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    Final filler.

    Enjoy the show, guys.

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    The fans explode with cheers as the theme to Chaos resonates around the arena. The pyro goes off on the staging area whilst the cameras zip and zoom around before focusing on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Hello everyone and welcome to Sunday night Chaos! I’m Mike James alongside my colleague Rocky Reynolds and Rocky, we had a huge week last week.

    Rocky: Oh hell yeah we did. We said goodbye to the two biggest wasters in IWA, AJ Dixon has found that quality that makes him a great competitor and we saw a couple of new guys get their asses kicked.

    Mike: It was also announced last week that we would have a new number one contender for Shaz’s World Heavyweight Championship so tonight, we will see the Sexual Sensation, Malcolm Adonis take on the Superstar of the Year, Kyojin with the winner getting a first class ticket to Chaos’ main event at Death By Glory.

    Malcolm Adonis!

    Mike: Speak of the devil!

    As his music plays, Adonis bursts through the curtain dressed in his familiar golden trunks! He gyrates for the ladies in attendance and drizzles himself with baby oil before rubbing himself with the towel and throwing it a few rows back. He struts his way down to the ring and begins climbing the steps before being handing a microphone. Before he speaks, women begin throwing items of clothing into the ring as Malcolm laughs it off.

    Adonis: Woah now! Sit yo' fine asses down and let Malcolm do his thing! We hardly even begun this show and people be throwin' stuff up here! Ahaa! So lets get right to it, Malcolm's out here to talk about last week. Y'all saw what went down, y'all remember it well just like Malcolm! What's Malcolm talkin' about? He's talkin' bout bringin' sexy back to the referees shirt! Ahaa! I know you feelin' me ladies! Last week Malcolm went down as perhaps the sexiest beast in stripes and brought a little class back to the role that many seem to have forgotten these days!

    See bein' a referee is hard work! You gotta have eyes in the back of yo' head and you can't look away for even the smallest amount of time because people will take a mile when you give em an inch. An' Malcolm has plenty of inches spare.. if you know what I mean! But Malcolm did a good job, he took the bull by the horns and kept control in a volatile situation! Four men fighting for their jobs, and Malcolm's stuck in the middle! But he did all four men justice, Malcolm ruled that match fairly and not a damn soul can have any complaints to make, in the end the right team won!

    Malcolm pauses for a moment as a "Thanks you Jman! Thank you Divine!" chant breaks out around the arena.

    Adonis: That's right, give it up for those boys who fought tooth and nail to keep their jobs.. only that ain't exactly how it went down. See Smokey fooled us all! Like the man with the plan like he is is pulled the wool over all of our eyes and dropped the mother of all bombshells at the end of the show! See that Smokey, he's one smart guy, wiley even, I don't think any of us saw it comin', least of all Jman and Divine who thought they'd saved their jobs! And least of all of course Shaz and Kyojin who thought that they was about to end up on the unemployment line!

    So lets talk about that for a moment.. lets talk about why in the hell these two men still have their jobs? Malcolm did the right thing, regardless of his scheduled match with Kyojin tonight, Malcolm did not intentionally seek to make him lose. Shaz an' Kyojin lost fairly, and in all fairness.. Malcolm don't think it was at all fair for Smokey to let these guys keep they jobs. Now Malcolm ain't sayin' this because it would leave him unopposed in his quest for the title, he's sayin' it because it's true. When you lose, you lose! How in the hell are you gonna fire two men that were on top of the world? In all honestly.. Malcolm thinks that's a heapin' pile of sh..


    Shaz's music immediately hits as he comes out looking all stylish with a suit on. He slides into the ring and looks at Adonis before grabbing a mic as he begins to speak.

    Shaz: You did all four men justice huh? The right team won? Malcolm, you just get more and more depressing each week. Why don't you tell all the idiots in the crowd the real truth? Why don't you just accept the fact that you made a biased decision, and let Jman and Divine win a match you knew they couldn't win?!

    Because when you have Superstar of the Year 2012, and the IWA World Heavyweight Champion- teaming up, you know that the whole arena will erupt. You knew that the spotlight wasn't on you as referee, it was on the dream team! And you decided to make it all about YOU Adonis, but at the end of the day- your intentions STILL backfired.

    Crowd boo as they chant Adonis' name.

    Shaz: Jman, and Chris Divine. They are gone, finished, over! That's what happens when you get selfish Adonis. That's what happens when you try and get the upper hand! You tried to be the smart guy, but you ended up betraying the guys that you looked up to the most, just for your own benefit.

    Crowd boo.

    Shaz: And I've been listening to all these positive reviews that Smokey has been receiving for his performance as GM of Chaos, but the truth is- it's absolutely bollocks! Despite the fact that myself, and Kyojin didn't get fired- if we were to get fired, then you. That's right, YOU! Out of all people, Malcolm freakin' Adonis would've been made the world champion!

    Adonis, I know that you've beaten me- I ain't gonna deny that. But you've forgot that I was out of it. I wasn't motivated enough to carry on competing, because I was never getting the attention I deserved. But when I created a master plan, and conned the whole IWA Universe into loving me, I won the world title- and I became the most talked about wrestler in the IWA!

    Crowd boo Shaz, and the Adonis chants get louder.

    Shaz: Seriously? You people are actually chanting Adonis' name? Do you people even feel a gist of what would happen if Adonis won MY world title? Rubbing all that baby-oil on my title, treating it with absolute disrespect. You'd be making my skin crawl. And-

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    The fans booing reaches a whole new level as the Superstar of the Year walks out slowly to the stage. He holds his arms out as fireworks trail down the Insane-O-Tron down behind him. He smiles vindictively as he walks down the ramp slightly. Adonis & Shaz are both shown watching from the ring as Kyojin walks all the way down the ramp and around the ring- ignoring the fans who are giving him hell from ringside- and over to the timekeeper’s position. He grabs a microphone and slides into the ring. He looks at Shaz before talking.

    Kyojin: You know, I never thought I’d say this but Shaz- I agree with you. You’ve actually come out here, opened your mouth and said something that actually relates to me and makes sense. Something that isn’t full of disgusting slang. I agree with you Shaz- Adonis was biased last week. He made Divine and Jman win the match in the hope that Smokey would come out and despicably fire you and I.

