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    The crowd cheers, as Oscar Layman appears backstage in the signature Deadman attire, hat and all.

    Oscar: Mr. Smyth! It was time for me, to gain my holy grail. That... Endurance Championship. I was going to send Dave Steele to an early grave, but no. You screwed me. You cannot mess with the Under-Lay-Taker, without being sent a one way ticket the deep pits of HELL!

    And once you're in hell, the Devil's pitchfork will be your tormentor. The suffering I will cause you to, is nothing, compared to the Devil. You better hope you die a bloody death, because the blood, will be the closest thing you will have - to a lubricant.

    But there's no hoping, when the Under-Lay-Taker will send you down below. I guarantee that you Smyth, will no longer escape IWA with your title. Your title is your downfall. And your willingness to see that title stick around your waist at any cost, will be your downfall. Just like Eve's downfall was the apple. Just like Ali Kazam's downfall is his wizardry. And just like how Domino's downfall was his cockiness.

    They were all sentenced to a disgraceful life, full of pain and suffering - and that is your doom. And Blue, don't let forget about you, which is hard to do. You career has had many pitfalls, an we have the common enemy in Smyth. But you haven't led a sin-free life either. No, you too, feel the greed needed to commit illegal acts providing you get a title. It will only be a matter of time. You know it, and so do I. You too, need to fear the pitchfork. *high pitched* OHHH YESSS!

    Big crowd pop for the Paul Bearer acknowledgement

    But Smyth my detest for you will make you ditch the planet Earth!, You will forever burn in the fiery depths of hell! Once I get my hand around your throat, you will REST. IN.. PE-

    Under-Lay-taker is suddenly interrupted by a ROYALLY PISSED Royal Rockstar as Sagittarius Blue shows up in a mood to kill. He is briefly taken aback by seeing Oscar's latest getup, but is quick to get back to business...

    Sagittarius Blue: SMYTH! Where the hell are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are! Heeeeeerre pigpigpigpigpigpigpig... SUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Pauses and looks around... angrier now that his prey doesn't show...

    Sagittarius Blue: For a businessman, you sure as hell don't show up when called! But amazingly enough, you straight abra-cadabra the fuck out of nowhere when you DON'T need to be there! But no, folks, that's not all! Included in your brand new - hey, step back Deadpan (talking to "Under-Lay-Man" with a witty zinger) - your brand new "Mr. Smyth Screws You Like A Two Dollar Prostitute" screwjob kit comes yet ANOTHER magic trick! Alakazam - I get rolled on by... a wackjob in a helmet! When I'm fighting Damien Eddings, no less! WOW! Whoda-FUCKING-thunk?! Isn't that shit just MAGICAL?!?

    The crowd massively agrees

    Sagittarius Blue: Ex-act-ly! That shit's even more magical than Ali Kazam making shit come out of his ass instead of his mouth... which most of us realize is his main method of communication. Now pop quiz time kids: does this have anything to do with a certain mealy-mouthed, suit-wearing, bitched out fail monkey whose name we won't mention, but will say his initials are "Mr." and "Smyth"?

    The crowd gives an emphatic "YES!"

    Sagittarius Blue: Ding ding! CORRECT! Next quiz question: who SHOULD be going to Last Resort to pull said fail monkey's arms off and become IWA Endurance Champion? Little hint: his name rhymes with "Sagittarius Blue!"

    The crowd answers "That's you!" clap clap clap "That's you!" clap clap clap

    Sagittarius Blue: You're daaaaaaamn right! But that looks shot to hell now, so my next focus is to find Helmet Boy, take his shiny dome protector, kick him in the throat, shine up dome protector, kick him in the throat again, and administer to him an enema with his damn helmet! And then when I catch Mister What's Best For Bitchness, he's going to get a Little Big Problem that's gonna –

    Sagittarius Blue is rudely interrupted by the sound of laughter. Blue turns around as the camera pans to the right, and the fans explode with boos as Mr. Smyth comes into shot, with his IWA Endurance Championship on his shoulder.

    Mr. Smyth: Layman, Blue, you're whinging and complaining is pathetic. You want to whine about the fact that I have thrown barriers in your path and that you have fallen at every hurdle. If you two are indeed worthy of my prestigious championship, surely you would overcome any challenges with style and class?

    That's the difference between you and I. If I am challenged, I relish the opportunity to prove that I am better than anyone else. When you are challenged, you simply go foetal. Your asinine logic is almost laughable.

    This is why I am doing what I am doing. If you are going to go against the best in the business, you need to be able to hang and I am afraid that the two of you simply do not match up to my standards and look at the results; I don't have to compete at Last Resort and I am just about to leave for a dinner appointment.

    Learn these lessons, gentlemen, because if you are lucky enough to get another opportunity, you might want to get your head down and prove yourselves as wrestlers and not complain like a pair women.
    Suddenly, we see Smokey walk on screen, talking to some stage hand. Smokey pauses, as he motions to the stage hand, and then turns to the three men.

    Smokey: Wait....did I hear your correctly Smyth?

    Smokey looks at Smyth for a moment.

    Smokey: If you are challenge, you relished the opportunity to prove you are better than anyone else? Well guess what? You've been faced with numerous situations now, where you could have a challenger, but instead, you pussed out. Yes, you pussed out Smyth.

