthews: Big win for Ivan Draymen, but Archer Black will be furious!

    Michael Cole: Of course he will be! Anyway, Dwayne Warren is waiting backstage!

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    We cut backstage to show Dwayne Warren.

    Dwayne Warren: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time…Kayfabulous!

    *The muffled cheering of the audience can be heard as Ron Macoonie and Skyler Drek walk up to either side of Warren.*

    Dwayne Warren: Tonight, for the first time ever, we’ll see Kayfabulous go up against the tag team known as The Phalanx. Do you two feel as if you stand any chance at all of beating this team?

    Skyler Drek: Well first and foremost, all we have to say is that Ron and I know firsthand that in this business, you never…EVER judge a book by its cover if you want to make it here. You have to expect the unexpected at all times and trust that fate’s not going to always give you an easy fight. That’s how we’ve made it this far and we’re not going to give up because of The Phalanx...even though they look like a bunch of aimless cosplayers without a clue in the world.

    Ron Macooonie: Hey!

    Skyler Drek: What? You can’t blame me. I had to be neutral. They aren’t faces and they don’t look like heels either. If worse becomes of this, we’ll just issue an apology to them on Twitter and invite them to hang out with us to watch a Bang Bang Theory marathon or something.

    Ron Macoonie: Yeah, there’s just one problem with that. They’re from ancient Greece so I’m pretty sure they won’t know how to use the Internet…and the Odyssey is a pretty far cry from Jim Parson shenanigans.

    Skyler Drek: Good point. Anyways, we hope to give The Phalanx a run for their money because what they’ll find out is that if you let us have our way, you’ll find your hopes of winning plummeting to the Earth faster than Icarus once his wings got melted off his back. But don’t take my word for it. Just make sure to meet us in the ring to find out exactly what we can do.

    Ron Macoonie: You’ll find out that when we’re at 100%, we’re not easy to overcome. But don’t worry, I’m sure you won’t test the contrary…unlike some other tag teams we’ve got around here.

    Dwayne Warren: Perfect segue. I was just about to ask you guys what you thought of the message the Pardy Boyz sent you last week but it’s pretty apparent where you stand on that issue.

    Skyler Drek: You know, it’s obvious that when someone attacks you and lays you out, it can be pretty demoralizing. It can make you feel sorry for yourself and question yourself on how tough you really are. But what the Pardy Boyz did last week was nothing more than a temper tantrum and no one can sympathize with that. In fact, they should change their names from the “Pardy Boyz” to the “Pity Pardy Boyz” because that’s what they do when they don’t get their way. When they don’t get a win that they thought they should have gotten, they throw a pity party. When another tag team outshines them, they throw a pity party. When their umpteenth pick-up line fails to score them some broad at a club, they throw a pity party. Pity, pity, pity, pity. Mr. T may pity fools but when they’re self-absorbed douchebags like those two, Kayfabulous doesn’t show them any sort of compassion and once we get the opportunity to teach them some manners, those rightfully called boys will learn that there’s no such thing as entitlement in the wrestling business unless it’s an entitlement to a well-deserved ass kicking.

    Ron Macoonie: Exactly my point. You don’t hear us complaining about how despite our love and respect for the business, that we still aren’t the IWA Tag Team Champions, do you? You don’t hear us whining about how we’ve blown opportunity after opportunity, do you? Hell no. We’re above that. We bide our time and wait until we have the chance to make an impact and if we fail, it is what it is.

    Skyler Drek: And you know, it’s a shame, too. Despite their less than pleasurable attitudes, Ron and I were actually starting to respect them. They nearly won against Extremely Lethal and stuck on through until the very end. That’s not an easy task. But now that they’ve decided to get on our bad sides on a personal level, I’m not above making them wish that they were better off hung over behind a cheap bar instead of getting their asses kicked by us.

    Ron Macoonie: But that’s for the near future. For now, it’s Kayfabulous vs. The Phalanx and we can't wait to see what they can do.

    *On that note, Kayfabulous walks offscreen as Warren looks at the camera.*

    Dwayne Warren: That’s it for now, folks. Stay tuned for more as Revolution rolls on.

