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    The cameras cut backstage where we see Dixon sitting at his locker in The Infections private locker room. The camera moves closer to Dixon as he starts talking.

    Dixon: The Infection is all here and ready tonight and soon IWA will start to feel the side effects. Sweating... Irritation... all signes that the Infection is starting to attack the body. The body that is IWA will feel the pain soon enough. We have seeped in, we have found the pulse, and we are going for the head and heart of this frail company. We are more fatal than you can image, what falls before us, before you, cannot be stop, can not be planned for. It is inevitable.

    Dixon moves from his locker towards a mirror on the wall he stand in front of it still looking at the camera.

    We have mentioned it time and time again... there is no cure. You can only hope that the suffering is quick and painless, but that is only a hopeless dying wish. The Infection can't be stopped, the Infection can't be contained. The infection is bigger than anything you have had to face or ever will come up against. You can throw all the vaccines and cure-alls you want, but we will only evolve. We will beat your best, because we are your best!

    Dixon turns around and looks at the camera head on.

    Tonight we Start our new reign, a reign of purpose and a reign of destruction. From the inside out you will fall. It started with Damaged Goods, and soon the same will happen to Shaz and KJ Punk. No more fooling around, no more mistakes... Tonight the reign of a thief ends, and the reign of the supreme begins. Shaz stole from me and he will pay for that.

    Tonight he will be met with no mercy, no remorse, no grace. The only thing waiting for Shaz in that ring to night is pain. And while I will be leaving tonight as champion, KJ Punk and Shaz will be leaving as just another statistic, another tally mark chalked up to the spread of the Infection. Tonight I show that I am the Best Champion that IWA has ever seen and that the Infection, this disease you all hope to avoid, is undefeatable.

    Dixon certainly means business tonight, Rocky.

    Rocky: He means business every night. He is the Primetime player of IWA and all the gold will be in The Infection’s hands sooner rather than later.

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is a triple threat match set for one fall and is for the IWA Vanity Championship! Introducing first, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Juno Mercury!

    Right, I’ll say it: how many more fucking opportunities does Juno get at Vivica’s championship?

    Mike: As many as she deserves and let’s face it, she is the hardest working Bombshell we have here in IWA.

    Rocky: Hardest working, but still shit.

    Emily Davis: Introducing next, from Atlanta Georgia, Pieces Pink!

    Rocky: And all of a sudden, I now realise why there is no food in the catering section.

    Mike: I look forward to the moment she kicks your head in.

    Rocky: I’m pretty sure I could out-run Nelly The Elephant over there.

    Emily Davis: And finally, she is the IWA Vanity Champion, Vivica!

    Mike: Here she is...

    Rocky: Damn straight here she is. A great champion is Vivica, and she will retain at the end of this night!

    The bell rings... and the three women begin to circle the ring, keeping pace with each other, not taking their eyes off of each other. Vivica decides to stop and stand her ground, pointing at both of her opponents... and laughing!

    Rocky: Ha ha ha! I agree, Vivica - those sure are two funny looking "women" in there with you...

    Mike: This could be Vivica just pointing fun at both of her competitors - neither of whom fit in the standard "wrestling diva" category... or this could just be another mind game of hers. Remember: Vivica is... how should I say... not really all there. Which in a situation like this could be her most dangerous weapon!

    Juno and Pisces stop and look at Vivica... then look at each other... then back at Vivica...

    Rocky: Wait... I don't like the look of their looks...

    Juno and Pisces nod in agreement... and Vivica goes from laughing to cringing... Juno steps forward as Vivica steps back...


    The crowd pops in utter disbelief at what just transpired!


    Rocky: Holy shit! Did you see the hit from that? She might have cracked Mercury's skull right there! Pink's flipped, and the match barely even started!

    Mercury is out cold, and Pisces turns towards Vivica with the look of a starving wolf moving in on a frightened rabbit. Vivica goes to the ropes in some hope of salvation, but the savage Star Sign grabs her by the hair and with one hand yanks her back to her - and into a bearhug! Vivica is screaming and squalling wildly - Pisces seems to be enjoying hearing it!

    Mike: Fans, we may be seeing a side to Pisces Pink that we didn't think possible! It's no secret that Pisces is subject to wild mood swings - happy and bubbly one moment, angry and destructive the next - and coupled with her size and strength, this makes her an unpredictable and dangerous opponent!

    Rocky: It also makes her a candidate for behavioral therapy! They have pills for that kind of thing, Mikey - she needs a damn truckload of 'em! That broad could level this damn building if she wanted to!

    Vivica yells at the ref to do something... the ref shrugs and asks her if she wants to give up. Vivica answers no right before Pisces ups the pressure - you can almost hear her insides compress! But there's no submission to be had - Mercury comes back in and nails Pisces with a tremendous punch to the temple!

    The crowd pops again - the drama is rising!

    Mike: Juno back in for the save! Remember, fans - this is a triple threat match for the IWA Vanity Championship - the title that signifies the top female wrestler of our company! No friends here - whoever scores the pin or submission will walk away with the win AND the title! Pisces drops Vivica, swings on Juno - Juno is ducking and weaving, peppers Pisces with shots... has her backed up against the ropes - standing dropkick knocks Pisces through the ropes to the outside! Juno just took the big woman out of the equation!

    Rocky: Yeah, God knows she needs to be outta there! I swear that fat hippo was tilting the ring in there! I mean, Juno's not the prettiest there is, but she beats Pisces Pink by a dozen miles... now we can see Juno Mercury get upstaged by the champ, Vivica!

    Vivica fights to get her breath back as Juno sets her sights on the Vanity Champion... Vivica spots her coming and grabs onto the ref, sobbing "Don't let her hurt me!" The ref is confused as hell trying to make sense of this as Mercury tries to get around him at Vivica... and Vivica takes advantage, slipping around the ref's side trying to surprise Mercury with a single-leg takedown! Mercury stops her with a clubbing blow to her back - Vivica lets go and scrambles away, looking up at Mercury with a curious look of fear... which gives way to a sinister sneer. Vivica comes back and the two lock up...

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    Vivica = Sofia Cortez/Juno Mercury = Paige - start at 0:50, stop at 3:01

    Rocky: Oh God - look out!

