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    So yeah, thanks for the "help" Des & Torphy.

    Revolution is coming up.....NOOOOOOOOOW!

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    IWA Revolution: Episode #2

    Location: Boston, Massachusetts

    Michael Cole: Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Revolution! We are live from a sold out TD Garden in beautiful downtown Boston, Massachusetts! I’m Michael Cole, alongside my broadcast partner Josh Matthews- and Josh, what a show we had last week for Revolution’s debut!

    Josh Matthews: Thanks Cole, and you’re completely right! We learnt that there will be a brand new World Championship- the IWA Championship- and the first champion will be crowned in a triple threat match live on PPV at Death By Glory! One of KJ Punk, Mr. Blood or Mr. Black will walk out of that PPV as the first ever IWA Champion!

    Michael Cole: Well tonight, we will have a preview of that match as KJ Punk goes one-on-one with Mr. Blood!

    Josh Matthews: That’s sure to be a hell of a match Cole, and we also have Ano Doom going one-on-one with Ivan Draymen! I can’t wait for that one- will we see Israel Pamich and Jackson Smith during that match?

    Michael Cole: Well I’m being told that Israel Pamich will actually join us on commentary for that match! I can’t wait to see what Mr. Integrity has to say on Draymen!

    Josh Matthews: All of this plus much, much more tonight live on Revolution!

    Black Blooded!

    *The lights in the arena go dark as the distincitve dual-throated roar of multiple Harley Davidson motorcycles all being revved at the same time. 3 pairs of headlights are seen coming down the ramp, splitting to rotate in two seperate circles around the ring, the inside going clockwise and the outside going counter-clockwise as the lights raise, revealing the Gears riding around the ring, as Mr. Blood and Mr Black walk out, Mr. Black holding a giant black flag in one hand, bearing the Black Blooded logo.*

    *The crowd jeers, throwing cups at the Gears, trying to get them to mess up, as with a sharp whistle, Mr. Black calls them all to a stop, each Gear standing astride his bike around the ring, as their bosses walk down the ramp and enter the ring, Mr. Black handing the flag off to a Gear as he enters. The Gears Salute in unison, a fist over each heart before riding back up the ramp, disappearing from view.*

    Mr. Black: Dominance

    Mr. Blood: That's been the word from day fucking one. Dominance is what created Black Blooded in the first place, and we have embodied the word every fucking day since then. Don't believe us? Ask Kryptonite, if he can talk... Hell, ask Free From Poison just how fucking Dominant we are, even when outnumbered.

    Mr. Black: If you can find them.

    Mr. Blood: You see from Day Fucking One we have been telling you ignorant sister-fucking rednecks that we were going to own this shithole of a company, but you stupid inbred pieces of shit just didn't listen. And now? Now we're no longer being held back by a small man afraid to lose everything he built to his betters.

    Mr. Black: Anything is possible

    Mr. Blood: So we came to Revolution, or darling Viv over on Chaos keeping those jackasses in check, and what do we see? Just a bunch of whiny little bitches, feeling entitled to shit they didn't earn, just like every other sack of shit in this fucking world nowadays.

    Mr. Black: Bunch of savages in this town

    Mr. Blood: For fucks sake, don't a single one of you pieces of walking carrion piss understand what the fuck it means to actually earn something? This world has become nothing but a bunch of whiny fucking pussies, not a real man to be found, but lucky for you, Black Blooded is here to show you the path to make it all better. The word that takes you from prey to Predator, Worm to World-Destroyer.

    Mr. Black: Dominance.

    Mr. Blood: So let's talk about that sorry little bitch who thinks he has a chance at stopping Black Blooded from owning the new IWA Championship, TJ Hooker, or whatever the fuck his name is. All you are is another fucking victim boy, and the smart money says you don't even bother to show up to the pay per view. At least, if you're smart and want to have a career after Death By Glory, you won't be there. Because if you somehow are even stupider than those other fucking retards back there in the locker room, and think you really have a chance?

    Mr. Black: We'll fucking tear you apart.

    Mr. Blood: See, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether that belt is around Black's waist or mine, all that matters is that the fucking power, and the money, that belt brings belongs with the Dominant Predators, Black Blooded. You dumb fucks really think that after over two decades as the most powerful team on the fucking planet, that there is a chance in hell of us turning on each other? You think we didn't work this shit out before we decided we were taking the belt?

    Mr. Black: Get a fucking clue.

    Mr. Blood: The Era of Black Blooded is coming, because there isn't anyone here with the balls to-

    KJ Punk!

    KJ makes his way down as the crowd explodes with pure jubilation. KJ stands at the ramp as he looks down at the two wannabe bikers in the ring.

    Punk: Funny how two men who have a pack of thugs do their dirty work talk about other people not having balls to show up and fight. See, I’ve got balls. Ask Vivica. She’ll tell you how big they are.

    The crowd pops

    KJ stomps around imitating Black Blooded

    Punk: Grrrr, we’re so tough because we’re a good tag team and we ride motorcycles and wear leather jackets, grrrrrrr! Oh, give me a fuckin’ break! Most people would’ve been scared to see that they would have to face Black Blooded in a triple threat match, but I’ve been wanting this for a while. About a month to be exact.

    KJ turns to the Insane-O-Tron as we see footage from Chaos

    Quote Originally Posted by BennyTheBall View Post
    Mike: It's - It's the Gears! The foot soldiers of Black Blooded are storming the ring!

    Rocky: Well, what did you expect Mikey? The bosses are out here, their baby girl is having problems, of course the troops will see their leaders in a pinch and come out to support them! Plus, this is freaking GREAT for ratings!

    The Gears begin laying into Kayfabulous - and two of them enter the ring heading for KJ - who greets one with a Bulldog Bash that destroys his helmet and locks in Southern Discomfort to the next unlucky bastard... until two more Gears hit the ring and put the boots to KJ! But one lone figure escapes the melee...

    Mike: What a snake! Of course Shaz would be the one to head for the hills instead of standing and fighting!

    Rocky: Your disrespect is freaking unbelievable, Mike... Shaz isn't going to get caught up in this fracas! He is the number one champ of IWA - he has to stay in top condition, meaning he can't get involved in any unnecessary conflicts!

    Shaz grabs his IWA World Heavyweight Championship title and makes his way to the ramp, looking over his shoulder as Kayfabulous, Juno Mercury and Kayfabulous wage war with Black Blooded and their endless sea of Gears - with Mr. Black and Mr. Blood delivering an earth-shattering double chokeslam on KJ Punk...
    Punk: See I don’t forget things. People call me crazy. People call me stupid. People tell me I’m asking for my death. But I’ve wanted my revenge on the both of you and I’m finally going to get it. With the gold on the line, I’m going to come through in the clutch and achieve my destiny to be the first man to hold both World Championships in IWA.

    You two talk about how people need to earn their championship matches…um…what the fuck have either of you earned? Yeah you’re a great tag team. Emphasis on team. Put you in a match where it’s one on one and you’re a couple of Ramjams out here in the ring. You’ve become famous for having each other’s backs. I’ve had my own back my entire career and I’ve won on my own. Not because I’ve got my buddy to help me out or a pack of gimps to do my dirty work. I’ve EARNED where I am and I’m where I deserve to be!