    Commercial Break.

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is a tag team match, set for one fall! Introducing first, from The First Church of The Divinity! Weighing in at a combined weight of 614 pounds, Judas and Mordecai McCall, The Sons of The Holy Divinity!


    Michael Cole: These two won their debut match a couple weeks back against The Phalanx!

    Josh Matthews: By cheating you may well add.

    Lacey Foster: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 410 pounds! Jason Todd Kent and Ben Reilly Kent, ICONOGRAPHY!


    Michael Cole: These two lost their debut match at Death By Glory!

    Josh Matthews: Ever since then, they’ve had issues with Ano Doom! Will Doom make an appearance tonight?

    (Rey & Cara= ICONOGRAPHY, Rhodes & Tensai= The Sons)
    (From 4:33 to 9:00)

    Michael Cole: And Ben just kicked out there! The win is coming for Judas!

    Josh Matthews: Well we can’t count ICONOGRAPHY out yet!

    Judas picks Ben up and lifts him up onto his shoulder but Ben manages to reverse, dropping off the back of Judas and hitting a dropkick to Judas’ back. He grabs Judas in a headlock, but Judas immediately powers out and hits a huge clothesline that causes Ben to do a full back flip. He lifts Ben up and goes for the rolling senton but Ben keeps hitting elbows to Judas’ head, and manages to hit the him with a DDT. He goes for a cover.



    Kick out!

    Judas powers out as on the outside, Mordecai & Jason are brawling. Mordecai manages to get the upper hand and grabs Jason, throwing him head first into the crowd barricade on the outside. Ben is first to his feet in the ring and Mordecai jumps onto the apron but Ben hits a dropkick, sending Mordecai to the floor outside.

    Josh Matthews: Ben is rolling right now!

    Michael Cole: Judas is getting up though!

    Ben turns around as Judas climbs to his feet, and runs forwards- connecting with a big Enziguiri! Judas hits the canvas and Ben points at the turnbuckle as the fans cheer loudly. Ben heads across to the apron, climbing out. Mordecai is moving again though and Ben kicks him in the head, sending him back to the canvas.

    Ben turns back to the turnbuckle and climbs up but the kick to Mordecai was long enough for Judas to climb back to his feet. He runs across and hits the top ropes, causing Ben to sit down on the turnbuckle. Judas grabs Ben and lifts him off the ground. He sets him up for a vertical suplex but Ben twists out and connects with The Flight (Cradle DDT)! He drops down and covers.




    Lacey Foster: Here are your winners...ICONOGRAPHY!

    Michael Cole: NO!

    Josh Matthews: What a reversal for the victory from Ben there! Great showing from ICONOGRAPHY! And there’s Jason to celebrate with Ben! Great win!

    *As the Reilly Kent brothers are celebrating in the ring, full of joy and happiness shared with the crowd, who are really wowed by their quick highflying performance, the air around...suddenly changes...No more shouts of pure jubilation. No longer is the atmosphere ready to burst with the overwhelming, rising, positivity in the building. One prophetic statement has shifted the balance as quick as a pin dropping*


    *Thunder begins sounding as it slowly crackles, then instantly booms as lightning hits the stage. Smoke begins floating over the stage slowly, and when it fades away...*

    Darkness has taken over the stadium, and suddenly a flashing bright blood red effect happens to the lights and One lone figure stands on the stage as all eyes fix on him. Ano Doom is waiting, microphone in hand, simply taking in the drastic change he has caused in the ringside area. Then the boos start as he begins walking to the ring. The brooding ominous feel has turned into one of hatred, and Doom stops mid ramp, staring through Iconography. With one red eye on Ben, and the severely disfigured white eye on Jason, he breathes slow and hard, as if analyzing them with a scanner in his brain. *

    *They appear to be nothing of a threat to him, after he signifies this with a sudden shake of his head, all the while never letting up with his iceman like stare. He continues to look them in the faces savagely, almost as if waiting for someone to attempt one of their so well-known slingshot or suicide dive moves; something about Doom screams that he is ready to go into a zone where only extreme damnation and the utmost pain is dealt out. He lets out another intense and fury laced breath, and a faint but audible "Hey what's that cookin?!?" shout can be heard as a few laughs cackle out. Doom, ever so slowly, as if almost afflicted with Rigor Mortis, turns around halfway in the direction of the jokester, and the entire section is stunned silent immediately. The microphone is brought to his inked up and pierced face now as the atmosphere has now turned very foreboding. *

