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    Mike: Powerful words from Gabriel and Punk. Well with that being said, Its time to go backstage...Next we have words from the Robotic Villain...that put Jackson Smith through physical hell, in a cold and callous fashion...He never batted an eye either...How do you do THAT to someone so calmly?!?

    Rocky: Don't try to put all the blame on The Demon Cyborg! The Half Devil Half Machine TOLD him, over, and over, and OVER, exactly what he was capable of and made it plenty clear he only wanted to take him out the game! Smith thought he was the man, but got physically shattered! All I have to say really is, don't be so arrogant when dealing with someone who could break all 206 bones in your body in less than a minute! Anyways, enough of Jackson The Narcissist...Let's get to the back to hear the words of The Slayer now.

    *The camera cuts from Mike's head shaking in utter disbelief, as his eyes role as well, and Rocky looking at him with deep intent as if to say "Get real, I'm right and I can't believe you don't see it.", to the backstage area. *

    *The camera moves down the hall, showing various areas of the backstage scene. Tables are shown, with bright lights all around illuminating everything. Tables of food and drink are shown, along with restrooms on the side of the hall, with doors reading "men", and "women" . Next a corner is turned as we continue to see through the eye of the camera. The lights quickly go from less bright, to dim, to almost pitch black , in an instant.*

    *All that can be seen is a red door, barely visible but its obvious what is being shown. The door doesn't look inviting at all, but its not exactly in terrible condition. It is intricately covered in all forms of chiseled graphics, that perfectly resemble incredibly drawn black tattoos. The exquisitely done markings lace every single section of the door, staring back at the camera almost as if they were...alive. Whatever, or whoever, is behind the eerily designed door can not be good.*

    *The door opens, with violent force no less, to reveal...None other than Ano Doom standing there. The room is illuminated by flames, an immensely hot, burning fire lighting the entire area. Only the orange and red embers that dance wildly can be seen in the dim room, other than Ano Doom and faint visions of the wall, covered with more of the same that gave the door its unique appearance. The fire that is growing hotter and hotter, and taller as well, isn't quite a campfire as it appears to be just growing in the middle of the floor, with nothing else around it. Ano Doom gets closer to it, crouching down nearby, staring deeply into it.*

    *Images are shown from Last Resort: Jackson Smith igniting the crowd and getting them cheering, Ano Doom grabbing his neck, Smith fighting him off unsuccessfully. They continue, as Ano Doom yanks him from the floor and he's launched ten feet through destroyed wood as his skins becomes scorched as it catches fire. It shows once more, this time getting slower, and slower, to the point of slow motion. All the while, the entire discussion had by Mike and Rocky can be heard as well, from the beginning before Ano Doom appeared to the end with Jackson being rolled away:

    *The voices of Rocky and Mike can be heard, as the commentary begins to describe what happened between Jackson and Ano Doom from last Sunday. Mike begins telling Rocky that Jackson is right in the sense that he did in fact have a reason to help the young man that almost felt a margin of the same fate that he did. Rocky will not hear it, but Mike continues to say that Smith is right and Rocky is not. Rocky now still can't believe what is going on, checking his watch saying he must go.*

    *The talking of the two announcers continues, As Mike doesn't believe his convenient excuse, and as the lightning hits the table, Mike is then understandably shocked. Rocky agrees that he didn't see it coming either. Jackson Smith then quickly yanks his head in that direction, and before he can look Ano Doom in the face fully, his neck is snatched with a claw like grip, that forces vicious pressure onto him in no time. He tries to get loose, to no avail. Then something no one saw coming tonight happens.*

    *In the blink of an eye, Smith's neck is released as he's sent crashing down towards the burning wood, and a crunch is heard as the table busts into pieces, Ano Doom looks towards him as he is thrown right through the middle of the dangerous object. Fire touches him in several places, As he has already landed on the ten feet below floor made on concrete hard. His skin begins to burn as yelling is heard and the crowd is mixed with hatred and terrified shock. Boos explode at the atrocious display, and Mike now begins to shout, truly surprised and disgusted at what he's seen. As expected Rocky doesn't really say much other than downplaying it in a ridiculous fashion.*

    *This damn near incites Mike into a rage, as he begins to argue him ferociously, talking down his point of view with vulgar language being used even. Jackson Smith is sent off by medical personnel, to the extreme delight of the crowd. Mike now gives the expected talk about the terrible condition of the man on the other end of the Chokeslam that just inflicted unworldly pain, and he still can not quite come to terms with what's happened. Rocky again downplays it nonchalantly, not really caring either, blaming it all on Jackson. Mike will not hear any of it, as he begins to describe the multiple wrongdoings Ano Doom has done in the short time since he's entered IWA, but decides against it as he knows it will be no use about halfway through.*

    *Rocky pays him no real attention , other than saying he's right.
    The speed of the motion of things returns to normal, as the footage from Sunday continues, along with the voices stopping, then showing Ano Doom leaving and Jackson being carted off once more...and then things fade away, resuming to what we saw before, Ano Doom crouching in front of the fire, staring into it as it casts a reflection on his solid white eye, and his eye with the red pupil lowers into a gaze. The fire continues to get out control, over his head by now. He now stands back upright now, looking down into the scarlet blaze. *

    Ano Doom: Jackson. You know, I find it very easy to tel you what I'm about to say. It was all your fault. Not mine, I did NOT bring what happened Sunday upon you. You had to be the braveheart and attempt to get nasty with your words, so I did what I had to do to shut your damn mouth.