    The fans can be heard chanting you pussed out.

    Smokey: Last week, you interrupt in one of the matches I had set up. Then, after I had your thrown from the arena, a man in a helmet interfered in the other. Now, some believe it was you, others believe it was someone tied to you, and even the Smyth enthusiast believe it was someone not tied to you. Do i look like an idiot? I know that whomever it was, was somehow tied to you, and I will prove it. For now though, I have a challenge for you. Since you relish opportunities, this will be a massive one. Up next Smyth, you are going to face Jman!

    The fans explode in the arena, as Smokey turns, walking off. He stops, and looks back.

    Smokey: Oh, and this isn't an offer for you to accept. This is happening, so I better see you out there.

    Smokey turns, walking off screen now.

    Mike: Wow!! Jman takes on the IWA Endurance champion Mr. Smyth!!

    Rocky: Indeed he does, Mike and that match happens NEXT!!

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    Emily Davis: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Birmingham, England, weighing in at 222lbs, he is the IWA Endurance Champion, Mr. Smyth!

    Rocky: Mr. Smyth’s night off has been disrupted thanks to Smokey’s desperate need to slam down his authority. Yet another example of his bullying tactics.

    Mike: Bullying? Are you fucking kidding me right now? Smyth has ducked out of everything for weeks now. It’s about time he got punished for his actions.

    Emily Davis: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 205lbs, Jman!

    Mike: We saw Jman’s adversary in action earlier tonight in a very convincing win against Damian Eddings and I am sure that he will be wanting a very similar result to gain some momentum going into Last Resort.

    Rocky: Kyojin won convincingly because he is the boss. Jman is a pussy and he is facing the current IWA Endurance Champion.

    Both men stand in their respective corners waiting for the ref to signal for the start of the match. A ‘Jman’ chant starts to resound around the arena as Smyth starts to get agitated. The ref checks if Jman is ready, then Smyth, and then calls for the bell.

    Mike: It’s go time!

    Jman and Smyth circle the ring a couple of times before going in for a lock up, but instead of locking up, Smyth ducks under Jman and rolls out of the ring. As the fans boo, he walks over to the timekeeper, snatches his Endurance Championship and walks towards the ramp. When he reaches the ramp, he turns to face Jman and continues to walk backwards, telling him that there is no way that this match is happening.

    Rocky: Smart move by Mr. Smyth there.

    Mike: Smart my ass! The guy is chicken shit and should...wait a minute!

    The fans explode with cheers as both Sagittarius Blue and Oscar Under-Lay-Taker run from the back and approach Smyth from behind. Both men grab Smyth and proceed to throw him back into the ring. Smyth stands up in the ring and looks outside to Blue and Under-Lay-Taker and starts to shout at them. After a moment, Smyth suddenly realizes that Jman is standing directly behind him, and slowly turns around.

    The fans start a huge ‘kick his ass’ chant as Smyth tries to reason with Jman. Jman listens for a few seconds and actually nods. Jman backs off half a step and Smyth starts to relax, but Jman throws a right hand, knocking Smyth to the floor! The fans explode with cheers in response.

    Smyth gets back up straight away, only to be knocked down by a second right hand. Smyth gets up again and is knocked down by a third right hand. Jman picks up Smyth and drags him into a corner. He mounts the second rope and starts to drop some heavy right hands onto Smyth’s skull. The fans count along: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...

    Jman poses to the fans, and they cheer loudly in response before Jman drops a tenth blow to Smyth.
    Jman drops down, grabs Smyth and Irish whips him into the opposite corner, hard! Smyth ricochets off the corner and falls to the floor, holding his back in pain. Jman picks up Smyth, grabs him by the head and delivers a hip toss, never relinquishing the hold and locking in a headlock. Blue and Under-Lay-Taker walk back up the ramp and stand at the top.

    Mr. Smyth/Chris Jericho vs. Jman/Shawn Michaels
    Start at 07:08 and finish at 11:01.

    Mike: Big move there by Jman! That must surely be the end of Smyth!

    Rocky: Is it bollocks! Smyth can still win this match.

    Both Smyth and Jman get up at the same time while the ref encourages both men to get back in the ring. Jman throws a right, then a second, then a third. Smyth ducks the fourth right, situating himself behind Jman and delivers a chock-block, collapsing Jman to the floor.

    Smyth gets back to his feet as the fans boos. The ref starts the count as Smyth starts to focus on the leg of Jman, stomping repeatedly on the left knee.

    Mike: Smart strategy by Smyth.

    Rocky: Damn right it is.

    The referee is up to five now, and Smyth rolls back into the ring. He sits in the ring and watches as the ref continues the count. When the ref gets to seven, Jman rolls back into the ring but Smyth is immediately on top of him, repeatedly stomping the left knee. Smyth drags Jman into the middle of the ring, crosses his legs over, flips him round: TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!!!!

    Rocky: Tap, bitch boy! Tap!