    As Vivica seems to be trying something from the wheelbarrow position - perhaps a forward rollup - Pisces Pink re-enters the ring behind the two Bombshells... grabs Juno's waist from behind while Juno's holding Vivica's waist from behind -


    Even the ref is just damn shocked at what just went down! All three women are laid out from that move - but Pisces Pink is the first to her feet. She pulls up Mercury and tosses her out of the ring before going to pin Vivica -


    Rocky: See that? Vivica sucker punched Pink when she tried to pin her! And here you thought Vivica was just crazy... she is! Just crazy like a fox!

    Pisces holds her jaw, stunned, as Vivica gets up with her evil grin. Pisces swings wide - Vivica ducks, comes back up with an enziguri that staggers Pink... and then approaches the Princess of Power...

    Vivica = Ivelisse Velez/Pisces Pink = Lei'D Tapa - start at 6:15, stop at 9:12

    Just as Vivica comes back off the ropes, she falls on her face!

    Rocky: Dammit - Juno grabbed her feet from outside! Dirty cheating ****!

    Mike: Again, no disqualifications here in this three-way match - anything goes to the finish! And honestly, Rocky, pray Juno didn't hear you...

    Juno drags Vivica straight out of the ring and tosses her spine-first into the barricade! Vivica barely has time to shout in pain before Juno applies the pain with damaging kicks to Vivica's midsection. The fans nearby cheer Mercury on as she kicks and drives rib shots to her opponent - then they pop as something else seems to be happening! Juno turns...

    And nails Pisces Pink with a standing dropkick as she flies out of the ring with a suicide dive! The crowd chants "HOLY ****" and "I-DUB-A!" over and over!

    Mike: Ladies and gentlemen... this match is quickly becoming a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle right here before our eyes! All three of these women are putting their all into this match and then some! This will not be something we will ever forget!

    Rocky: I know I won't! I now know: pigs are NOT meant to fly! But yeah, this stuff is freaking CRAZY, Mikey! What these women won't do for that Vanity title!

    Pisces Pink is out on the floor, wiped out from her failed attack, and Juno is recovering from countering her. Vicica gets off the barricade - her body is rife with pain from Juno's assault - but sees an opportunity to capitalize... As Juno heads towards Pisces, Vivica catches her and stuns her with an elbow shot to the back of the head - then slings her headlong into the steel steps! Juno's head bounces off the steps and she crumples to the floor! The cheering becomes booing as Vivica celebrates, talking to...

    Mike: There it is again - Vivica talking to her... friend. Her... imaginary friend that she always seems to consort with during matches! What does this mean for the rest of this contest?

    Vivica points over at Pink and seems to be asking her "friend" if this is her new target. She then nods in understanding as she goes over to Pink and pulls her up by the hair before rolling her (laboriously) into the ring. She comes in for the pin, but Pisces reaches up and goozles her! Vivica flails and fights for breath as Pisces slowly gets to her feet!

    Rocky: Who does this bitch think she is, The Undertaker?

    Mike: Well if they have one thing in common, neither of them stay down for anyone! The punishment Pisces has taken is shocking, but she's ready to deal it back in spades! Looks like she's up for a chokeslam - and gets all of it! She covers -



    What?!? Pisces Pink is pulled off of Vivica! She stands up to face... Juno Mercury!!! Both women are staring holes through each other...

    Mike: We're going to a whole new level on this one, fans! Two close friends, sisters-in-arms... but it looks like all of that may be out the window if it hasn't gone there already! Look at the intensity in their eyes!

    Vivica is hardly even moving while Mercury and Pink face off... then Mercury shoves Pink away and goes to cover Vivica!



    Denied - Pink yanks her off and pins Vivica!



    Not to be - Mercury does the same to Pink! Now both Bombshells are in each other's faces arguing intensely - both wanting the win almost more than life itself! Pink shoves Mercury!

    Mercury shoves Pink!


    The crowd goes "OOOOOOOH!"

    Rocky: Pink just hauled off and slapped the taste out of Mercury! Holy God - I felt that all the way over here!

    Mike: Uh-oh...

    Mercury holds her face looking incredulously as Pink goes into rage mode, screaming and cursing wildly ("Who the fuck do you THINK you ARE, BITCH?!") but gets quiet when Mercury hits a full-on right cross dead into her mouth with a dead-serious "It's on" face as she does it!

    The crowd chants "SHIT GOT REAL! SHIT GOT REAL!"

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    And then all hell breaks loose. Pink and Mercury go into a straight fight - fists fly faster than bullets in a gunfight! Both competitors' faces are busted and bleeding, but neither of them notice nor care! Pisces grabs Mercury by the back of her head and slings her at the ropes - Mercury comes back and floors her with a running shoulder block! Mercury keeps the pressure up with another shoulder block! Runs back for another hit - Pisces shuts it down with a clothesline! Mercury back on her feet, Pisces with another clothesline - Mercury ducks it, back off the ropes, shoots a running clothesline - Pisces ducks it! Stops right behind Mercury, Mercury turns to counter it -

    Both are floored as Vivica connects with a top-rope dropkick while the two were fighting!

    Rocky: I-I don't believe what I'm seeing! This is one of the most bad-as-hell matches I've ever seen.. and dammit, I've seen a lot! All these women are down on their backs... heh... on their backs...

    Mike: They're all down! This could be the turning point of the match if one of these Bombshells can get to their feet first!

    There is a long pause, with the crowd clapping and rooting for their favorite Bombshells... "Let's go Juno!" "Let's go Pisces!" and even the heel marks with "Let's go Vivi!"

    Finally... Vivica gets up on one knee! She slowly moves back to the nearby corner... and begins pulling at her hair while growling ferociously... even clawing at her own face - her eyes seem to take on a psychotic light as she looks at her mortal enemies lying before her...

    Mike: It... It looks like Vivica's hearing her "friend" again... and it looks like -

    Rocky: It looks like she's going to that little place in her head where she dissects her enemies and bathes in their blood!

    Mike: ... Rocky... where did that come from...?

    Rocky: Stop looking at me! I'm just calling it as I see it!

    Vivica stands up, poised to attack... just waiting for the first one to get up to her feet... and it happens to be Juno! Juno woozily stands up, blood dripping from her lip where she took a nasty punch... Vivica runs up behind her and jumps up, wraps her legs around Juno's neck from behind and flips backwards - snaps off an inverted hurricanrana that spikes Mercury's head into the canvas! Pisces begins to stir - Vivica quells her with a sprinting knee to the face before she can fully get up - blood flies from Pink's mouth on impact as she crashes back to the mat! Vivica races back to the corner, climbs up and faces away from the ring... and leaps into a picture perfect moonsault on Mercury!