    At Death by Glory, I don’t have to beat Black Blooded. I have to beat Mr. Black or Mr. Blood. Tonight, I’m facing Mr. Blood and it’ll be a preview of what’s to come at Death by Glory, a Judas Priest wannabe down flat on the mat with my bloodied arm raised high and my foot on his chest. And all of my fans, the fans of IWA will scream!!!

    KJ lowers the mic as the crowd explodes with “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!” as Punk stares down at Black Blooded.

    Michael Cole: Well I think I know who I’m backing at Death By Glory, not KJ Punk!

    Josh Matthews: You can’t ever write KJ Punk off Cole.

    Michael Cole: Well Revolution will roll on after this with Ano Doom one-on-one against Ivan Draymen! Stay tuned folks!

    Commercial Break

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    Michael Cole: We have one on one action ahead and I would like to welcome our guest on commentary Israel Pamich, who will be joining us during this match up.

    *Pamich nods to both men*

    Michael Cole: We will see the monster Ano Doom take to the ring and he really loves anarchy and loves to leave some carnage at every turn.

    Lacey Foster: This next contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, weighing at 350lb, “The Demon Cyborg”, Ano Doom!

    Ano Doom!

    * As darkness descends upon the arena, the masked, caped figure of Ano Doom emerges to the crowd, to echoing boos from the crowd, he continues to make his way to the ring slowly but, with confidence*

    Josh Matthews: We have learnt from Doom’s time here at IWA and now at Revolution, he is not to be messed with but, he does have his weaknesses, like us all, not that he would ever admit it.

    Michael Cole: Say that to his face Josh…See what happens

    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, weighing in at 200lbs, Ivan Draymen!

    Ivan Draymen!

    Josh Matthews: Now this is the man that our guest has some issues with…Care to weigh-in Israel?

    Israel: Thank you so much for asking for my opinion Josh, I only have one issue with Draymen and that issue is he hides behind the crowds and his former tag team partner and the fact he had one good night against me.

    Draymen makes his way out to the ramp and he has a microphone in hand.

    Draymen: Last week you all heard my speech about change. I said change was good, change was great! Us little people get the chance to shine among the bigger stars! We all get a brand new, fresh start! I can finally continue my journey and make my way to the top and finally become the IWA Champion!

    Draymen looks down at the ramp with his finger on his chin as the fans cheer.

    Draymen: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I can't yet. My fresh start hasn't started yet. My time to shine hasn't come. My journey cannot continue. My quest to become champion has already been halted by a past problem. Back in January, I defeated Israel Pamich; Fair and square. That should have been the end of our dispute then but no. Pamich came out here last week and challenged me to yet another match.

    Tonight I face Ano Doom but I still accept your challenge Pamich. Any time, any place. I'll gladly face you once again and prove to you that I am the better man. Your career will be crushed just like a Train Wreck.

    We get a shot of Pamich with a smirk on his face before the match is set to go ahead!

    CM Punk (Ivan) Vs. Kane (Doom)
    Start at 1:30 and End at 10:02

    Josh Matthews: How did Doom kick-out! Ivan Draymen is in shock at this…

    Israel: Come on Matthews I thought you were smarter then that. Doom and I have had some issues backstage but he is one hell of a competitor and Draymen just is not good enough to keep him down

    Pulling Doom up, Draymen begins to attack the midsection; he begins an onslaught of knee shots to the demon cyborg, relentlessly landing these to the same place, again and again, trying to weaken Doom…

    Michael Cole: What is he doing does he think that he can actually beat him?

    Israel: Sir if I may interrupt on your exceptional commentary, Draymen thinks he can beat everyone including Doom and he isn't even close to Dooms level.
    Doom will fight out of this flurry now and finish this weak pitiful man right here

    These knee shots continue and they turn to slaps to the chest of Doom, strong Irish whips and backhand chops being pounded to the chest of Doom, backing him into the corner and back heel kick to the right temple of Doom, sending him to the mat…

    Josh Matthews: That was some kick, what do you think of the performance from Draymen so far Israel?

    Israel: Sir that was an impressive kick and Doom must be of his game tonight but I am the psychological Predator and he will never be able to land that on me that now that he's shown he is man enough to accept my challenge.

    Draymen begins to hit repeated elbow strikes to the chest of Doom, we can see that Doom is hurt, struggling as these continue, Draymen smiles slightly as he knows he has the upper hand on Doom… Draymen lands one more elbow strike to the same spot on Dooms chest before heading to the top rope and smiles as he looks at Doom, struggling to get to his feet, holding his chest as he shows clear signs of the damage from the hands of Draymen…

    Biding his time, perched on the top rope, Draymen waits for the Doom to face him and making a leap for a diving cross body… ANNIHILATOR!

    Doom hits this body crushing move on Draymen and goes for a quick pin

    1/ One

    Draymen kicks out, which angers Doom…

    Josh Matthews: It has taken a turn here, we know see Ano Doom is control here and he is not happy with the kick-out from Draymen…

    Israel Pamich is watching the action intensely, his eyes analysing the move set of both superstars

    Pulling Draymen to his feet, Doom begins to land a series of MMA style knees to his gut, aggression seeping through him, Doom grabs him by the waist and overhead belly to belly from Doom to Draymen, throwing him across the ring and crashing into the ropes…

    Michael Cole: Thunderous belly to belly suplex from Doom, thoughts Israel?

    Israel: This is a mighty impressive showing by both competitors though I told you both before that Draymen does not have the strength to keep Doom down for a count of three, now if I was facing Doom he would be the first Cyborg to cry because I would instill a little Integrity and make him submit though we cant expect anything like that from Draymen can we Cole?

    Doom heads to the wary Draymen, slumped against the ring post and he receives a knee to the right temple, dragging him across the ring he lays him in the middle and begins to land kicks to the midsection and ribs of Ivan and with a smile, he locks in the ankle lock on Draymen… Pulling on the left ankle of Draymen who is clawing at the ring apron, searching and crawling for some strength to get to the bottom rope…
    Draymen begins to try and twist his body, trying to break from the hold, only for it to be tightened by Doom, continue to twist and claw, Draymen breaks free and small package on Doom


    Kick out by Doom, who leaps back to his feet, in slight shock and Draymen has stumbled to the corner, showing the effects of the ankle lock, Doom makes a run at him and Draymen dodges out of the way, Doom stops himself only to be hit with a spinning heel kick from Draymen, knocking him back to the mat and is unsteady on his own feet having hit such a kick…

    Josh Matthews: This is amazing!

    Israel turns to face Josh and looks somewhat dumbfounded and turns back to watch the match continue…

    Doom is unsteady on his feet...When we see someone rolling out from under the ring, hooded and with a canister, he gets on the ring apron and starts to douse this fluid onto the ropes and apron, working his way around as Ano Doom watches in confusion...

    Josh Matthews: That smells, like gasoline Cole!

    The hooded individual leaps down to the floor and lifts his hood down with a sadistic smile, JACKSON SMITH!

    Michael Cole: What the hell is he doing here!

    Smiling and shaking a box of matches, he looks at Ano Doom, he lights the match and throws it to the ring apron... it soars into flames....


    Jackson Smith bows and heads up the ramp, pulling his hood back over his head...

    Ano Doom watches in confusion he then turns to face Draymen and TRAIN WRECK! Knocking Doom to the mat he covers him…


    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, Ivan Draymen!

    The fire on the ring apron is starting to be handled, being extinguished the fire, enough so the two stars can exit the ring...