    Ano Doom: You two...Stupid fucking sons of bitches...Who in the name of shit, are you couple of blinded do gooders anyway? It just occured to me I don't even who you are...Yet you wanna come out here last week, , and speak with The Demon Cyborg, after I grimly warned all of IWA, that I AM, still something to not fuck with? Wrong choice, merry brothers. You think you can come out here and fuck with me, and talk about how what I do is wrong? I may be every bit of a "Monster", or a "Madman", as you said, but just who in this soon to be stained with blood earth do you think you are?

    *The crowd begins getting up the emotion to boo, and does so as Doom's comments begin to get inflammatory. He once more gives a cold and threatening gaze to the section, and it's instantly quelled.*

    Ano Doom: I am an unchained savage, an expert warrior, that sees only red with every single step I take, so where do you two twin snot nosed wanna be heros get off telling me I'm wrong? You say I know not what fairness is, but the fact is, nothing is fair in life and pro wrestling. I know that you two squaring off with me alone is the closest thing you'll get to fair, I can say that much. I know the things I do are wrong, I know I'm wrong, believe that boys, I thrive on it. The fact of the matter though is, you two bright eyed fools, who critiqued the wrong villain , have a devastating lesson to learn: Don't step, onto my battlefield. The IWA and the space all throughout is my warzone, and when you actually had the nerve to tell me about right and wrong, I instantly saw you as future fallen enemies. The point I'm making here is, I give no damns how vile and nasty I may seem...I'm not gonna take talk about me like you two half pints did last week from anyone. Now it's time to test your words, fucking wretches. Let's do it, now...One of you flip over those ropes at me and the other dive off the top, I'm prepared for your best!

    ICONOGRAPHY tease the attack but before they can.

    ???: Hold on just one minute!

    David Ryan appears on screen.

    David Ryan: I’m afraid that won’t be happening. Instead, next week- ICONOGRAPHY will face Ano Doom in a 2 on 1 handicap match!

    The fans cheer as Doom stares at ICONOGRAPHY, who return the stares. We go backstage.

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    Dwayne Warren: I'm backstage here with Clandestine, Clandestine tell us about your debut and first win here in IWA.

    The camera pans to the right to reveal Clandestine standing there.

    Clandestine: Thanks Darren.

    Dwayne Warren: It's Dwayne.

    Clandestine: Yeah whatever. It was great to get my first win here in the IWA and there will only be more to come. My first match here in IWA couldn't of gone better, I had Chris Gatling beat, the fan's got a taste of my ability. It would have had the perfect ending if it wasn't for the interference from someone who is nothing more than over paid and over hyped jobber. I'm sure someone like you will know who I'm referring to Daniel.

    Dwayne Warren: Ivan Draymen! And it's Dwayne.

    Clandestine: Sure thing Dean. You are quite correct.

    Dwayne Warren: Tell us your thoughts on Gatling and Draymen and the match that took place earlier tonight.

    Clandestine grabs the mic from Dwayne Warren.

    Clandestine: Give me that! Let me tell you something Gatling is a damn good competitor, he isn't as good as me, but he is good at what he does. Draymen on the other hand couldn't tell his head from his arse, which is convincing considering the amount of shit he talks. Yes, Draymen might of beaten Archer tonight but he could only do it off the distraction from Gatling. If it wasn't for that Archer would of won the match easily. If Me or Archer was to pull the stunt that Gatling pulled to help Draymen get the win, then we would have been booed to the cows came home by the hypocrites we have as fans here in the IWA!

    Some background boo's from the crowd in attendence can be heard.

    Instead those cretins cheered on their born with a silver spoon in their mouth idols. I know there is a section of fans that see this, they are the clever ones, the ones who respect the few of us in this industry that fight, scrap and claw their way to the top. It's only a matter of time before the rest of them have theirs eyes opened and are willing to see the truth that is right there in front of them.