    Rocky: There it is - Daddy's Love for the win! Pin that ****, Vivi!



    Thr-Kickout! Mercury kicks out! Vivica's eyes nearly pop out of her head! The crowd bursts with excitement at Juno staying alive - but that elation dies away as Vivica goes into a stomping spree on Mercury's nearly lifeless form! Vivica begins to tear at her hair again... until she looks over and sees Pisces Pink's still body. Then she smiles... heads over to Pink and strains to haul her up... gets her in position for the Acid Drop... runs toward the other corner and launches!

    Mike: And now she hits Daddy's Passion on Pisces Pink! The pin -



    Thre-Hold on! Pisces gets the shoulder up! Vivica rolls off in a fit of sheer rage, going from pulling at her hair to biting her forearm - even drawing blood!

    Mike: Fans, this is sheer madness! Vivica just hit her finishers on both of her opponents... and neither of them are quitting! How much longer can this go on?! What more will this take?!

    Vivica's so lost in her rage that she doesn't see Mercury and Pink ever so slowly rise up once more. Pink staggers forward, but falls down - the pain and exhaustion catching up to her as the ref goes to check on her. Mercury still stands, and advances on Vivica...

    But doesn't see the two interlopers slide into the ring behind her!

    Rocky: Holy - it's Sugar and Spice! And both looking oh so nice!

    Mike: NO! Not them - not now!

    Sugar gets behind Mercury and lifts her in a rear-bearhug position... Spice springboards the ropes behind them and grabs on with a bulldog to Mercury while she's held aloft by Sugar - driving Juno's face into the mat with extreme prejudice! The devious duo evacuate the ring - Vivica notices and gets up to scramble in that direction - Pisces makes one last dash to Vivica - Vivica checks her with a kick to her leg to put Pisces on her knees, then a snap DDT while Pink is kneeling! Vivica rolls over to Vivica and covers her!







    Emily Davis: The winner of this match... and STILL IWA Vanity Champion... VIVICA!!!

    Mike: Damnit! Juno got screwed out of this damn match!

    Rocky: Boo fucking hoo! Juno lost out on yet another opportunity. More importantly, Vivica is still the IWA Vanity Champion.

    Vivica rolls out of the ring and starts to skip her way to the back whilst holding her Vanity Championship.

    Mike: A big yet controversial win for Vivica tonight, but we need to...erm...

    Rocky:...move on?

    Mike: *sigh* Yeah...

    Rocky: I’ll take over, shall I? Next up is the Endurance Championship match starring Mr. Smyth, and he will be supported by bi-polar and a stick insect.

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is a handicap match for the IWA Endurance Championship. Introducing first, from Athens, Georgia, weighing in at 130lbs, Sagittarius Blue!

    Mike: I’m guessing you meant that Blue is the stick insect?

    Rocky: Of course I did. They guy weighs as much as my right leg.

    Mike: He may be smaller than your average wrester, but Blue is the cream of the crop when it comes to pure talent and heart.

    Emily Davis: And his partner, not weighing in at 350lbs, not from the island of Samoa, Oscar Laymaga!

    Mike: You can mock Oscar as much as you like-

    Rocky: Thank you, I will.

    Mike: Let me finish – you cannot mock the fact that this guy can adapt better than anyone in this business and for all the guys he copies, he constantly shows that he has an extensive arsenal of moves.

    Emily: And their opponents, from Birmingham, England, weighing in at 222lbs, he is the IWA Endurance Champion, Mr. Smyth!

    Rocky: Finally, some greatness will grace the ring. Mr. Smyth is a fighting champion here in IWA-

    Mike: Fighting? Are you taking the piss? He has spent the last five weeks avoiding everything.

    Rocky: Mr. Smyth defeated Kyojin. He defended his title against Jackson smith and is now taking on two guys in a handicap match, all within one month of his title reign. If he were a fan favourite, you’d be cooing over him right now.

    The bell sounds, as Blue and Smyth start the match off. They immediately hook up, as Smyth backs Blue up into the corner. The ref admonishes them to break, as they do, and Smyth immediately chops Blue! The fans don't woo though.

    Mike: wow! Normally a chop sounds off in a woo! These fans must really hate Smyth.

    Rocky: Don’t see why. Smyth is the baws!

    Smyth chops Blue once more, before grabbing his arm. Smyth irish whips hard, sending Blue across the ring, hard into the turnbuckle. Sagittarius hits hard, and stumbles out, spinning. Smyth is back to his feet, as he charges, and nails a massive chop block to the back of Blue's leg! Blue is turned inside out, and lands on his back. Smyth is to his feet, as he grabs the leg of Blue, dragging him to the ropes. Smyth places Blue's leg on the second rope, as Smyth stands over top of the leg, and jumps into the air, coming down, landing on the leg! Smyth replaces the leg once more, and jumps into the air again, landing down! The ref yells at Smyth to get away from the ropes, as Smyth does. Smyth immediately starts to stalk Blue, as Blue slowly gets to his feet. Smyth charges, nailing another chop block! Blue lands hard! Smyth is to his feet, as the fans are just booing. Oscar is begging for a tag, as Smyth grabs the leg of Blue, and drives a knee into the leg.

    Mike: Smyth is being relentlessness on that leg.

    Rocky: Well a lot of Blue's repertoire relies on the fact of having both legs. Smyth is being smart.

    Smyth is to his feet, as he reaches down, lifting Blue up. Smyth knees Blue in the gut, and hooks him up. Smyth lifts Blue into the air, holding him. Smyth then drops Blue, after the stalling, with a big suplex! Smyth is back to his feet, as he starts to stomp down on Blue. Smyth stomps down on key parts of Blue's body, before grabbing Blue by the leg, and drags him to the corner. Smyth rolls out of the ring, as the ref yells at Smyth to get back in the ring. Smyth grabs the leg of Blue, and pulls it in one direction, and then proceeds to slam it into the ring post! Blue screams in pain, as Smyth just smiles. He turns, and is leveled by Oscar Umagman! The ref yells at Oscar, as he goes back to his corner, and climbs onto the apron standing. Smyth is slowly getting to his feet, as Blue is crawling back to the center of the ring. Smyth slides in, as Blue is back to his feet. Smyth charges, going for a clothesline, but Blue ducks it. Smyth hits the ropes, as he bounces back. Blue goes to catch Smyth with the superman punch, but Smyth ducks it, and runs into the other ropes. Smyth bounces off those, and heads straight back for Blue, as he grabs Blue, and sends him straight into the corner. Smyth charges in.