    Jman is screaming in pain as Smyth has the hold locked in tight. Jman starts to claw his way to the ropes almost immediately and grabs the bottom rope. The referee admonishes Smyth to relinquish the hold, but he refuses. The fans start to boo as the referee starts the count: one, two, three, fou-Smyth lets go of Jman, walks away and holds his hands in the air to signal that the hold has been broken.

    Mike: Jman is still in this.

    The ref tells Smyth off, but Smyth pushes the ref to one side and goes to pick up Jman. Jman pushes Smyth back and nails a Great Match, Let’s Go Eat (superkick), but wait! Smyth ducked and Jman nailed the referee! Jman looks on with shock. He turns around to Smyth who delivers a stiff kick to Jman’s mid-section. Smyth lifts up Jman – The Rule (fireman’s carry into sit-out facebuster)!

    Rocky: Hell yeah! Cover him!

    Mike: But the referee is out!

    Jman lays out in the middle of the ring as Smyth starts to survey the area. He rolls out of the ring and over to the timekeeper. Smyth takes his belt from him, gets back into the ring and starts to stalk Jman. The fans boo, watching Smyth waiting for Jman to get back up and it takes a few moments for Jman to stir. Once he does start stirring, Smyth quickly kicks the ref on the floor to wake him back up.

    Mike: Oh, now come on! This is ridiculous.

    Rocky: A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

    The ref starts to stir on the floor as Jman gingerly gets back to his feet with his back to Smyth. Smyth is poised and when Jman turns around...

    Rocky: Crack!

    Mike: Son of a bitch. Right between the eyes.

    Jman falls with a thud as Smyth tosses the belt to the outside. Smyth covers Jman and screams to the ref as the fans boo. The ref, still lying down, sees the cover...


    Mike: No, no, no!


    Mike: Not this way!

    ...Thr-NO! The fans explode with cheers!

    Mike: Yes! Jman kicked out!

    Rocky: That was the slowest count ever.

    Smyth is sitting down with his back against the ropes with a look of shock on his face. Smyth stands up and starts to pace the ring, trying to work out what to do next. Smyth spends a few more moments thinking before walking back over to Jman and picking him up. Smyth is in control of Jman but Jman throws Smyth’s arms away. Jman throws a punch. Then another. And another. The fans cheer, sensing the change in momentum.

    Mike: There’s life in Jman!

    Jman Irish whips Smyth into the ropes, Smyth ricochets, Jman goes for a clothesline but Smyth ducks. Smyth stops behind Jman. Jman turns, kick to the stomach by Smyth. Smyth lifts up Jman to nail The Rule, but Jman drops down behind. Jman pushes Smyth forward into the ropes, Smyth holds on and Jman rolls backwards. Smyth turns as Jman rolls through back onto his feet. Smyth runs towards Jman, Jman ducks the clothesline, Smyth turns: GREAT MATCH, LET’S GO EAT!

    Mike: He’s nailed it!

    Rocky: Bullshit!

    Jman jumps onto Smyth to cover. The ref starts the count:


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, Jman!

    The fans explode with cheers as Jman rolls onto his back. The ref limps over as Jman gets to his feet, and the ref raises Jman’s hand in victory.

    Mike: Great showing here by Jman. It was a hard fought battle, but he proved victorious.

    Rocky: Bullshit win. Smyth should have been the winner, but the ref slow counted.

    Mike: And Smyth tried every under-handed tactic he could think of in the process but Jman proved to be the better wrestler.

    Jman salutes to the crowd before rolling out of the ring and walking up the aisle to the back.

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    The camera's pan to the ring, where we see Rob Rage already standing in the ring, ready for his match.

    Mike: Well folks, now we have the final qualifying match for the Blackout Championship. The winner of this match, will move on to Last Resort to face Mike Hawk, Malcolm Adonis, and Orion Slayde.

    Rocky: We still don't know who Rage is facing, but whomever it is, has no chance in hell of winning.

    Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out. We hear a voice over the PA system.

    ???: For too long, you all have been living in the dark. Prodding your way through life, being slaves to your vices, never knowing the truth, the pure way of living life.

    A light shines on the entrance stage, as the voice continues speaking but no body comes out yet.

    ???: That is why I have come. I have come, to show you the way, the light, and the truth. For in me, you will find purity. My mother named me Gabriel, after the archangel, but I assure you, I am no angel....

    The man from the videos in previous weeks walks out into the spotlight now, and immediately, the lights in the arena turn back on, as music begins to play.

    Gabriel walks down the ramp, as his entrance music blares.

    Mike: So this is the man who we have been hearing from in recent weeks! He seems like a angry young man.

    Rocky: Can you blame him? Listen to his story! His mother is a **** and druggy, and his father is an alcoholic. I'm surprised he made it this far.

    Mike: Well we are about to see his resolve as a wrestler. He has a true test in the form of Rob Rage.

    Gabriel walks up the steel steps, and stands at the apron. He leapfrogs over the top rope, and then jumps onto the second rope in the corner, where he poses with his arms stretched out. He hops down, turning around, as he looks at Rage. A referee is in the ring, as the bell sounds.

    Gabriel(Punk) vs Rob Rage(Kane)

    (start at 2:22, end at 8:55)

    Gabriel has Rage in the corner after the flying clothesline, as Gabriel gets to his feet, and charges. He connects with a running double knee to the back of Rob in the corner, as Rage stumbles out. Gabriel grabs the hair of Rage, pulling him back, and plants him with a reverse ddt! Gabriel goes for the cover.