    Draymen is someone who so far beneath me and everyone here in the IWA it is hard for me to understand why David Ryan even keeps him in a job. The man is a drain on this company and industry, just like the job shy scumbags who claim undeserved benefits are a drain on society. Here you go Dwayne, have your mic back.

    ???: I'll take that.

    A hand is seen snatching the microphone from Clandestine's hand, then the camera pans out a bit to reveal Draymen standing by Warren and Clandestine with a smirk on his face.

    Draymen: I heard you and DWAYNE talking about my win that I picked up earlier tonight. Impressive, no? Beating Archer was like a walk in the park, it was almost like I had a super natural force helping me from the dis ... What? Why are you looking at me like that, Clandy? Can I call you Clandy? You like to give Dwayne nick names that he doesn't like, so I'll do the same for you.

    But anyway, let me cut to the chase shall I? Black and Gatling have their own problems to deal with, I can understand that. We all have at least one problem with someone, right Clandy? I sure as hell do, and I'm looking that problem right in the face at this very moment.

    Draymen then looks Clandestine dead in the eye with a serious look on his face.

    Draymen: I'll be one hundred percent honest with you right now, Clandestine. I don't like your attitude, and I haven't been necessarily fond of you personally either. You act like you're the next big thing, you act like you've been here for a long time ... Let me ask, just who the hell are you? When I hear IWA, I think of names like Black Blooded, KJ Punk, Shaz, Kyojin, Malcolm Adonis, Captain Amazing, Juno Mercury, Mike Hawk, and Darius. Not once do I think of ... Clandestine.

    So let this be a warning to you, my friend. Until you actually do something in this company, like winning a match that means something ... Stop running your mouth or you'll deal with someone who actually has experience in the IWA. You've had one match, whooptie-fuckin'-do! I've had many matches and I'm still unbroken. So this is that warning I just mentioned ...

    You best be careful from here on out, Clandy ... Because you've got a big ol' bulls-eye on your forehead, and I've got the bow in my hand ... Ready to draw back the string and let an arrow fly right at you. Here is the thing though, the end of that arrow won't pierce you, oh no. That arrow will just cause a Train Wreck and you'll be on the receiving end of that blow. I'll say again, you best be careful from here on out.

    Draymen smiles and goes to walk away but Clandestine attacks him from nowhere! He throws Draymen into a container backstage before walking away as EMTs check on Draymen.

    Commercial Break.

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is set for one fall, introduing first The Streets of San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 245lbs, he is Tenacious (D)ave!

    Dave with a bracket!

    Michael Cole: I like this kid, and I think he has a bright future! He is sure better than his opponent, The Vegas Kid! Tonight, he will beat Kid and move on to bigger and better things!

    Josh Mathews: Umm.. No.. Just no..

    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, from the Ghetto of Las Vegas, weighing in at 212lbs, he is The Vegas Kid!

    THE Kid from Vegas!

    Josh Mathews: I am damn sure that The Vegas Kid wins tonight!

    Michael Cole: You keep telling yourself that Josh!

    Tenacious (D)ave/Kassius Ohno VS The Vegas Kid/Seth Rollins



    Kickout! Kid cannot believe it, and the crowd is just as shocked. (D)ave's lip is busted open though, following that explosive Superkick from Kid.*

    Josh Mathews: Man, the kick rocked (D)ave! How he kicked out is beyond me, but damn that was impressive.

    Michael Cole: I told you, this is the end for The Vegas Kid!

    *Kid wastes no time in getting back on top of things as he lifts (D)ave up, but (D)ave sees it coming and nails Kid with a europeann uppercut, and follows it up with a big knee to Kid's midsection.

    (D)ave stands back as Vegas stumbles a bit, and than (D)ave hit a jumping kick to the back of Kid's head. Kid drops to the ground hard and looks to be out of it. (D)ave takes no chances though as he turns Kid over and starts in with punches to Kid, nailing the face, chest and neck. All Kid can do is try and cover up, but the ref gets in and breaks it up.