    Smyth=HBK, Blue=Edge, Oscar=Orton

    (start at start 1:37, end at 6:02)

    Smyth is in the corner, as Blue is tagged in. The ref immediately gets into the face of Umagaman, telling him to get out. Oscar gets begrudgingly, as Blue charges into the corner. He catches Smyth with a big clothesline, as Blue grabs Smyth by the head, and charges, bashing Smyth face first off the turnbuckle. Blue puts Smyth in their corner, as Blue tags Oscar back in. Oscar climbs in, as the fans cheer, as Blue grabs Smyth, irish whipping him into the other corner. Oscar runs, and drops to his knees and hands in front of Smyth. Blue charges, as he jumps off the back of Oscar, and catches Smyth in the corner with a flying heel kick! Smyth stumbles out, as Oscar lifts Smyth into the air, and drops him with a samoan drop! Blue hops over the ring ropes, to the outside, as he goes back to his corner grabbing the tag rope.

    Mike: Wow, I'm surprised these two are working so good as a tag team.

    Rocky: I was hoping for dissension.

    Oscar covers Smyth.


    Smyth kicks out of right after 2! Oscar is to his feet, as he beats his chest. Smyth is slowly getting up, as Oscar runs into the ropes, bouncing off, as he comes back, and nails a massive running headbutt to Smyth! Smyth is knocked down onto his back, as Umagaman runs into the ropes, and comes back, squashing Smyth with a body splash! Oscar goes for the cover once more.


    Smyth kicks out right before 3. Oscar is back to his feet, as he waits. Smyth is getting to his feet, as Oscar grabs Smyth, sending him into the ropes. Smyth bounces back, and ducks a clothesline, as he spins and stops. Oscar turns, and is poked in the eye by Smyth's thumb!

    Mike: Hey ref! Do something!

    Smyth grabs the arm of Oscar, going to irish whip him, but Oscar counters, sending Smyth into the corner instead! Oscar stumbles, and tags Blue in!

    Blue is tagged in, as Smyth is in the corner recovering. Blue climbs in, as Umagman grabs Blue, and goes to irish whip him into one corner, but reverse it, using the momentum and sends him straight into Smyth's corner. Blue nails Smyth in the corner with a big clothesline! Smyth stumbles out, as Blue leaps to the top rope. Smyth turns, as Blue flies off the top with the Sagittarius Shot!

    Mike: Wicked dropkick!

    Blue goes for the cover.


    Smyth kicks out! Blue is psyching himself up, as Smyth is slowly getting to his feet. Smyth turns, as Blue grabs Smyth, and nails the Sign of the Archer! Blue covers Smyth a second time!

    Mike: New Champ! New Champ!


    Mike: WHat!?

    Umagaman is in the ring, pulling Blue off. The fans are giving a mixed reaction, as Blue gets to his feet. We can see Oscar say that the title is his, as Blue says the title is his. Oscar pushes Blue, as Blue stumbles back. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Oscar is dropped hard, and ends up rolling out of the ring, as Blue turns. Smyth is to his feet, as he kicks Blue in the gut, and lifts him into the air. THE RULE! Smyth plants Blue hard, but Smyth doesn't go for the cover. Smyth grabs the bad leg of Blue from earlier, and locks in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!

    Rocky: He is going to tap! He is going to tap!

    Mike: This is unlike Smyth!

    Blue is pounding the ground, trying to scrape to the bottom ropes. He can't reach it. He looks like he is going to tap.....HE DOES! Blue taps!

    Mike: Blue just couldn't take the pain. The early attack on his leg really did him in.

    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and still Endurance Champion, Mr Smyth!

    Mr. Smyth is handed his title and poses for the fans, who boo in response. As Smyth rolls out of the ring, the fans start to boo even louder.

    Mike: Oh, no! He’s back again!

    The helmeted man appears from under the ring and starts to stalk Blue, who is being helped to his feet by a ref. The helmeted man crouches down and waits.

    Mike: Oh, now come on!

    Rocky: Get him, whoever you are!

    Blue turns around and the helmeted man makes a beeline for him and spears him to the ground. The fans explode with boos as the mystery man stands over Blue. After a few moments, he removes his helmet...

    Rocky: Oh, yes! It is!


    Domino throws his helmet onto Blue and exits the ring, walking up the ramp backwards.

    Mike: Why has Domino singled out Blue? What the hell is going on here?

    Rocky: Domino needs to re-establish himself as a player in IWA. Who better to target that faggy Blue?

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    *As the referee tends to Blue and Laymaga, Jackson comes out to the back in his ring gear with a mic in hand from a roar of approval from the crowd. Instead of walking down the ramp he stands on the stage, pacing back in forth scratching his head as the music and the crowd dies down*

    Jackson: First off let me just say, this PPV has been amazing so far!! *The crowd cheers in agreement* And it will continue to get even better as it rolls on, but before it does, I want to talk about something. You see folks, I said two weeks ago I was not going to talk to this robot anymore but, after what happen last week, I couldn’t let that go. This bastard almost set an innocent man on fire!

    *The crowd boos loudly as a Doom sucks chant breaks out*

    I just don’t understand….I just don’t get it, I looked at the tape 3 times and I couldn’t find a damn thing! The man didn’t do anything to that C-3PO motherfucker beside the fact that he made him look like a “Threat”, he didn’t deserve to almost be the human torch because of that. What kind of sick fuck would do something like that?!.....Wait a minute, what am I talking about, he calls himself the demon cyborg, I mean I should of saw this coming. He has no conscious, hell, he doesn’t even have a brain, just all nuts and bolts up there. The crazy thing about it is, I am not scared! Yea, crazy right, like I am supposed to be scared of a demon cyborg from the netherworld, yea okay. *Laughs* Everyone else in the back is scared of this guy, telling me “Hey, make sure you kick his ass for me or Are you crazy, you must have a death wish!” You know what I call those people, I call them bitches, pussies!

