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    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing at this time, The Prodigy, Chris Diamond!

    Rocky stands and applauds as Chris makes his way to the commentary table, and Diamond goes straight over to him at that time. Diamond puts out his hand for a handshake, and Rocky shakes it vigourously.

    Diamond: Yeno what, a handshake isn't enough for a legend of the business like you. Bring it in man!

    The two embrace as Mike looks on, disgusted, before himself begrudgingly getting up to shake Diamond's hand. Diamond stares at him for a second

    Diamond: Sit down and shut up Mike! And what kind of a name is Mike, tell me, did your parents really hate you that much? Such an awful name

    Mike: Well, I can think of many famous Mikes...Mike Tyson for example.

    Diamond: Yeah, a guy who bit another guy's ear off, and tested positive for Cannabis on a number of occasions. I see why you're parents named you Mike.

    Emily Davis: Your following contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 212lbs, The Vegas Kid!

    Mike: So how do you think you can actually beat TVK?

    Diamond: How do I THINK? I know I can Mike, were you just not paying attention when I beat him in under 7 minutes at the last PPV? Maybe it was too fast for you, couldn't keep up? Maybe I should wait until 7 minutes before trying Rocky, cause your pal here can't keep up no-more.

    Rocky: He's not my pal!

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, weighing in at 205lbs, Athena!

    Rocky: This is one hell of a woman… She is dominant, she is determined and she is a member of the best stable in IWA…

    Chyna (Athena) Vs. Chris Jericho (The Vegas Kid) *Ignore The Kat at ringside*
    Start at 1:20 and End at 5:40

    Mike: Vegas is on top form tonight, he is dominating the normally brutal Athena…

    Picking Athena up from the mat, he begins to trade blows with Athena…
    The Vegas Kid
    The Vegas Kid
    The Vegas Kid
    The Vegas Kid
    The Vegas Kid

    The Vegas kid, lands a multiple amount of knee shots and kicks to the midsection of Athena, backing her into the corner, he lands a spinning heel kick to the right temple of Athena, dazing her and causing her to slide to the mat…

    Mike: Those never ending shots are weakening Athena and Vegas should capitalise on this!

    Rocky: Hey Prodigy, been meaning to ask you, what do you think of the way TVK is poet like in the way he speaks?

    Diamond: It's stupid, dumb, pathetic. He's a creep, a geek, a freak.....*Rocky and Mike stare at him for elaboration* 'Sigh' it just shows to me that he's got no talent. Here, I'll make up a rhyme on the spot for ya....

    The Vegas Kid is a loser, I beat him in under 7 minutes
    You must be crazy if you think he can beat the Prodigy.....

    Mike: That doesnt rhyme

    Diamond: Oh, doesn't it? Hey Rocky, does that rhyme???

    Rocky: Hell yeah!

    Diamond: Then shut up Mike!

    Going back to the corner, Athena is coming through; she takes a run at him and lands the big boot to the jaw of Vegas, knocking him to the mat…
    Athena seizes the opportunity; she goes down to the mat and locks the figure four leglock on Vegas…

    Rocky: Now this is the Athena we know and love! If she keeps applying this pressure, he will most definitely tap out!

    Applying more pressure to the lock, Vegas is trying to back to the bottom rope, Athena continues to apply pressure, making Vegas struggle to get to the bottom rope, he finally crawls to the bottom rope.. The ref tries to get Athena to break the hold but, she continues… The ref begins a count
    Athena gets a verbal warming from the ref after being pulled away from Vegas… She goes right back to the weakened legs of Vegas, landing a multitude of stomps to his legs… heading to the top rope, setting him up for a flying elbowdrop, she is caught with a high kick to the midsection…

    Mike: Now that is such a kick to the midsection of the flying Athena, if that had have landed this, she may have won this match…

    Coming up behind the clearly injured Athena, he sets her up, 3’s and 7’s!

    Mike: What a neckbreaker!

    Rocky: Oh get over it! This kid is not that good, he lands one move and he’s amazing? Yeah, heard it all before…

    Stalking Athena as she regains herself, Vegas sets her up…Double Down! Heading to the top rope, setting up, launching, he executes a flawless BLACKJACK! Going for the pin


    Emily Davis: Here is your winner, The Vegas Kid!

    Diamond: Pah, that was nothing.

    Mike: You seem pretty confident, don't you ever question yourself?

    Diamond has a serious tone to his voice

    Diamond: Honestly yes I have one question that I've needed answering for a long time.... is there even any point me showing up at Night Of Legends? I mean, look at Vegas Kid, he's struggling to win tonight, unlike me, who destroyed my opponent tonight in under 7 minutes (I assume, you can take this out if you wish) And me, who has been unbeaten since my return.....hashtag 6 and 0!

    The Vegas Kid raises his hands in victory before glancing over to Diamond. TVK points to his eyes and then to Diamond to suggest he is saying “I’ll be watching you!” TVK then rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp.

    Mike: Well, I guess that The Kid wants Diamond badly.

    Rocky: And he can want as much as he likes. The most important thing to realise at this point in time is that the next match will feature The Prodigy, Chris Diamond!

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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