    We see Israel creep behind a shocked Draymen, while his back is turned back is, Pamich waits and as he turns, INVERTED DDT is hit by Pamich…
    He smiles as he gets up, whips at his shirt and exits up the ramp

    Michael Cole: Pamich sending a clear message to Ivan Draymen there!

    Josh Matthews: Pamich and Smith make their impact known as expected, but Revolution rolls!

    Commercial Break

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    *The camera cuts backstage straight from the break. Several backstage workers are talking together when suddenly... Ali Kazam appears in the middle of them.*

    Ali: Did you see how i was dominating The Vegas Kid in our march last week. I had him beat.

    *the workers roll their eyes and walk off.*

    Ali: What the hell is that attitude? Because i lost? It was a fluke, he was done and dusted and then he pulle it out if his ass. There is no way. I mean absolutely no way he coukd beat me like that again. I am better than the Vegas Kid...

    *more of the backstage crew walks around the corner and Ali quilckly walks over to them.*

    Ali: Can you believe those guys. They think that The Vegas Kid didn't get a flukey win iver me last week. Everyone knows he has no talent. He got lucky....

    TVK: Luck is a Mistress I've always had, but even she can't explain why your fighting's so bad.

    *The Vegas Kid walks into view, wearing a ridiculously shiny purple and green jacket emblazoned on the back with a playing card, this one the Joker, the face looking strikingly similar to IWA's own resident magician. *

    TVK: A fluke you call what happened last week, you don't understand just how I'm unique. I see right through your tricks and your lies, to what nobody else here can realize. An alleyway trickster is all that you are, thinking that somehow you should be a star.

    *The Kid leans back against a wall as chuckles from the crewmembers backstage fill the short silence.*

    TVK: But if you're so certain that you should have won, you want round two? Just tell me it's on. I've beaten you once, I'll gladly go twice, though this time I won't play nearly as nice. Dead Man's Hand will be the last thing you see, before once again looking up at me. Bring your best tricks, cause I've got mine. You want more Kid? That suits me fine.

    *The Kid takes a glove from his belt, throwing it to the ground, a playing card remains in his hand which he gives to Ali, as the camera zooms in on the card it's shown to be the King of Diamonds, the features of the card altered to look like the Vegas Kid himself, as Ali turns it over, on the back is a Joker, looking exactly like the one on Kid's jacket*

    TVK: So Pick up my glove if you're feeling so brave, and I'll try once more to teach you to behave.

    Ali Kazam looks at The Kid and smiles.

    Ali Kazam: See you out there.

    Kazam disappears with a poof as we return to ringside.

    Michael Cole: Well there’s another match announced for later tonight! A rematch of last week as The Vegas Kid takes on Ali Kazam!

    Josh Matthews: That’s sure to be a great match Cole!

    Chris Diamond!

    Killin in the name of hits the PA system, and Chris Diamond strolls out onto the top of the ramp. He waits there, and thrusts his arms wide, as golden firewords explode behind him.

    Michael Cole: Here comes The Prodigy!

    Josh Matthews: I wonder what he's out here to talk about.

    He makes his way on down to the ring, staring at the fans who are shouting abuse at him, before laughing it off. He goes all the way round to the commentators area, and grabs a mic from the ringside area. He rolls back into the ring, and waits for the crowd to die down.

    Diamond: You must be wondering why I'm not standing here with a scowl on my face, pissed about the fact I lost. You must be wondering why I even have the balls to come out here, after bragging about my streak for so long, and now I've lost 2 matches in a row, I should be pissed off, right? Wrong!

    Diamond stares out at the crowd before continuing

    Diamond: I'm not pissed about losing last week, because last week....I didn't lose!

    The crowd boo Diamond loudly and a 'You're a loser!' chant breaks out, and Diamond stares around, getting a bit agitated.

    Diamond: SHUT UP! I'm talking, so that means you listen. Where was I? Ah yes...I was saying that last week I didn't lose, and the fact of the matter is that I didn't. When KJ Punk got his 'brilliant' win, it wasn't Chris Diamond on the losing end of that pin, it was your brand new IWA Endurance Champion, Darius.

    The crowd cheer Darius' name

    Diamond: After I had heroically kept the match alive for me last week with a kick out from a Diving Elbow from the Punk, Darius did what Darius does best. Fail. He couldn't kick out case he's a joke, a paper champion. Last week, KJ Punk didn't prove himself to be better than me, he didn't prove anything. The only thing proved last week, is that Chris Diamond is better than Darius, cause KJ Punk knew he couldn't beat Chris Diamond!

    The crowd erupt with boos for Diamond.

    Diamond: So, with that being said, I'm not gonna try and fight KJ Punk, he's not the one I'm pissed off at. What I'm pissed of at is Darius, a second rate wrestler, running around with a prestigious Endurance Champioship, held by the great Mr. Smyth before him. So, since I wasn't pinned last week, Darius was, I demand a shot at Darius' Endurance Title, so I can PROVE once and for all that The Prodigy of IWA is better than Darius! Come on out and answer my challenge, bitch!


    The theme of a wrestler who isn't contracted to IWA plays, which means only one thing: it's Oscar Layman! A small (by that, I mean knee height) "Awesome" Balloon is set up on stage, as Oscar Layman, wearing a black coat, steps out onto the stage. He kicks the balloon away, before doing the signature Miz double arm raise. Chris Diamond watches on, as Oscar then picks up the small balloon, and carries it with him down to the ringside. As he enters the ring in the traditional Miz fashion, an employee hands him a microphone.

    Oscar: ~facing Diamond, and smiles~. Hey, hey... catch!

    Oscar then throws the balloon towards Diamond, but Diamond catches it, and tosses it out of the ring, to jeers from the crowd.

    Oscar: I don't understand you, Christopher. ~Oscar raises the microphone to his mouth, and speaks in a low voice, ala Miz~ I was just listening you in the back, and it was the biggest load of crap I've ever heard! Did you pin KJ Punk or Darius last week? No. Did you make them submit? No. So you lost, so why you think you're deserving of a match for the Endurance Championship is beyond me!

    And then, for a bit of fun, I thought we could play a little game here today. But what? You ruined it! I would've thought that after watching you for the past few weeks, you would've enjoyed a joke. I presume that's what your basing this whole "gimmick" on. Being a joke.

    Now I know that this may sound a touch hypocritical because I'm here with different personalities each week, but I get the job done when I need to. Ryan Wells couldn't defeat the Dick- I mean, Chick Magnet! The big, scary Freak, just failed, like you do, everyday you live your miserable life. So why should you get the chance to be the Endurance Champion? I think, that Oscar LayMiz should be! I mean, it's time IWA had the most MUST-SEE IWA ENDURANCE CHAMPION IN HISTORY!

    It's time that I get a shot a gold. Should a Mr. Ryan David pick the man who has lost TWICE in two weeks, or the man who beat "The Freak"! At Night of Legends. Your argument is invalid Christopher, because I will be the one to go onto Darius, and I will beat him, and I will be IWA Endurance Champion.

    Because I'M LAYMIZ! AND I'M...

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    *A massive explosion occurs before Oscar can finish what he was saying. Than there is silence. Oscar exchanges a glance with Diamond before unknown music plays throughout the arena*


    Michael Cole: Hey! I know who that is! I just barely recognize him, but I have no doubt in my mind that is Abel!