    (D)ave rushes back, but Kid kips up and nails another big Superkick on (D)ave. He than heads to the top and the crowd gets excited. He leaps and goes for Blackjack, but (D)ave gets his knees up and Kid lands hard. Both men are out on the mat, but it's (D)ave who makes the move first. He covers Kid, but Kid is able to kickout at 2. (D)ave rolls off Kid and slowly makes it to his feet, but falls to a knee.*

    Josh Mathews: This match has been exhausting for both men, and you can see it on (D)ave's face. He is not 100%. Far from it to be honest. However The Vegas Kid is not doing much better.

    Michael Cole: The Vegas Kid is knocked out cold. If (D)ave can regroup, he will pick up the win and prove he is he better man.

    *(D)ave ever so slowly gets to his feet. The look of exhaustion and pain on his face are evident, but he carries on as he motions over to Kid, who has barely moved following the impact his move had. (D)ave gets Kid up to his feet and turns his around. He lifts Kid up for The Hurt Locker (Omega Driver), but Kid seemingly out of desperation, manages to shift the weight, causing (D)ave to fall back and allowing Kid to make the pin



    Kickout as Kid just couldn't maintain a strong cover. Kid rolls off and stagers to his feet, he looks over and sees that (D)ave is still on the ground. He goes up top yet again, and leaps off for Blackjack, but again (D)ave was ready, he leaps up and connects with a Codebreaker out of no where! The crowd is wild now and (D)ave looks like he might be closing in on a win. He mocks the crowd who boo him loudly.

    (D)ave lifts Kid up and turns him around for The Hurt Locker, and this time he connects with it hard! (D)ave stands over Kid, who looks lifeless. He smirks down at his opponent as he covers Kid



    NO!!!! Kid gets his foot on the rope and (D)ave is shocked at this, but regathers his thoughts as he lifts Kid up again. He turns Kid around, but Kid counters the move and nails a jawbreaker. Kid stumbles a bit, as does (D)ave. However, Kid is the first to get his bearings and with no effort at all, he connects with Dead Man's Hand. (D)ave is seemingly out of it, but Kid doesn't chance it with a pin, no instead he locks in a crossface submission!*

    Josh Mathews: Crossface!! This could do it, this could be the end! Will (D)ave tap? He will break free?

    Michael Cole: C'mon (D)ave!! Get out of this!

    *(D)ave struggles, trying to break free, but he has no energy left, but neither does Kid, who is havng trouble keeping the hold in. Kid is doing his best to hold the lock, but (D)ave is still fighting, doing everything possible to get out of the crossface. (D)ave does manage to get to the ropes and Kid breaks the hold.

    Kid rolls off and sits in the corner while the ref checks on (D)ave. Kid pulls himself up and gets to top rope. The ref tries to get him to stop, but Kid flies off and finally connects with Blackjack! Kid turns (D)ave over and again he locks in the Crossface! This time (D)ave is in to much pain to fight it, he has no choice, he has to tap and with the we have a winner!*

    Lacey Foster: The winner of this match, as a result of submission, The Vegas Kid!

    Josh Mathews: What a match! This match had everything a Pay-Per-View Main Event could ever want, and it was on free TV!

    Michael Cole: The only bad part, was the wrong man won. But I give credit to The Vegas Kid, he put on one helluva match!

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    Darius is seen backstage at a concession table fixing himself a plate with fried chicken, some bacon and a taco. Once he finishes making his plate, he turns around to see Dwayne Warren standing right in front of him with a microphone in hand and a smile on his face.

    Warren: Mr. Darius! Do you have time to answer a couple of questions?

    Darius: Well I kind of wanted to eat my ...

    Warren: Great! Tell me, Mr. Darius, what are your opinions of Oscar Laymen?

    Darius sighs and sets the plate down onto the table before speaking.

    Darius: You interrupt my face stuffing session with an obvious question? Seriously? Well, let me entertain you anyway. My opinion is a fact actually. Oscar Laymen is a good for nothing, two faced ... No ... Quadra-faced douche nugget who has never looked into a mirror.