    Adonis did this because it is plain and simple, he doesn’t believe in his own ability. You see, this- your front about how you’re absolutely full of yourself and couldn’t think more of yourself- it’s a load of bullshit Adonis.

    The fans boo loudly as Kyojin smirks.

    Kyojin: For two months, you have been coming to this ring and you’ve been losing left, right and centre. Mr. Smyth, Mike Hawk, Gabriel. All of them have fought you and they have beaten you. You realise that your once average abilities, they’re depleting even more and you’re not able to hack it where you stand.

    So last week, you knew that if Shaz and I were fired, you would become the IWA World Heavyweight Championship- you’d be handed the belt and everybody would look the other way because their precious little Malcolm Adonis had made it big. Because you knew Malcolm, you knew that if you got rid of us, you wouldn’t have to go through me and then go through Shaz- something that even you know that you can’t do.

    Unfortunately for you, Smokey made the right decision. Smokey fired Jman and Divine, and made certain that his two biggest stars stayed making him and the company all the money we can.

    The fans boo loudly as Kyo laughs.

    Kyojin: So last week Adonis, you tried to take the easy way out- and last week Adonis, just like you’re going to failed.

    The fans booing gets louder as the Superstar of the Year laughs again.

    Kyojin: Because tonight Adonis, you’re going one-on-one with the Superstar of the Year, with the man who they all tune in to see regardless of whether they are cheering me or booing me. They know how damn good I am, they know what I can do and they know that I back up everything I say. And tonight Adonis, they know I’m telling the truth that in the main event tonight, I’m gonna kick your ass.

    The fans booing is on a whole new level.

    Kyojin: I’m gonna kick your ass and I’m gonna go on to Death By Glory and face Shaz for the IWA World Heavyweight Championship because the simple fact of the matter is...I’m better than you. I know it, these people know it, Shaz knows it, Smokey knows it and most importantly Malcolm, you know it.

    I’m better in this ring, the things I say aren’t cringe worthy when I have this microphone and I’m smarter than you. Do you know how I know that Malcolm?

    Because last week, you didn’t surprise me.

    Adonis: Drop the "Y" and rearrange yo' name and you get the word "jokin", and seriously boy you must be jokin'! I didn't surprise ya huh? Damn, Divine 'n Jman musta knocked you around pretty good boys because none of y'all remember the match the way it went down! Y'all are so convinced that Malcolm screwed ya over but come on fellas, we all know that couldn't be further from the truth. Y'all know Malcolm don't screw men, this is one case where Malcolm hopes you ain't feelin' him! Ahaa! But seriously, you ain't the only man who can tell funny ass jokes Kyojin, Malcolm's got a ton of 'em. All Malcolm's sayin' is it must be a bitter pill to swallow that y'all ain't as good as you thought ya were!

    Malcolm grins at Kyojin before his smile fades away into a more serious demeanour.

    Adonis: Why in the hell would Malcolm wanna take the easy way out? When has Malcolm ever chosen the easy path as opposed to hard work an' endeavour? Malcolm hates to flog a dead horse man, but have you ever heard of a man called Shinin' Light!? There weren't a damn thing about that whole affair that was easy, that sorta stuff plays on yo' damn mind, and Malcolm fought on and refused to die! *Malcolm sucks his teeth* You needin' a reality check son if you think Malcolm likes things easy round here, ma' name ain't Kyojin, an' it certainly ain't Shaz!

    Tonight, Malcolm ain't under any illusions, when you an him face off in this ring for the number one contenders spot, it's gonna be brutal. Malcolm knows you tough, and he knows you got talent, but Malcolm does question your motivation. Belts are nice but what are you really fightin' for? See Malcolm's fightin' for his life, his career.. Malcolm needs a little redemption and i'm afraid you're the only man in the way o' that buddy. I'm a wild animal trapped in a corner, an' that's just where Malcolm's at his most dangerous, you feelin' that?

    Malcolm shoots Kyojin a prolonged stare before shifting his gaze to Shaz.

    Adonis: An' when i'm done puttin' a hurtin' on this arrogant son bitch.. you better believe Malcolm's comin' for you. Yo' time is almost up champ, so I hope you enjoy every single day of holdin' that belt, because Malcolm don't think you gonna be too happy when it ends up a hood ornament for Malcolm Junior down there.

    Shaz: Malcolm, that's what I despise about bastards like you. When it comes to facing other superstars, you absolutely fear them. They make you vulnerable. But when it comes to facing me, the world champion. You underestimate me, and you reject the fact that I'm a massive threat to you.

    I don't blame you though. Trash talking is the only way you're gonna get the upper hand on me. But when it comes to this ring, you've got nothing on me. I'm an underground wrestler, and I was wrestling in the ghetto! You may have the strength that sets you apart from everyone else, but what you don't have- is the high risk moves that can tear any opponent apart.

    I wanted a challenge- and I've got two challenges in you two. But just because I don't dismiss you two as threats, don't think that I'm not determined to defeat the pair of you. But that's enough talking for now- because I've got better things on my mind. Like scouting both of you chumps, that's right. You'll both see me on commentary tonight, so adios bitches.

    Shaz climbs out of the ring and makes his way up to the back, leaving Adonis and Kyojin in a stare down.

    Mike: This is getting hot!

    Rocky: Damn straight, and when Kyojin kicks Adonis’ ass tonight, it will be Kyojin vs. Shaz for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now can you dig that?


    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. On his way to the ring, from Leicester, Englad, weighing in at 217lbs, James!

    James wanders to the ring to a decent pop from the fans.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, from Athens Georgia, The Royal Rockstar, Sagittarius Blue!

    The fans explode with cheers as Blue storms through the curtains. Blue sprints down the ramp, slides into the ring, climbs a corner and poses for the fans.

    Start at 05:01, finish at 10:39

    James=AJ Styles/Blue=Hardy

    Blue crawls over to cover James.
    ...Thr-NO! James kicks out.

    Mike: That was close.

    Rocky: Jobber James has lasted more than five minutes. I’m surprised.

    Mike: James is not a jobber. He’s a young talent who looks like he could make it big here in IWA.

    Rocky: Judging by his work last week, I’ll refrain from holding my breath!

    Blue rolls out of the ring and stand on the apron. Blue waits for James to get up, which he eventually does. Blue springboards off the top rope and lands a textbook Sagittarius Shot (springboard dropkick)! Blue covers again.

    ...Thr-NO! James kicks out again!