    *Sure enough the "Mad One" makes his way to the stage through the flames. He stops and immediately turns his attention to the two individuals standing in the ring.*

    Abel: IWA... Finally a true monster has entered your domain! For those of you unaware of who exactly I am, let me introduce myself. My name is Abel, and I am the most psychotic and dangerous individual you will ever come to know. I am a sadistic, insane, cold hearted individual. More importantly, I am a former BWA World Champion, winning the belts twice, once with Jason Alexander, and once with IWA's very own Orion Slayde.

    *Abel starts to head to the ring, but again stops just short*

    Abel: However those days are over, and now I am here, and I come with one goal in mind. To win gold. With that said, I have set my sights on the IWA Endurance Championship, which means you two individuals are standing in my way, and that is not ok with me. You see, the ones in charge say I need to earn my spot here, earn my right to compete for the Endurance Championship. I disagree. If my competition comes from two nothings such as you, than I have to prove nothing. However, I have no issue in dissecting you two and causing an incredible amount of pain and I burn the flesh from your skin.

    *Abel finally enters the ring and faces the two individuals*

    Abel: I want the Endurance Championship. I want to destroy Darius, I will get what I want and I will not let you two nothings stand in my way. Do you understand what I am saying? Now, how about you two get the hell out of MY ring, and let Darius come down here and get his ass kicked. Darius, it's time to enter The Great Fire and give me the IWA Endurance Championship!


    The crowd goes absolutely insane for Darius, the IWA Endurance Champion. The champ makes his way onto the stage with his IWA Endurance Championship over his shoulder and his TWE Championship around his waist. He then hoists his Endurance championship high above his head while he walks down the ramp as the crowd pops even louder. Darius climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone as he rests the championship on his shoulder.

    Darius: Man ... Looks like I've got a lot of questions to ask and maybe even some ass to kick. Give me just one second.

    Darius climbs out of the ring and reaches under the apron. After a brief moment of digging around under the ring, he pulls out the infamous white bag that he carries around with him on TWE then rolls back into the ring and holds the bag with his free hand.

    Darius: Alright so I've got three guys out here saying they deserve a shot at my IWA Endurance championship. I'll start with the first tool that came out to start shit, Mr. Chris Diamond.

    Darius turns to Diamond

    Darius: You didn't lose the match, eh? I'm just slightly confused ... Were you even IN the match? It sure seemed like Punk and I were going toe to toe during that entire match, every now and then a gust of wind would blow through and some dirt would get in my trunks but other than that, I don't think you were there!

    If you were there, you sure as hell didn't do anything to prove that you deserve MY championship. Did you pin me? No. A former world champion did. Did you win the match? No. A former world champion did. Do you deserve a shot at my championship just because you weren't pinned? Hell fuckin' no. How bout you win some matches first before you think you can just waltz up in my face and demand a title shot that you didn't earn!

    Darius turns to Layman

    Darius: And then we have the man I like to call Ditto. The man with many faces. The man without his own personality. Don't get me wrong, I like you Oscar, I really do but beating Ryan Wells is an accomplishment to you? That guy is just juiced up, he has no real talent and you know that for a fact. You have more ability in your pinky finger than he does in his entire body.

    I'm not saying you wouldn't be a tough opponent. You truly would be and I think we'd put on one hell of a match, but I'm not sure if you're quite ready for the big time yet my friend.

    Darius turns to Abel.

    Darius: Do I even need to explain myself here? You haven't even had a match here on Revolution. Why the hell do you deserve a shot? Do you really think I care about your past accomplishments? No. I don't. Those are in the past, we are in the present. I hold two championships right now, and I truly don't believe you are at my level. Not now, and probably not ever.

    Here is another thing I want to bring up ... You say you are the most psychotic and dangerous individual we will ever come to know. You say you are a sadistic, insane, cold hearted individual. You haven't met me yet, obviously.

    Darius opens up the white bag and then starts to pour thumbtacks onto the mat, making Diamond, Laymen and Abel back away.

    Darius: I am the champion for a reason. I will not be messed with. None of you can beat me. I made Mr. Smyth say the two words that forced him out of IWA. I could have easily ended his wrestling career fully if I chose to, but I decided not to because I am truly a changed man ... So I'll tell you what.

    Darius kicks the tacks at the three men.

    Darius: I'm not all talk like you three. I'm a fighting champion. I'll prove to everyone why I deserve to hold this championship. I'll gladly face anyone who is put in front of me just so I can prove why I deserve this title. If you truly think you can end my reign, then I invite you with open arms to try. It's your funeral, boys. So I suggest you think about who you are challenging before you dare stand toe to toe with the next Cactus Jack.

    Darius tosses the microphone to the outside of the ring and raises his championship high in the air to a pop before he exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp, but before he go backstage...

    It's the GM!

    David Ryan, the Revolution General Manager, makes his way out for the first time tonight. He receives a nice pop as Darius waits on the stage for him to see what he's doing out here. He has a microphone and immediately begins to speak.

    David Ryan: I'm glad you waited Darius, you're going to want to hear this.

    Darius readjusts his Endurance Championship as he awaits to hear what the General Manager has to say.

    David Ryan: Now last week, I said that this place would be the land of opportunity and I meant that, so I'm going to give all three men in the ring right now the chance to get a shot at you Darius, but this show is Revolution- it's supposed to be Revolutionary.

    So we have three Revolutions, including tonight, before Death By Glory. So Darius, you will face all three men in non-title matches over the next three shows, starting tonight with Chris Diamond! Now should Diamond pick up the win, he will advance to an Endurance Championship match at Death By Glory. The same goes for Oscar and Abel over the next two weeks.

    If you beat all three men Darius, then I will give you the night off at Death By Glory!

    The fans cheer loudly as Darius smiles.

    David Ryan: So for a possible preview, we're going to have a match right now! We're going to see Abel go one-on-one with Lay-Miz!

    The fans cheer loudly as Diamond quickly leaves the ring. He stands at the bottom of the ramp as Darius holds the Endurance Championship up high on the stage and we head to commercial.

    Commercial Break

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    Michael Cole: We’re back live on Revolution with an impromptu match between Revolution’s newest superstar and a cross dressing idiot!

    Josh Matthews: So to the rest of us, it’s Abel against Lay-Miz!

    Josh Matthews: Thunderous kick-out by Abel, sending Lay-Miz flying…

    Michael Cole: You mean LAYMAN!

    Seeing Abel on his knees, Lay-Miz seizes the opportunity and snap DDT to Abel…His head smacking of the mat… Going for the pin on Abel again…


    Kick-out again by Abel who gets to his feet quickly, which shocks Lay-Miz, he squares up to Abel and they begin to trade blows…

    Lay-Miz hits a drop-kick to the jaw of Abel, followed by a flapjack, sending the 6ft 2in Abel flying…

    Josh Matthews: Where did he find that strength? That man is over a foot taller than him and he flung him hallway across the ring…

    Backing into the corner, Lay-Miz waits for him to Abel to rise slowly on his knees and Lay-Miz hits a running knee lift to Abel, smacking off his jaw, followed by another knee to his jaw, this time, knocking him to the mat and a small smile creeps across his face as he sees Abel on the mat…

    Michael Cole: Is he actually proud of this? I see that smirk…

    Lay-Miz waits for a weary and slightly dazed Abel scrabble to his feet grabbing him from behind REALITY CHECK!!

    Going for a pin



    Josh Matthews: HOW DID HE KICK-OUT!