    He honestly believes he can beat me at Uprising ... Can you believe that? It is just a ludicrous thought and nobody in the IWA Universe believes that he will be able to beat me. I defended my championship just fine at Death By Glory, and I will defend it once again at Uprising, and I will once again leave as the IWA Endurance champion.

    Warren: Strong words Mr. Darius, my next question is about last weeks tag team match. Care to express your thoughts?

    Darius: I honestly almost forgot about that match because it was such a breeze. Smith and I blew Pamich and Laymen out of the water. Pamich thought he was going to make me tap out ... That is just cute, but he was served a spear for his troubles. I thought ... It was ...

    Darius stops speaking when KJ Punk walks into the frame, right past Warren as he comes up to Darius. Punk’s face is serious as he looks at his former rival.

    Punk: I have a question for you Darius.

    Punk takes a pause and looks at Darius.

    Are those the new boneless chicken wings from KFC? Where did you get them? How are they?

    KJ laughs, patting Darius on the back.

    I know that me and you have a rocky history here in IWA. You were one of the men I beat to claim the IWA World Championship. You’ve always been one of the best competitors here in IWA and I always thought if you could get your head on straight that you could become one of the top dogs here.

    Warren: KJ Punk!? Are you asking Darius….

    KJ cuts of Warren with a shocked look on his face.

    Punk: Who the hell are you? What happened to that hot reporter we used to have? Emily something? Why don’t you go find out and let me get to my business.

    Punk turn his attention back to Darius.

    Tonight, I have a tag match against, *KJ sighs*, the Co-IWA Champions, Black Blooded. David said that I could pick anyone that I wanted to be my tag partner and I knew instantly that the man I wanted to ask first already had gold around his waist. A man who knows how much holding a championship means in this business. That man is you Darius. What do ya say?

    KJ reaches out his hand for a handshake as he looks Darius in the eyes.

    Darius: Well, to answer your first question ... I wouldn't know since SOMEBODY wouldn't let me eat my damn food because they tried to feed me a microphone.

    Darius glares at Warren who just backs up a bit.

    Darius: But anyway ... I can see where you're coming from, Punk. I honestly can. Yeah, we've had our differences but I've seen the light. I think I've got my head on straight now, especially since I have this bad boy.

    Darius unzips his hoodie and reveals the IWA Endurance championship around his waist. Darius pats the championship and grins widely.

    Darius: Mr. Smyth never saw it comin' when my music hit. Didn't have a damned clue ... But you do, Punk. You've held gold and you know how it feels, and you know it takes true skill to hold gold and that is why you've come to me in your time of need. So let me answer your second question for you.

    Darius takes Punk's hand and shakes it.

    Darius: You need a partner tonight? Well you've got one. Black Blooded is one hell of a team, I'll give them that but right now they're ... What'd you say, "Co-IWA Champions"? In my book, that isn't a legitimate reign and I think they need to be taught a lesson. Lets see how they hold up against two real champions tonight, my friend. The IWA Endurance Champion and the soon to be IWA Champion. Lets give'em hell.

    Punk smiles as he shakes Darius’ hand.

    Punk: Oh we will Darius. We will.

    KJ turns to leave and sees Warrren still standing there while Darius picks up his plate and starts nomming on his chicken.

    Punk: AHHHHH! You’re still here?!?!? You scared the shit outta me you freak!

    Warren: Mr. Punk, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

    Punk: Fine if you promise to leave as soon as it’s over.

    Warren: Do you feel that your match last week sent a message to Black Blooded?

    Punk: Well yeah I do. I beat both of them. Again. They have only beat me one time, but it was the time that mattered the most. I took advantage of those two big dumb bastards. They can’t outsmart me. They thought they could attack me while I was busy beating down the other one but that won’t happen. I got hear those two mouth breathers coming from a mile away.

    Warren: Do you feel it helps your chances of winning the IWA Championship at Uprising?

    Punk: My chances of winning at Uprising was helped when Ryan removed his head from his ass and said that there would only be ONE IWA Champ after the pay per view. That’s the only way Black Blooded could beat me in the first place. By bending the rules and relying on the simple minded officials that Ryan put out there in the biggest match of his brands history. Now if Ryan somehow manages to screw up worse than that other jabroni, I will be more than happy to take out a few of my frustrations over the matter on our poor incompetent GM. And that’s what he’ll be until he starts making decisions that a competent GM would make.