    Blue is starting to show signs of frustration now. He picks up James and drags him into the corner. Blue lifts James onto the top rope. He climbs to the second rope and puts a front face lock on James, but James starts to fight back.

    Mike: James still has life!

    James throws a few punches to the ribs of Blue. Blue releases his hold of James, and James pushes Blue to the ground. The ref turns away from James to check on Blue. The fans suddenly start to boo very loudly.

    Mike: It’s Domino!

    Domino appears from under the ring and pushes James off the top rope and onto the arena floor, with James landing with a hard thump. Domino walks over to the timekeepers area and grabs a chair. He folds it shut and walks back over to James.

    Mike: No, no no!


    In full view of the referee, Domino hits James over the head with the chair. The referee immediately calls for the bell. The ref walks over to Emily Davis to inform her of his decision as Blue sits in the ring.

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match by disqualification: James!

    Domino continues the assault on James, landing hard chair shot after hard chair shot. Blue rolls out of the ring and makes a bee-line for Domino, but Domino turns in time and lands a huge chair shot onto the skull of Blue. With Blue on the ground, Domino leans forward and starts screaming at Blue. You can hear Domino say “Next week, Blue. Next week we finish this.”

    Mike: Is that a challenge?

    Rocky: Of course it is. My man Domino is stepping up to the plate.

    Referees make their way down the ramp as Domino walks away. Behind the referees is Jonathan Seahawk, who immediately makes his way over to James. Seahawk lifts James and starts showing concern, but James shoves Seahawk away, not buying into his concern.

    Rocky: How ungrateful.

    Mike: I don’t think so. Seahawk is up to something.

    Cameras go backstage where we see inside of Slayde's locker room, where Orion is seen sitting on a stool talking on the phone....

    Slayde: Ok, now remember...

    Slayde looks to continue but his attention turns away from the phone call he is having when of all people, Mr. Torture walks into the room wearing his gimp suit....

    Slayde: Let me call you back, something has come up.

    Slayde hangs up the phone and stands up facing Mr. Torture, who remains silent prompting Slayde to speak first.

    Slayde: So I take it you're here to talk about last week? First, let me just ask you...what goes through your mind doing what you did last week? You do realize not everyone is into the kinky stuff you're into or meant to resist such atrocities with proper training like I had.

    So really explain to me what the hell gives you the right to think to do what you want as freely as you do? That wearing that suit all the time is healthy? That you have the clear mind needed to separate your obsessions from the things that you can and cannot do inside a wrestling ring?

    Mr. Torture remains silent

    Slayde: See, that silence is exactly why I know you aren't exactly right in the head. So why did I interfere in your match last week, simply because had I not, one can only what the hell you would've put Benny the Ball through to satisfy yourself and quite frankly, I wasn't gonna stick around to find out.

    I'm known for taking things to an extreme when I need to, hell these scars on my face are proof of that. I wear my scars with pride yet you hide behind your suit and do this like it's for fun. You are weak and don't even deserve to wrestle, yet you do so next time you feel like going through the sick and twisted scenarios you play in your head, do it somewhere else or feel free to do it with someone who can actually, I don't know...defend themselves and make your life hell too.

    Like me...

    Slayde gets in the face in the face of Mr. Torture, before deciding he's had enough of the sight of the man in front of him and attempts to leave only to be restricted by Mr. Torture who finally speaks...

    Mr. Torture:
    Ah, always the tune of the good guy, the thick headed talk of the self-righteous, the words of a man that doesn't listen to others because he is always right. You think my silence is a sign of something wrong in my head. No. I just listen. I had the feeling you were not done, and I was right. I wanted to hear you, and now, for once, shut up and hear me!

    *Slayde looks mad, Mr. Torture still retains him, grabbing him by the arm*

    Mr. Torture: You still think BDSM is something wrong, wicked, twisted. It isn't. For me, it's healthy. For years I've been a problematic child, a nightmare for my parents and doctors. They were unable to control my thirst for inflicting pain, something that became worse in my teen years. Then, I discovered bondage sex. A total blessing. It helps me to channel my desire to cause pain and the pleasure it gives me, and at the same time, provide pleasure to somebody that is willing to be hurt, and thrills with it. Two by the price of one. All of this makes me a much better person when I have my mask off. Yes, believe me, I'm not always wearing this suit, I have four, all identical, for the sake of hygiene. The thing is, you never see me when I'm not wearing this: at home, with my family or my friends.

    *Torture takes a pause and looks Slayde in the eye*

    Mr. Torture: You don't believe me, don't you? You still believe my suit and mask are my second skin, that I never get rid of them, that I hide behind it. No, I'm not wearing this 24 hours every single day. Yes I hide, but at the same time, I'm exposed. If I'm not wearing this mask, my features are so common that nobody will pay me attention in a multitude. By wearing my mask, I'm concealing my face, but I'm making myself noticeable. I stand out of the crowd. You can recognize me. And more importantly, people that know me only with the mask on recognize me. When I jumped into the wrestling world, I wanted them to relate to me. I didn't want them to ask “who is that guy?” I wanted them to say: “look who he is”. That's why I did it.

    *Another pause, but the grip is on:*

    Mr. Torture: Now that we are talking wrestling, yes, I know what I did to Benny the Ball last week. Heinous, right? It served its purposes: one, teaching the Jimmy two lessons: not to interrupt other people's business, and wrestling is not for untrained, talentless pussies. Two, it served me to attract your attention. You know, I entered this business for a reason. I like to dominate, but I also like a fight. There's barely a fight in domination, just a bit of resistance you can easily outpower. But not in wrestling. You're facing an equal, somebody that will strike back and will do his best to put you down for the one, two, three. That's why I chose you. I've seen you fighting. I know you can turn my life into hell. And I feel exactly like the song says: it's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the the challenge of our rival. In this case, the challenge of you, Orion Slayde.

    *Another breather.*

    Mr. Torture: But let me tell you something. Don't try to lecture me. I love what I do, I'm proud of it. Yeah, even destroying that poor little kid Benny. Don't even try to change me. Maybe it's you who needs the change. You said you can go extreme, I can testify. So, why don't you go extreme permanently? Give it a try. I can help you with that. You'll see my world is not as bad as you think. Give pain, obtain pleasure, give pleasure to those who love pain. What's wrong with that? Don't be close-minded, expand yourself, give it a thought. I see it in your eyes, you'll like it. Just give the step, and remember, I'm here to help.