    Lay-Miz is astonished, he slaps his hands off the mat, angry and confused… Watching a weary Abel lay there he goes back to the mat… he locks in the FIGURE FOUR!

    Josh Matthews: Submission move locked in, will Abel tap??

    Lay-Miz is increasing the strength of the hold, trying with all his might to make Abel submit… Abel refuses to tap… Oscar, uses all in his arsenal and strengthens his hold until… ABEL TAPS!!

    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, via submission Oscar Lay-Miz!!

    Josh Matthews: Lay-Miz wins!

    Michael Cole: What a travesty! This is bullcrap!

    We get a promo video for Death By Glory before we return to a free ringside.

    Chris Gatling!

    *Chris Gatling makes his way to the ring in a much more somber mood than last week. He is wearing blue jeans, boots, & a camo t-shirt instead of his wrestling gear. He slides into the ring & raises the mic that he brought to the ring to his lips.*

    Gatling: As you can all probably tell, I'm not in the best of moods tonight. Last week we had ourselves a little triple threat newcomers match between myself, Tony Jaark, & Archer Black. Jaark's gone now, so he's irrelevant in this conversation. Take a look at this though... *He points to the big screen where a clip of Archer Black attacking him with a steel chair last week* You see that? That's a load of horse crap right there!

    Now I'm not taking anything away from Black because I've seen some good stuff from the tape I've watched on him. What pisses me off though is the fact that somebody so talented has to employ such under-handed tactics to win. Don't get me wrong, I like to win too. Hell, I love to win! If I didn't want to be a winner I wouldn't be in this business! *The crowd cheers loudly*

    You hear that Archer? These people want to see a real man do his thing in this ring week after week. All you do is focus on what makes you happy; winning at all costs. I respect that, God knows I do, but it ain't all about you! This morning when I crawled out of bed the sun was just coming up. You know what though? It sure wasn't shining out of your ass! *Crowd pops* Therefore I came to the conclusion that the world wasn't revolving around you. These people are why we should do this! If you can't be a man & get over yourself maybe you need to vanish.

    I don't know about all these wonderful fans here, but I'm about tired of hearing my own voice. You might have screwed me over last week, but it won't happen again. So right now, I suggest you get your sorry carcass out here so I can give you the proper North Carolina ass-whooping you deserve!

    Archer Black!

    The lights go out as "Thriller" play through the arena, save for a set of blacklights that illuminate the stage, smoke billowing from it like an ominous fog rolling in. Emerging from the cloud is a small man wearing a long coat with a hood masking his face. As he steps into view, he slowly lowers his hood... and Archer Black casts his gaze across the arena with a cold stare that pierces through the camera. He makes his way to the ring, taking a mic from a stage hand as he goes, before climbing into the ring. He takes center stage as the lights slowly come back up and looks at everyone, taking in the boos that the crowd throw at him with what seems to be perverse pleasure...

    Archer Black: It's good to see all of you, too. It's good to see that you're all still obedient puppets who all do as you're told. You are told to come here and buy tickets and sit here and boo whoever they tell you to boo. Society never changes.

    Then he turns to face Gatling.

    Archer Black: The same goes for you. Your mother... who sleeps in the northwestern corner of your house, with a window not even six feet away from her bed, with that big oak tree right there by it... raised you to be a straightforward, God-fearing, good-old-fashioned man of values. Programmed you to be an obedient, socially-acceptable person. And like a good robot, you embraced your programming and never deviated from it. Therefore, your first instinct is to get upset when you encounter a problem and run headlong into it with no thought of how to solve it. When you see something that society tells you is "wrong", you immediately demonize it and try your hardest to kill it. Just because you are told to do so. Gatling... for all your talk and bluster... you're no more than a two-legged sheep. One who has to be saved from his own stupidity.

    Which is fortunate for you, as I bring you some good news. I talked to David Ryan earlier, and he mentioned that you would be eager to get your mutty hands on me. He also mentioned that you still aren't quite 100% after that little concussion you took when you crossed paths with me. Which means that tonight, you'll be tasked with quite a chore... sitting on your ass and watching from the sidelines. Oh my, how dreadfully hard that will be. *sneer* Does that anger you? Does that make you feel inadequate? *gets in Gatling's face with a cold, condescending stare* It should. But it won't... because sheep aren't that smart. But here's something your sheep brain will grab onto: next week, right here, in this ring, you will get your chance to exact what you perceive as retribution right here against me, Archer Black, The Classic City Scourge. Oh, there it is. That little fire in your eyes that lights up at the thought of getting even with me. Funny... I thought God said "Vengeance is mine." Didn't Mama Gatling teach you that during Bible study, Chris? Maybe you're not such an obedient little robot after all. Maybe, just maybe... you CAN be saved from the machine.

    Archer Black steps back, a leering smile on his face...

    Archer Black: And save you I will. Whether you want it or not. I will save you, Chris Gatling... and then everything... will fade to black.

    We get a staredown between the two men before we head to commercial.

    Commercial Break.

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    Michael Cole: Welcome back folks and it's time to get a bit of a Death By Glory preview! KJ Punk will face off against Mr. Blood! This should be an epic encounter!

    Josh Mathews: Only if Mr. Black stays out of it. However I highly doubt he will. This match will be nothing more than an opportunity to soften up Punk.

    KJ Punk!

    Lacey Foster: The Following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Mississippi, weighing 240lbs, he is KJ Punk!!

    Josh Mathews: This could be a great scouting match for Punk, as he will get to see how Mr. Blood works when he has no partner to tag.

    Michael Cole: Mr. Blood will do just fine Josh! Why do you doubt him? Why do you doubt Mr. Black!?

    Mr. Blood!

    Lacey Foster: And introducing his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 225lbs. He is representing Black Blooded, Mr. Blood!

    Josh Mathews: And look at this! Mr. Black coming out with Mr. Blood! Go figure! Mr. Blood can't do a damn thing on his own, why does he need Mr. Black with him?

    Michael Cole: How do you know that is why he is here? Maybe he just wants to scout Punk, get an idea of what he will be up against at Death By Glory. You are just trying to stir the pot, so shut up.

    Josh Mathews: No. We both know that this match is nothing more than an excuse to destroy Punk, they want the IWA Championship, so why wouldn't they take the chance to remove an obstacle?

    Michael Cole: You aren't giving Punk his fair due Josh. While I have no doubt in my mind he will lose, Punk is a former IWA World Champion, in fact he is the first! So having obstacles in his way is nothing new for him!

    *The cameras pan over to show the IWA Championship sitting in a glass box next to the announce table*

    Josh Mathews: And that is what these men will fight to win a Death By Glory, the IWA Championship, and the right to be called the first IWA Champion!

    KJ Punk/KENTA VS Mr. Blood/Chris Hero

    Michael Cole: 2 Count from Mr.Blood, and it looks to be mere seconds before he wins tonight.

    Josh Mathews: I might have to agree with you. I am not sure if it's the distraction presented by Mr. Black, but Punk has not been able to get his foot out of the gate. We saw some fight, but for the most part it has all been Mr. Blood.

    Michael Cole: Don't make excuses for Punk, Mathews. He is just getting is ass kicked, it has nothing to do with Mr. Black.

    *Mr. Blood puts his boot on Punk head and spins around before leaping up and connecting with a big elbow drop, much to the disdain of the crowd who boos him. Blood turns Punk around and grabs his arm lifting him up. Blood smirks as he puts his boot to the back of Punk's head and connects with a huge curb stomp*

    Michael Cole: That is how to make a statement! He just destroyed Punk's face with that move!