    But tonight, with Darius at my side, we will show Black Blooded who the true dominant forces of IWA are. They are the Endurance Champion Darius and Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner himself, KJ Punk! Interview’s donezo, Dwayne boy.

    KJ walks off to prepare for his match.

    Josh Matthews: Looks like KJ just found his partner for the main event!

    Michael Cole: KJ Punk and Darius? Black Blooded have a walk in the park!

    Josh Matthews: Well folks, Van Hooligan X goes one-on-one with Venomous! NEXT!

    Commercial Break.

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    Michael Cole: Van HooliganX is one talented young man, having to cope with the fact is partner is on the out of action list, he has taken it in his stride, by destroying all in his path and making his partner proud, I am excited for this following match-up.

    Lacey Foster: Your following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at 217lbs, Venomous!

    Extremely Venomous!

    Josh Mathews: Venomous and Carbon are a strong tag-team and they are equally strong singles competitors, the fact he can come out here on his own and still be strong.

    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, weighing in at 216lbs, Van HooliganX!

    Van Hooligan EXXXXXXXXXX!

    Michael Cole: The Infection lives on through the strength that Van has and his partner will be back when he is fully fit to return and they will be back to being the best in IWA!

    Van (Sheamus) Vs. Venomous (John Morrison)
    Start at 0:23 and End at 6:14

    Venomous still on top, pulls Van to the centre of the ring, going for another cover, Van kicks up before the ref can begin a count, pulling Van to his feet he begins to land a series of shots to the gut and midsection of Van, trying to weaken his strong stance, continuously trying to have the upper hand on Van…
    Venomous lands a dropkick to the face of Van, knocking him against the ring post; Venomous lands a kick to the gut before pulling him from the corner and landing a snap suplex, driving Van into the mat and goes for a quick cover…
    Fast kick-out from Van, who is quick to try and get to his feet again, the two men begin to trade blows in the centre of the ring…

    Venomous lands a dropkick to Van, followed by another snap suplex…

    Josh Matthews: Venomous is showing his ability here as he has Van down here, Venomous is on top here…

    Venomous stalks Van as he getting back to his feet and he wait about to set up to end it…


    Michael Cole: It can’t be! No, he is, he is here!

    Ramon’s music hits and Venomous turns to see if it is really him or not, forgetting about the stirring Van, Ramon’s smile dazzles as he begins to make his way down the ramp towards the ring, Van seizing the opportunity and VANHAMMER!!
    Going for the pin

    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, Van Hooligan X!!

    Michael Cole: They are back!

    Ramon joins Van in the ring as Venomous rolls out. He backs up the ramp as Carbon walks out to join his partner. Ramon & Van hold up their Tag Team Championships as the screen fades to black.

    Commercial Break.

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    Nightmarish Madness!

    The fans go wild seeing the team of Abel and Jason Alexander as they appear on stage and soon head to the ring. They enter the ring and are handed mics by a stage hand, the fans cheering all the while before settling down allowing The Nightmare Madness to speak...

    Alexander: Damaged Goods.

    Abel: Chris Diamond.

    Alexander: 3 thorns in our side, that didn't know what to do other than blame my partner here for his failures when things either didn't go their way go their way, like Diamond or....

    Abel: How a played out tag team don't take it too kindly when a better team steps through the door of IWA and had nothing better to do other than to pick a bone with us.

    Alexander: Exactly!

    Fans cheer

    Alexander: Now last week, I beat the little snot nosed punk that is Chris Diamond but Damaged Goods saw fit to attack me after my victory, leading to Abel, like the amazing partner and beast of a man that he is to come in to the ring and start destroying Damaged Goods on his own before Diamond attacked Abel's family jewels and made it so Damaged Goods would recover enough to ensue a beat on my partner before leaving feeling content with their actions.

    The week before that, it took all of Damaged Goods and Chris Diamond again to take us down because quite honestly Damaged Goods can't hack it on their own or with Wisenheimer or whatever that manager of theirs is called and it took the aid of Diamond to have the right to claim that they have defeated Abel and I.