    Rage kicks out right after 2! Gabriel gets to his feet, as he pushes his hair back. He begins to stalk Rage, as Rage slowly gets to his feet. Gabriel charges, running at the ropes, as he springboards off, and flies back at Rage, but is caught mid air before he can land any move. Rage immediately throws Gabriel across the ring with a belly to belly suplex, creating space between themselves!

    Mike: Wow! What a counter by Rage!

    Rocky: This match has been back and forth. I can't believe it!

    Rage is getting to his feet, as Gabriel is using the ropes in the corner to get up. Rage charges, and squashes Gabriel in the corner with a running clothesline. Rage grabs Gabriel, lifting him to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Rage climbs to the second rope, as he catches Gabriel with a stiff right to the temple. Rage goes for another stiff shot, but Gabriel blocks it, and headbutts Rob! It doesn't knock the big man down though, so Gabriel headbutts him a second time! Rage is sent stumbling back, but is still on his feet. Gabriel is to a standing position on the top turnbuckle, as he flies off the top. He performs a shooting star, but right as he gets to Rage, he grabs Rage's head, and plants him with a nasty DDT!

    Mike: My god! That was insane!

    Rocky: I'm being told that is called, Fall From Heaven! Wow! A shooting star into a ddt! I like this guy!

    Gabriel rolls Rage over, and drapes an arm over.


    Mike: Rage kicks out! How in the hell did he kick out!?

    Gabriel(Punk), Rage(Kane)

    (start at 8:00, end at 10:02)

    Mike: Rage kicks out again! Nothing can put him down!

    Gabriel smacks the mat, as he gets to his feet. He looks at Rage, who is slowly getting to his feet. Gabriel grabs Rage, irish whipping him at the ropes, but Rage counters, whipping Gabriel instead. Gabriel hits the ropes, as he bounces back and he leaps at Rage. Rage catches Gabriel though, putting him in a bear hug. Rage is torquing the hold, but Gabriel won't give up. The ref asks once more, but Gabriel refuses, as he slowly fades away. As Gabriel is still locked in the hold, but not moving, the ref begin to checks. The ref raises Gabriels arm once, but it drops. The ref raises it a second time, but Gabriel stops it before it drops a second time. He his shaking, as he places an arm behind the head of Rage, and starts to drive elbow after elbow into the back of Rob's skull. The hold starts to loosen, as Gabriel wraps his arm around the head of Rage. Rage drops Gabriel to a standing position, as he then grabs Gabriel, and lifts him into the air with a stalling suplex! Gabriel is swaggering in the air, until he turns the stalling suplex into a ddt! Gabriel plants Rage, as he gets to his feet. Gabriel is motioning for Rage to get up, as Rage slowly does. Gabriel connects with a spinning back kick. Rage keels over, holding his gut, as Gabriel runs into the ropes. He bounces off, and comes running back, as he leaps into the air, and places a foot on the back of Rage's head, and drives Rage face first down into the mat.

    Mike: I'm being told that is called From Above!

    Rocky: What a wicked move! He drove Rages face right into the mat!

    Gabriel rolls Rage over, and hooks the leg this time.


    Emily Davis: The winner of this match, and final qualifier for the Blackout Championship, Gabriel!

    Gabriel stands up, after the bell, as the ref raises Gabriels hand. Gabriel goes to the corner, where he grabs a mic, as Rob Rage rolls to the outside. Gabriel stands in the center of the ring, as he raises the microphone.

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    Gabriel: This is the beginning. This is the beginning of the change that needs to happen. It HAS to happen. Look at you. Look at all of you. You sit here, giving in to your pleasure. Your gluttony, your greed, your vanity, your envy...your pride...your drugs...your sit here, living your lives oblivious to the truth. No...I'm not talking about a heavenly truth. There is no heaven, there is no hell. There is only right now. What you do in this moment, what you do each day, that defines who you are. That defines what you leave behind when you go to rot in the ground.

    Gabriel looks around for a moment, as he walks around the ring while talking.

    Gabriel: I've told you all stories, stories of my life, of how i was raised. My mother named me Gabriel, because I grew up in the church. Do you know what I realized while there? People lie. People cheat. People put on a facade, in hopes of being accepted. They hide the truths about themselves. They wear long sleeves to hide the track marks, take breath mints to mask the smell of booze. It's all around us! This world is burning, and it's because of each and every single one of you!

    Gabriel goes to a corner, as he climbs it, and sits on the top turnbuckle, as he looks around at all of the fans.

    Gabriel: That's why I'm here. That's why I've come to IWA. Whether you all want to accept it or not, you need saved. I'm not talking about being blessed, or being covered in holy'm talking about being shown what is right, and what is wrong. You think what is in the bible is going to tell you how to live your life? The bible, restricts you to one way of thinking. What I want to show all of you, will open your eyes. You see, I am here before you all, saying I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I don't smoke. I never have, and I never will. Does that make me better than you? Yes. That doesn't mean you all can't be like me though!

    Gabriel cocks his head to the side, and smiles.