    You acted like you were capable of anything, including stopping someone like me who does not operate in the same ways as you. You said too much to me and you were forced to pay for it. I told you before that your roles would be reversed with Alex, this time she would be visiting you, and I was right. What did the little woman say when she found out you took a ten foot drop through a flaming table and hit concrete afterwards? I told you before things were being done my way, I hope now you see that.

    You mouthed off like a foolish naive fuck after I SMASHED your shot at gold..Redemption against Hawk may have come but the feel good story justhad to end there. I showed you what you were in for by nearly breaking the mat when I took you down to the floor like you weighed one hundred pounds. You met the dealer only to ask to be hit again when you had 20 in your hand. The metaphor means, You knew I was an uncaring killer but you came after me anyways. If you just had kept your damn smart mouth shut you would have been better off. I was fully prepared to move on to the next helpless, damned soul if you had left me alone.

    I never told you to be the man of so many words, but I can certainly hold you solely responsible. I wouldn't have gave a damn what you said to me, but since you had to repeatedly threatened me, someone like me was unable to look the other way. So I shattered your night at Last Resort. As a matter of fact, if you happen to have Alex with you next time I see you, IF I see you again, I'm asking her what its like to be in her position, to have a man by her side like you that was turned into a victim because of his loud mouth. I will be eager for her answer.

    See, you should have just tried for another shot at Smyth, instead of coming after the Robotic Villain. I'm a hellish fiend, Jackson, and You are just a weak minded man. I told you, and told you, not to fuck with me but you did, so you suffered the consequences. Things have changed now, you made things go to this other level, and now you've had the horror of meeting..the real me, the version of me that tossed you aside last Chaos isn't the same part of me that massacred your body Sunday. You did this all by saying such personal and threatening things about me...So you caused this mess you're in, but the ever burning flames of fire must now end it all, and make things right.

    *Ano Doom looks up from the fire in the middle of the floor now, and it has reached the ceiling almost. *
    *The camera cuts away, back to Rocky and Mike, and the last thing heard is "I fully warned you now, boy."

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    Mike: Ladies and gentlemen we would like to give you an update on Jackson Smith.

    Rocky: Jackson Smith has suffered minor burns and bruised ribs but he will be on Chaos next week.

    Mike: We would like to wish you a speedy recovery, Jackson.

    Rocky: Okay enough with the dramatics ... Up next we will see Jman take on Kyojin!

    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, , from Pennsylvania, weighing in at 205lbs, Jman!

    Jman stands walks though the curtains and stands on the staging area to an explosion of cheers. Jman soaks in the atmosphere as the fans chant 'Jman' over and over again.

    Mike: Jman had a big win at Last Resort and he could make it two for two tonight.

    Rocky: Jman got lucky. Kyojin will redeem himself tonight. It's as predictable as a WWE championship finish at Wrestlemania.

    Mike: Be that as it may, may I rem-WHAT THE HELL?!?

    As Jman soaks in the adulation from the fans, Kyojin bursts through the curtains with a chair in his hands and cracks Jman over the skull with it. The fans explode with boos as Kyojin repeatedly hits a fallen Jman with the chair.

    Mike: My God. Kyojin is like a man possessed!

    Kyojin rains down heavy chair shots on Jman's head, shoulders, back - wherever the hell he can hit him. The fans boo even louder, which makes Kyojin pause and smile to the crowd. Kyojin throws the chair to one side and starts stomping away at Jman, who tries to cover himself up. Referees appear from the back and immediately create a barrier between Kyojin and Jman, stopping Kyo from continuing the assault.

    Mike: What the hell does Kyojin think he is going to achieve by doing this?

    Rocky: Seriously? You don't see why he is doing this?

    Mike: Kyojin cannot, as you put it moments ago, redeem himself if he cannot beat Jman in a straight up one-on-one match.

    Rocky: It's not about matches, Mike. There is no win/loss record that Kyojin cares about. Jman had no right to take the spotlight from Kyojin and Kyojin is making him pay dearly.

    Kyojin starts to walk backwards up the ramp with a big smile on his face. Two referees stay close to him and follow him through the curtain. Two other referees tend to Jman as the ringside doctor runs up the ramp.

    Mike: I think it's clear that Jman cannot continue with this match tonight.

    Rocky: Duh! Ya think so?

    TVK: The Kid is here, never you fear...

    The Vegas Kid bursts through the curtain, a huge smile on his face as though he had won his return match handily, he strolls down the ramp wearing a lime green suit with matching fedora, blood red glasses over his eyes he walks down the ramp, making sure to go to each side and slapping hands of excited fans.

    the camera zooms in, showing that with each hand slapped TVK is palming a playing card, sticking it to the fan's hand. One boy of about 11 is holding the Jack of Spades, while a pretty Blonde in the front row has the Queen of Hearts clutched to her breast, still jumping up and down excitedly as the Kid makes his way around the ring, passing cards to all, young and old, all signed by him.