    *Mr. Torture chuckles a bit before releasing Slayde's arm and leave the locker room.*

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    Mike: That Torture is one messed up dude.

    Rocky: I like him. He’s definitely a unique guy and I think that’s gonna work in his favour.

    Juno Mercury

    Walking down the ramp Juno is dressed in all black attire her dyed hair is now black and purple and her tattoo on her arm has been extended to her neck, she smiles as she enters the ring…

    Juno Mercury: Last week, I had reached a weak point in my career, I reached a point we all reach, where we feel and think what is the point in everything… because of this I was at my weakest, at my breaking point, down to this I was targeted… I was bullied and I was beat to a pulp, not the first time but, it will be the last!

    Those condiment bitches targeted me, targeted me at the one time I was not the strongest I could be…Very mature girlies want a wee gold star for your hard work? Pathetic and worthless...

    Juno rolls her eyes at the thought of them

    Juno Mercury: Those two, they think they can read me, they think they are better than me… I am enigmatic, I am unbelievably charismatic and they are not! They work together, gang up on me to beat me up thinking that they, that they will make me crumble, make me give up entirely…If anything, they make me, make me stronger, make me strive for perfection…

    Juno looks unsure of herself

    Juno Mercury: So when given the chance again, I will beat those two to kingdom come, beat their asses and knock them into oblivion! I will no longer screw up, I will be the best again, I will leap into immortality and I will reign supreme and you all know it.

    The fans cheer loudly for Juno when suddenly Sugar and Spice are shown on the screen and the fans begin to boo.

    Sugar: Aww Spice look at the poor little goth girl!

    Spice: She's not goth, she's emo.

    Sugar: I thought goths were the ones who wore all black.

    Spice: Lots of losers wear all black Sugar, but emos are the most pathetic ones of all and looking at Juno you can tell she's emo.

    The fans boo.

    Sugar: Goth, emo, who cares? The point is she's more of a loser than usual. She really should've accepted our makeover while the offer was good cause clearly she has no clue how to dress herself.

    Spice: Forget her ridiculous wardrobe for a moment, she called us a condiment bitches again.

    Sugar: Ugh that is such a lame insult, it doesn't even make any sense. What are we in the fifth grade?

    Spice: Apparently so Sugar, we're the popular girls and she's the class freak!

    Sugar and Spice laugh and hi5 each other. The fans boo them and Juno looks agitated.

    Sugar: And did she just say she could beat us? Cause I could've sworn I heard her say she will "reign supreme". Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we beat her ass last time she made the mistake of getting in the ring with us?

    Spice: We sure did and she took everything we had to give like the bitch... she... is.

    Sugar and Spice look at each other and grin as the fans continue booing them.

    Sugar: So little June bug if you have a pinch of integrity left...

    Spice: Not fucking likely.

    Sugar: Don't challenge us to another match because we won't just humiliate you next time, we'll end... your... career.

    The fans continue booing and Juno looks pissed off now.

    Spice: But hey it's not all bad news, is it Sugar?

    Sugar: It's not? Oh that's right it's not. We actually felt so bad after what we did to you last week that got you a present.

    Spice: And sorry, but it's not decent clothes, you'll have to buy those on your own. The stores we shop in only carry sizes 1, 3 and 5 and you're clearly a a big fat 0.

    Sugar leans down and grabs a wrapped present.

    Sugar: Look isn't it pretty? Don't worry I'll open it for you.

    Sugar rips off the wrapper and opens the box to reveal a pair of headphones.

    Both: They're headphones.

    The fans boo and Juno shakes her head angrily.

    Sugar: And look they're just like the ones we broke last week. This is our way of saying we're sorry.

    Spice: That's right, all you have to do is come here and take them.

    Sugar: And we'll even apologize in person cause that's just the kind of people we are. So come over little June bug, the clock is ticking.

    The screen goes black and the fans boo once again. The camera zooms in on Juno's face and cuts to commercial.


    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, standing in the ring, Benny The Ball.

    The fans give a decent pop for Benny as he waves and jumps around like an excited idiot.

    Rocky: Gee, I wonder how this match will end...

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 293lbs, he is 'The Freak' Ryan Wells!

    Ryan Wells (Vicious) vs. Benny The Ball
    (Start 00:45 End 2:11)

    Mike: My god, what an absolutely sickening powerbomb! Benny's head nearly snapped off from his shoulders with that impact!

    Rocky: Yeah well it's his fault for going against The Freak!

    Wells presses his foot into the throat of BTB, blocking the air from his lungs. The referee counts to four before Wells finally brings his foot from BTB's throat. Wells reaches down and puts both of his hands around BTB's throat and hoists him up to his feet and stands him steady, then tosses him into the turnbuckle hard.

    Mike: He is just toying with this poor kid now.

    Rocky: He is showing him how to wrestle. Stop whining.

    Wells throws hard rights and lefts into BTB's abdomen, and then climbs onto the middle rope to bring hard right hands down onto BTB's skull!

    One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!

    BTB is now dazed as Wells drops back down to the mat and then hits a hard elbow shot to the temple of BTB, nearly knocking him over the top rope. Wells grabs a handful of BTB's hair and drags his face along the top rope before pushing him back against the turnbuckle again and driving his knee into his gut.

    Wells lifts BTB onto the top rope, and then he ducks under him and goes back up, putting BTB onto his shoulders setting up the Freak Attack. Wells manages to hold onto BTB with one hand as he pulls himself to the middle rope and stands tall on it, and then launches himself from the middle rope and slams BTB down in the center of the ring with a massive Freak Attack! Wells goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, Ryan Wells!!

    Mike: What the hell was the meaning of that? He didn't need to do THAT much damage!

    Rocky: He is sending a message to everyone on the roster!

    Matthew Black

    *Matt Black comes out on the stage as Ryan Wells is celebrating his victory against Benny The Ball*

    Matt Black: Hey, Hey, Ryan! I thought I'd take a page from the book of wells and come out here and interrupt your celebration. I wanted to congratulate you on your huge accomplishment. You actually were able to beat someone this week. Sure, he's IWA's resident Jobber but at least you were able to recover from your embarrassing defeat to Ace Note last week. But go ahead Wells, forget the past when you actually fought a real challenge and lost and remember the present when the big boss backstage decided to have you get back to your winning ways by putting you against this nobody.