    *The crowd cheers*

    You see, I am not scared of anyone! I don’t care if you are demon cyborg, a man from the underworld, or a Behemoth like Grind Basterd, I will kick your ass just like everyone else! That robot will finally pay his dues for costing me the Endurance title! Why has it taken me so long you ask, because you can’t fight a Scared ASS BITCH THAT WANTS TO HIDE!!

    *The crowd roars with approval as a “Boss” chant starts.*

    Oh, I almost forgot *shakes his head* silly me, you see folks as I was watching the tape I found something else quite surprising, roll it.

    Smith slides into the ring and attacks Doom from behind, giving the young Jacobs a chance to roll out of the ring and falling to the ground… blows are exchanged between the two:


    Doom grabs Smith by the throat and throws him to one side. With Smith on the ground, Doom quickly exits the ring and walks up the ramp backwards while laughing, flicking the lighter on and off in the process.

    Mike: Good on Smith making the save…That young man could have perished if this had not been stopped…

    Rocky: He should not be getting involved! That was not his place!

    Mike: One thing we can agree on is… This is not over…
    Really?! I had no place to be out there Rocky!? Wow, that’s amazing, and here I thought that you weren’t a cold hearted basterd. I had to rewind that for more than 5 times because I couldn’t believe it. So you’re telling me that I had no business for saving that man from getting put on fire??!?! That’s like saying Mr. Smyth and Shaz are the best wrestlers ever to step in the ring, it’s stupid, makes you look like a dumbass, and most importantly causes you to lose all credibility from what’s right and wrong!

    *Crowd cheers in agreement*

    Mike: He has you there.

    Rocky: Why don’t you shut the hell up bef-
    *The crowd cheers in excitement as Rocky looks shocked*

    Mike: Hate to say Rock but, I told you so.

    Rocky *Still in shock*: He doesn’t have the balls to do i-, he can’t do tha-, where’s Smok-

    *Rocky stops and gets wide eyed as he sees Jackson walking down the ramp*

    Rocky: Well I be damn *looks at his watch*, I forgot I have an early flight tocatch, you’re on your own tonight Mike.

    Mike: So you booked a flight knowing damn well you were working tonight?! Hahaha bullshit.

    *But before Rocky can leave and before Jackson gets to the end of the ramp, a voice beckons from the speakers. Jackson makes his back up to the staging area.*

    *The voice of The Demon Cyborg cuts through the air from an unseen location as the fans react with tremendous boos.*

    Ano Doom: Jackson Smith. Such arrogance from an overconfident young man like yourself, spewing from your mouth and out of your brain...Little do you know I'm going to kick the f'cking shit out of you sooner or later. You talk about the use of fire but fire is something that goes behind your understanding. A fire is brutal, unforgiving, and deadly...all qualities of the Demon Cyborg.

    *Ano Doom becomes visible now, as begins walking towards Smith through the crowd now, coming down the arena steps, passing fans by with a microphone in hand as boos continue to rise.*

    Ano Doom: Fire burns what plays around with it. If you get too close to a flame that runs hot, you will receive the damage without mercy. The hot flames are dangerous but can also be helpful.

    *Ano Doom continues walking, over the barricade now, jumping past the guard rail and walking towards Smith on the staging area and keeps going until they are damn near face to face.*

    Ano Doom: The closer you get to the scorching levels of heat the more painful and uncomfortable the blaze gets. If you touch it, it will ignite to degrees never thought possible. Just like when I was going to set that young man on fire on Chaos, and you came and hit me from behind like a big shot, the flames are unforgiving. But the end result of it all is going to just be remarkable, really. The reason for that is that while fire may dish out extreme punishment, without pain, there is no pleasure....something I hold great faith in....You will feel the burn...Of The Devil's Flame, Smith.

    A bolt of electricity - which almost looks like lightning – appears from the sky and hits a table with some electrical equipment on it next to the staging area. The stagehands working there back off quickly as the flames start to develop. Smith is startled by the electric bolt and turns to see it’s effects.

    Mike: What the fuck?

    Rocky: That was unexpected...

    Smith turns back to Doom, but is grabbed by the throat. Doom squeezes hard as Smith starts clawing at Doom’s arm to try and get him to relinquish the hold. Doom then lifts Smith into the air by the throat and starts to walk towards the edge of the staging area, much to the dismay of the fans.

    Mike: Oh my God! Don’t do this!

    When he gets to the edge, Doom pauses for a few moments before the inevitable happens...


    Smith lands through the table, but rolls away as he hits the floor. Multiple stagehands, referees and EMT’s appear from the back. Fire extinguishers are used to put the fire out as the EMT’s tend to Smith. Doom watches over from the edge of the staging area as referees surround him, ordering him to leave.

    Rocky: Smith looks hurt.

    Mike: Looks hurts? He’s just fallen ten fucking feet from the stage onto a concrete floor via a burning table. OF COURSE HE’S FUCKING HURTING! Ano Doom is a vile...whatever the fuck he is.

    Doom turns and leaves the arena, followed by the referees. The camera is now focused on Smith, who is being tended to by the EMT’s. The fans are almost silent as the EMT’s place Smith onto a spinal board and then onto a trolley. An applause is heard as Smith is wheeled out of the arena. The camera then starts to focus on Mike and Rocky.

    Mike: Folks, we’re hearing that Smith is in a lot of pain and is being taken to a local care facility to assess how badly he is injured. We’re hoping that we’ll have some updates for you before the night is over, but I simply cannot believe what just happened.

    Rocky: Ano Doom is here hurt. Smith should have just let sleeping dogs lie.

    Mike: You’re fucking kidding me, right? Doom has screwed Smith out of his title match. He then tried to set a kid on fire. Y’know what? Forget it. Trying to have these conversations with you is fucking pointless.

    Rocky: That’s because you know that I am right. Speaking of being right, I think it’s time we saw the bloggers get their asses kicked by Black Blooded.

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    Emily Davis: The following tag team contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Pipestone, Minnesota, weighing in at a combined weight of 493lbs, Kayfabulous!

    Mike: These are, by far the balls-iest guys I have ever seen in IWA.

    Rocky: Dafuq are you talking about?

    Mike: These two walks right into a meeting between Black Blooded and their gears and still showed no sign of intimidation.

    Rocky: It’s called stupidity, and natural selection will rectify that.

    Emily: And their opponents, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at a combines weight of 675lbs, Black Blooded!

    Rocky: Speaking of natural selection, here are two guys who will be taking out those two IT nerds.