    His music blaring over the PA system, The Kid struts up to Emily Davis, winking at her slyly as his hand slips down over hers, gently taking her microphone out of her hand while she stands, almost mesmerized. Laughing heartily, the kid struts into the ring, holding a hand up to ask for silence as his music dies down, the kid begins to speak

    TVK: I'm coming at you and coming in live, when the Kid's here it's always five by five! It's been a rough ride, through hell and back, to get away from those Bikers and give em a smack! We all gotta play the hand that we're dealt, though our spirits may weep, and our souls may melt. But it is great to be back! Once again my own man! Livin my dreams as only I can!

    the crowd cheers wildly as The Vegas kid stops, looking up at them he throws his arms out wide, showing off his expertly tailored, lime green suit, with his purple silk shirt underneath. Smiling widely he waits for the crowd to die down before he continues.

    TVK: Now I gotta get serious, gotta be tough, after facin that self-proclaimed diamond in the rough, I had the man beat, plain as can be, threes and sevens on the table, when what did I see! A treacherous thumb, a shot to the eye, proving his "Greatness" naught but a lie. I'd have had him beat in any fair match, and I'll face him again, no matter the catch.

    the crowd starts chanting "Kid was robbed"

    TVK: These people speak truth, you cowardly slime, now get your ass out here, don't waste no time!

    Chris Diamond

    Diamond arrives out to loud boos from the crowd. He looks round and smirks at TVK, who is stadning in the middle of the ring, his fists balled, ready for a fight.

    Diamond: Who the hell do you think you are? And why the hell are you coming out here as if you've just won a World Heavyweight Championship. And why the hell do any of you people cheer this loser?

    The crowd boo as TVK stares at Diamond, fury in his eyes.

    Diamond: TVK, you can rhyme all you want, you can impress these people with your 'verbal jousting', but the simple fact remains that I beat you like I promised, and I beat you in under 7 minutes like I promised! Face it, pal, you like all my other opponents, are no match for when it comes to greatness such as Chris Diamond!

    The crowd boo, and a YOU SUCK chant starts up.

    Diamond: Oh, I suck? I suck!? Well, how bad must he suck if I beat him in under 7 minutes last week at the PPV. Really, you're just embarrassing yourselves by telling the guy who beat your hero in under 7 minutes that he sucks. Figures, huh?

    The crowd now just resort to booing Diamond, who laughs

    Diamond: Now you’re booing me, nice mature as usual I see. You should be booing that guy in the ring, I mean look at him. He’s cocky without reason, he spent the majority of his life in the ring, and only when IWA took pity on his poor self, did he finally get a job. So, really, you’re paying his wages, you are paying a man who doesn't deserve to even be in the ring, and you cheer him because he hands out cards. Look, I don’t give a crap about your back-story, or your emotional revival. Just go back to where you really belong. The slums, cause you’re a damn disgrace to wrestling!

    The Vegas kid steps back, smirking as Diamond continues to get booed heavily while walking down the ramp. Smiling, he holds his microphone high so as to amplify the sound of the crowd for Diamond to hear

    TVK: You ask why I stand here, a smile on my face? It's because everyone knows that you're a disgrace! I don't know you you be tryin to fool, it's plain to us all you're just a tool. You say that you beat me and that be untrue, even though the win be given to you. I call you a cheat, and you know I be right, you cannot best me in a fair fight.

    The Crowd starts cheering for The Vegas kid as he struts around the ring, staring down at Diamond, who stares back with rage in his eyes, even as he stays outside the ring.

    TVK: I am the Kid! You ain't but a thing, just the court jester, when I've been made King. These people behind me, they feel as I feel, in order to win, you had to steal. In short I am happy cause I proved my point, while you were out there stinkin up the joint.

    the crowd starts chanting "Stinking up the joint" as the Vegas Kid smiles on

    TVK: But the win you did get, and that just ain't right, so I'm challenging you now to a fair fight. I don't care what the rules are, what gets put in my path, when we meet again I'm breaking you in half! Next month is the big show, everyone will be watching, as you stumble through with the moves you love botching. If you think you can beat me, meet me at the show, there you will stare up at me from below. The ref will count three and everyone will see, that in a fair fight you could never beat me.

    *As the crowd goes wild at the challenge being laid down, The Vegas kid takes a purple glove off of his hand, throwing it with contempt at Chris Diamond. Diamond, rage in his eyes, snatches up the glove, accepting the challenge.*Commercial Break*
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    The backstage seems at peace until we arrive the door of one, Israel Pamich...and Orion Slayde glaring at the name at the door before kicking the door with such ferocity that it falls of its hinges. Slayde enters the room hoping to find Pamich but finds it is empty, a sight that is not welcome in the mind of Slayde who leers at the 42" flat screen TV mounted in the wall of Pamich's room and lunges towards with a hard right punch that cracks the screen, forcing shards of glass to fall to the floor along with droplets of blood from Slayde's now bloody fist. Slayde seems not to care until a beep from a nearby tablet computer catches his attention and he preses the button open the display. Seeing a smirking Pamich on the tablet screen, Slayde is fuming but before he an do much else, Pamich speaks establishing that the connection is live and more than likely via satellite...