    *Matt Black sits down in the middle of the stage cross legged*

    Matt Black: Wells, I remember watching this great program on my couch and thinking that you were the greatest thing on this channel. I remember that you fought for everything right and then you became this bizarre douche that we see today. You were fighting men the right way with pretty good success might I add and you decided to drop the ball, no pun intended, and move towards a new facade, a facade to fuel your new found ego. I will admit you have had some success with this new attitude and for that I say congrats. Congrats that you need to be handed victories against job city down there instead of a locker room filled with real talent back here.

    *The crowd gives a huge pop when Matt points towards the back.*

    Matt Black: But I have a notion for you Ryan, if you dare to hear a real talent out. I want you to dwell on your lose to Note. Why don't you focus on what drives men, and that's a lose. I will admit that I lost to Slayde last week but it only made me stronger. I accept it, I grow from it, I feed off of it. I spent my last week busting my ass in the gym waiting for the moment when I could make my mark this week and I decided just as I watched you celebrate that my moment was now, my moment was to check your ego. As I sit here before you today I think, no screw that, I know I can beat you Wells. I know I can right my wrong from a week ago, I know that given the chance I will have you staring at the bright lights as the ref counts to three.

    *The crowd erupts in huge cheer as Matt calls out Ryan Wells.*

    Matt Black: So Ryan, I'm giving you a shot. I'm giving you a shot at a real talent, a man who can pin you, a man who given the chance will make you tap your hand against the mat in agony. I don't want to face Benny The Ball if I did I would have stayed in the indies. I want to face you Ryan, I want you to have to prove that you can back up all that ego against a real challenge. If you want to make up for your failure against Note, forget these jobbers come and find a me! I just want you to know, you better come prepared. Bring your A game Wells, I am on the path to proving I deserve to be on top of this place. I would love nothing more to than for you to be one giant ass stepping stone on my way to the top. So the ball is in your court Wells, do you want to fight no bodies or do you want to put on a show for these fans, I'll make you famous win or lose.

    *Matt stands up and flips the microphone, The fans have a huge pop as Matt and Ryan have a stare down*

    Mike: Matt Black is stepping up to the plate.

    Rocky: And his ass is gonna get knocked back down again.

    *As Matt turns to leave, the tron shows an area of the backstage where the sound of a woman singing is heard off in the distance. Soon it is revealed that the woman is the mysterious Red Queen, singing a sweet melody to Miss Murder*

    Miss Murder: You have the voice of an angel. Simply beautiful.

    Red Queen: When you say that I hope you mean an angel cutting into a lovely's flesh.

    Miss Murder: Oh, but of course! Will you sing as you take these ladies apart? While I take these ladies apart? Please say you will love.

    Red Queen: Oh yes! Especially once we have a opportunity to play with the "girls" known as Sugar and Spice. We will play and dance and sing in the pool of their blood! Ohh it sounds delightful doesn't it?

    Miss Murder: Indeed! Those "pretty girls" deserve to suffer a fate of the most sinister, can we include Juno in this? She seems like a lovely dear. Maybe we could get her to wear a mask as well?? Oh a new lovely would be so joyful for me!

    Red Queen: Mhmm. Maybe my dear, we shall have to see. However we also have that beer vixen known as Vivica. She could a very interesting lovely. Will we dance her blood or will I sing to her as well? Oh decisions decisions. I really don't know.

    Of course you just want your blood, you love to play and splash in the puddle, and play with the lifeless bodies like dolls or puppets, it's such an sight to see.

    Miss Murder: Oh my dear! We are being spied on love!! We seem to have a peeper!

    *Red Queen turns around to see the camera guys as she lets out a chuckle*

    Red Queen: It seems we do. Come, lets have some fun...

    Camera Guy: Wait.. What?

    *Red Queen and Miss Murder stand up and walk towards the camera guy, he drops the camera as they drag him out of view*

    Camera Guy: Wait.. Stop.. What are you..? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

    *The sound of Red Queen humming is heard as part of the camera guy's body is seen and a puddle of blood starts to form*

    Mike: Erm...

    Rocky: I guess we’ve got a new job opening.

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. On her way to the ring, from Giza, Egypt, Kairo!

    Mike: Kairo making her debut here in IWA, and I have heard great things about her.

    Rocky: Forget hearing, just look at her. Phwoar!

    Emily Davis: And her opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, she is the IWA Vanity Champion, Pieces Pink!

    Mike: Pink has certainly been in a joyous mood since winning the title.

    Rocky: Probably because she gets priority in catering.

    Pisces Pink (Beth) vs. Kairo (Natty)
    (Start 00:45 End 04:35)

    Kairo bounces Pink's head off from the turnbuckle, and then slams her back down onto the mat hard. Kairo then mounts on top of Pink, grabs her hair with both hands and starts to pull and uses her hair to smash her head off of the mat multiple times before finally getting up from the mat and kicking Pink in the gut hard.

    Mike: Kairo is giving the Vanity champion a run for her money, but can she keep it up?

    Rocky: This woman is a goddess, of course she can Mike. Just look at her!

    Kairo grabs Pink by the hair once again and starts to make Pink stand to her feet. Once Pink is standing, Kairo Irish whips her to the ropes. Once Pink bounces off from the ropes, Kairo launches up into the air and connects with a dropkick to Pink's jaw, knocking her down to the mat. Kairo gets down onto Pink and hooks her leg for the cover.

    One! Two! No!

    Pink kicks out right before three. Kairo gets back to her feet and goes to lift Pink up, but Pink punches her in the gut and then shoves her back. Pink gets to her feet as Kairo charges her and goes for a clothesline, but Pink catches her and plants Kairo with a tilt-a-whirl slam in the center of the ring.

    Mike: What power! That is why Pisces Pink is the champion!

    Rocky: Kairo still isn't down!

    Kairo stands back to her feet and glares at Pink. Kairo pushes Pink's shoulders, but then Pink **** slaps Kairo so hard she almost falls to the mat! Pink then charges Kairo and launches herself onto Kairo with a Lou Thesz press and lays hard right hands into Kairo's face. Pink then pins Kairo's shoulders down to the mat.

    One! Two! No!

    Mike: Wow! She is still going strong!

    Rocky: What did I tell you, Mike? This woman is a goddess!

    Mike: I don't think Pink is finished with her yet though.