    Gabriel: IWA...this will be the start. It started tonight. This change is happening. Look around you! You all cheer for people like Chris Divine, Jman, KJ Punk...and yet...none of them, not a single one of them, can stand before you today, and tell you that they lead there life pure. They all give in it a vice. Drugs, alcohol, pride, see it in their eyes! I've come here for them too. Tonight, I qualified for a match at Last Resort. I walk into that show, with one thing in mind. Not to add an accolade to my resume...but to walk away with the one thing you all care about. You worship your champions like they are greater than a god. When I hold that title, then...then you all will look at me. When you do, I will show you the way. I will show you the way to being pure.

    Gabriel flips backwards, landing on his feet in the ring. He is smiling, as he raises the mic once more.

    Gabriel: I may not be an angel...but by god...i will save all of you...even if it breaks you all.

    Gabriel drops the microphone, as he stands in the ring with his arms stretched out, first smiling, and then slowly laughing as..

    Orion Slayde

    Slayde appears on stage to the roar of the crowd seemingly alone before Israel Pamich is seen right behind him as they head to the ring. Slayde slides in under the ropes while Pamich enters traditionally in between the ropes before Slayde takes a mic handed to him by a stagehand and stands face to face with Gabriel as Pamich looks on. Slayde now speaks....

    Slayde: So...IWA's next saviour, huh?

    Slayde smirks as Gabriel looks indifferent before Slayde continues...

    Slayde: We've had a few of those here, including one I personally took care of not long ago but nonetheless welcome to IWA and subsequently the race for the Blackout Championship. Just like Adonis and Hawk, you being in the race means nothing because that championship will be won by me.

    Fans cheer as Slayde takes a few steps back standing alongside Pamich in the ring.

    Slayde: Do you know why it will be won by me? One could argue that my skills are enough to merit me winning the Blackout Championship. Being a former World, albeit Tag Team, Champion makes the reasoning that I wold take any singles championship to heights never before possible. Who am I to argue with that logic?

    Fans cheer loudly at Slayde's words before he continues.

    Slayde: Some might also say my leadership also would come in to play, given that when guys like Pamich, looks at Pamich, find themselves in need of a swift kick in the arse to remind them that this business would not thrive without talents like him leading the way, it's me who gets to deliver that kick back to real world and I do it with great joy.

    See, I too was on the receiving end of a few kicks that helped make me into man I am today, the man people, including my mentor, knew I could be and thus I know the type of person Pamich is and capable of being so I'll gladly uplift those doubts talents in the IWA locker room have whether it be through a good talk, a nice kick in the arse or just a good ol' fashioned beatdown, courtesy of "The Shadow" to make them see the light of hope they've drowned out in the darkness of their self doubt.

    Pamich now knows that those doubts can only hurt his future, not improve it and he's making the necessary changes to be the star IWA needs him to be. Changes that I am going to help him through should he need me to.

    Pamich nods knowing Slayde's words to be true as the crowd chants Shadow repeatedly and Slayde now moves forward again meeting Gabriel in the center of the ring before speaking again

    Slayde: But only I know that I am the rightful winner of the Blackout Championship match at Last Resort because I will go through anything and anyone who gets in my way. So the only one who might need some saving around here, Gabriel, is you.

    Just like Hawk and Adonis might need some saving because their careers and time in IWA, much like yours will be over when you all embrace the madness that comes when being enveloped in the shadows of my success.

    The lights dim and fog rises as Hawk comes eyeing all three men to huge heat from the crowd. Hawk climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks around at the fans and his opponents as the lights come up and Hawk takes a seat on the turnbuckle and starts to applaud.

    Hawk: Bravo boys, bravo. You both come out here to talk about winning the title in order to be worshiped and save these people, or because you adopted a stray mutt in the back and need the title to open up a little pound. Well you boys aren't embracing reality, you both are jumping ahead and making claims to what you are going to do after you win. But what about during the match, what then?

    Hawk gets a devilish smile on his right before he starts to speak again.

    Hawk: Well during the match all I am going to tell you is that bodies will fly, the ground will shake as if thunder had struck and I will open Pandora's box to unleash pure and utter mayhem on your souls. Because I know what we as a people are capable of, but why should we suppress it Gabriel when we need to embrace our instincts to reach our max potential. Like you said, everyone is a sinner including you, and your only fighting yourself when hold those urges back.

    As for Slayde, you think I care if you take Pamich under your wing? Hell no, take as many "diamonds in the roughs" as you like to call them and shine them up as bright you want. But in the end all you will have is sparkling crap bringing you down faster than I ever could. I don't make it my life's mission to bring the rabble up to my level because I have no time for that, my goal here is to devastate the lives of my enemies and leave behind nothing but a wake of destruction.

    Finally we have Adonis, now he may be a vain and egotistical, but as far as I am concerned he is the only threat to my mayhem. You see unlike both of you, he has actually done something here, but he has never faced a man like me. I don't pretend to be some higher power, I don't make myself out as a leader, and I don't brag about meaningless things like looks, I am the best because I back up what I say and the only thing left to do is take the Blackout championship and show each and everyone of you what a real champion is.