    Israel: So nice to see you again Orion Slayde even if it has been only a week since our last encounter, now I can understand why you are a little upset over the events that transpired at Last Resort though Sir, were you shocked at all?

    A month ago I was in a dark place and questioning my place on the IWA roster and you came to my aide and gave me the literal ass kicking I needed to motivate myself again and for that Sir, I am forever thank you and when I win my first championship here I may even thank you in that speech

    Israel shows of his trademark grin as if he knows hes getting to Slayde

    Israel: Though here is the thing Slayde and the part where you should of been aware of my drive to be the very best here, when I was at my best in IWA having just defeated Malcolm Adonis and nearly securing the Endurance title management saw me as a non asset and did not book me on the following PPV and what happened? I took Ivan Draymen out and cost that good for nothing team the tag team titles and why Sir? because they did not deserve them, it was a triple threat match and there is no way known that they could have defeated the champions and I merely made sure that a mistake was not forthcoming.

    Skip forward a few months and once again Im not booked at a PPV and once again there is a a match for the new Blackout Championship and you thought I would actually allow a no name such as yourself to have your name as the first engraved on that title? That Sir, would not give that title any value or 'integrity' if you will and I am first and foremost a man of integrity unlike yourself who ruined ruins peoples TV's just because your a "little upset"

    Israel looks through the screen at Slayde who looks very pissed right about now

    Israel: You Sir, gave me the wake up call I needed a month ago, I just returned the favour.

    Slayde visibly agitated speaks in an intense and powerful tone of voice

    Slayde: Returned the favor?

    Slayde can't help but give of a snide laugh

    Slayde: The only favour you're doing me and more importantly yourself, is not being here tonight. I should've known a snot nosed prick like you wouldn't comprehend the concept of learning from the best to become the best. I was ready to put your wrestling skills on another level. A level that would make people fear your name as soon it was dropped like they do with mine.

    Fear of what you can do, what you will do and what you wouldn't to get the job done. To endure pain and use it as a weapon, like I do. Like I was taught to do but no, your sense of integrity clouds the reality of things as they are. How they really are. I'm more than just a little upset, Pamich. I'm actually enraged but control is what led me to only breaking your TV rather than your skull in two.

    Slayde looks determined and serious at Pamich on the tablet

    Slayde: I want you to understand one thing, winning the Blackout Championship would've been a great feat in my career but that's not want I want my career to be about here in IWA. I want my name to remember by the things that I do, like me taking out Elric and now...I'll add your name to the list of people to fall before because they believe they face the shadows of my fucked up mind and even more fucked never die resiliency that allows me to be able to keep going till I'm the last one standing.

    I promise you, Pamich. You will rue the day you felt the need to try and crew me over because you felt you could. Those who've crossed me have been dealt with in a manner not fit to comprehend by the simple mind, like yours. I'll put you through hell and make you slip into madness as the shadows consume you. You made an enemy out of a friend and me as your enemy being bad and I mean bad things for you.

    Slayde looks towards Pamich who takes another moment to speak

    Israel: There is so many arguments, so many corrections and so many negatives and expletives in your statement that I could focus on right now Slayde though as a man with the utmost Integrity and respect I am going to focused on the most important one and that is my clouded sense of Integrity?

    Let me assure you Sir that there is nothing wrong with my sense of integrity, how is yours though? I have never been out here to make friends and I have always been out for number one though you seem to have thought that you could train me or that you could make me feared? You are not the only one who has taken Elric out and you are not the only one who is feared in this company but SLayde you are the only one who is actually dumb enough to think that our supposed working relationship wasnt there to benefit you?

    You knew that with me in your corner that all four men in the fatal four way match for the Black Out title at last resort would be on a knifes edge wondering when I would make my presence known and when I would help you secure the Black Out title, unfortunately for you my former friend my integrity showed me that I had no choice but to make that match a level playing field by helping your opponents at last resort and my integrity is making me think I should come down there and make my presence felt once again though as a psychological predator as myself can see that my little tablet experiment is really getting to you so I will leave this conversation with the mental edge though next week who knows, I may pay you a visit Sir, I may not but one thing you can bank on is that when I do confront you then Destiny will be fulfilled and the one man dynasty will truly be back on track so well done on your plan to have the most feared man on the roster on top of his game again.

    That Sir is one lesson you will never forget.

    Before Slayer even has a chance to speak Panic interjects again

    Israel: Don't waste your breath, this conversation is over.

    Pamich cuts the feed. Leaving Slayde even more enraged that he throws the tablet PC to a nearby wall smashing it into pieces. Soon rage takes over Slayde and he begins trashing Pamich's room to the degree it looks like a hurricane passed through as tables are broken, chairs tossed aside like they were nothing, sofa is flipped over even the already smashed TV is ripped off the wall and a big hole is left on the wall before Slayde sweating, angry and fist still bloodied cries out: PAAAMMMIICCCHHHHH!!!! and continues to go berserk on his room as we head back to ringside.
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    Emily Davis: The following match is a Triple Threat match and it is for the IWA Endurance Championship! Introducing first ... LAY-MUS!