    Josh Mathews: I think Punk might be out cold!

    *Blood grabs Punk's midsection and lifts him up for a hugely impressive German Suplex with a bridge, but Punk manages to kickout and rolls out of the ring to catch a breather. Blood tries to leave the ring, but the ref prevents it. Mr. Black takes advantage of the situation and drills Punk with a huge clothesline before throwing Punk back in the ring and acting as though nothing happened*

    Josh Mathews: I knew Mr. Black would get involved! He just can't stay out of it!

    Michael Cole: He was defending himself Josh! Punk was obviously coming at him, so he did what he needed to do! It was vintage Black Blooded strategy!

    *Mr. Blood goes for the cover, but only manages a 2 count before Punk rolls a shoulder. However, it is becoming obvious that Punk is feeling the effects of the match. Blood rolls Punk over and applies the camel clutch submission. Blood smiles knowing he is dead center in the ring and Punk has no where to go. Punk cringes and groans and his face is a dead give away to just how much pain he is in as he scratches and claws the ring mat trying desperately to get to the ropes and break the submission hold. Blood simply tighten hold and leans back, putting more pressure on the midsection of Punk. However Mr. Blood seems to get distracted when he looks over and sees Mr. Black and Vivica looking at the IWA Championship.

    Mr. Black is pointing and gesturing to Vivica that the belt will be around his wait, and this quickly gets the attention of his partner, as he loosens the hold on Punk. Punk manages to crawl to the ropes and breaks the submission. Blood rolls out of the ring and walks up to Mr. Black. The two share a look and than look at the belt. The duo exchange some words, but what is said exactly is unclear. Vivica lets out a scream and the duo turn just in time to see a flying Punk come crashing into them and sending Mr. Blood skull first into the announce table. Punk rolls back into the ring and than gets on the apron before leaping off and hitting a big splash on Blood. Mr. Black pulls Punk off Blood, but gets a yelling from the ref who tells him and Vivica to beat it.*

    Michael Cole: What!? Why in the hell is the ref doing that!?

    Josh Mathews: Because Mr. Black was getting involved! Hell, he is lucky he didn't get Mr. Blood Disqualified!

    *Punk rolls back in the ring and waives as Mr. Black and Vivica walk back up the entrance ramp. Punk turns around and into a dropkick from Mr. Blood who goes for the cover



    Kickout! Punk manages a kickout as Mr. Blood rolls over and lifts Punk up and signals for the end as he connects with a big Double Armed DDT. Blood looks over at Cole and Mathews and points at the IWA Championship before heading up to the top. Mr. Blood poses as the fans boos him, he shrugs it off before leaping off for a Shooting Star Press, but Punk rolls out of the way and Mr. Blood crashes to the mat.

    Punk raises his arm as he heads to the top. The fans cheer loudly as KJ Punk leaps off and connects with a stellar elbow drop directly to the heart of Mr. Blood*

    Josh Mathews: To steal a few lines from your playbook, that was vintage Punk and this could be the turning point of the match!!

    *Cole rolls his eyes as Punk sets up for his Rolling Elbow maneuver. Mr. Blood starts to come to and as he starts to stand, the fans get louder, and as if on que, Punk launches with the Rolling Elbow, but Blood sees it coming from a mile away and ducks, causing Punk to crack the ref directly in the face. Punk looks on in horror, but it doesn't last long as Mr. Blood grabs him for a German Suplex, but Punk flips out and lands on his feet and connects with a neckbreaker. Punk tries to get the ref to come to, but he seems to be knocked out cold and shows little to no sign of waking up.

    Out of nowhere Mr. Black runs down the ring and slides in and goes after Punk, the two trade blows, but eventually Mr. Black comes out on top, hitting Punk with several big right hands before backing up and setting up for what is sure to be a wicked big boot. He charges but Punk moves and sends Mr. Black into Mr. Blood, who just stood up only to be knocked down by his partner. Mr. Black turns around and eats a Rolling Elbow for his trouble.
    Punk slides Mr. Blood to the center of the ring and applies Southern (Dis)Comfort. However there is no ref to call the match*

    Josh Mathews: Souther (Dis)Comfort is applied, but without a ref, the move is pointless! He can't win.

    Michael Cole: It just isn't in the cards for Punk to be victorious! You complain about there not being a ref? Well, whose fault is that Josh!?

    Josh Mathews: Well never mind that as a second official is running down to the ring now!!

    *A Second ref slides into the ring and check on the submission. Mr. Blood is still fighting, but has nowhere to go. Minutes go by and Mr. Blood is still struggling to stay in this match. Punk eventually realizes this isn't going to work, he starts to look around as he wonders what to do next, before smiling and letting go, as soon as he does the he drills his knee into the back of Mr. Blood head and rolls him up




    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, KJ PUNK!!!

    Michael Cole: What!?!?! A rollup is how he wins!? What kinda crap is that!?

    Josh Mathews: I don't think it was the rollup Cole. It was the quick knee that took and already fuzzy Mr. Blood out and gave KJ Punk the chance he needed. The question now becomes, did we just get a preview of the outcome for Death By Glory? Will KJ Punk become the only individual to have won both Major Championships? Only time will tell.

    Michael Cole: Well Revolution will continue, after this!

    Commercial Break

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    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Revolution folks, and before the break, KJ Punk managed to pick up the victory over Mr. Blood!

    Josh Matthews: And we still have Darius against Chris Diamond to come, as well as Ali Kazam against The Vegas Kid!

    Damaged Goods!

    ~The theme of Damaged Goods echos around the arena, as the crowd explodes with jeers. Sebastian Schweizner steps out onto the stage, followed by Gaileo and Gommenta, before the three men make their way down to ringside. Schweizner, whilst scowling, goes over to the Timekeepers Area to collect a microphone, before all three men enter the ring.~

    Schweizner: Three-to-One. Three wins versus one. Mr. Dave Ryan, despite us beating Black Blooded three times! Despite the Infection never defeating Gaileo and Gommenta without AJ Dixon and Athena interfering. So why do we have a match to decide who should go onto Death by Glory, instead of just giving the better team the match?

    Frankly, the way Black Blooded gets everything, everywhere, is starting to piss me off! They're widely proclaimed to be best tag team around today, but last week, they didn't do anything special. They said their piece, kept it short and sweet, then got a lucky pin. It doesn't take a genius to work out that Damaged Goods should have more accomplishments by our name, and Black Blooded shouldn't be seen as the best, that can win any titles they want. Because there are better people than them, and their standing right in front of you.

    ~Heat from the crowd, which Schweizner ignores~

    Alas, IWA needs more people like us, we don't fight for good, nor evil. But we do the best we can, regardless of if people are pleased or not about us. We're the people, if you remember, who managed to get some people to cheer Black Blooded. They were the alternative to us! Who ever managed to get more boos to Black Blooded. We did. We blew them out of the water.

    Sour Grapes or not, it's time for us to move on. Now I mentioned about Infection never defeating Damaged Goods in a fair two-on-two environment, so it's time for us to finally reclaim what is ours. Van Hooligan X and Carlos Alberto Ramon, I've said constantly, that when the responsibility lies solely on their shoulders, they excel. But working together, they need outside help.