    Pink picks Kairo up from the mat and tosses her into the turnbuckle. Pink then backs away from Kairo and charges at her full speed, but Kairo brings her feet up and kicks Pink in the head hard, knocking her down to the mat. Kairo pulls herself onto the top rope and stalks Pink as she starts to get back to her feet. Once Pink is on both feet, Kairo launches herself from the top rope with ...

    Rocky: She calls this one the Egyptian Curse! A diving headbutt!

    Mike: Oh wow!!

    Right as Kairo is about to connect with the headbutt, Pink catches her midair and throws Kairo onto her shoulders! Pink backs up to the center of the ring and ...

    Mike: Head Bitch in Charge!!

    Pink plants Kairo in the center of the ring with the HBIC! Pink nearly collapses to the mat but manages to drape her arm over Kairo's chest!

    One! Two! Three!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, Pisces Pink!

    Rocky: And the hippopotamus wins again. Surely we should have a weight division, then Pink can fight in her own class with hippos, whales, elephant-

    Mike: My God you are so childish tonight!


    Vivica walks out, clapping as she struts out to the top of the ramp, a bruised and battered Gear behind her on a leash, clipped to her belt.

    Vivica: Aww look, Stinky Pinky became Princess Pink! I'm so soo proud of you sweetie!!!

    Vivica stops, her head jumping to the side as her expression changes, her cheerful smile being replaced by a snarl of rage.

    Vivica: You just had to do it, just had to take the one toy I didn't want to share? I told you that it was my toy and you couldn't have it!

    Vivica's expression changes again, as she brings the leash up to her hands, pulling her minion closer while she smiles a small, conniving smile at Pieces Pink inside the ring

    Vivica: But that's ok honey, Daddy's girl knows how to make everything better, oh yes I do!

    With a smile, she turns back to Pieces, pulling the gear down to his knees beside her as she pulls the leash tight. The camera zooms in, revealing a multitude of small metal protusions on the inside of the collar, already causing bleeding around the unfortunate man's neck. Vivica, a thoughtful expression on her face, rests one hand on top of the Gear's mask, her fingers idly drumming on his forehead as she thinks

    Vivica: Death By Glory. See, you got lucky last time, but Daddy said that this time he'll train me even better so I can teach you a woman's place.

    Chants of "You Tapped out!" start from all sides, taunting the former Vanity Champion. Vivica, throws her hands over her ears, seeming to be trying to block the sound out. Dropping the microphone, the battered and beaten yet still somehow loyal Gear picks it back up so that his mistress can speak.

    Vivica: SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!! I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    Vivica takes her hands down, seeming to sob.

    Vivica: You all are always so mean no matter what and you don't know what it's like being here all alone without Daddy and maybe if you knew what that was like you wouldn't be so mean but you all always hated me and all I ever wanted to do was be a good girl!

    Vivica starts to sob as the crowd is stunned to silence, unsure what to make of the ex-champ's reaction. Her face covered, she peeks up at the crowd, then moves her hands, revealing the broad grin of a child who thinks they pulled a masterful prank

    Vivica: Got ya! It doesn't matter what you all say and think, I'll always have my Daddy because even when he's not right with me his voice and words are always in my heart so there!

    Vivica sticks her tongue out at the crowd as they begin to chant "Crazy Bitch". The chants continue as she looks once more at the Vanity Champion, her eyes seemingly entranced by the belt around her waist.

    Vivica: Death By Glory. Be there with my toy, or Daddy and me will come find you!

    Mike: The rematch challenge and been issued!

    Rocky: And when Vivica get’s here title back, all will be right with the world!

    Mike: Don’t go anywhere folks because when we come back, we will see the return of an IWA original!

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Egypt, making his return to the ring, Victor Elric.

    *Victor Elric enters the ring and looks at Emily Davis before taking her mic.*

    Victor Elric: Emily Davis, I am afraid that you addressed me incorrectly. You see at one point I may have been known by the name of Victor Elric, but this is no longer the case. You see, my disappearance from IWA is simply due to amnesia. I suffered an injury that seriously affected my recollection of things. I forgot nearly everything that I knew, but I woke up with something new.

    You see I was given a vision. A vision of a war.. A war that will soon take place and with this war a cleansing will occur. The forefront of this war? Insane Wrestling Association. IWA is the home for this coming war and it will be here that The Creator brings his vision of what the wrestling world should be.

    *The man walks around the ring as the members in attendance look on in confusion*

    You see in Ancient Egyptian mythology there was a God known as Amon, the God of Creation. In my vision Amon came to me as told me of this pending war and how a visionary was needed and how that visionary would be me. With that he revealed that he was in fact me, and I am the reincarnated spirit of Amon. So with that, allow me to introduce myself to you all. My name is Amon, and I am The Creator. Now, some of you may be confused, you think with war comes destruction, not creation. While this is true, in order to have true creation we must first destroy what is already in existence.

    With that I propose this war begin soon, and I do promise that when the war is over the world we create will make IWA the world's premiere wrestling promotion. We have a vision and we will bring it to reality. Now, when I say we, I am speaking of a group of like minded individuals who share in my beliefs.These people have been sought after and were seen in my visions. These individuals will come together and individually we will each destroy an area of IWA and than once it's finished together we will rebuild.

    *Amon stands in the center of the ring*

    We are in the new age. This is The Age of War, and I am The Creator!

    The mic is handed back to Emily.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, from Oakland, California, weighing in at 230lbs, Malcolm Cage!

    Mike: Cage returned to action last week with a big win against James, but what is the deal with Seahawk?

    Rocky: Seahawk is making a change in his life. Don’t be so judgemental.

    Mike: Well, regardless of that, tonight Cage takes on Vict...I mean ‘Amon’. What do you make of what Amon said this evening.

    Rocky: It certainly piqued my interest.

    Amon (Bourne) vs. Malcolm Cage (DiBiase)

    (Start 3:45, Watch until end)

    Cage gets back to his feet and speaks with the referee, saying that it was a three count but the referee tells Cage it was two. Cage then reaches down and picks Amon back up to his feet and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Cage climbs to the middle rope and starts to bring hard right hands down onto the head of Amon!

    1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!

    After the tenth shot, Cage jumps down from the middle rope and watches as Amon starts to fall forward, but Cage catches him with a hard running knee into the turnbuckle! Cage then sets Amon up in a bulldog position, but Amon shoves him away! Cage charges Amon but Amon dives out of the way, making Cage run into the turnbuckle hard!