    Laymus makes his way onto the stage to a pop from the crowd and he beats his chest three times then forms a cross with his arms. He makes his way down the ramp.

    Emily: And his opponent ... Sagittarius Blue!

    Sagittarius Blue gets an even louder pop from the crowd as he makes his way onto the stage and sprints down the ramp and into the ring. Blue and Laymus shake hands and then wait for Smyth.

    Emily: And finally ... Their opponent ... The IWA Endurance Champion ... Mr. Smyth!

    The bell rings... and with no delay Sagittarius Blue and Laymus rush at Smyth like hounds on a fox! The ref's shirt blows in the wind, they take off so fast!

    Mike: The match is under way - and both Sagittarius and Oscar Layman - er, "Laymus" - are hot on the heels of Mr. Smyth!

    Rocky: It's a freaking setup, I tell you! This is supposed to be a three-way match... not a handicap match! All of this favoritism sickens me... first, Smokey books this farce of a match to punish Smyth - for no reason - and then these two shmucks wanna go after the Endurance Champion... it's all pure prejudice!

    Smyth heads out to ringside, actively looking for a way to put as much distance between his enemies as possible. Laymus hops out of the ring and immediately begins stalking Smyth... the two circle the ring - Smyth goes from a brisk walk to an urgent jog and, as Laymus begins to catch up, a run for his life -

    Mike: OH MY GOD - BLUE WITH A SUICIDE PLANCHA ON SMYTH! Leaped clean out of the ring and took down the champ like a guided missile!

    Blue jumps up from putting Smyth on the floor, amped up that he managed to strike first blood, the crowd growing behind him... until he turns around and comes face to face with Laymus.

    Rocky: Yeah, that's right... you two are opponents, remember? What now? Only one of you can walk out of this match the winner, and all the cooperating in the world won't help you!

    Blue and Laymus look each other in the eye, neither moving nor batting an eye. The chants of "Sagittarius!" and "Let's go Layman!" soon become chants of "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" The tension rises right there on the outside...

    Then Laymus fires a clothesline on Blue! Blue bends backwards - Matrix dodge! The clothesline blasts Smyth, who was getting to his feet behind Blue to ambush him! Whatever tension was building between Laymus and Blue vanishes - all that follows are two sets of boots being put to Smyth like there's no tomorrow. The ref kinda shouts at the guys to not do that... but with it being a triple threat match, there's not a lot he can do in this situation.

    Rocky: Do something ref - do something! They're gonna murder him out there - do your damn job!

    Mike: He is, Rocky - this IS a triple threat match - and that means no disqualifications, no count-outs - really, anything goes! All the ref can do in this match is call a submission or a pinfall when it happens! And those are the only two ways this match can and will end - via pinfall or submission!

    Sagittarius and Laymus briefly halt their assault to pick Smyth up and take him on a little tour of the ring - running his face into the ring post, tossing him into the barricade... several times... back to the ring post... and it culminates with Smyth getting rammed spine-first into the ring apron. With the crowd cheering for Blue and Laymus all the way!

    Rocky: OH MY GOD, THIS IS A TRAVESTY! They're bashing the champ's brains out and these people are CHEERING for this?! These men are bullies, psychopaths, deviants of the worst kind... and THEY ENCOURAGE IT! This is an outrage!

    Mike: Well Smyth did have this coming, Rocky! For weeks, he's been playing a twisted game of sorts with Sagittarius Blue and Oscar Layman - he's attacked them, screwed up their matches, and has done everything he could to make sure that neither of them could touch his IWA Endurance Championship! And given what transpired at Last Resort, it begs the question: what arrangement does Smyth have with Domino? What does Domino get out of harassing Sagittarius Blue when it comes to him trying to deal with Mr. Smyth?

    Blue and Laymus go to grab Smyth to move him into the ring - when they once again lock eyes... and the rivalry seems to ignite once more. Laymus yells at Blue to let go, Blue yells at Laymus to let go. Things get a little crazy when both men let go - and start in on each other! Smyth slumps to the floor as Blue and Laymus begin to trade blows - Blue with a flurry of jabs until he gets overpowered by Laymus' clubbing blows! "Fight!" chants break out again as the two contenders brawl at ringside! Laymus goes at Blue with a looping hook - Blue ducks under, stings Laymus with a swift two-piece boxing combo, roundhouse kick to Laymus' midsection, another roundhouse to the head - Laymus catches the leg, swings Blue around by his leg - spine-first into the nearby ring post!

    Mike: Holy cow fans - this action just got intense, and fast! For those of you who have been following this whole series of events, Sagittarius Blue and Oscar Lay - I mean Laymus - have developed a strong mutual respect and friendship towards each other, but now with the Endurance Championship on the line and with them both having a chance to hold it, the two have become brutal enemies! Now Laymus picks up Blue onto his shoulders - oh my goodness, Oklahoma slam on the outside floor! How Blue can take this kind of punishment, I don't know - but I do know that he can't take much more of it!

    Rocky: I'll cop to that point, Mikey... these two may be losers, but Layman's edge is that he can copy damn near any wrestler in the world - and somehow, this schizomatic slob just gave himself the strength and physicality of a certain pasty Celtic Warrior! How? Don't ask me - I'm not his shrink... but he sure is beating the holy hell out of Little Boy Blue... and God help me, I'm enjoying it!