    Hahaha. I'm sorry I can't help but laugh seeing the once so called best tag team in IWA, falling from grace so badly that they can't win on their own merit anymore, I mean it truly is just a wonderful sight to see for Abel and I. It shows why they are so threatened by our presence and our accurate statement, that we are the best tag team in the world. It shows why they are nowhere in the same league as us. Why they are so desperate to make an example out of us over any other team in IWA right now but the thing is boys...we aren't an example to be made out of, we make an example out of those set before us.

    Fans cheer loudly

    Abel: We are the true epitome of destruction, savagery and chaos that will fall upon anyone who gets in our way. We have had enough of the attacks by Damaged Goods and Diamond, they've gone on long enough and we are ready to deal with this the best way we know how. Making sure our victims live in an endless nightmare as they slip into madness at our hands. So Damaged Goods, we-

    Damaged Goods!

    The crowd shows their disgust, as the theme of Damaged Goods bellows over the arena. Schweizner steps onto the stage, with Gaileo and Gommenta beside him, as their look in the ring at Nightmare Madness. They stay on the ramp, with Schweizner already armed with a microphone

    Schweizner: Well done Alexander, for stating the obvious. We did see fit to attack you, because you don't deserve to be in our company. We respect Diamond a hell of a lot more than we respect you, so when we saw an opportunity to protect Chris, and stir trouble up with "The Great" Nightmare Madness, we took it.

    We aren't in the same league as you, you got that right. We're above you on every step of the pedestal. Bear Grylls had to drink his own urine to survive when he was out of your comfort zone, but there's no such easy escape for you. Because you did, Alexander, Abel, make a couple of mistakes, you're not the epitome of destruction, savagery and chaos. You're the epitome of everything that is wrong with wrestling today. Weak, two-faced and selfish.

    The crowd jeers Damaged Goods, but Schweizner ignores the fans.

    Schweizner: We were not, nor ever the "so-called" best tag team in IWA. Gaileo and Gommenta ARE, currently and in the past, the best pair IWA has ever known. There was no fall from grace, just a blip in form. If you want to talk about a fall from grace, how about Abel chokeslamming you? How about Abel falling into obscurity, and you moving into irrelevantness. Nothing outside of IWA matters currently, because this is THE place to be: THE company everyone wants to work for. So your adventures elsewhere makes no difference to us.

    You can't waltz into IWA and be the top dogs immediately, because only two men were ever capable of that, and they are the two men by my side. They won titles in their first month. And you've yet to win a match as a pair, and Alexander fluked a win over Diamond. Christopher had a streak. You two had steaks. We were the top of the IWA Tag Division. You two were top of the McDonalds Weight Division. Don't talk down to us, son, because you won your titles first. We'll talk down to you, like the troglodytes you are. And why? Because Damaged Goods are better than Nightmare Madness.

    I guess you get the gist of it. Why should we tolerate pathetic morons like yourselves, when there's worthy competitors of our time. Physically, you overrate yourselves. You both have an ego the size of Africa, and the body shape to match it. You seem united, but in actual fact, I bet - nay, I know - you still resent each other for the way your friendship ended. And I know, this brave face, is a way of strengthening your career, but it won't succeed. There's no way around it, you should accept the fact that you cannot live in the Tag Division anymore. We know, we're better than you.

    Once again, the crowd directs their boos at Schweizner, who glares at the audience. A "You Suck!" chant breaks out, as Schweizner shakes his head.

    Schweizner: And we want to prove it. We want you at Uprising. Gaileo, and Gommenta, want you at Uprising. They've beaten you once already, but because Diamond wanted to get under your skin, you view yourselves as better? Absolutely no chance. We want to shut your mouth, so two-on-two, Gaileo and Gommenta vs. Abel and Alexander. And we know you will accept, because your pride is your downfall.

    Well, not your only downfall. We'll give you props where they're due, mentally, you're top competitors, but physically, you can't live with Gaileo and Gommenta. So at Uprising, should you accept, you will lose. And if not, be branded a wuss. Be branded a fake. But I know you'd rather be called that than a loser.

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