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    Malcolm Adonis

    Following a sharp cheer from mainly the women in the crowd, Malcolm Adonis struts on out into the arena, gyrating and dancing as he focuses on the fans. Dripping a little baby oil down himself, he rubs it in before towelling himself down and throwing the towel into the fans. Adonis looks down towards the ring with a raised eyebrow, extended his arms questioningly before shaking his head and heading to the ring. A camera man offers him a microphone and his takes it before hopping up onto the apron, looking at each man in turn before stepping through the ropes and find a way to his own corner.

    Adonis: I'ma get to you two in a minute but right now Malcolm wants to pick up Bruce Lee over here on a couple things. Firstly, Malcolm approves of the fact that you see him as a threat, you damn right he's the most likely man right here in this ring that's gonna be preventin' yo' skinny ass from walkin' outta Last Resort as the Blackout Champion. An' trust me the feelin's mutual, Malcolm knows you got game and he's gonna have to watch you closely. Now what Malcoln don't approve of is you talkin' about him havin' a big ol' ego. See there's many things about Malcolm that are.. big.. ain't that right ladies? But Malcolm earned his place here, just ask Shinin' Light what he thinks o' Malcolm now.. if y'all can find him.

    And you gon' have to excuse Malcolm for flauntin' what he got whenever he can, because lets face it, Malcolm's gettin enough action for all four of us standin' in this ring by himself. You soundin' a lil jealous Mike, but I know how to make this right. See Malcolm's a fan of Japanese girls, so how about you introduce Malcolm to your lil sister and we call this even, aight?

    Adonis grins over at Hawk who stares a hole through him, unimpressed.

    Adonis: Now you other two guys, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meetin' until now. So allow me to introduce myself. The name's Malcolm Adonis, The Sexual Sensation, The Sensual Saviour of the Masses and the XXX-rated superstar! I'm prettier on my worst day than you could ever hope to be on your best, but don't let my looks deceive you. I'm one of the toughest sons of bitches you ever.. and Malcolm means EVER gon' meet in these parts. As Malcolm alluded to earlier, if you need proof that Malcolm's in this match for the money shot, you need only hit up youtube an' watch him bounce Shinin' Lights ass on outta here.

    Orion Slayde.. you a natural born leader.. an' Malcolm respects that you believe you got what it takes to turn around the careers of those who just ain't got what it takes to work it on they own.. and trust me you got yo' work cut out for ya as Pamich sucks a lot of ass! But see Malcolm is a leader too.. and he's gonna lead all these people to the promised land when he captures the Blackout Championship and invites all of them to a party they ain't NEVER gonna forget! So sorry to rain all over yo' parade son, but ain't nobody gonna be attending your celebration party, you feelin' me?

    And now onto you, the new guy. See Gabriel, you ain't tellin' me, or any of these people what we ain't heard before. You just another sucka' convinced that we be needin' a saviour? But like Malcolm already explained when he introduced himself, these people already got one! Ya know for a minute when I was listenin' to yo' punk ass, I though you were Shinin' Light until you started raggin' on the bible. Point is bro', same crap, different day for Malcolm, come last resort he's just gonna have to take out the trash all over again.

    Malcolm looks at each man in turn, locking eyes and staring them down.

    Adonis: To sum up.. come that final bell at last resort, ain't none of you gon' be there holding a title belt over your head. You gon' be lookin' up from the canvas as Malcolm adds his new bling to his already... huge.. collection of crown jewels. Now I KNOW you feelin' THAT!

    The cameras cut to the commentators.

    Mike: Those men are ready to tear each others throats out!

    Rocky: You could cut the tension with a spoon, Mike.

    Mike: Uhm ... What?

    KJ Punk

    The crowd pops as KJ Punk makes his way down the ramp all smiles as his music blares through the PA system. He high fives fans as he comes down, sliding in the ring and takes a microphone as he looks around.

    Punk: Ladies and gentlemen, how are y’all feelin’ out there?

    The crowd pops at Punk’s pandering.

    Punk: That’s good to hear. You wanna hear even better news? KJ Punk is on the fast track to becoming YOUR IWA World Champion again very soon!

    The crowd pops again.

    Punk: That’s right. You see, Smokey put me in a handicap match last week against the current Chump Shaz and the former Chump AJ. And well, we all knew how that match was going to turn out. That was just a tiny sample of what’s going to happen at Last Resort. I mean, these guys can’t even beat me when it’s one on two! What makes them think they stand a chance when it’s every man for himself? And when Last Resort ends like Chaos did last week, and believe me, it will, I will once again be the IWA World Champion!

    The crowd pops hoping for Punk to win.

    Punk: That brings me to tonight. It’s Dixon’s turn to be the odd man out and face me and Shaz. It would be better off if Shaz didn’t even show up tonight. Simply put, AJ Dixon cannot beat me. Never has been able to. Never will. The only way he could beat me was bringing in those two other STD-riddled losers, Van Hooligan X and Carlos Alberto Ramon. He will never be able to beat me in a fair one on one match.

    So Shaz, stay out of my way tonight. I won’t have any problem doing what I did to you at Destined for Immortality tonight if you get in my way. But then again, you probably don’t remember that do ya? You know, when I slammed your wannabe ass off the top of the cage through the announce table? Remember? Good. Maybe you’ve learned your lesson but I’ll happily continue to supply more tutoring, for free of course.