    Laymus almost needs a spatula to pry Blue off the floor before tossing him into the ring with nearly little effort... before following behind for the kill...

    Mike: This could very well end without any involvement from the champ, fans! Remember: the champion does not need to be pinned or submitted! Whoever gets the pin or submission will be crowned the champion - whether the current champ is pinned or not! Now we see that Laymus has Blue trapped in the center of the ring in a nasty rear cravat chinlock - Blue is in serious trouble here!

    "Laymus" = Sheamus/Sagittarius Blue = Kofi Kingston - start at, stop at 2:42

    Laymus clasps onto the bottom rope to stop the count! But as soon as he does, two other hands grasp his from outside the ring - slamming Laymus' arm into the edge of the ring apron before pulling him out to the floor!

    Mike: Smyth! Smyth just yanked Laymus clean out of the ring!

    Rocky: The sly dog strikes again! Looks like the champ recovered just enough to stop this debacle from going any further down the tubes... not that you'd admit it, Mikey, but smart move there - he did some damage to Laymus' arm, which means those power moves of his lose some of their bite... and by taking him out of the picture, that means that he has Blueberry all to himself for the picking!

    Blue sees Smyth get ready to come into the ring - hits the ropes, comes back for another suicide plancha - Smyth intercepts him with an uppercut from Hell itself straight to his face! Blue is hit so hard that he stops almost mid-flight, tangled up in the ropes! Smyth gets into the ring, pulls Blue off the middle rope where he got hung up from and hoists him up onto his shoulders... but Blue manages to slide down!

    Mike: Now the Asylum is cheering loud and strong for Blue - he's weathered one hell of an assault from both of his opponents, even with his size disadvantage, now posed on the apron - springboards to the top rope - Sagittarius Shot on Smyth! Did you see the air he got with that dropkick? And precision hit straight to Smyth's face! Smyth is down - he could be out! Blue for the pin!


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    Th-NO! Smyth kicks out! Blue grimaces in pain and frustration as he realizes this match is not over! He struggles to get to his feet - BOOM! Taken down by a brutal running axe-handle strike! Laymus is back in the fight! Laymus quickly scoops Blue up, fireman's carry of his own, angles Blue's head downward... White Noise! Tries to pin Blue - Smyth yanks him off!

    Mike: Even in a match, Smyth can't give these two a break!

    Rocky: Whaddaya expect, Mikey? The champ can't rest, the champ can't get complacent! He does, one of these chuckleheads gets the win, and all that Smyth has done for this company, for this business, straight down the tubes! Smyth can't afford to let that happen! Get 'em, champ!

    Laymus gets to his feet, greeting Smyth with a sharp right hand! The two trade shots as Blue rolls to the outside, Smyth ducks a shot and takes off for the ropes, comes back...

    Laymus = still Sheamus/Smyth = still Barrett (same as before, just no Blue.) Start at beginning, stop at 1:47

    Laymus is set to hit White Noise on Smyth! But an azure blur shoots back into the ring - Sagittarius Blue - with a shotgun dropkick to Laymus' midsection! Laymus goes down hard, and the fall sends Smyth out of the ring! The ref goes to check on Smyth, making sure he didn't land at a bad angle and render himself unable to continue...

    Mike: Blue with a second wind - and in a heartbeat created a big opportunity, taking Smyth out of the picture and taking down Laymus! If he goes for the - wait, no way!

    Blue bends down to try and go for a pin on Laymus - he never sees Domino charging into the ring... DOMINO THEORY FLIP DDT ON BLUE! Without stopping, Domino slides out of the ring all in one smooth motion... and just as he leaves, Smyth crawls back into the ring - and pins Sagittarius Blue!

    Rocky: Opportunity knocks - and Mr. Smyth answers with open arms!

    Mike: Not like this! Not like this!




    Emily Davis: Here is your winner - and STILL IWA Endurance Champion... Mr. Smyth!

    While Mr. Smyth has his hand raised in the ring, Laymus makes his way up the ramp holding his head. About half way up the ramp, Ryan Wells walks out onto the stage and stares right through Laymus as he makes his way up to the stage. Laymus and Wells stare each other down for a moment as we cut back to Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Mr. Smyth retains once again. Do you really think Smokey is going to make Smyth defend the title every week?

    Rocky: Hell yes and it is bullshit!!

    Mike: Honestly, I think he deserves it.

    Rocky: Yeah because your nose is shoved so far up ...

    Mike: ANYWAY ... We're going to hear from Shaz ... He has quite the set up in the ring right now.

    The camera cuts to the ring, where see a table- with balloons, champagne, and party poppers as the crowd are cheering. However, all that cheering turns into loud boos as Shaz's music blasts on the PA system. Shaz comes out, wearing a smart Gucci suit with his Ralph Lauren shirt- as his title is tightly wrapped around his waist. He has a mic with him, before swaggering to the ring. He slides into the ring, and he lays his title onto the table before beginning to speak.

    Shaz: You ungrateful bastards.

    Crowd's boo gets more intense as Shaz has a grin on his face.