    I'm tired of us being second best to the Clique Version 2.0. In fact, I'm just tired of not being the best. Black Blooded are apparently the best, so is the Infection! Their the ones with the gold, and nobody thinks that we deserve more! We're the only ones to develop in this fed, we're IWA through and through! They all made their name elsewhere, but then came to IWA because they saw it as an easy place to dominate.

    But we've proven otherwise. It takes a lot to knock Damaged Goods off their perch, but now, the best we can do going into Death By Glory is being the third best tag team in IWA! Black Blooded are regarded as the best, as they're in the IWA Title match, Infection will be second, because they have the gold. So the best we can realistically hope for, going into the Pay-Per-View, is being seen as an average tag team! In the midcard of the Tag Team Division.

    We have Kayfabulous popular because of their vLogs, even though they have as much talent as The Great Khali, and the Comedy Timing of... well, The Great Khali. The Pardy Boys, Extremely Lethal. I don't know where the hell they came from, or why do they think they have the right to think of themselves as better than us.

    Infection needs tag team challengers at Death by Glory, and to put it simply, it should be, They need to prove themselves, as a pair, and it's time for us to one again become the best thing in IWA. It's sickening to take a back seat to those less deserving, and now, it's time for Damaged Goods to stand out from the rest, as the best competitors here.


    *The Revolution crowd is now in a cheering frenzy as the familiar theme music of Kayfabulous plays on the PA system. As Ron Macoonie and Skyler Drek walk down the ramp, they both start talking to each other while looking back at Damaged Goods. They’re so engrossed in their conversation that they forget to high five the fans with their outstretched hands over the barricade, begging inwardly for their fingers to elongate. The end their talking as soon as they get to the ring as they roll underneath the bottom rope. Drek gets in but Ron is stuck between the mat and the bottom rope. Facepalming himself, Drek pulls Ron free. While Ron dusts himself off, Skyler leans over the top rope and asks for nearby ring crew members to hand him two mics. Once he has them, he gives one to Ron as their music dies down. The cheering takes a little longer to die down as Skyler Drek lifts the mic up to his lips to speak.*

    Drek: Ghrash ghlur hayus hjgjha jkbhajg jkhgbakg hyugui hjgbauiga grgagagsish….

    Macoonie: Dude, he said we have the comedic timing and talent of The Great Khali not the mic skills of the Great Khali. C’mon, man. Get it together. I’m the plucky screw up here, remember?

    Drek: Right…I totally knew that! *clears throat* So, Schwiezner, word on the sour grapevine is that you’re not too happy with the way Damaged Goods is being treated around here. And you know, I’ve got to hand it to you, you’ve got a good point. I mean, beating Black Blooded three times, being the IWA Tag Team Champions. Boy oh boy, that’d really do me in if I were in your shoes! How dare you find success with so many tag teams waiting in the wings to become champions! Shame on the very cruel hand of fate for not revolving around you at all times! God forbid that anyone on God’s green Earth actually attempts to make a living in the IWA for the sake of the almighty Damaged Goods! In fact, Ron, let us bow before the Damaged Goods! Help them realize that they’re not as poo-er as they think they are!

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    *Skyler and Ron quickly bow down before Damaged Goods as a good portion of the crowd laughs. They continue this kowtowing pose for a few more seconds before they both get up to their feet.*

    Drek: In case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm. But what I’m about to tell you, Sebastian is nothing but the truth and believe me, it was an even bigger and more bitter pill to swallow for the two of us than it was for the three of you. Despite being the shadiest, slimiest tag team alive right now, Black Blooded have truly earned their spot as the number one tag team on the IWA. See, while you were fending off the likes of The Infection months ago, we were fighting for our lives against Mr. Blood and Mr. Black. Not Billy and Betty, Mr. Blood and Mr. Black. Yeah, we beat ‘em but that’s only because their Gears decided to get involved in our match and the next time around, at Night of Legends, we got our asses kicked. Big time. Now, we could be just like you are. Bitter, angry and depressed or you could face the facts that you’re no longer #1.

    But look at your two men you’re managing and look at us. If someone were to walk into this ring and look at Kayfabulous and Damaged Goods, they’d probably say that you guys are the wrestlers and we’re the desperate nerds hoping that you’ll autograph our Spider-Man briefs. You think it’s easy for the two of us, either? No matter how much we trained for the day of competing as a tag team, no matter how much we respect this business and no matter how many Kayfans we have all around the world, we don’t look like the ideal tag team. We’re not the team that the office betting pool bets their money on before a big IWA PPV. We’re not the prime candidates for any wrestling magazine photo ops that require our shirts to be off. We don’t exemplify the ingrained pro wrestling virtue of machismo and six packs. The only thing that these two Pipestone natives have, more than anyone here, is a dream, a dream to one day, despite the odds, become the next IWA Tag Team Champions!

    *The crowd erupts in cheers as it’s Ron’s turn on the microphone.*

    Macoonie: And you see, if there’s anything that Drek and I here know about, it’s sacrifice. And no, we don’t just mean going through all the training and the necessary effort into making it here. Because of the way we look, because of the way we act, we both know that when the time comes for the powers that be to look for a tag team willing and able to step up to the plate, we know that we’ll be out of the spotlight for a long, long time. That’s why for months, the focal point of this division has been centered around the likes of you, The Infection and Black Blooded. And that’s why when you three are making noise, Kayfabulous has to produce their own little symphony and hopefully get people to take notice of what we can really do. Take last week for example. We could’ve been off our game after taking a loss to Black Blooded. We could’ve let the Hollywood Homeboys get the better of us but we didn’t. We took the opportunity to get on top and we didn’t let it go. But now, look at Damaged Goods. Let’s say that you guys actually do get the shot at becoming the IWA Tag Team Champions. What happens if you fail again. You’ll be where you are right now, crying and whining for things to change because you’re not number one. Well, since that’s the attitude that you’re gonna be carrying around here, I say to hell with Damaged Goods!

    As far as I’m concerned, Drek and I don’t mind being less than first place as long as we’re out making a name for ourselves and proving why we deserve to be the tag team champions! So with that said, since Kayfabulous can take another loss and hold their heads high, I say that you two bozos have a turn at waiting in the back of the bread line and let this fat bastard and this skinny son of a bitch…

    *Skyler mouths “skinny” as he looks on at Ron with a stunned expression on his face.*

    Macconie:…get a crack at the tag team champions and if we gotta get through the two of you to do it, then we’ll do what we always do, leave you like kayfabe…broken.

    The Insane-O-Tron jumps into life and the General Manager is shown.

    David Ryan: Hey folks! Thought I'd jump in here. See, I keep saying it and I mean it- Revolution is the land of opportunity. And when I got the tag team division, I knew I'd have some trouble with the amount of talent I'd have. So before I address the two tag teams in the ring, I'm going to address two tag teams I've given the night off to- Extremely Lethal and Pardy Boyz.

    The fans give a mixed reaction, cheering for Extremely Lethal but booing for Pardy Boyz.

    David Ryan: These two tag teams are currently locked 3-3 in their best of seven series, so at Death By Glory- we will finish the series! But it won't just be any match- oh no, we're going to see Extremely Lethal and Pardy Boyz battle it out- inside of a steel cage!

    The fans explode with cheers.

    David Ryan: As for The Infection, well they're going to need some challengers. So in tonight's main event, we're going to see KayFabulous face off against Damaged Goods- and the winning team will head to Death By Glory with a Tag Team Championship shot to their name!