    Mike: Kayfabolous do have a job on their hands when it comes to taking on what is the most decorated tag team in the world today, but they have no fear. If you remove the fear of Black Blooded out of the equation, you’re already half way there to winning.

    Rocky: Don’t be stupid, Mike. Black Blooded are the best and fear them or not, you’re going to lose.

    Black/Undertaker & Blood/Kane vs. Skyler/Adams & Ron/Clark
    Ignore Face/Heel alignment
    Start 01:26, finish at 09:42


    Ron launches into the ring with a purpose and makes a beeline for Blood. With his weight, he knocks down Blood, much to the joy of the fans. Black is back up, and Ron runs through him too. Blood gets up and is knocked down by a European uppercut. Blood roll out to the apron.

    Mike: Ron has been rested for a while now, and you can certainly feel shit the momentum change!

    Rocky: Bollocks to momentum. Black Blooded will destroy the nerds.

    Ron picks up Black and Irish whips him into the ropes. Black comes back and is knocked down by a big boot. Ron climbs up top.

    Mike: Could we see the Blog Splash?

    Ron poses to the fans, who roar with cheers. As he sets himself up to leap, Blood gets up on the apron and pushes Ron off onto the ring floor. Skyler sprints across ring and delivers a dropkick to Blood, knocking him out of the ring and onto the floor.

    Black is gingerly getting to his feet as Skyler stands in the corner. He looks to the fans, the the fans cheer when Skyler points to Black. Black is now on his feet and when he turns around, Skyler nails the Edrektion (superkick), but wait! Black grabs Skyler’s foot. The fans boo as Black stands there and shakes his head. Black drops Skyler’s foot and kicks him to the midsection.

    Rocky: BLACK DEATH! (Implant buster) COVER HIM!

    Black covers Skyler for the pin:

    ...Thr-NO! Ron breaks up the count. Blood is back in the ring and immediately goes for Ron, nailing hard lefts and rights, backing him into a corner. Black picks up Skyler and slams him into the opposite corner. Black and Blood look at each other, and nod. They then grab their respective adversary and Irish whips them towards each other.

    Mike: What a way to-WHAT THE HELL?!?

    Skyler and Ron hook arms and uses the momentum to spin each other round. Ron runs back at Blood and goes through him like a train while Skyler knocks down Black with a dropkick. The fans cheer as Kayfabulous get into position, stalking Blood. Blood gets up and turns around. Ron grabs him and Irish whips him into the ropes.

    Mike: IWCutter-wait! Blood held onto the ropes and slid out of the ring.

    Blood stands outside of the ring as Black rolls out too. Both men stand there and stare down Kayfabulous, who remain in the ring. Black then looks to Blood and nods, which is then followed by a sharp whistle from Blood.

    Mike: You have got to be kidding me?

    The fans boo as Black Blooded’s Gears appear on the staging area and walk down to the ring in single file, and surround the ring. Skyler and Drek appear concerned.

    Mike: So what? Black Blooded cannot beat Kayfabulous so they need back up?

    Rocky: You are mistaken, Mike. Black Blooded are not here to win matches. They are here to destroy the tag team division.

    Mr. Blood nods his head and The Gears pile into the ring. Black Blooded walk up the ramp, and leave the arena.

    Skyler goes face to face with a Gear, and throws the first punch of the scuffle. The Gear gets knocked down as Skyler punches the second one. Ron starts throwing punches, but eventually succumbs to the numbers game, as two Gears drag Ron down to the ground. Skyler, still on his feet, tries desperately to get to his tag-team partner and fights his way through the crowd of men, but he too eventually succumbs to the numbers game.

    Mike: Oh, come on!

    The referee calls for the bell, and several security guards sprint down to the ring and start pulling The Gears away from Kayfabulous. After a few more moments, The Gears simply climb out of the ring and walk away. The fans explode with boos as two Gears grab each of Black Booded’s bikes and wheels them up the ramp.

    Mike: Absolutely fucking disgusting.

    Rocky: The hell it is. This is what you have to do to be on top and if Ron and Skyler cannot match that, they will never beat Black Blooded.

    A couple more referees make their way into the ring. After checking on them both, Skyler is the first to be helped onto his feet. Skyler walks over to Ron and helps the referees lift him up to his feet. The fans start to cheer “In the know!” over and over again whilst applauding the bloggers, and they gingerly make their way up the ramp.

    Rocky: Black blooded have shown their dominance in this division, but they are not the only focal points.

    Mike: While they did technically win via disqualification, I am disgusted to see that Kayfabulous were beaten down and didn’t get the win cleanly, or at least a chance to win cleanly, but you are right, partner – they are not the only focal point of this division.

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    Emily Davis: The following tag team contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Athena, representing The Infection, Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan X!

    Mike: Love ‘em or hate ‘em guys and dolls, these guys are good.

    Rocky: Good? Fucking good? They are fucking amazing! This is my type of match: two great teams facing off against each other for the prize.

    Emily Davis: Their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Sebastian Schweinzer, weighing in at a combined weight of 555lbs, they are the IWA Tag Team Champions, Damaged Goods!

    Rocky: Another team that are fucking amazing and they hold the prestigious title of being the longest reigning champions within IWA.

    Mike: Six months ago, IWA was born and Damaged Goods have been the champions throughout that entire time.

    Shweizner rolls down to the ring in his mobility scooter alongside Damaged Goods with a mic in his hand.

    Schweizner: It's been exactly 5 months ago today. 151 days ago, since Gommenta pinned that Jones fella from the failed NCII to become the inaugural IWA Tag Team Champions, and like Infection said last Chaos, we've been on a freakin' roll ever since. I could list all the names Gaileo and Gommenta have defeated to keep these titles around their waists, but honestly, you don't care about that, and neither do I. What I care about, is tonight.

    The Infection, Carlos Alberto Ramon, Van Hooligan X, Athena and AJ Dixon. IWA supposedly most dominating team, yet all they've done of yet is held the World Title for a fortnight, and became the afterthought of Destined for Immortality.

    Freddie Mercury was killed by an Infection. Rock Hudson did too. And so did Tennis star Arthur Ashe. But Damaged Goods are not these three men. They can do what they couldn't, and they will kill the Infection, before they get killed.