    Shaz: What's happened you pricks? See at Last Resort, you had Jman defeating Kyojin. But no one gave a shit about that predictable result. You saw Chris Divine defeat Artemis Eclipse. But no one cared about that result either, because it wasn't special enough. You had the Infection winning the tag team titles- but all of that got overshadowed.

    It all got overshadowed by one man- and that man, is still your IWA Champion. For several weeks leading up to Last Resort, I told every single one of you people- one by one, that I would retain my world title. But you all disagreed- you all said that KJ Punk was the favorite to win. Because he had the momentum heading into this match.

    But what you don't realize, is that momentum dies down. It fades away. And you've got to do something massive, to regain it. I mean look at Jman. His momentum has faded away, and he's returned to IWA to regain it. And guess what? He has accomplished what he was set out to do. Why? Because you delusional pieces of shit let him.

    Just like you let me win my match at Last Resort.

    Crowd boo.

    Shaz: Because the more you hate me, the better I get. However, I just wanna use this moment, to thank you all. You people out of everyone, have played a massive part, on my road to triumph. And I've enjoyed every single bit of it. Hell, I've even made a mansion with all those bottles you've thrown at me.

    Crowd boo as Shaz's cockiness, but he can't help but to smirk.

    Shaz: And to show, how much I really care about me, myself, and I. I will be celebrating. I've got plenty of booze, fags, weed here on the table- all ready to be utilized. But, it's a shame you people decided to carry on hating on me, despite the fact that I've already proven to all of you punks that I am the best in this damn company.

    So I guess the only thing that's left, is to enjoy myself.


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    Chris Divine

    The fans immediately explode, as Chris Divine walks out from the back. He is in his baggy jeans, polo shirt, backwards cap, and shades. He is standing at the top of the ramp, smirking, as he walks down the ramp. He smacks some of the fans hands along the way, as he reaches the bottom. He walks around, going to the time keeper. He grabs a mic, as he turns, climbing the steel steps into the ring. Divine climbs into the ring, smirking at Divine. The music fades, as a massive Divine chant rings throughout the arena. Divine raises the mic.

    Divine: Oh Shazmataz, did you forget about little ole Divine?

    Divine smirks, as he looks around.

    Divine: See Shaz...Divine busted onto the major scene, over a year ago, but before that, Divine was wrestling in the united states, mexico, japan, all over the world! Divine has put time in. In that time, Divine has had a check list. A list of things Divine wanted to do, before he retired.

    The fans boo at this mention.

    Divine: Hold on chill, Divine isn't saying he is retiring any time soon. No. So chill. Now Divine made a list. On that list was things like, face Tommy Thunder, become a mid card champion, face Kyojin, and other things. Divine has added to this list, and Divine has checked things off of this list. The one thing on it though, that Divine has yet to check off, is that.

    Divine points to the World title Shaz has.

    Divine: Divine has wanted to become a World Champion, from day one. Divine considered pushing forward for it in HWA, JBW, and EWNCW, but let's be honest, if Divine is going to climb to the top of the mountain, if Divine is going to grab that brass ring and run with's going to be here. It's always going to be here. That is what was running through Divine's mind, as he was driving home after his match. It was in that moment, that Divine knew he had to come back. SO Divine did. Divine came back, and stood there, applauding you, because in that moment, Divine knew you'd be the guy Divine would beat to become World champion. You'd be the guy that...

    Shaz: Will break your jaw if you don't shut the fuck up.

    Crowd boo as Shaz smirks.

    Shaz: First of all, Divine. How dare you interrupt me? This is my time to shine, my time to celebrate over 5 months as IWA Champion. I have been putting fists to jaws, knees to heads. All so I can put in the effort to retain this title here. It's about time I was given the respect I deserve!

    You must have a gold medal at interrupting other people's celebrations, init? Last week, I retained my title against KJ Punk- and you interrupted my celebration so you can make a statement. A statement that shows you are coming for my title- well guess what Divine? You're just one of the many superstar waiting for a shot at this title.

    And right now, you're interrupting my celebration again so you can steal the spotlight again? What about my spotlight huh? Do you think that defending this belt 6 times, doesn't guarantee a chance to be celebrated about? See Divine, this is the thing- you have no honor for any other superstars such as myself around here!

    You talk about retirement Divine, well guess what? You've just made the biggest mistake of your life, by interrupting me- and disrespecting me in the process. I'm gonna put you in your place, and I'm gonna make sure that you retire before you can ever have a chance at this title, ever again! My name is

    Divine: Shazzy the great and magnificent. Yeah yeah, we all know your name douchewad. Divine, and the billions-


    Divine: of Divine's fans don't care if your name is Shaz, Scooby Doo, Michael Jackson, or Barney. The only thing that matters, is that, right there Shaz. That World Heavyweight Championship. The thing that you, Divine, and so many others covet. You want the spotlight Shazzy? Well here you go. Hey, hit the lights in the back!

    Suddenly, all the lights in the arena go off, as a single spotlight shines from above, focusing solely on Shaz. We hear Divine speak in the darkness.

    Divine: See, here is the thing Shaz, when you have a man of mediocrity as the top guy, that spotlight will slowly fade away.