    Shaz. AJ. I’ve got only one thing left to say to you two. At Last Resort, I'll be the WI...


    Shaz's music hits, much to AJ Dixon and KJ Punk's displeasure as he comes out. He taunts them both, but he slides into the ring- wasting no time.

    Shaz: Do you lot ever shut up?

    Crowd boo as Shaz turns to KJ Punk.

    Shaz: I thought so. Now Punk, you always seem to be under the impression that you'll win the IWA Champion, when given the chance. But seriously, you're like a broken record. You just can't accept the fact that you ain't valuable enough to compete at my level...actually, let's talk about comparisons.

    I'll compare you to a...balloon. Right, a balloon is eventually blown up using lots of air. And once it's blown, it feels like the real deal. It feels as if it's invincible. It thinks that it can overcome any object, that come towards it. But the problem is, it is prone to pop anytime.

    And I am...the pin. The enemy of the balloon. The pin may not be the tallest, he may not look the hardest- but when you go face to face with it, that pin is the toughest son of a bitch that the balloon ever come across. The balloon thinks it has all the power in the world, but once the pin goes through it...

    POP! And the balloon is finished. And that is exactly what will happen at Last Resort, because I'm gonna finish you off.You disrespected ME! You disrespected the bloody ghetto!

    Punk, if you wanna make it to Last Resort. I suggest you step aside, and let me deal with AJ Dixon. Because you're just gonna end up on the losing side, and you're gonna fuck it up in the process for both of us. And trust me, when I do end up winning this match. It's not gonna be for you, it's gonna be for all my bruddas in the streets!

    Boos from the crowd.

    Shaz: And as for AJ Dixon, well, he's just a lackey who simply stays inside the closet while his bitches do the action for him. He is so mouthy, but then when it comes down to war- he backs down. And he shows that he isn't worthy enough to carry the company as IWA Champion, whereas I am!

    Crowd boo Shaz.

    Shaz: And one of his bitches, Carlos Alberto Ramon- says that I'm some sort of a chavy wannabe rapper, and he also went onto call me Mr. Ralph Lauren. Well guess what CAR, I'm honestly not sure if IWA is the right place for you. Just please, pack your bags and go back to Jersey Shore- I heard that they were filming a new series, and're the perfect goof-ball for the job.

    Mixed reactions for Shaz.

    Shaz: But in all seriousness, yeah- I've heard about you. I've heard people talking about how you're all this, how you're all that, how you deserve to win the IWA title. Well guess what? You don't. Why? Because as long as I am the champion, there is no one on this damn roster who deserves any chance at glory.

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    AJ Dixon

    Emily Davis: Ladies and gentlemen ... This is a 2 on 1 handicap match! On his way to the stage now ... A! J! DIXON!

    Dixon charges down the ramp and slides into the ring and gets into Shaz and Punk's faces. The referee separates the men and calls for the bell.

    KJ Punk (Hero) vs. AJ Dixon (Kingston)
    (Start at 0:48, stop at 4:52)

    Mike: Punk just got slammed to the mat - took a wicked hit to the back of his head! And what the hell - Shaz is just standing there looking! His own partner is getting worked in the ring, and Shaz doesn't seem to care!

    Rocky: He does care, Mike - Shaz is out here, isn't he? You're just missing the big picture: Shaz has to stay on top of his game for Last Resort - he IS the champion! He's taking care of number one first, Punk can wait!

    Indeed, Shaz is standing at ringside - right at his and KJ's corner - looking on as Punk gets worked over by Dixon. Dixon has Punk up to a standing base, slings him toward the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, fires a clothesline - Punk ducks it, goes to rebound from the ropes on his side -

    Mike: Holy what the hell?!?

    Right as Punk went to bounce from the ropes, Shaz jumps up on the apron and pulls down the top rope! Punk flips out of the ring and spills all over the floor outside the ring!

    Rocky: Don't see what you're so worked up over. Shaz was just trying to get in position for a tag - Punk's the one who should watch his step. Ring general, he is not!

    Mike: My right eye - Shaz set Punk up! Look at him - he's laughing! He's laughing at Punk!

    As Punk struggles to get his bearings and stand up, Shaz is standing next to the ring laughing his ass off at the fallen Punk. Well, he's laughing until Dixon nails him with a running punt kick to the face from the apron. Shaz's head bounces off the nearby steel steps as he falls down, and he too is laid out on the floor. The crowd's heat is high as Dixon stands on the ring apron appraising his work, spreading his arms and shouting "It's Primetime!" He doesn't see Punk get up and yank his feet out from under him though - Dixon falls to the outside, hitting the back of his head against the ring apron on the way down! And that's before Punk starts in on him with the rights and lefts!

    Mike: This match just broke down - all the men are outside and have been hurt, but it's Punk and Dixon slugging it out at ringside! At least Punk is the one doing the slugging though...

    Rocky: Real funny, Mike - anyone with eyes can see that Dixon was the victim of a brutish and unfair ambush by KJ - he was jumped off-guard!