    *A large, yet mixed, reaction from the crowd is heard, as Schweizner grins.*

    Last Chaos you downplayed all the tag teams in this division, yet they were no easy tasks. We had to beat Black Blooded three times to get them out of our hair, yet you haven't beaten them. Nutz and Boltz may now be gone after facing you, but they were never talented enough to face the champions. Neither are the Pardy Boyz or the weird scientists.

    There is one cure to the Infection, and that is our Good Practice. The Infection will be rid from IWA, because of Damaged Goods. Go back to having your Clique friends helping you elsewhere, but here, Damaged Goods rule this yard, and these titles will still be with Gaileo and Gommenta by midnight tonight.

    Both teams take their respective corner, as Scheinzer and Athena exchange harsh words on the outside. Schweinzer, still in his mobility scooter, drives round to the corner where Damaged Goods are situated while CAR & Van decide who’s going first.

    Mike: Looks like we are going to kick off with Ramon and Gommenta.

    Rocky: Let’s get this shit going already!

    The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway. CAR and Gommenta circle the ring a couple of times while the fans boo at the pair of them. After a few moments of circling, they go in for a lock-up. Ramon quickly turns the lock-up into a side headlock, and he repeatedly shouts “I’ve got you, bitchano!”

    Gommenta pushes CAR towards the ropes and uses the momentum from the ricochet to push CAR away from him. CAR runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes and comes back to Gommenta and tries a shoulder block, but gets knocked on the floor in the process.

    Mike: My God! Gommenta didn’t even have to move.

    Rocky: When you’re 6’11, and weigh 280-plus, you don’t have to move.

    CAR sits on the ring floor and looks up an Gommenta. He then looks over to his tag team partner, Van, but before he can make his way over. Gommenta picks up CAR and flings him into his corner. Gommenta starts crashing down some right hands onto the skull of CAR as the ref starts the count: stops hitting CAR and tags in Gaileo.

    Devon Dudley/Gaileo & Bubbah Ray Dudley/Gommenta vs. Van/Edge & CAR/Christian
    Start at 03:07, finish at 07:37

    With Gaileo on the floor, CAR starts to stagger around slightly to shake the cob webs from his head. He picks up Gaileo and holds him in a front face lock. He picks up Gaelio and drops his with a suplex. CAR goes for the cover:

    ...Thr-No! Gaelio kicks out.

    Mike: Gommenta is out on the floor in front of us and Van has returned to the corner to await his tag team partner.

    Rocky: Smart play by Van. He’s eliminated the help, so it’s now effectively a two-on-one situation.

    CAR drags Gaelio over to the corner where Van is and tags him in. The fans boo loudly as Van jumps into the ring and immediately starts laying hard kicks and punches into Gaelio. Van Irish whips Gaileo into the opposite corner and follows him into it, nailing a hard clothesline in the process. Van whips Gaelio back, making the return journey and hits another big clothesline. Van decides to distract the ref by feigning an injury to his arm while Athena climbs to the apron and starts to choke Gaelio in the corner.

    Mike: This is ridiculous.

    Rocky: You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

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    Schweinzer is shouting at the ref to pay attention as he wheels over to Gommenta, screaming at him to get up. Van makes his way back to Gaelio and Athena stops choking. The tag is made and CAR is back in the ring. CAR lifts up Gaileo onto the top rope, climbs up himself, and poses to the fans who boo him. CAR tags in Van, locks in a front face lock, and delivers a huge superplex! As Gaileo and CAR were falling, Van climbed the turnbuckle. When both men hit the floor, Van leaps off the top turnbuckle and lands an elbow drop. CAR rolls out of the ring as Van goes for the cover:

    ...Thr-no! Gaileo kicks out again.

    Mike: Great teamwork there.

    Rocky: Indeed it was, but Gommenta is still out in front of us. Gaileo needs the tag, and needs it badly.

    Van picks up Gaileo and starts to slap him across the face a couple of times, repeatedly telling him that The Infection will overcome him. All of a sudden, the fans start to cheer slightly.

    Mike: Uh-oh!

    When Van went to slap Gaileo again, Gaileo catches Vans hand in mid-slap. Gaileo looks onto Van with an evil smile on his face. Gaileo throws a right hand, flooring Van in the process. Van gets back up straight away, but is floored a second time. Van is up again, but is floored a third time. Gaileo picks up Van and throws him towards the ropes. At the same time, Gaileo runs towards the opposite side of the ring and ricochets of the ropes himself, but wait! Athena grabs the foot of Gaileo and he falls face flat onto the floor.

    Mike: Athena proving to be a player again.

    Rocky: Hold on...shits about to kick off!

    On his mobility scooter, Schweinzer races round the ring and drives at Athena while she has her back to him as Gommenta manages to crawl back to his corner.

    Rocky: I’ve got a feeling that this may be one of the comedy moments on the night.

    Shweinzer has the scooter at full speed, and drives into the back of Athena. Athena hops around in pain and after a few moments, she bends down to rub her leg as Scheinzer sits there and laughs at her. Athena looks onto Schweinzer and walks over to him. She grabs him by the throat and lifts him out of the chair and flings him to the floor like a rag doll. Van looks on from the inside of the ring, looks at CAR and they both laugh on in unison. CAR actually goes on to applaud Athena, as she takes a bow, which is greeted by more boos from the fans.

    Mike: Nice to see that they’re having fun out there.

    Rocky: Don’t be sarcastic, Mike. You’re not funny enough to pull that off.

    While he is still laughing, Van walks over to Gaileo and picks him up, but out of nowhere, Gaileo kicks Van in the midsection and drops him with a DDT!

    Mike: This is Gaileo’s opportunity to tag!

    Rocky: Not that it’ll do any good. Gommenta isn’t 100% himself.

    Mike: He’s still in better condition that Gaileo.

    As Van claws over to CAR, Gaileo crawls over to Gommenta. After a few seconds, bothmen make a final lunge towards their respective tag team partners.

    Mike: Tag is made!

    CAR and Gommenta climb into the ring. Gommenta drops CAR with a clothesline. Van is back up, but is knocked down by another clothesline. CAR is up. Gommenta Irish whips him onto the ropes. CAR ricochets back and Gommenta drops CAR with a high back-body drop!

    Rocky: Jesus!

    Gommenta picks up Van and throws him into the corner. Gaileo is bak up, and Gommenta Irish whips him into Van, and crushes him into the corner. Gaileo Irish whips Van out of the corner and Van gets knocked over by a shoulder block by Gommenta.

    Mike: You can feel the momentum shift right now!