    Mike: I'm not sure if Amon was playing possum or if that was pure instinct!

    Rocky: I think it was possum, he knew Cage was coming! Cage is just too predictable!

    Amon runs towards Cage with a spear, dropping his hard. Amon then starts to stomp Cage on the chest hard before a big kick to the side of Cage's head!

    Mike: Christ!

    Amon pulls Cage away from the ropes and then covers him!

    1! 2! NO!

    Cage gets his shoulder up and Amon is in shock. Amon pushes Cage's head back down to the mat and covers him again!

    1! 2! NO!

    Cage kicks out again! Amon starts punching the mat hard!

    Mike: Someone is losing their cool!

    Amon gets to his feet and begins to stalk Cage, bouncing around waiting for the right time to strike. Cage gets to his feet slowly and then Amon goes for another spear, but Cage side steps! Amon runs to the ropes and bounces off of them and flies at Cage, but Cage side steps Amon and catches him from behind ...


    Mike: Wow! That came from out of no where!

    Cage covers Amon!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, Malcolm Cage!

    Mike: Another big win there for Cage, but also a very impressive showing by Amon.

    Rocky: It was a match I certainly enjoyed and maybe one day my boy Seahawk will prove that he is just trying to be a nice guy.
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    We go backstage, and the camera is on Benny The Ball, whom after his match earlier in the night, is dressed and leaving the arena. Benny is approaching the door of the locker room. When he goes to open the door, he gets about halfway out when the door comes slamming back on top of him, squashing him between the door and the door frame. Benny falls on the ground grabbing his shoulder, his bag is flunk on the ground, the contents strewn on the floor.

    Benny looks up to see a glimpse of his attacker before he is lifted up by his neck and thrown against the wall. Benny ricochets back to the attacker who drags Benny down the hall toward the arena exit. The attacker is grabbing Benny by the neck and wrist and throws Benny down a flight of stairs as the near the garage. Benny is laying at the foot of the stairs and the camera gets its first full glimpse Benny's assailant, AJ DIXON.

    Primetime is in a rage as he runs down the stairs and kicks Benny across the face as he is attempting to stand up, knocking him back down. Primetime lifts the body of Benny again as he is looking to finish him off. Primetime walks Benny over to a pile of wooden palettes.

    Athena comes around the corner just as Dixon looks at Benny, whose head is limp in pain Dixon starts to set Benny up as Athena rushes over to try and stop Dixon, only to be too late. Dixon has already lifted Benny up by the neck and waist and Sidewalk Slams him into the palettes. Athena shoves Dixon against the wall.

    Athena: Dixon what the hell is wrong with you huh? Are you trying to kill him? Look at yourself man! First you're throwing stuff around our locker room and now you're throwing people around the hallways? This is not what I signed up for man, I wanna win, I wanna be the best, but attacking random people isn't gonna do shit for me or for you. You see this is why Van and Carlos have the titles and we ain't got shit because they know how to play the game, they're being smart about their choices and here you are taking out your frustrations on everyone and everything while I'm just babysitting your ass and making sure you don't kill someone instead of being out there competing and earning myself a title shot. And I have to say I'm getting damn sick of it. Well don't just just stare at me with that stupid look on your face, tell me what's wrong with you.

    Dixon: What's wrong with me? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!

    Dixon notices Benny stirring and hits him across the face with his forearm. Dixon gets loud and vocal.

    Dixon: What is wrong with you? Why are you not upset? Why are you not as pissed as I am? You deserved better! I DESERVED BETTER! Ever since we got here, we have been given shit. We have gotten nothing. No name. no respect... NOTHING! The only thing we had was a team, and that team went out with the trash. And now they are living it up, and what are we doing? HUH?

    Dixon leans down toward the motionless Benny. Dixon gets real close and continues speaking to Athena.

    Dixon: WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?! We are getting table scraps while "The Infection" and everyone else is sitting at the table. I'm done with eating the leftovers. I'm done sitting on the floor. I'm done eating with the dogs. I'm taking my seat at the table, a seat that I had before I put my trust in scoundrels.

    No more, no more will I stay on the bottom, when my rightful place is on top. Primetime is the top of the food chain. Primetime is royalty, not the staff. I don't shine shoes or kiss asses. I don't care my own luggage or anyone else's. I won't be treated like I'm on the B-List, cause I am A-List. Primetime is A-List.

    Dixon continues talking as his gaze shifts from Athena to Benny, who is still lying on the palettes. His tone gets softer.

    Dixon: You ask me why? You ask me why I do this, why I... throw people around? Well isn't it obvious? Isn't this what needs to be done? It is isn't it? This is what needs to be done! This is the way it works.

    Dixon grabs Benny by the jaw and gazes back at Athena. He is still soft in his demeanor.

    Dixon: You have to show them that you are a threat. You have to show them that you mean business! You have to... make a name for yourself. You have to show everyone that you don't FUCK AROUND! How are you going to do that Athena? How are you going to show them? Me? I plan on taking out every person between me and that seat at the table.

    Dixon steps away from an apparently unconscious BennyTheBall and walks over to Athena who doesn't step down to the approaching Primetime Superstar.

    Dixon: Why are you trying to stop me? Why are you trying to hold my hand, keep me on a leash? Stop trying to stop me. You can't! You can't and you won't. I can't be stopped. Primetime is coming, set your DVR.

    Dixon steps back over to Benny. Dixon lifts him up off of the palettes only to grab him again and drag him up on top of the makeshift wooden platform. Athena steps closer, not knowing what is coming. Dixon sets Benny up for the Mugshot and glances back over to Athena

    Dixon: How are you going to end up Athena? Are you going to be sitting at the table, or are you going to be eating the scraps off the floor.

    Athena rushes over to the palettes just in time to see Dixon jump up and Mugshot Benny through the wooden palettes. Athena grabs Dixon by the arm and pushes him down off the palettes and on to the floor. Athena looks determined to give Dixon a taste of his own medicine, but Dixon is quick to retreat, leaving a trail of smirk in his wake. Athena rushes over to Benny and waves over EMTs to help aid the fallen superstar.