    Mike: Unfair? Rocky, Dixon wrote the book on "unfair"! Did you not - hold on, Punk's rolling Dixon back into the ring...

    Punk has recovered and is standing in the corner, measuring Dixon as he slowly gets up, elbow ****ed and ready for the strike! But - SLAP!

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    Rocky: Atta boy, Shaz! Perfect time to tag in when the opponent is weakened!

    Mike: Tag? He just slapped Punk in the side of the face and called it a tag!

    Rocky: Well the ref counted it, so it's a tag! Life goes on, Mikey - deal with it!

    Shaz jumps into the ring and beelines toward Dixon with no delay - and is caught up in an out-of-nowhere abdominal stretch from Dixon!

    Mike: Looks like Dixon may have been playing possum - if he could snap on a standing submission like that, he could only be baiting either Punk or Shaz in for a move like this!

    Rocky: Damnit! Why couldn't Punk have gone in there instead?

    Mike: Because this is what he gets for slapping KJ! Karma sucks, doesn't it?

    Rocky: Kharma's an ugly bitch, that's what she is. Big and dark and UGLY.

    Behind Rocky, in the front-row crowd, a skinny black guy with a T-Shirt that has "I'm Scribbler Jones" on it throws a battery at Rocky for his comment.

    Shaz (JTG) vs. AJ Dixon (Shad)
    (Start from beginning, stop at 1:30, ignore the whole face/heel thing on the video.)

    Shaz goes to toss Dixon back into the ring - and is hit by something like a runaway car!

    Mike: Dear Lord! Shaz just caught a Mafia kick - from KJ Punk!

    Punk looks on casually as Shaz lays twitching on the floor... then looks at the crowd and shrugs his shoulders mockingly before he says "Oops."

    Mike: Looks like he may have been aiming for Dixon, but got Shaz instead -

    Rocky: MY RIGHT EYE HE DID - he meant that for the IWA World Champion! That weaselly bastard -

    Mike: Funny, you weren't mad when Shaz took out Punk earlier - now shoe's on the other foot and it's not so fun now, is it? Truth is, there are no friends in this match - all of these men will eventually be competing against each other for the title... not to mention none of them can stand one another as it is!

    Dixon takes the opportunity to recover and try to sucker punch KJ - but Punk has it scouted, blocks punch, backfist to Dixon's face to pacify him before tossing him back into the ring. Rolls in after Dixon, but Primetime was ready and waiting! MUGSHOT!


    The crowd is EXTRA PISSED! The ref is counting!



    Thr-What the hell?!?

    Mike: Shaz broke up the count! But he didn't hit Dixon... he stomped Punk!

    The ref is having a conniption trying to make Shaz stop trying to put his foot through KJ! But Shaz is just too damn angry to give a damn! Stomping, stomping, stomping, STOMPING!

    Rocky: That's it - get him! GET HIM! MAKE HIM PAY!

    Mike: Shaz is pissed at KJ for that kick on the outside - I don't think he realizes or even cares that he just saved Punk from a pinfall!

    The ref pulls Shaz away - who at this point is so angry that he's almost foaming at the mouth - and Dixon gets to his feet, angry at being denied again. While the ref is contending with Shaz, he comes in and puts the boots to KJ's face. Repeatedly. By the time the ref turns around, Dixon "didn't do anything"... and KJ is near-comatose from the beating! The heat coming from the crowd is enough to burn a city to the ground - they are angry that Punk is getting stomped to within an inch of his life and the ref doesn't seem to be aware of ****! Dixon thinks for a moment... then goes to the nearest corner and climbs up!

    Rocky: Yes, it's time... The Drive-By! Playtime is over!

    Dixon takes off!


    THE MAT! KJ rolled away! Dixon writhes in pain after crashing and burning, but gets up as soon as he can - knowing that this could be his last chance to win! Punk gets to his feet, bleeding from his face with a black eye... Dixon tries to run him down, but Punk runs for the ropes near Shaz

    Mike: No, don't! Remember last time!

    Shaz pulls the rope down! But Punk slides UNDER the bottom rope! Shaz is surprised as hell to see Punk slide to the apron and stand up next to him! He lets go of the top rope - which snaps back and hits Dixon in the throat right as he gets to the edge of the ring from pursuing Punk! Shaz notices that his blunder is spiraling out of control as he sees Dixon reeling - doesn't notice Mafia kick number two! Straight to the side of his face! Shaz tumbles off the apron! Punk back into the ring, turns in a circle as he approaches Dixon - BULLDOG BASH!

    Mike: Dear Lord - you can hear the strike's impact all over the arena! The crowd actually recoiled from the sound! Dixon goes down unconscious before he hits the mat! Punk for the cover! The count!




    Emily Davis: Here are your winners... KJ Punk and your IWA World Heavyweight Champion... Shaz!!!

    KJ Punk's hand is raised by the ref. Shaz gets into the ring and angrily demands that the ref raise his hand as well. Both men stand on either side of the ref with their hands raised... while looking at each other with hate in their eyes as the feed fades to black and the IWA logo flashes across the screen.

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    What day is it today...

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    2! It's Sunday!

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

    ...and then steal your girl!


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    I don't know about you guys...

    Benny The Ball's Teddy is here to fuck you up...

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