    Gommenta picks up CAR and grabs him by the throat and starts to strangle him. The ref rushes over and starts the count: one...two..thre-Gommenta lets go...but why?

    Mike: Son of a bitch. Van Hooligan X with a damn low blow and out of view of the damn referee!

    Rocky: But can The Infection take advantage of this?

    Gommenta falls to the floor, clutching at his never regions. Gaileo launches towards Van, who is back on his feet, and they both go flying over the top rope and onto the floor. CAR is back up on his feet and starts to stalk Gommenta. He walks over and picks him up. CAR is in control of Gommenta but Gommenta throws CAR’s arms away. Gommenta throws a punch. Then another. And another. The fans start to sense the change in momentum.

    Mike: There’s life in Gommenta!

    Gommenta Irish whips CAR into the ropes, CAR ricochets, Gommenta goes for a clothesline but CAR ducks. CAR stops behind Gommenta. Gommenta turns...

    Rocky: MONEY MAKER

    CAR climbs on top of Gommenta and the ref drops down for the count:


    Emily Davis: The winners of this match, and new IWA Tag Team Champions, Carlos Alberto Ramon, Van Hooligan X, The Infection!

    Van climbs back into the ring and the two embrace in victory.

    Mike: a hard fought victory for The infection there, but a big assist has to go to that low blow.

    Rocky: Assist or not, it was the right result and even though I am sad to see Damaged Goods lose the title, it is great that they lost it to a team that is so fucking amazing in everything they do.

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    *Van and Carlos are handed the tag team championships and Van literally grabs it out of the hands of the ref and lifts it proudly in the air along with CAR. They then slap the titles together like 2 people hitting glass of champagne together and are incredibly happy to say the least.

    The crowd in attendance however are the polar opposite. Massive boo'ing can be heard everywhere but certain people that the camera pans to every now and again have depressed or stunned faces that they've now got to face the 2 former Clique members being champions.

    Van demands to speak and someone passes him a mic. He doesn't talk for a few seconds since he is clearly still out of breath and the end of match adrenaline is worn off now.*

    Van: Hold on just 1 second!*Boo's damn near double in volume and both the new champions stare at each other and smile before looking around them.*

    Oh, god damn I've missed that. You people have no fucking idea what it is like to just stare at all of your dull faces that just show the most disappointment you've seen in a long time in your miserable lives! You all actually believe you know what is in store now for the tag division as well and you couldn't be further from the truth if you tried!

    We told you this would happen! When will you inane creatures realise that we, not only are we leagues above everyone, but constantly tell you the truth and what is to happen!

    You're looking at a Diamond era of tag team wrestling in IWA! We saved this division from mediocrity and a division that everyone slates as 'meh' or 'okay'. No! Now it will be a division you look at and fear! A division that will now have the greatest wrestling your eyes have ever seen! Surely even the most deluded IWA mark can admit since we've been around the quality has greatly improved!

    With the demise of the great Brutality tag team show in EWNCW and the company needing to restart that division completely and JBWs tag team division being 1 level above dirt. You're now looking at the very best tag team division in wrestling today, bar none! Your new champions have done all this in a matter of weeks and it being solely down to us both being so god damn good!

    *A man should not possess this ability to make so many people hate him. Van HX is making the crowd look like they're ready to riot or something.*

    Fear not, as this isn't even our final form ladies and gentlemen. No, not even close. We will take this division to levels you didn't even think possible. I openly beg the rest of the old era of the tag team division that're still around to step it the fuck up! If you even want to hope to survive in this era you've got to improve. Fast.

    But it doesn't even stop here people, because The Infection isn't finished with you. No! These shiny belts are just 1 step in our plan and not 1 idiot in the singles division or deluded mark can do to stop us!

    But your friendly 3 time world champion, 2 time dual world champion and new tag team champion will let my great friend Carlos put salt in your open wounds now.

    *Van hands Carlos the mic and stands at the side of him. You can tell from just the unbelievable volume coming from the crowd that they don't want to here from the other 50%.*

    CAR: We told you! we told you all!
    *Ramon smirks* The moment we stepped into this company, we told you change was coming. We told you we would make an impact and further more, we told you we would be the new tag team champions!!

    *Ramon smirks as both men raise there titles and the crowd continue the heated boos with some now trying to throw trash into the ring.*

    CAR: What's wrong? a verdade dói! Truth hurts bichano's! We told you all.. The infection is the cure that can not be stopped and IWA just got it's first dose of greatness! We don't make threats.. only promises! We told you the truth.. we told you this tag team division sucked more then Damien Eddings! But you... You all didn't want to listen, hoping and pleading that it wouldn't come to this.. Begging the days of Ramon and Hooligan on top were a thing of the past.

    I see all of you, I see you each and every week.. from the guys who wish they could be me.. to the kids who want to be like me.. to women who wish they were with me.. each week I seen you all. Ignoring us.. hoping we would go away, well chico's.. We are just getting started! Right amigo?.

    *Van Nods as once again the crowd rain down heavy with Boo's.*

    CAR: We have dominated the midcard scene of wrestling, we have dominated the world title scene of wrestling, we have won slammy's and trophies and now we have added the tag titles to our awards list.

    You can all boo.. but you all know, there's not any person alive or dead that can match us for talent in this ring.. Jman? Been there.. beat that. That bichano went down with the flames when we burnt HWA to the ground and now he's living on past glories while dropping gimmick infringement bombs all over the place to get noticed.

    Kyojin? He had to use us to get over at Destined for Immortality, that says all you need to know about Mr. Miyagi. You know why he's gone heel? To avoid us.. he was running scared.. Perhaps the champion, Ralph Lauren could stop us? *Ramon laughs* By the way bichano, I will be waiting for your answer.. my challenge still stands, unless... you are scared man?.

    Maybe the Pardy Boyz could stop us?

    *Ramon and Van just look at each other before laughing.*

    CAR: The only way we will ever be stopped and lose these titles.. is if the whole tag division or should I say, the list of who we beat.. team together and hope we have a bad night and we only perform at 10%. The whole of the IWA locker room should now be on notice, what we say... we do! The bad news? We are just getting started. Soon the path will become clear.

    We are the Infection!
    The cure that can not be stopped and we answer to a higher power!

    *Ramon and Van then stand in the ring. There arrogance shining through as they raise there titles, the Boo's continue to rain down on them as the former Clique members leave the ring.*

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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