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    Ace Note

    *Instantly, the roar of the crowd electrifies the atmosphere after Ace Note's theme song plays on the PA system. The camera pans around the stands to capture the look on the now energetic fans faces as Ace Note now makes his way to the ring. Instead of coming out in his ring attire, Note has on a suit and sunglasses. He takes his time walking down the ramp, taking short breaks to take pictures with some of the fans in the front row. Once he's done with the fans, he walks up the ring steps and enters the squared circle. He notices the microphone left for him in the corner and he walks over to it to pick it up. Once his music dies down, he looks around at the crowd and can't help but smile.*

    Ace Note: Wow. Just wow. You know, I keep telling myself how much I’m going to get over…all of this. I keep trying to convince myself that one day, when I’m out here working my ass off in this ring and I hear the roar of the crowd rallying behind me, that I would get immune to it all and it would be just business as usual. But fast forward more than five months later and it hasn’t happened yet. And you know what? I hope it never happens because every time I’m out here, every time I feel pain, every time I want to quit, you people are always there for me. You give me the strength to carry on through any obstacle I come across. Thank you all.

    *The crowd starts clapping and cheering for Note as he takes a small bow. He smiles back at the fans, waiting for them to quiet down on their own time before he continues on.*

    Ace Note: I’ve got to be honest with all you. Not only do I owe all of you 100% in this ring, I owe you all the truth. You people are the reason why I get to live this new life on the road as a wrestler. You people are the reason why I get to enjoy being alive again. But for most of you, you really don’t know what that means. I’ve been keeping it all a secret from you because I didn’t consider it anyone’s business but my own. “They’re my demons and I have to handle them on my own”. That’s what I’ve kept telling myself ever since that day happened. I felt that no one else had to carry the burden that I had by listening to me wallow in self-pity and wish that things were different. But I won’t lie, I’ve had close friends tell me to just come out and say it so without further delay, I’m gonna get it off my chest.

    *Ace takes a minute to take off his sunglasses, fold them up and put them in his shirt pocket. He wipes his eyes and looks back out at the crowd. Eyes slightly red and puffy, he begins speaking again.*

    Ace Note: I think some of you have heard some of the wrestlers make fun of me by calling me a “circus act” and a “clown”. To tell you the truth, before the IWA, I was an acrobat for my family’s traveling circus. We would go from city to city in Colorado, making ends meet and making a name for ourselves. My younger brother and I both trained to become acrobats. So one day, a few nights before our next travel destination, my father had my brother and I…walk the tightrope.

    The thing is though, we were ordered to do it without a safety net. My father told us that it was important for acrobats to perform under stress and anxiety no matter what the circumstances were. But we thought that we was just joking and that as soon as we got up on the rope, he’d have the next catch us as soon as we fell. So, my brother went first…..uhhh…and when we crossed the rope about halfway…he fell down…..

    *Ace takes a moment to recollect himself and keep his emotions from overcoming him.*

    Ace Note:…and there was no net to break his fall. I had to watch as my own brother nearly died. Lucky, he survived but he was paralyzed from the waist down. But for my father, all he saw was a loss in profit…and it made me sick how for the next few years, it was all just an elephant in the room. The lion tamers, the clowns, the stilt walkers, the sword swallowers all clammed up and as each passing day went by, I felt angrier and angrier until one day, I walked up to that son of a bitch that I call “dad” and told him that I was done. I was done with living in an environment where family could be thrown away as soon as they weren’t usable for work anymore. And without blinking an eye, without shedding a tear, we both said our farewells and that was the end of that.

    So I moved in with my grandparents in New York City and if I was lucky, thanks to our living arrangements, we’d be lucky to have enough money to pay the rent. Thanks to that, I could never go to college. Hell, a community college wasn’t even up my alley. But what I did see on one winter evening would change my life forever. The New York Wrestling Connection was offering students a chance to enroll in their wrestling school. And once I seized that opportunity, well, the rest is history. I eventually graduated, started training away from my grandparents and at the age of 25, I made it here in the IWA where now, I get to travel down a new road in life, a life where I’m not surrounded by selfish bastards who’re in it for themselves. Sure, there may be a few bad eggs here but as you all have seen with my personal battles with Domino and Jonathan Seahawk, I’m willing to endure them because for the first time in my life, I know that I’m using my gifts to contribute to a better cause and I don’t give a damn what this crazy big tent has to throw my way because I will fight through all of them.

    My success is also your success which is why despite getting that huge weight off of my chest, I still feel overwhelmed. Last week, my win over Ryan Wells means that I am now the number one contender for the Blackout title. Now the champ, Mike Hawk, is no stranger to me. Back at Full Throttle, I got my first taste of IWA PPV action when I was paired up with Oscar Layman and Jackson Smith to fight against Hawk’s team and boy oh boy did I ever get my ass kicked. It was that night where I learned about just what kind of road was ahead of me and that in order to get to guys like Mike Hawk, I had to make a legacy of my own until he and I were nose to nose. And now, that day has finally happened. I can’t tell you how much beating Mike Hawk for that title means to me so instead of that, I’m going to show you what it means to me after I’ve found my way into this nest, fought tooth and nail with him and come crawling back out with the Blackout Championship!

    *By this point, almost everyone in the crowd starts chanting “Ace Note!” over and over again.*

    Ace Note: So Mike, I don’t know where you’re hanging out right now. I don’t know what else you’re doing besides watching me but as for me, I’m going to be doing a little bird watching and my target for the next few weeks is going to be you. You want to watch me? You want to study me? Two can play at that game, Hawk and you’ll find out just how much watching I’ve done once you and are step into this ring at Death by Glory.

    The fans cheer Note’s name as a he raises his hands into the air. Note places the mic in the middle of the ring and exits, walking up the ramp.

    Mike: Wow. That was a powerful segment there. Ace has really connected with these fans over the last few weeks and they really have gotten behind him.

    Rocky: Pfft! It was a pussy fest. “Oh, boo-hoo! I come from a broken family.” Yawn!

    Mike: Childish jibes aside, I think...oh, hold on. Look at this!

    The camera pans from the ring up to the rafters, where we see Mike Hawk standing. With the IWA Blackout Championship hanging from the railing, we see Hawk lean onto the railing, watching Note walk to the back.

    Mike: Do you think he was listening intently?

    Rocky: I think Mike Hawk is doing what a great champion does – knowing thy enemy.

    Mike: Speaking of championships, next up is the number one contender’s match for the World Heavyweight Championship.


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