    Another massive cheer echoes around the arena.

    David Ryan: Enjoy the rest of the show folks!

    The screen goes blank as we head to commercial once more.

    Commercial Break

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    Lacey Foster: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California weighing 212lbs, Ali Kazam!

    Ali Kazam!

    Josh Mathews: Ali looks to pick up a win here tonight and prove that The Vegas Kid simply got lucky last week.

    Michael Cole: Last week's win was a fluke! It proved nothing and tonight Ali Kazam will prove that Josh!

    Lacey Foster: And his opponent, weighing 212lbs, The Vegas Kid!

    The Vegas Kid!

    Josh Mathews: Last week The Vegas Kid managed a pretty big upset and proved a lot of critics wrong last week. Tonight he looks to show that he can do it again.

    Michael Cole: Last week's match just showed that even an expert like Ali Kazam can have a bad day! Tonight I hope Ali destroys The Vegas Kid, that casts a spell to remove him from IWA!

    The Vegas Kid/Bryan Danielson VS Ali Kazam/Jon Moxley

    Stop at 12:52

    Michael Cole: Kickout there from Ali! I knew he wouldn't go down that easy.

    Josh Mathews: So far, this has been a great match. Not exactly the pace that I was expecting from these two, but they have definitely put on an exhibition, with neither individual truly getting the upper hand.

    Michael Cole: That can only last so long Josh, eventually one of these two will get the upper hand and will eventually run away with the win. My money is on the high flying magician. Ali is just biding his time until he finds the right moment to strike.

    *The Vegas Kid wastes no time in turning Ali on his back as he goes for another Surfboard attempt. Ali resists as The Vegas Kid locks is legs in place, he tries to grab Ali's arms but Ali fights it. The Vegas Kid stomps both knees and causes Ali to writhe in pain and free up his arms for The Vegas Kid to grab.

    The Vegas Kid locks in the Surfboard and snaps back Ali's head back as Ali lets out a scream and fights to get out. Ali tries rocking himself free, but it's no use as The Vegas Kid leans back and grabs Ali's arms sending him up. The ref checks The Vegas Kid's arm to make sure that he isn't flat on the mat.*

    Michael Cole: C'mon ref! He is clearly on the mat! Count him down! 1 2 3! Ali should have won this match by now.

    Josh Mathews: The ref is in a perfect position to see if The Vegas Kid is down, but he isn't obviously. He has managed to keep his shoulders off the mat.

    *The Vegas Kid falls forward which causes Ali's knees to crash to the mat. The Vegas Kid breaks the submission hold and rolls up. Ali sits up and manages to duck a kick attempt from The Vegas Kid, which gives him the perfect chance to take advantage with a roll up



    Kickout from The Vegas Kid. Ali gets to his feet and shakes his arms, showing that he is feeling the effects from the Surfboard submission. The Vegas Kid turns around and gets caught with a big Enzuguri from Ali, as The Vegas Kid crashes to the mat Ali takes the opportunity to apply a boston crab submission and torques the back, bending The Vegas Kid damn near in half.
    The Vegas Kid scratches the mat as he tries to get himself to the ropes to break the hold, but Ali stands and walks further into the center of the ring before sitting again and further tightening the hold. The Vegas Kid scratches and claws the ring as Ali yells for him to tap. The ref checks on The Vegas Kid, but he refuses to give up*

    Josh Mathews: We are seeing some different sides to both individuals here tonight, both taking to submission holds and chain wrestling, which is making for a very entertaining match in my opinion.

    Michael Cole: I actually agree with you Josh. Ali and The Vegas Kid are showing more than we are used to seeing and I love it, when Ali wins it will go far to show just how great he truly is.

    *Ali's submission hold still locked in as The Vegas Kid still fights to break the hold, but escape seems impossible as the ref again checks on him. The Vegas Kid still refuses to give up and Ali is becoming frustrated. Ali gets to his feet and drives his foot into the neck of The Vegas Kid, applying more pressure and pain and he shouts at The Vegas Kid to just give up.

    The ref checks Ali's footing to make sure there is no illegal choke in place, Ali yells for him to check on The Vegas Kid and make sure he didn't already pass out, but The Vegas Kid is still in it and is still fighting to get free, he grabs Ali's leg and uses all his strength and turn Ali off him causing him to slip and hit the ground. Both men are laid out on the ground, but it looks as though The Vegas Kid is far worse off than Ali, who is slowly stirring.

    Ali gets to his feet and slowly makes his way over to The Vegas Kid, kicking him several times for good measure before reaching down to lift him up. The Vegas Kid counters things with a big European Uppercut followed by his signature move he calls...*

    Josh Mathews: Double Down by The Vegas Kid! What move and this may just be the end of thing for Ali!

    Michael Cole: Lucky move there Josh, now lets see if he can capitalize on the opportunity.

    *The Vegas Kid rolls Ali on to his stomach and locks in the Crossface submission, but Ali is to close to the ropes and the ref tells The Vegas Kid to break the submission





    The Vegas Kid releases the hold and lifts up Ali up for something, but Ali blocks the hold and spins The Vegas Kid around and hits a nice backbreaker and than a cover



    2.88685 NO!!! The Vegas Kid manages to get the shoulder up and Ali is showing massive frustration as he just can't seem to keep The Vegas Kid down. Ali starts walking around the rig shouting at the fans and at the ref, about what exactly is unclear. The Vegas Kid sneaks up and rolls Ali up from behind




    Lacey Foster: Here is your winner, The Vegas Kid!!

    Michael Cole: What!? No!! Not again! Not another BS fluke of a win! I demand this match be restarted, he cheated, he uhh.. he grabbed the tights!!

    Josh Mathews: Get over it Cole! The Vegas Kid wins again here tonight! That is 2 weeks in a row he has had Ali's number! This was no fluke!

    *The Vegas Kid quickly rolls out of the ring as the ref raises his arm he looks at Ali and smiles as Ali is in total disbelief about what just happened. As it hits him he loses it shouting and kicking the ropes and yelling at The Vegas Kid.

    The Vegas Kid starts to head the back, but is knocked to the ground by Ali Kazam, who has appeared behind him. The Ref tries to get Ali of The Vegas Kid, but Ali shoves him away. Ali grabs the Vegas Kid and tosses him into the barricade, causing The Vegas Kid to bounce off and smack his head on the ground. Ali shouts at The Vegas Kid about the match, as he seems to have lost it. Ali stomps away at The Vegas Kid, all while yelling at him and at the crowd.*

    Michael Cole: Yeah! Kick his ass Ali!!

    Josh Mathews: Oh c'mon Michael, this is just wrong! Ali has lost it all because he couldn't beat The Vegas Kid!!

    *More refs try to separate Ali from The Vegas Kid, but he tosses one ref into the others before lifting The Vegas Kid up and slamming his head on the barricade and suplexing him on the ramp. Ali grabs a chair under the ring and goes after The Vegas Kid, but ref stop him, so instead he smacks the refs with the chair.

    The Vegas Kid is starting to rise, and Ali tosses the chair aside and turns The Vegas Kid around, low blowing him and executes The Magician's Curse, planting The Vegas Kid to the ground. Finally Ali backs away as medics check on The Vegas Kid. Ali smiles at his handy work as he makes his way to the back.*

    Josh Matthews: Well, while EMTs look at The Vegas Kid, we're going to head backstage!

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