    The lights brightness slowly begins to fade.

    Divine: You get over shadowed by people who are more important, until one day, poof!

    The spotlight goes completely out.

    Divine: The light is gone.

    The lights in the arena come back on, as Divine keeps on going.

    Divine: You talk about Divine being one of the oh so many people waiting for a shot at this title. Let's look at the list of people you've beaten since becoming champ Shazzy Night Special.

    Divine turns to the Tron, as an image comes to life. First, we see AJ Dixon.

    Divine: Yeah, that's right, you beat one of the three stooges to win that title in the first place. Not only did you beat him to win it, but you beat him two other times to retain it. Now, last Divine knew, Moe there was a part of a group...what was that groups name.

    We hear Divine mumbling to himself, saying Clique 2.0, Failoloution, and a bunch of other names.

    Rocky: Their called Infection!

    Mike: I think he is being smart Rocky.

    Rocky: Smart my ass. He is being a dick!

    Divine: Oh ya! the way, who came up with that name? Was it Athena? Did she see the junk swinging between her legs and her mother told her it was just a simple infection? Anyways, beating Dixon, is like beating a stuffed doll. What's the point?

    The image changes, as we see Jman

    Divine: Yes, the Jster, The J-cha cha, the J Prince of Bel Air. You beat him, after 4 other men kicked his ass in the maximum anarchy match. What you managed to do Shaz, was hide under a broken table, letting others do the work. Great fucking job. Come on, round of applause for Shaz!

    Divine starts clapping mockingly, as he gets fans to. Mike Johnson even begins to clap behind the announce table.

    Rocky: Oh would you stop that? You are feeding his assholishness.

    Mike: This is fun. You should do it, ya stiff.

    Divine smirks, as he stops clapping, looking at Shaz.

    Divine: See Shaz, you've beaten 1, let Divine repeat this, ONE worth while opponent, and even then, you bitched out in how you beat him. You want to be the best, you want to be the guy that everyone looks to with respect? Well you have to earn that respect! You have to work your ass off, and gives these fans something worth while to respect!

    Divine is all serious, as he gets into the face of Shaz now.

    Divine: Do you know how you do that Shaz? By beating the best. People like Kyojin, Malcolm Adonis, hell, even Carlos Alberto Ramon and most of all, Divine.

    Divine takes a step back, smirking at Shaz.

    Divine: So, that is why Divine is out here Shaz. Divine wants to do you a favor. Divine wants to give you that shot at immortality. Divine wants to give you the chance, to earn that respect. It will come at a price though. You see, Divine will give you that chance at Night of Legends. You can cement yourself, as a living legend, when you go one on one with Divine. The price you will pay is, a title shot.

    The fans explode at this statement.

    Divine: That's right, Divine wants a shot at your title. If you are as great as you truly believe yourself to be, then you must think you can beat Divine with little to no effort, so putting the World title on the line, means nothing to you, and everything to Divine. This is your chance Shaz, at greatness. So what do you say?


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    Shaz: Well, it depends.

    Crowd boo as Shaz looks at Divine with a cold stare.

    Shaz: The real truth is, what exactly have YOU done to deserve a shot at this title? Divine, as far as I'm concerned- on the biggest PPV of IWA, you lost to Saggitarius Blue. You lost to a superstar, who hasn't even hit wrestling puberty yet.

    And at Last Resort, sure you may have defeated Artemis Eclipse...but that doesn't mean anything. Why? Because I've already defeated that prick. I already made him suffer like the bitch he is.

    Crowd boo as they chant COWARD, to Shaz's displeasure. Divine looks pissed.

    Shaz: But you really do want a shot at this title don't you? You really wanna do this? Shaz vs. Chris Divine at Night of Legends? With this IWA Championship belt on the line? You want it Divine, you're on!

    Crowd explode with cheers as Shaz smirks.

    Shaz: And the only reason why the match is on, is because I need a worthy competitor to squash.

    Crowd boo Shaz as he smirks.

    Shaz: See Divine, there isn't no chance in hell that I'm gonna deny that you have got the full package. You've got it all Divine, but it's not going to be enough- to compete against ME. And there is only reason I'm doing this Divine- not because it will benefit you, because it will benefit me.

    People go on, about how much of a star you are. You're a role model to these people. But all of those rumors are gonna come to an end, once they realize you're not the man people thought you were. The fact of the matter is Divine, you're an overrated piece of shit.

    And I'm gonna turn you from overrated- to someone who isn't rated at all.

    Shaz and Divine drop their microphones and stand toe to toe, keeping eye contact with each other. Shaz then backs away and exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp as Divine climbs a turnbuckle and poses for the fans as the IWA logo flashes over the screen as we fade to black.

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    Big week for wrestling & efedding.

    IWA will be pumping out Chaos today.

    EWNCW have an epic PPV coming up.

    JBW might have theirs on show this week.

    TWE get's better week after week.

    Plus, apparently, WWE have some sort of PPV tonight...

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    It's a little ironic that Vince McMahon never takes a day off yet seems to exclusively push part-time talent.

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    Rumour has it that the WrestleMania script ends with Vince in a rocking chair looking into a snowglobe realising it was all a dream.

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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